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Accepting the Democratic Nomination for the
Gentleman: In aefeptlug the mini
nation tendered by you on behalf at
the- Domoeratlc party, 1 bog to aeeuro
jW of my appreciation nf (lie great
hBnor eonforrcd upon mo by the
union fn convention nssomhlotl, nnd by
the voter who gars Instruction to the
1 nin sensible of tlio reetmnslbllllietf
which rest upon the chief magistrate
of so great u tuition, and realise the
far-reaching effect of the qneattnn In
volved In the present con teat.
In my letter of acceptance or tM.
1 made the following pledge:
'Ho deeply am I Impressed with the
magnitude of the (tower vested by the
Constitution In the chief executive of
the nation and with the enormous In
fluence which he nin yield lor the ben
efit or Injury of the people, that I
wish to enter the ofltce, If elected, tree
from any personal d eel re, except the
desire to pro re worthy of the eonfl
dcttrn of my countrymen. Human
judgment In fallible enough when un
billed liy selfish considerations, and.
In ardor that I may not lie templed to
nun tho patronage of the ollleo to ml-
vnneo any personal Hinhltlon. I hereby j
unnonuec, with nil tho emphasis which
words can exprees, my fixed dntorml
nutlott not, under nuy circumstance,
to ho a candidate for re-elect Ion, In
aflMO title campaign rMitlts In mr ol no
tion." further reflection and nltervntlon
constrain me to renew thin pledge.
The platform adopted at fCmims City
commend my cardial and tnupiitimed
approval. It omirsgeottaly meeU the
issue now before the country, and
steles elMrly and without ambiguity
the imrty'a position on every iiMtlon
considered. Adopted by a convention
whleh asscfublod on the nnnlvsreary of
the signing of the Declaration ot In
dependence, It breathe the spirit of
candor. Independence and patriotism
whleh characterize time whit, at I'ltU--.dolphin
In 1770, promulgated the creed
of the lloptihllr.
Having lit my notification Kpeech.
dlactissed somewhat at length the par
amount Issue, Imperialism, and added
somo observations on militarism and
the Iloor war, It (m siilllclout ut thla
time to review the remaining planks of
tha platform.
rt. It li defend a Urifr whlrh etmu'es '
a troet to Bltat-t an etorbltatU toll
from the Htreeti.
t'nrMiniliiii4 In l'iliii. i
The Democratic party mske no war
ukiii honestly neuulred wealth; neither
tloea H seek to emberi-nts eoritefatlOHa
engaged in legitimate tmatnoM, hut It
does irdtest again! corporations en
tering politic, and attempting to fl
auuie control nf the inatrntnontatltle
of government. A corporation Is not
organised Mr political purpose, and
should be compelled to co.iftn Iteelf
to the huelneae described In Ita char
ter. IIoHet corporation, engaged In
nu honest bmr'nes, will find It to
their advantage to aid In' the enact
ment of auch legislation as will tiro
lect them from the undeserved odium
whleh will lie brought upon them by
those corporation which enter the po
lltleul arena.
lilertnt foininerre.
The Republican party line penlit
ently refused tn romply with the ur
gent request of the Interstate Com
merce commission, for such an on
largomont of the ernpe of tho inter
state mmmerre Inw as will enable tho
commleBloii to realise the hopes
arouiod by Its creation. The Demo
cratic parly la pledged to lenlslat'on
which will empower the eommlMlon
lo proiect IiiiIIvIiIiihU and communi-1
ilea from dlecrlmlnailon. and the pub- i
tlr at large from niijuot and unfilr
trnnnporuMnn rate.
TIk- I Iihiii'IiiI I'laiik.
The platform reltnralea the demand
rontnlnecl In the Chicago platform for I
an American financial ayatem made
by the American people for them- j
teivea. rite purpoee oi iii-u a ijnient
I tn realore ninl maintain a bimetallic 1
level ot prlcee, and In order that there '
may he no uncertainty a 8 to the meth
od or restoring btmetnlllant, the apecir-,
lc declnrnttoii In favor of free and tin- I
limited coinage at the Minting ratio
of 1C to I. Independent of the action
of other nation, la repeated. In IStti
permanency of a nultonfll deliL It la
hardly ranrelrakle tint tho Amortmn
iMopIn vlll damwrmrtr tnrn from tho
itebi-twylng policy at tit HWt. te the
dangerntti owtrine of pvrpaltMl Uon.
