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ttvcnv issue.
The Maintenance of the I'rcinnt Until
RlnntUnl n fwnvy lltlrdcn for tlm
1'r.iple lo llunr A (.'tear HtnUnieiit of
Ing n onreer ilBptrallcled In the annals
or time"
William J. lli-jnti, In til letter ac
cepting the nomination for tiroeldcnt
by the Khiiimr City convention, one
moro proves hi iirufouuil nmsiery of
tmblle Imhios, nuil lilt wonderful skill
1 tlltimlftatfntt. with a few word, a
debated itiiMtloii. His tiilemnose nre
ns direct aa rile bullets, mid In evary
paragraph, we en dud mi aphorism.
In his speech of ac?eptance l In
dlatmpolls he confined himself almost
wholly to the subject of Imperialism,
whereupon nro the cry from Hepub
Ilenn leaders mid organs Hint Its wot.
dodging all tho other plntrorin Issues,
and pnillcularly the silver one. They
liiiow better, for If there le one thing
more tlinn another the American peo
ple admire llrynn for, It la directness
and tho courage to "speak the thing
hi will." No other man with lilt re
epontilbllltlos, In our public life today,
la pollttcHlly mi hrsvo ami honest tie
he. Mentally and morally he le en
framed that he cannot hesitate or
dodge or fawn, and It la the general
noltnowlodgment or theee character!
tloa that make hi character puhllo and
private, unassailable, and Riven lilm
In popular eatlmatlon the attribute or
a hero. How different, although In
high atatlon, doea his compettlor In
tho nntlonnl race look to the public
eye. Versatile only In ehaniie, and
content only to Ignoring "plain duty."
MeKlnley, politically, la n cipher and
regarded by the masse aa simply n
proxy for Mark I lamia a creature
ever ready, at the dlctatji of the
tracts "to crook the pregdnnt hinges ,
i)i me anee mat tin in. m.ty follow
liryaii'a letter la a public paper
worthy to be brackets with hla In
dianapolis speech. It overlooks no
topic that thoughtful voters are talk
In about, mid the Republican high
binders who complained that he was
dodging tho silver, Income tax, ami
other vltnl iMtioa, are now thomeelvoa
dodging the sotnr plexus blown hla nc
coptnnco loltor deala out. Unnble to
answer hla logic mid trenchant argu
monta and battered by hla proofe of
their duplicity mid rascality they nro
now saying ho covin ml too much
ground, nnd that he ought to hnvo con
fined hlmsilf to whnt they hypocritical
ly propound ns tho paramount lnauo
that of allvor. Hut oven on Hint point,
ho hoe asld inuoh more thin thoy reilah
or can refute. Ho exposes tho double
dealing or tho Hepubllenu party In
llnmiolnl matters, and shows tlutt while
thojr'unvp oomplred to osUbllsh n gold
atandilrd, they were too eowurdly to
declare their purpnM until they felt
that they had the jteople at their
mercy, nnd could safely pursue n
policy of robbery at homo m Conner.
tlou with the Rlamour of cxpnnalun i
and military glory abroad. Mr. Hrjnn 1
shows that ti.e currency system now
upheld by the Republican party In- ;
vi. Ives a permanent and Iiici easing
debt, and adds "It Is bartlly loiuelv- i
able that the Amnrliaii people will He- ,
llheratelv turn from the debt iiAvin
policy, to the daugoious doctrine, of
porpetual bonda,"
or truata he pithily says that "a pri
vate monopoly has always been an out
law. No defense can be made of nu
Industrial system In which une. or n
few men, can control for their own
profit the output or price or any arti
cle or merchandise."
