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Rules Governing the Primaries
Pasted by the Democratic
Central Committee
What is Termed a Legal Voter and
What is not-Names of Judges
and Their Respective Boxes.
lit. In any precinct, if sufficient
number of the voters shall apply to
the cnairman or said precinct tor a
change in the voting place, the Raid
chairman of the precinct shall have
the riirht to designate the voting place
and appoint judges for the same where
no judges have been appointed by the
comimtteu. Such action however,
la-uig subject to thu approval ol the
2nd. In the event t;:e parties aliove
named to hold the election in tlie re
pective voting precincts are not prev
ent Hi the hour of the day named lor
the holding of Haul eleciion, then if
either of the said purtieii are present
then at the hour of opening the xdia
at theNiiiil voting precinclH, the vhutm
prexeiit iihall select 1 roll) iuulitieil
electors other judges who hIiiiII hold
the eleciion at the voting precinct: and
three judges hiinii'il in each of the
aliove voting precincts ahall on the day
nl the election name two p'trtua to
act as clerks.
:ird. No one hIiiiII he allowed to vote
unless he xhall he a legal voter in the
precinct in which he oilers to vote on
the lny of thu next aeneral i lection,
'the iiiulil'catloh of the icgnl Voter
being ti at he hiUHl he a citizen of the
I nlied Stale either by birth or final
letter of naturalization, and over the
line of 21 years; muxt have resided in
the terutoiy of New Mexico aix
month in the county ofFddythne
inohthx and in the precinct in which he
offers to vole twenty days next pre
ceding the general eleciion to tie held
in November l!iH. In regard to doubt -tul
voters the rule xhall be that they
must be either on a previous registra
tion list in Kddy e unly or present their
naluriallxaiiun papers to the Judges or
muxt prexent to the judges of the e ec
tion a written oath that they are tlti
of the United Stales and muxt be a
4th. Each quulilied elector in order
to entitle mm to vote in the primary
election, muxt be a democrat. Any
man who has not hereto ore been a
demociat may lie xuch a democrat ax
named above if he has in tact severed
all party connect inn with all other po
litical parlies and does in good fanh
expect to axxociate and atllliale per
manently with the democraiic parly;
and each voter muxt pledge himself on
his honor to xupMirt the democratic
ticket ax nominated.
Mh. The judges of the election shall
have control of the vote and pasa uK.n
the right ot all applicants to vole.
Kveryono ottering to vote xhall bo sub
jec.t to challenge by any qualified
elector. If any one whose vote is
cpallenged xhall lie rejected, his vole
shall be placed in n envelope, sealed
and the applicant or some one al hia
request shall write hix name across the
envelop and the envelop xliail be marked
rejected for the reason that the appli
cant (here ataie the facia causing xuch
rejection on such envelop i and all voles
s i rejected by them and Mealed up shall
be sent with other paers to the chair
man of the democratic executive com
mi l tee, and xhall be considered or dis
poned of at the lime the pr ier parties
meet to canvaxs the returns and de dat e
the results, and then they xhall ascer
tain from tin relurnx ax hereinafter pro
vided for, that number of votes cast
f r the rexpective candidates and all
the challenged votes the parties then
count and admit xhall i e placed with
the regular volea from ihat precinct,
and those that are rejected by the
body xhall at once be dcstroved in the
presence of the public.
6th No one shsll be allowed to vote
outride of his own precinct except
when he shown xatislactmn of the
judges that it is impoaxihle and im
partiable for him to he in lux own
precinct and he muxt show goixl .nil
satisfactoiy reasons for not being there
7th, At any time within tennavx
previous to thu time above xpeihed
tor the holdhK of the limitary election
each camli ute for olhce shall xubinit
in writing to the chairuiun ot the dem
ocratic executive committee, which
shall be kept on tile by him his declar
ation which shall in sulattnuce lie that
he xuhniltx hia nxiiie to the decexi n
of the democratic primal lex, and Will
abide by the result, and upxirl all
the nominees muile thereat. In dm
one xhall tail to comply with theme r
quirmenti) though he reeeive sutHeient
volex lo become the hominee, he xhall
not be (Iff l.i red the nominee of the
party, and hix place xhall be tilled by
the democratic executive committee, it
alwav observing the next highest vote.
