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The IMcr of China Refascs to fii
16 City c( I'fiKin.
rmeerer end rmersu flam Com.
maatcjted te Minuter Wti Ho
lhey thxtjtd Cieital.
Washington, Oat 0, Tho effort
Inducu .10 OhtHMW Imperial court
return to Itln has fatted slier '
wwii'i per4titt effort on the part of
tho powee. Newt te that effect wm
brought to tho state datmrUneat Men
tiny by the Cblncee minister who re
ceived it tin sr. Petersburg from Vlee
wya liu Run Yllt ana Chang Chlh
Tung under date of OoU . Mr. Wu re
ceived the meeeege Bunuay night
It was m fallows:
"The departure at their Imperial
majesties fur Hhenst tprorlaro) wu
Ouo to distressing conditions at Tal
) it'll I. Ther hi u Scarcity of food
iuippIlM 1h the province nf aheosl on
iK-roMnt of long continued drweth nnd
the provincial capital (Toi Yuen) li al
most deserted, the trades people bur. ok
left on aosount of tli disturbance
nusml nnil continued for iHiintlm by
tli boxer relels, who had Invaded that
province with the encouragement of !
llov. Yu. Their majesties therefor i
were obliged to proceed lo flhenM. !
where telegraphic communication Willi
Shanghai ami oilier part of tlie iru-i
pi re la opened and rapid cummunlca-1
Hon with their majesties mar there-
Ion ha carried on, thus court and ouV I
tial buelneea m.iy bo tmnsacted moie
expeditiously by their r -wence In
tfhenei rather than In Hbannl. The
reasons for the temporary postpone
ment of their majesties' teturn to Pe
)dn are the presence of the allied (ore
there, on account of which eollcHioti
rear la doubtkw entertained beside
n dread of the outbreak of fpiiiemlr
itUeaee whlrb ueually follow after
l,i Mat dlaturbanixa, destruction of
property nnd military operation. It la
litiel that tho powers will be cona.d
cr.nn in their Judgment In tin mat
ter" The movement take (he emperor
nnd ompree dowager about 300 tulles
further away from t'ekin, though or
ord!ng to tho statements contened In
the raeesago by reason of direct tele
irrapble communication with Bnanthal
the coHrt will be neurrr for pur pus a of
negotiation with the oui'irio world
than It wua ut Tal Yuen. MlnNter Wu
)'S been In formed alao that VUeroy Yu
.f the province just vaeated by the
lourt hia Ixeti impeaehod berauao of
liia antl fo.elg't tendencies, which U the 1
Ural it -p t'waid hla dgruflt on,
At (lfen anil llnwler Vtalt tho Itcputw
llisn OlmlriiMii.
CMg( Oat. 9 n. II. IU QrMn of
rgwai onllwl utmn Koimtor HaHMt il ur
ea . -'fin in ewwpany witb
fsfmer ar. Ufcs ot Texni. The t
. -w- ,w... .M.muii governor
anaiJ ofwlarabla com Meat hilt It ta
udtniUol Uiat llagg vial ted ffettnt'ir
llaium to urge that Mr. Orion hart the
attribution ot federal patroaaRe In
Teaafl. CMgrwMmfln llnwley nnd Mr.
Or are lead an of Republican (m
Uena In Texita and the tight betwvtm
tkain mn bean wurw. It Beiwtoi linn
no Rave it deotalou It wa net tnfttlo
known. He reeelved the DawtMratlc
leUr wlUt ottrdlaltly and then Mr.
Ilsftg went lUToaa the atreet and had
a talk with Soitator John ut the Dam
ocrntlc Mumtllteo,
When Mr. Hunt: wna nakwl the pur
poaa of hla vmIL ta th llettubttoHn
camp he aald:
"Oh, 1 htat wanted te bring up a taw
of my frienda anil ekflw lhatn that
Mark ItflHM did not wear dollar alewi
on hla tmtwera."
There la touch talk nf a dMil be
twatw Dtwocrau and ItatmbllMHa, but
noUilM ot a tangible Mature could b
Mmili Urntlt-r.
