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Carlsbad current. (Carlsbad, N.M.) 1899-1907, April 27, 1901, Image 4

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HVA J i: All) FOllItOAPS
iMpnovto h:qhway3.
Aba! w Jeraey Ma Aeeaanallek.
4 How Itiaeae la IH !'.
Maeaavfca!! timm Mark Aa.
ara la ('aaeeltrat.
loi that half ttm átales liare paa
tJ our anil proirrennlvn rornl law, and
toan? hundretl if tullí' of imi ronda
alr.ady Ihhii iiuilt under (lie lv
lluence of Um new condition of admln
titration, ruanca ami conn) ruction.
Tu general treud f Irglnlntlon i-ttact-d
lu titea átate I a follow: Mora
rigid provUloit for arrylni out tüa
ciM system without radlral rlisnir la
tb ayntrnt tltetiinrlre, mora lilx-ral
tai let lea, aiilmlilutlon of wouey tal
loili-nil of latmr, local nn-nniiiiit, ac
rot'Wun to Wncllia, for th cotitro.r
tloa of new r.mdn; count ruction dy
to ti)il. count le and llHtrlrtn, with
power tu Innun liowln; atat highway
roruutlnnlon. provision for working
rout IM, naulMtlon compelling and
ncouraifluif tbo un of Wide tire, slaw
M fo nat building aud conntniHlou
tot !ntr roada.
Kw Jerey wae tint drat atnte to
take any radical ate toward ! Im
provement of h-r public IiIkIiw"?
Her atnta aid law tvs pannvd In l.S'JL
It provld that on xtltlon of th own.
era of two third of I he lauda bol'ilet'liig
ny ful lt road not b- tlmn a mil In
length fluking tlint I he road lie I m ro
rd and snvliiK to pay I'i per ri'ttt of
thn root tlio county official ulinll ln
rov th road, Mielhlnl of th" es
pennc to bo Imitiip ty thn ilnta If Ilia
road la brought to thn alandnrd fli'-d by
the atnta coiiiinlHfiloncr of public- ronda
litid thn halmicc (ifcl 2 .1 per cent) by thn
roomy, Tu alato'e e li.t(lltiilcn for
aiii'li Improvement In any ono year ara
llli.lK d to 1.V,IN. while tho county It
limited to ono-foiirlli of 1 m t n ut of
Ita aancancd valuation. At tlila rntu t!ia
law make poaalliln the eri'iiditura of
ll.Vi.fxx) yvnr. nnd at la.otMi per mile
Ibl build l.V) mile of rond. Tin
rullr of rond were l.ullt In tM!. 'T
mil-a In iHii.i. di mili In is:i. and
luce 1"1T tlio iiiilliiiil(iii for new
ruada have In-eii fur In kin of the
limit proHcrllx-it I'.v law.
VnuVr tlil law kImiiiI l.'d mili' of Im
proved ri.ml Iibvi- nlri'itdy ! n Inillt In
N'rw JiTwy, tl,i htat'a portion of tb
rxiirnat' Im-Imu ill. out $i15,Nmi. Tim
I'otintlf and totiii linvt luilit out of
lliflr own tn'tiHiiili-a moro mlli-a,
wbU li brliiir tin ttnl u.lUni) i f Im
proiol road f r tin rlnto t p to IMK).
