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o I 6 O i 6 1 1 o t o fo tooof
i í irivi mi t tkim
II. pW Him I Inn f Torprnlif lrtro)'r
VMtililliirt I t lliu ltu- O
Ion Umi-riirneiit.
wotoaot ototottodot oaototo
-It. ad that, telltil." ssld the dock
yard chief, handing me an nftVlul com-muiih-niliin
from the minister of ma
rine. It ran:
''I hare received poult I re Informa-
!on thnt the ltnslno government baa
In aouie w ay obtained possession of the
aecrel i.f the new torpedo d.-stioy.-r
IihmI.I No. tWi and la building ao
tordlng to our model. I'lease make
very inquiry Immediately to find out
linw the plan of the model hn rome In.
(if Ita Msesalon. You have full au
thority to adopt all necessary meana.
hiitil I Impress the Import anco of dls
foverlug the leskaee?"
"It la liifaplicat.lv I aald. "No ono
tiaa aeon the model rxcept yon mid me
and Iho im-imImta of the council unleaa,
Indeed, the lutenlor haa driven a don
Me lm renin or aoum one hna ol. tallied a
fopy of the model from hla workshop." (
I heve thought of llinl," on Id the
fhlef, "but I think Hint Nolutlon tery
Unlikely. l wll! probubly bo here In
few mltiutrs."
"What about the mliilxtersT Could
there lie any leakage from the coun
cil r I queried.
"I would rather you would suggest
that limn (hat I Should." he replied
dryly. "No, my dear Vallnl, the re
ponallilllly reala on your ehouldera
nd mine, and we must clear ourselves
at all costs."
At thla motnent llraslcr. the Invent
ur, entered the room.
"Vou have aeiit for ine," he aald
abort ly.
1 "Tho matter la very Important." anld
llic chief, "na n foreign government
ho matter whlrli-hns miiiingcd to ob
tain n copy of your model No, 71112."
"Whnt. the toricdo destroyer?" es
claimed llrnsler. .
"We want to know who hit" access to
your modela bealde yourself." anld the
"No one. I am not a fool. I trust no
title. I Kteuk lo no our when there la
work on hand till I hnnd It lo the
government for conalderatioti. No one
touchea the model but myaelf. Kvery
luodel tip to the prcNcut time thnt I
have aulimllted haa lieen mudo com
lilelely. from MikI lo lut. by inyw lf."
"t'ould any one eu'er your work
fihop," iilerled the chief, "without your
knowing li f
"IVltlillily tiotl" he n-plled decided
ly. "It would bo nul'e luiMMMll,lit. The
room In with li I work la on tho ground
IliMir and built of aolld alono, with a
rom rrl di foundiilloii."
"How la the room eutcredT" aikod
the chief.
''t here la only one approach to It,
itirnugn an iron m.or wnicu upeus uno
luy Kicciiiug rtHiiu, hiki ii inr iioor wriv .
njM'iieil It nould disturb ch'Ctili' bells
over my head. Ko you see, my dear
fili'iuK I do not sell siN-rels without
taking care that (hey aholl not become
luiblic piupcity first. No. no; the se
cret did not come from me, my friends.
It must have been stolen from you."
"The model might have been sold on
the double," remarked the chief,
Itrniler drew himself up and said:
"Vou are an hotioriiblo man. nnd your
friend here Is an honorable man, but
you are. fortutuitelj, not the only lion
rublo men that t It la country pos
acmes." The eksmlunllon of Itraxler's work
hop only confirmed hla lew lu every
point, nnd there could be no ijueatlou
(if the secret of the model hnvlug been
discovered or got nt surreptitiously
without the connivance of Hauler him
self. We then called on the minister of ma
rine and, having told hi in the detalla
f our search, offered lo hand In our
reslgnntlona with our odíela) reports oa
the s-u IX U.
"I should nut aeiTpt them," he aald
kindly, "Thla particular matter Is, aft
er slL of great luiMirtnnce only that
we tuny detect tho leakage, and I leave
the uiatter In your bauds, geutlcmua.
