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Oared of Catarrh of Long Standing:.
riot, Beyers Inaugurate! III Iltneftt f
Unlirtlon'1 Neeilya
ll 'oni(rt'mii A T liondnrin.
Kx.Cnttfrnamnti A. T Ooodwyn.frotti
AlntHiinn, write the following lotlor:
The Peruna Medicine Co. , Columbus, O. :
Oetitleineii--"I have nvv used two bot
tles of Perutin, mill Bin i well mnn to
day. I onuhl feci the ffood effects of your
medicine before I had used It a week,
lifter Buffering with catarrh for orar n
onr.M Itespeetfiilly, A. T. (loodwyn.
Catnrrh In lie vnrlouBfnrms Isrnpldly
btM-oiuliitf n national curse. An un
douhtml remedy ha been discovered by
Dr. lltutttmn. Thin remedy linn been
thoroughly tost ml during the 7Bt forty
yesre. Prominent men have come to
lcnow of Us virtues mid nre making pub
Ho ulUrattea on the subject. To ma re
the country wo must save the propla,
To hhvo the pooplo we must protect
them from uWmho. The disease that Is
fit one thu iii'ml prevalent mid stubborn
of euro In eiitnrrh. I'tibllu men of nil
parties recognise In IV rutin n national
oalarrh remedy of uneoualed merit.
Bend lo lr. Hartumn, Columbus, Ohio,
fur n fro book cu'utIi.
1 1
If yon Itnvo been lim
ine B I to M fur allot".,
nltlttlnf W I, Duiir
Ine WO or nn.no time
Mill rout ines you Hint
llttiy are Jtt.t n roiiiI
In cry wuy mill cot
from HI tit fit. ft (I le.e.
Oter ,ooo,oioncrcre.
fine e.lr el
:v will b.iIUy.It
. lw mm ol wouiir
tltnlr intviir
VN "t F www
n;."wJ. l"v jri,
AVourollio lnrce.1 timkrre ill iiim'a B.l
ml SKI no lini lit llm ni til. i umbo
anil aril morn S.'l it nit 0.1.0(1 altera I linn liny
oilier turn tiniiiiifurliirrrt In llm U. H.
'I'llO rfMltl)lllll ot Y. I..
PoUl IUM lixl 13 U) altla fl
tjl., B-ntoff, n4 atari. fciiti
a t.r;-ktt. Oinuitmut nnuU.
THay ti.t.tn flu Utttr lnlr
IJm ltn etb.r mii Uoua.
II. alan-ord ha. 1 Ajra lati
pt.t.4 t4 aih Ihtl th wearaia
fllct ftwr. fi'r ItMlr
lata liny on ga lM)lin.
uiiAno.t m W l..U(laaitkt ItM
14 ll.n tnrkUwr mtt it hma 'I'll 1! V
iwi MM lltn tor fcttif
Ami 'Tiiii itl:sr.
U'M I (In m dUr iri
out lirtlvr itMutd tn
-1 HUM till lllltlllMiri lauil fl Mrillf T, I.
(VMlUa lliftt Hk ) ! pre llimp4 m UltMi.
(urdrlUf wilt ixrtitl lkrm l. ., hm! dliwl to
liiutr, mUwIhv wtr k4 v.i'- ir fr HriUf.
IU ki4ll.alhr. dia, (4 .iln or Hp U.
Our thi vitl ff.ali a CMrvlfr ' nhtlnfm Wa,
a J iluuglu Mfmo I u( Jlraxkluii, AIum.
Kew York. Oit 16. anlToaton'i
homeletw orplmns wero KentirotiRly re
membered by n large numlrtr at promU
nent pentans nt n iMMir Klren Monday
nlKht In the big ballroom nt the Wal
dorf-Aniorln. In the throng that
crowded the itally decorated room were
representative of the UhIUmI StatM
army and of foreign gavarnmanta and
many benutlful woman In altrarllre
rowiib added to the picturesque effect
of the eceneii. It waa the opening night
of the beiwr, which l gWen by lb
New York Journal, allied by many ao
rlety women, and the vie! tor contrib
uted liberally to the inwrie, purebaalHg
many artlt'lea and taking clianewi on
everything from (lulls (o hereeltaa
lleforo Lieut. Oen. Nelaon A. Mllea
Introduoml Uov. Joaeph I). 8ytr at
Toxai. whote adtlrew waa followed by
one glvon by Oen. Joe Wheeler, the
patrona wandereA about ibe Imllrootn
and lookcil at the boolha,
Tho inoet eUborate were the booths
of the DntiRliter nt the American Iter
olutlon, whleh ropreaenied the hUlorto
WnRhlngtou home at Mount Vernon,
and the Oriental booth, which fairly
bewildered one with Ita muse ot lamp,
cny-colorwl tatteatrlea and young wom
en In coetumea ot the n-lent. Mr.