Tli'xo roHila roat al llit ubout fit,(MK
imt tiitlf, but on ari'oiiiit of llu ri'duo
lion In llii- pilio of niHlorlulH nnd tlio
liicri-pRo of liilmr nivliiit in in li lurry tlio
font lill lifi'll rrillli'i-d to liliout lilllf
tlil amount. Tin fiirmi r, v Im lit Ilrt
alroiiKly oppwxi'd I I'i' lnw, nr now
iiinlly viitlniiilHMIe for It, mid morn
rond nro bi-lnu pi tllloni'd for litan i nn
poaailily Im built lu iiinii.v yriii out of
llif llmlt'Ml i- ulr appioprlntloii. 'Ilin
jMi'Ui -fiiiN Im iHipulnr wlili nil
rlitHH..pi nod It beliitt intofiilly i-ou
IiIi ip'I by th1 b (tUlntii'i'i of otbiT
tiiti-K It prlnclploa bnv Ihh ii mlopt
rd by Mani'liUMi'it, C ihium ilcut
ltliodf I -In ml. Nw York hikI 4'iillfor
tila. l In mí liiw of wlilt'ti ktulr nld I
ho prliirlpnl fiatun tiro nearibd by
tlio m-tlvc ndvrH'iitfa of loud rrfnrm aa
(T..hIIpii a atlufnrtory "It'llou of tbo
M;m IhihHI. Ilkn Nw Jvrtwy, nlo
I. a bibpt'd a aynli'iu of rond Improve
mi nt bli b It I believed will n mill In
a ft'W ytara lu .m-oiIiii to tlint Muta
tiltibwuy Hint will bo iHmd lu irrl
liiici' to iioiik tu I Up 1'ulti'd Ktnti' and
riiinl ( nniim of tlio Ih1 lu tlio old
world. 'Ilin atnt lia a iH-rmnui'iit
blyliviay rnnimlxiilun coiihIkIIuií of
tinco pi ioii. I'.a li )i nr tbi rouimlH
inn I it Hawed tu k ml i)iki.imM) for
iulldlug and inulnlnluliiB rouda, liMt
ro I'Mlbtl tnto rond. Tb iuw pro
Uli' tliut tmt mom th'tn tfii mili' of
tvnd vail ! built lu any ono i-ounty lu
)iar auil lliat wlttilu l )vni a fur
tli rtuiat ruction of ony aim rond tlia
roiiuly In whlvh tbu road la ultuiiu-d
must (my tu lb alnl cu fourtli 4f tlio
ntoiipy cippinliMl. Nearly UH) uillc o
rxiH'Ib'iit rxmd li.iva bovii built In Man-aarhuiM-lta
uuUrr tlil nw ylcui, Ilia
avraii rout pir ml la of wblih' waa
iKIUt r.l.l.MNI.
C'onnootk'iil b madn rapid protfrraa
' lu bulldtuf tllgliway tbirlua tlia luat
Ha yara. It uuw baa a bl.y vu
mUalon, wlilcli vua provl.Ml lu IWKiii
Willi and In Ht1 with fHKV
l"U fur road Impruvvuirnt. la 1SU3 il
Ilia ml paid ouw-ililrd tU aipviiatf of
roimmrtiua tbt ruada. Ilia town ooa
tUtrd aud tha touuiy tU rvumluUvr,
tut In IhWH tb átala 1mra.M lia
part f tha viih-u to on half, tba ot li
ar balf iiig bo tii by lln towua.
Xlll ougb tha Illioda Inland rouitula
klouor of tHlwaya iUw inl faur
tata aid a adoptad la tit adjarrnt
talaa. ttia leg Ula tura baa at bla aurf
yrtkn aad a law wbU-b ubl-a
' litia lo build a balf lulW aaiupU of good
taradauilMHl bljrbway lu h town,
febraw x-riuau-ut obJ Ivaaotia ara of
grt-at briicflt to tha towua where gwxl
tiifnwayt bava nut Itu built aud ara
roudurlva to mora liberal appmprla
lko for iifW roa Ja aa woll aa uior
lluirvugh rouatrurtkiu wbu Iba local
tiilbuiltlva vbtKUM to rarry lb work
Tba b-glalatura of Nw York taa4 a
lil Ittat year wbb'b prvl.l that tba
atata'a abara In 1b Iniprwrrmoiit of
litbaya aball W A) rrut of tba
tuat, lUa rouuty'a kbaiw U pr viit
ad Iba ru'a aliar Iba rvuialudor.