He Is oquslly explicit and pointed In
Ills treatment of government by in
junction, In iltuiincUtlon of employes'
blacklists; n a demand for arbitration
aa n prevention of strikes, ami the
establishment nf a government depart
ment or laltor. with u cabinet officer
at lta head; In Insisting that (tension
laws should lie construed according to
the generous spirit which prompted
their passage; In favoring the Imme
diate construction, ownership and con
trol ot the Nicaragua caual by the
United itates. and asserting the right
to cloae It against any hostile power,
for to ratify the Ilay-I'auiuefi.t treaty
would be to lessen lis commercial
value and convert It Into a posltl
matiaee lii time of war. The entlie
letter la aa meaty aa a nut. and worthy
of bis reputation aa a fearless and
acute political thinker. Here are a
few sentences from It:
"The weak and qualified condemna
tion of truata lo be found lu the Re
publican platform Is designed to dis
tract attention while industrial tits
pottsm Is completing Its work "
"It Is a significant fact that the Ite
imullcnn party ahould accept the Bo
rpH Men of a protectorate, at the
tlffli It adopts a Kuropn colon bil
"The principle of direct legislation
rwte upon tbe sound theory that the
people can be trusted and that the
inure responsive the government Is to
the will af the people, tbe more free
It will It tram mis-use and abuse."
"The abolition of government by la
Junction la aa necessary for the pro
(Milan ot the reputation ot the court
as It li for the seeurlty of the rltlseu."
"In the hour ot dancer the govern
ment aan draft the cltlwit; It ought to
lj5 able to draft tin p eketbook as wall.
VnIbm money It more precious than
blood, we cannot afford to give greaUr
tirfltaatlon to the iHeoniss ot the rich
than to the Uvea ol the poor."
"U la easier to lose a reputation Hun
to establish one, and tills nation would
find it a long and laborious task to ro
gln Its proud position among the Ha
lloas If, under the atrass ot tempta
tion, It should repudiate the self-.
dent truths proclaimed by our heroic
ancestors and saoredly treasured dur-
(liy David Utarr Jordan. t'realdeBt of
BtaHdfonl Vnlrcrslty.)
There are four enemies that hare
atnod In the path of man. Thaas are
aiiatocraey, militarism, slavery, and
Imncrlallsttt. There am various other
enemies, but those are tbe four nreh
ormmIm In the pfltillsal tense. They
all spring out or tb. I dm that man be
longs not to himself, 1ml that ho be
longs, iHxIy and soul, to somebody or
something else which owns him. These
four enemies In n dangerous garb con
front the United States today,
"Rehlller says that the tyrant reach
hands to each other--that thoy roach
to eaeh other the bands. Thoy stand
together now. Theke four stand to
gether now. Wherever there Is one,
the other Is. Aristocracy, starery, mil
itarism and itMpertallam. Tbty rsaah
other's bands.
They all have their fair, attractive
aide. They are defended sometimes at
the fireside. Slavery was discussed
ami defended from ninny a pulpit In
Mew Knglantl.
Aristocracy has lis fair side.
The foundation or a quality Is aris
tocracy; the foundation of our liberty
la rebellion against It -the very thing
we came here for.
There Is a fair side of slavery and n
fair side of militarism. How clean the
streets can be kept under military dis
cipline and how free from nnlael llow
oaslly people enii he sent to bed at
dark If It be desired.
There la a fair stds of Imperialism.
You will find In many places that nlno
tenths ot the people believe It Is u
good thing for the world. May be It
la, but when we come to resd history
from the one side to the other we will
nnd thsl the Ilrltlsh people have been
debauched by tholr course In. India and
that the Hindoos have been cursed.
You will rind that the Mngllah people
have been turned from Mug a atrong,
rreedom-lnvlng people. You will And
also that the heart's blood haa gone
out or Ureal lirlUlu as It lias gone out
or all countries which have engaged
In constant wars.
