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FJdy County Jam! w a owsa
Fairbanks and 'Five Cabinet
Officer. Will Attend Nation
al Irrigation Congress
Senator Penrose Offers Five Hun
dred Dollars for Best Minerals
Other Prizes Offered
Washington. D. C, Feb. 13.-
Vice-Preaident Fairbanks and
five members of the president's
cabinet will attend the National
Irrigation Congress, together
with several dozen departmental
officials and members of con
This was made known today
following an interview with the
vice-president held recently by
Col. VV. S. Hopewell, chairman
of the board of control, and VV.
H. Andrews, the New Mexico
Col. Hopewell, assisted by Del
egate Andrews, has Deen hard
at work boosting the Irrigation
congress in the national capital,
with the result that he has se
cured some handsome contribu
tions for the prize fund. Follow
ingare a few which he made
public today:
Senator Penrose, for the best
exhibit of minerals, $500.
W. H. Andrews, for the best
exhibit of csttan, $100.
H. 0. Buraum, for best exhibit
of native chili, $100.
Senator Elkins has promised a
prize of $500 or more but has not
yet decided on what exhibit. He
also promises Colonel Hopewell
that he would make a speech at
the congress on matters of vital
interest to the southwest and
New Mexico in particular.
The fact that the president and
five cabinet members will come
to Albuquerque during the big
congress indicates how greatly
.interest in New Mexico has been
aroused by the delegation in
Washington. There was not a
New Mexican in the capital who
did not have a good word to say
for the territory and for the big
congress. It is likely that by
the time the congress convenes
there will be a big delegation
from this city ready to attend.
As it now stands, the next Ir
rigation congress will have the
honor of entertaining more dis
tinguished public men than any
other congress ever before held.
As a matter of fact there haa
been a quiet plot on foot among
the New Mexicans to secure the
attendance of the president, and
it is quite likely that if national
affairs permit at that time Roose
velt will be present when the
congress convenes.
Colonel Hopewell will not
leave Washington for several
days to come. He has a number
of appointments with prominent
officials and members of con
gress and will secure a long list
of prizes and exhibit before he
finishes the task he haa under
taken. .
"I am going to stay here until
I get everything in sight any
how," said the Colonel at kin
hotel last night "Wt are going
to make the next Irrigation con
gress the greatest one ever or
know the reason why.
"I have met with the most uni
form courtesy and assistance on
the part of the officials and oth
ers whom I have met in Wash
ington, and aid has been extend
ed to me in every undertaking.
I think that Washington has
found out more about New Mex
ico within the past few weeks
than it ever knew before. Ev
erywhere I go I meet with an
earnest desire on the part of offi
cials and congressmen to visit
this territory and see the devel
opment it has made. A whole
lot of them will do so during the
big congress, and I have a long
list of names of prominent men
who have said they will see ex
hibits of the industry and devel
opment of New Mexico from all
parts of the territory at the big
congress and all are anxious to
view them."
Shooting at Artesia.
Dayton, N. M., Feb. 18. -Disputing
over a .commission for the
sale of a farm, O. P. Weddle, a
farmer living three miles north
east of here, and Dan Sullivan,
Toilet Goods
Eddy Drug Company ;
Largest Drug Store In Southwest
'a real estate man from Artesia,
engaged in a bloody fight at the
.Weddle farm at nine o'clock this
'.morning in which Weddle was
badly bruised and had some ribs
I VtAlAn onI Qnlliuon tarn ai alts-
ast unvii) airj wuias cats v 9 Oliui
with No. 4 shot at close range.
Weddle claims that Sullivan at
tacked him with a chair and that
he fired three times in self-defense.
A phone message from
Artesia states that Sullivan is
not expected to recover. The
charge entered his shoulder and
face. Weddle has been arrested
an J placed under a bond of
$1,000. Both men have families.
Roswell Record.
$100 for Beat Cotton Exhibit.
The following communication
was received this week by Pres
ident J. R. Joyce of the Carlsbad
Commercial club and explains
Albuquerque, N. M., Feb. 14th.
Mr John R. Joyce,
Carlsbad. New Mexico.
My Dear Sin
Many thanka fur your favor of the
11th. A prise of one hundred dollar
cash has been seeured for the best cot
ton exhibit. We trust that Eddy coun
ty will gather tMs in.
Yours very truly, , ,
' -r , R.' E. TwtUhsll.
Wm. J. Bryan Has Been Advo
cating the Guaranteeing of
Deposits Since 1893.
The plan of guaranteed bank
deposits has probably found fa
vor among all classes of people
and irrespective of political affil
iation, more rapidly than any
other public question.
The new state of Oklahoma
has already enacted a law taxing
state banks, the fund thus accu
mulated to be used in paying the
depositors of any state bank that
from any cause becomes unable
to meet its obligations. A spe
cial session of the Kansas legis
lature has been called for the
purpose of enacting legislature
similar to the Oklahoma plan.
The governor of Nebraska is
considering the advisability of
calling a special session of the
legislature on account of the
growing belief among the people
that protection to bank deposi
tors in the form of state or fed
eral guarantees of their deposits
will stop the hoarding of money,
bring into circulation sufficient
Stand High
in importance among people of re
finement. In Inviting you to exam
In those offered her we are assur
ed of your approval if you honor us
with a call. We are known a dis
pensers of only the purest
Drugs and Medicines
Whan we guarantee that our to.
let goo and preparation match
our drug in charact.-r it mean
there are no better to be had any
where at any price.
currency to conduct the business
of the country, and prevent a
recurrence of su. h disastrous
panics as the one through which
we are now passing.