Alrln, Tex.. Ot. I. The relief com
mittee la baring a eettaua taken anil
from rreeent eomptitatlona there aro
ovir OtfO famllle. and one-half of theoa
UtmlU are prurtloally homeleaa. One
fourth hare partly bahlUbUi honaea,
(.tid IIk other fourth are in fairly com-
fortnble quartern. A number of ganga
of ' uifO' rt are at work rebuilding
and r pairing, but It I nlitiont like art
tllug a new country wlih nvrythlng
to biilM. The magnitude nf the de
KltucUon la ao great that ern now,
nf t -i one month ban paaned and num
bra of raipentera hare worked not
i yen t ntlng Hundnyn, It seeraa but Ut
ile apparently haa boeu arrompllhel.
ljik over the country In any direction
uimI wncked hoiwen. broken number
mid llmbliaa tree trunka are erery
Were Made Before the Democratic
Club Convention
tlr. Dryia Wit
Otatlta aad
Wat One
of Koober
of Noted Spttktrt,
A Ten-ronod Chunk mt If Thrown
the Ilaekcljo KrtiBluf.
Indlnnnpolla, ind., Oct. 6. Tho Tora
uoon aenelon Thursday ot tho Nutlonal
oaolRtlon ot Dumoerntle olubs wna
not ualled to order until 10:30 o'oloek.
Uov. MeMlllan of TeunoMeo prodded.
The report ot the oonttnlttno on pertnu
nont orRunlaatlnu won lulinilttwl to the
oonrouttun, rocGiniiionUIng that the
following ollleera be elected:
W. It. I learnt prealdent. Max It. Htm
tan ftcorslary Marctia Daly traaaurur.
It waa alao recflHiinitded by the
committee that tho oxeeutlvo oom
mlttco of the iieeoelatluu which now
caustita ot aereutoou membara, bo lu
eronaed to forty-fire membora a mem
ber from OHuh atnto.
The eonvanttou took up tlio rapnrt
ot the eommltteo (in permanent ornnl
aztlon na soon as tho elou bosmii
and an animated dleetieelnn followed
the nwamniwtidMttona of the committee
to lueroaie the memlierphlp ot tho ux
toutlve committee, it waa utmnlmuualy
detdod not to Increaae tho member
ship. fler. lleMllllii ot Tenneeeeo In taklug
the chair made nn addreea In wuleh he
roquoated delegate to urgnnlM Dem
ocraUc olubs and auloglaod Dryan,
aarlng that JeftereoH, Jackawn and
Clareland had all beta defeated, but
later triumphantly elected, and that
whan the Idea of November some
hletory will repat Itself ami Mm. J.
Bryan will be declared the noxt prea
Went of the UnlKd stUtea.
Uwla 0. Sureneon at IlloomiitRtnn,
III., western repreei nUtlre of the Na
Chloago, III., Oct. B. Senator Hanna
waa the target for a ton-pound chunk
ot lee Thursday night nt the Thirty
first ward Itnpubllenn meeting, Sixty
fifth and IIulBtead streets. Tho mts
silo wna dropped through an nperturo
In. the tont directly ovor tho spcakor's
tnnd. It did not mlM Mr. Hnnnn'n
head over two InchM, and had It
atnick him would havo knocked him
down nnd probably fractured hla akult.
The police who Btirroundcd tho speak
er's stand wore astounded for n mo
ment, nnd thon tnndo n rush for tho
street Bmintor Hannn retained his
aetupofttirti and seated himself, while
Congressman Mann went on with the
Tho police could Kil no I nice of the
parson who threw the lea. Thoy wild
It wits probably the work of so mo boy
Senator llnnna left the tont oaeorlcd
by n double row ot police.
As ho wiled awny In his cnn-lnge
there were rrls of "How would you
like to bo the loa man, Mark?"
I'riiiiit Artlnn.
RbatHOkln, Ph.. Oct, I.- An nttompt
was made by MM strlkars to oloae tho
Knrth Krnnklln mlnos nt Trovorton
Tliuraday. and troublo wm only nrort
ed by the prompt nation of unicorn of
the miners' union, who Induced tho
men to dlaperse.
Th I'hlladelphln and ItosdlnK Corn
and Iron conijiaiiy had rushed n spe
cial train consisting of II vo onrloads
of dsptttlM, from Heliuylklll county to
the scene. (Jen. (lobln at Hheiminloah
had alao been told to hold Hhnself In
readlneM to send troopa to Trevarton
In ease a tight occurred, and the she rift
could call for militia aid. Rome time
Inter oRlellaa of the Korth franklin an
nounced that to prevent trouble the onl
llery would not be operntext until the
strike waa settled.
ncpunutoAN campaign cof-
fiiiraente Nairn lining Unfit in "(lontlnrt'.