We know how Napoleon depopulated
I'rnnce by hla wars. We know or tho
murders or the nobility, the murders
or tho peasantry and the rosult In
Frauco today. In 1080, whon the Phil
ippine iuestlnn wns ft burning one In
Bpalti, a I'uoiite, mi AugiiRtlnlnn
friar, expneod hla opinion ot the
wholo thing whan hn said:
"Against the gain of rwlcomod souls
I plaro the cost In lims of armlos and
or eoldlnt-H and frliim sent to tho Phil
ippine, ami those I count the chief
loss, that wblln mines give allver and
foroata give lumber, only Spain glvoa
Spaniards, and 'she shall give so ninny
of them that some day the shall bo
left childless, arid forced to bring up
strangers; children bjtstead, ot her
The heresy or Imporlaltam la tho
most ilsngerbus that haa arisen since
the heresy or secession, ami It must
lie fought as vigorously as the heresy
or ocpnmIoii. If we admit aa lt liens
any number of millions or people thst
are not ready for liberty. If we admit
them with all the degradation which
they imut bring Into our politics, we
must Like the consequence.
It Is better thst we should lie just
snd faithful to our own principles and
to the principles of tlod and that we
ahould In our laws he no respecters ot
pet sons, because If In our laws we are
respecters of persons we must go the
way or empire, as all empire has gone.
The best way In which the growth of
any man or nation has ever been pro
moted has lieen through self-government
democratically looking after Its
own a traits We do not expect that
self-government will always ha. good
government. Men laarn not by their
successes, but by, mistakes. It Is Ab
solutely Impofalhle for any republic to
conduct any affairs well except Its
The Itepubllcsn campaign has be
come a negative proposition. The can
didates and leaders hav become stolid
agnusttrs. Tbe rank and Hie la hiding
behind brea-jtorlu of shifting saud.
Mr. lianna ssys:
"There are no trusts,"
Mr, MeKlnley aaya:
"There U no such thing as Imperial
ism." Mr. Itoosevelt ssys:
"I am not afraid of militarism, be
cause there Isn't any militarism."
Mr. (Inge says:
' There Isn't sny gold standsrd,
therefore It must not be attacked."
Choi us nf Hepubllcan spellbinders:
They Hit I'mlMl To Mni,
Baltimore Htm: - "There is no Im
perialism," decisrea President MeKln
ley In bis Ibttar of aeeeptaace. From
president down to Iks humblest spell
binder and organ grinder the republi
cans are kept busy protesting that an
evil which dosa agist la a imlpabls
form really has mo exlstenos, Their
denials are based upon the aasumptlou
th the American people are so dull
witted that tbsy are unable to under
stand the difference between Hepubll
ran government and tv kind ot gov
ern meat which baa beer. MUbllshwl
In lorto Itloo and which Is rf.tlmataly
to be forced wpo lbs PlllplHos.
I'ulllntr llmrn vUtg,
Kansas City Times: What does Mr.
MeKlnley mean by pulling down tho
nag In PsblnT It was thought that
ttag turllBR. except In tsrrilory belong
ing to the United Bute that Kngland
wants, was treason, according to the
rules laid down by the Ilannaltea.
Miners Accept the Advance of
of Ten Per Cent
rending the Settlement of (he Matter In
Ccntroverty the Mea Refrain from
Mining Operation. '
Sornnton, Pa.. Oet, 18. Mr. Mlleh
ell, In an Intarvlew on the outeome
of tho convention, said:
Tho action at Un delegates In no
coptltig an ailvanee of 10 per cant,
providing thoy receive nasnraneas the
advance will continue In force until
April 1 of next year, demonstrate
that Iho miners are conetderate of the
public Interest Involved and nre dla
posed to he conciliatory; and yet Ilia
mlno owners refiiMe to Join handa
wllh tho miners In bringing tbe alrlke
to n close The responsibility for the
Buffering that will entnll on the poor
In tho largo citHtern cities will rset
entirely with tho operntoia. Tho op
eratora Imvo now nn opportunity to
provo that tho proposition offered by
them wan rrinde In good faith. If they
nro willing to pay 10 per cent advance
thoy certainly ought to continue to
pay It for six mouths. Tho mine
workers will all remain on strtka un
til they are officially notified Uy the
oltlcera ot the union that the strike
In declared at an and. Titer will be
no exception to this line.
