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KtM; Comity Ja.m'1 W R OWn
Iff CEartekd tiktrratt
Superintendent of Public Initruo
tion of Eddy County Called
to Ilia Last Rett
A Man in Whose Death Every Citi
zen of Eddy County Feels
Deeply Affected.
Monday morning about 8:"i,
Fob. 21, when the news flew from
month to month that Mr. Kerr
was no more, a general feeling of
Borrow was manifest, for he was;
without doubt the most public
spirited citizen of Carlsbad or Kd
dy county. The immediatecause
of death was heart failure due to
congestion of the lungs the usual
after effects of pneumonia. lie
was first taken ill immediately
after returning from a trip to
visit the schools of Monument
and Knowles, leaving here Weil-
nesday. Dec 18, returning the
Saturday following He com -
mene.xl nilinu nnil win finnllv
menced ailing and was finally
taken down Jan. II, with pneu
monia fever, and for two weeks
he hovered between life and
death. Hut his excellent consti
tution finally appeared to be mas
tor and his recovery appeared
certain though it was evident his
lungs were seriously affected. j
Last Saturday he came up town ! f
ana airecteu the arrangement of
the fixtures for a little store he
expected to open up. Sunday
night he slept considerably but
not soundly, being easily awak
ened. Monday morning he arose j
about 7, and walked about, eat
ing a hearty breakfast about 8.
Shortly after he visited the kitch
en and came back to the sitting j
mom and Mrs. Kerr assisted him'
to change his underclothes, bjt'
while putting on 1 is undershirt1
he suddenly fell back and said:
"I am going; call the doctor."
Mrs. Kerr called her daughter,
Mrs. breeding, who phoned Dr.
Mrs. Kerr said: "Can I do any
thing for you."
'Tray for me," he said.
Mrs. Kerr lelt his pulse and
found It gone, and in just ten
minutes from the moment he first
u-ii uacK on me ueo ne expirea.
Mr. and Mrs. Kerr were mar-
ried in Brenham. Texas. Jan. 31,
1807. Mrs. Kerr being a widow
with two children, Arthur and
Florence Crozier. Five children :
were born to Mr and Mrs. Kerr,
being Wm. A., Moses B., Mary
(now Mrs. II. F. Christian) Mon
roe T. and Theodore L.
Mr',J?eirrJa9 inM?!
June 10, IS., coming with his
parents to Washington county,,
Texas, when only a year old.
He was reared in Washington
county, living with his narents
near Brenham, from whi.-h place
he entered the confederate army
in 1801 going with Sibley to New
Mexico and afterward with Green
to Galveston where he took part
in the capture by the confeder
ates of that place. He was in
the army nearly four years, re
turning in !So5 to his father's
home and was married in 18G7.
In 1873 he was electel on the
city board of Brenham as an al
derman and in 77 he was elected
mayor of the city serving six
terms as mayor of Brenham. In
188,1 he moved to Ft. Ewell and
in '85 to Cotulla, Texas whore he
followed his occupation as a mer-
chant until 189:1, when the fanii -
ly came to what is now Carlsbad,
Here he was elected a member
of the board of education, mayor
of the city of Carlsbad and lias
served for seven years as county ,
superintendent. He made the j
most efficient superintendent in '
the territory and would have;
made an ideal territorial official.
Exposure in the conscientious
discharge of his duties was the
cause of bis death
He was the
best informed man on school money under false pretenses,
matters in Eddy county, and was Mendenhill came to Hillsbom
a general favorite with teachers accompanied by a woman stip
end pupils. posed to be Mendenhali's wife.
The funeral was postponed un- While here he gave his name as
til Wednesday afternoon to await F. II. Mills, and later on it was
the arrival of his sons Monroe ascertained that while in Dem
and Then, and their families, ing he was known as F. II. Hall.
