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SVi r. Smoker!
Have you ever reflected wby such
an army of men swear ly the
5c I M I White
Cigar m KnigM
One trial will tell the tale.
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iriic DAILY Trilmiifitjfwnir'Uli. 1mi IKiMtifitlr nutl Y'ut
Hfii CtirrwitHiutlPiH, Hboit Ftitr, vlVjrHiit Imll luiin tlln
li-Hiiuua, lliimoniiN ttotii. lnüiwtruil ittfui nuttiuti, Km hi un
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financial Markrt Ht'MrU. H'ctiUr nilrrliiilun itrirt gl ft.t
i-rer. wa fiirui.h it with (li CAULMlAIr CI 11 UK NT
tx W. 73 pr jrenr.
Wev; York Tribune.
and filial! ant. f II cnntalna ail tlir unt lium-tJiiit sn'itrral
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an AitHrulinrwl ! fartmml of III liltclirM vnlrr, lian enter
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ytmnv, Markrt Niiia alili-li ara arvi a autlmrit jr ly
litruifia a iil coitniry mrrolmiiU, ami U tlfttii, ti Iii-jIaic, ln
ltrttliifi ami ( tniriUc. Itraular aMl'rittÍMa ulr fl.lMI
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poisoning eet lu. .For two years he suf
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Tnxen nlt ; Iioum-h lor rf'iit and Mlc;
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I'oltte Collector Only Employed
The Maryland legislature has dlMfran
chlsed the state's forty-four thousaud
illiterate vters. eighteen thousand of
them being whites, and mostly demo
crats, and, twenty-six thousand blacks,
and nearly all republicana. The legls
lature's reason fur this sweeping ballot
law is the claim of tlili class of voters
had to be assisted in casting their bul
lots, and, without a secret ballot, there
was no other way than by disfranchise
ment to prevent bribery. The republi
cans, of course, denied, that this reason
is val.d, and declares that It is a politi
cal yarn to deprive them ail chance to
carry the etuto hereafter, if congress
does not interfere, such states as Ken
tucky find west Virginia are likely to
enact similar ballot laws. To the on
looker, It seems remarkable that, in
these enlightened days, eighteen thou
sand adult white citizens should be
found iu a singlo statu who are unable
tu reid and write. Muryiund is plentifully-equipped
with schools, and there
surely exist sadiciest pride among
these disfranchised ones to attend them
fur a period long enough lo wipe on'
the disqualification, aud make the legit
latlon null and void. Let as hope lint
this will be the solution.
ToTiix Dea". A rich lady, cured
of her deafness and tolees In the head
!y Dr. MchoUon'a Artificial Kar
Drums, gave 23,(xiuio his Institute, so
that deaf people unable to procure the
Car Drums may have them free. Ad
dress, No. Dttli, The Nicholson Insti
tute, 700 Eighth Avenue, ew York. 6
Washington, Arril 10. It!