"I cannot understand any good rea
son why the operators should not ac
cept the oondlllons named In the
minora' roeoltitiona. Of course, we
hop that there will he a speedy ter
mination ot tills contest, and I bo
lleve that In tho future the operator
will bo disposed to tront with moro
consideration their omployes than
thoy hnvo In tho past.
"I nm eutlroly wtlffl&d wllh the ac
tion takon by tho miners. They did
not decide tho question with n view
ot plonslnR mo, but thoy took tho stop
becauso It satisfied thorn. It was In
tholr linndH, and thoy showed an ex
traordinary spirit of fnlrnnea."
Whon Mr. Mitchell was asked In
what manonr tho aporntora would bo
boncfttcd, In vlow ot tho fact that thoy
did not recognlzo tho Uultutl Mini)
Workers, ho said the employes would
prolmbly find it out through the news
papers, Tho following Is the report of the
Saturday afternoon proceedings as
Riven nut by the press committee of
the convention:
"At 1:30 the committee on resolu
tions appeared, nnd President Mitchell
announced that lbs committee was
ready to report. Racratary Hartleln of
the committee read tbe resolutions
dratted by the committee, and a mo
tion was made that they be adopted,
aftsr which they were explained In the
different languages, nuil considerable
discussion wna Indulged In.
"Whllo the motion wnn pending.
President Mitchell address nil the con
voutlmi, nnd took occasion to deny
positively the statements made by
some of the metropolitan paper? elmrg
lug tliat political inttnaiiaaa ware dom
inating the convention.
"When the question was .put, tbe
resolutions war adopted unanimously
by n rising rota, ami amid ringing
oliearH. At 4:11 p. in. His convention
adJaurniMl sin die."
Mstisrt of lb Memeitt tlnllrd Dona te
amall rroperllont.
The Chilean oalitnet haa resumed,
owing to political eaiiaas.
Tho boiler of a Hour mill near
Orconvllle, Tex., exploded, fatally In
juring Thomas Gender.
Tho University of Toxna football
tsmn defeated the Vamlerbllt univer
sity eleven at Dallas, Tax., by n asoro
of 17 to 0.
Tba little son ot Travis MeOollnm,
nnr Unloln I lilt. Danton county,
Tosas, was bitten by a tnak and died
In n few hours.
The ssven tramps anatioetwl of mur
dering llrldge Watchman ltvart near
Toxarkanft tunneled out of the oalti
boos and escaped.
O. N. Joiiea, a railroader, diet! rrflm
the effects of a spider lit to. He wna
bitten at Atoka and died en route to
the Katy hospital at Setts I la, Mo.
.Tamos Deerlug anil wire, living near
Ambla, Imar enmity, Texaa, have
been arreetetl. charged with the mur
der of Charle lllerdtemau at lrta.
The president will recommend to
congress an Indemnity lo the families
or Hi four Italians hanged by a mob
at Tallulah, U about two ysic ago.
IUiiIn Ttllnl t'lmrara.
Chicago. 111., Oet ll.-OImlnnan
Jones or lb Democratic national com
mittee, referring . to Oov. Hooesvelt's
nssoclstlon of his name with "prlvau
ownership in trusts," said:
"Any statement tnadu by anygod
that 1 am In anyway connected with
or Interested in sny organisation that
la In any sens a trust la absolutely un
true. Tbw charge made that tho Ameri
can Cotton Bale company was h t'ust
was the occasion of it lstter written
by ma and published at the lime, In
which I stated the facia or my con
nection with that company. That lat
ter explains everything nnd was pub
llahod mid extensively circulated. II
Mr. Itoosevelt had wanted to Inform
himself he had the opportunity of do
ing so. U he la n xlncors man ha will
not, nftor rending Hint latter, mnko
the statement that tho Amorlann Cot
ton Halo company Is n trust. How
ever, thoie Is nn old ndnga Hint a llo
well struck to Is as good as tho
(tnnilltln of llHtth.
