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tion if he is alert, as a matter of
course, during his college work, and
without extra effort.
If, on the other hand, the New Mex
ico boy goes to an eastern institu
tion and then returns to this state
to make his living, the acquaintances
formed in the eastern school are lost
for all practical utility and he must
spend a few years at least in learning
the practically useless things about
his working environment It means
that the eastern school, no matter how
well it may have finished him in the
ory, has cost him loss of valuable time
and double effort.
For the young man who expects to
live his life in New Mexico, theory and
practical information come in a single
operation and with a single effort at
the New Mexico institution.
The University might have pointed
out the added fact that the theoretical
part of the education can be had in
the New Mexico educational institu
tion just as thoroughly and at about
half the cost involved in attending an
eastern college, which from a practical
standpoint, clinches the argument for
our home institution.
A Mutual, Special, Feature in seven
"Damaged Goods" pictures the terrible consequences of
vice and the physical ruin that follows abuse of the moral
law. It is a stirring plea for a pure life before marriage, in
order to make impossible the transmission of hereditary
taints to future generations.
This 7 reel picture will make mother, father, daughter and
son think and beware. It has played return engagements
m all the large cities. This is a guarantee.
Thursday, April 20th
Matinee Thursday at 2:30 P. M
Admission, 25 and 50c.
In the Race to Stay
Washington, April 8. Secre
tary Baker stated most emphatic
ally late today that there was
"absolutely no basis of any kind
for reports that preparations are
under way for withdrawing Am
erican troops from Mexico. He
said the American troops were
moving rapidly south and that the
orders to General Funston fol
lowing the Columbus massacre
had been unchanged.
Secretary Baker made the fol
lowing statement:
"The object of the expedition
was stated when it was undertak
en. It has never been changed.
No other orders have been given
and the expedition is busily pur
suing it now with what I hope
is a fair chance of early success."
M. W. Mills Pinched
(Springer Times)
Deputy Sheriff Cunningham ar
rested M. W. Mills, u local attor
ney last Saturday on a warrant
charging him with assuult with
a deadly weapon. Mills was tak
en before the justice of the peace
after spending a short time in
jail and was granted a continu
ance of his hearing until Monday
morning. A further continuance
was granted Monday morning and
in the meantime the state lost its
star witneses, who left town as
u result of a report that the local
attorney was about to serve a
varrant on him for assault and
battery. Being minus the neccs
snry fun's with which to defend
himself the star witness flitted
hence. It is reported that the gun
play occured as a result of the
demands of a former employe of
the local attorney for the sum
which was due him for work. The
state laws prohibit any person
from drawing a six shooter with
out discharging it, and it is said
that the defendant was given am
ple time to shoot before the gun
was taken from him by Inspector
M. G. Keennn. The attorney at
tempted to dissuade Deputy Cun
ningham from throwing him into
the city bnstile but his arguments
were of little avail; he was led to
the cage in the presence of a
large audience. The performance
reminded the spectntors of a com
mon scene in a branding corral
where the husky calf sets back
at the end of a saddle rope and
is lead along by leaps and bounds.
The local attorney is obliged to
two Raton citizens who were
present during the show, for his
release from the cárcel. It was
necessary that the attorney be
present at a stockholders' meet
ing which came to an abrupt con
clusion when their counsel was
taken into custody.
Miss Maize a Clever Trapper
Miss Edith Maize, whose ranch is
located under the rim rock on the
; slope cf the Bartlett Mesa, just north
of the city, brought down Wednesday
two lynx pelts taken from animals re
cently caught by her in traps set
near the ranch house.
During the past winter, Miss Edith
has been sufficiently clever in setting
her traps to catch 3 lynx and nine coy
otes, upon which she secures from
the county a bounty of $2 for each
scalp. The three lynx pelts, which are
unusually nice ones, are being made
into rugs to adorn the floor of her
bedroom. According to tell-tale tracks
left in the snow there are four lynx
that have made their homes in the vi
cinity of Raton Peak during the win
ter. Three of these have fallen vic
tims to the traps set by Miss Maize,
and the fourth she expects to bag be
fore summer. The riddance of the
neighborhood of these night prowlers
is the best insurance the ranchmen
can have against frequent raids on
barnyard flocks. To trap these crafty
animals requires considerable knowl
edge of the game, at which Miss Maize
seems to be an adept. Raton Range.
Editor Citizen,
Clayton, N. M.
Dear Sir:
There seems to be some misunder
standing regarding the advertisement
of sale of state land. For general in
formation regarding same, part of
section ten, of the Enabling Act is
quoted and reads as follows:
Said lands shall not be sold or leas
ed, in whole or in part, except to the
highest bidder at a public auction to
be held at the county seat of a coun
ty wherein the lands to be affected
or the major portion thereof, shall
lie, notice of which public auction shall
first have been duly given by adver
tisement, which shall set forth the
nature, time, and place of the trans
action to be had, with a full descrip
tion of the lands to be offered, and to
be published once each week for not
less than ten successive weeks in a
newspaper of general circulation pub
lished regularly at the state capital,
and in that newspaper of like circu
lation which shall then be regularly
published nearest to the location of
the lands so offered; nor shall any
sale or contract for the sale of any
timber or other natural product of
such lands be made, save at the place,
in the manner, and after the notice
by publication thus provided for sales
and leases of the lands themselves;
PROVIDED, That nothing herein
contained shall prevent said proposed
State from leasing any of said lands
referred to in this section for a term
of five years or less without advertise-!