Hth. The ballots ux-d in the primary
la -tion shall be printed on pi :ri w hite
paper, about three inches wide and
about eight inches long, and the numex
of all the candidate who have sub
mitted their names in writing to (he
chairman of the executive committee
ax la provided for aliove, xhnll be
placed on each and every ballot and
the chairman of the executive com
mittee la hereby authorized and it
xhall be bis duty to have delivered al
the time ol the n-ning of the pnlla
to the proper elfiierx of holding the
election there, all necessary ticket a
above mentioned, Fach voter at the
lime and place ot voting xhall procure
from the judge of the electi n a ticket
as mentioned aliove. and muxt then
and there in the preaence of the of
ficers of the election, yet in private,
make out and privately vote it, and no
vote xhall lie received unless the party
offering to vote it shall at the time and
place of voting get the ballot from the
officer, making it nut and voting it as
above provided even if the Voter does
not care who aces his ballot.
The officers in charge of the ballot
shall see that each voter de not
I take the ticket away from the voting
I place, and that no one know how the
voter voted: provided the voter can
not make out his own tirket, he xhall
then reipiext a une judge or clerk to
make it . ut in private at the time and
place of voting. And in xuch wav that
it xecrecv cunnnt be known to any one
exrept the voter and the identical
party making it out for him
No voter ca" have his ticket made
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out for him ui.lesa he cannot make it
out for himself. Thu ju .irex in charge
shall make such reisonahle rules as
are ht-ceaxai y and propel to see ihat
the truenpirit ol ttiix xectioti ix carried
out to the letter and no ballot ahall
even Ihj received until the voter com
plies with the above r quirementx ax to
receiving hix ticket, loaning it out and
voting the sa ne.
llth. Each candidate shall ha e thu
ri,hl to select one man who ahall have
the right to be present wilh the judges
and clerks of the election to c that
his int-re.Us are proerly treated
10th During the count of the ballot
it xhall be the duly of the clerks of the
election to see that all the names on the
ballot are called correctly and to see
that the secrecy of the ballot ix pre
served. llth The candidate readying a
plurality of the toles cast shall be de
clared as hereaft- r provided, to lie the
uannidate of the democraiic party or
the office for which he is nominated,
1 2th. 1 1 e judges of the election in
each precinct snail ku p in writing two
sh a ale lists of the names ol the
v Hers voting, six two tally sheets
showing the number of votes cast for
eiich candidate and for what office.
These shall be made out on the day of
the election (hie list i f the voters
and one tally sheet shail be retained
by the judgi a holding the election, ami
the other tal y sheet and ballots xhall
be within live days afler the election
in the voting precinct, transmitted by
malTduly re. is ered, to trie chair
man of th democratic executive com
mittee al t'arlxhud. New Mexico, by
one of the judges holding the election.
These two lists ol voters voting and
and the two separate tally sheets xhall
be xignud by the ju Igox holding the
election at the voting place and also
by the clerks and they xhall certify in
their rexiiuctiv- oltk'iul capacities lhal
the same is true and correct. In any
ca-ie they are relumed in person as
alsive pro id- i, and the officer return
lug Ihcin xhnuld deliver them xca'cd
up, muxt certily thai the package ix
in tile xatne conitliion that It wax when
sealed on the same day of the election
by the judges of the election, and that
the same ha not been out of his pus
Klili. Within rive days after the
holding of the election the executive
committee, a quorum of which shad be
four members, xhall meet in the town
of Carlxbad wilh Uie chairman of the
democraiic executive committee at a
dnv and hour named by the chairman, i
and thev shall count all "f the oiex
cant at the different votine pliu rx in t he
roiiMv and derlare the .n'n reeiving
the highest number ofvuiix for the
different nlliroa to lie thu nominee of
the party for that office
In cnxe anv cat didate nlinll ponl-.st
the election, he xhall give notice of
xtirh context to nil other i-nndidntex for .
that ottlce, before the day lor counting
the ballotx ax iilsive firovidud and the
parties aliove authorised to meet, pi.imt
ciiiiva-s and declare the nominee xhall
pasx on the content and declare the
Kach candidate for ,id!lce muxt pay
to the chairman of the democratic ex
ecutive committee at (the time be sub
mils his name In wrilisg ax aliove pro
vided for, the sums ifc-xiynated below,
which shall be lined v the chairman
for defraying the neceSxary ex'iixex.
The following nro-tho amountx as
sessed auainat rantldatex for each
office for the purpose .of defraying ex
penses or primary
eft ion and other
necessary expense:
Fur t'rearer and (
For Sheriff
For rrobnte Clerk.
For Assessor
odor S'.si.ihi
xi ISI
tion t'l.iin
U.x '
ror Supt. roh. Itixtru
Kor Probate Judge
l or Commissioners
Fur Surveyor
weie ,iipoiiitud
it rexiecctie
The follow iiig perxor
to act ux judges in t
Carlsbad: T I'. Home, T. .1.