Denials hive been in !ered ridicu
lous by pies lispslcheo fioin M idi '
giving immcs and details, war deport -ment
olllclul now. Tonics that tlieie
have been extensive frauds in the cum
luissitry branch of the army in the Phil
Ippiues, and announce lili it llmirlsli
of honesty nnd virtue nn nllU-ial In
VeHtigatioll is now being mude with h
View of expoütite and punlHlineut of
all tiloso who have been guilty of wrong
doing. Thisiuinounceini'iit would have
carrleil mnv wolght with the dwl nter
ested public had It not been necmpau
lei! by another saying 1 1 1 it t the conduct
or the iiiVCMllgilinu had been placed
in the hands oí A ljulunt (em tul Cor
bin. (en. Mi es Is cnuii'ixmlcr of Die
army, and as such sliouM have directed
that iiiVfhllK.ill )ii,.kiii(i If the Irulh und
the whole trtilli, reit(ileNS of. whose
toes might be Iron on, hail been sought,
it would have been alhiwcd to remain
in his hands where inmperly belonged
he had proven his feat -lessnctis li; uucov-
erloa Irani in theembaluied beef cases
Hut ir theohji ct of the lnvtvtUliti
to whitewash the guilty oillcers who
have republican political pull, nnd t
make scapegoats of thiw win have nut,
the choice of lien. Corhln to direct it
Was wise. J If Iiiih u recnnl of political
partlHuiiship never eiiialed by any
holder of a major general's commission
in thn I'nited States aimy, and tlicre
have been some radical pai limns In th i
army, loo, while (ien. Miles has never
been a partisan and Is suspected of be
lieving In democratic principles. Ma
jor (o-orge It. Davis, one of the olliecr
said lo b Implicated iu the frauds, is
now in Washington on sick leave. " He
hits heeu connected with thn commlsury
branch of. tlio army for several years,
und was regarded as (en. Kagau's
right-hand man when he was commiss
ary general. Major Davis was nt the
war department this week and was
questioned by Commissary (ieneral
Webton. lie denied the charge cabled
from Muni a that the books of Kvnua &
Co. government contractors showed
that sums of money had been paid him
and oilier oillcers; also that ho had any
knowledge of wrong-doing on tho part
of either ollicera or contractors and an
nounced his willingness to return to
Manila at once and essUt In the invest
igation. . He might be ublo lo render
valuable assistance in the whitewash
ing. Mayor Curler Harrison, of Chicago,
whose third elect on to that otl.ee has
cuused his name more or less to be
talked of in connection with national
politics, spent the most of this week in
Washington quietly resting. Asked
the bHilit question, whether he hail any
intention of entering tho national poi
itical arena, Mr. Harrison, replied: ' 1
am not fooling with uutloiial politics.
It is enough for mo now ,to at tend to
my duties in Chicago." When asked
what the Illinois legislature was likely
to do, Mr. Harrison said: ' Thercpiib
HcuAs 4n that body have done almost
nothing outside of a discussiou ot ap
portionment bills. They have a quar
rel among tlieipselves over the subject'
and I would not be suprised if the legis
lature adjourned without passing any
measure for the apportionment."
That the Philippines mud necessar
ily be a large aud continuous source of
expense to the United States has been
evident that from the day Spain goli
bricked nr. luto the becoming their own
ers. A hoard of naval officers, uuder
orders from Secretary Long, are now
engaged In preparing plans for a 65,
UU0.UMV naval station, which Is to have
a f l.lXKl.tXK) dry dock, at Oloiigapo, Su
big Day, Luzon. Those plans will
have to receive the approval of con
gress before they can be carried out. '
Senator Cockrcll, who was met com
ing out of tho White House, where he
had just had a talk with Mr. McKlnley
on the subject, and of the coming visit
to Washington of a commitloo of the
Cuban constitution convention: "The
Cubans do not apparently fully grasp
their status They are not now a gov
ernment. They have no power lo treat
diplomatically with the I'nited States.
The present constitutional conveptlon
was called into being through our
agency. It only has power to submit
to tie I'nited States for approval a
plan or constitution for the represent
ative government. If we reject it out
right the extensive status continues
They cau do nothlug. Hut If the mod
ilk'atlons and conditions whicii we pro ,
poif are accepted then I hey can proceed
lo organize a representative govern
ment. Aud until such a government is
organised the troops of the I'ulUd
Htates, in my opinion, cannot be com
pletely tlthdrawu. 1 am Gruly con
vinced that tht convention, after It
hears the report of the commission
which it has teut here, will accept the
IJnder tx Il o i?
and Kmb ovlrnox.
Tin: l'KtH'Hir.Toit oftmk kosw 1:1.1.
Will come prepared on receipt of telegram
plat) amet.dmeiit. I believe thn the
members of the commission will learn
much of value to Cuba on their visit
here, and thi'.t soon after their return
the const Iki'tlon convention will take
favorable adion.'
