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17 COBBi, B4t HQ 1
Cbe Carlsbad Saloon
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for .,
Barfleld & Cantrell.
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2 1 I IIUI IU1.
Retailed Account of (ho Cloning Scen
es of tha Orcat (lntherlng.
Hantu Fo.N. M., Oct. it,-At tliu
conclusion of tin third ballot for ditto
, gato yesterday In tho democratic Ter
ritorial convention a recess wns tuken
tor nn hour. After lunch on tho re
c$n veiling of thi! delegates thu fourth
ballot wus taken showing no change
On tho fifth ballot Donu Ana county
Pull's county, broke uway from Marron
und went to Joseph which went back
to Marron nn tho sixth ballot. On the
Kovi'tith ballot A. A. .Touch, of Lub Ve
gas, wax complimented with tho ten
votes of tho Dona Ann delegation,
(Fall's), and on tho eighth ballot tho
gnuit lender who reiroseiited tho
Botttharn counties, cant I he Donu Ann
vote for Hon. vl A. Manxanurej nf
thin city. On tho ninth bultol Donn
Ann went to Joseph upuln, but tho ro
Riilt nf tho tunth ballot showed the
convention to bo In tho Numu situation
it whs on tho Recnud ballot.
Tho eleventh ballot showed n vote
of til for Marron, 'M for Joseph.fll for
Larrnzolo. 1(1 for Dauuherty and 4 for
Kill, tho latter complimentary vote
being cost by san Juan county, one of
the solid Lurrazolo, counties
Thu retiult of the tweUtli ballot wus
Marron, .18, Joseph UH, J.urrlisolii CI,
yDaugheity 21, Full III, Hopewell 10.
I 'I tin thlrti'MiLh ballot resulted. Mar
ron '.a, Joseph 28, Lurrlxolu 08, Duugh
orty 1'.', Hopewell ill.
Tlio taking of tho fourteenth ballot
ehowud tho result to bo no nearer u
decision that tho llrst, tliu voto stand
log Marron "5, Joseph, liS Larrizolu
At tlil'i point on motion of Mr. Field
a recfHH of uu hour won tuken wid the
convention went Into u caiicaR. In
ciucdi Mr, Crist, who hud been ih mi
(pionlug Mr. Joseph's cause, wlihdrew
Mr Joseph's name from the context.
The Joseph Yote favoring Larrizolu,
Mr. Marron also withdrew from tho
race and moved that Mr. Lnrrizoia
bo inn do by ucclanutlon tliu nominee
of tho democratic convention, Then
fallowed tho selection by tho several
counties nf two members each of the
Territorial central committee, the
choice of eleven uiembers-ut-large
pursu nt to a resolution, adopted by
tho convention, to be appointed by tliu
chilruiau of the convention II. M.
Dttugherlty of Socorro,
I llofore the c invention adjourned n
Tote of thanks wus tendered thu citi
zens of Hant i l'o for courtesies exten
ded and u committee, at the heud ol
which wus Hon. Antonio Joseph and
Hon Owen N. Mumm, was appointed
to notify Mr. Larrizolu of the aotlua
of the convention dud escort him to
the platform.
Mr. Lurrliolu was at his bust. He
began his address In his usual deliber
ate niauner, but gradually wurtnlng up
to Ills subject he hoou had his audi
fuce with liltu and his address wus
frequently punctuated with upplause
lie treated mainly on national Issued
uud when he reached tho paramount
Issue of the campaign, Imperialism, he
WKsolten compelled to stop on aa
cuW of bursts of of applause from the
audience In which there were many
ludles and about equally divided be-twH-u
members of both political parties,
who crowded the court house to ita ut
wdfet capacity, f uuy 800 people being un
ublo to gam admission.
hen be brought his address to a
close by a well-rounded climax, both
delegates and audleneo fairly went
rcvrlld Men stood ou chairs, jumped
on top of tables, threw their hats In
tho nlr and u demonstration, such uu
had never before been witnessed In
tiny political convention os either par
ty In the political history of Now Mex
ico, continued for fully fifteen minutes,
the persistent cries of "more!" "more!''
continuing for some time,
This speech, nt) well as thoso of
Judge A 11, Full, Neld Jl. Field and
A. A. Jones, will uppear In subsequent
Imiioh of The Optic
When quiet was llnally restored in
response to tho desires of the nudlcnco
A 11. Fall, Neill 11. Field uud A. A.
