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Vlkff van
Bone meal at the Union Mar
ket You get the best service at the
Star Stables.
Don't fail to hear that good
music Tuesday evening.
Next week the political pot
will commence to simmer.
Lee Middleton was down from
the mountains last Saturday.
C. C. Harbert, the Monument
sheep man, was in Tuesday.
W. E. Thayer, the Guadalupe
cowman, was in town yesterday.
Men, Maids and Matchmakers
at the opera house next Tuesday
Tobia and V. Gebhart of An
drews Co., Missouri, were in town
Artesia will shortly vote on a
proposition to kick out saloons
C. J. Jamei has been very ill
. with la grippe at the home of his
parents on Canon street
Ed Tyson, foreman for the
Hansford Cattle Co., was down
from Arteaia Wednesday.
Don't forget Tracy Roberts
Hardware Co's new Harness and
Saddle Shop, or the Big Store. .
Will Merchant was out on the
plains this week to fix fences
and look over the political situa
tion. t
There is a bunch of kevs at
tmf Bank Saloon waiting an owni
er. 1 hey were found near the
post office.
Mrs. Dr. Parr will sing at ihe
opera house Tuesday evening, as
will also Miss Mollie Draper and
Dr. Sellers.
The brick layers, Messrs. Kay
aer and Kapphan, who .were at
,! work on the jail, went to A rtesia
last Saturday. .
i Wtei&e1UBt received our new
; Farjn anJ Garden .Seeds. Every
I thing fresh.
vTracr4&berta Hardware Co.
.' '.L. B. Hinson,. "representing the
) circulation and advertising de-
partment of the Ft. Worth Rec-
ord was in town Wednesday.
J. W. Stauffer -was called by
wire to Braymer, Mo., on account
on the serious illness of his moth
, er. He left Monday morning.
Dr. Ervln, D. D. S., returned
last week from the sad mission
of accompanying his wife's re
. mains to their old eastern home.
W. P. Cochran who has been
f . rn m m -
in xorreon, Mexico, since Jan. 1,
returned Tuesday. He says
i trees are in full leaf in Torreon
Now is the time to fix up for
spring. We have a fine line of
Wall Paper and Paints. .Let us
; ahow you.
Tracy-Roberta Hardware Co.
Lovers of good music should be
- on hand at the opera house Tues
day 18th, Carlsbad orchestra
will show you what can be done
in the music line.
Mr. J. W. Price, of Artesia,
was in town yesterday, and his
J announcement for assessor will
' ' be found in this issue. A brief
sketch of Mr. Price will be given
next week.
- Time to plant potatoes, onion
sets and onion seed. Send for
. . price list of field seed.
Roswell, N. M.
Don't forget Tracy Roberts
Hardware Co's new Harness and
Saddle Shop, or the Big Store.
, Ambrose McCord was brought
down rrom Artesia last Sunday
charged with setting fire to a
..i railway car. His hearing is set
for to-day. He was in the car
at the time he set the fire.
We have just received our new
Farm and Garden Seeds. Every
'. thins fresh.
'Trecy-Roberts Hardware Co,
. Now is the time to fix up for
spring. We have a fine line of
Wall Paper and Paints. Let us
show you.
Tracy-Roberts Hardware Co.
Miss Susie Moore, for four
years the able assistant of Ex
postmaster Fullen, departed last
Saturday morning for the home
of her parents in Portales.
Don't forge Tracy . Roberts
Hardware Co's new Harness and
Saddle Shop, or the Big Store.
M P. Kerr is improving as
fast as can be expected for one
who has been very ill. He ex
pects to open up a small store if
his health continues to improve.
Mrs. Pearman, wife of B. F.
Pearman. cashier of the Lake
wood bank, is in the Anderson
Sanitarium, having undergone
an operation, and is doing well
Joe Klaasner who came down
from Roswell ten days ago and
was taken with a relape of ty
phoid, has been in the Eddy Co.
hospital for ever since, but is
convalesing now.