Washington, Oct. 15. Tho nlwtrnct
of the condition ot tho national lmnka
'or Texas, oxeluslvo of Houston, as re-
portfd to the controller of tho our
rency1 at the close ot business on Slept.
G, shows the average reserve to have
been 2S.17 per cent, against 17.80 per
cent on June SO.
I .nan and discounts Increased from
llv.IIO.MI to S,MI,S70, gold coin de
creased rrom $1,178,070 to M.MO.IM,
tout specie from M.MI.I7S to 13.831.-
' MH, iswful money rsaarv -nm f&,701,.
171 to S1.IBI.IM, Individual deposits
I Increased from $11,101,171 to lfi,Sl,-
3! nro niMtinr.
Halifax, N. 8., Oct II. Additional
disasters to shipping on this coast ar
reported. Tbe known list of vessels
driven ashore now itumUra thirty,
mostly owned In tb provlae and
Newfoundland. Tb loss all over tb
county knd lu the neighboring prov
inces through terrific rainfall and
washout aod damage to orchards and
buildings by heary winds will bo vary
many thousand ot dollars.
HlrrnMM4M In OtdRHHrn,
Wilmington, Dal. Oet. IS.-A large
crowd grtt) Hon. Adtal It. Steven
son Saturday night In this city. He
spok at length on hla usual llnea, nnd
cltwed by rsferrlnxto the future of (llo
"Bv war they to . acknowledge
that tbsy are conquered." ho aatd,
"they would be either eltlMiia or sub
jects, ir cIUmiis, they would have tho
same rights that w have. I am atiro
none or us desire that they shall bo
oltlaeiiH or the Unltad StNlas."
In tihl MM Wreeh.
VIneetin, Ind., Oet. II. An Ueaaa
villa ami Tarn Haute KtiuOt-booud
traliibt train was wraakad at Pareall.
and four men ar seriously hurt and
on (a ratsslac. Tb train struck u
ow, tb rowing tbe train into a ditch
and piling up eighteen earn, four har
lr oil tank, wlilah Imtltaii ami all
t umad In a baap. On ear conlalasU
rne hori. II. McO and MmgM, ba
longiag to Mr. Mrltlnuey of Hrans
villa. II. McO was killed ouirlghU
OpKHtl n OttueeMlmtt,
Wllkaabarr. ln., Oct, II. a aanvasw
ot the opemtors of tb Wyoming Val
lay Sunday shows that Utara I oooshl
urable apposition to granting tna
mlnara any mora eonresstoas than
those outlliiMl In the urlginal offr,
immftly, 10 per Mint Increase, without
any eondltlone. The Individual oper
ators especially are opposed to tying
themselves up to any agreement. De
plte the view of the operator, tho
Impression here la that tbe strike will
t coded this week.
itolrlek Delete.
New York. Oct. 18.-Wm. M. iUea,
Jr., nephew ot Che lata mlllloaalr,
visited tb Tombs and daiaanuoil at
Attorney 1 Hit rick that be prodnc tb
original to-ealbMl tecond will. Th
cttorney refUMd.
Tb young man, who was aoeom
pnnled by a representative trow Oapt
Itakcr'a law Arm, also demanded that
Patrick show him tbe assignment
which give Patrick absolute control
of the lllc mlllloos and makes the
ttrst will Invalid.
A TjttlMHHl.
Minneapolis, Mlaa., Oct II. A
spetlal to tbe Time from Taoamte,
Washington, says:
A typboon caused great da mag last
month on tb coast of PormoaH and
southern China. Numaroos towns
were destroyed. Nineteen hnnilrari
house were waabad away or Inuaaatatl
at Tslpsk. 1'omoaa, aiul many Hva
moods In Now llruNswick. cuts
much damage.
Nttt A peep I aid a-
Bbamokla, IHt., Oct II. The Urma
of tb IcranteH OKvaHUon are not as
cepUble to tb operator and represen
tatives ot eoal-earrylHR companies In
this plaea and Mount Ourwel. Tbi
Heading amelaM do not think the elid
ing Male Will b abolished by the etn
pany. while th operators are averse
to singing a contract binding them to
pay a 18 pr cent Increase until April.