Ctrelliiii of Henetri liy ttie l'enple
The dememl for a oaiMtltntlonal
aatendinent providing for the oleetlofi
ot Banntora by direct vote ef lite peo
ple, appeara for the Amt Uitie In a
DcHioeratlc National platform unt n
reeolutl.in proponing aurh gn amend
ment, ha three timet nuaad the
lloune of KepreatuUUrea. ami that,
tcm. practically without npimeltton.
Whatever may have been the rwtaoua
which aei ure4 the artoplitm of the pros
ent plan, a century ago, how pondltlans
have made It Imperative that the peo
; pie be permitted lo apeak directly In
the eelectlnn or their repreeentatlve In
the Henate. A Senalor ia no lent the
repreevnlatlre or the State boctiiiw ho
reeelvea hht enmmlNlon from the peo
ple themeelvee. rather limn from the
member of the State leglahUure. If
the army ami navy have their repre
eniallvaa there; the etnle department,
with Ita cenMtlar nervlee. and the
treaoury department, with Ita eloie
connection with flurnl affaire, keep the
executive in touch with the himlnoea
and commercial Iptereela. A cabinet
oftirer truly repreientattve of the wnge
tmrnlng claee wmild be or Itivaluable
aid, not only to the toller, bii to the
lilHr Ihelmlnn.
The t'hiHeee esnttittHii net lm proven
an ndvantnge to the country, and IU
eoitllnHance and ntrtet enforeeuiwt, at
Well n Ita exteiialmi to other atmllar
rarBB, are Imperatively neeeawiry. The
AiduMc ii ao eemillnlty dlffe'ent from
the American Hint be cannot he aa
nlmlleteit with our iHipulailnu, and la.
tliorefote not dceirable a a permanent
ettlten. ilia preeence as a teinitornry
laborer, prenervtng IiIb national Itlentl
ir, nnd maintaining a foreign eenle of
wage and living, ittttit ever prove nit
IttjHatlce to American trodHcer, ga
well a a perpetual eourc of irrltn
lion. I'eintin.
The iwrty exprcMHt It pride In the
eoldlere and aailora of all our ware,
and declare Ita imrpuee to deal Men
oroualy with them and their depend
enta. a liberal policy la natural and
neeeaeary In a government which do
.penda upon a citizen aoldlery, Inetond
of a large itnmllng army. HelMnler
oet. a well aa gratitude, compel the
a voter la competent to vote for n mem- I government to make bountiful pro
The platform very properly glveg
promlnenoo to Uie truat iiiiomHoii. The
appalling growth of eomhliiutloni In
roAtralut of trade during the present
admicUtratlon, pt vor ronrliiHlvoly
that tho Republican party lucka either
the deelro or the ability to deal with
tho cuctlon offectlvely. If na may be
fairly nMuminl from the gpeeehoa and
conduct or the Republican leader, Hint
party does not Intend to take tho peo
ple's aldo agaliiHt these organizations,
than the weak and Qualified condem
nation or triiKts to be round In the He
publican platform I designed to dis
tract attention while Indiiktrlnt despot
ism Is completing Ita work. A private
monopoly has always been an outlaw.
No dorenso can be tnailu or nn Indus
trial system in which one. or a row
men, asn control for their own profit,
the output or price of any nrtlcla of
merchandise, under such a syuleiu (he
eonsumer suffers extortion, tin produ
cer of raw material has but one pur
chaser, and must sell at the arbitrary
price fixed; the luboror has but one
employer, and Is powerless to protest
ucalnst Injustice, either In wagiw or
In conditions of labor; the small stock
holder Is at the mercy of the specula
tor, wiille the traveling salesman con
tributes his salary to tho overgrown
profits of the trust, fllnco but a small
proportion of tho pooplo oan shnro In
the advantages secured by private j
monopoly, It follows that the remain- !
der or tio people are not only ex
cluded from the beuoAU, but are the
helpless victim of every .monopoly or
ganized. It Is dlfllcult to overestimate
the Immediate Injustice that may be
done, or to calculate the ultimate ef
fect ot this Injustice upon the social
and political welfare of the teoplo.
