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Th Democratic Central Com
mittee (Meets ta Fix the Time
and Adopt Rule.
The Rules of 1006, With Some Al
teration, are Adopted for the
Governing of the Election.
The meeting of the Eddy
County Democratic Central Com
mittee occurred at ten a. m., last
Saturday, at the assessors office
in the court house in Carlsbad,
present: Chairman J. T. Cooper
and committeemen as follows:
Carlsbad, D. G. Grantham, ap
pointed to fill the place of J. W.
Armstrong, resigned; Lakewood,
I). II. Hurdette; Dayton. J. It.
King, Artesia, G. U.- McCreary,
with proxy of W. L. Whitaker,
Hope, C. V. Ileeman, Malaga;
J. L. Emerson held proxy of
Jack Heard, of Know lea, and
Queen was represented by the
regular conimi tteeman, Ned
Shattuck. Monument was not
represented. Condidates Stew
art for sheriff, McKeen, Trice
and liar key for assessor,
O'Quinn, Hobo and Panning for
clerk. Merchant for treasurer
and collector, C. W. Heeman
and J. C. Keith commissioner
Dist. No. 2, and J. M. Cunning
ham, surveyor, were on hand.
The appointment of I). G.
Grantham, J. I!. King and E.
S. Shattuck for their respective
precincts was confirmed. C,
Heernun presented his resigna
tion as committeeman from
Malaga, but on motion passed
and carried he was retained on
committee until close of Hirel
ing. Chairman announced that
motions to set the date for pri
maries was in order. Motion
made by (. U. McCreary and
seconded by J. li. King that
date for holding primaries be
set for July 1st. Mr. McCreary
made a strong speech in support
of his motion, holding that one
man is sick and another a new
man and an early primary would
do an injustice to them while
not injuring the others.' This
was answered by Mr. Grantham,
who held that it was possible to
see every man in the county in
forty days.
Motion by D. II. Burdette and
seconded by J. L. Emerson that
the original motion be amended stricken out, the rules of l'JOtf
setting the date of primaries for were adopted. The stricken out
the first Saturday in May instead portion refers to the Mexican
of July 1st. Suggestions favor- vote. The precinct chairmen
ing an early date were made by were Instructed to call meetings
several spectators who were in their respective voting pre
called on by the committee to cincts to elect delegates to a
express their views. Sugges-' county convention, which, on
tion was made by Mr. Grantham motion made ami seconded, was
that the prospective candidates set for the 11th day of April, it
retire and bring in a vote favor-j being the second Saturday, to
the date for primaries, which meet at the court house in Carls
was done and resulted in five i bad at two p. m., when and
votes for April lthc two for May, I where delegates will be elected
one for June and three for July, j to the various representative
Mr. McCrary casting vote of .council and territorial conven-
Mr. Christopher, who was ab
sent, liy vote of the committee,
Mr. ISeeman not voting, the
amendment was lost, three vot
ing for April and four for July.
Those voting for April were
Emerson, Burdette and Gran
tham. Those for July McCreary
with Whitaker's ptoxy, King
and Shattuck. The amendment
being disposed of, the vote oc
curred on the original motion
and carried. On motion of Mr.
McCreary. by unanimous agree
ment the date was changed to
June 27, which is the last Satur
day in June. Motion was made
by Mr. McCreary that the next
order of business be taken up.
Meeting adjourned to meet at
1:30 p.m.
Meeting convened at 1:30 p.
m. by Chairman Cooper. !
On motion made and seconded j
that the rules governing pri-i
m tries for 11XK5 be adopted for ,
1908. moved by Mr. McCreary
and seconded by Mr. King, that
paragraph 3 of the rules be
stricken out and the following
inserted: "No one shall be al
lowed to vote unless he be a
legal qualified voter under the
statutes of New Mexico and
must be a democrat;" also that
rule 1 be stricken
following inserted
out and the
"All demo -
cratic citizens of the United
States, irrespective of past poli
tical affiliation and differences
who can unite with us in the ef
fort for pure, economical con-
Toilet Goods
j i
Eddy Drug Company i
stitutional government are eli
gible to vote in th democratic
primaries of Eddy County, N.
