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Local News, g
The ttentien ofajvertltcrsiscallec!
to hí fjct tliat it is impossible to
rtach j majority cf the psspia ol
EdJy County through any ether
i..cóm tFun tlie CURRENT.
Investirle tlú frntt.r ta your own
.liilm litu:iviiy was in town Momia).
Wo'i'li w:n In town 4hi week
fllMIl Hope.
At l'itir I i iltiMi was down from liny
f wi !i 'iniliiy.
.!tV. Turku tt of Miller was in Carls
bud Monday.
Mi.,.1 ll-.-nlali I.ellT Win visiting home
foll.s Sunday.
Mv- A. IS Tccplc Is vlsillug In Carls
lei Hits m 1 1;.
K. 'givst w.is In town from the
ranch Thursday,
Milll Hogg XVIIS doing 1'lnlhf.HH In
Carlsbad Monday.
.1. ( Adams In recovering from n
I mg mh II oí the gilp.
W. T. Haiigherty ami W. I. Kill y.
ImiIIi of IIok-, weir hi town Monday.
.lolni It. Means uud llolph Shnttiick.
from tin lop f tin' mountains, were in
town Friday. '
V. T. MeCtirdy. oí Scdalia. Missouri,
visited in Carlsbad tills week, the guest
of W. II. Hull.
Arthur Crnvder caught a 1 1 )oiiul rat
llsh ut hake A vuloii Thursday. Very
triHid for whiter.
Ilev. K. F. ííoimIsoii, presiding elder,
has been holding servlei-s at the M. K.
church tin llrst nirt of this week.
Judge Itichurdsnn and Dr. Klnsinger
joined tlir Itoswcll representatives in
i;i I'd so, passing through hcreTiu-sday,
'ii rout',
.1. W. Tiirknctt. tin big sheep man
' from tin north itf I of tin- county,
bought UXH wethers from Sidney I'ltt
(li'orge lleckctt is the happy father of
nu Hi pound Imliy hoy. Imhii last Fri
day ut 'i p. in. Mother mid babe lioth
doing nicely.
Dim- liii-d was in town from the
(!inidaliiK s Monday with a load of Hue
dressed mutton, which he disposed of
ut good Usures.
.1. I), t'uiitrcll returned Monday from
his trip In Hot Springs in search of re
lief from the rheumatism, lie is much
improved In health.
Walter Thayer, the Mg cow-man of
Dark Canyon, whns:1 home is one of the
prettiest in NrwMexiio, was in town
.Sunday uud Monday.
. W. T. Ilowman. erstwhile a merchant
at Itadger. was in town Monday chat
ting with old friends, lie is the same
jolly friend as of old.
Mrs. liatcmiin li ts lieen eouliued to
her bed this week, uud 1'. S. Ituteniau
came home from Unswell last week
nick; but he is nhle to be out now.
Dave Itunyun was in from the ranch
Sunday and Monday for the purpose of
pitying (axes. He hud lieen sulVcrlug
with the Klip, just like everybiMly els.
' Pastor Powell ami wife desiro to ex
press their appreciation of the kindness
of the iiietnlcrn of the Jiuptist church,
who "iMiunded" them Tuesdiiv even
Inf. Among the Carlsbad contingent at
tending the l"l l'no Carnival, were C.
Cochran, Sol SchiKtnover, Jim Simp
von, V. II. Merchant, John Stewart and
Sam 1). Smith.
Hev. II. H. Mciiee and wife urrived
in t'urlsbud Saturday, to scnd the win
ter. Kev. Met ee was, until lately, pas
tor of the Cent ii 1 llaptist ehureli at
Ardmore, I. T.
John V. Morris and wife, of Untie
City, Montana, were in Carlsbad last
week, the guests of V. It. Owen. Mrs
Morris Ik a ulster of "Juke," whom she
liad not Been for nearly twenty-eight
Abe Mulkcjr, the fumous Texa.seyun
Keli.it, will U-ffin a meet I ni( in the
Metljodist church in Carlsbad on I'll
duv, the Kith day of February. The
jieople of Kddy county should mrke ur
raiiKement to atteudjliis meeting.
