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Carlsbad current and New Mexico sun. [volume] (Carlsbad, N.M.) 1907-1908, February 28, 1908, Image 4

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The Carlsbad Current
and New Mexico Sun.
f'arMavt CtirrvM atat.ll.h..w NnHiibr IV
l"!. N HrLimHnn Mi.l Kr 1. I'M,
lha two iaira ronMilHtataat rt,lan II, IM.
t . - . . . 1 -
CarUbaJ "Printing Co., publishers
Wm. I I. MJUe. Pres.
"I'll Min HN l SO prr (11110111
ihe Oflkldl Paper of fJdy County.
I'ii hi iMiifl rvry tri'lay Hurt rniarwl
mm fintl tuna fimltrr m tn ( rUiHi(l N. M.
pfMl urTltr.
C-rt.h-.cl. N. M., Friday. Feb. 28. 1908
I'rnhata Clt mil I l-OHItlo fcrcurdrv
I lim-l'V ntiiioiitii myaiH a. a i ari,t lUi.
tor I tu nfTI' i1 hi I'mliat- rli-i It mill Kt tlHV i
N iilirii jlv minify, Miitiiii'i ti nit
O ha i'l tili di-uiiM ruiir .'rinmrii
Arthur II. o'tmnu.
Tai aaaaaaiic.
Tin-1'iirrrnl I. milliiirltKil In nnrtnimrr Jutm W
I't 11 , nt Atii.ia. a a i-amtxlatf fur tlii uttir. .if
Ai-m-.-Mir Mtlv tiiui.tir, m.lijiHt tu tliav ln ill
tli.' .1 una tain .iinat-.
Ml. rill
I Im nfitf r.n.f,t ti nan In lha rfi-nMaralr
trt.i.f M't imii.t. 1. r. ..l..fi,lh It,.-.,m tit
Mutill nl .Mv l ouniy, miI.ii . In liar ai lam .if
8'n it. una tat at ilia iiiitiai h-.,
J. I I ln.-t.ij.h. r.
Commlal lii.lrut S X
7t I irr.-i. i aith.-ri'.. tniii.n.Miriirtltr ran
t-f Ji.-i i-li II llilai,aii f.. 4 ''in ntii if.', fiian I
th-li I S.i .'. I.I I, I .,i,l. N. M, aul.jnl In I
i.i. H'll I ...I-lll'.tiiM IMIH 1-tlll.r.tll'N.
Cnll Mrrting of the Eddy Coun
ty Democratic Central Com
mittee. A Meeting if thr Ilemocmtic
Central Committee of F.ddy county,
New Mexico, Is hereby called tj
meet nt the courthouse InCarlslmd,
I.ddy county, New Mexico, on Sat
urday, M-uth 7th, iqoH, ut the
hour of ten o'clock u. m., for the
purpose of arranging for und set
ting a date on which to hold the
Iemm rntic Primary Election in the
said I ddy County, New Mexico, in
the year tooR, and for suih other
Imsiness nt in ly come tiefure the
All member of the Committee
nre urgently requested to attend in
person, if poMtle, If not please
una proxy.
All prospective candidates for
the various county olMceri in Fddy J
Comity are cordially invited to be
prt'M'iit at the above mimed nuct-
iii of the Committee.
,. Tom Cooper,
Attest: Chairman.
J. II. Harvev,
Democratic voters at the pri
maries should vote against any
democrat who will pay for an an
nouncement In a republican paper.
It is not business for a democratic
candidate to help sustain a news
paper that will be used as a dab
to beat out the brains of the demo
cratic party after the primaries.
How many land notices do demo
cratic papers get from a republican
land office? Carlsbad Current.
That is a question that we tave
wanted some information in re
gard to ever since this campaign
opened. We cannot understand
why a democrat will announce in
and give bis work to a republican
newspaper when there is a paper
of his own party handy. Some
so-called democrats persist in
patronizing the republican papers,
when they know those papers
will do all in their power against
them, and these same candidates
will expect the democratic papers
to work overtime telling the peo
ple what staunch democrats they
are and what good officers they
would make, but the Herald Is
going to deal one of the biggest
disappointments to this class of
democrats it has ever been their
lot to receive, for Instead of boost
in,; them and lauding them to the
skies, we nre going to fight them
to the last ditch. We are demo
cratic to the core but would vote a
republican or socialistic ticket be
fore we would help elect a man to
office who is not true to his party
in every sense of the word. And
it seems that we are not alone in
our condemnation of these halfway
democratic office seekers, for on
last Saturday afternoon a gentle
man called at the Herald office and
told us that his township, which
is in this county, wanted to know
who the democratic candidates
were that had their work done at
the republican office at this place.
He said that his community was
strictly democratic and would vote
for no man who went to another
party for his work. I'ortules
The c !ctioit held last summer at
which $ j j, ooo bondt were voted to
build a bridge at Artesia and an
other ut Carlsbad, was, without
doubt, Unnl; because if it was not
neatly all the bridge bonds ever
issued by Fddy county are illegal.