Kerp yutir eyes and rara open and," lie
added, w Itu a dry smile, "don't give up
the search."
Three muutha had claused and had
lieen frultlens hrn one day llratler
wss nnuounced. He came Into the
rhlefa ruaiu. his fn.-e fum.wisl with
thought, but with a trlumphaut gleam
lu his eyes.
"iJuntlcmen," he aald, "I havo made
litany iprluieuts to try to Hud out
how my model was stolen, At Inst I
aiu uesr success."
"How?" we both queried aliuuttaue
"tlaiilly, gently, my dear sir. It haa
taken tue three months' bard work and
uitoue thought to get on the track.
Now la the 1 1 ins to act No; no ques
tions uow, but come with uis lu the i
train touiomiw. for svery one In the
Iowa knows that tomorrow 1 bring my
great new Invention to ebour ta tit
ministry. Itut come armed "
tin the uekl day, when the train en
tered the alatton, the chief, Hraater
jwbo carried a red leather case) sud I
took seats lu the corner ot tho smoking
xiitipui tuirut of the ear. Al soon as
the train started a large, burly looking
inau raws lu and Joined us.
He had Urge black lettber salt
raae In one baud, hlcb be carried by
a handle, rruui the center of which roa
I. Ule btasa kuob like a mount la
the other baud be carried a heavy
th k. Ae be aat down Hrasler touched
iila revolver pockrt, luaklu a alga te
its to i' Ktt the aUrt.
TW stiangt-r 4srd LU suit rtae be
side ur red rase, and we noticed that
sterer once did be take hla baud iS tbo
handle or rrtueve UH Bogera frets tee
lusas kuob la the renter.
-'IMaikr leaasMl aver to as aaA w Ha
"Me ati-al njr ni'xIcN by tit florot-fi-n
raya. Mun lileit. In lia not cletrert
IU rt-nily when I sny, '.Now,' "
Whether t lie ni ranger hoard the
word or Dot I rio not snow; but. any
how, tie was startled by wing llrsrler
whisper lo ii i and rprang to lila feet,
brltiRhig lila stlrk to the bayonet
rliarge, a If to thrust with It at any
on lio attempted to approach him.
Tlit chief ha! hla hand on hit re
volver when the airanger sprang tip
and. on the Instant; covered him with
II. Mke IlKhSulng he struck the re-
volver with the aiirk. It burst with a
treuiendoiia csphmlon, shattering the
eUiera bn' n'1 Bering " nr-
aler with fragmenta of broken window
When the atnoke floored, we found
that the atranger had taken advantage
of the coufiialon. Miro wo omii thn cnr.
rlnge door and Jumiiod for hla lllierty.
I leaving the suit rase In-hlnd. We found
afterward that It contained a moat In
P'tiloua variation of the Koenigcu p
pnintim, which would ena'ile n clever
iiieehanlclan to nl.tnln the working de
talla of any model by photography.
The Instrument la now lu the burcnu of
the ministry. The stranger we nevei
heard of ngnin. ao wo preauuied he waa
Uf,Uf , ,,,, j,)IM1
! t he onlv one vt h miffcred much wm
our beloved chief. ho hna uever com
pletely recovered from the ahock and
the npcrnllou that followed hla ahare In
the discovery of how model No. 7312
waa tlolcu. St l.oula Ctnr.
fVnfuclua onlla hlmnelf a tmnaniltfcr
only, not a mnker, believing In and
lining the niK'letita. When apeaklug
of hlmaelf, he anya: "At 1.1 I had my
mind bent on Icni'iilug: at I atood
firm; at 4 I hud no doubta; at &0 I
knew the decreea of hcoveu: at 00 my
cnr waa nn obedient organ for the re
ceptlou of linlli; at 7() I could rollow
what my heart dealrcd without traua
greaalng w hat wua right."