' Hugh l'reeman Is now a licensed law
ycr, having pussed the necessary rxain
ination at Santa Ke, ami having sworn
Ida ullegiui ce to the constitution of the
United State and the Law of the Ter
ritory f New Mexico, them to honor
The ('LHKL.vr oiler con-
William Driver ami Misa Annie
Ohlienilis were united lu the bonds of
matrimony on Monday evening, Jan.
Hth, at the home of C. W. Mcltilea, t-y
Xer. 11. J. J'owelJ. S siipcr ua
aervinl by Mrs. Mclliles, after which
there was a dome at the opera house in
honor of the occasion.
Mr. (J. JL Herrón, formerly of siloam
Spring Arkansas, haa njieiied a riK'tn
lug and boarding house in the Osborne
block, and 1 now ready toa."rointuodate
all w)m ueed souiethlng to eat ora place
to uleep. The ii.hhu haw been rrpap
ercd eud refumiiihetl and are neat uud
cle.au, and Mr. Herrón I an uptriemTd
botel wan uimI iiuderatund lhoroui;hly
how t rater to the needs and desire oí
hi put ron s.
Tlie Central Meat Market,
iet ready for the ValniÜ.if b.ill.
M Pa ccivry ut lViidleton (lain-Id;-'.!.
I'egnlar service tit the IJaptlst cliurth
to morrow.
Ilest grade of I'amily l lonr at J. K.
Matin son's,
Fresh bread i very day ut the ,egnl
Tender It.ikeiy.
If you want u calendar for I'.nl, cull
on John I.. F.incrsoii.
If you want imported Macaroni. Lav
erty. he Leader, has it.
Fresh Strawberries at Pendleton
(iambic's next Tuesday.
If you want ixm ii am i:, life, lire
ur divider. t telephone No. Hi.
A letter from Jack Wilson, the bar
ber, locales him at Colorado City. Tex.
Try a bottle of Tobasen Sanee this
is the hot Mull', at I invert y 'a. the Leader.
Try Hume of Matlu-sou's "High
Patent" Family Flour, the latest mid
John L. F.uifrsou has a few rooms
for rent, either furnished or unfur
nished. If you need a notary public telephone
no Hi or cull ut the Ci iikiint otlice.
Always there.
Have you a chance to win the Hue
sewing machine tlu' (Tiiid.vr is going
to giveaway?
Cracked Wheat Isu very wholesome.
delicious and digestible breakfast food.
Laverty, the Leader, has it.
There will be no services at the Meth
odist chinch to-iuormw. Pastor Koli
crts will hold services at Malaga.
The Itostoii Concert company, Tues
day. January This will be the
feature of all amusements ever in Carls-,
Don't forget the singer .sewing ma
chine, that the Ct i!ii:r is going to
give iiway. See particulars In another
Henry Manguni . ami Annie Junes
were married Wednesday evening at 7
o'clock ut the residence of J. M. Sum
ney, colored.
Music divine, artistic and Inspiring,
wit, pathos uud humor, make up t he en
tertainment to be given at Tansill
opera house Tuesday, Jan. lIUIi.
The class of work now being Issued
from the Ci iiiiiAT job department Is
the very best. See our stock and. gel
o ir priivs, if you need any printing.
If you have a friend visiting you, or
know of any local news of interest, tel
ephone No. PI. or wild word to the
Cl Klicvr. We will appreciate it.
Prof. Ford and wile are succeeding
nicely with their dancing school at the
opera house. They lire accomplished
teachers ami their pupils show careful
and accurate training.