Dnulillnt Viilrr llunr They Aro MAp-ITturliril"-
Tulil In tMttr Hint ont
from ltritqniirtr-
I I aMMUllM f fiBMilinmllA MtlltkM
h re. Thoso who nre able are robulld- ' T Tu.
anu son oi a. re. bwtooimii, wm i
Ing as rupldly aa men rati be employed
to do the work, but the larger number
,are unnble to do anything and are
awaiting the distribution ot the contri
butions abould vnough mitlerinllae to
aid them materially, otherwise they
will bare to Inure their homos and seek
employment dally'. The nans nil hoalth
la good and everybody at work plant
ing gurdens and rebuilding homes.
Nut KM tied,
Indlanapoll. Ind., Oct 9. W. T).
Wilson, setretary-treaaursr ot the
Unite! Mine Workers of Amoriott, Is
sued a statement in which he says lu
"All of the ion! opreators harlug
now conceded an advance in wages, it
I ... . I LI..M- I Via I III IllltlUMI
It Is said there are no boxera In the iru.n.Hi., "--
newlr chosen territory As the dls-, of tha anthracite region hare achler.nl
irt?iw, prior to that time. It will , miner. ..cpt the pmpo. Uon of
aiowTod t. dim,., -rerland most of "PTSlor. and return to work. 'I he IW-
a short stretch of rlrer w
aTierances complained of by the inlu-
twxt apaahor.
Augustus Thouias. the playwright of
New York, made un addraw, after
which tho committee on rosotiitlnna
suhmlttod 1U reirt Tho resolutions
oommend the Kansas City platform,
declaring a Democratic club should lit
argnulxod In orery precinct lu the na
tion; appeal to every Democrat In the
country to pledge himself to win oue
.'nek I'miiiij I'nlr.
Jaekaboro, Tex.. Oct S. Jaek coun
ty's twelfth annual fair haa swung Its
sates alar, and n good-siMd crowd tor
the opening day attended. The weather
Is fine.
The Chlengo, Itock Island nnd Toxas
railroad has made n rsto of ono fare
plua 10 per cant milled from nil points
aoutli of I'ort Worth nnd to the Okla
homa linn north, nnd ninny visitors
onthd In from rovoral points on tho
rn I fro nil,
' Tlfo now exhibit hull Is n thing ot
beaut), nnd la linndaomoly decorated
vote for the warty : declaring Uiat tho . of oxhlblta. Tho fruit nnd
voRswiiie uepartmeni is complete. The
livestock department. Is a most credit
able one. The display of Ilerofords,
u!t.ek and red Polls, Durhams, Hoi
steins and Jerseys Is especially good.
the way with
Rltigaa waa formerly the place ot
Imperial residence and the ancloot pal
sees are. Mill there. The only disquiet
ing fee turn ot the move comes from
Japan ess advice stating that the new
jKHnt of location Is strongly fortified
which is some Indication that the Itn-
Utrlal family Is still 1m ta
.bi roMr defastM. hut Uis
friendly rhcros and Minister Wu do
not share in this rlew. The mlnlotar
eonaMers the .ullon of rranlshmenU
practically dlapoed of by the edict of
the emperor and the Herman Amcrl
ctM notes exchanged last week. The
only dlaHrulty 'M apprehnda In In ense
the foreign ministers seek to designate
certain porsons who shrill be p riUbed
In sddltlon to those wrl h itie govern
raeht Itself mark lor punHhme t Buek
a cooree by the mtnltr. h wis.
mowU be hard t. comply with, but he
looks to be sagacity of I I llungi'hank
ami lrlneo Chang to overcome any
MHh CtflkHtty.
Hutu HMntl
Mw York. Oct t. -rtr of the
AMMrteam missionaries who were In
Ottli daring the boser outbreak re
turns hone o athe steamer City of
Hewn. Thoy sot aped to the Russian
trawttor and suds talr hoasewaN
Jonraoy via Kmraoe. They are Rr. J.
II. Hakoru. Rev nod Mrs. W. Irague.
Iter, aad Mrs Mary iwiltaos and
Mar. lit Virginia l alnrdiik. all msm
lm of tho Asserleaa MlMfcawrr Ai
lkiMe. UartNX toe Jowrawy six died.
m barn not been nonsklored In tho
proposition of the operatera nnd the
sdvsam i,n wages la so oompllented
with the reduction In the pries ot pow
der that msny of the miners do not
underatand It"
tm tilth.