Kvery republican president from
(Irani to Mckinley has had dreams of
establishing u respectable white repulí
liciin party lu the south, but every ef
fort to make (he I renin a reality has
miserably faiied. I-'or thnt reason Mr
McKiuley's t IToit lu thai line. In South
Carolina, Is more amusing than alarm
iug to tho southern democrats. Sena
tor Mcl.uiiriu, who Pus been for all
practical purposes an minimis) ntton
senator for several ye.'rs, u 1 1 lioiigli In
only actually withdrew from the demo
cratic caucus just before the adjourn
ment of the last sessio' of rotigiem-.,
Is expected to'itct as Mr. McKiuley's as
sistant In Hie present attempt In turn
the dream into a reality. 'The llrst
open iimyc was the appoint incut of
John (. Capers, a gi)M democrat, to sue
ceed a rcputilcali us I'liited States dis
trlrl attoiney of SchiIIi Carolina. The
next isuwaiud Willi moie or Its cur
iosity. Two HundreJ ticrefurd.t.
The largest cousigiiiiient of high
toned buhs that ever came to I '.I Paso
is down at the tdnck) nrds. They ore.
from the Uivci'shlc Herelord company
Ashland, Nebraska, and they ure going
to the McCtitcheon lirothers ranch iu
the Davis niouutaius near Port Davis.
Hiere are 2o:i of them and Uiey are all
regiiitered, Hereford y.'urllng m.d twi.
yvars old. They have stood the long
Journey welt and are in llrst class con
dition, W, .1. Cox, the eneijetiu man
nger of the Riverside Hereford com
pany, is as proud of the new arrivuls as
a boy with a new suit.
This consignment of cattlo lo tho re
sult of the big deal that was made by
tin) McCutclieon lirothers and the
Riverside Hereford people a short while
ao. Under the terms of that transac
tion the Riverside company purchased
im) heud of cattle from the McCutcli
eon lirothers and sold them in return
these Hereford bull. The McCutclieon
lirothers have some VU),iKK) cuttle on
their ranges und it is lh:-lr intention to
to turn these registered bulls iu umniig
the cattlo Willi thn view uf Improving
the breed,
The cuttle they now have is of a
superb r grade, and with the addition
of these bulls they will have lu time
the llnesl heard of cuttle in the state of
Texas. Part of the agreement between
the two parties is that the Kiverelde
Hereford people take all of next ycur'e
yearlings und the yearlings of the fol
lowing yeur from thn McCutclieon
brothers. In return the Riverside peo
ple ship to thu ranch next yeur V'Xi more
bulls next year and tx the following
The cattlo as they now stand bring
about 815 a head but Improved as the
breed will be by these registered bulls
It Is expected that sjch Improved stock
will he worth fully S-o a head. The
present consignment are as Hue a lot of
cuttle as cull bo found iu any part of
the country nnd are worth a visit' tu
thu Btockyurds. F.l Paso Heruld.
A kaglog, KoarlR flood.
Washed down a telegraph line which
Chas. C. Kills, of Lisbon, la hud tore
pair. "Standing wu'st deep in Icy
water," he writes, "gave me a terrible
ce!, l nnd coiikIi. H grew rorte dally.
Finally the best doctors tn Oklahoma,
Neb., Slnux City and Omaha said I had
the consumption and could not live.
I began to use Di, King's New Discov
ery aud was wholly cured by six bit tics."
Positively guaranteed for coughs, colds
and all throat and lung troubles by
F.ddy Drug Co, Price 60c.
Most women witli female weakness
suffer dreadfully from piles in addition
totheirother pains. They may be cured
hy iisitiK 1 abler a lluckeye Pile Olnt
ment. Price. Ul cents In bottles, tubes.
cents For sale by F.ddy Drug Co.
Tie Easy To Feel Uood.
Countless thousands have found a
blessing to the body iu Dr. Klogs 'ew
Life l'lils, which positively our coo
sumption, ekk heaUavhw, duuuees,
jaundice, malaria, fever and ague and
all liver aod stomach troubles. Purely
vegetable) never gripe or weaken. Only
53c at Eddy Drug-store.
Prices' Reasonable
The discovery of oil in apparently
inexhaustible quantities in California
and Texas, within Ihe hist year, em
phatdrc America's first place among
the people of tho earth. III treasures.
