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Carlsbad current. (Carlsbad, N.M.) 1899-1907, December 29, 1900, Image 2

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Willi II IIIIIC (((tHnlllllll 111) III!' plltl
if those wlio enjoy Intellectual uii'I
musical entertainment Cuilslmd ' III
i'iih will have an opportunity tnattcud
holli In the near future. II law Ioiik been
the desire of Hit niaiiiiuemcnl of the
uHni Iiiiiihi In iiilrtWf tti'C a Win-i'M uii'I
lecture coursedurlu!: life wlnler mouths
ami liurhiK (In1 past three ytwrs over
turrH have Is'eii rtMtillly made li
iiiiiiiiiKi'rs nf lecture bureaus hp tin- m 1 1 1 1
Jii't. Tim uncertainty of nllioiid run
iH-etlniiH. liiiiKillHtnuiVM rrimi common
(mints, ami the went amount of inllitmc
necessarily coveted In jjctlln In ami
nut of tlic valli'y linvr irvititl the suc
cess of all endeavors. Ami matter of
fact It Is Impossible fur a yuc-iiluhl
Htauil to lie made either hern or at litis
well wltlunit IimIhk a ulu'ht. willed
means a kwmI ileal to a muniiKcr nf a
IiIrIi i'Iahh attrni'tloii. If this course
mIioiiIiI Ih nrrauKcd each nfthi'in will he
Idle tint' ulKlit In Kclllnr tlimimli to
Amarlllo, TIiIh explains the nccewdty
of a very IIIm-hiI offer, which has been
conditionally ntaih' to Dr. Charles X.
Thomas, mamiftcr of the Thomas l.cc
turn bureau, of Sail Francisco. I'd II for
it In. This KcutliMiiaii visited our town
the Hint of the week ami as a result of
m'KothitloiiM between Itl in anil ('. (',
Kuicrsoii. If a sufllelcnt iiuuilier of
season (IcketHcaii be sold In advance the
following well known attractions can
lie secured, Im'1iiiiIii(I about the liihhllc
nf.lauuary: .1 uitiiiln Miller, tin- jct.
the lloMnn Concert ConiiMuy anil llarr
Windier. Cuuimeut on the worth of
thcM star entertainers Ih unnceeessarv.
Some of our cltlrens have hail the
pleasure of hearing one or moieof Hum.
ami unhesitatingly )irououuce them nf
the very best To hear .luaiiilu Miller
Is alone worth the price of a scanui
ticket, which Ik nirereilat 2.1X1 for the
roure of three. This Includes a rescr
veil heat selected at the lluieof the pur
i'Iiiim-. If the plan Is a success, the price
of single tlckctsafler.lanuary.'i will Ih
l.ou. The great reduction of one-third
is made to subscriber In order to guar
autee the success of the movement.
Following is list of those who are sup
porting It so fur:
U rn. T. Heed 2 Tickets
II. II. Armstrong I
l. II. Harvey 2
I. e. -aiielicy. ... 2 "
c. II. Claiider 2
II. .I. I'owell I
Dr.C. II. Wright 2
Whh'her ,t ItCed . . . 2
.1 oho T.Stewart 2
(leo. T. ItohliiMiu . . 2 '
. . Ilearup 2
W.O. Woemcr . . .'(
I, . O Fullcu 2 -
,1.1.. McKwau 2
A, H.o'tjulun 2
IK II. Lucas 2
.1. II. .lames 2
II. F. Christian 2
,ee Wetwter 2 $
P. It. Hills I
.I.K.Mathesou I M
W. It. Owen,... . I
Sflin II. Smith . I 14
. W. .MclJUes... 2
II. K. llcruur 2
F. I). Itafiiwalgr 2
I'. K lilttle.7. 2
Cur Christmas Offer
2 x
Anyiiii' "iilicriliiiiK
fur I In- CrititKNT mill
pn y i" i I'lir' iili--ciii'iiuii
ill iitlvanci
will lit' fiitiilt'd tounc
'litiiicc; or if .voii tuv
nlrciuly n siihi'Hlit'r,
liy wym hi iiin'i'lira
iiiitl ii yi'iil' in lUlviiiitM'
yon w ill lit' iicronlcd
tin' xiimt' privilto.