When visiting Denver, stop at
the new Hotel Alamo, corner 17th
and Market Streets. Strictly
modern, wiih elevator service.
Public and private baths. Rates
$1 per day and up.
Mr. Burks, of the new town of
Lovering, came in last might to
have a plat of the town recorded
the town is one mile south of the
north line and- eighteen miles
west cf the east line cf Eddy
The Holloway Land Co., can
sell your land as they have a
chain of of Hess with men work
ing for them in all the principal
cities in the -east and northeast.
Give them a trial.
The sheriff has been busy the
pant week summoning the petit
jury for .the term of court to
open here the' first Monday in
March. Only a lew have as yet
been served so the publication of
the list must be deferred until
next week. From the present
indications there will be no
grand jury drawn for this term.
. : (' . ' t .
The Current can safely recom
mend the-new,Hotel Alamo; tur
ner 17th apd Marked streets,
Denver, as being strictly first
class, with every modern ' con
venience, and reasonable rates.'
. a. J
J. 1a. Writrht whn rauiAaA nr.
Main Btreet near the Bructe reai-
H Anno Aitui WAlnoaHatf ntfrht
wsail ss wvsa i a, a v
He was brought here last March
in we last stages or consump
tion, from Shelbina, Mo., to
urhipK rtloPA hla wit) nnrl nliiM
accompanied the remains, leav
ing yesterday morning, uick
Thome having prepared the body
ior snipmenc.
The Finlay-Pratt Hardware
Company have secured the
service of a first class harness
and saddle maker, and will man.
ufacture all classes of saddles
and harness.
A. E. Seigner was down from
Amarillo a few days this week
for a visit with his family. Siar
is doing well in Amarillo in part
nership with Ed Gross lavintr
concrete siaewaius etc.
We have just received our new
Farm and Garden Seeds. Every
thing fresh.
. Tracy-Roberts Hardware Co,
Tha Renann Rrmt. and Atriar
cattle raisers in tha Rflnann nool
nave contracted . their two year
oia steers, aoout two thousand
head, to Panliftrtrila nnrtiaa noar-
Channing. Texas, for spring de
livery, ine terms are private
but the price is around $20 per
head. This is considered a fair
price, but this is a very fine
ouncn ox steers.
J. H. Stamps, the very effici
ent U. S. postal mail clerk, for
several years a res dent of Carls
employed on the run to Amarillo
has been Dromoved to a olace in
the service with headquarters at
Albuquerque and left yesterday
to assume nis new duties. Mrs.
Sumps is at the Anderson tani-
tariun where she will remain for
her health which in nonrlv. Mr.
Ed. McCreawill take the run
formerly held by Mr. Stamp4.
Mr. J. C. Finley, of Wheeler,
Co., Texas, came in with a crowd
of land seekers Wednesday night
there being about fifteen in the
party of which five are from
Pennsylvania, three from Okla
homa and sven from Texas.
Seven of the party took yester
day's south bound train to look
the Malaga county. Mr. Finley
states that he ws very agree
ably surprised at this section of
country for all the way from
Amarillo the train was fiilled
with lying knockers; men who
brazenly stated that Carlsbad
was a dead town in an alkali flat
full of sand. However he had a
map and concluded the country j
could not be much different; hut i
wnat was nis surprise to nnu a
country far ahead of anything on
the north: a country where he
could get better government land
and a Detter and safer place to
invest in irrigated lands, where
no danger exists of a sudden
termination of water as in an
artesian belt, or like the country
between Amarillo and Koawell
where two or three dry years
may depopulate the whole coun
Geo. Bode and Kenneth Keeb-
ler returned last night from a
horseback ride to El Paao. They
stopped at ranches and made the
return trip in four days.