The services which were from ' When here he induce! District
the house were conducted by Attorney II. A. Wolford to in-
Kev. N. r. Marshall of the Epis-
' , church nf whk.h Mr, K,rr
wa!, a ,lfe ,orurnit.m,H.r
i ti. h 1 ... .
ran mv'.hvim nc .uv.w
S. T. Kitting, I. S. Os'iorne, A.
I ... I.skn-...,.. ......... V ...
U Heard, (i. L. Benson, V. A.
Tnilet finnds Stand Hiafi I
Eddy Drug Company
Iaubn and D. G. Grantham. by Banger Dudley who brought
It was the intention to have him from that p!ac to Alamo
six old confederate vetprurw f,,elfordo. It is said tli:it Momlon.
pall bearers, but owing to dilll-!
culties incident to wttim tbem
notified only throe were in the !
linef though six were on hand.
They were Messrs 0. M. Hollo-
way, fiam.t jjeed. C. J. James,
jn(,, Cornett, W. M. Marlar and
Boyd Hill
The achonlg of the city attend-
in a b))(J anJ thchllJren
Ma.ui .u i , Q
in charge of the teachers, to the
tfrflVA Ahulir l(VI imhlnla. tm,An
m line and possibly 1.000 people.
The funeral cortege extended
from the house to the cemetery.
While the first carriage contain-
ing the minister, was entering
the gate the last were filing out
of town at Lee street. At the
grave after the usual Episcopal
service Eddy Lodge No. 21, I. 0.
0. F., of which Mr. Kerr was
for many years a member, took j
charge, having marched in a
body from the house. Then the i
beautiful ceremony of the order i
was conducted by the Noble
Grand It. L, Bates and Chapluin
Kev. Gage of Artesia, at the
conclusion of which each of the
! Odd Fellows deposited a sprig of
1 evergreen on the coffin.
The Odd Fellows, who were in
'full regalia, were in charge of
Past Grand Marshal A. A.
. Bearup,
Mendenhall Captured.
The following from the Hills
born Advocate refers to nn erst-
while citizen of this place. Fred
Mendenhall lived here during
M -9U-9-1, going from here to
!,, well:
"Sheriff Ed. Tafoya returned
Monday from Alamogor.Io with
Fred Mendenhall w ho is wanted
here on a charge of obtaining
d rs. a draft for $"0.00 on one
of th Ug y , fc The
draft was returned unpaid. Mr.
....... . '
I . , .,
minora men commenced a
quiet seaeh for Mendenhall who
wns located nt Douglas, Arizona.
in importance among people of re
finement. In inviting you to exam
ine those offered her we art assur
ed of your approval if you honor us
with a call. We are known as dis
eri'era of only the pu'est
Drugs and Medicines
When we guarantee that our toi
let goh ninl prepare ion match
our drug i'i rh'iritor it means
fiere me iik lieiter tn ! hail any
where tit any prioi
Dru Mors In Southwest
hall while in Douglass, worked
Deiiutv Sheriff ShrotmMr nn,!
District Attorney Bus to the
tune of $100.H). It is also re
ported that Mendenhall has
served terms for forgery in
prisons of Colorado, Texas and
Honolulu, also a short teim in
the insane asylum of New Mex
ico, where, through the influence I
of friends, he was detained fori
forgery instead of serving time
in the penitentiary. Mr. Men
denhall is a native of Las Ve
gas, N. M., and has wealthy;
relatives who have heretofore
helped him out of his previous)
troubles. When visited by the
Advocate repor tor yesterday !
morning, he said he had noth-j
ing to say of his return tj Hills-:
buro. He said he had seen an'
article in the Advocate recently
stKlmK tnUt M- Mendenhall
l''l worke.l a bogus check and
'I'l'arod. He said the state-
melltt w"" ?nUrvy ,wron' thal
she had done
nouiiMK oi ine
kind and that when he was ar
rested she immediately left
for her home at Butte, Montana. !
He further stated that Mrs.