Mr. Bryan has been an advo
cate of a law guaranteeing de
posits in state and national banks
since 1893. The legislature of
Ohio has adopted a joint resolu
tion inviting Mr0 Bryan to ad
dress its members in joint ses
sion February 13, 1008, on the
subject of guaranteed bank de
posits. Mr. Bryan, in discussing the
tariff question, insists that resi
dents of the United States
should be permitted to buy home
nfade goods at home at as low a
price as the foreigner can Uy
American-made yoods abroad.
He also insists that our govern
ment should be by and for the
people as a whole, rather than
by and for the trusts, and ad
ministered in the interest of a
few beneficiaries of the trust
I system. He believes that na
tional legislation for the purpose
of better regulation and control
of interstate'eommerce and com
mon carriers should supplement
state legislation, and not be a
substitute for state legislation.
Mr. Bryan's paper, The Com
moner, reflects his opinions each
week on questions of public im
portance and in its columns may
also be found his magazine arti
cles, public speeches, addresses
and lectures, which are referred
to in the daily press from day to
If you are interested in politi
cal questions, if you desire to
keep in touch with tho progress
of the campaign and to read Mr.
Bryan's campaign speeches send
sixty cents to The Commoner,
and the paper will be sent to you
each week until the close of the
next presidential campaign.
Postoffice money order, cur
rency, or utamps will be accept
ed. Only sixty cents. Address
The Commoner, Lincoln, Neb.
Farmers' Institute Society.
The Carlsbad Farmers' Insti
tute society will meet Saturday,
Feb. 2Uth, at Malaga. Prof. J.
D, Tinsley, of the Agricultural
College at Mesilla Park, will de
liver an address, also there will
bo short discourses from several
prominent men, among them A.
N. Pratt, formerly Irrigation
Commissioner of the Hawaiian
Islands. All farmers are espe
cially urged to attend, and a
cordial invitation is extended to
all who wish to come.
James I). Christopher. Eddy
county's very genial and efficient
a leriff announces this week fcr
reelection subject to the decis
ion of the democracy at the pri
maries. Mr. Christopher ha
for the short time he has been in
office only a year and a month
made a very good record, and
during the balance of his term
he will no doubt improve, for
Jim is one of those boys who live
to improve. His friends believe
he is entitled to another term
and he solicits the office for a
second term that he may be giv
en an opportunity to make good,
for a year is almost too short in
which to demonstrate his full
j Joe Ilomolka was brought
.down from Artesia by Deputy
Lucas last Sunday and placed in
jail to await a hearing. Hnno
ka is charged with uttering a
I worthless check for $7H), but he
! tells a wonderful story connected
I with said check. He states that
a banker in Artesia demanded
that he pay a debt and told
, Ilomolka that unless he signed
a check for $700, that he (the
banker) would send him to the
pen. Ilomolka told the banker
he had no money in the hank
and that such a check would be
I no good, but the banker said he
j would ring the phone and bring
in an officer if Ilomolka refused
to sign the check. Ilomolka,
being ignorant of the law, final
ly signed the check, when the
banker said: ''Now I have you
and unless you pay up I will
sure send you op." ilomolka,
then became scared and going
outside the bank, started on foot
for Lake Arthur, where he
caught a train but was arrested
by Deputy M c D a n i e I, w ho
turned him over to Sheriff Bal
lard at It os well. Whether
Homolka's strv is true or not
will develop at the trial.
Ilomolka is said to have had
over $5X)0 when he came to
Artesia. but Bays he was filched
out of it by sharpers and sharks
in that goody-goody town.
Jack for Sale.
' . A fine Maltese Jack fourteen
and a half hands high.
12-4 John Nevinger.
Star Pharmacy service is an untiring
effort to Rive every customer a square
deal for their money. Any store doing
that deserves patronage, and deserves
to win success and will win.
How welt this store has won out in
its two years business career ts proof
that Its way of doing business Is the
Square Dealing way That Is, striving
to give the highest quality in gnna and
Morvire and all at a fair price forgoodH.
This growth la strong evidence. We
would be glud to add you to our list of
Cardinal Gibbons Gives Views
on Prohibition Favors High
License as a Remedy
Cardinal Gibbons, in an inter
view on prohibition, says:
"I am persuaded that it is
practically impossible to put pro
hibition into elf ct in a lurgo
community and the best means
therefore to promote temperance
is to limit the number of saloontt
by high licenses. In the country
places I would suggest local op
tion as a means for a suppres
sion of intemperance if in tho
judgment of a majority of the
voters the sale of liquor should
be entirely eliminated. Laws
like those of prohibition, that are
certain to be violated, are best
not made, for their incessant
violation draws upon them dis
respect." Malaga News Items.
Mrs. Mattie Beman came down
Monday to visit her son, C. W.
Been an.
T. C. Sanford returned Mon
day from a week's visit t Wich
ita, Kansas.
District Attorney Fullen was
here Tuesday on professional
business. 1
A series of evangelistic meet
ings, conducted by Kev. Beck, of
Van Horn, Texas, will commence
Thursday night. The meetings
will probably last ten days. Kv
eryone welcome.
A basket super is to be held
in the Florence school house on
Friday night, Feb. 21.
A pleasant dance was given In
the house recently bonght by
Kobert Bruce, by the young peo
ple on Wednesday night
Mrs. W. Ward took her son
Hugh Gene to Carlsbad Tuesday
for medical attention
Clarence Miller is sick with a
severe attack of la grippe and
unable to perform his school du
ties. Mr. Shadinger, who moved
here last fall, has planted over
three hundred trees the past
Notice to School Directors.
School d i r ectors throughout
the county should take notice
that the second Monday in March
is the time they shall post notices
of election for school directors to
be held by them on the first
Monday in April following. See
Sec. 1632, and Chap. 55, pp. 15
1G0. M. P. Kerr,
Supt. Schools, Eddy Co.

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