Our platform, after suggesting certain
apeoltlc remedies; pledgee the party to
an unceasing warfare agnlnat private
monopoly In nation, state and city. I
heartily approve of thU promise; It
elected, It shall be my earnest and eon
bar of Congrnse, for State olllrora and
for I'reeldeut. he la competent to
ehooso nin representative In the Son
ate. A system which makes the Sen
ator responsible for his election to the
people, aa a whole, and nmvnablo to
thorn If ho mUroprasents thorn, must
commend Itself to those who hare con
fidence In the intelligence, nnd patriot
ism of the mas tea.
Hired IrIUIIiih.
The platform Indorses the princi
ple of direct legislation. Thla la al
randy applied to the more Important
iuset!uus In nation, rtata nnd city. It
resin upon the eound theory that the
people can he tniMcd, itud that the
more reeimnalve the government la lo
the will nf the people, the more ffee
It will be from misuse and abuse.
Ijtlltir OlIMlllHI,
.Several planks ot the labor plat
form are devoted to intentions In which
the laboring claase have an Immmllnto
Interest, but which mbre remotely ef
fect our ontlre populntlon. While what
tin, Ilmiiilillrtim nurlv roconnlzed the
noroftslty for bimetallism by pledging Is generally known as governnnlnt by
the party to nn earnest effort to se- Injunction Is at proHtut directed chief
cure an international agreement for I ly against the employes of corpora
tho free coluiigo of silver, and the Hons, when there Is a disagreement bo
president. Immediately otter bis In- tweeu thorn and their employer, It In
nitmirntlun. bv authority ot coiiKresa. i volvea a principle which concerns
appointed ti commission composed or every one. The pnrposo or
distinguished citizens to visit Htiropo
and solicit foreign aid. Secretary Hay.
in u letter written lird Aldenlmm
In November, laos. and afterwards pub
lished In Hitglnnil, declared that at
that time tho president nnd n majority
of his cabinet still believed In the groat I
desirability of an International agree
ment for tho restoration of the double
standard, but that It did not soem i
opportune to re-npou the negotiations
Just then. The financial law euaeatod i
less than a year ago contains a run- :
eluding section declaring that the
measure vas not Intended to stand In J
the way or the restoration ot bimetal- '
Usui, whenever It could be done by 1
co-operation with other nations. The
platform submitted to the lost Repub
lican convention with the Indorsement
ot the administration aguln suggested
the possibility of securing foreign aid
In restoring silver.
Now the Uepui'llcnti party, for th
first time, openly abandon it ad
vocacy ot the double standard, and til
donee the monetary system which It
hn so often and so euiphntlea'ly con
demned, Tho Democratic mrty. on tn
military, remains the steadfast advo
cate of the gold and silver coinage of
the constitution, and Is not wlll'nt
that other nations shall determine tor
us the time and manner or restoring
silver to It ancient plucn as a stand
ard money. The ratio or I A to I Is
not only the ratio now existing be
tween all the gold and sliver dollars In
circulation In this country, a ratio
which even the Republican atl mini -trutlon
lus not attempted to chang',
but It Is the only ratio advocated by
those who are seeking tn re-open the
mints. Whether the senate, now ho
tile to blmo'alllstn, can be change I
during this campaign or the campaign
of lOOt can only lie determined after
the votes are nmnted, but neither the
.Unt endeavor to fulfill the promise In '
letter and spirit. I absll select an at- t t,'B 5L2J
tamoy-ganeral who will, without (ear , K ' .tll uTb ee
or favor, enforce existing laws; I shall I ?h" W Initio upon Mia sub set
reoorameud aueh additional lobulation ' " ,""HU
as may be necessary to dissolve every 1
private monopoly which does lni uses i
outside ot the state of Ita origin; an I,
If contrary to my lieiiur ana nop, a
constitutional amendment Is found to
be necessary, I shall recommend such
an amendment us will, without Impair
ing any of the existing rlghta ot the
states, empower Ponnreas to iirotert
the people ot all the states from Injury
at the hands ot Individuals or corpora
tions engaged In Interstate commerce.
The platform accurately describee
the Dlngley tariff law. when It bun
demns It as a 'trust breeding measure,
skillfully devised to give to the f w
favors which they do tint deserve, and
ta plaee upon the many Imrdens whleh
they should not bear." Under It op
eration trusts can plunder the people
of tbe United Statu, while they sue
eeeeftilly compote In foreign marks a
with manufacturers of other ronut.iea.