The annual business meeting of the
llaptist church was held Wednesday
night. The reports showed encourag
ing and substantial progress. The
sume church olliccrs were re-elected
with the addition or Mr. 4!. P. Filis as
secretary of the Sunday school.
Down at the 1'. S. Meat Market tlx y
sell, pickled pigs feet, weiner sausKgc,
botona, fresh head cheese, corned beef,
pickled pork, sour kraut and fresh and
Halt water llsh every Friday, also the
best meats that the country produces.
You ring the bell ami they do the rest.
Telephone No. 21. 7,14
Goods i
y Pardue'sNewStore
To look at his new stock
of Toys. Dollsaud Holiday
goisl; hi fact everything
from a jumping jack to a
railroad train.
Come early and avoid
the rush and get yotir
Wbitakt-r tV. (age, the eulerpii. ing
merchant of Hope, will open u branch
store at Miller aoou. They will begin
work on theirbuildiug next week, and
as vvoii a it is finished will occupy it
with u fctock of general merchandise
The business at Miller will be incluirle
of Mr. Wbilakrr, the uridor member of
the ill IU. The (THKt M wishe them
naics lu thtir UeW tlelJ.
i Toys1
I Dolls
Tlic First National Bank of Carlsbad,
-t-T- -7 II
feri!3!i1"i ÍÚ
IT 'V. nilll tm-Tm, ' " ' i
Mello! Is this Purdue's slore
Yes. and Harvey at tin- ple.-'ie,
Well, have vou salt ll-h t
Mackerel, brook trout and white llsh V
Mow about fresh fruit ?
We have very lino C-ilXirnbi Navel
and Florida orantes.
Lemons uud apples
Well, have you fresh cakes
Yes, ntii'liin, rbrlit fr m the f .ictovy:
and li t me ud.l Fiat we h ie (In
llnest stock of eiui'Mt ill t'ixvn.
Oh. well, sen.! me a :-ick i.f
Hour, an 1 mi pound of "Wl.ite
Star"e.!V- .-. ynii kiii.'.v !hat is M:e
best. Tint's a' t i.i.idhy...
Ily g"!ly. Frank! VI, i'.n y.ni rc-.-l oii
that I i:eVi r got a eli.iuce
to n-1; l:er li ü.ie.
A visit lo Prof. Ford's i'.am lug. ichonl
will convince aiijone that his metlmds
of instruction uro based upon scii uíidc
principle.!. Not only Is the ait of d.-rie-lug
to be iieili!reit. but also valuahlc
lessons in physical culture, w hi.'h v. ill
last a lifetime.
tleorge Meliiiis want it generally
Ullilerst.iod that l.e is i ti!! i.i the horse
hrenliioir hiisiues:.. and gimrauici s his
work. Auylhiiiir liom a brom ho to a
gira If e trained uud tiiorotigldy tamed to
work. If you don't U'lieve it just try
him uud he will show vou.
I -a ral"' -.h''-1- tLniM-"
I wish to groat yea all and hepn
that the Mew Year may brin to
one what you most need, and to thank
you one and all for your liberal pat
ronado in the past.
I also desire to toll you that I
am now located in iny new store--formerly
occupied by Kemp & .'ooner--vhei o
I shall be pleased to sec all of my
old customers and many new enes, as 1
am better prepared than ever to pHase
you. Remember we are the saín old
people, but in a new store. Ccme to
see us. Yours truly,
Phone No. 15. WILLIAM LCCIC.
The Nineteelitli century was well v
viewed recent I v. but to-iiiormw morn -
lug Pastor Powell will speak of 'Some
ti e it..!!.-:...... 1 1,.. ..r,.... '. I I ii i'.i
,.,.. o. Iinm -i ...-.