('ufiiclua died In 478 It. C. coin
plulnlng thnt among all tho prince of
the empire there waa not one whs bml
adopted hla principien, not ono who
Would obey hla IcaMona. This ahowa
what la, lu fnct, confirmed from other
Bourcca- thnt he hlniHcIf wna not an
active refm iiu-r, ao thai while alive he
scarcely produced a ripple on the
emooth nml silent ouifix-c of thn reli
gion thought of hla own country. He
waa, no doubt, lu advance of his con
temporaries, but he took his stum!
chletly on certain verltlea that had
come down to him from ancient times,
and his ful lb In these verities nnd lu
their coming revivid luis certainly not
been belied by whnt happened after
his dentli.
Ills grnndKou already spenke of him
as the Ideal of a sage, us a sago Is the
hlenl of all humanity. Hut even this
griindHoti was fur from claiming divine
honors for his grninlnlre, though ho
certainly seems to exalt his wisdom
i and virtue beyond tho limits of human
hni,.e.M( Muller In Nlnctwuth fen
The Parmeat tie Aaked.
Mme. Mfhoionicr, the wife of the not
ed French artist, evidently wn not
overnhumlsntly aupillei with tuct. It
Is told of her that one day she sent for
the fiimlly pliyslclmi, mid he hurried
over to the Iioiiho, tlilnUIng some lllness
had overtaken the nrlUt. It wns not
the master of the Iioiihc, however. It
was only the lapdog. The dH-tor pock
eted his pride nml mtrnt v.cnlously at
tended me patient, which soon recov
ered. At the end of thu yenr ho sent In
his bill, but among the Items there was
none for attendance on n dog. Mine,
ktelssonler noticed the omission and
called the physician's attention to It.
"You must hurgo for that also," sue
aald. "I Insist upon It."
"Hy no menus," w&s tho reply. "I am
not a veterinary surgeon. I was very
glad to the dog a service, but really I
can't be paid for It."
IiisIhI uMin It!" ssld the lady.
Well, then," returned the doctor, "as
the lilugea on my gate are aomvw bat
rusty M. Melssunler may bring his
brush and paint them for mo."
Hut Mclasoulcr In the role of a gate
pulutcr la not known to history.
The HUkest Art.
The word "artistic" has been so mis
applied that Hie majority of icople sup
lióse It means something rather dlsor-
,4..,l .fl.l It. l.ltlkM.f.f II.IMT flftufl lit,,.
I gur VM u, . ,,,1,,,, pm-lso uialdcu
' ulU w,, t,.r lll(rroWi ,,, ,oVg of
' exsct outline, and the art loving niece,
all ou tire with raptures oyer "color
i harmonies" aud contempt for every
. thing which Is not plciuivsquel l.et us
gue our sympathy, however, to the de
rided sunt. Cruse for color Is a tower
degree of the scune of iveuuty than ap
precis t Ion of sy lumetrlcal arrangemeut.
Hcuiplure la a finer achievement of the
Intellect than mlotlng. Hat ages nod
Ignorant children can take pleasure In
color display, but only an educa Od
mind la moved through effects of form.
Florence Hull Wtntcrburn In Wom
an's Home Companion.
Lift QtaStalas Balha.
So long ss the leaves of the gladio
lus cuuttnus green the bulbs are to re-u.-aln
undisturbed In the ground, the
green leaves being an evidence thai
the preparation for next suuinu-re
blood la tot completed. The comple
tion will be shown by the leaves turn
ing yellow and dying or, w hat amounts
to the same thing, belug killed by froet
In either ca, w U-u the leaves are
drad, the bull are to t dug up, the
top cut off about an luck above the
bulb, and after drying a few days In
the shads the old bulb (which baa be
ronae worth lea U to be ar pataUd
fron the new one ir than ona
aoniettaea-whlcb baa formed slows It
and thrown away. Tbs new bulb
the asa w fetch funned above the old
bain ara the a ta be laid away safa
(rem frvat nutll sprtajf.
Hew to Make Thla Neevusarr Cera
atwaent ef lb Salad.
The most luiottaut clement In the
dressing of a salad la the olL And re-uu-mbcr
there Is no economy la spoiling
your ealad by using oil of poor quality.