M., on the 27th day of June.
discussion .
After considerable
the amendment were
put O a I
voie and lost, there beinx three
in favor aid five against. With
the exception of the last para
graph of rule three, which was
tions, and a chairman of the
r,l l P,,i (i...i r !
t,Udy County Central Ujmmittee
to serve two years or until the..,
next county convention. Eachj
precinct shall be entitled in the
. ... i
county convention, to one vote
for each 100 votes, or fraction !
l( . . . . .
thereof, cast at the last general I
election for 0. A. Lnrra.ola for
delegate to congress in I'.kh!.
This gives the respective pre
cincts the following representa
tion in the convention:
Carlshud 4 Ijak wood 1
Artesia 3 Hope 1
Dayton 1 Queen 1
Monument 1 Malaaa 1
Knowles 1
The following
appointed to act
person were
as judges in
their respective precincts:
Carlsbad: T. C. Home, T
Fletcher, Wm. Jones.
Malaga: Geo. Stone, C. V.
Lnrramore, VV. A. Forehand.
Knowles: A. J. Heard, D.
II. Coleman, Florence Iove.
Monument: T. P. I'.ingham,
Henry Record, J. L. Taylor.
Like wood: II. VV. Cole, T.
M. Waller. Dr. VV. M. Harper.
Dayton: M. H. Culpepper,
(i. VV. Chisholm, J. VV. Frank.
Artesia: Albert Blake, K. C.
Higgins, .1. E. Swepstmi.
1 Hope: D. L. Kims.
J. H.
White, .1. T. Davis.
(jueen: J. II. Me;:ns. Ceo.
Tracy, VV. J. Anderson.
The following resolution was
Stand High
in importanio auuii K pet.ple of re
finement. In inviting you tu exam
ine thoso iiffcreil here we are unur
eil of your approval if you honor iih
with a call. SVe are I. noun as ilin
penscrit of only the puitat
Drugs and Medicines
When we iruariieti .. il,,,! ur t,,j.
let kiniiIs 11ml pn (, ,r:, tionn match
our ilru,; in china. 1. 1 it meaim
there nre no lu ll, T- 1,, .
where at any prii e
Drug More in Southwell j
! Resolved, that the Honorable
i William J. I!
of tho Democrats of Eddy
county, represented hy this corn-
mittfe, as their standard bearer
for tho democratic nomination
and for president of the Ui ited
States at the general election in
J. T. Coot-Kit.
Chot. Item. Central Com.
J. B. Harvey,
John B. Kino,
;. ir. mi crarv.
E. S. .Shattuck.
Rules governing the primaries
passed by the Eddy County
Democratic. Central Committee
March 7th, 1008, primaries to
be held June 27, igo8:
mi. in liny precinct, ir n nulllcient
nuinherof the voteri hhall apply to
til.. 1. 1, u ... ... .. :.i . u .
. precinui ior a
chni?e in the vhiiiK Place. th naiil
. ' ' i";-'''"'' -imii have
' inn riinr in tLi.urniii.. u .
pUco ami ttpnoint judc,h f..r th MI
he' " Ju'Ikps tmve i,.i appointed
by lh cominitlee. ;:uch action hnw.
vr. heim Uhjecr to th-approval of
th.! r,orni,ni,tre-
nd. In the event the purlieu ahove
Damn, to hold the election m tho rm.
pectin voting precincts ur not nres
cm at tho rnmr of the I . i V named for'
the liulilinir nf Kiiiil election, then if j
en nrr hi in,' nam iitrnci urn presem.
or they Khali select uiintlii'r party In
in ' as judge; in the event that nmio nf
it. i' tiiiiui'ii puitici an present, t fu n at
the hour of opening the poll at the
said vol ing precincl, the voter pre
it hhall Helert friini il.nilltie.l elector
other ju.li'cs who hhall hold the elec
tion lit the voting precinct; anil three
j u t tr tiameil in eai'h of the above
viiiiiiu precinct hhall on the ilay of
the elect i.n nume twn partic tit art us
Hnl. Nil one shall he ultnweil ti vote
utile he Hhall he n legal voter in the
precinct in w hich he otTcr to vote on
the ilav of the next general election.