At 7 p. in. song service and sermon on
TheCreat Magnet." Vou are Invited.
t ! ll'tl...... n.,ilt'i.,l 111 Clll-Lllllll
.Mr. I., i. iis't.i i 1 1 in i""""-i
this week with sixty registered Here -
, n...... i utv in.! i',. i- olvnlli.r
, ., .. .. -,
the said cattle being i-oiuiiig tuns. It
is as linen lot of cat tie as wen- evei ship
(M-d lulu the Valley, and as advertised
i.. il.., .it.M..vr nil! In, i. ..fl iniieil iifT
Is.glniiiug next Monday, Jan
10 a. in., at the Kddy Wagon Yard in
Curlslmil. Mr. Wilson Is a breeder of
national reputation and Is the presi
dent of the Climbeiliud Co. National
Lank ut Neoga. III.,
The l. K. blacksmith dn,i has seeur
etl the si rviees of an expert painter and
are prepared to paint your curriugo,
buggies or anything that needs paint
In jr. They are also prepared lodo line
sign pit i ii t in;; ut very low rules uinl o:i
i . ... I...,. , .,, ...I m.vlloe r
n . ..
III that line iloii t lad locan ni li.e ii. i.
hhiqi or telephone No. 'tS.
The above
is a cut of the
riio.t com pi ete
cotice plant in the
United Slates. T
trtntendous businc;
m:tde it noccsviry toi i
nn iKtihlihmcnt is 11
new idea applied to the coflcehusi-
ncsi. C. F. Ll.ir.lco v.a tie fir?t man in
the HnPcd State! t blend cofice
with reg.ird t their drinking quality
cu?, rather than falhw the old formulas
much " Mocha" rad o much "Jiv."
pood.medium, and porr Moclias and
as there are rood, inedium and poor
That i the rewn other crifee are
Kientifitiilly blend cvry lot cf co:fee
quality exactly low " it hr.i alay been." " Famt Rlend " i hi
.iiMiii i, r,-.-'- mi.
, I ..v.l. . h .- I't
A . .1 . I ;mw t.if.l, i.Ihí .
luí iftK'il rmoía T MI '1
Paid ua Capital a Sarr-ls. 3I.2W
Ih.IIvI.I'C.! lí.- II..IU.. o JftA Af,A
I .-: I síik 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 . -1" -
.... lVtfiVVW
''. !
I . c,:,,,r ,., y,
, r..,. .1 i, I.
i. I .(..mi i!. IU.i, .
l Ti i. i
Somebody vmte a Liter to I'. V.l
Ferry Co., i'V.Ierlh',' see Is-, and en J
closed some money, lint fov-rnt l .d'.:i
any name or give ui.v a Hivm. I he
letter was mailed Decei.iber - I'n'. :'.t
Carlsbad. Wnsltvun !
so. vim h i.i
bettel send V in.r liami
(lie lir.ii.
ni. I r.di're
The Wells. Fargo K.ivss Cemiiany,
early ulive tu the IntereMs of their pa
Irons, have moved their ii!i.v from he
depot and Mre Incaled in the luriiilnre
store of Finlav M iirii'v. on the we-!
till" of 4'ii;ioii vri,. win, .Mr. I,. P.
Jones. I'.u mei'ly of lins veil a. 1. 1 A it
Un. in eh.!'.':fe. This i-. aci i.iii!. imI.i
lion thai the pco!
Cu e had ai ii i
chilly v.'ll ii-p:"-ia;e. Mr. .I.ien i i
forms us th '.l just ,'. i sunn i a .. ;mi
can be pi'ivifrcd. trie il; lively of ,i.
ages will begin. This i auulher ill in
that in;. y he mu. nurd up in il.e coh.i.,u
of general proerity f e I ':i Imiii I.