In l8g bond, to build three bridg
es were voted all on one ticket,
while in nearly every other state
r territory two or more projects
are fiequeutly combined and voted
ott as was the cane in the special
eleition held to vote .for bonds for
budges at Artesia and Carlsbad.
Then the Hi in that bad agreed to
purchase the bonds never cited a
law or court decision to show the
bonds were out le.al. The district
attorney did not give It as his opin
ion that the bonds were not legally
voted. Despite all these facts
the Artesia crowd insists that
the commissioners call an election
to again make further expense to
the county. If the bonds are legal
it is tllega.''lo call another election
for the same purpose. If the bonds
are illegal then the large ibsre of
Eddy county bridge bonds issued tu
1844 are illegal. It was not only
good sense in the commissioners to
refuse to order another election but
it would have been illegal for them
to order an election for the same
purpose for two years. The Artesia
people seem to have a fearful amlp
athy toward the membets of the
county board, Mertrs Heard and
Weaver, but if the people knew
the facts they would thank those
gontlemen for safeguarding the In
terest of the county well as
they have. .
Teacher's Examinations March 7
Tin' followitiK letter front TYr
ritiri;il Ailutit SiiifiinU'ndcnt
Sanciit z t .1. V. Armstrong x
idiiiti itself and teachers of the
enmity vill therefore' take notice
that Saturday, March 7. the ex
umin.ttiotiM will lie held nt the
CurlxWad llitfh School room.
All 'eucher8 now teaching on
special termit.t must take this
examination to entitle them to
draw their fabric uftir that
date: ,
11 KKlroKY r Nl W MKMl-ll
Sunt 11 IV, r ti I'l,
Mr. Jubn Armstrunir.
I'HrMunl, N. M.,
Uritr Sir:
As it wits inMiiilUt fur SuiMTlnten
ileiit Kerr to eotului't a tcncliers' ex
Mtiiiiiutiun us unleri'il by Ibis depart
merit, and whirli should hsve lxen field
February first last, I am writing to
)i now to ascertain if wo could l u
iliite, s sihiii us Missililo, u 1 miii which
to hold a teachers' examination in
Killv comity.
I 'leas let me know by return mail
what ilattt woulti Ih acceptable to you.
You will notify your teachers Intercut
ed of thwdato and place of the exam
ination, and I w ill send you the neces
sary rxsimiiHtion iuesllons
llopiiiK to hear from you regarding
the matter by return mail, 1 am,
Yours very rexpect fully,
A M. Sanciik.,
Assistant Superintendent.
February L I,
II011. A. M Sam-tics,
Aksistunt Supt. of Schools,
Santa Ke, New Mexico.
Ucar Sir:
In answwr to yours of the '.'1st Inst
Sill say that Saturday, March 7, will
lw satisfactory to mv as a data for
holding teacher's examination, I
will immediately notify our teachers
that th examination will lie held on
that data. ,
Yours truly,
John W. Armsthono.
a. F. Bl'JAC. c. H. BHICt
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.
Will practice In all tht- courts of New
Mexico and Texas.
0 fSct In IN Csnslll BslWlnt.
Cabuibad. Nw Mexico.
Otllee Canyon t. East of Court House.
Becurity Abstract t o. In office.
Physician and Scsoson.
OffW In Hull 4 Brlr buildlnc. RaaManrs o
HsIasiMnoRt., tnd Ifciur North of School houM
J, A. NYMKYI.lt.
fwatitrwins ttstrii ritirv In lunrr rif
Snd siliulnlns count ira In leaaa arJ NrMrsiro.
OHTEorcrine riiYsit'iAN
AM St HoEiiN
llii'ilii.Dnli.l III, K. lililr II it. l.t srl-lmil. V M
)H. II. W. SI. 1.1. Kits
OiTL-r It lNajii liuililitis
OlSrt I'hiinr lli-ai.leni r I'huli
A ..a.. .atvawsfc.kaASVAaaai
no. star
Joas R Jotci. A. C. Hbasd. O. M. Cooii,
Vic Prsaldiot.
CLaBiscs Bill,
Ass't Caahler.
The First National Bank
Oarlabad, Na w Maaloo
Capital and Surplus, $125,000.
W hare ample capital and are prepared at all times to care for the J
neods of onr customers. The iMttronage of the pahlio Is respeotfally so
licited. No account too small to receive oar best attention.
The Bank of the Creation
The only safe bank in the world. Never returns a check unpaid.
Ilurglar proof. Will pay the largest dividends of any bank. Never
refused to pay deHaitors. Never affected by money panic. Always
solvent. The oldest banking institution in the worU The only
safe hank tu deposit in. All deposits guaranteed by the creator of
all things and the U. 8. Government. It -oil are interested, sett
The Hollovvay Land Co,
In the V ultimo HulMliin, rant td I'irm National Bank CAHLSBAD, SiEW MEXICO.