Jones addressed the convention, tho
luttor'a address closing n convention
which will go down In Now Mexico's
political history us one of the most re
markable of gatherings.
Tho contest between the friends of
the three favorite cnmfldatcs was car
ried on In the most determined yet
lrleudly lnanner-u truly democratic
convention, and its close left no III
feellng. It wus u choice between
three men, tiny one or whom, each dele
gate felt sure, could carry the puny
to victory ami etuaUtfby the dele
gates on tho mujorjty thut would bu
given to the democratic nominee In
the Territory this year vary from 3,000
to 11,000, majority. All the delegates
believe thut In view or (he discontent
and bitterness 'uuioiig the leaders or
the repulilleun party, which has dis
gusted tho conservative uud Indepeiid
ent element in tho party, thut this
your will witness un unsurpassed ac
cession to thu runksof the democratic
party, and till the dele gateH tire sangu
ine or uu unprecedented democratic
Mr. Joseph wi8 not u cundldutu be
fore the convention, but told his
friends thut If tho convention saw lit
to tender him the nomination, he
would not decline As soon as tho
proper tlmo came, Mr, Joseph, whoso
sense of propriety and courtesy Is char
acteristic of the individual, Insisted
that his name be wlthdruwu from the
Owen X. Marron, who went Into the
convention hardly known outside the
con tinea or his own county, of Hernn
llllo, ut Its conclusion hud Jumped In
to the llrst ranks us, one of tho strong
est leaders of the party, Ho has rea
son tn bu proud or tho magnificent
showing he mude In the convention, A
compurltlvely young man, with nn un
spotted character uud of great energy
and forge lib will wield a power, which
will undoubtedly make Itself felt dur
ing the present campaign, particularly
In lluriiullliii county.
What' Your Face Worth?
Sometimes a fortune, but, never, If
ypu huvo a sallow complexion, a Juim
dlced look, moth patches unit blotches
on the sl;n.-ull s.lgns or 1,1 ver Trouble
llutbr. King's Haw Life Pills give
Clour Skin, Itosy Cheeks, Itloli Com
plexion, Only 36 cents ut your Drug
TafllJfo cjomez. rif HI lnso, has
brought suit far 8110,001 against the Jtl
I'asjtJbprtlhiWtern railway company.
Hedllfegefl thut While In thu einnlov nf
the company mjhvas compelled to ride
.... .1... 1.IT.. .! It... m ..
uu viir luiut ui uu ungiiiu unu i nut
While SO dulllir tint ninrlfiu utrtinlr n nnui
and be wus crlpjpd.
A Plendlsh ttackV
An attack wus lately made on C. F.
Collier ot Cherokee, Iowa, that nearly
proved fntul. It ourae through his kid
ney's. His back got so lame he could
not stoop without gr"ut pain, nor sit In
a chair except prepped by cushions.
No remedy helped him until he tried
Uleotrlc Hitters which effected such a
wonderful change that he writes he
feels like u new man. This luurvel
ous taedlejue cures baokaebe and kid
ney trouble, purities the blood and
builds up your health. Only Went
the drug store.
lerrltorlal Assessment and Taxation.
Some of our friends talk so lightly
About progroM nnd prosperity that wo
havo como to wonder whnl they mean.
Wo suspect that those who talk longost
of prosperity do not know whereof
thoy speak. Tho figures given below
tell their own story:
M m
TVrrllnrliil rieht nn Junnnn. iwi
ninuuiiiru m 1l,TtU,WJ (HI
Total lmttbl(HlnM ol wuntlM
Totnl ravenuns Iflr UW JM,9TS.
nxpcnuiiurra tnr IWI aw.aiR.KI
KxeoM of expnit, over rereti M8.fllB.se
JSMlgm:.:::::::- f
KxcomoIoxiihI. mrmw., we.sss.tB
Npto below tho rtito or tnxatlon ns
levied by tho territory Tor the ".voyeur
from '00 to 1000 luoluslva:
Levy for 181W, 7.7B mills.
u mn, ll. mills.