Theniitilinrution of the legal Voter he
ing that he iiiuhI he u citizen of the
United State either hy liirth or li tut I
letter of naturalization, ami over the
age of ill years; must have ren.le.l in
the Territory of New Mexico H month
in the cuntv of Kihly three nrmth
ami in the precinct in which he niters
to vote twenty day next preceding the
general election to-he helil in Nnvctii
lier. I'.fsi. In regard to douhtful
Voters the rule "hull he that they must
he either on a previous registration
list in K'lily county or present their
lillttirialiation papers lothe judge or
must present tn the judge nf the
election a written oath thai they are
cili.eii' of the t'niteil Stales ami must
he u ileiniHrat.
41 i. Kach iii;ilitii il elector in oriliT
to eulille tiim In vote in the primary
election, must he a uV1110ci.it Any
man who h:! nut heretofore heen 11
ilemocrai may la' mich a li'iinn iiit in
liaineil aliove if he haa in fact Heveieil
all party necliun with all other po
litical purlieu ami (lorn in i."""! faiih
expect to ansociule and alliliale i.er
niaiienllv with tliu ilcti.inlic imttv;
mil ...... li v-i.l.. 111. i, ..l...i.... I If . ..
his honor in Hin.iH.rt il -r... ...
ticket an nominal oil,
."ln. I he juil;e of the election hhall
havu control of the vote ami p,.nh tiuiti
the r Ik' lit of all applicants to vote.
Kveryotiu otterinu to vie hhall he mih
jeel to ehallenee oy any ipiihlieil
elector. If any one whone vote in
challenged hhall he rejecteil, hi ,ue
shall he placeil in an envelope, m-alcl
anil thenppln ant or Home .me at Inn
rcipieftt hhall write hih mime acri h the
envelop ami tile envelop nhall lie
iflarkeil rejecteil lor the reason thai
the applicant Kim slate the facts
tuusiiui mucIi rejection on -.net, envelop 1 !
ami .ill votcn no ii jec'e.l hy them iimI
.scalfil up -ti.ill I.. M'tn unit o In 1
papers l.i tne cliaii ii.;m . f Hie iieino- '
I ciaiic exi'i ill 10 in 1, 1 1 1 1 , ni l Mi. ill
! Pe ci.liMi.i ti-.l 01 ii.f HJ...I-.I .. at H e
, liini- Hie pmper purl lis meet to to
I v.iss the rolling ail ilnl.n.. 1 1,, i...
i uiis, ami lm 11 'hoy shall .isreiiaie
j ll'olll the lel.lllij. .1.' herel-in I ler pn
vi. till lor, thai nuiuiier ! east
lot the le.-pe.'tiie c.ii'iiiihiti'. ami all
Hi ciinlleii,'.'.! vitis ;,i;irs tt.cn
count a il. I a. . 1 111 1 -li.ili l.e pla. e.l Willi
1 ho I rf HI, 11 k. I. : Hon. tl.ai i.ieiin. l.