Roosevelt spent-Sunday elghUca
tulle from Islington, Ky.
EVaNTs op BVanvwiiunrj.
Cecil Rhodes ha re-ontefwl pfllltlea,
(Jov. (Jon. Allen Is to tak another
taur ot Porte lUio,
About MO Door prtaoHcra have ar
rived at It Helena.
flan. Oflaffto rcvlwd tb American
troop lu front af the Temple ot Heav
en, Pekln.
At tho Paris exposition the United
States received SI7I awards, leading
b)I, and also ranks first In grades.
, John Patrick Orlehton-ftuort mar
quia at liute, diet! at Dimfrted llrmee.
Ills aodt in AlrshlVo, Scotland, rrom
II Iliirlwty, who arrived nt Nmv
York from'Havnim slek, was taken to
Swinburne hospital. He has yellow
Hy the dentli of n former sweetheart
Mrs. It. te. Iliiltcffleld or St Paul,
Minn., la wteaor or WOO.OOO mors
than alio formerly was rated nt
An oxtrn Issue of the Onuniln Ortlolnl
Oaaatto contains n proclamation nn
nounelng tire dissolution or imrlhtment
nnd the holding or tho general election
on Nov. 7.
James Pltiharrls, tho Phoonlx park
murderer, known a Skin Ike Host, was
rearrested at I.lvenmol, ling., ror rail
Ing to report himself under the termi
ot his prison rcleoso lleeusc.
The reports of th shooting affray
nt auayamaa, Porto Kleo, have been ex
aggerated. A man named Joseph Hod
rlgues was killed mid two men wore
Injured. It was a local pollMcnl fight
The Spanish parliament will reas
semble between the 8th and 10th ol
November. The question of the mar-
Hag of the Prince listerias will
not b dtaciwMd before December.
The Ilrltlsh war olllc has Issued or
ders that the bulk ot the mllltla called
out for service during the South Afri
can war are lo be disbanded. This will
affect about 60,000 men.
Tho Post snya an agreement oxlnts.
between Germany mid Huwdu by wlilah
Hermany Is to control tho railway from
Pekln to Ynnglsun to Tongkti. It do
nla tiermauy will send an oxpodltlon
to Rlmi Tu.
Tho Ilrltlsh column had a thrpo-dnys'
light wllh Cen. DoWot's commando of
,1100 mid flvo guns. It took placo lu n
vorllnblo sen of mountnlns. Tho Poors
woro dlslodgnd and dispersed and thon
fled domprallxed. Tho llrltUh casual
tlos woro II fly.
Tho launching of tho monitor Ar
knusas has beon cot for Nov. 10 nt tin
Nowport News ynrdn, Tho Kovornnr
of Arkansas will designate a young
woman ot tho stnto to ohrlston the
ship. It Is expeoted tho mouitora to be
launched will be In the water btore
Jan. 1.
Th Weetern Union Tlegrnph olll
claU have denlwl tho state inent that
au agreement had ben renahiNl with
the Chicago oard of trad oancariiliig
the distribution of th w-oalled bucket
Th oonfesslon of I. W. Kelley, who
wae recently xciitd In Oklahoma, to
tb lfct that he had murdered seven
persons, among them n man ut Mans
dale, Vo., promises to clear up the
myetery or a murder commltei! at
Danville, Vn., twouty-two yoara aga.
twnty-lwo ysnra ago.
The Voslch i?ltuag publish n
Utter rrom Ilrlaban aaam-tlme that the
meat Inspection law, especially the
prohibition as to eannetl in oats, hna
already provml n. heavy blow lo tho
Australian paeMiig Industry, In which
aernwna are hvtly In tares tU flimn.
Win. Ooodwln iMistmnster nt Attle,
Oregon county, Missouri was nrrastotl
obargMl with rising registered 11 tors.