Oil hi to be the fuel of Ihe furnaces ot
I Ids twentieth century , und with It to
burn in our ships, we can sle.mi the
sens with lghU Milkers und without
h tving lo stop every few days for fuel.
A navy stcumlng on oil, with no coal
ing station to protect, shook' bo twice
as elTectlve uk one guarding coaling
stations, lint n-.t before have we had
oil for such u purpose. Charlea Sum
ner Young writing to Success abont
the California oil Dclds in the Kvru
river district, says the ml sands are four
hundred feet deep," throughout ID.fXXi
acres and from every acnr there will
come U1 "0,000 barrels of ol!, it gross out
put or '.'.om.iXHHKX) barrels which at
llfty cents a barrel, will be worth erinlo
gl.oui.uMuxK), This dwarfa in Import
aucu the yield of gold and siiver-of tho
comstock lodo, Mr. Young does not
hojliu'e to Hay that California oil Is
worth more than edl the gold and silver
she h is produced, or ever will mine.
The oil discoveries in tho lieuumout
district, ot Texas, do not promise so
muflí, but a geyser spouting F.i.lXX) bar
rels per day was recently utilized. Tho
district is nu extensive one, and thu oil
saids are estimated lo be from live to
tuteen feet In depth. (Ml lu smaller
quantities has been found elsewhere.
The problem has been for small opera
tors to build pipe lines to gel the oil to
markets. The Cnlitornht owners have
made it plain I hat tho Standard Oil com
pany might do well to Invest with them
nnd the Wxas owners may, perhaps,
reach the same conc'iisiuti. At nil
events, the people of the Paeliic state)
and southwest will prullt by the día
coverles. Success.
Many, indeed, of those who now 'de
preciate t he gigantic growth of some Of
the chief industrial monopolies, bold lo
thn view that there would have' been
true ci.i,Hei v,-itinm lii tho .government
ownership of II, e railway from the very
hcjfiuiiing. Their argument is that the
railway rebates and other unfair trans
portations udvuntiiges were, In point
of fact, thereul foundation for the up
building of u number of the most coll
spiciuos of the so culled I rusts: and they
lliitiu that if I hero hud been pubHo
ow nerrhip ol railways, with eqiiaLad
vuntuges to all shippers, there could
uot-at least in our day have grown
up any such aggregation as the Stand
ard Oil Company, the great Iron and
steel amalgamation, ot the American
I sugar Compuii), tho anthracite coal
! combination, and several others that
j might be named. 'Ihe advocates of
. government ownership - some of Uk-io
jut least-believo that jveij thing l
moving so rapidly in the direction (f
their convictions aud desires that they
have only to stand asido as spectator,
ami look on. They ure especially well
pleased with the seemingly swift
growth of something like a scluntUio
unity in the ruil way system of the coun
try. .Thoy are idad to see harmony
and stable equilibrium in tho .toliiiug
und transportation of anthiuclte coal,
for example. it ti every successive
uiep In t hu adjust meiits w hlch are bring
nig mder and system out of chaos lu
the railway world, these advocates see
a plainer and easier put li tothe transfer
of the railway business from private ti
public control, which they desire.
No throat or lung remedy ever had
such salea Iloschee's (lertnun Syrup lu
all paitsof tfiMclvlllrrd world. Twenty
years ago millions of bottles were fives
away, and your druggists will tell you
lis success was marvelous. It Is really
the only throat and lung remedy gen
erally endorsed by physicians. One 7i
cent bottle will cure or prove Its value.
Sold by dealers in all civilised coun
. Whites Cream Vermifuge not only
effectually destroys worms, it also in
creases the appetite, alJs asaimlletUjn
and transforms a frail Infant luto oua
of robust health. Price M, eeuts. For
sale bf Fddy Drug Co.
An ounce wf prevention is worth, a
round of cure, and a bottle of llallardl
llorebound byrup used In time is worth
a staff of physicians with a drug store
or two Included. Filo S3audWcu.
For sale by Eddy Druj

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