Donald McLean waa chairman of the
former booth, nnd mauy of the women
In It were dreaaed In quaint colonial
atylo. Marie Croat Kewhaua waa chelr
niHit of the Oriental booth, nnd Mrs.
Timothy U Woodruff presided over
the Ilrooklyn Imoth. The Ryiian Itooth
formed an Interesting annex to the
Ilrooklyn booth. Other boolha and
their chairwomen were:
lloral Mm. John 0. Carliate.
Qolf Mra. Ronald A. Stuart.
PerfumeryMra, Ohaa. V. Adee.
Art Mm. Iiruce Omne.
Tnya and Delia Prtnoeaa Auera
Flag Mrn. Ileden M. Oanlner.
Condy Mrs. 18. Parmley Drown.
Muilo Mrs. Wadaworth Vivian.
Collation Mrs. Ololow.
Actreaties "Aunt laOjilaa" Hldrltlge.
Qon. Mllea, with Mra. Iluger A.
Pryor. hcndetl the proccaalon which
rruHH.il tho floor at 8:30 o'oloak nnd
mnrchod to the doxca. HqkIJm thoin
In tho lino wero Gov. Rayora nnd Mra.
Mllea, Don. John It. Drooko nnd Mra.
O. I. Wilson. Col. C. I. Wlltton nnd
Mrs. Donn. Col. nnd Mrs. J. W. Clous,
Col. nnd Mrs. Monro, Don Mnnuol Do
AzplroT:, Mexlonn Ambasimdor, and
Mrs. Pngo Myors,
Oen. Mlloa Introduced Gor. Sayors,
whoso nddreaa conaleied largely of n
stlrrlntr description of anlvaetnn'a
great dlaaater, In which he related
many affecting Incidents Uwt enme un
der hla observation.
(lot It Dons
An Intelligent-looking boy walked
tain a grocer's shop the other day, and
reading from a paper, aaldt
"1 want alx pauntU of mgnr at SVitl n
"Yea." Mid the shopman, "Uwt will
be one and three halfpence."
"lOleven pounds ot rise at ltt a
"One and fmtnteiiea !mUneH7.H om
trented the grocer.
"Ptntr pounds ot tan nt la 8d a
"tlx and eight."
And so he contlnuml: "live pounds
of co (fee nt la lOd, seven Una of milk
at tVtd, four tins of tomatoes at Od.
eight tins of asrrtlnes at la lV4il."
The sbopman madt Ml the bill and
handed It lo the lad, saying: "Did your
mother tend th une or doer
want them entered?"
"My mother didn't send me at all."
aald the boy, seising hold of the bill
"It's my arithmetic lesson, and I had lo
gel It done somehow."
Ilia l.llrtMrr NetmlHlS.
"I have Just finished a sonnet," aald
the poet.
lhauk heaven, exclaimed ine wire.
that'll buy n beefsteak and a sack of
Ami hero la an ode for the stair
Mow fortunate! Ham la 18 rents a
Itound. and we haven't had any In six
I have also written a love mng
which la aa lender as an April rose."
"What a dear, good soul you are! I m
anre lhat'v good for a can of lard and
ration of mnlnsaeo!
"Woman!" aald the poet sternly, "do
you know what genius la?
' Tee." sh said, inoiignuuiiy. nomr
llmb It's telling the butcher to call
s.v;n, shutting the doa on the baker.
Ulna from I he house rent man. ana
Biiiglng. when Sunday "me. 'I would
iwt live always: I aak noLto stav:- -
tilunta t'onstlltiitou
TDe Wonder
ol tde Ae
No Boiling No CooVIng
It Stiffens the Goods
It Whitens the Goods
It polishes the Goods
It mVs ll asrmtnts fresli na crltii
a whin nnt bousltt ntw.