' 18 is, llt.ttT) mills.
" 18W, 12.1 mills.
" 1000, 11.2 mills.
Thoso figures disclose that tho valu
ation of ull property In the territory
diminished r,,:KI7,7:w.ai in tho thirteen
yenra boglnuliig with 18S7 nnd ending
with IWlUj
That In '87 the excess of oxpemllturoB
over rovunues was SW,iH()B0, uud that
In tho following year the dullolenoy
wus still larger;
That the vuluutlon In '1)0 wus the
lowest In the surfes ot yoars nnd tho
rate levied was 7Jt mills, yet three
yours lutor-lKSKl-wlth u valuation
more than four million dollars greater
the rnto of taxutlon has Increased to
12.4 inlllR;
That since 'IMJ tho total vuluutlon bus
increased slowly, and the rate or luxa
tion 1ms Increased trout 1 mills to
U.timlllHln l(XX);
That In eplto or thin vast Increase in
revenues tho excess of expenditures
over Income Is steadily and rupldly Increasing.
What havo wo thopcoplo to nliaw for
this vast Increase or taxation? Has
the territory been benefitted tu Uie ex
tent or the great amount expended?
H the rate of taxation keep on Increas
ing how lonu will It tnko tho territory
loconlWcato all the property or Indivi
dual owners?
For atl fresh cuts or wounds, In eith
er thsiiuman subjeut or In uulmuls, as
it dressing, llallard'riSuow l.lnlnient ih
excellent; while for sores on working
hones, ospuuiuily If slow to heal, or
siippusutlng, It Imullng qualities are
tiuequiiiod. Price, 36 and BOots. For
wile ut Kddy Drug Co,
Klngllug Hro.i, Ovcurslonst
ArrongemunU have beun completed
by which ull who wish to attend thu
perlormuuces ut lllngllug llros.'
World s Oreutest Shows In J'ecos for
one performmice, Frl. Oct. l'Jorltos-
well Sat. Out. 20 ouu secure speclul ex
cursion rates on ull Hues of travel.
This will bu thu ntily point in this vici
nity whore the grunt show wl l exhibit
during the presotit season, uud those
who full to sue It will miss thu gruud
est umiisemeut event ol the year,
Since lust senson Itliigilug llros.'
famous exhibition hus beun doubled In
size and Is now beyond ull question or
doubt tho largest and best combined i
-drciitf, niemigerle uml hippodrome tu
the United suites. The performuneo
Is given by over S00 hlgh-saiarled speul
allsts, In three rings, on two stages, In
In tuld-alr, and on tt huge quarter.tnlle
hippodrome track. The trained mil
mat fuutures, which are ulone worth
many times the prlee of admission to
see the thre trooiis of wonderful ailu
oated elephant, l.ok hurt's play-uqt-IngeleplmtiU.
Maielwnd's pugltlslfe
paohyderms and Srudwrs' elephant
bmiH Imml. and (J'llrien's slxtv-one
horse uet. In willed three-sanre Imml- !
some eiuluis (Htrform In ottc ring, at
one time, under the direction of ens
man. The grand free street jmrude
whlali UK(i pluee at 10 a'elwk urt the
morning of the exolbltlnn Is the most
m tgnlllulent display ever u. Don't
miss It.
A Wonlthy Stosltmnn nnd Ills Herder
Shot by Strangers.
Don Ana Oosuty Itcpiittfeenn.