AusllH. Tex.. Oct 9. Tlio govarnor,
ei reury of state, treaatuor ami eon
trailer, romprlslnr; a lHrd of award,
opened the blda submlUod for the sna
il ruction of the tplleotk aayluw build
Ings at Abilene. Tho uMs ware reject
ed, aa waa the action a short time ago.
when blda were first Mbmlttsd.
The bids opened wore In response
to s ond advMi-tUement, but the ttg
nr. . were again loo high. It wna da
cM-d not to readvcrtlse for bWs. bat
H i'imtt the matter to the legislature,
which meets in January.
Dare gulllvaa outooiated Oesnr Qar
dree la r foutioen-rouad boat ai l0ls
rille. Ky.
AlHHlh nnatls
aalrsOUM. Tax.. Get -n rswaatw
to a rsaaost that tho watte tsaastor
of the paotts schools of two city most
blm In aaalsteaee. IHy-oa toaraors
mat Mr. Jk W. Uoak an. soperiat!.
ent ( the seheota, at bis oalee. Aa a
resalt every teaoaer present Big! a
stmtMoeat sddYsasid to the school
IttMllaic Veeli,
Oalraatoa, Tax. Oct. -Word waa
received that the British ateamahip
llllaHua. which went sgrooad a month
aga oh laliean lelaad. had hoe float
ei, sad that a pilot waa wanton.
Moore A liebert at Texaa City kare
taaoa tho eon tract to goat Hit Koaaal
OastU at Teaaa Oily far lat.eot, "Ko
ears, ao pay."
A coo tract ta teal toe Taaatea U
about to aa closed Raa to at Oaaar
ratat Utlrty miles ap taa bay.
e1denee that great corporations ur
endeavoring to control the votes of
their employes Is too plain to be ds
nlod; condemn the preaeut admlnistnu
tlon for Its "flagrant failura to enforce
tho federal anti-trust statute; de
nounce the administration for "perinlt-
tluc the republics lu Booth Africa
to bo destroyed, without one word of
sympathy;" condemn failure to vigor
otialy prosecute lbs men coHeeted wlUi
the Cuban postal frauds; urge that all
American Institutions ato In ditiiRor;
proslalm "sympathy with the ooal
ralnsrs of Psnnsylvsnla In their stand
against the anthracite coal trust and
hops thoy msy secure such speedy sot
tlement as wti afford them bettor
wages;" nsssrt tho election oi MelCln
ley would mean the jwrpetuutlon of
wnr Uxes. enUngllng alUsncea with
the monarchic of t&uropo and colonial
exploitation In remote parts ot the
world, compelling an lucreaso ot the
patloiml debt nnd enforced military
lervlce, and dselaro tho eloeUan or Mr
llryan will mean tho solvation of tits
The resolutions war unanimously
Hon. George I). MoClsllan ot Now
vorb fatiaweit with an addraas da-
nounalnK Imperialism.
llrlef sddrs war msue by Mrs.
Hva MeDoaaid Valllab ot Washington.
D. Q.. aad Mrs. Maria IS. V.jr oi
Chiaafio. president of tho Kattohal
Woman's Bryan league. Hon. M. U
mVwooA of Prnnsrlraala National
Anti-Trust league, also spoke.
Messrs. mereaaon aad Ilrjran spko In
the aftort o. J. K. iorereiga of too
KntchU ot Ubor also spoko. likewise
Bishop Turner, aalaatar to Mboria un
der flraat.
As Illsbof Turner eoacladed Mr
irv.n amMared upon the platform.
There was a wild about of greeting and
this aooa devloped Into a dewuHSua
ttiw which eontlnusd for about si
minutes. Indeed, there was a call lor
seMotlan from Mr. llryan himself
At the Blaht aad final session Dourko
Cookran delivered an address.
Otillsreti' I'rlnodi
Mi Paw. Tax . Oct I. Aoabet ftotlUi.
tl yaars otd. nasi tetbor at J. A. Smith,
(onaaer at the Ml Paaa lieraW. waa
killed hem by the klok at a horse.