Try n 8nmplo Pnokoao
Tou'll like It If you try It.
You'll buy It If you try t.
You'l ue It If you try It.
Try It
olil by sll Orors.
IKwt nst worry the rmUtit tn tlij,Teim
I'mnlmhaUt. faawHi f.:r lu ('ATTLIt. aur
velsiM m a VP 1 1 rAT rountry, tu)Iuohii(
TON, tutu section b uow
'tka raa tui tbers ixl tamer asls for xpar
, Yen wtu naa um mih it kaaeoow rati-
titm. cje Cm sad (all bnieil vssil:
liUWti whwi oeiiSNi ia uaitt
HfliaaHHMr iimh
i fer nawti oh lbs Dearer Ke4
l.tll UmHtRlillral,
Sherman, Tex., Oct. II. Tlte follow
ing ineasages liars beon recelred by
Cocll A. Lyou:
ew York. Oat li. To Cecil A.
Hhehnan, Tooc.: llatiiruetl lo-day
niul found olllclal notice of your recog
itltlou as statu eNmlriitHii.
11. IJ. 1IAWLHY.
Chisago, III., Oct. II. To Ueoll A.
Lyon, Hliurmiin, Tox.: This commit
too has tloclded to recogulzo tho Lyon
committee. M. A. 1IANNA.
llefcrrlng to tho above, whloh cs
InbllsheM the queatlou as to who la
Itepubllcun state chnlrmnn In Texas,
I hereby call n meeting ot tho state
executive commlttco to meet In Dal
las, Tox., on Thursday, Oct. 18, at It
n. in. fur the purpose ot preparing
nnd nnnounolug tint propur clcetorlul
nnd state ticket, nnd for the transac
tion of bucIi other btielueH aa may
tome before IL UttCIL A. LYON
Chairman Unpublleau llate ItSxeeutlva
Jlfotnk toarlsial sad
" Vo Um'i Uee f
W. Y. 8TRIU.KV. A O. K. P A.,
A. a Mason, a. A. l v.,
CHAS. I'- llOLIa, T. I.
Oartt I'rti.t sad (,'hraale
A SMIf J IO"l,
M tn mall t eiiunst
iBSib or bioj... Is Iki.r
I., ultra). rwUltlf !.
bless Ntiua. alt Uim. akin
tilt.tt. all 4imm. ef Kiil
I jtiMM nU44er u4 tieHlia,
Krlutr Ore a u siririuie,
lluitJI Utal eureat lUaut
at IverUI IHteewMPI Kh.b.
roaiauJtAliOii Itmm (M'torwrtl
1111. J. II ri UltlIal' .ldit Tamil MgSl. tl
ml Buutrsl ! . a mhIii iimI. I)IIm. Ti
Atklni' Rattla Snike Oil.
Men Mrtal Helintet ..
Ourti n Silr IthwiMtUui, Hi
iiiiu. r .lUt, ipitlai, aaU(ki
Vila k to Mm, tie.
Texas DruCo-,Asnts,Dallss
llurlml Teaelliair.
Waco. Tex., Oct ll.-lOdlth M. Ilurn
1mm and Hlclwrd 0. HnrMbam, Jr.,
children of Mr. and Mrs. Ulebard O
llurnham. were buried In-the same
grave. lUith, who was In her taoond
j ear, died first, Itavlng been exbaustsil
by eomplleatloHa growing out ot eon
tlnued fever. When iUobard, who was
In his fourth year, learned of the death
of hla slater, being already In bad
health, he hegftfi to droop, and In
twenty-four hours ateo passed away.
All the bartenders In the thirty aa
loona of Carbandale, 111., have struck
tor overtime and picnic pay.
IIOMR OtlllK KNOWN. TIltAf. BAkl 'Cfj ill HP,
sT. jA.uki4 aoviirrr, itu uru4k, xu xmiS
opium miv&i&sziEi
W. N. U. DALLAS-- NO, 42-1000
For the Lndlos.
Aak Your Dealer Por Them.
Ilolllng mill men ta the number ot
310 are on strike at New Haven, Oouu
klUtlriiU Osu.o Tlouble.