The !oii;i Coiiecrt couiiciiv will i.'i-
pear in T. infill o;m i s hoiiw ''in .' iy !
evening. .I.inn.ry :!'.('i. No ion; any
of ( lilertii'.iei of i!,e Unlit has ever
tt it lies?
on sale
4 ',i!-I.,ImI. : , ;il tlie h-lise id
i.s he crow i!e, ! to : capacity, to
the lit -I .:pi car.!'ii e of real
ii our i ily. 'I lie .-'i! h are i.i.w
!i,e e(.;;, r in, ...vr iieiie;
ready I. il. en by the hold. 'is of mumui
tickets. I lie (oaip.lliN ciiii'.is!'. of
Iteriiaid Wallher. the li.ii'.i us Keigian
viohnisi: .Mi.-s I ii ie ihi i ly. y h
sopnum; 1!; nv, i:! y r. i-v. ! Iiupi u
a'lui and iinnoi is!, lid th iMinle l ay
son. pianist.
The Woiieiiii-n of the ,,rl I of Carls
' had installed their newlv il-eted oiii
cers at the last we.-U meeting. ' he I
nlli,...K r..i- 1 1,., i. ,.. l. i. i
.......... ... ... ,,.
Southerl in I, C 4'.; A K. Ihii-lcy, I 'lerk:
' It. P. I! ..(son. A. L: It. Led., lü-nk-
4-r; i . n. .Moore, i.mi.iI; lr. re,h(, ;
' Phvsieiau.
, ' ' '
Ib'ough the courtesy ol Sallan
,.,., vtiUl r (if ) h
Malik, of
I Itoswell. we weresliow n thiuiieli l l.e I
i.nii.iio.r ..r n.,,1 ii,iii.,i; ... iui i ...
i - .,, 1,'r.v .-lililí, I,
1 fl,i,o,i , i, .i I . . .,- n in i- , .
musí iiiniierii i'.'incrn, aim sug.-eai a
material siihst.iiitiabilily, which u -Vy
eyeeeiletl by tlie limim ial strenglh of
(he stock huldf I'suiiil ollicials, e pie
lit ful this institution u most thitier I
lug success from the start. !
If ynii want to sie an upto!ale
mi at iii ik t ilc:,-e coiné ami examine i
the ('. . Meal ; Market in the lid,.. rue!
block. Their ilfciuttioii for Ninas will
be lt iiiiylhiuq in (he lein,,;. , j
eaiue le it to h: and .e are l'"iii;f lo I
slay, ivc give vim ii, orí- ;,;, i .,,.. i
ti,.,,, nt,y hlmp t : t I. .is nn
hi re.
in the
of io
Thrfj are
JaM, th-s ume
Cahíorr.ia frait.
not uniform. Dhnke
to produce a drinking
liMf ii a SaPP mm
m'án li U m ti M W STJ HHMBS
X.bI..!'. J i . .-OJTT- X 1 It ...
v..-.. V -1
t. I
"V. ,1
75 ChNis
Guaranteed for one
t.'ce M. I. Id ! :it I
:ir i: the III!! ! I ! "
sha vi'r.; par
pl.'i -c ill the
soiiliMSe.-t. A li i'-e i. i: i -d.lli-:
v, e know, Ir '. e I -
4 l i .-i!e I ii.i:i i ,
The i leelitiil l . . 1 h' v ' e I '
ly. The I'olhtM in .tie , I fl
jiisthe of the Pi a . . I. I! '
led: I'
'. (ico --..i
1 elect in
1 Mlllh'i
t Were .'
i It i .
.t - c.iu-il-i ! , . i.. '
.1 nhii . i:!. I't'e ji! I ,i
u w ere i . 1 1. I 'oriu ..