Although a dluuer may bo perfect In
every other detail, the poor quality of
the salad will lie the only part of It re
uieinbered or commented uKu. To
Insure success In your undertaking you
uiimt lie sure that cverythlug needed
Is thoroughly chilled before becluulug
the work the oil, plate, egs and even
tho fot k.
The uncertainty and much of Wt j la
Iwr are l-eiicd by using a mayouunlMc
mixer. Itut n soup pluto and allvvr or
wooden salad fork will answer. Un
less you Intend making a pint of dress
ing use but one egg. Separate tho yolk
ery cnrefully from tho white, drop
tho yolk Into the soup pinto and stir
rapidly with the fork until the yolk la
broken mid well mixed.
Now add the oil, drop by drop nt (lrst,
being careful to stir nl way lu the tauu
direct I'ju. If your pinte nnd the oil arc
perfectly cold, the mixture will aooti
Itcglu to thicken. Now add a few drops
of terrngoti vlnegnr or lemon Juice:
then mid more nil, nnd as the emulsion
becomes thick you can add the oil find
er. In n slow, steady stream. Always
stirring, not bentltig, continue to add
the acid, a little at a time auh Just
enough to keep the d isslng from sop
ar ting. Continue lu this lrtnu(T un
til you Inn o um-d half a pint of olL
Hen no n with salt nml cayenne and give
a good, vigorous stirring. .When fln
ImIiciI, the iiuiyonnalitu should be like
thick, smooth Jelly. A ierfect dressing
must not bo too ncld, ns Hint destroya
the dellcnro flavor of the olive oil.
Ilnw tn 1 Hits nt Snap.
ftinnll pieces of soap that accumulate
In tho sorip dish may bo used In cither
one of two ways. Homo housekeepers
miikv wtint they call soap bags, put
ting nil Iho small odds and ends Into
llttlu bags made of old towellug. The
bag may then be used Hkt- a cake of
soap. Another good method of saving
the bits Is to shave them up anil put
them Into twice their measure of boil
ing water. When thu soap Is dissolved,
Hwdered oatmeal, sulllclclit to make a
stiff liHtter, Is added. Tho mixture Is
turned brio molds nnd. when dry,
makes nn excellent soap for iho eklu.
How la nenovate Searched Ltavn.
A poor (roller Is one of tho trials
of housekeeping. Heorehcd clothes ore
often dlNcnrded as hoclcss, but If not
too much burned may he tunde, all
right by tho patient uso of onlou Juice.
l!n!L the onion nnd squeeze out tho
Juice. Mix It with nn ounce of fuller's
earth, a tittle shredded soap and a
wlueglnMNful of vinegar. Ileal tho
mixture ti!! tho soap Is dissolved. Then
wait till II Is cold before applying.
Hub II well over thu scorched place,
leave to dry and then put the gar
ment lu the regular wushlug.
How to llak Illea Savory.
Four ounces of rice, four' ounces
grated cIicchc, one ounce of butter, half
ii u ounce of Hour, half n pint of uillk
or water rice was boiled lu. salt, cay
enne pepper nnd n llttlu mndu mustard
If liked. Holl the l Ico In water. Melt
the butler lu a suucepnu. ndd the Hour
and mix well, put lu milk or rice water
stir till tho sunco bolls, Ihen add the
lice and season well. Htlr three ounces
of grated cheese Into the rice and pour
nil lulu a buttered plu dlHh. riprlukla
thu rest of iho checsu ou the top, brown
lu a hot oven.
How la Make Miar I'mldlng-.
Mince some beef, season It with herba
aud a llttlu onion, dredgu thickly with
Dour aud molstcu with a little gravy,
noil some suet crust out very thin
and with It lino a bnalu; place a thick
layer of tho meat at the bottom and
then a layer of pastry, and so ou tilt
tho bnsln Is full. Cover neatly as you
would a steak puddiug. Hull gently for
' tw aud oue hnlf hours, turn out to
servo and pour gravy round. This
makes an excellent dluner for children.
Haw (a Dull Salt Mackerel.
Let thu mackerel soak 12 hours.
changing the water several times.