Patrons of the Carlsbad opera
house are enthusiastic in praise
of the entertainment given by
the rowelson Concert Company
Tuesday night. All of the num
bers were excellent acui the four
members of the company were
trained and talented and worked
together in harmony. They
were Miss Elizabeth Pickens,
viollncellist; Mr. Calvin DaVoll.
violinist, Miss Ethel .Ritchie, pi
anist, Miss Mary Powelaon, read
er and story teller. A per cent
of the receipts were turned over
to the Womans Club of Carlsbad
under whose auspices the enter
tainment was given. ..
Jay Heard was in- town Wed
nesday. ,!?. . t ,
A warrant was' issued ; from
Judge Conntngham'scourt- last
week for the :rrea6ljc)t Grover
Kornesay. ,a sixteen uear old
pupil jn the Dn$. Jk, school
Houut via mnes vutii-iJi, ..monu
ment and Deputy Lucas"' was.
sent out to serve same, but the
young maa bad skipeia Korn
egay is charged with seriously
stabbing tmd csttiw l4hs sthool
teacher Mr. B. Fletcher who ' is
at present very low from the
loss oi blood from the wounds
f iven him by young Kbrnegay.
t seems the teacher undertook
to punish a younger brother . of
Graver's when Grover went at
him with a pocket knife with
the results as stated. Mr.
Fletcher the teacher is a man of
about fifty-five and is considered
a good teacher. Deputy Lucas
who returned Wednesday of this
week states that the country
east of Monument contains about
133 families and the school is
Your horses get the best care
at the Star Stables.
Joel Heard, a nephew of A.' C.
Heard, died in Pecos Wednes
day, it Is said from the effects of
a aoBe oi sirycnmne. joei naa
been ailing and acting queer for
some. time and it is likely he
took the poison while a berated,
or temporarily insane. He was
a resident of Carlsbad for years
ana had many friends, for to
know Joei was to like him. Much
regret is expressed by all who
know him for his his terrible and
sudden death.
Next Tuesday evening Damon
Lodge. K. of P. in Roswell will
honor the 45th anniversary of
Pvthianism with a "Western
Supper" at which Grand Chan
cellor Commander A. U. U (Ju;nn
and wife will attend.
Notice to School Directors.
School d i r ectors throughout
the county should take notice
that the second Monday in March
is the time they shall post notices
of election for school directors to
be held by thorn on the first
Monday in April following. See
Sec 1532, and Chap. 65, pp. 15!)-
160. M. P. Kerr,
Supt. Schools, Eddy Co.
Come in and See
and Japanese
China Ware
Don't Stop at the windowbut come inside
Hardware Co.
James W. Caither Dead. '
Died at his home near Monu
ment, N. M. Wednesday, Feb.
5, James W. Gaithcr, at the ripe
old age of 82 years. -
Deceased was born in Owens
boro, Ky.. . in 1826. While a
small child moved with his par
ents to Missouri, where he lived
until. during the gold excitement
Jn California, in 1850, he moved
to that State.
He later returned to Missouri
afid ln.1856 was united 'in 'jnat
rtage to Miss Maggie d Brevara
daughter of Adlia 0. and Susan
Brevara, who still survives him.
fT4 moved td Texris in 1884 lining
there twenty years'prior to. com
ing to New Mexico...
Deceased was a member of the
Masonic order, since 1852 was
also a member of the Methodist
church south for almost fifty
years. He leaves to mourn his
loss besides the aged wife, four
sons and two daughters. He
was a good neighbor and citizen
and held the love and respect of
all who knew him.
Presbyterian Church.
Sunday School - - - 10 a. ni.
Divine Service - 11 a. m.
Christian Endeaver 7 p. m.
Evening Service 7:30 p. m.
P It Is a bad lis n when a boy
won't ituily, but good omed whea
b wand to go to work.
Bom fallows talk aa abarp and fall
aa flat as tba piano player wbo par
forma on tha black key.
Pa aaya w bava many giant
truat, but nona of thm approaches
that of a truaUn' female for sickly
saatlmtnlai spoon.
Who a girl bands a fallow tha unit,
ton and ba doesn't turn to drink, sba
gets to talking about man being be
yond underatandlng.
