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The Carlsbad Current
and New Mexico Sun.
Curl.UI. N. M , I n.lay. Mai.. I 3 I W8
DTiihat tlrtk alts' I itMluf. IrnnroVr :
I l.t-r.-liv iii,ni"ifi lli-Mf a. a. i anil i .t :
J.ir llu- Mil I l a " Ik in.. , mil in I
ft.'" r.. f ..I . r v . (.MM. I f , ti... ,. .
ii. ii .i im i iin rii' i iimiMii i
i .n it n i.iii mi
lai AnrMir. I
occur, and when they grasp his
htnd they will realize that he is a
man who is not afraid of farm
work or in fact any other kind of
work even to making a canvass of
Eddy county.
Mr. C. W. Bcraan, of Malaga,
announces this week from District
No. j, for County Commissioner.
Mr. Herman came here from Texas
in 1801 a very young man and has
i rraciuaiiY crown un in mis coun-
1 1 'ir ' rt i 1'lx.i .-. i' riH.i r J -tfi W . ...
r vir . . . .....i i.-. .. t, ,. ,,, ' ty. He has been chosen by his
A .,t . , I ii.. i,, Ii, ll.m i,..' . , . , " .
im .I. .,... ., I,...,-. neighbors for many terms to Mil
S;:??r,VVTTM unrcmuni'ra,,ve omce 01 " Thompson. N. K. 1-1 of S. W. 1-1
t,e I KM-i f i
II nf f if the
I ...j..tv Kt-w M.
Real Estate Sales.
II v HI vi'. a; Mull
Lot (J, Block Wi. Carlsbad,
Robt. Hruce to J. O. McKeen,
Three acres of S. V. 1-1. Sec.
11-2128 of old Ilumason place. I
J. O. McKwn to Unlit. Hruce. I
Lot 2, IHnckfi I. L. O. FuUerij
to Tom I'upi'. i
I V. Ii.et Sugar to J. A.i
dishing, N. 1-2. N. V. 1-4 See.
.'H-22-27. This I the eighty j
south of the Hove place near
Otis. I
V. V. Ileet Sugar Co. to (Veil
-.iin.. I.. Ih.- w. turn i.f It..-
.'III. 'l III NI --
li I ui 1. 1.1 i- a it it I .,.,.,,... Ji
M Ki ii I". if . ! I i-.li n.lli. .-. if ..
I .i.li I Si W.-. l.i.-. I i.i ai i
li. I.iii.m mi iihimI i-i m.ai
. I I .1.1, . ,
.11 --f I..I.K I
Ii ni-. nil ill
director, the results of which are
'apparent in the condition of the
f finances of the school district
; which has always conducted a long ' M. Sharpc place,
Mir.ni ; term of school each year, besides $l,r.(H.
i.i i.. Mm.. ..(,. ,.i paying interest and amount fori I. I. Co. to J. I.
i . i"i ii .-I.-.II..H t.-iin-..iii. .-i.r r ' n I . t. ...
sinking tuna for a fine school build- acresot .. l- of
See. .'M-22-27.
Chas. Austin to Carl liobzin ;
fifteen acres in La Hucrta, old'
Cunsiileration '
Meyer. 2i
Will reward your efforts if you
use BAT GUANO in your
field, yard or garden. We are
Carlsbad sales agents for the fa
mous Bat Guano mined by the
El Paso Guano and Fertilizer
Co. of Carlsbad, N. M., and
can make prompt deliveries.
,- ,. i i.i.
..I .1 w
.-If a
ll ) In
ing and now has funds to add and 1 -
. II ii III . 1 .
.... .i. en arne same. Mr. Beeman. if n u per .-Niunian to i.i,. rar-
" , elected, will make a careful, fair ,. S. 1-2 S. K. 1-1. 22-22 27.
i and progressive commissioner, lor
.uiHiniiriiirtii ni fiii. ii. iiiMiuiiiin I his treat hobbv is irood roads.
Mr. Rolii i t I.iicus and Miss
v S. V. . , .
i iii H n mint .