IimI llio.e II. ill are ovj.'Cl . .1 I'V the
hoil shall ill nin e l.e dent 1.0. el 111 It.e
plesi'lice ot t lie p.il lic
l.lh. N I.e ..li.m. i to vo. e
oul: i.e ol t.H null pi.', mcl except
ulicnlie show In II" c.ii isi ai'i inn of
il.e jmlui h thai it is ,in.. senile ami 1111
place .inle Im I im to tie m I, is own
pi '. ill. t an. I tie nio-t hlmw fissl ami
am i-iactifi y I'i'ii.-ons lor not lieinif
ill. At any time within ten iliiys
previous to the time aliove speciheil
lor the hol.liiii; ol Ihe primary election
en. h eamlnlaie for olhce hhall huhmil
III WMIlliK lo the chuiiltian of the ilein
mratic M,cutie committee, which
hhall he kept on nle In' him, his ileclar
atioti whicn stiall 111 sul.htance he that
lie Niihimth hi- name to the decision of
ttie ilemocrulic primaries, ami will
ulinlehy the lesult, anil Hiipport all the
liomineeH nunle thereat. In ca.se one
aliull lull to comply with Hiese require
lllentu, though h? receive sulll. lent
vuteh to liecome the iiimnm e, he shall
not l.e ije. hire. I Ihe nomifiee of the
party Ulnl h i place nhall he Illicit hy
the llcnim'lu ic executive conunittee, it
alwu oliserviliK the next luvtheht
th. The hallots use.l in the pn
niary election hhall he prititeil on plain
whilo paper, iihout three inchca wnln
nml Nhoiit i ikIiI lin he lotiir, ami the
tiameh ol' all the euliiliilateh whu have
Hutimiiicii tliii'- iiaint H in writmi; to
tint chairman nf th executive commit
tee, as Ih piovuhsl lor aimve, hhall he
pliice.l on t ie h ami every liallot. anil
every hailot, arcl tne chuirmafi of the
ili'inoi'r.itic execu'lke lominilti'e is
h.iiyliy uulhori.i'il. ami it hhall lie Ins
ih'ty tu have deliver .1 at Ihe lime ol
thitopeniiiK of tliu polls, to the firnper
otlicers for hol.hm; the election there.
all 11......-.. ru I...L..IJ ..u ..........
Imneil. t.act, v lei at tho time ami
place of votini; hhall nr... nr.- Iroin the
I. .. ..
jiiuKen oi me eie .-tion a in kct as men-
ii..ne, ulM.ve. ami must then nml them
m thu prehem-e ot h mticei, ot tin
eli'CHuii, yet 111 pii.'ale, make nut ami
privately v. .in it, ami mi vote hhall he
riiceive.l unit ss the parly olli'iintf to
vole it hhall al the time ami place ol
vniihK net the luillo' irotn tho ..tlic r,
mukliiK it out and votinif it as ahove
provided, even if the voter does not
care who seen hih hull. it.
S'ar Pharmacy service is 1111 untiring
eir.n t to iive every customer a hipiur
ileal fur their iniiM-y. Any store il iitif
that deserves eutroiiiitrr, ami ilcsenea
t Mil. HlCC,H, HII'I will win.
How wt'll this Ktore Iibh won out in
its twit years' Imsim'SH riiinr is proof
that ill wny of dimitf I'liHim-ht ih tho
Sipiare t)i'iili?ir way. Tluit is, strivine;
to tine llio Inchest iiialily in hihmIm ami
hit vied an. I all ill a fair price fnrttoodx.
I'll ih ktiiw th in at rung evidence. We
would lie kI''I tu ixl'l "'i I" our li"t nf
The ullicers in chai'tre of the hallnt
ahull nee ihul each vmer ilocx not take
Hie ticket uway tnnu tde Nullum place,
ami that r.o one know hi w the w.ti r
voieil, provuli il I in- nier cannol make
out hl.4 own ticket, he xhall then re.
ipn at Home jmlee or del k to make it
mil 111 private at the time ami place of
votiiin. Ami in mich way that lis
secrecy cannot ho know n tu any one
except the voter ami t lie iiletilnal
party making it out for him.
No voler can have his ticket nunle
out lor him uiilcha he ca t make it
out tor hiiu.iell. he jiiilm t in l imine
shall make mill reiiHoiiahle mien as
aie lieceHHiiry anil proper to mt that
the true kimii! ) this hi tIi.h. m . ,.r.
"'" "ul l,,," r '' "" hallot
received until the voter
Complies with Ihe aliove rctllllf mctltrt
as to teceivini; hut ticket, making out
ami VotihK the same
t'lh. Kach camhilate hhall have the
riuht lo select one man who hhall have
Hie riKht to lie presenl W ith the jlil,;i h
mil clerks ol Ihe election In me inal.
his inlerehla are pmpeily Heated.