. 1
I . 1
cif! .
and I,. !nr inn-, i'he
t 'mini .c; h.ini a:i 1 ' . i.l
v.illi -.1 Im .. thai the 4't
a.iiioiir.ct' t't ilea'.li from
liioiii I ol lic. K'ini . 4'ivot.s. al
' Monte isla. C il"iil o. .!ieie he .v
i holding a leviv.il met I'll'.:. I ); died o'i
t he Viii of .laur.aiy. Ke. im ' :
ited the Peco. ,'i'ii y a un ihi r oi
time. ill the cuiiai i" i.i' ..I'lc iuien :i u'
! ...
of l!.;ii'.i:.t M :o;i-.. and ! mm-:,
lovi i by ill-icy l ' i. :i ! .. 'I ue w iter !
niel. ibera ,M l'. 4 'li ..!, . .1 . a bivah'c i-nei
get ie eh i st i a II man . . c. . il ( J u - in b.e
4;l I.l: t S.itlir.h.v eelii:.r li-e north
l'oiiii l rain ln:; :e a n'thir !':: '. . mi
Inuii Carl .-bad lh'-m II I ie -hi
tiuli villus well ;i : ie. an. I tl.o u;u -.,i
of live n i i I il it -: for M hot bo; the e
tu:. I time reuniré I to nl.tke ihi run. i.i
I cliiil'.ji;; I hese ;.n. i. w. i Iv, o !i"ii-s . . t-1
j I'l'liV.i ii'ililltes. ''he l coil -.).. 1 1 -.il. .il
the track and the p l!:n;r siocl. m: ! il
I a I h a-. .nil ride fei all on lin iid il'n
out tin a' I'leilltu s ll "M'li'il have Ken
ilupov.iiih' to make iif t he I me, Mi l a
largo audience woo Id have. Lion uisap
I pointed in heii' i'ie, Joaquin M ilit r. w Im
was on I mar. I. n
i only n lew miiiiiii -. !
to einergelicie.'. Ii,,-
It W.'a he lilll.ci
le. W he I il come.-i
Vi'it; Sv t.'in i' I.l
j he I i-l it tl upon.
I Unit of t Innnr.
Thl-l'nlloW illir ui'Un i fr.i'll
luaiy ilepaitliii ut of the public si :,n,iN
III e t ill il led to il. H i - oil I he honor roll
for the preceediu:: l.umt'.i:
.Mien Stewart, M on me I in h ; i- c.
I'.lllit lie lioliel ti'., M limit I il ii hi. iti.
j r.ii.i. ii ii i pp. .x.i.iii iiiii:!in.
N'ooiliiu-n I i t taiunu'iit.
j I '.lid V (rove No..', U tin lilt II of the
j nl III. W ül líive : Il -!i I siip.i I i.l,. i
bail nil the Ihi,.' I.l.lii'ti ,'.! of thi
ni'tier ill CiM'lsh ol. -.lo. .'I 'Ihi. !e,.i.;
: ,. . tqeint of tin
,, J,,,.,,. ,, j,.,, , ,.,, ,.,
il e. .il
' ' lie n liiembei'eil.
ll parlies ow in;; me for
r lire
hen bv uiititied !ha! I
iiiii .t hiivi' I i
I uioiu y for the wati r ! tin
III of the
month after the water i- ileiivcu .1 or I it will li.iiii.di pains ami sntnlue hill mi
w i!l htop the watt r until I am paid. in ilion Price ."i ami .Vi ei nts. F.ddy
Ft: '. vi 1! ti:;: i: i . Di ug Cn.
Auction Sale
The IMllh ' ' I d V i'l olí '
i i l',i :, ..a .!!.:! s i,.'.
i'- i It 'I. 1 t w i: 1 h; ' ',. I
l ioli lie ' : i .1 I " a ' :i i I
gl. ilt hla.w bi.il. 4 l;l.i :
tijicii i; t'.!.,eg!i iiMt
tt-li r . 1 la
i f I !, i , mi
li i .i e i'. .ii i
our iio', -.
1 f .
lúr,J ...
O ' i i
4 U
i t! iM rn:: !;.i
L'oiicty I tni he! ' Assiulntlftil,'
.'-AiiiiJjv, fell. go i.
hi: lil . i
' I m ic .
' II V I ii l'
'. rith;n
ih .. II. I. Pov.ell,
'i'liple .:!! I 'nliipoiili'l
i ', e illi.imi.