Austin. Tex., Oet. 16. A mob ot
about 300 university students attempt
wl to take ioesalon ot the urand
opera house Monday night while the
performance waa In progress. Tho
n ntraneo doors ware barricaded nud
held shut by a lorec ot men front the
audience and the repeated assaults ot
the mob were rsststed. Btmal valu
able pictures wont demolished, Tha
whole police torse waa sailed oat to
quell the mob, bat they unable
tor a time to eepe with IL
Al Till. Hmaoo of Ibe Yr
It Is necensary to take some meuicine
to tone up the system, ami no outer
medicine will do this as effectively aa
Wolfe's Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps.
It has a most pleasant tatte and ortce
used no family will bo without IL U
has cured thousands of obstinate eases
of Colic, Hatulsacy, Ilna In the
Stomach and Uowela, ana la a specine
for all cam of Kidney and Madder
troubles. Ask your dmgKlst for It. lie-
fuse worthless substitutes nuu instsi
on having Wolfe's Schuapp.
Some sleep and annre, while bed-
follows weep nud roar.
Hllh I II I'M i: .'lirfallttlaa.
Ilxmimlnii tlckots will Ite sohl as fol
lows on dales mcnlloueil:
Kntistts Olty Oet. 14 nnd IS, itrcouut
cattle sitow and convention.
Ban Antonio OoL 19 to Nov. 1. nc
count Ban Antonio liitornntlounl fnlr.
ncorgctown Nov. 12 nnti 13, itroouni
Northwest Texns ooufsreucn, M. K.
church. boiiUi.
I'or rntes. IIiiiIIm, olc, rail on nearest
Santa 1'e t ' et agent, or address A
W. 8. KHUN AN, (1. P. A.,
Wiillril Tm'lity Intra.
Frank Waaal and Mary Vandl of
CoUden, 111., devolbtl lovers for twenty
years, were ipilstiy married uy .mug
It. 1). I,nwrenee. They were anxhma to
marnr almost a quarter of a cei tury
ago but the part nts of the bride ol jert-
ed. Several ycure ago the rain r 01
Miss Voncll tiled, but her moth x
refused her tutu nt to the marrlui".
Maanwhi e l'nnk Wtmale the pmient
and loyal lover, went away to win for
the eecond time, having seen scrvic
In the civil war. The girl of Ma holce
(llscoursaetl til other suitors. uylii
she would be fulthful to her first and
only choice.
Kecouliy Mra. vpncu tnoti. nnn wun
hor lmaenl away the lust bar t
wethlliig. The bride eomss Into jwa-
csaluii of n vnlnnule form property.
which will horeaftor be mauageti ny
her soldier husband.
More than one youth liaH dlacovad
that the girl hu enllwl a "ptMM'h is
but n sour grape.
Alexander Hgcd for new worlds to
conquer, but most people would bo
saUefled with tho earth.
It ll fnrtanate. tlnm Ihiira ere lftnn new
tstida to be dlerovered en thli ttrrMtrlal
Rtotte, taat itivetttive man ltss turned hit
ml ml to more utefttl things. Ho we hnvs
ttenm, elertrlrlty nnd many ether edvnn-
iniTM m- niori uy our roreisihrrs.
lell-ltie. t o. be mrufe arent Hilda! far
eren man 1 ,, eiiMity. ltiieuinntUtii. hat
at lat I ttal It mailer In Nwnttaou's
"n Dciiti.." I he iiMvt-Mof IliU trulT mar-
veioni tpellr for lllieiiiinill.m Iin been aa
toa'thtng nttil never fiunlt-l Ih the annnU
of ntMllc n It give In'Unt rdlrf, kills
cermt. tire enU illaeato and ttnltlrelr
eureall fo nu of eh roil lo atidnmie llltttii-
iitnllNin, Ht'lnili'n ami Nriirnluln. It la
nla tn.l with itnfiillltia elTwt In ell fWmt
AfTistien of eterr iteTl'tloii, Onlttri-ll,
froim llroui'hltlM, Sltiinni'li, l.tvct
ntttl llltlo.'y Tronlilea, Lit (Irlppe, Ala
Inrln, ft-fcpliiB Niiiiitiuess nml kill
ttretl illxi'MHrii.