1U t-oAda of upt-rlmr ar c(r-n
Iba t'i't ta dr'lda bal road, If auy.
-m ti t liupivivl, tbui making tba
biattar cf road lmtmvinnt ruifnly
tptluual No ttw win.a ara rraaud,
tta ( augiuar liig pUord la
Karga of atl ruad wntk. Tb law
ta rtr tlfrtl.Hi. aWvrral nab of
D rH'l bar ka built, and wort
la tül la pivgrwaa adr Ita prartakjo
A Jf War' I I W fcaa llldlMat.
"If you ride Mix's, 'your band down
tbflt I to any, Iwtit atltflitly, ao I bat tba
wlii'l dova not brut right on to your
fn-i- you rau brrntba raitlly, but If yon
hold J our mouth wldi own and b't tba
air I Miit right In your faca tbon yon
III bavo grent dltllf ully In brrathlng,
and If tha rara la a long one you will
Ix-coma rxhatiKtrd by tha end of tba.
I llii." Ho mid a well known Jotkvy
wlion quratloiiptl on Ilia aubjnet of
what bl ariiantloti wore when riding
In a raw.
"A mili rnr on a good born 1 nin
In alKiut 1 minuta and 40 acond. A
rollo in 1 minuta and 40 arcond la at
tba rala of SO mlli-a an hour, ao, yon
aw, a rara bora travel at train iwed.
"If you want to know bow It fi l to
go through tho air at rara liorae afx-ed,
jut hang your bend out of a rnllwny
rarrlnga window, turning your fni-f t
ward tho way tho -rain I traveling.
At tin? f.mr time Inmclne Ihnt you ra
alttlng In a rmMlo and hnvn to hobl on
to your lior and guldo him on to vic
tory If poaalbla, keeping blin from be
ing run down or Interfered with.
"It I no may toak to ride a borne In
rae. 'nn joeiipy rriurt havp all bla
wit about Mm. lie doe not hnve
mtteh tlmn to think bow bo fceU. When
riding In a neck and neck rare down
tho home atreti h. I forget everything
except Ihnt I must Mrnln every nerve
t'i im the other horacH. No thoiiifht la
then jrlvrn to tho plumilla from tlio
grand ulniid."
Th leatl Header.
What hna become of the neutle n luí
er? nnl;a Knitim I M. (,'rothcr In The
Atlnntlc. Miw ibn not lll.e to think
thn l bo Iibi pii.Hcl awny with the
atiiciv.iiirh nod thn weekly new letter
and Hint henceforth no are tu bo con
froiiteil only with the atony glare of the
Ititi'llitp'iit rending public. Once upon
a tlme-thnt I to any, n (.'enera t Inn or
two ii - be wn very highly ONteemcd.
To blm hook were dcdlcnlcd with long
rumbling profiler miiiI with cjiIhoiIi-
which wcr their own exciue for IN-Iug.
In tho very middle of the atory the
writer would atop with n word of nil
oiry or cxplnuntlon nddreaaed to the
gi-nlle render or at tho very lenat with
a ii'.id or n wink no mmtcr If tho ful
of the hero be In unciiho or tho plot
be Inextrlciibly Involved.
"II hub the plot!" enya tho nutlior. "1
liuliit lune ii i lu t with the (i. iilln rend
er at d llnd out what he IMuka hIhiuI
And ao ronlldeticea were Inlcri hnng
ed. nnd there wh goklp about the unl
verae nnd nutiircNtloii lu rcgnrd to tho
quoeriicK of humnn luitoie until nt
lnt the nuthor would Jump up with:
'Though of UiU, gentío render; perhnpa
It timo to go buck to the Htory."
Kin Klaalr aaa I lie lnrllla.