Cover with fresh water, add a dash of
Tluegnr, a bay leaf, a sprig of parsley
and half an onion, sliced. When the
water bolts remove tho kettle to a
place, where the water will bubble
slightly on one aide. Iet aland 15
minutes, drain tho fish, dress ou
folded napkin, surround with parsley
aud acrvo with crenm horse radish
sauce ac r ved In a gravy boat
Haw Pallah Steal Aaalroaa.
Hunt on steel fire Irons will no doubt
yield to thla treatment: First rub the
whole suiface with parattlu, then with
sweet oil, snd let them remain with the
oil on them for two days. Afterward
scour with uuslacked lime fUiety pow
dered until sll spots diaappear. He fore
putting your, fire Irons away for any
length of lime wrap each separately In
something woolen, old or uew, and
pack away lu a dry ylace.
Haw la I'haaa laallrr.
The luülo fowl ahould be clntaea In
preference to the female, and the abort-
er tho spurs the youuger the bird. The
claws sud beak sre easily broken in
a i'o-jug bird, ttbort 1 Mined nnd short
legged poultry Is usually cousldervd
the uioat delicate, thicks, geese and
turkeys should hare the feet aud Kgs
limp aud moist. If they ara dry and
stiff II Is a stale bird.
Hew ! I se Stole raaS.
ttcak a pint uf statu bread lu a quart
of sour uillk ovvrulghL In the worn
lug sift a teaspoua uf soda std a bit of
sail la a cup of Hour; stir Into tee
Soaked bread, best lug out all lumps.
Fry as grkl.lUn skes. tVrve hot. with
sii up or butter aud sugar.
There b Something; to See
Tna Abort and
Missouri and
Mississippi Rivers
and Beyond
Texas and Old Mexico
Tlii rtifwt MTTonlrnt alt vr-'moud
rvMirt tur ix..l in thiawcUon-
Tnn LINE to Tna LAND or
flpn'1 vonr rrti-nrtu In thn Dirt Htnton nna
of our tlloatrated iuililvU, autllled
"Ih Ttltti On lil."
"Fitthtrt ins Fln tn ISt Frltco."
"Frull Ftrminf Sltna Uit FlUes."
"Th Oisrh Upim."
"Thtrs It Btiiitthlna Is tts Alonf the
Frites Uas."
Tha mcvt comprnhamitvariiltroail IIUr
attir f.ir tblMmiMM.kMroriDvMUirevor
in-trll.nlHl L-ralulK.uxly.
Heurt an adilnm to llimm Ko. 72A Cn
lury Iluil.llug, Ht. Loula, and wa will
luail nujii-.
Wall Paper
Propria tors.
Wo have
Wall Paper
Paints and Oils
Window Glass
Room Moulding
Picture Moulding
Picture Frames
Window Shades
Curtain Poles
Paint lii'iishcs
Carlsbad Ci ukf.nt and Xew York
Weekly Tribuno S2.25 kt year; and a
linnce in thu Sewing Macliitie drawing
thrown lu. .
Fres ot Charge.
Any adult suffering Iron) a cold set
tled on the breast, bronchitis, throat
or lung troubles of any nulure, who
will cull at Dr. Smith's, will be pre
sented willi a sumpls bottle of Jloschee's
(Jertimt) Syrup, free of charge. Only
one boUiu given lo one person, and
none to children without order from
Clubbing List.
Anyone who is interested In affiiiis
of the world at large, aa weil as our
own national lire, will be pleased with
thu loiiowlng subscription offer: New
subscribers can secure the Cam. shad
Ct nuKNT and the New York W eekly
Tribune one year for t':ü: old sub
scribers tna take udvuutHgH of this
offer by paying up arrears and a year
In advance. The Tribune is one of
the foremost journals In tha world; 24
pages each week. Call at the Cut
it I; n t oltlce and get a sample copy.
1 'barley Hoc, the general agent of the
Singer AlaiiufncluriiMj Company, lias
one besetting sin, lishlng. lie would
rather sit on the banks of the l'ccos and
catch bass than to sell sewing machines,
consequently be engaged with the Sin
ger Company, so that he can libit while
the Singer machines sell themselves.
for Women
Am tou nervous?
