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Ji tic
Publshed in the Interest of Clayton, Union County and Country in General.
Clayton, Union County, N. M Friday, Sept. 21, 1906.
No. 30.
IR. Q. Palmer,. Editor.
ILouiSE Cuver, Associate Kditoiv
Subscription, ono. year, $2.00.
Subscription, six month s,. tl.20.
Advertising rates fifty cents per
.inch each month, single column.
Reading notioen.fivo cents per line,
. each insertion.
Territory of new.mexico
county op union, -,.
In the District Court, County
.of Union y Territory of New Mex
. ico, September Term, 1903.
.To the Honorable William J.
"Mills, Chief Justice of -t'.ie Su-
;preme Court of .the Territory of
New Mexico, -and Judge of the
District Court, sitting within and
'fr Union County, at 'the Sep
.t3mber, 1906.
The Grand Jury empannelled
at the present September Term,
1906, of the District Court -f Un
Üon County, New Mexico, having
completed our labors for the
term, beg leave to submit the fol
. towing report:
We have-examined into 56 cases
during our session and have re-
iturned 48-true bills.
We regret to state-that consid-
erable crime has been committed
in this comunty during the past
six months, and particularly
that of stock larcenies, and we
'recommend vigorous prosecu
tion in all such cases.
We have examined "the offices
;and records of the various eoun-
ty officers and find the same, in
the main, well kept.
We have examined the county
, jail and find the same in a very
unsanitary condition, and abso
lutely unfit for .the incarceration
of human beings. We recom
mend that the jiiil be thoroughly
cleaned, and if possible, .placed
in a sanitary-condition; that new
plumbing be installed therein
and an entire new outfit of bed
ding be purchased. We ask that
the attention of 'the .proper ofti
cials be called to this matter by
.your Honor, as the unsanitary
and filthy conditions as they exist
;at present in the county jail, are
a menace to the health of the in
mates confined therein.
We recommend that an auditor,
H)t some competent person, be
employed to inaugurate a uniform
'.system of book-keeping in the
several offices of the county, and
that the same be properly car
ried out. ,
In examining the Minutes of
the county commissioners we
find the Jillovs&rice of two j loyal;
'bills, which are a. 4 follows.: ;
Payns ta.it f luv W.Us foraurjii-.st'
;ind xetiH'D of tva jiriiorjexs who
iiad escaped from the jail at Clay
ton. And we "hereby call the atten
tion of the District Attorney to
the 'same.
The books of the county Ire-usurer
deserve special commend
ation for their neatness and up-to-date
appearance, and give ev
ery evidence of efficiency, partic
ularly with regard to the eolleo
tioa of delinqneiat tase.
We also found the books in the
o See of the probate clerk in good
Throughout the county wo iind
that a large number of persons,
particularly, those who conduct
temall stores, are selling what
Our readers are thoroughly
familiar, -with the events of the
past three weeks, involving the'eeptthe judgment of the court,
title to the name of the Clayton
Enterprise. We leased from a
political association of citizens'of
Uuion County some eighteen
months ago, the material form
erly used in the publication of a
Democratic paper known at dif
ferent times as the Clayton En-
terpise and the La Empressa.
It was our intention and 'our
purpose when we leased. this out
fit to publish a Democratic paper
for the upbuilding and advance!
ment of Clayton Union County.,
After considering what we should
name our paper, we decided that,
notwithstanding the turbulent
career ol tlie paper lormeriy
known as.the Clayton Enterprise,1
which resulted in its -t.hrico dis
appearing beneath the waves of
adversity. tn adoptthat name for
our paper, v Our louse for the
material contained no reference
to the name other than that we
were to run a Democratic paper
It is unnecessary for us to state
here that we heve at all times
run a Democratic paper. Some
weeks ago, some of these gentle-:
men owning the material, decid
ing that we were not partisan
enough in our columns in behalf
of Democracy, demanded the pa
per and material.' We turned
over the material 'leased from
them, but refused to convey to
them The Clayton Enterprise, its
subscription list and its adver
tising patronage. They sued out
a temporary injunction, restrain
ing us from the use of the name.
of The Clayton Enterprise; This
temporary injunction grant"d by
Judge Mi'ls was the caii.se of our
having no name fin the past three'
issues. Monday," in -the trial-of
the cause in the district court,
Chief Justice,. Wm. J. Mills, de
cided thatk'chuicaüy the legal
title belonged to the Enterprise
Publishing Co.! and made the in
junction permanent. .
' While we are unchanged in our
is known lis ""Moa and Malt,'
which wo believe t- be an intox
icating beverage; that the same!
is being sold without license, but.
we were unable to act in this ímt-fc
ter not being fully satisfied that
the sale of this beverage comes
within'thepi iihibitiw!) of our sfrat
utes., and we recommend 'to 't-lw
court 'that the District Artor-inv
take proper action to have Uiis
liquid analyzed, and if lieolisv
should be required for sale -of Utv
same to take the necessary steps
to prohibit the sale of ;this intoxi
cant, i-f such it proves to be, with
out a proper licens-- being pro
cured for its sale anil disposition.