Fletcher. Wm. Jones:
Muiaga; l.iu. Klni.e, V.. V. I.urra-
more, W. A Korel.iii.il j
Know lex: A. .1 Heard, 1 1. II l'ole-
man, Florence l.ove.
Moiiumenl : T, I'. Itinu tuini. Henry
rtucord, ,l. 1.. liiior i
I Fakewood: U. W. Cole, T M.
Waller. Iir. W. M. Harper.
I'liyti.n: M It. rulepa-r, ti. W.
Chixholm, .1. W. Fiank.
I Arlesiu Albert Hl.ike, K C, lltg
i gins, J. F. Swupsloh
1 Mope: I). I,. Finis. .1. H. While,
.1. T llavia.
tjuuen; J. It. Means, (leo. Tracy.
W. J. Anderson.
Names of Boxes.
i To avoid confusion and for enliven
ience the various Ihixcs have been num
be red and named respectively ax fol
lows: 'Carlxbad No. I
1 Malaga . 'i
Hope :
' l.akewoisl . . 4
Mon inient . 5
jAitexia li
. Pay ton 7
Queen 8
1 Knowlel ... '.I
Sharp's lllackxmith Shop In
! Uolierts I'oxt I tllice 12
, Cottonwood Schixd Iioiixc ... Ill
I l arl-lxul Nr Mnii-..
1 M.v i, l:.,v
On miut-Ml uf iinliii.iii. XImI wilh ln- thmiiuh
' T. V. Illiialiulti, l'.'lll'l .'liHintlMM uf l'l4'lll.
Nil .r. ahhI m-i ilMiin Im-mix mvnv. l,y I hv rv
nlrMl nijnil-r uf U-uxl ,1,1-rn xt faeh iirufuM. l
1 voting ilet x-lotix r.ir x ..iniitf Uii I,, at- iliwl
at ixeh of llitf ii4i , 4c-.iifiixlMl t,n jiixy in
tlli. UiisSSXOiX tilt ilnle mi wlih h Iht iinui'ra
Or ln-ikxl v .'lelit.u fnt e..tiv i-t.iiiily will In
Ii-Il fu. ISV nfiiitituili'.M ef i xruliilxl li.r i-iuiii
i,llir..'i,. I linrrliv ile.i nun- llw lf a, t.il .
. inx ,lact fi,r - hnlilinx '! -ait Ihi-i i.hi ami .I..
hr-liy ui'iNiinl tin' ,i ri.ii iiaiitf! an HNltir- f.,i
i-anl liM-tiiiii at tin-irt'ii I 'v,. Ih,,.r foi tm- ,
KaaVrta Mine .luilt" I K. Knlil,J. M
tiankt. ami W II I. ,1,1.,...
i N V. Iiaiii'w bla I. "ii,' ' iha- Juilx- A,
V.. Hai i-v. N V Shei,. s-l M. KhIh iK.
I tliMtny-Aiiiir Mt-aU'i'im o-r I(mih-Ii; .IiiiImm.
I W ( .( . .il. .ii, K. I.. W'iiiiIikii ami Ma. k llnn.
Ttii almvti rianu.l vnie rf .lar la-lnir iim (
' linn It, lh 11114 naim.l Hi 11,-iiiiM-raiii. I j,ii.
I Mixn.l: J 1' 1 iMirfcM. I'litoiinian.
c.'1'ly I inuil y I .maralii' I umintl ie,-
At teat:
J H.
II IKH.t, Si-i ir iiry.
Your hornea iret tha beHt care
at the Star Stable.
Fruit and
Fi owers
Varieties Attracting Attention at the
Rcnt Carnation Convention.
Afterglow -Well to the lesd In iiiiiiit
rlssnex. A line thing.
Alma Ward Peerless on the eililhl
tion table.
White I'erfectlnn-Tlilx and White
Enc huntress are leaders In the coin
uierclnl elsxs
Apple Hliwsnm-A line dower, tml
not ipilte distinct enough.
Ilencon-Very mm h In It In the red
classes; lucks In color
Cardinal Shown hi line slnipu
t'rcole Iteiiiity-rerhups the hrlglitpxt
rrluiHiiii shown.
iN'tbiiiee Not shown at Its best
Flic liiinlrosx - Mill , of x class
Harvard - A little dm li"
Imperial - Not a pl.-i ilng color
John i: ll.ilncs n iinf,. for li
.Mrs Tom ll.irve) - Fine dark pink
i-AHNArioN rrsnotiw
I'ltik I ii i lu I Looks well under sr
tltlelal Hull'
treldunl Siile Will score well up
lo III III of Kl.'llldlinl hltes
lie.l I'hlef Not ipilte large euongli
for Hie shoe l.ilile
lloliert i'1'.ilg A few xtlll shown
ltoe I'lnk Fin lianlii'ss I hie. but
loo luiiiiv mi ili-lli". too near alike
linlei r t , i ii ,i Uliig
I.Hkoti FticlniiiiresN. very picltv
l.leitlelninl l'enr Scores high.
