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The Carlsbad Current:
and New Mexico Sun.
CmUU.J. N. M..I fi.ly M.iy 22. I'JOM
1 ' - M. . i Sm .-in).!. -I. id) May I ' 1 '
'1 f.t- ) imp ..ii(M,h.ni (i l.ila-r M. 7.
Cuthhatl Airintmg ( V, l'uhii.hen
Wn, II. MulUnr, IV- 1
lis" Ull'l H l .i r nrifMini
Ihe Offlildt rjpi-r of IdJy County.!
I'iiIiIi.Ii.mI rv.-rv triiliiy mul cnl'ril n 1
" "it'l riDM inniffr nt thf t riNiiAl N M
Owing to the fait that some
people who are unacquain;-. -'it h
Uncle Joe Graham, the popular
candidate for commissioner from
the Plains, have seen fit to critl
cie his ability and strength of
diameter by reporting that he
would he under certain "in.
Humces" if elected, the following
from a well known Texas ex-district
Judge may he of Interest:
I tut vt- known .Ion II. r.thitTii.
fuinnilv cif Yiimmk nmtily Irxus fur,
tw-ntY f'lijr yeaiM. till In1 livril in
"UUk' miiiIv I kiK W iilin wry- ill
IimiiiIi ly. ainl Hitii'r his ri'tmiMtl linni
II illity I lilivi' lii'in l'tl lillil H'V ,
itiiI (inn.-.. I ran nay tut Mr. (iiuhiiin
iluii in my i..n i.ni tut limn- inli'ii ii j
iii rii. niti'lit imiri rwr liv'il. No in tn(
vO.fthrt si it i if 1 1 1 1 I'l'ii- I' Mr 'iruliain
i iini ri.til.t ihfliii'iK'r turn at all liv any
n'lir nut"iiri a' nil Hian what uniiM
i ii . iin i- I. i 1 1 1 I i.' 1 1 1 r 1 1
Mi 'ii.ili.iin i s nti-l' L.irirM a' l
.1' "I ill I. Ill I' lull nt. .tn! in. itian ill
-.1 i-irri ... u I if.?1 j i,- i I. mi l.i i.i
i.l l.i- l.i In . -I w a- w n. i ;
'i . - i l,.i i- in hill .-i 1111--11.1. I
. ' .1 . . ii ii I ! In - li-lliryi.il
i i I ' u! --'ii .
I .1 Mil I I ; :
Mr Miller wa formerly .1 n 1 . -i
l l In' 'I, -I ru t c-iin. t in t he .-.out h
a i h i ii i-.iiiiit i.'S n' I Vas.
I I iiiili ! - nt siii li li't tors rail
In' iiuilii.'i'i I mm 'I'l'Mi-t to shn.v
that Mr. (irahani lia-a nun. I n
I I ' o a n ; i 1 ' I wo llil Hot In- ii-
II n'l li''l ll illlV ll Mil' M ft-: 1 1 .
I i,! io ,1-1 any liniir t man, I hat
win. h In- llmiii'lit li.'s' ill all
t mil ri'i';ii'lli's ii' outside in-
Tin' I'aiKtmd Commercial Club
ami the Farmers Institute are liend
inn t W'i y eltnit tn ha vi' the C.llU
li nl ejuhilut Ihe tunnel one at the
All'iiini i ijiie Fair this lull. Strung
i oiiini.lt ee - (torn Imili tile lull an. I
I lie ne I it nte it i- h i : ! ,it win k on
t 'a ii 'ails. It is ; lie intent mi) nt
tin i not in it t '-i's to hive local piles
n'tiii'l I. n all k luils nt (lint, vi'i;et
a'lles, iiielmis, yiailis, inttna and
aUo a l iii'.e asli piti' tot the best
etlul'il nl li vei sitieil (aim pi oil u e.
The piinlnce will be bloiiht to
town, vi believer it is icnlv, wheie it
uill In passed i: poll by competent
judges ami the pne winning nit-
ii les will be taken to Alliiinei iue
while they will compete lor the
vei y libeial piies and trophies ot
li red by the fair association.
It is expeited th.it the list vi
I. mil piii'H an.! the conditions will
be published in the local newspa
peis next week and a list sent to
each laimer individually.