Wont rmelied Ii ( Vmes wtrly Sun
day iHornlng of the shooting or two
rltltOns of Chi(uibrltifi about 7 o'olosk
SaltirHtiy ulghl by vidians bunt either
on rdbbery or rpvenge. A'Hiiaslo
(lutliirrer Jdled almost Instantly uud
Dr. Lane whs sutnuinnml fnun I.ak
Crtious tn udiuiulster to the wounded
man. Jrwe Miiriti. The doctor tin
intHllutsly started on the) tnlUdrlve,
nooumpitnled bv IIIhM Prranoin wIiimm
homo Isftdjaeiuit. to tho Maniaer. ranch,
lien Williams also gat on Ins trustud
sorrel and With Winchester anil our
trldges started lor the teem ot thu
The facts as wh glwiu them utt Jthnt
two men ouuiH to the Murqiifx ranch
about 7 O'clock and asked for tome
thlflg to eat which was willing y given
thofn. Thay asked for sovurul other
trivial things, also-to he permitted to
stay till night. Murquux told (hem ho
hull nnt roam, whereupon one of them
commanded him to throw up hi hands.
Ho replied that ho did not know why
ho should do so and turned to go Into
tho linun to get his gun and win shot
twice tn thu back, both taking effect In
tho right lung and coming out ut his
breast. One of his borders, Atuutislo
f liitiurroK, oo in lug out ut the llrst sign
of trouolo, was shot dead almost In his
tracks. As Marquex was shot the
second time he roll Insldo or the door,
which he kicked shut, and a friend or
his, who was In the hoimn with tin
members of the family, held it shut.
Thu wretches shot through thu door
twico nnd threatened to go around to
tho window, which they llnally illu,
but thellght having been put out, they
got on their horses and rode away.
Dr. Lane on reaching tho bod sldo ol
the wounded man found his chances
for recovery wen pretty slim, uh u hor
rible, wound wus toru through thu lung,
Marques was ublo to talk of the ulluir
and reiterated thut the men wero total
strjCraw'9 to him uud that ho wiih whol
ly .wlptepared far such an usmiujt.
It is Hiitil that two convicts icmtitly
releusud from the penitentiary hull pre
viously sworn venguunco on tho man
killed, ut llrst opportunity, for testify
lug ugtiinst them, which testimony se
cured their conviction, MurquuKsnld
he wus wull acquainted withthesu men
nnd should havo known them were
thuy tho ex-couvlcU.
Murquez la u prominent man til
Clmmberliio and a brother or Juan
Murquez who dropped dead here In
Las Crucfs less than a your ago. On
Wednesday his condition was u little
mnrii hopeful,
Ollloers tiro soourlng the country af
tej thu cowardly murders and It is
hoped may secure their capture, pro
furrnbly dead.
Stepping Into llvo Coals.
"When a child J burned my foot
frightfully." writes W. II . Mads, or
Soiiesville, Vu., -'which cuused horr
ible leg sores for !K years, but Jluuklen's
Arnica Salve wholly cured me nftur
ovory thing else railed." Infallible tor
burns, nculds. Cuts, Sores, Jlrulses and
Files. Sold by ull druggists ut 25c.
Hunker Routs a Robber.
J. It. (iarrlson, Uushler or the hank
nl Thoruvelle, Ohio, had been robbed
or health by a serious lung trouble un
til ho tribd Dr. King's New Dituovery
fur Consumption. H hen ho wrote:
"It Is the best medlouie 1 ever used
for u severe cold or u bad ease of lung
trouble 1 always keep u bnttlo on
hand." Don't suiror wlth'coiighs, oolds,
or an) throat, oliestor lung traublo
when you tmn be uurwt so easily. Only
Mta ami euxi. Trial bottles free at
the Drug Store.
NO. -10.
Thousands ol the moat ittibuorn
uud dlstrsoattig rates at plies have
been enM ly TuWt tt lluekeye l'lk
ointanrut. it turn fails to oore.
I'rloe. 8U etsu In Uottkt, Uibea 7fi ote.
For Ml at KOdy Dhig (Jo.
A reiuindsr or the buttle or Vulver-
de, In the shape of a ll-iwiiiid aatinon
boil, was plekwl up near Sou Murotsl
General Mr6haj1(ii0
Wc uro Not tho Only I't'oplo That
Keep Plrst'Cluss (loods
But Wo Koop What tHo
People Want!
ItOw Vnry. Ouimtllan Club, Mt, Vornen uud
many other liramls of llrat-ulsss llquon
Central Saloon.
K intr WoniiNi:!:, I'roprlstoin.
Wo have a large list of choice ranch, farm
and town property.
McLenathen & Tracy.