Mendenhall knew nothing of his
method of securing money, that
she thought he was making a
living gambling, but that she
severely objected to his going
under assumed names, and that
it was her objections that finally
disclosed his dealing and ended
in his arrest. Mr. Mendenhall
complained of having been ill
for several days and he looked
pale atid drawn. Mendenhall
has wealthy relative.) at I.as
Vegas and Koswell. The pris
oner was arraigned before Judge
Riboru Tuesday morning for
preliminary examination. Men
denhall plead not guil'y an I was
remanded to jail. His bond was
fixed at SL'.inhum)."
Know let Item.
Sand storms are happening
pretty often these days. If this
keeps up our farms will be over
in Texas.
Will to to hatch
story by next time.
up a
Of U'U llll'l
afford t '.K-i Monument outdo us
in cotton raiMng.
Old king la grippe has had full
sway over this end of Eddy.
Lumber is on the way to erect
a house for a drug store. Will
also have a physician in the near
Grai.um i Morrol. aged 8d. was
Iaid4o rest last Friday. The
family have the sympathy of the
entire community.
The country is rapidly filling
up, and farmers are busy getting
their fields ready for spring sow
ing. This country was shocked at
the news of the death of Joel
Heard, who died in I'ocos.
Mrs. Ellis is conducting a sub-1
script ion school at this place.
Rumor has it that we will have1
a town company in the near fu
ture. On February 11. the hiHt.ital.le
home of Mr. ami Mr. D. II
Coleman was th,own open to the
young people in tti'' "ttupe ot a
inasij icradi' bull. 1 tventy coup
les were Mucked. Tiieri Was
Mrs. Dolly Madison of While
House fiiiiie, Mrs. Wiggs of the
Cabbage Patch and in-r loving
daughter. Floret Nightingale,
C ara Barton. I'nll y Flinders,
Miss Mulh i latrl, the ciiatnpinn
roper, tin IJueen of Hearts, the
Guddes of Might, Cupid, t h e
Fuiry (Jiieen. Gypsy, downs ra
jore, gentlemen who wore bask
ing in petticoats and kimonosand
many promiscous characters.
The decoration were red and
white. Hearts were the favors,
on the backs of which .vere writ
ton the fortunes of possessors.
Merriment ran high when he
heart cakes were broken and
brought to light the button, nee
dle, pork a n d beans, broken
hearts and dates of marriages.
The evening was passed in
dancing, music and fortune tell
ing. The wee sma hours had
long gone by when the merry
crowd departed for their homes
both near and far.
Petit Jury for March Term of
Court 190S.
It. A. Mimttfomery, line eei,
(ieorjre M. Cooke, A. N. I'ratt,
K. V. Alliritton,
I). N. Huston,
R. A. Futon,
l. It. Sutherland,
Jno, A. Fuller,
('. N. Junei,
.1. II. Walker,
W. J. tiilHNOtt,
W. It Hepler,
T M. ( urti.
J. 8 Itievea,
K. K. Ilryant,
II J. Allison.
Kenton Stove,
John aither,
Watnon Cook.
ll. W. Morgan
K. H. Kemp.
John l.uriiH,
J. I. It I.
J. A I. in it.
It I.. Smith,
J. C. I' ott,
W. C. Murahle.
I Imrli s Stiieka,
W. T. Kmsiti((nr,
J. K. Austin,
WiUon (ionHett,
Joseph llarpir,
Jik AiiilerHun,
(Jen ('line,
Star Pharmacy service m nn untirinir
effort in (jive every customer a wpiare
ili'iil for Ihi'ir niorey. Any store lining
tlml deserve, patronage, ami lcvrv
to win success, nml v ill In.
Ilow wi ll tin store bus won nut in
it two years' lusmc career Ih rMf
til fit ItM way of iloinit busines is the
SUitn lli-alirtr way. That in, striving
to tiivo tin- highest ipiality In koiIh uiul
service unl all ut u fairpriee for goods..