Ilia allegetl pllterings will ainminl to
ovr llOOfl. lie was held to await trial
III th federal court at St IhiIs.
A revolution has been started In Saa
Praneiaco, Ban Domingo. llpp PI
cbardo and eight acore InaurgenU havs
ba taken prisoner. Tb govern
matn baa decreed tb suspension ot
wnatitullonal guarantees because ot
th disturbances.
Th coiuhm bureau bhnoh1 omeial
ly that tb populalloa ot tb aUU ot
IHUware was ISt.TM In 1. a
against 1M.IN In lf8. Tbe iwpula
Uoh ot tba Diatriet of Columbia Is
278.T18 aa against SM,Sg Un years ago.
The Jury In the ease of (1 serge Ma
AlbJter. on trial at Spartanburg, S. 0..
ahargsil with bigamy, ware so Impress
ed with tb aarnaattieas ot wife No. I
and seemingly surprised that be would
dciort such a lovly lady, that tbsy
save him flva years.
Tba city ot I-oadon volunteers sailed
from Cope Town, their departure be
ing the scan of tremcHooiM enthus
iasm. Sir Alfred Mllner, In the course
of an address thanking them for their
services, told them a still greater recep
tion awaited them at heme.
The American steam oelllar ftulr,
which sank m the Suaz canal while on
her way to Manila wllh seal far the
American fleet, but was suaaaMfully
floated, has arrived at Sues Itoads. Bh
Is unable to enUr the part as she draws
too muou water.
KoIm from (lit lurli KiihiiltKiii.
"The Stager ManafaeiHrlflg Com
pany, at HI Hroadway, Maw Yo k,
sbow their usual American enterprise
by baring a very creditable exhRdt,
locsAid in Oroup XIII, Class 79, at the
Itorls International fCxpm'ton. where
they show to great advantage the cele
brated Singer Sewlng-Maehlne which
Is used In every country on Ihe globe,
both for family use and for mnnufac
tarlag purtHMi. The writer was high
ly pleased with Uiti display and ob
served with much Mtlataellcm that It
was favorably cumiflcuted upon by
visitors generally.
The Grand Prise was awarded by
the International Jury to Singer flew-lug-Machines
for superior excellence
In design, construction, emclenry aiitY
for remarkable development and adap
tion to every stitching proceea usd
lu either the family or the factory.
Only One Orand Prise for sewing
machines was awarded al Paris, and
this distinction of absolutely superior
merit confirms the previous action ot
the International Jury at tbe World's
Columbian Hxpasltten. In Chicago,
where Singer machines received II
distinct awards, being more than wto
received by all other kinds of sewing
machines combined.
' Should It be possible that any or
our readers are unfamiliar with tho
celebrated Singer Machine, we would
respectfully advise that they call at
any of tbe Singer satmrooms which
can bo round In all cltlsi and uiot
towns In the United States."
NflllliK ItHllvr Itt lllc Vitr.l.
Probably Cambridge In Ungland, It
ths only pls-u in the world whrro ono
would b likely to find butter sold bv
lineal nicnsiir' ; but there. In accord
ance with the old hi torn, It la liter
ally cold by the yard.
Por gciicr.it limn It hm been the prac
tlc or Camliililgisbirc dairy folk to
roll tbcnr I niticr liim leiigtbs, m h
length measuring u ,nd and wclgiilnn
pound. Dcitly wnipiiPd In ships of
i lc.in w hite cloth. II. . Illicit I. 1 i
sic packed Into lotia mid iiuiiuw t,-i-kcts
intide for the tnpoe and tuus
conveyed to nun ki t.
The butter women ho. In white lin
en aprons and sleevtm, preside over tho
stalls lu the market, have no lined ot
weights or scales tor dispensing their
wares; constant practice ami un ex
perience dve enable tltatii w.lh n lnHln
itrokH ol Hie Unite or quarters wnn
iimiuemaurai exactness.