The list ol ttiiphies and piies ol
fi'ti'd bv the Albiiiiieique Fair as
hoi iiitioii can be seen at the othce
ot the Cailsbad Commercial Ciub
Publicity ltiiieau. I he committees
in charge requests that the farmers
all over the valley communicati
with them ur the publicity bureau
ot the Commercial Clnh for full
p.ti ticulam. II eveiy fanner in
the valley will take mi interest and
enter the competition for at least
one product, he will not only stand
the chance of winning some very
valuable prizes but will assist in
making the Carlsbad exhibit at
Albuquerque, the most talked about
tiling at the fair.
Plscussiim of the bridge bonds
by J. 1). Whelan uf the Koswell
Democrat la not. only sensible, but
const rvative and on the lines always
held by this paper. That the onus
ol the condemnation for Artesia not
having a bridge should rest ou
Messrs. Heard and Weaver of the
board of commissioners was always
held to be unjust. j
The Artetia Bridge. i;"
"The only republican paper
in the I'ecos Vulloy." the Pecos
Valley Newt (Max Frost please
N. H. I contains the following
account of the action taken ly
the Artesia Commercial Club in
regard to the Pecos river bridge
at a recent meeting of the club.
"The bridge proposition came
up and Mr. Hrainard being the
only member of the committee
present oflered a report. The
attorneys of the town are will
ing to take $3X1 and fight the
case, and it was understood that
there would be no trouble in se
curing a verdict in favor of
Heard, declaring the bonds legal.
Mr. Hrainard expresses himself
as not. being in favor of this atcp
oti account of the extra expense
and pointed out that it would
leave us in the same fix we are
in now incase the bonds was de
clared legal. Judge Atkeson
iiUo thought that we would be
mi better off after the suit than
we are. i lie committee was
continued am
a meeting of the j
led later at which
club will be callei
I hey can report more fully." j
As (he editor of democrat wasi
identified with the bridge move
ment, believes that Artesia
has s
l own
to have the bridge, as he
till S '(lie interests ill the
and as the I letnocrat lias
Table circulation in their
t I AM we
will Ink
hev I hat no Artesian
it ami -is if we oiler a
s ij.'1est ion or two in regard to
the matter.
It seemed to ii-; that if tlie ex
penditure of .Jiki will I'urtheri
the bri lire it will be money well'
Sjietit. The facts seem brietly .
a-; I'ol low : i
After the lii itdls were Voted
(hey were sold to brokers who
il.'posited a check to bind the
bargain. When the panic came,
the blind buyers claimed that
they nad discovered a daw in the:
election at which the bonds
were voted which they said
W.i ild invalidate thctn and they
c ai nee the count v board their
object lull w as g I. Tile board
allowed them to withdraw the
forfeit. Then (he people of
Ai iesia go; up a petition for au
nt lier elect ion. At t his juncture
i number of ieople at t 'arl shad
presented a feminist ranee on (he
ground that the first election
was valid, as it almost undoubt
edly was; that the first election
bein legal a second election
would be illegal. This point was
also undoubtedly correct. At
this juncture it was proposed to
bring action against the board
to compel them to call an election
on the second petition. As the
board would have to defend on
the ground that the first election
was legal, the ipiestion of the
validity of the bonds would be
judicially determine I. If the
court held that they were illegal
it would be necessary tocall an
other election and Artesia would
get her bridge, at least she would
likely get it. as cei tain elements
outside of Carlsbad that opposed
the bonds the first time had
pledged themselves to vote for
them if again submitted.
Now with all due respect to
Judge Atkesiin and Mr. Hrainard
i we cannot see how a judicial de
termination of the question
would leave the town of Artesia
"in the same fix" it is now in.
1 Suppose the first election were
.legal, as we believe it to have
been, the judicial determination
of that fuct would undoubtedly,
facilitate the sale of the bonds. !
As it is. it leaves the purchase
of the bonds largely in the hands
of the original bidders. If the
county hoard should try to sell!
the bond to other brokers, and 1
Buying Saddles
Requires some knowledge of leather, workmanship and style.
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that any demand for
any kind of a saddle
that can be made out of
leather can be met by
us. We have a very
fine line now on display
in our store trom Doys
Saddles at $10 to the
heavy Stock saddle at
Prices to suit
the kind
you buy
Let us show vou
what we have.