Ait you completely cahausted?
uo you suiter every montnr
Ii you answer M vss " lo any oi
Itwat questions, you bav ills which
Wins oi Card id cures. Do yoa
spprrcUl what ecrfect baalth would
bs to yotrf Alter Uklnf Fina ijt
Cardal, thoassndt like you hsvs rcsi
iud tt. Nervous strain, loss oi slop.
Cold or indigcatioa starts mcmtrval
disorders I h-.t art not ootlceAbla at
ilrrt, but cUy by dUy staadjy rrnw
Into troubl-Aoina corn rilcAtlons. Vías
of CsrduC, used Hat Vsiore Ihs m to
st rutt fwriod, will kns the icniakt
system la perfect cooiitloa. This
rédUinc is Ukro auktly at bctna.
Thin U aothioe like at lo hsl
wonun cnoy rood hsaha. It coos
only 1 1 to leal thai tenudy. which Is
endorsed by 1,000,000 cuisd women,
Mrs. Una T. frUMirtt Imi U. LeuU.
III., ssyta "I am phytkAily a at
Vkomaa. ky rsstea at my at at Vtiat I
Car out and Tbsdlarfs Black DraugtU."
la mm laaalrta ,rril Slrartlnaa aa-Sf-Ma
itifta iivwh"1 s Ia4' aSvi
tr l-Tra' ht IIM.t )l4i-
taa CwiMaatkt4 Ta.
Carries nil the finest grfid.
. of liquors on the mar
ket. All tneir friends
and patrons are in
vited to call and
judge for them
sclves and he.
Chicago, St. Louis
and Kansas City
'o Transfers from EI Taso (r Port Worth.
Ask for Tims Cards and Mapa of Yonr Nearast A genitor write
D. F. and r. A.,
El 1'aso, Texas
217 Myrtle Aye., opposite
5 Best Stock
P Prices
J Easy Terms
Correspondence solicited.
Che Carlsbad Saloon
.. for ..
Lumber Yard.
A. N. l'UATT, Trop'r.
Sash. Etc.
Carlsbad t'i KKrNT and New York
Tri-Weekly Tribune for S2.75 per year.
CtHKKKT and Weekly Tribune 2.25
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Perfect digestion Is the only founda
tion fur I effect heslth. The food we
eat makes all the blood we have, which j
In turn feeds every nerve, inunda aud '
tissua lo our body. Ileibloe quickens
tha appetite, aids '.gestión, gives tune
and vigor to ail fuctlon aud euauresj
good health, ilioe, ooc, at baay urug
Siuce I havf, accepted Singer agency
but few otfcat marMiies hsve hwn soM
here. Order 4 mii r u lu:.!. tie.
Oen'l. rasa. Agent,
Topeka, Kansas
. Q
Chopin Hall, Ti Paso, Tesas. c
Old Instra-
ments takes
In exchange. Í
Pianos for $
Rent. j
& Cantrell.
k 4 Thes Great Cattl
J Trail Rout. L
TUiallnala now eaulDDed fullr to
sreummodata I ha arral and incrcaa
Ins radia btulneaa ul lha facoa Valley
aud lis adjulniiif lerrltorj.
It la the caula thlppart Una from all
nolnla on ttaa Nortliern I'lalna and
livni (be n-at raosaaol the valley.
Only 9 hours by last train betwaea
IVroaClly aud IUa great market of
A aoemut manageaient. A friend
of l ho valley .
Thanraat plaint have aeeo peopled
tbrwufcU lha uiedlutu of thla rails ay.
t'arlkhad, Rnavll, l'ortala. Bol
ua, li-rWop,i and Canyon lily, all
jwiinu ot hlixn'tit, mw a all ejuliH
ad with Ivad aud water.
E. W.
Q. f . Y. At.
. n Kir-HO! 8.
Oaai Mauaor,
Hoa wall, Kew atsaie.

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