Melody -Will nut trot wilh Fiielinii
Mrs ' W Ward l.lglitx iii well
under eleelrlu light.
Mrs i htiiies Knopf Large flower, a
llltle wi-iiK I lor and stem
Mi's M I'll t i.-ii Nothing Is-tter
allow n In Its eliixi..
Mrs. Itols'i l I lartsliorne Not allow it
at lis l.esi
Hiinih Hill line while bloom
Huoutliikc Very gon, while
Kplundor- Flue rtower In Hie Wlnsot
Toreador Very decorative, iniiixiial
long Hiem and line color: under
Varlegiited Ijiiv-.hi HlioWII III K'HMl
slui pe
leinry iUniiex with Iteacon flrxl
pho-e In eolollierelsl nsls
lulu Slneliilr A pretty rose pink,
in 1 1 1 il in In sl.i
XYauoka Floe crimson, a little dark
In color
Welcome Not iille In It Willi Wln
sor While FliehiinlrefX A leading white
-A Wilier In lliinleiiiTig
kloiltm Prsyxr Rug.
I'ru.ier ruii were etldeiilly Invuuteil
for Hie li 1 1 1 1. uf lilovldlllg I lie or
shlpuK m il li one iilisolutely i leun pun -on
v lti. lt lo olTer prayers It la not
luwful for a Mos.em to pray an mi.
place not perfeetly cli-an. and nti:i'-
i-aeli one lias his own Uf'-'el.ll rug he
Ix luil eeriuiii Hint Hie siot bus nut
la-en Milluleil II docs not matter lo
these followers of Mohammed how
nnclcMii a rug that la on the floor muy
be. because over It tbey plat's the
prayer rug when their devotions Ivegln
Notice is herein- given Ihat the old
l.'M.k'Mit kcIiihiI biiililing ami thu one
acru lot on which said building xtands
will be sold at '' o'clis-k on the Hth day
of June, I'.S'H. at the front dmir of the
Malaga I'ublir scIiimiI building by the
Our n,
w sanitary
soda fotiiil.tin is doing the
business. Il pleases
everybody, give it
a chance to
lo please.
I'll K UIAI.II V S'lllKK
a. I-. nr.i.M . i-. n. hi.ii
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.
Will practice in all the courts of New
Mexico and Texas.
0 rftci In tlx Csnsill UulUlng.
IMlice Canvoii "l, F.asl of t oiirt House.
St.l l llHV AllSTIIM r IO. in ollice.
)U HiiMKIt F. PA UK.
I'm it i an s i si H'.rtis
tiilu-i. in lit. II a Mti.. t.iiil.lii.tf. l;.,.,.l. .i. it
lUlWKUt'lIM M . .'Ill J IH. N.-lll. Ill St llM. iHl.lrf
x riit'M si itVKV uaf
rwpiily-onr rtrhrkSriviK v in -urveyf of hlilf
Xnd Omiiiiis I'iMiiiticj in it-ins xisl NmMrnra
)lt A. ti. IIOAIU.FY.
IIihiiii. Hull. I III. Si hill Hi, let, I nrl-l.li.l. N4
)lt II. W. SKI. 1. 1 -us
nil,,,. !.! . Ilinliliex
I llll. .- I'l . IlI.l. ii... 'l,i, S,
A Dollar Saved -
Isii Dollar Earned
You Mill dlwdys Stive money
by uVdllnq nllh people you
tdn trust.
I he Old Reliable
Is al 'ie same Htaiul that
he as years atro, ami
wiP e tlieif when yon
wa I clotht'H
tiusirf leskMii i mm to hi
Iloaid of llirei lorx of schiHil dtstticl
No. II Mi'l pioperly to lie sold at
iiubltf auction to hiyhesl reNKHixibh
ImliliT lor casii in hand lloililnig ami
lot will I e xold s. .iiiiitelv.
tv orderof llnaidof iM'ei lnrs Ih-tncl.
No. II C VN . ItKi MAN.
Quick Meal Ciasoline Stoves.
A child or an iiiitraiiieil hired
Kirl can ue it safely. Fuel
only ffwta lor li eetits a day.
No kimlliii"-i ashes, hi ml dirt or
HKAT. ("Iieniier than wiaaj at
$:.( h eon I. We well them.
TltACY-UniiFKTS MliW. fi.

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