Carlsbad, New flexlco.
It A. A .A. A. A1tl It Alt Atft
Rooms for Rent
IKmI roouiitin lo-n, nt Urn
lowest prlrwu. ultli.r lur
iilnhwl or iiiitiirnuliwl .
Itmiiilrt) at Current Olllc.
jy y y yy iff iy y y
Fine grass und plenty of water uru
roportod from I'ninu county, und the
prospect for stock coming through tho
winter In good (Jfltnlltlon Is excellent.
Tho moitstnuuorn oases of llnltlclil
llHsucouiiib to llullard's lloruhotind
Syrup. Price 25 and no cts. For sale
at Kddy Drug Co.
Two new residences are going up In
White Onkn nud there Is a strong de
mand for more, The town's accommo
dation uro taxed to thu utmost to pro.
vide for ml tho Grangers In town. A
number uro living in tnts but this will
lie r.ither uiicomfortiiblu In winter.
Water has been found at tho bottom
of the superior mine ut Lonlsbtirg. If
the body of water Is large enough a
intieeiitrntlug mill will bo erected, us
them Is nn enormous body of concen
trating ore In the mine.
to -Itre imr Tlrn In Vitlnna
Toottmimr nml ,'irl vr.(j-c
T 'luatnes a In .IucUOK.Mlnee oold
.... , or broiled rtilt-Ucn uud mid to It n
v -IhiihmI phlvis uml a very little
liotipt.ii irtwn M-iM-e. Mnko it rlHi
etviuii iin. ami lnat tho mixture
tlioreiuchly In It. Hrtwu out the tnina
toon uud uprinkle with iiePUr iintl Kitlt.
I'l l tueju vrlUi the ejihufl uud plaeo
ei the top it lniov iiiimttriNiiu eovored
v. uh soft InittiM. t'lnrt- in u qulqk oven
and bont tlmrnHxIily.
1'i.illwl tnmntoe nt exrellftit sorted
Itli Hli ih hriitl -ihi. Cutb'u to
i..atnilicirtviHtull- In two. Ikipo Illo
t.loa on. I'hxv tlmm on u bnttler 1lh
the Hkln Hhle down. I Hist with Milt
uud iej)Kr and broil wltlwut turning
r ver a moderate nn- IS to 20 inlnutMi
or until teodi-r Lay on n hot dish nud
!rfd aurli pt- with liiittpr.
'10101110011 nml Hliv. Hllt liair n dun
en Hm tomntiH or tliH twin- nmount
of fanned toinntnpa. Swmmui with (wp
tier and unit and put n plwv of butter
hero Hiul tlwre uihmi tbm. Minn two
otilous Unely anil sprinkle over tlw to
watoMk '"Jfi-r tb uuihh ami nI.rw
slowly 13 iniiiuit. '11n wmr gll ot
rich brown smwp orpr tlnm. Htlr aft
n mid let llieto slnimpr ttll dou. Have
rtody four mnu e of fliwiy ImllMl rk.
Ittr tbla Ik muIi tb lonwtow And mix
TeiHAtoeti nnd ( In mmi. TnWe Ntx rlpp
twmloos of equal lw. Cut rlrclw off
the toil ot ofli-h nud M-oop nut the III.
sldo. Vivos thp pulp throiiKli n slova
uud mix li with It n Uttli wlt, rayentie,
two oUMtw of butter broken In htUr,
two tHblsojKxitif hIs of lirvml rruuibs,
one onion inlneml line, n tPnHMrul at
poaW nnd tiro very lurBo tntiMxHin.
fula of gmted mriuMUi pIhmmm. Fill
tlM (BtOHtoM wtlb this mixture, put on
tot tM again nud boko In n moderate
ovpii. Srrre with iiitwhriHiin mut.