Hven tuoee who Justify the nene'al
policy ot protection will And It dim-
The currency bill whleh received the
auction of the Kxemtlve and tbe Re
publican member of the House and
Senate. Justifies tbe w .ruing given by
the Democratic psrty In 188. It was
then predicted that the Republican
iwrty would attempt (o retire the
greenbacks although the prty and Ita
leader studiously concealed their In
tentions. That purpose Is now plain
and the people must choose between
the retention of the greenWaek. issued
nnd controlled In volume by the gov
ernment, and a national bank note cur
rency Issued by banks and controlled
lu their own Interests, ir the na
tional bank notes are to be secured by
bonds, the currency system now sup
ported by the Republican party In
t ulves a tsha ne.nl ami Increasing
debt, and, so long aa thla tystarn
stsui's, the financial classes will It
tempted to throw their powerful iaHu
enra upon the side or any measure
which will tontrtbult to the site and
tho tn
Junction In such cases Is lo substitute
trial by Judge for trial by Jury, and Is
a cover blow at the Jury system. The
abolition of government by Injunction
Is aa necessary for tho protection of
the reputation of tho court, as It Is for
the security of Uto citizen. Illackstone
!u defending trial by Jury, says:
"The Imimrtlul administration or
Justlre, which secures both our persons,
nnd our properties Is the great end or
civil society, but If that be ontrustod
entirely to the magistracy, a select
body or men, and those selected by
the prince such ns enjoy tho hlgfiest
otllce or the state their decisions In
spite ot their natural Integrity, will
have frequently nn Involuntary bias
Inward those of Iholr own rank, and
dignity. It is not to I- expected from
human nature that tho few should bo
ulwtiys attentive lo tho IntorosU and
good of the many." I
If Ilia criminal laws are not sufllrlont i
for the protection of property, they
can Ih made more severe, but a citi
zen tha-ge I with crime must have hi
rase tried hefato e lory nf his peer.
iii itiucbiM.
The blacklist us now employed In
some places unable tho employer to
pluee the employe under pnictleal
dure, for the skilled laborer lose his
Independence when the employers can
not only discharge him. but prevent his
securing any similar employment.
The blacklist enable employers to se
cure, by mutual agreement, thut con
trol over the wage earner whleh a
private monopoly ojEorcisen without
The platform renew the demand
tor arbitration between corporatluni
and their employe. No one who ha
observed the friction whleh arises be
tween great corporations and their
numerous employe can doubt the
wladont ot establishing an Impartial
court for the Just and equitable set
tlement ot disputes. The demand for
arbitration ought to be supported as
heartily by the public, which suffers
Inconvenience bceauea of strikes and
lockouts, and by the employer them
selves, ns by the employe. The estab
lishment of arbitration will Insure
friendly relations between labor and
capital, and render obsolete tho grow
ing praetlee of calling in the arwy to
settle labor troubles.
lUportmsnt ot Itxr,
I cannot too strongly emphasize tht
Importance ot tho platform recom
mendation of the establishment ot a
department ot labor, with a member
of the cabinet al Ita head. When we
remember how Important a position
the laborer fills In our economic, so
cial and political fabric. It Is hard to
conceive of n valid objection boJng
made to this recognition ot his serv
ice. Agriculture la already represent
ill In the preeWm's olftolil household;
vision for those who. In the hour of
dnitgei. and at great sacrifice of btisl
nee, health anil life, tender their
service to their country.
Tbe pension laws should bo con
strued according to the generous spirit
which prompted their passage. The
plairnrm very properly reiterate tho
position taken In ISQd, that tho fact of
onlhttinent shall be deemed conclusive
evidence that the soldier was sound
.when the government accepted him.
A rertlllcate given now to tbe health of
a person to year ngo, even if easily
obtainable, should not have aa much
weight ns Hie certificate of the medlcul
afllcer who examined the volume r
with s view of ascertaining bis Alness
for army service.