Dairy Has Jitney
u. Fembleton, proprietor of the
Pure Food Dairy, has annexed a jit
ney delivery car which he is utilizing
n making his daily rounds over the
milk route. He purchased the Dean
Ford and this enables Mr. Pembleton
to make the rounds in far less time
than when Dobbin pulled the cart.
If you read the news you read The
The undersigned, Administratix of
the estate of Anthony C. Miller, de
ceased, hereby) gives notice that in
pursuance of a decree entered in
Cause No. 1795 in the district court
in and for Union County, New Mexico,
wherein Mary E. Miller, administra
trix, is plaintiff, and Clara Alvey et
al are defendants, she will on the
20th day of April, A. D. 1916, at the
hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon of
said day, offer for sale to the highest
bidder for cash, at the North front
door of the court house in Clayton,
New Mexico, the following described
real estate, to-wit:
The Southeast quarter of Sec
tion SO, in Township 26 north of
Range 84 East of the New Mex
ico Principal Meridian, in Union
County, New "Mexico, containing
160 acres.
Any sale made on said date will be
subject to the approval and confirma
tion of the district court.
Dated at Clayton, New Mexico, this
22nd day of March, A. D. 1916.
Administratrix of the estate of
Anthony C. Miller, deceased.
Wodward & Blue,
Clayton, New Mexico,
Attorneys for Administratrix.
mcnt herein required." j
The State Land Office has designat-1
ed the STATE RECORD as the paper!
located at the capital for such not
ices and has, in practically every in
stance, designated a paper rearest to
the land for such local advertisements.
When parties make inquiry as to
where they can find land sale notices
published, it is difficult to tell them'
the county paper in which the notice I
is to be placed until the land is ready
for sale, as the land may be in varying
sized tracts. Therefore, such parties
are informed that the notices will al
ways be found in the State Record.
Yours respectfully,
Roht. P. Frvien,
Advantage of Home School
Complaint Against Rock Island
E. L. Keller, of Clayton, filed a com
print with the corporation commission
against the Rock Island lines, accus
ing them of routing a car with an em
igrant outfit over the wrong route
from Pratt, Kansas. Santa Fe State
I An advertisement of the New Mex
' ico State University, now running in
I the Citizen, brings forward a new and
very impressive view of the value of
attendance upon New Mexico educa
tional institutions by young men and
young women of this state who expect
to make their homes in New Mexico
after college education has been com
pleted. This is the matter ol ac
quaintances, friendships and personal
relations formed during college days;
and the knowledge acquired during
these days of resources, conditions and
opportunities existing in the region
wherein the educational institution is
The New Mexco boy, for instance,
whose parents live in New Mexico,
and whose future home is likely to
be in this state after college days are
over, will, if he attends New Mexico
educational institutions, be able to ab
sorb daring his college days a vast
fund of practical information tbaut
the state's conditions, resources and
business and development opportun
ities which may reasonably be ex
pected to prove of enormous practical
value to him when everyday working
years begin. He gets this informa-
Detroit, Mich., April 7. Henry
Ford today declared the result
of last Monday's presidential pre
ference primary, in which he de
feated United States Senator W.
was a victory for peace rather
A. Smith by more than 5,000 votes
than for himself. He interpreted
it as meaning that a majority of
Michigan voters endorsed his
views on preparedness. He also
reiterated his assertion that ho is
not in politics.
"I am glad," said Mr. Ford, "be
cause I interpret the honor ns an
expression of a majority of the
voters that they believe ns I do
against military preparedness and
the exploitation of the working
man by the moneyed munitions
interests. I believe that, if the
people urging us to prepare, get
us into the state of preparation
that they desire, they will find us
in a war in a very short time.
The primary vote leads me to be
lieve that the r-'ijority of the vot
ers in Michigan 'eel the same way.
The Citizen is the only paper pub
lished in Clayton that reaches its sub
scribers the same week it is printed.
Yoa may never have a HAILSTORM, but hail
storms come to others and they may come to you.
BE ON the SAFE SIDE! . .It costs SO LITTLE and
adds SO MUCH to your peace of mind.
Insure Your Stock against the Hazards of Trans
portation ! The only way to "Cinch" your profits
is to insure your shipments. The Hartford Com
plete Live Stock Transit Policy absolutely protects
Shippers of Live Stock Against all Loss and Damage
on account of Dead or Crippled Animals or Animals
Lost in Transit. The question of the Railroad's
Liability doesn't enter into this matter at all. You
are Immediately Paid In Full the Amount of Your
Loss whether the railroad is liable or not. Come
in and let us explain these two policies and also
about the Hartford Fire Insurance Company, an
institution that for 104 years has cheerfully paid
every just claim.
McFadden & Rixey.
11 iiiiir
PRIDE and satisfaction in your home depend larr.c'y
on the woodwork, your permanent, unchangeable
And this woodwork can be bought as you would buy
furniture a piano, for instance.
(T 1 B 6 6 fk
"The Permanent Furniture for Your Home" '
It is
has gone into better built homes fcr fifty years.
trademarked for your guidance.
If you plan to build or make alterations, call on us for
details about Curtis Woodwork. We have free for ycu
three "Home-Books": "Better Built Homes," $800 to
$3,000 ; "Homelike Homes," $3,000 up, and "Attractive
Bungalows." The big Curtis Catalog also contains a
thousand suggestions.

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