TotontB Frttti'm Hake Home tenia
to4 intll tiiHtrly i-oukcd, add some pa
tHeooit ettHo nml n little clioppwl on
ion. Ajld as tnuph crwim ami the while
of nn ifx as will make the preparation
of Ih eoiisUteuey of butter. Drop this
tlijter Into n frying nu or boiling but
ter, arid wbw tha fritters rise take
them out nud scrip, Jut dustinir them
ovpr Willi Kri.ttNl puriiit-iiaii i-hi-ei
llmr tn llnUi, Nnntcli llrnlh,
Tnko u pound or tho serng end of tho
neck of mutton cut In small plecptt nnd,
put It on In three plutn ()(,' cold
wntcr, ndd hnK n tenetip cneli ontlccly
chopped vnrrot, colery, turnip nml
whredded onion. Let It cook slowly for
two hours, Hklfiiinlug well to rumovo v
tho fut. If tho xoiip Is too thick', inoro',
wnter may bo nilded. Benson with,
peppur nud unit, nnd noutlcr n iHilo
chopped pamloy over whim In tTib
tureen. '
llmr to Waith I'lnnneU.
To shnko llnnuels thoroughly lasscnif
the dllllcttlty of wiishlug iheui. An dx
pert In luiindurlujr llniiuels ndvlson tho
soaking of tlioso that nra very uiiiah '
soiled, for half mt hour, In n Ntroug
solution of Hoop wnter Hint Is Itiko
wuitii nnd coiitnlim n titblespooufttl of
powderetl borax. The votwel should
be covered to hold such bout ns tho
wnter piwtnni. After soaking;
Hiuete and pull geutly between tho.
hands, Imiuei'Mliig froUuiitly, talcing
cure only that no soap la rubbed on tho
llaiiuuls nud that no board Is usod with
them. If very much soiled thoy should
Iw washed through two sonpy wntorii
kept nt tho xnmo tuiupernturo, tiiuu
rluxed through two more clear but no
cooler water. It Is better, utter prunH
luce out ns much water as possible, to
sltnke Ilium for tho riddance of further
moisture. If they are ws4wl through
th wringer they should bo smoothly
laid, nml nut mililooti'il tn llm iTi,iilfc
pressure of the rollers. Dry tliam Jn
uie iiouse or in n tirigui, uitjoty nin
itiiV nuuilKl u II.-. jr llllll J(UB; IU
IIimv to Orpr.m Hmltilie,
Clenu uud stenm until tender twit
dozen small round radishes. Place lit
ii cooking pot nud ndd one cup of wlitto
stock, one tmisMonfu! ot cornstarch
dissolved In n little cold water, one.
half teaspounful or salt, dnsh or wlijto
pepper nnd ouo cup of whipped cream,
Ilenr vury gently nud servo.
llutr In ttrniivntc lltnotc Otntbpi,
Shine can bo romored from clstii by
menus of n mixture mndo ns fellows:
PuHer'ri enrtb. quarter of n pound,
melstetisil with pure spirits of turpen
tine, snlt of tartar two ounces, potass
three ounces. Work the wlrale Into a
jwstMv!l)i sulllcliMit soft sonp to bind
It. cut Into sqiiartM ami set pslde to dry.
To apply, niolxien n plwof cloth nud
niqdy n Utile of lh mtxture, rttlt well
till It IoUhh-s. tttou sfiuugo off. Itul) as
dry as imsolblo, tlten go ovr n soeond
time with u stwiige wst with a solution
of cowuioii suimonla. 'I'Hw xlve a
HhhI touch with n stiff elollnwlinisb,
and tht artful will look m Mod us
now. Thin praimnttlou will also re
move greaso.
Ilinr to ()lioor Flli,
The cyps ot fish must h tnrJgjit and
tbe gills red. Tht twdy slump bo Rtlft
nud Uw tlssb firm nud w)iT(& Pllh
should be covered with soulM, for If
thoy are dellrlent In those It Is a sign
of their being stale.
Iloir to Mak I'Uli lUtttr,
flood frying Imttor for flsli is pre
pared ns fellows: I'ut four eBntoe of
flour Into n basin, with half n tea
stMMitiful of salt. Stir In gradually B
tablesiKKinful of Mbtd all nnd odd gUi
ot tepid wnter. Heat two whltoj ot
pgc to a stiff froth and stir thja
lightly Into the floor. Let tbe battel
stand for two hours lu a vool plaee amt'
twai It op agniu W tor usl&j

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