Pa says It beats ail bow much
soma men ean eat at a labia d'bota
and bow little they oar for at aa a
la carta restaurant.
Ba careful when you toll your fel
low that he Is pure gold that b
doesn't think yon maa that ba baa a
fallow streak la him.
Quite a number of extra copies
of this issue of the Current have
been printed and are for sale at
the drug stoies or this office.
our Bargains in
Catholic Services
are held regularly every Sunday
at both of the Catholic churches
of Carlsbad. High mass and
sermon in English at 10 a. m.
every Sunday. Instruction in
Christian doctrine at 3 p. m.
Benediction after instruction.
Mass at 7:30 a.' m. every morn
ing during week days.
Mass at 9 a. m. at the church
of San Jose, for the Spanish
speaking natives or others, on
. All are cordially invited to
these services.
.'! Notice of Suit, .
' : .: .; i.i !. ,(,'..
In Om Phtrkt Coert, Ejily County. Nw Mlro.
t. H. Smith. ' 1 ' - '' '
' '. ' ... ' Nd. M7I; ,.
M. R. Willlum. .
To M. K. William, tha af.tl.nt In th nbav
ult. matins;
You ara harabr notlnxl that thara haa baan AM
aaalnat rou. In ttut ahuva namad court, a uil Iqr
tha plaintiff, t. M Smith, numbarad Ml on tha
durkat of aald court and atrial aa abnva.
Tguara furthar notified that tha aald ault la for
tha aum of IHM.I0, balanca dua for laaaa on car
tel atura mum, tha aama bains known aa atur
room No. I of tha Brunaoa II look on Pox Btraat
In Cailabad, Eddy I ounly, Naw Maalco. and fur
fifty dollar attornay'a faaa and auate of aulu
You ara furthar notiflad that your uroparty haa
baan attached and unlaaa you apnaar at tha ra
turn day of thla publication which will ba tha
Mh day of April, IWM Judaaroant will ba randarad
aaalnat you by default and your aald property
aa attached will ba aoM to aatief y auch Judgement.
You ara furthar not I Red that aald ault la
brousht to furaeloa a landlord' hrln on aakl pro
perty ao attached.
Plaintiff attorney' ara Maaara. Suja 4 Brio
and thair realdonoa la Carbbad. Naw Meatao. '
In Witneae Whereof I nav Hereunto eat my
hariS and altWed tha aaal of aald court at CarUbad.
New Meatco. thra the mh day of rebroary, I.4M.
a. I. Kobkbtb, Clerk,
(Baal) Br O.K. Bkmson, Depute
Notice of Suit.
In tha Dialrlct Court. Eddy County. Naw Mole
Dujac Drtoa,
v. No. M,
at. H William..
Teat. K. William, defendant In tha ahovo
ult, sreetlns:
You ara hereby notified that there haa bean
ft led agetnat you. In the abwa named court, a
ault by the plaintiff. Bum A Brlee, numbered
IHV oa the docket of aald court and styled aa above.
You are further notified that the ault I fur the
I urn of JO.W aliased to have aacrued by reaeon
of aarvloM performed aa attArney at law fur youC
tha aald defendant In aakl ault at your apodal in.
atanaa and reuueei and during the year of IUM,
Yuu are further notified that unlaw you appear
at the return day of thla publication which wltl
bethatth day of April, luua. Judguient will be
lenileied asaioet rou by default,
flainUffa attorney ara Meaara. Huiae A Brica,
and their raardenaa la Carbbad. New K ex lee.
In Wltnaae Wbeoeof, I hava hereunto as my
hand and afHaed tha aaal of aald court at Carl bed
New Maateu. Uua the U day of rbruary, IMM,
a L koauTa, Clerk,
By a B. BSMauri, Deputy.
- Feed for Sal.
Alfalfa kafflr corn and other
feed. Enquire of G. W. Swift,
CarUbad, N. M.

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