'Hi. I'uriiiK the count o the hai
lot il hhall he Hie luty ot Ihe cleikH of
Ihe eic. iioli to hee that ull tin- Haines
mi .liv liallot are called correctly and
lo hi e that the hicici y ..1 Ihe hailot is
inn. Il amliilate i.tiivihir a
i luraiity ..t the Voles mil slia.l he ile
,i al eil us hoi eat ler pi o i.l. .1 to he tliu
.ii.iiiii.ii c nl ihi in mi ci. i. ic any im
the otllce I. I ..It li he is In. mil llti d.
I.Hl. 1 l.i judges .1 He . li cl ion III
I each pi i i th t ,.i,.,ii hi i p in i .iiiiir t wn
' -.i p.ilale iisin 1. 1 ihe i iiu.i s i. Ihe
, vi.iels h.iiiic, ill;... I ,ei ta.l. hpeela
sl.n.WhK II..- 1 1 il II. .' I' i. (..Irs . ,.nl lof
i .ii h i .1. .i.i.i. c ah. I h i wi..ii nlliie
i I he. e .sl,..h lie l.i.nli- i 'l i.n ihi ilayof
j II. i clecH. .li. i he I. .1 1. 1 lie vo'iern
en. I i. in- laily mhi I -hail li icl.uiied
' l- Hie l.iiieh hoiihiii' ihe i icilnu.
and H li. I i al ; si.ei i .n il ha lnla
si, .ill tie williiu luc .1,,,, a. h i Hie
I "n i 1 1. .li Mi I i.e y in ne pi. in. I, 1 1 it 1 1 m-
inn .cil i.y mall, iluii i . i i .1 1 I., the
, chait it, an ot the iteinoci .il ic eiriiiive
1 1 1. inn. li u e al l aiisi a.l. New .M.mco.
I hy iiiir nl II. e ju.a-is h..l.iii.,. n.e
en'i lli ll I hese til., list 1. 1 vnleis
Voiini' and Hie two se.aiale tally
I.e. is si, i. II l.e Mcl.. . I lo, Ihe j.nli s
liohlin tne elei'i. i al Ihe Volin place
iiml nliii li) Ihe cli-iks aid Ihi hhall
verlily in iheir li -.pei'liye olhcial cap'.
cl. les that Hie same is true nml cor
rect. In case Ihcy are rcluriicil III
pi ihoii as aliolc pn.vnlcil, the nllicer
lit. lining II, em should deliver lliem
healed up, must certify thai the pack
age ih in the same milium that II
was when seiilid en the day nl the
eleitioh h the JudeH of the election,
ami ti, at Ihe hume Pas mil l.i-i n nut of
his pnshehslntl.
l:iih. Within live ilayn after th
huldiuu ol the election the executive
committee, a ipiorum of which hhall
he four iiieinliem, hhall meet in the
I town nf I urlhhud Willi the chairman of
the deiiiiicratic executive committee
at it ihi) and hour tunned hy t, chair
I inati, and they shall count ull of H e
vote cast ut the dilfereiit vntiim
plan-h in Ihe county and declare Ihe
iersim lecelVlUK the hlfhi st liumtxr
of Vnti-K for the ihlli-ri-nl i.lln eh In he
the imminee ol the party for that etlice,
In case any camllilate hhall contest
Ihe election, he hhall mv notice .f
such contest to ull other candidate
lor that ollicc, U'lnre the day for
coiirilinK thu lialloth us iiIhivo provide. I
atid the purlles uIhivh uuihi.nnj til
meet, count, eativuss ami Ueclaie ttn
nominee hhall asH am the contest nrnt
declaie the nomiriee.
Kach cuiidnlate lor ollicc must pay
lo the chairman of Ihe ilemocrulie
executive cm, mil tee at the time ho
uhtiuls hlh miiiiu in writlnir iih iihnvv
provided for. the sums i hinated I.e.
low, which sliull he used Ir, Hie chair
niaii fur ilefrayliiK the hcccH.snry ex-pehsi-ii
M'l.hriNI r.O ON hAi.l. i
For Sale.
Two young well broke mules.
Einjuire here.

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