HHildiN ur Kdtly
Ciiunfy who comitly
with llii'sc tci'iiis will
icccivt! it ivi'cipr. ii ml
ii cotipon in diiplinito
iiiiiiili('i,. mil' to ln i'l'-
Iniiicil. tin1 of ht'i to I u c w'W5i'o ifJootagcMj-Jio imvimtiti&mmmeftotf
dcpositi'M in o liox propitrcd for rlint iiurposo,, I Ins box will lie pliictMi it a
Newton s Jewelry Stort'. hucli stiliseiilierjiiul tn'posit- Ins own coupon
On Mureli I sr. 1 SH K), I'liis ho. will lie oponWl by it cttininirree of hiree. b
wlio will register the coupons and plnco Hieni in u lint, from which u child
will draw one number.' The resident of I'Mtly County Holding the corres
ponding number will receive free n new 8INOKK SKWINd MACHINE, g
This niiiehine will be on exhibition nt NcwhnrH Jewelry Store nftor the g
25th of December.
i Household Need Worth Sixty Dollars Cash Given Away.
StocUhot Jcr Atcetlnj;. W12.:W for A lower herth and .'i7JKJ for
The icLM.hir auiin.il ineethnrof the ? fW herth. If la-rth In occupied
stnekhohlcrH.if the The First Xutlonal Ovo H'rsous. the ml for each will
Hunk of this place, for the election of
directors, and for the transaction of
other husluess. will he held at Hh olllces,
Mictwccu the hours of 10 o'clock a. m.
iiiul I p. m on the second Tuesday of
.lanuary next.
I .l(llN l(..I(IY(!K.
1 7-:it Pres., First National Hank.
M. I,. Hell 2
.I.S curler ....... 2
A. X. I 'rat I 2
.Inn. ll.Ooudrlcli I
W. .l.(!oseU -
I 11 ward Collins 2
.Inlni lliown
Si 'iiiijiltfi-ttr,. . . 2 "
llar'lleld X 'Ciifitiell 2
.1. Ilnlli.li 2
A. Ueeinau I "
W. W. Outewood it
' 15. II. Oaufhle 2
. K. Hendricks 2
,t. Ilutchlus 2
' Mr. kmiirtioii Is extremelydeslrouil of
, succeedlii,' In this, as he feels coitlldeiit llle I'ecos Systeiu will run thecar "HI
that ut)xt year he can Introduce a cum-: nipmiii ui niii mw cuy ami return
1 pletc course of six or eight If he can j to iiccntnnimlilto those attending the
! make a success of this short courseof annual convention or the National
' threo. I'he ahovo list ludlealt the in-1 Live Stock Association January 15 IB,
I terest manifested by those who appro-IWI. The car U u llmt-class Iuewr
, elate rctlncd Intellectual entertainment, ; ciiulpped with eight sections mid eight
t Ar there not others who wllluiu in tins , itH'llulUK chairs. A conductor and por
' UUIlcriaKlUi; O) caiiuiKv iw vi'jun.n i
i ollllce and leavliiK Uielr names with the
i number of ticket dcslrudy If the re
quired iiuiiiImt of one hundred tickets
he jM'M) for lower and lU,h) for iiiHr
hurtl. No free transportation will Ih
honored In this ear. This rouieiupluteH
a nine days trli, and a rare opportunity
to witness the beautiful scenery of
Colorado and I'tah. The rate Is very
low for the service performed, and no
plcasantcr way to attend the coiiven
tlou will tie available, sitae Is limited,
If tickets enoiiKh ore sold to Justify, id tickets should be purchased and
spuca reservHt at once. Amines t
W.Martlncll.O. I'. A.. Itoswell. X. M.
1 1s sold a full and complete, list of sub
Mfrlltcr will Im published. TliO WUKOll
ticket suUvwIII close .lanuury Stli. and
tlie!piXrcJiners;wlll liavu chblceorseati
for (lie SliUro rourse.
ter will attend the car, and a full lino
of newspapers and p'-rlodlcalg will b
provided. 'I'he cnrwnl hi opened nt
Salt Lake(5lly, tliat pasm-ugVlrw ran
Btei'P there during the convention.
The. rate from Carlsbad, Nbv Mexico,
to Salt I, alt a City and mturrj will be
The Central Meat Market,
fwtj Dtuvmv
Oahioiaii I'cuuhnt 82XX) jr year,

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