On the (inbon river Mix Mnry
KiiigNley'a guide one dny cnlb-d to her
to creep ( ii lei I y through the biiRbe
and then alio nnw a fiunlly of Ave go-rlllim-nil
old mnle, three fcmiile nnd
a young one. The guide Nlieered which
ahiimrd tbo gorllbi. nnd tiny Med
with n bnrk and a howl, tho obi miilo
awlnglng from ImhijIi to hough like an
acrobat on a lrncr.o.
tin another dny MInn Klngtey and
her two guide ciiine ambleiily iiinn n
anllliiry mule gorllln, who, na tinuul.
Inn I npproprlnted U foii-Ht ghtdo n a
park for bl private enjoyment. I'll
rltiii nt thn luiniHlon, (be brute, In
ateiid of fleeing, finite hlimul Hug to
vsnnl litem, growling llercely. "SltiHtt
blm." wlthpt-reil Ml KlugMley. "I
dnre nut," anid the gulde, "until ho
co 1 1 ie ijulte cIomi'. I liiivo only ona
gun. The other I out of order. If I
luin. ho wltl kill ua."
The gorllln, initio nearer. Hearing
blmnelf on bl bind leg be bent It1
bren I aud roared, juxt a I'll t'bnlllti
doHcrlhed long ago. Then, running for
ward, bo atopped and roared ugnln and
aguln ran forwnrd until quite cIoh.
Thru tbo guldo llrnl niul lite iiorllln
dropped dead.-t'bnmlN'ra' Journal.
flaw la Malt Oieeae' a.
Cbooae aoiip la an ngrecablo diiiiige
whei aoup I a dully aftulr. I'ut a
qunrt of milk on to 1m.I1 wlili a blude of
maco, a enrrot and an onion. Ittil two
l.ll lci piM.itfttU of butter niul two labio
aiHHiuful of flour together, afntn the
nillk, add the butter nod Hour, and atlr
until thick. Add tlilcv buco table
piMinful cf grated cliccko, tuUe from
the tire, add tbo beaten yolk of two
teen, with anlt and iyeiine to tame,
rs'TP 1 "bi- with grntisl paruunaii
Haw la Aval I'lwel.
Keeping the body at'iupuloitnty rlran
la oue of th lient reincide In tha
world for em-It simple xloii illorder a
llinli' aud bhu kheada. Tb gluml
of the fur being the mot unlllve of
auy lu the txMi'y. the toionou mutter
rolle'i there. If tbo pore of tit
licly are fre aud In a healthful ata
they will throw off lb worthleaa a
eivlion. aud It la not likely to gather
ou the face aud mn k. While the com
plexion biih lll clean tb ore of
(be f' wbeu II I iumI with pur
cantil bP and plenty rf warn water
very night-yet tb fvod ork will
progrv at double tb ae If tU hotly
la goo over quickly ery day with a
Ann brlatlcd fe!i brtuh. WUh aoap
aul water and good rough towel that
ra U b bold well any woman la poaea
ad of auporu lwuty making accee
aork. They ar rf far mor ImiHir
taoc than tba lotion and the rrwaiu,
although tbat ber aUtd by
health and eh-anllneaa aud a nutrition
diet, will do lblr h. f l work
mneclcolloualy aud with credlu
Haw rarer Taanal.
Cot tomato la allct-a,' bak them,
(rai at) apple and thop aa onion fin,
and frr tbeaa la bi-tter till null leu-
dor; add a beaptri; drírrrtpíiufHl of
currr roder. four Ut.W.p-iUfuU ot
aravr or rich .up atock; aiinmcr all
together for a few tulautc. Add tba
lomaior aud a tranpoonfu! of tuilk, a
Ititl tcpion jute and a UttU rhutuey,
Haw II I Orael raraaa f
aeoeeatal Mlkl drawer,
A wagon eiled with tba round peck
picking haakata, each banket fail of
pearbea Jut aa they cama from th
tree, drov up to tha bnrn door. Tha
picker uae a atrap that hooka on to
tba banket and then goe over t
houldera, leaving ItoUi banda fre to
work with. When a banket I Oiled It
la Inken to th wagon and exchanged
for an empty one, unhotkttig and re
booking betog an eany matter. Thu
. . J Li I
the fruit rem lie th bnrn without
being r.-hnmHi'd. When tho wngon
reached (lie bnrn on mnn lifted tbo
bnnket from it ami carefully poured
tbo fruit, a loHlred, Into th hopper
or upHr end of the grnder.