We find that the si called "Sun
day Iiaw" is nt being 'i-rictby
observed by person. cWtf''MVij?
snlotms, and Jiavefcmid trtivfcilN
against all persons vu'kúíng Vhir
la w. 1 Jut " e hereby rOVi-nWivnd
that no aeti .a be a mi (hereon,
or fiat senU .(", in case of con'
vie Von, bs siHpmd'itl, provided
tlio-!e found violating this law
shall hercaftt r retrain from I'm
th'cr violation f thi j .statu1'.
opinion as to. who is 'tho owner
of the Clayton tínterprise. we ac-
and with this issue begin the
"Clayton Citizen "which we hope
to make such a paper as will be
a credit to. Clayton and to Union
County. ''The Court decided that
the subscription lists and adver
tising patronage of tho Clayton
Enterprise belongs to us, so that
we lose merely tlie name.
This paper will continue to be
Democratic, advocating Demo
cratic principios, and 'furthering,'
to the best of our ability, the in
terests of worthy Democratic
nominees. We however do not
intend to be a mero political pa
per, but we-intend to run a splen
did weekly papor, gsviny unbi--ased
and unprejudiced, V v.Wsi
of Clayton and Uir.A. Av,Vity,
and using our efforts. í,r iht; up
building of ClsytoH and f'nion
We have u .proud, educated.
cultured and retincd citizenship,
and such a, citizenship as this'
deserves a first class newspaper.
It is our ambition to satisfy this
need, and if in the future there
appears anything in our columns
which does not meet the approv
al of our readers, wo assure you
that it is an -error of judgment
and not of heiu't.
P Chief Justice Mills, in the
course of the trial, said: "The
Clayton Enterprise as edited by
Mr. II. Q. Palmer is tho best
paper ever published in Union
County. It is a credit to
the town turn deservesthe liberal
support of its poople.'Y This
compliment, coining from a learn
ed jurist is appreciated, and The
Clayton Citizen will continuo to
maintain its standing as the best
paper published in Union County.
In conclusion we wish to thank
our numerous readers and pat
rons ior thi-ir liberal support in
the past, and feel assured that
they willcontinue it in the future.
. We are for progress, for Clayton
and for Union county.
We are of 'the opinion 'that this
so-called "Sunday Lav" fkuhy
in -many ropeets, R.nj nvoin
mend that the next Legislative'
representative from Union Coun
ty use his efforts to havo the law
amended so as to provide for the
immediate closing -of .saloons,1
found open on Sunday, by 4 he
proper peace officers of
the county or town in t-lieir re
spective jurisdictions. . -
We would recommend í hat thcl
County Commissioners Iwvej
placed in tiro trial -jury m a'
lavatory and closet, , I
We further recommend Vliati
hereafter the County Ooi-ninis i
sioners inquire into the lcg.ility
of all bills presented to tiller body:
for allowance and that n bill be
paid unless the statute. Especial
ly provide for 'the iwyment'therfr
Having C(MiiViH Vuv M?rsi
and tlianking the' Court, and all
'ts o lticer?, for the information
f.nd "a-tiistance rendered u, nHd
the kindness and courtesy shown
us at all times, we. respectfully
ask to be discharged.
Respectfully Submitted,
Fred I. Burch, Chairman.
(J. L. Marsh, Secretary.
Clayton, N. M., Kej)t. 20th, VM.
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t ,
Condensed Report of Vm First National Bank tof Ckteft, ft. fa.
M. rcnai-n-d tu tlic ('nniiilnillur of Currciii-y.
At the close of business September 4, lífí.
Hils l):is:)Ulíu.il - .:l"'tí,W!.8
Ftinii tnro'nnd Vitn ívs . . . . . . S, OlWOO
Five IVr ('out Kmuls 2,500.(10
United S'tatfj! noiids.. 104,540.00
Cash Sinlit K.Vhan'. .-.'.. -'- i .$5:i,!i';0.2.'5 1 -fi
üvcíai-nns.. -...-.. . 1)4.4(1
Capital .V'VKy.W
Sucpliis -. .....y. .4',W0.(?rt
Cin-ulntion fi?,W.W
Deposits. : ....'.'...'.... -. . Wí-)7vH
Cerlilleutes f depusits iS.fCO, ,
United Stutes Deposits .-. W.(W).Vy
Territorial doposit ................ fiA,!iV.iV
HiuiUs -. t3,22rt.31
Oilier Liuliillli' s ( liii'liiditij; dividends unpaid und undivided
Tlie ultove ft nU-UH'iil ii eni-r'n-t to
. 15.2-VXai
the v of my knowledge.
X. K. 'WmiWOlfril, Ciishtei-,

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