TracyRoberts Hardware Go.
the orh'iiitl purchasers wanted
them at a greatly reduced price,
they could 1 asily let the fact leak
out that t" had mice bought
then,, ami on examination had
dec 1 led that the election provid
ing for t heir issuance w a ; illegal.
In ill human probability this
w on d hurt (heir sale and might
,lefi - it for ti long t ime or tint il
'the original buyers saw (it to
purchase. We do not believe
that either of the gentlemen
iUote, above, on consideration,
will deny the force of this reasoii
i ing. On the other hand if the
'question is judicially determined
, in favor of the validity of the
bonds then il will be impossible
for the original purchasers to
corner them and the decision of
the court will be a complete
answer to any attempt on their
part to hurt their cale. We do
not believe that on consideration
the above tunned gentlemen will
deny the reasonableness of this
pro pi isition.
There is a rumor prevalent in
the lower valley to the e fleet
that the men who first bought
the bonds are trying to negotiate
for their purchase a second time.
If so, they can he depended on
to use the fact that the board
concceded their illegality, to pre
vent others from buying.
Hut, suppose the bonds should
prove illegal after all, (we di not
believe they are. remember, but
suppose they are) isn't it quite
certain that the attorneys for
other prospective lxmd buyers
will lind the daws in them? Cer
tainly. In that event, they can
not be sold. Then if they can
not be sold on account of a real
defecv. of course there will be
no bridge money and no bridge
until another election is held.
Patent, isn't it? In thut event
the proper course would be to
u! -ui. ..
settle the matter judicially at
once and have another election
called right a.vay on t lie second
pet it ion b order of t he court,
(iiiod reasoning isn't it? If not.
why nut?
We think it perfectly clear that
whatevcivlccisioii tin-court might
render must change the status
of things in favor of Artesia and
that the assertion that
i.. would leave the town in the
"same fix" is necessarily untrue.
, The editor of the Democrat feels
strongly in this matter. Months
have passed since the election
jwiis held; months have passed
I since Artesia decided to bring
1 proceedings to test the validity
of the bonds. We are not dis
cussing the attorney fee proposi
tion, that is something to be
settled between the lawyers and
he club. Hut Artesia needs
the bridge, she won it fairly
alter a long fight and she ought
not to abandon it now.
The editor in the aforesaid ().
Ii. F. in the P. V;( remember
Max) tries to make capital out
of this situation in favor of the
republican candidate for re
election as county commissioner,
and also in favor of the fake
Citizens movement he is trying
to organize. He says;
"Dexter, llagermanand Lake
Arthur, all in Chaves county.
je-ich have a bridge across the
Pecos. Why is it that Artesia
equal in population to ail three
of them hus no bridge? Ask the
'democrats in charge of Eildy
county alfiairs." ,
I Why not ask Turknett?
j The present editor of the
I Democrat severely criticized the
Kddy county board while he was
owner of Artesia Advocate and
is not at all penitent, but com
mon honesty would have im
i '
.-. w '
pelled the only republican editor
wh se asservatiotis we are dis
cussing to admit that after the
bonds were sold, 'Dick' Turknett
v.ited with the democrats to de
clare the election illegal. He
will admit or at least he cannot
deny, that the b ard did not get
anv legal advice on the question
from democratic s mrces, which
is the oul.v mean thing we can
s-iy of them in that connection.
If Turknett knew that the bonds
were legal, why didn't he so in
form the board? Of course he
didn't know, for he is an honest
man and be thought he aid
right in helping let the bond
buyers take down their check.
Hut although saved by the plea
of good intentions yet it stands
on record, that he is just as re
sponsible as either Heard or
Weaver for the fact that Artesia
has no bridge.
It should be remembered that
the above criticism of the Dem-
I ocracy came from the gentle
I man who a few weeks ago said
jthat while the citizen's ticket
was beaten as a whole in tlj
j town of Artesia yet it would win
in the precinct; when as a mat
ter of fact the school district
which occupies about the same
territory as the precinct had
given a majority of three to one
for the democratic ticket.
If the democrats of Artesia
want a north end eommissione r
let them elect s ime good demo-
crat who is just as h oneit as
Mr. Turkn -tt w!v is m re fami
liir with th it s rt of business
th in either ho or the other meni
bars of the b iard. and who will
n )t yieM to tha bluff of the bond
buvers or anvbnlv
out making a thorough investi
gation before acting -Roswell

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