Auothrr mnn nnt ou a stool anil
worked tha foot trendle which keep
the acrew fi eder In motion. Thero am
two of thene revolving feeder roil, ou
on chch aide, and their mlHnlon t to
keep thn Mnchea moving atendlly
along down llm tuclluo. Aa tho fruit
piiRKed before the tren 'He mnn ho guid
ed It with hi bnnd to prevent Junt
mlng or erowdlng, nt the anmu tliu
throwlug out (Into the auiall biiHltet
it tho top! nil overripe or Imperfect
pen i ben. ,
1'nnnlng downward, tho amallent finit
drop through an opening nnd roll out
of th flmt (or upper) rnnva npnitt.
Into a bllnbel bniket iHMienth; tUe next
luruent full lulo tltn next banket, it ml
o ou down to the end-the bircent
apei'lmeiiN mnklng tho en Uro Journey
and then rolling Into a lift It banket (not
ahown In picture), phieed nt tbo lowent
end of tbo tmichlne. Now, count ln
backward (or up hill), wo ImVo, flmt,
"aebi tM." then No. 1, No. 2, No. M and
cull. In packing, ench In. of eoiirne,
packed aeptirntely, and tho vnrloii
number are Uenlgnnlrd by rrimnea:
Omi i-ron for No. B, two eronnc for
No. 2 nnd tltni for No. 1. Th. big
peiu-lii n nro tmirked "neleetn" or j
"fimey;" tba cull are Inrin-ly feil to
pig and the not! fruit In aohl loerilly.
It took only ten minute to run the en
(Ire wniroti hind of penehea (clcht IiiihIi
elo'i tbroiiKb tho mnchliie. Kiill mora
auriirlnlng, thn graded fruit did not np
p"iir lirulneil lu thu b'Hat by tlio opera
tion. "If nil owliiit to kiiw you pick
thoill," explnllled tho grower. "To
gradu or nli bC(iitly, pruebe mutt
bo tnken from tbo tree while mill
hard that In, when they bnvo fully
matured, but have unt yet minted to
Ilitial New Yorker, giving mi lllu.i
tinted uccouut of a pnylug .Michigan
orchard, In which ore urn the furcgolm;,
I further R:iy Hint for slilpoieot (ho r-g
utnr fifth biinliel bnsltet, w ith Mnt eov
rr ami red tnrhitnn bcneiith. In used
lienlera aeeln to prefer the. t trbilnn
rovrrlug; they objei't If It I lt"t lined
I'liitlng on the tnrbitiui ami cuver I
dne nt a ecparnte table Oiled with aev
eral revolving tray, th hitter lielng
omethlug of n novel bleu. When the
Work tun n Inlvc .up a tllliil basket, ha
i't It down on ono of (bene trnyn, put
on the tnrlntan (or lb rover), funtenn
one end. and then, Inntead ul lifting
Up the banket uud changing end by
muncubtr effort, be almply give tho
bnuille a whirl with bl flnget until
tho dinltvd rtld awlllg Into ponltloll.
It I hard work to turn filled hnnket
II day long by main ntretiKth: tbl Ot
ilo revolving tray en vea ttotli effort nnd
formerly It waa thought uecennnry to
low down tbo inrltttan. now they alm
ply tuck up tbo four comer under tbo
hunket rim -niul tber you arv! That
aave timo tou.
It la av Traahle,
To prevent anlt from cuVlutf add a
llttb arrowroot.