DeoaOH, oh iuoaat of bis marked
fHeaaahlp for lbs lavaHas aad shll
draa f W Paao, waa aewiooaly kaosru
aa rjraaaps. Ilandreds of ablMraa tal
board agreeing to donate one month's lowed the remains or mair ineaa to its
aerrleo tree ot .barge after the board , last eating Pee.
had run tho schools as far as tho fl- Deeeased wss a member of tho Oread
wtaeeo would permit I Armr of tho Republic,
Ubanon. Ind.. Ost I.-W. J. Dryan
special train was run oat here Tbtirs.
day night sfter ho bad oeneludod hS
saeoah before the National Association
of Iooratlc Olubs at Indmnapolls,
He made a speech here in the eour
house park, and was listened to by on,
of tho largest audlsnees whloh have
greeted him on his tour.
Mr. Brysn spoke here tor an hour
and a half, the longest speech ho bao
toad daring tho oampalca-
Tlehet Nmnril.
Itoston, Msss . Oct. 6.- The Repub
llenns of Massachusetts hold their
Htftte convention herb Thiusday. A
full state ticket two presidential elect-ors-st-large
and nti elector from noli
congressional district wore named,
nnd inombers of the statu committed
were named.
Tho rHirt of tho committee on reso
lutions was adopted tinnnlmotinly. The
report nfllrms allcglnsie to tho llepub
lltmn platform and Indorso tho present
The convention named stato omecrs
as follows: For governor. Wlnthroo
Murrny Crane; lieutenant governor,
John 1. Tlales; secretary of state, Wm.
O. Olln; stitto trwtsiirer. Hdward fl.
liradfurd: nttorney gentral, Hosen M.
The Iiimbx.
I'ort Worth. Tex.. Oct B.-County
Jtulge Harris aald that the damnge
from the recent overflow to the coun
ty's bridges and roads would prdbably
oxeeod W.0O6. He stated that the
eommlsaloners' court had contemplated
making extenwvo nnd anltstantla"! Im
lirorements on the county's reads this
year, but tfala work, ho said, would
have to be abandoned until the repalra
are mads. It waa Intended, also, h
said, that the county would build rase
adamlred roads from the main thor
oughfares leading to the eity up to the
oorporatlon line, but this Improvement
would have to tome later on.
tlHiert At tout.
I.smlan. Oet r. A apoclat dlipaUh
from IbAHgal. nnAtr data of Wednes
day, Oct. 8. says the Oblnese report
that 300 boxers attacked two twttal
Ions of nermann at ICnu Km Men, near
Pehln. Te boxers, it is added, lest 400
men and the Germans five. The latter
aren wosald to he burning the boxers'
villages around Pakin.
0rulil ttiittnni.
Ill Paso, Tux., Oct 8-Tho first HI
Paso midwinter earnlval button wua
told fit auitlon Ih the public plata
y night to A. P. Galea tor f teo.
' a wont to J. A. Ora-
4b a tno intru to narry
Oharr is. Tho young men of
the town who organlted the midwinter
oatjlvnl movement propose to sell
J6(K earnlval buttons at fl sash, and
aa a starter the aeuUoa of Tbursdsy
was bold.
Headquarters Democratic National
Committee. Ohlsttgo letter Fitly
million dollars Is tho prise placed upon
the honor ot tho American opla by
tha Republican campaign managers,
ft thst Is the amount ot the cam
paign fund that thoy propose to raise.
Tho question Is frequently asked, re
gnrdlng that same aumimign fund,
"What are they going to do with It?"
and It hns been frequently observed
that no surh amount could be honest
ly expended In any campaign. Tha ob
servation has, however, heretofore
lucked absolute confirmation. Repttb
llcsn plana have been well covered.
Tho manner In which the fifty million
was to Ira expended has tieeh careful
ly concealed, but "murder will out"
Tho fifty million Is to- bo used ns n
corruption fund. The following letter
has been sent out from Republican
headquarters to .thousands ot doubt
ful voters over the Unltml Stales. Ths
teller Is nothing more nor loss thsn n
proposition to buy votes and to pny
for political work. It roods us fol
lows: "Mr. : Your name hns lieeti
rilven to mo as ono who Is not fully
decided as to the pollllenl Munition us
It stands today. It It Is agreeable to
you, we would be pleased to hare
some of our best posted speakers, who
aro now lu your part at the state, call
on you and eon vet se with you on tho
leading political questions, and we feel
sure that they will be able to convince
you that the pint form as presented by
the Republican party In thla campaign
Is ths beat for the nation aa n whole,
of any that was ever placed before the
American people for their considera
tion. "We aro alao Informed that you have
considerable Influence In your com
munity, and that your velws will lis
coincided with by not few of the
raters that you can come In contact
"Now, If after an Interview with
any of the apeakera above mentioned,
you should desire to take nu netlve
part in the proaent nflmpalgu, WK
1'oit your anitviotcs whim, so
"Trusting that wp may he favored
with your personal help lu tho present
campaign, awaiting your further com
mands, we are, yours respctfulty. He
lm 1)1 Haiti Oompalgb Committee. Dic
tated by "11."