The itnlveraltv immiiiIh arm tlm ,ti.,r
buyers or this curlosly shaped oniric.
In addition to being fainwl for It pur
ity miti sweetness, cmnlirldgs "yard
butter" Is eminently adapted for iwrv
Ing out to ths tinlvuraltv Htmleitta m
tho dully commons. Cut Into con-
vuitiuiuiy nir,Hi pieces, nutl ntcoiu
nmilutl bv n lour of tlm luut wii..iiiM
broad, n stntcd portion Is sent round
our iiioriiiug io i no rooms or the un
dUgiaduatos fur use ut the dally break
fast mid tea.
M litre llitj urn K-i.irn.
Hoys In London nre being trained nt
Washerwomeii. An officer of tho
"Church army" first conceived the plan.
Tba Church urmy bus 102 homes, where
It keeps for a time tbo men, women aud
children It rescue from crime and lulu
cry. In moat of lb liouses set apart
for boya th youths wore formerly put
to work cutting kindling wood or oth
er work ot tbe sort, but tho supply of
I boys presently exceeded the demand f r
i the work they were dolus, aod It whs
, then that tbe oltlccr devised t..e s li'ino
.of th laundry.
Most or the boys when first Intro
ling board.ceo'Dn'ou ar IBAONIiNNlNU
duced to tba tubs, tb wrlngei aud
l Iroulng board, grumbled a lot being
"made old women or," but the (den
appealed to them more o nth whole
than chopping wood. They regarded
It as a huge Joke at II rat, but before
they knew It they began to take real
Interest In tbe work, and were fairly
etpert when the church army found
them situations elsewhere. The boya
do not do Rne work, hut they can do
up their own linen very well, lu fn-t,
two boys became so expert thst they
became assistant superintendents, mid
hara been entrusted with lino clothso,
Tbo four-leaved clover loses all Its
lwr a a lucky omen whan It leaves
the hand that gathered It
No I'll ee liir -tillllif l.lc'oi."
ltv. Mr. Kloyd Tompklna. rector ot
Holy Trinity church, Philadelphia, told
In lb church house tb other even
ing tbl story: "A mliihttr .was preach
ing ou Suulay morning, aud an obi
colored woman t In tb gallery aud
listened with parted llpa. After a wbllu
emotion overpowered ber. Sba began
to clap her bands, to Jump up sad down
In ber scat, and to about 'Oloryl' and
'Hallelujah" Her volte waa louder than
ths preacher s. Ills thoughtful period
war quite drowned In tb flood of sin
cere but Incoheieitt rejoicing that Is
sued from tbe old woman. Finally ths
sexton went to ber aud ssld: 'My good
friend, you are making loo muck noise.
You are disturbing tb congregation.
W bat la Ut matter with youT She an
cwered, Ob, Ah'a so happy I All's so
happy I Ab thinks Ab s a-gitlln' llg
lea. suah.' 'Well, madam,' tba sexton
remoMStraled, 'this to no place for that.
Don't you know tbl to a obit relit' "
IIH1 lllnt.'ir Again.
Charles II. Hoyt. tbo playwright,
who has completely recovered his
health, will mm be In New York with
a new fare comedy, entitled, "A.
Iluncb ot Illue Illbbona." Tllirearo
many pareona who bilvo Mr. Ijoyt
ua uvr been unbalaued a ccrtatu
Individuals assailed.
Knllli Vrs SS Oantt ApUs.
At the last .taeral slestlen In Qrsst
Jlrltaln 347,9 volet were cast at an
average east ot clghty-two centc per
vote far Uiltlmste expense. Tbr
were 1.181 eaadldatM tor 670 stats la
tbo heutc ot omms)ai.
ui!tU Dublin.
A happy Irishman returned born
for a visit, was asked haw be fared In
America, "Pretty well, pretty wclfi8
said be, "but I'd rather be a gat lamp.
In DubUa than prcitdt&t o( the Uaittd
SUtt. - '

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