Mixed tuuntartt will keep a better
color If a pinch of anlt la added.
T Mmnva imli-litv lito twtve rvm
lb iHittoin of a cuk bold It lu front
of the fire.
When an oven I too hot for tbo prop
er baking of It conteuta, put a baslo
of odd water lnlW
Never alatn an of door when ani
thing I baking. 8ie a proceeding
will ruin tb routenta.
To rut hard boiled erra la smooth
Iliea dip th knlf lu watea
Tb cork of tiottlca or Jar aontnln
lug aubstancea apt lo l atlcky abould
tn dipped lu halad oil U fui- being V
placwd. laleea4,
Mr. Newrlrh I never can remember
bow many card to lav whn calling.
Old lieutlomauTh rule aro very
simple, luailuin. You band ou to tba
servant and theu wn departing leav a
many ou tb (dale aa tber ar adult
tot-tuber of lb family, adding (wo of
your bunhuiid'a card and occaaloually
dumping lu a few uiore for good mesa
nro. Im not im ulggardly In dealing
out card, a that euggeat vulgar pov
erty. "I am very mura obliged. Ar yoa a
profceanr i f Hl'juctieT
"No. nt ml mu I am Mr Itrlnt-U. lb
i a' I nut't'f t!i t " r.rtistir.
I ill
There b Something; to See
Tna HRonx
Missouri and
Mississippi Rivers
and Beyond
Texas and Old .Mexico
Tim ntont ronwti!-nt all rnr-'inntid
ranort U po. iu lliinaw-lluu
Tna LINE to th a I.AN'I) or
Honl yottr fri.-mJn IntltnOld Kttw ooa
of our lllttHlrnlinl ttf lilt-t, etitlllrd
"Th Toa at th Oiarkt."
"Fthr( nnd Fin on the friten. "
"fruit Firm I no nlonj Ihl FfliCO."
"th 0;rk UtHltt."
"lhf t lamithln ta It glon III
frlc Una." " "
Thn mont oomrehnnlrnrnl1mnd lilor
turn for tlt tioniMn-lcHi' or Inventor evur
llllrtlnllml vmtuliniilr.
rUm'l nn anrtit-rw to Hoom Kn. TM Cen
t'try Otilldlng, Ht. Ixml. and wo will
Dial I oupii-.
Wall Paper
Vo llave
Willi Paper
Paints and Oils
Wintldw (ílass
liooni Moulding
Picture Moulding
Picture Frames
Window Shades
Curtain Poles
Paint Pruslies
Carlsbad t'VtiiiKNT and New York
Weekly Tribune Í2.25 imt year; nnd a
chance in the Sewing Machine drawing
thrown in.
Tree of Charge.
Any adult Buffering trotn a cold set
tled on tho lueuHt, broitcliitift, throat
or lung troubles of any nature, who
will euil at Dr. Smith', will be pre
sented with a su m pin bottle of HoHcbee'
(crinan Syrup, freo of charge. Unly
one bottle given to one person, uud
none to children without order from
Clubbing l.Ut.
Anyi.ne who Ih Interefted in afTuiia
of tho world at large, an well hh our
own tiBliiuirtl life, will bo pieniied with
the following riubricrlptlon I'lfer: New
HiiliHct Iberx eiui nectite the ('aih.hhau
Ct'ttliKNT and the Now York Weekly
Tribune one ye.ir for nld sub-
Hcriber muy tuko ml vantage of thin
oiler by paying up urn-urn and a year
In advance. Thn Tribuno in one of
the furenioht journal in the world; 24
pages each week. Call ut the Cut
ttKNT oltlce and get nrauiplu copy.