Hwiiiisiiii'h n I)rnn" li m'il br eeents
nn.l by the Mwintott Itheitinstle t'tire I n ,
IM Lake lrrt, ( lite-ro, III. In Hittin
4aihs tlte drtiRxMa nre neetitaa. If the
remedy la Hut obtainable .In year town,
orilsr direct ef the manufacturer I arra
Is Itettte (S00 il.-.iv.) HO, prteil l
etnnwH or mail. TrUI twllle wl 1 l o ent
en rreetpt i f S cent. Agent wanted lu
ttew territory, write notVa
Words without deeds are Hk- wh
Ing without aaap.
II pat for It"' lloTela,
No matter what nils you, haudsrh
t a cancer, you will never get 'l
until your boweia are wit right
t'ASCAHUTS help nature, cure y.
wlihnut a gripe or pain, produce eosy
natural movements, coat you JnM
centa to s'art gel Una yo'tr health back
l ARCARKTS Cetnly 'ilai lie, lb
jtonuine. P''i up In metal 1 -" evet
tablet l.na C. C. C aii.mp -a on IL Bo
wnre of ' '
Treat alt mankind w t'i reapect and
mankind will do Ilk' wire.
We dify the wor d 10 pruiltiie a me
dicine for the ctne of all 'turn. a of
Kidnry and Utadrier irnubleu. Piles
nnd all dlseaaes pecu'lar tu women,
that will equal Smlth'a Sute Klluey
ire. Mneiy-rlght per cent of the
u.tts treated wlfh Smlth'a Hit re Ktd
1 my r'ure that have come under out
"i nervation have been cura-d. We aell
li- au dit Ine on a poaltUe guaraiiice,
f dliertlona are fo'lowe'1, and money
111 he refunded If cuie la not ef-
Price BOrenla. for sale by all drug-
I. lH
I)la of tteople whu think they are
ilreaalng "artlatlcally," only succeed In
looking queer.
Agents wanted, for History of Clal-
teston Oleaster: fastest s"llerover pub.
Ilalwl; cflutaina over Boo imgee: an
Iterbly llluatratetl. Only complete his
tory out. Only $I.M, nond. live agent
make more money than over before.
Hurry nud I first In the Until, and
reap n harvest. I'rolglit tahl on till
books In lota of 0. Order lilted aame
dayina received. Write quick for free
umrti. Agents vhu nlready have nut
fits, It wljl pay (o corresiMind with
u. Alcxtindcr. Harli et uu.. it Main
t lioiiKtoit, Tox., State Agouts.
The Most Important Period in a
Woman's Existence. Mrs. John
son Tells How She Was Helped
Over the Trying Time.
Bomo sing songs
sling slippers.
while neighbors
Never hit n man
womnn at all.
In tha bask or a
A dutiful daughter makes
it good
arlgteel "rtw (Ira. i
eeroi. weu.
Hues' IltaacltlnK
lite, ettelt iwi'kaae
worth of a ay ether.
Soma boys would rather go bare
footed than bc.it shod.
Jliai'iituuiK, IM ton .an, (m
A iihotoaranlier always takes a man
at hla face value.
Cave money by using
Illus. lbs fa wo it. hag bi
eouaht X or M i.nui wo
Soma hoys would 1
fooled than bc.it shod.
CartrrM lak has tiee unSntwiiiaat at tha
Vnltes watoa sswrssaast aai o7 AT tae loa4
Ib 1 apeeUa. West asy sssfe ertSeaii
StHmk the truth and have a elear eon-
TwebeeMt, rell.Ur taeai; wtierlearB aw sbaa-
vtrrxti.irfw, vt
ta HHmeroua In
Owluj to m-ili'rn nvihixla nf living, not one woman III a thousand np
proacliea tl.ta p.-rfi-tly natural rhttntri' 'vltlumt i-xpcrlcnclng a train of very
Mtnoylng, an. I .Mr,ft'.in.' painful KMiitntita.
TntMtc cln'.i.lfitl h t ll t-lioa. aend'itit: the MikuI surging to the heart until It
wema ready to Itur .t. ami tho fiilnt f.-rling the I foilnwa, Minn'tirt er. with chllla,
aa If the hcatt er polmr to aUp for iwmI, art; only a few of the kvinptniiK f
a itangerotla mrTiiiH trouble. The nerves are er Ing out for aaaiatiuuv. I
cry shiitild Iw h.-cdod lu I linn. Lydla K. Pink bam a Vegetable lumpoiind mii
pronaml to m-.-t tte rieeb of womnn'a svatetn at this trylnir period of her li'e.