.1 i. I
t I Sl.-wii,l
iMatheson & Little i
ii.iti i
Hit !
liitlttlll I' III I Ill-Ill. I Nil I
l.iitiiitii.1 mi Ili-ltM N.i .1
To say thnt
' trade excursion was a
nut describing the affair
K.Iith Hall were
i i.i.
the Albuquerque1 V ' '" "i.ui.eo . ues-
(laV PVl'lllll ' :lt tlui I'll!-II.. I. it
success is ,, ' , ...-- ...i..
NcwKi'V. l unipit- n ot the m-noyfe-
Mexico like every community! , 1 """"""'
together. It is dune "ere iusi icumer irom
the part of wisdom and common ! Im m',n"' to "
'.sciuMti ai iin- Mead at i.iacu river
I lll; ICI-. IMilJI), rt'I-L AND ISOTTI.INO Ml-N
should Ki't closer
the part of wisd
interest that the citizens f each
.i. i .i.i
N W.ii ..
Hull Ii Ail) I
i ( l.l.l, I ..
ilial.' Iu,l
. - Hi.
I. ...I'.
.. III..
' fll'lll
.. r...i,uii.
aill.iu nf
The iiuiiiy fiiftids of J. T. Hiv.s
.in, I W. II. Hull will be Kratillcd to
leal n that since last Friday they
have i liiscd n sale fur farm lands
or town propel i y each day except
one and that day they made two
sales, hew people realize the ben
tits derived lv a town from a hust
ling, honest real estate tirm, he
i a ue ie. il estate men hive the
li l me nf lieiuu 'liviillil ti make 11
-.ill'. Iliiwevvi, in in in v cases
ftn . iiiiies-iiim I-, i .iti'.Cil liv maikft
.ilne lallinn alter a sale is made
.iii.I i.is.es by buyers that th- ri iil
est. tie man tmild nol foresee, ti r
ti e n piit.it i ol a leputalile real
I'st.itc In in is the mo-it valuable as-
srt ol (lie business, and the lust
: commonwealth be ws!' acquainted
for our interests are identical in
I in many ways. The visit of the
j Albuquerque people should have
b'.'en made last July, even though
it would hnvc been more difficult,
for, had tby attended our Irriga
tion Celebration, Carlsbad people
would have felt they were really
interested In us. Hut, the Belen
cut off was not completed then and
it would ha been more difficult
to yet here via auto, so we will
withhold judenv.Mit until the
next time a big clehrathin occurs
in t':ii'li-.lt-iil nil. I uill I'Viii.i l thiim
with us. In the meantime Carls-! ti,!"' '"7 T ,r"U'' wh-rftlu-y
baJw.ll attend the Albuquerque ! w' '"'" "'"v , "
Irrigation Congress of tho Wo. Id i r;4,ld' ,"'m,' '."r H 0" "f
and carry off the bin prizes, make!1 "' .
nw ...iiii.,,.,,,! ,k Mr. ,..! the, muni ry. 1 he t urn-lit joins
I.eiiathen sai.l, strangers th-ii wilt
want to know if Albuquerque is
not in the Pecos Valley.
The Bank Saloon.
anil, though an excellent teacher
for youn impils, pml) prevailed,
on her to arce;it a smaller hcioo,
with only one pupil, though fur-!
ther advanced than those she'
had been teaching. Bob is u
rom1 and kind young man, hav
ing been limn on 1 Hack river in!