Charley Hue, the general ngentof tho
Singer Manufacturing Company, tins
one U-ücttiiig nin, Uniting, lie would
rut Iter nil on the banks of the IVcoH and
catch bans than to bcII sewing machines,
coubequenlly hp i-ngagcd with tho Sin
ger Company, no that be can llhli while
the Singer macliiiie sell llicmuclvc.
tin hianrht wnnaaMil relUt to a nil
llua nuB-'rin non ho r on thnlr
tnayWervniiUura rM. Mr. Mil. holl
h fM rteuimln In SmIIO, hn W la
ol fnrdul wtiriav4 "aoiulrrliii eura"
la her eaaa. Mhn nR.r,l with tba ano
ttiMut Inlllu ol lb vntnb, Irnt-orrb.rn
nad prutuna iiwnMnMktl.ia. TU rkl)r
inw thn nninlirl month
vappp hr vtlnhtr until h n rhje
Irnl lk, II r aw una ylm
war. 1ba tb Irtnl f Wlna bl
t nnliil m I rmrm. Mr. Mltchvll'
nwlMi fxiiM to HinniHii in ot
( nriiul lo uOortag. stuur la onl ol
burum hMiiKrooa.
U w.tlim U fwh or WwnH who
rf II mrm rltarvait Amk Mir iimfTit
lor ft 91 bMit-f WioaxJ.nlul. ftu.I do
not Imk ft uht.tuU II WftiUrvtJ jou.
Vn WilltMuftH,aV(.nita. IV f i
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miltt Hi4tMtil,v ttiKK
Carries nil thefineptgrflde
of liquors on the mar
ket. All tneir friends
nnd patrons are in-
vitcd to mil and
judfre forthem-
selves nnd lie
Chicago, St. Louis
and Kansas City
.' ' 5s Vo Transfers from II Paso it Port Worth.
Ak for Tim Card and Map of Your Nearest Agent,"or writ
D. F. and P. A..
El l'aso, Texas
. - 6a - e -
217 MyrUo Ave., opposite Chopin Hall, El 1'aho, Texas.
A A AVntb
Best Stock
I Lowest
I Prices
J Easy Terms
Corrcnpondence solicited.
Che Carlebad Saloon
.. for ..
Lumber Yard.
A. Jí. l'IIATT, l'rop'r.
Sash, Etc
rarlhbrtd l't'BR:XT and New Vork
Trl- Wwklr Trlhuna for Í2.75 iter year.
I't'HKKKT ami Weekly Tribuue
Kr year. For 2ft rent more thnn our
subat'riition price one hundred pape
per year can be set-ured, iTlng all local
aud foreign news. Id addition a cbance
In the Singer Sewing Machine, to be
givin away March 1st, Is secured.
lVrffot digestion I the only founda
tion for perfect heallh. The food w
eat makes all the blond w have, w hich
10 turn feedsevtry nrivo, mut-ci aud
tiMue In our body. Ilei bin quicken
the appetite, a 1- íóü, ,: two
and vltfor to all factious and ensure
good health. V, tSCj VTZS
i-.tU !
'!., i, IiI.,, .MiU1
Oenl. I'aRS. Agent,
Topeka, Kansas
v - - 9ve9'iy)
' Old Instra-
ments taken 5
In exchange, i
Planos for
Rent. S
Oraat Cattlo f.
Trail Route. L
t Tbl lio I now ialttpet lully
) accotumcMlnlf) tita arvat and Inerva'
A inn raillr bimltiiHin ollhe leco ViUey" i
v ttua ii aaitKaiu lomiory. t
S It I lb tattle hirDrllne from all '
twit it tn ou 'h Noitf.ero Flalu and .
Irotu IU great rati gen ul tb valley.
Only to hour by (ant train between
Povoaflty aud tb great market ol
A renerou manatement- A trland
ol tb valley.
Theirroat plain have bren pwpled
tiiruusb iba nuMlium ol (Ut railway.
rlnbal. Roawntt, Portal, Bovi
na, llurilvrd and Cnnyoe City, all
ixitutn ol ohlinuinr, now nrtll uli
tc4 wU b4 aud walac .
w- - i . Aft. .
lAsin. YAM

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