The Democratic iwriy is in favor of
the Immediate construction, ownership
and control ot the Nicaragua canal by
the I'ulted Jttnte. The failure of the
Republican party ta make any prog
ress In carrying out a pledey contained
In Its platform four yenrti ago. together
with the substitution In Its latest pint
form of a plunk favoring an Isthmian
canal for a sited fir declaration lu fa
vor ot the N len rngutt n canal, would In
dicate Hint tho Republican leaders
either do not appreciate the importance
67 this great waterway to the marl-
time strength nnd commercial Inter
ests ot tho country, or that they glvo
too much consideration to the Interest
ed opposition of transcontinental linos.
Tho IlayR-I'auneefote treaty, now be
fore tho somite, would, If ratified,
greatly lesson tho value ot tho ennui,
it It would not Indeed convert It Into
a posltlvo mennee In time ot war. The
paramount Intermit of the United
Htato In the western hemisphere, to
gether with the obligations to defend
the republics lo the south of us, makes
It narensary that our government shall
be able to elose the canal against any
hostile power.
were n hundred years sgo, Our com
merce I rapidly Increasing, nnd we arc
brought Into constant eommunlmtlon
with nil part of the world. Bvcn it we
desired to do so, we could not afford in
alienate many nations by cultivating
unnecessary Intlmsey with a few. Our,
strength nnd standing are such that It
Is Iom necessary than ever befnro to
lean for aid upon the friendliness ot a
foreign power.
We cannot connect ourselves with
Huropean nations, and har In Uielr
Jealousies and ambition ftttkmit los
ing tho pctmlmr advantage, whlsh our
location, our cbnrarter and our Insti
tution gtre ns In the world's affairs.
Mmtree llnrlrlee,
The doctrine euiinrlaled by Monroe,
anil approved by succeeding president,
is essential to the welfare of ta
United flutes. The continents ot
North ami Ion lb America are dedica
ted to ilia development of tree govern
ment. Olio republic after another ha
hem esta hi ialied, until to-day mon
archist Idea has barely a foothold In
the new world.
While It la not the policy of this
country to Inierfere where amicable
relations exist between hntropetm
rountrle and their d spend uncle h
America, our people would look with
disfavor upon any attempt on the part
of Nuropean governments to maintain
an unwilling or forcible sovereignty
over the people living on this side of
the Atlantic.
The position taken by the Remind
can lenders, and more recently set
forth by Hie Republican candidate tor
the Presidency, viz: That wo cannot
protect a nation from outside litter
rerenre without exercising sovereignty
over It people. Is an assault upon the
Monroe doctrine, ror while this nrgu-
Ontomrtn Kiiilon,
Deliver. Col., Sept 17. Tho follow
ing fnsien ticket was nominated!
l'or congress, first dlstdst Jubn 0.
ImII. I'opulist.
Jur governor Jo. II. Ormau of I'tt
rblo county, DemoemL
Lieutenant governor Jflhn Gaidar
wood, Populist.
Decretory of state DsvW A, Mill,
Hist trcwsHrcr Dr. J. It. Chlploy,
lllver Republican.
Supreme Judge Robert W. Steolo,
sliver llepublioan.
Hiiperlutendont public Instruction
Mrs. Helen M. (Ironfall, Silver Repub
lican. Attorney gonornlC. r. lot, Popu
list. Auditor-0 W. Proul. Dvinoernt
Aftor tbe ticket had been ratified" by
alt, tho Democrat reeonslilsre the
rmllflentlon of the nomination ot Oal
derwoml for Inntofmnt governor, ori
motion nf Onr. Churl 9. Thomas, and
referVtel the case ta the state eoHtrnl
New VerU llriniiertiN.
Keralopi. n. V. Sept. 1T.-T1i!b I
the tloftet mimed by the Democratic
state rtiuvontleii!
(Inventor J. V.
.leutenaiit gorernor-
Secretary or state John T. Norton
of Reunsoliiar.
Coii'.rollttr IWwIn 8. Alwoad of
Treasurer John II. JUdson of Pul
Attorney general Titos. P. Conway
Stanrhfleld, Che-
-A. Mnokoy of
mont Is nt'thls time dlrootod against
the proposition to give to the Flllpluos 0. Cjtnn
mm ii .topenuencc ... - Hiigltioer and aurvoye
of Central and Booth America. If thla
government cannot lend Its strength to
another Republic without making sub
jects of Ita peopK I hen we must
fit her withdraw our protection from
the Republic to the south or u or ab
sorb them. I'nder ih" same pie, that
the guardian nation must exert an au
thority npuil to IU responsibility, Ku
roiwan nation have fur eenturl ex
ploited their wards, snd It is n silt
nlflcnut fact that the Republican porty
should accept the Kuropean Idea or a
protectorate, at the name time tlmt It
adopts a ituropean colonial iHiucy
There is no excuse f ir th! abandon
ment ot the Amrlcan Idea. We have
maintained the Monroe doctrine tor
three-quarter ot a century. The ox
imiiso to us has been practically unth
lug. but the protection has buaii beyond
value to our sister Republics. If n
Filipino Republic Is erected upon the
ruins of Spanish tyranny, ita protee
Rlissoil II.