No, one run read the nhnvn letter
without reullxiug Unit It i direct nt
tompt at bribery. The Rupubllean
party In lis desperation Is trying to
enlist hundreds of thuiisaVlIf of doubt
.fill vuters In the cause of McKlnley
not. however, by preaching the vlrtuea
of tbulr candidate, not by extolling
the Hrengtli nf their platform, not
oven by (mlntittglwith "pride" to the
recor.1 of thelRepgrty, and "viewing
With alarm" tajaC logdencles of the
Democratic parlbut by simply mak
ing the colil-lilooUtil. almiMt business
llko proposition of: "You vote and
work for us." and we will pay you so
much a day for your tlu.e nnil so witch
fur your vole. Tho Aniorleau peiplo
would do well to consider this matter
The National llxocutlro committee
of the Autl-TriiBt league haa endorsed
the cnndlilaey of Wlltlam J. llryan for
prealdent and Stevenson far vice-pres
ident The aetion was expo. tod. Al
though nu nltempt was made by the
canine politicians of the Republics!!
party to prevent, or at least delay.
such action. The Antl-Trtut league,
however, realized thnt they could not
be true to tho principles to which thoy
profess to give their nlleglanie and
remain Inactive, or at least, non-partisan.
In the present campaign. If
they were against the trusts, It waa
only A matter ot viewing the situation
logically to find that thoy wero also
against McKlnley
The league isaues nn address to ths
American people, In whleh It nays:
v "It is deplorably evident that the
entire course of William McKlnley ss
president of the United gists prorss
bint to be distinctly hostile to each
u ml sll ot the principles and declsrn
lions ot the pis (form of the American
Anti-Trust league.
"it Is notorious that m slogs t
eouaoelor aad ataaaaer is- Beaator
Marcus A. Hagna, Lse promoter of
many and the raaogaltad rwllticsl
agent and rmoseataUre of all ths
great trusts And Monopolies of the na
tion. "The members ot His cabinet are the
Inst rum shU of the trwete. Hla secre
tary ot slate Is the special champion
and friend ot flritlab Tory Interests.
Hla secretary of tbe treasury to the
tubservlent too) of ths great banks and
the money monopoly of the world.
"The platform upon which he stands
Is totally nerveless In Us nntl-trutt
provision, and wholly void of effse
tlreness aa to remedies suggested
"Contrasting the presidential nomi
nee of ths other greet political party
with William McKlnley ws are con
vlnaed that William Jeaainga nryan
Is the uneompromlsing foe ot private
monopoly. Ills courage Is recognised
as being unsurpassed, and we believe
that his resolve to liberate tbe Ameri
can people from ths enrse tt monopo
lies cannot be shaken.
"In view of these faets ths Ameri-
csn Anti-Trust Issgue doss hereby In
dorse the candidacy of William Jen
nings llryan for president and Adi It.)
Btovermm . for vIcopreldent and..,
pledge them tho loyal and aetlre sup
port of tho members ot the league.
Hamuet M. Jones, tho Golden Rule
Mayer of Toledo, Ohio, who as nn In-,
dependent candidate for Governor or
Ohio In 1899 received 10H.721 votes' has.
eomo out (or llryan nnd Stevenson In
nn open letter a letter whloh fills the
hearts of Ropublioan mnnngors .with
dismay, and whloh mentis the loss ot '
MeKlntey's own stato to tho Republic
an party In November.
A life-long Republican, Mr. Jones
hns served sovornl terms as mayor ot
Toledo, having been elected and re.
elected despite the opposition of ma
chine politicians, his platform consist
ing simply ot tho Golden Rule.'
1.sit yenr Mnyor Jones ran for gov
ernor on hla chosen platform nnd such
was his hold an tho laboring men, thn
rotorm element In Ohio, that ho polled
the phenomenal number of 106,721
voles phenomenal tor nn Independ
ent candidate. He carried his own
county, tunas, by n plurality of 13fi
over Nnsh, tho Republican nominee
for governor, nnd carried Hanna's
county, Cuyiiliogn, by a plurality ot
14.63J over the Itepubllean candidate.