I;..') iv
A ssnelat eit,
.'lil llicl.li.au,
ii. p. i :in.
.nilie and
II. F. llena r,
. . I. If I'll: I
il alio. i
-'. I'i.ier
-i mi ;.
'a 1 1 . ' I ' 1 1 e
!l lil
. I'l
( 'i.t
in ; i :
rn. ir. 1 1 1 r
;i'i h I tul lu It.
! i "i l in l i .
ii l ll-M),.
. - I '! III.
4 onilllilteO,
W il
til iv.
1 1
l oi .NuLv
of water,
lal 1,'ai.t!
i n I i. .
!. mili s :,!( 1 1
i: i'i'iuI raiiMO,
v rite me at
I . M I W Mi I .
id Hi
w all '' .
A IVcql h ;':oi .
p in n nu leiy why women enduro
üat'U.iche. De illucbe, N el voiisilt ss,
li-ei e- 'iii" -i 'Mclaiich '1;, , Failitlii
till I W H,l !!:. w hen ! hoiisands II IV(
provi il Ihul 1 '.tee! u- I'.ÜIeis w III quil t,ly
cure sueli Doutdes. "'! snlferi'd lop
m .us witli Kntnev iroulile, ' writes Mm,
t;.. ( q,,,, ,.y, of p.-iei mi. ,
i I. tine ti n !. , an, lal me i n I could not;
dres mwieli, hul Flictrie I'.itlern
wholly c'lieil me, .n il, i lthoiigh "it
years old, I lev. Mil itl.ic t i ilo all my
lion levvoi I;." M oveieiuoes Const ipit
lion, i tu i i oves Appetite, givet peril el.
health. 4 inly ."'I; ut lahl) Ding Co.
No! ice to the I'uhlic.
I ',iic a'.ih' I a slock of luirlo i,i y
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i i 1 1 i He a -d. II c of mu' pal i'i.IiíIkc
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la i . i ii ' li ii y troiitih'. the illncf.
action of t! illrii's 1 1 c hound Syrup
nponlhe 1 1 1 it . fir s! and lungs, tin
:n, di iti lv illie t the leal l ly, tiV reliev
uq; the de-tress, euttinu' tli" phlegm
and lit em.: Di'' vocal un, I I, rent lung
i'i íMiiv. I rice 'J.'i and .Vt cents. Libly
I )i ng Co.
I'l l-. ens who lead a life o expi'Miro
are i.iil ject to i henin t'i' ni, lienralgi
and Inmli.ig'i, will liml u valuihic,
ri uieily in ll i'hi tl'n Mmw I .iliimenl ;
e re f o r d
Carlsbad, N. M.
Mori., Jan. ülíit.
1er sale .h'.'i' '. " ' i ad
l',i, 1 . i.i .1 la I i .t. i . i', i;
; : . c. a it ! in :. ' n
I .,' I I'l V. II III',. ,
il' I t ., I il W I ,1 l'IC'l,
iti in., 'lloran -.. car
ii.íi -i s. ni ! ,. t i I i r I .i
:..ii ,niti .ii tl ' e: l le
a ni i y fi i j mi lo lay the
in cat lit ,
I tf ,' r I '..lie.
'I l is w id he
l oini.l.i: i .ii of
We aro Breeders
and not j id's i ,, nod lid will l.e l.r.-. .Ii ' ale
' rii tiy i.. I will 'o lit Im i Wi i ' pi ni s w e l,ii e l.al
! -in iii,,vi' in In., iiu u)i eiillle niel Imvn
-; ,ili d In III i ,' 1 1 ... i : lioi tiiue lo C like our herdl
m'.-. ml In lei.-. Itithin,' tli. ml will I" tohl
Will on' NMIi .1 b.. lá'l to the hc-h-.'.l bl'l h-i' for
citMi. W iii 1 ,:il t. i.t i little lor tli.lant puici .iem.
, A .'

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