Htewnrt of Onondaga.
When the will or the convention had
been finally registered ex-Seiialor Da
vid II. Hill was Aral to propote tbe
tumultuous nomination or "a friend ot
life-long standing, John HtanihrisM."
l'lrlniH MommI.
Covington, da., Hept. 17. 'l. Usher
Tltomaaon In oominaud of the Second
Utorglu regiment, shot nnd psrbnpn
fatally wounded Otto Fowler hero Sim
ilar afternoon, lluili n.en were armed,
but 1'owler was prevented fntn ahoot
lug Col. Thomnaon ny his t Fowler s i
bnither, wlio wan with him. The eho it
Iiir look plnce- In front of Fowler's res-
Idsuce. The trouble betwee i the two
men is aald to be of long ttuitllng.
Mill iiurn.
Houston, Tt-a.. Sept 17. Hie Mor-
iHui by iis will be neither dimrull nor olKinfa nnd Plainer Oil mill wa oom-
ArUnns, Nf .Meilrit einl llkltiini.
Arizona, Now Moxleo utitl Okluhomn
have long been ready to assume the
responslbllltle and enjoy the prlvl
lege ot statehood, and It will be
pleasure, as well ss a duty, to carry
out the platform pledge concerning
expensive. No lltiropann nation would
be willing for any other Ituropean nn
thin to have the Islands, neither wonld
any ICuropoan nation be willing to pro
volte a war with n In order to obtain
IKMsesalon of tho Islands. If we assert
sovereignty over th Filipinos we will
huve to defend that sovereignty by
force, and the Flllpluos will be our
enemies; If we protect them from out
sldo Interference. I hey will defend
thititisolve and will be our friend If
they show aa much determination lu
opiHMtng the sovereignty of other na
tions aa they have shown lu opposing
our sovereignty, they will not requlN
much assistance from u.
llirnitie Tut.
plutoly destroyed by flro Suuduy. Tito
mill was one of the largaet lu the a nt?,
and while the employes were at din
ner, flro was discovered lu the rentier;..
The heat waa so lutemo that no he id-
way could be made righting the IImiuim.
The Inaitrauce Is :;2.ft00. dlv.d-d
as roilowa: liulldlngs and m:chliiary
17.0O0. stock in msln build tig I0,
OOtl, stock In tell tier y $ao.W.
lllilli'U lUllmlilr.
Tex., "pt. 17.
Ilutwlou, Tex., -pt. 17. inn-'ny
night It came airs ght that SUtJ
Health OiMrcr Illuiit, who wm hare oi
hi way fium aOlrestou to Anatln. will
make a report to the governor concern
a liy lima variance the Income Tax , e,miona In Oalveamn. It will
,. ! plank arel upon by be Re,!.. Ion M y , , ,
" 5"m.!ir." ' Tn I TI .Horun.ty fiom the recent storm w..l
Alulia unit I'orto Itlro.
There will bo a popular naiiulueronee
In tho demand for home rule, nnd a
territorial form of government In
Alaska and Porto Rloo. lloth ore en
titled to looal Holf-govornuiHiit uud
roprusentatlon In Oangrees.
The recognition eot.tnliiwd In both
the Dsmooratle and Republican plat
forms of the right or the Cubans to In
dependence removes tho general prin
ciple Involved trora the domain or par
tisan polities. It Is proper, however,
to consider whether the accomplish
ment or this purpose can be safely en
trusted to the Republican (tarty after
It has yielded to the ullurmueuta of the
Colonial Idea, and abandoned ita ear
lier faith In the natural end Inalien
able rights ot man.
Ileliullau of AtlJ tJilidt.