This growth in strung viilnin'. We
wmiM he glml t' ioM you to our list of
I II K ill' A I.I I V N IOKK
Malaga News Items
Jul. ii o. Mi Ki i ii, jr ,
here last Siiturtluv.
'M h visitor
" ,S"'...r.J liiiule n flyinir trip to
""isnntl lust I'nilay returning Nitur
1 day ttioi fiitipr.
Misa Anita Iliaif utiirrml Mon.lay
fmiii a ten il v tisit with frieinN in
Mr. Highly, of t)i, Tnwti'iite mm.
pany wax here Monday on lijsmes.
W I. Mnipsnti, a recent invest .r, i
ereetitm a rieat four room eottnife on
ins I'luee Hoiith of the I..if faun.
Jli. Mihlfreil. of Carlst.iiil. has heen
here tlm week helping in repair the
heail cates ami Keltm every thing
remly for the water tu he turneil in.
The Imsket supper uiveli lit Klurenee,
by the I.uiIuh Anl of the llaptist
rhuri'h, wua a suroess Isitli liotii a
social anil tinamial statnlHiiiit. The
viulin iluet ifivi n ly Mis Musui Hake
atnl Call .Smiih, ack-miipMiiiHl ly
l.nni'elot Smith, wtu verv much -n-
joyeil. The proceed were very nearly
Mr. Spi-m-er Faville, of Nushtnt,
Iowa, arrived Tuesday niortiiiiK with
a earloail of houaeliold elTevta. He re
cently Isiiufht a traet of lun I wher he
w ill i re t a house.
Ir. Mi'l'liersnii ami Mr. It. liruee
ri'arted to drive to Carlsha l 'I'm s lay.
Their horsi" liei'iiine Mek whi li Hu t
, rea.'heil I I ireiire, they Were I'oln
pelleil tu return lnnne,
C II. Hillings, u eoii in of Sp, iicer
Favil , ariived Milhaii iinmii-i :ini ear
Tie-sday inorniinf. He has pii,,ha.-ei
s. line Ian. I an. I wiil iiiui.i his inline
h mie here.
The priitrui'ti'd mei'tiiiKs are still in
pr.ire.si. Interest n heinf tn.ltiit'i st.
e l, I ii rn lieiiif three ruiivi rst.ins.
II. A Nnu er, uitli a of men,
has heen Imsy ehoppniK lirusli hetween
here unit I'lul. lire mi the puhlie roiel
'. . Ileemun went tu Carlshiel
M iridny, returning Veitieshiy.
Hale lili'ifhurn left Fiiday for l arlii
hail tu j an his father Tlii-y are k
init to iiiuke a trip tu I'lamview. New
Mex Mr. lileKlmrti ex perls to niovtt
his fjtii y nut there ill uhout three
Kev. II I. Wheeler ami family ar
rival Wedrii'H.l.iy front Memphis,,
Texas. He hint heen aenl h the
Methislist Mission 1 1' Mini to tiik
churi(i of the work in this place.
i. i:. ii
Notice of Appointment of
In the Matter of the Filiate of Juan
(Jiiliniln, Ilrieused In the I'n.liale
Court, Fdily County, New Mux.
Ity order of the prohate court of Mho
Coimty of Fddy, Territory of New
Mexico, notice is herehy given that I,
the underslKlieil, huve heen duly ap-
pointed hy Hiiid court ailminihlriitor of
jthei-Htale of miid Juuu Ualiudo, anil
that I have ipiahhed HH u..!l u. ImiliiH-
irator ly takmu the out ii of oilice ami
hy lilinn in sanl court the duly upproveii
Ismd as required by law,
Notice in further given that all per
suns having claiiim against saul estate
must pr sent Much claima in inunner
prescrilied hy law and within the timo
fixed hy law.
Dated: Carlshad, February 21, I'.NiK.
UiciiAao M, '1 HtiHNK.

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