18S.", two y . ars al ter his parents, I
Mr. and Mn. I. H. Lucas, camei AT keasonable hates
to Kddy county fromTexas. p,.il Simpscn & Co. Proprietors.
received a good education in '
Carlsbad tui l tit the New Mexico
Military In titute. He took up;
an eight-set ion home in Texas!
last year t i which place he will
Drop in when in town
and we will convince you
We Keep BEST
'Phone 14
Thi. i iiSt IiiiikI t-iihiinti li'ia . Itii ai .rniriaiiiit.- n.a.li' fur Ihi' yi',11 nf I ln Tl"i iilnti aitriiililrtti-a.
lii.li. ll.t li-(l liai'.l ihn-i fin -.itiniiir itn-n... tliinnir thi lii-i vi-m if tin- ilifi.t a.liiiint-.lrHtiini I hit
l.lttii k hi I Iih im lit li.ii.il i-.iliiiiin i in I it nil-, ul runt-.. Ill at . In t ln-.H i -a ii ii-1 iin i iii-tn. nn aiii'inia
In. II M . tniiil liv Oil' 'I Itiillilitti ii.lilnlii-li alii. n. iiml lluil fur Ihi- toil -mi thill lit Hull tll'u- liu mirh
lulu i - .-Mi I.--I. t .a- i.iiiii. I'. n i im l--i. i-ii-.iiiI I.. I In- I ti. in i.i I in i ti. triit inn nr t liii ..ii p.i. nf ri aid-in.-
ii . i' ii u-aii ..ni..in..r.. an. I fur I hi- f ui I ln-i inn -i. ul iix-ii ii.ttiir it . hililu ul fullnwiiiti.
their many friends in wishing
them luiivr life and prusperity.
With the Keneral net together! 'Irast
I iilitli't.'1'lit 'Ih line
1'rivnii' MMTi'ti-ry
i I IINnll SOU It I
?a,'"0 i't.ntiiiwi lit i'Xii-ihi
grrening up and the
aJve.t. neiuis a well satistied spirit that prevails in Carlsbad the "hi cows are running
. tist.i,,,... I iiitim ni l v ir Wr,. the many projected public improve- tlemseven down to get a tup.
Hives kv Hull this iiuniiy at the mi nts and the many new people j Hardening is in full Must, anil ',,","i:lll',"'r
piesent tune is enieiin,; upon an cuminR in it is plain to even the1 the fruit trees -ire in bloom, i
tia ol the Rieatesi piospeiiiy ever wayfaring person that Carlsbad is i They may be "(lying the
known in the history of CaiNbad on the eve of the Rreatest impetus .colors" too hooii. Clerks hir..
....i t i ...... r ...ii.... I. ... ....... i'vit in its history. L;irlsh:i.I tlur- Aliss i. iMC.M.lsUT I1IH L'on to ioiui
ItllU HIT IOVVI I .1 i I V I. I" iiuw J r-
ea-it Texas to visit her mother, j
.1 i in I'ate took charge of the'
plain to all scawil.le buyets that "K "J"8 01,1111 l,'n mill"s "
I line is iiothliiit sj sate an invest- concrete side walks u $25,000
meat as lands under thi- govern- sewer system put $10,000 on streets hotel tin-1st, Mr. l.ove moving
meat 1. mill, loi the country north ' $5,000 on lire department, a $jo, 000 1 to the new town, which has
el Knswell is not irrigated and is high school and a $10,000 bridge. been clu istt tied l.ovington.
Iiame to 1 nig dumt'is while the Add to this the thousands that will 1 Carl Aycock is in. visiting his
country between .Caswell and Cutis- be invested In building and some tltot her ami "another."
bid has 111 iriigation 'aiilities. e-.bea may he had of what our grow-! Mr. Wilhoit shot an eagle in
l.fiso.oo 'I'l.tiil
.sin 11 nun i.i n on Ai ry iiKN iiki ick
I Salary sntifitnr or ally, general I.I.ihsi Sulaiy . ...
i Assistant i'kmi
I, son Ti.tul
At'i'imus I'rnti:
$:.rmi Auiliior's -ulioy inebidiiiK vlerk
l.iNti line
UI.oimi To'nl
loo Salary, ineluihng clerk hire
I leik line
I Total
Sulai v anil iiu iili'iiliiU
21 l
:.li(KI Tut ill
i lti Salary uml ineidi'iituU
I'rinliiig und eniitingi'iit i.ini-e 4"
Toiul . ... isl.i'.mi Total
f J.INH,
" -.-IHI
cept an aitesian flow. For this th will tie 111 ioo. I'eopie who are mis vicinity tnai measured
reasan the leptesentatious made bv nndiKided whether or not to invest .eight tcet from tip to tip.