The time Is Hn far a arataenatlc nad
extended effort to reclaim the arid
lands and lit them for actual settlers.
The last agricultural report estimates
that homes eau thus be provided ror
many millions or people. The im
pounding and use of the water which
are wasted In the spring would people
the western states with thrift)'. Intelli
gent, and Industrious citizens, and
these would furnish a valuable market
fur all the products ot the fasterle. A
small pereenlage ot the money spent
In a war ot eoiiQtiest would provide oc
evatlou and habitation for more peo
ple than would ever seek a residence
In colonies within the tropic.
foreign AlllanrM.
The reasons given by Washington,
Jefferson, nnd the other statesmen of
the early days in support of the dee
trine that we should maintain friendly
relations with all nations, but enter
Into entangling alliances with none,
are eren stronger to-day than ty
form nn rend ami adopted, The sub
Jest, however, hi covered by the re
Hlllrmiitlon of the Chicago platform
ami I take this occasion la reassert
my holler In the principle which under
lies the Income Us. Congress should
have nuthmlty tn levy and collect at.
Income lax whenever noceaeary, umt
an amendment to tho rdnral eonstl
tittlou tM4!leally conferring simh nu
thorlty ought to be supported by even
those who may think the tax unnnees
ciry at this time. In the hour of
danger the government cun draft the
citizen: it ought lo be able to draft
the pocketbook as well, t'nles money
Is more precious than blood, we can
not srrard to give greater protection to
the Income of tho rloh than lo the
lives of the poor,
The subjeota, however, treated In
this letter. Impartant aa each may
eem In Itself, do not pre to I ni petit
tlvoly for solution a tbe question
which the platform declares to be the
paramount Issue In this eampalgH.
Whether we shall adhere to. or aban
don those Ideas of government which
hH dlstlniHished this nation from
reach SOflQ. The doctor was In Onl
vostou n couple ot days and made a
thorough Investigation.
Itnrkrr lll.l Not Speifa.
Dallas, Tex , Sept. 17. Hon Wharton
tlaikor, Populist i oinlito for proildcnt,
spent Snlurdoy here nnd left that night
for Alabama. Ho made no xpeeoh (tw
in to tho Galveston ouhtnilty, saying
tho people at Texas were too much
ubsorbed In that miitUr to Ihten to n
political speech. He prodleled Mr.
llryntt would lose on r a mill on vua
that would bo east for tho Populist
A pnllenn, supposed to liny been
I blewti away from Galveston, waa shot
six miles north of Dallas, Tex.
Olilimiutii nintuilrit,
HI Paeo, Tex. Sept. 17. Several
Chinamen who arrived In Juarez Hun
day from TtttupUo, Mexico, stale tint
nearly 1MQ ot the Mongolians are
etrnnded along tbe line of the Mexican
Central road, ill headed for the United
other nations and given to Its history states. They tell a sail siory of their
experience with labor eontraetor In
Mexico, ami stale that all of the eelony
are stranded and without work. They
want te outer Texan.
first lluptlst chttrotrof Dallas, Tex.,
Its neruliar charm and value, is a ques
Hon tbe settlement of whleh cannot
be delayed. No other question can ap
nroM.tii it in Itfltmrtanee; no other
question demands such Immediate eon
Iderailnn. It Is easier to lose a repu
tation than to establish one. and this gave 600 to Galveston
nation would find It a long anil iawm-
oti task to regain Its proud position T0. York llfB liiaiiranoe oominv
among the nation, if. under the atrim j j fl jjg 000,000 Iil8tintne out
of temptation, it should repudlale the ' ' , . ...
self-evident truths pioelslmed by our Jlttndiiig on Gnlvwluil iilaita, Olid it
heroic ancestors and sacredly uousureu t thought the gattleittOIlia will 00-
SnS XeiT'lh.di.trin. cmIoh much trouble.
that the people are lb amy souro u. TMaa fewr , re,mrted n fjreer
power I rosde eeeure from further at- MUntVi ok ( aa the mmy u qUarjn,
laea we can sj tvtw yntHii
tiemani oi uie niti-"--
... . ..... .UmjwIU .Mil ML.
wrncn it. -ve - Thc jrst Natleasi bank of Jaekeea-
ciniti.f. . r I villa, tit, eapital IH.W0, bai been
W. J. URYAN. orsanUed.

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