TMe three following letters nre ginraiileeil to Ite genuine and true, and
still further prove what n great medicine Lydla 12. I'liiklinin' Vesetablo
Compound Is for women.
Mar. IS, 1S07.
" Dmaii Mna. I'ivkii vm i ! bare lteen slclc for n long time. 1 was taken
nloU with aoollntr. All my trouble eeemvd to be It) the womb. I nolle all llm
time si the lower part of the womb. The doctor aaya the womb Is covered
with ulcer. I stirrer with n pain on the left aide of my Unolt over the kidney.
I am ftftv years M and paaalng through the change of life. Pletxao nil viae 1110
what to 'tin to get relief. Would like to hwir fruiu you aa aoon 11a ponalblo."
Mint. CiuHi.orra Johnson, Monolova, Ohio.
.Tan. 93, IPftt.
I hare been talcing ymr remedies, nml tltlnk they ltavo ltolpe.l mo n frretti
deal. I had been In tied for ten weeks whtiti 1 liegnti taking your Vogctublo
OomNtiind, but after iialug It for n short Hutu I wtta able to be tip
house. The ttolilug lu the lowor part of womb lies left mo. Tit
The mail, who oarrloi n poahoUeoniU
o- inlrror-il by no niawna jaxaspUonnl.
I1o Cste tr fonaumatfcM fi aa IsfsSIMe
OMStelee for r.nicli. ami coM. K. W. SAUgst.
Ueati (Ire re, N J. r t it. vma
Wa nre ilelermlned; other tettple are
Pl'TNAM "l-'ADHLKS DYR! do no
spot, streak or give lmr gooda au un
evenly dyed appeiwaiu u.
A itollte youth will never lack for
llcct'iiea. Cuiinot Ite Careit
by Meal ttpollrallna. aa t'n-y latinot ruasb the
ataeaaea peniunoi u
wur In Mire tjaBlaasa
tuUoaal rewetUea. liealaeaa ta cautM Itr an
around tho
to tnott that
truublea me now Is the flowing. That la not mi I mil. but still there Is n Hltlu
avurv day. I am not discouraged yet. nud ahull continue with your modlolnia
for f believe It will euro me. " Mna. CiiAni.orri: Joii.sso.v, Monelorn.Olilo.
April 13, lti(M),
" I aonil you Ibis loiter to publish for the benefit of others. I was sick for
about nine year so that I could not do my work. I'or three months I could
,atat ui long eiioinrli Ut have my bed ittaile. Iliad flvetlllTerent doctors, anil
nllWlli ...-.. vra no help for me. Mv trouble wa cliniigu of life. I suiTorctl
with tilsemUou .. uie womb, pain In sltloa, trblney nml auimneli IroubiA, Iwvclc
aenu, heaibielte, aim .iujnea. I am well nwd strung, nutl fuel like a new
parson. My rveaymrr Is a ...ft anrprlae to everybody that knew tmv 1 owa
atl to ftyilla H. HMbham'a vm (. mgJ 1 wituld m;t lo wHi"t
yuur iiH-llelne for anything tW no fVl bTtviimun ;iir
ibsy would take yHtr reauedles, for they are a sure jure." Mus. Ciiaiilottb
Jottn, Mnuelevn. Ohltl. ... . , , . , . ...
When on- sUajs to thUsk altout the gootl Mr. JoJmaon
PliiUhain'a .wlvi.e And meillcliie. It mviiih nlm.t lwyond Ullef : yet t U all
true M atate.l In h r Ihr. letters pttblthhed a've at Iter own request.
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The Heat i'recrlitlon for Chills
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H. M. ISWYrR A ION. Saw Mht..
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When you feel that chills nml fever or malaria
lias singled you out as a victim, when yott ncho
all over, feel tired anil rnu down from head to foot
It will rout the trouble at once. Chlllifuge is
pita ranted I to cure the worst rase of chills ami
fever that ever attacked n man. If It fails your
money Is tetumed. It Is absolutely free front
quinine and decidedly pleasant to take. Price 50c.
HoM everywhere.
FINLAY, DIOKS & CO., Ltd,. Hew Orleens. La.
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Galveston Horror
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