Corn fed BEEF
-l:r o Alkali.
Notice of Suit.
Itith iM-trirt Cui I 1 1 t'o mty New Mixlr s.
I. M Hmlth,
. ,S i.
M. K. Williamn.
TuM- K Wilt.m tr lfnUnt in tht n,r
uil. hrntimr; i
Yurv hi-ra'by fhiiiiif. itiMl lin n- liav IWt-
Hirmnot u, tn lh imitrttl rHirl. a nuI by
ihf I'Uintitr. K. M X' ', numl-rrtl l on thr
list kc tf KkJ court ii .l f utNitr.
Vouwrr furlhrr P .t .- tKwt It.f i1 uit I. f..r
tttin fUtrr ttmtm thr inH U itm kfsn m uttuv
In rrUIwl. Mily tunty, Nf M-tri, uti.t f.if
l ift) dttl tu ri Nltssr y h fiin nm r of mt.
tum ititv t.f tlitai iMication whah In ilia
ft Ml lint iu ! l ault aiiti ytHir mi rtrty
so f t titl Mill MtldtoniiiiKry ath itHlra-tiMt)t.
Yuu ' futti'-r notihnl tlmt mi) tuit ,
ttmuifht tt ftus-s . U'MlldiU Ii in mi n iis
s My mi Mttm tuwi
riaihtuT h mt'ii tn-yi ait Mtrnwr. Bjj A Itncv
tttti llivir rt-ni i U CatrMuut, Ni Mi'hi.
In WiIimkm U li if I tiar hftnltitii m-i my
haml nJ tlitit t ut miinI nut mt rttrUluwl,
Nrw MfMs th- tit MhtUy f ftrliruary, t n.
' H. I. lt'Hr htm, Clvrk,
iiWl Hy ii. t. In. liiiut
PllON'K NO 11
riSH mr4 OSTERS It Season
It. A. lloUM-r. I'nuliliiil
II. Ii. Armatrooa. Caaiurr
CbclRatlonal JSanh of Caclsbab
Depository for Eddy County and Territory of New Mexico
Ojwn An account with ui and try paying by check.
You will find it will pay.
tllti:noHH-H. A. 5lturr, I. V, luww, K. Il. nt1rlrk. M. Mvlntun. R. II. Arm-troii
J. i. nn r.n, , a Mt U-imllu'ii
Middle of th Block, Next door to Foat Offico
Notice of Suit.
In tlt Piplrirl V 4U Mly tVunty, Nrw Mrktru
Ilumv A Itrtv,
. Nu. "',
M. Im Williauu.
TuM. K WiMtMtits tMrtvUnt In tlm aU
ult, n-rwtifiir.
Hou Mt lifts ht luitlltvil llmt Ihriv hita Itvn
l)UJ iriukti ,im, in th lvt vinuJ court, at
uil liy lit ImntiT'S Hujae A lh-k, huRtlwriHl
lit un thii kt-t n mh! court ami alylitil anabu.
You an fitrttur ivultiisj that tha au.t. la f.r ihi
urn of t-"4 a!li-K.i tu hav it i runl ly rMiMin
ol arrvira iM-rf.tritHl aa attornaya at taw for you.
thv aai. iiifin.1aiit in aattl ami at your iavlal in
ianaiMlmitiyi ami Uurin iha yr nf IMlrt,
You trfr f uilhiv ri'HittasJ that unlvaa you ai'mr
at th ralorn da-if Ihta tutiliraloa h.ch iU
UthallthifMk f Attrti, lt. jutlKniant willba
rwiHlini aiiit yui by tlafault, ami yuur afttd
mierty hwl will ba aokl tu aatiify uih
I'latitUiTa aitiirnryaara Maanra. Bujae A 11 r tea,
ami thvtr tvit'Mrv la CarUslwl. New Mexico,
In Wilt. M hortHjf, hava livrwuntu avt my
haml ami afti.t Dm aval at aul court al t'arllial
Nrw Men.'.., Una tlwri th day of Fabruary, 1M)
II. . KomcMTti. VU-rk,
Hy Ii. 1 IlKNaoN. (Japuty.
The time to buy land is when it is cheap.
When time comet that It raises you cannot buy.
II you want to buy, go where the sellers come to
Call or write.
Carlsbad Furniture Co.
Presbyterian Church.
I Sunday School 10 a. nt
Divine service 11 a. m.
Christian Endeaver 7 p. m.
Evening Service 7:30 p. m.
For Sale Cheap
A good Ditching Machine
suitable for irrigation or road work.
rtiiuLt i un a. LUCKE
I Prompt Service J
5 JhCTdt7
'I J Reasonable Prices
Phono as
Good Rigs Fine Driving: Horses I

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