.... . ...... i..i .11.
urn leal estate lirnu can be relied '"f" snortiy mat ueiay means
upon and the continued rising val- i'ss in Rt'at big gobs,
lies insure satisfied customers. 1
Best Results
.. i will reward your ell'orts if von
Mr. J. t. Keith announces this ,,st. Hat C,uati. in vour tiold. var.l
week for Commission -r in Pistrict : i,r garden. We are Carl shad
No. j. Mr. Keith came here in , sales agents for the famous Hat
Kebruarv 1000 from Croiketl Co.. ' inano. mined by the Kl Paso
Texas, whete he was known 11s a
sheep democrat" having fot nine
teen years been engaged in the
sheep unil wool industry, an occu
pation that has made mote republi
cans than all the silver tongued
spell binders on earth. Mr. Keith
is on of the substantial tanners of
the valley, residing on his half
section irrigated farm near Otis,
even miles south of Carlsbad,
where he has fine field of alfalfa
and some fruit, having set out six
ty acres of trees this winter aud
spring. lie is a very busy man
but will endeavor to meet the vot
er generally before the primaries
iiiianoatnl I Vrtilier Company of
Carlsnad. N. M., ami can maki
prompt deliveries.
M A thkson - I.nri.K.
The Ice, Feed. Fuel und l'ottling I ,,,, Mr
Men. Carlsbad. N. M.. Phone?.!. It."tro
Don't Complain.
If your client uiin mul ynu urn un
ulilu to ilici tiiit-utinei f it cough. Iluy
a dottle of llulluril's tlorchniitul Syrup,
and you won't hsve miy coukIi V,vl
Isiltle now unit thnt emiuh will not
last long, A cure for all pulinotmry
diw'SMt's. Mrs. J-, Cialvvalon, Texss,
writes: "I can't ssy enough fur Hal
lard's Horvhound Syru. The relief it
has given m U all that is noewusry
for to say." Sold by Etldy Drug
Railroad talk is again the
topic of the day. Ft. Worth
papers announce that work on
the mail from that point to
Carlsbad will lie under way
within the next two months.
The sweet chime of wedding
bells may soon be heurd from
more ipiarters than one.
' School closed ut Fast Ilarber
1 last Friday. The term, though
short, has been an interesting
Coleman has given
a tia faction us the
teacher. At the noon hour, the
patrons spread a "big dinner."
The good mothers vied with each
other as to who could bring the
most and the beat. The result
can be imagined. After dinner
the pupild gave an entertain
ment consisting of thirty num
bers. All did their parts we'!,
reflecting much credit upon
themselves, and also upon the
guiding hand of the teacher.
Cunt indent expenses
lit lieieiicy
Totul ?
1'iiiififig und incidental
J. Ino
-- !,"; l.'.n
fl.xoo Appointed in several count ic und
'o ullowcil fiM-s for urrent. i
f -l.iNNl llourtl of live menilH'rs without conien-l.-'.oo
nation to upHiint a sreretary at a nl-
ury if ... . . $-"ii m
. i:t,KNi
lsl.i t
-. .- -. SUJOO
Kngiiif-er . . fiiKKi Fivn citizens to be nmlned, no conn-
IncitlentuU . .. ;ino iiensut inn except ninnsen, no ruilroml
M eoniniiKKioneii ai i er tiny u
sntl so expenses (or loo days ... T.hihi
lure as all held muse
Total 10, loo
( oioinisaioner J,.Vki
Clerk hire S.UOU
Hoard of control, mn ss Irriga-
tlon board, 6 at is per tlay ar.d
expenses, say for ICildays 4.H00
Total 9,0
Salary of commiaaioner (2,4ml
txiwnses exclusive of saUrios... 1,200
Urllce rurniture, etc. 1.20
Total Trwo"
lota? -.Hotel Bills

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