In 180(1 Cuyahoga county. Including
the city of Clovolnnd, gnvo n majority
of 6,461 for MclClnloy while Lucas
county, Including the lty ot Tolodo.
gave the Republican candidate 2.2DD
majority. It Is conceded by reepubll
onus and uomoernte alike that Mayor
Jones' notion will result In n pollllenl
revolution In the Iluoltoyc stato. Ths
republican campaign managers nro
panle-strlokon nnd nro wondorlng
where the llrynn lightning will strlko
lion. Isadora Rayner, former attor
ney general ot Maryland, lias nn
nounced thst he Intends to work for
and vote for Mr. llryan. It Is a wall
known fact that four yean ago Mr.
Rarner opposed the election of Mr.
llrynn. In tart, he made a largo num
ber of able speeches for Palmer and
Ilurkner. Mr. Rayner said:
"Itrery Intelligent man will do his
own thinking and voting, lleyond any
question of party loyalty my convic
tions lead me straight In one direction.
I am unalterably opposed lo the ruin
ous policy ot the Republican party. I
am opp uad to standing nrmloe, to
wars of conquest and of subjugation,
to benevolent assimilation with thn
Are and sword, to limiting pollllenl and
religious converts at the mouth ot tho
cannon, lo the slaughter at an Inno
cent people to the Involuntary servi
tude ut rnccs struggling to ho free,
and to scuttling nnd wracking tho con
stitution for te purpuse of ueeom
plishliiK these j.
"Whenever the flag of tho Union be
comes an emblem of tyranny I urn In
favor ot taking It down. In tones that
revsrheratsd through tho hemispheres
we entered our rebellious protest
against tho some Infamous policy thnt
we are now practicing upon n lielpletw
race, who, by every law of nature, Is
entitled to ths liberty that Owl hss
given It. 1 am Irrevocably opposed to
the ncqu'.slUnu of colonial dependen
cies thoussuds of miles away from
homo, to tho flooding of this country
with alien tribes who will eventually
pauperise American labor, and to
any nlllsnee whatever with Great
Ilrltal , aocret or open. In hsr march
ot plunder n round the world.
"It senilis to mo that wo huvu lost
our moorings, that our compass Is
gone, and that the ship of state Is lu
the hands of n crew who nro driving
her against the rocks. 1 cannot com
prebend how any patriot and student
of American history, who understands
tho Institutions ot hts country and
has toad Its charter, tan becomo it
follower of hiicIi nn unholy oause.
Sinco the rloio of the Spanish war I
hnvo followed the administration In
lis tortuous patltB, and St h not taken
a single step that Is not In violation
of Its solemn promises und at ttttor
war with tho principles upon whloh
tbls government rests.
"Mr. llryan has HiiHouiieed that If
be Is elected president ho will convene
congress In extraordinary aeeslon and
recommend the establishment of a sta
ble form of government In the Philip
pine Islands, then ths withdrawal of
tbe army and Independsnee for tho
Pllipluos. This haa n clarion ring
about It and It I were a member of
congress I would like to hare about SO
minutes on ths floor upon this reso
lution. Mr. McKlnley or rstber Mr.
Hanna has announced that If io la
sleeted he will give ta tbe Islands Just
ss much liberty aa Is commensurate
with their welfare.
"The first aentlmeet Is strung In a
high a key as sny ntterenee of Jeffer
son or Lincoln or Cleveland. The sec
ond rentlment to precisely the same til
llmaUm that the IliiUah tyrant flung
In the face at tbe American revelation
1st, and aa a newer to whleh he re
ceived open tho battloflolns ot Trenton
aad of iaratoga."
(irwit OikI for Utile front.
UUoa Observer: The Philippines
have cost us, up te July 1, 1180,000,.
000 In money aid 2,400 men killed.
Oar exports for a year amounted to
SS.6es.e00. Aaaomlug that 20 per eent
profit waa made un Joe goods sold la
tbe Philippines, the profit would be
faM.QM. u easts about fl00.Q9M.MO
a year to keep the Philippines "ours"
In President MoKln'ey's understand
ing of tbe term. It costs us ths serv
ice ot CO 000 men. It easts us, besides,
tbe saerllUe at hundreds at lives. Our
profits aro halt a mll'lon dollars a
year. Where Is ths profit In tho speculation

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