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Volume VIII
Clayton, New Mexico, Saturday, January 2. 1915
Fe, I
Sudan Grass
For thirty-five year the farmers
on the dry lands of the Southwest
have been looking for a plant that
could be depended on every year,
dry or wet, for matting Rood hay.
They found it in Sudan grasa that
has txen grown fin the dry landi in
the Panhandle of Texas lor six years.
In the dries jearr it ha yielded
a tun of bay per ai re and in Rood
.tears four cuttings of hay in a single
season, oue ton an acre at each cut
ting. On the dry lands of Co!nrado
nfid New Mtxico it has given good
yields up to altitudes of 5,500 feet.
It western Oklahoma and western
Kansas the returns have been as tali-factory
as in Texas.
Sudan grass should he planted in
owe thirty to thirty-six inches apart,
dropping single setds six to eight
inche apart in the row. It should he
given shallow cultivation until it sha
des the ground. 1 he largest yields
trie the season are secured when each
crep is cut as soon as the plants come
in bloom. In the Texas Panhandle,
his jear, the second crop Was ready'
to cut thirty-five days after the first
crop was harvested- The best quality
f hay is secured V.y . cutting the
plants while they are in full bloom.
It may be cut with a mower or
scythe and cured in large corks or
cut with again binder ami the bun
lies cured in shocks like wheat.
The serious drawback to the gen
eral planting of Sudan. grass in 1915
is the high price of seed.
Last spring seed cost li a pound;
this tail ii is being .flereil for- $1
iiouiid. In 1910 it will probably sell
as low as millet seed. ( here were
12,000 to 15,000 acres of Sudan
grass grown in the Niuth west, in
1914. Practically all of it was grown
lor seed, the yield of seed varied
Irom 300 to 1,000 pounds an acre.
Sufficient seed was probably grown
in 19)4 to seed between ' three and
tour million acres ' There is conside
rable seed in Colorado; Kansas pro
duced all the seed her farmers need
tor next sp. fim planting. Oklahuiua
will probably have nearly enough
home grown seed to supply her needs
and llit i e it a laige surplus in Texas.
. 1'here" is one" danger in buying
-Sudan grass seed. 'It müy. be mixed
with that pest of the South, Johnson
gtats. Pure Johnson grass seed
may be furnished when that of
Sudan grass is ordered. Experts can
not tell the seeds apart The only
safe way is to buy Sudan glass seed
grown in those districts so far ' nor'h
that they have no Johnson grass or
buy from honest Southern growers
who will guarantee that it' contains
nn Johnson grass and whore guarao
tee is safe.
"ihe fact" says the official organ
of the republican machine, "that
every man who ft els he has been
wronged bss a rigbt'to go before the
legal tribunal for hearing bas no
bearing on the judgment of a biased
press and an antagonistic politician.
He ia condemned before he has a
This slightly cryptic statement ap
pears in an editorial . defending the
enurt to throw loor members out o
the legislature in order to secure a
two-tbirds majority to Carry out the
scbrires of the republican rin.
Fr official organ of the crowd
wbicjb is attempting an outrage upon
the sactitv of the ballot to talk almut
"a biased press" is oce ,of the bu
a ir,orous things which help to lighten
the (ooibreness of the situation-
As to the- 'condemnation" of the
contestants, this must be a bit of rare
irony. The death warrant of the
cnntestees, elected by vote of the
people to sit in the state lawmaking
body, was signed, seeled and filed
just as soon as the returns were in.
No man of any common sense
imagines for an instant that the filing
of the exact number of contests ne
cessary to make the two-thirds ma
jority was anything but the first step
in the scheme of the republican ma
chine to defy the expressed will of
the people The leaders ho on the
dav alter election were piously re
commending that such disputes "be
left to the courts" are the ones who
are now insolently pointing to the
fact that' the legislature is ilie judge
of the qualifications of its own members.
That even the sponsors forthecon-
trmplated outrage however are une
asy is indicated by such squirming ed
itorials as are appearing in the official
bulletin of the machine. We may
state that their uneasiness is well
founded; and that the men who
clothed in a little brief authority,
ignore and tranle nn the riyhts of the
peop'e who eleeted tbem sooner on
later pay the penalty. These con
testants will be sealed and the duly
elected men will be thrown out just
as Abetino Homero was.
For the official instrument or the
leaders to stall around and bluff about
it Is a waste of time. Santa Fe New
All Settled
It is apparent," says the Senator
II B. Holt paper at Las Cruces,
"that gross irregularities have bee
committed," or words to that effect,
in the election of the four members
of the legislature which are tobe
ejected to make room for the two
thirds republican majority. Senator
Holt's official mouthpiece goes on to
let it be known that these four men
are to be ' kicked out," as "a two
tbirds majority is essential."
The various and sundry G O. P.
instruments should hold an official
coulerence and sort ot get together.
'The State W reck er, the local ma
chine incubus, hat been piously re
questing the dear public to susehd
judgment and has inveighed against
condemning anyone before a hearing
is had. On ths other hand Srnator
Holt's official bsino has arraigned,
tried, convicted alio" sentenced the
dulv elected obstacles to' republican
control on the ground that a two
thirds majority is .essential. Before
any hearing has been held it tells rs
that "it is apparent'' that gross ir
regularities'..' have been . conimited.
- i It nuit he so, tor the bunch needs
the two thirds majority. Nothing
further ia needed to demonstrate,
prove and absolutely eini b the fact
that the whole job is a ' frame-up
which no intelligent observer bas
doubted for a minute since the Hon
orable Modesto Ortiz, Senatoi Holt's
distinguished republican contempo
rary in Bernalillo county, fired the
opening gun.' Santa Fe New Mex-
Notice Democratic Primary
There will be a meeting of the
Democrats of Precinct No. 1 at the
courthouse in Clayton, N. M.'.on
Thursday evening, January 7th
1915, for the purpose of nomiuating
candidates for the offices of Justice
of the Peace and Constable of said
precinct.' All Democrats are urged
to be present.
Hi gh J. Coli.ims,
Precinct Chairman.
'Uncle Charley"
v -. .
One of the most enjoyable house
parties ever known in the country
was given during the Christmas hnli
days by "Uncle Charlie" Bushnell
at his home at Reenham. Those
who enjoyed "I'ncle Charley's"
hospitality were Mrs. M. A. Wilburg,
Mrs. Pat Val-erde Misses Rose
Bushnell, Lucia Gonxales, and May
Lauiphier; Messrs. Harrv Wilburg,
Pax VaheHe, John L. Simmons,
Len W. Slack, OttoAIenger, Valen
tin Miera. The guerts say there
was something doing every minute.
When they arrived Wednesday
evening before Christmas a quail sup
per was awaiting them. Christinas
F.ve the young people gave a concert
Christmas day ihV big turkey dinner,
followed by a real English plum
pudding, the kind only "Uncle
Charley" can make; in the evening
a beautiful Christmas tree loaded
with gifts was the main event, fol
lowed by an impromptu dance; Sat
urday morning a quail hunt, and a
very interesting and unusual badger
fight in the afternoon. Sunday was
a quiet day, but some of the guests
enjoyed a burro ride - Monday mor
ning the gusts departed for their
homes in Clayton, declearing "Uncle
Charley" the most entertaining host
in the West.
Baptist Services
for Sunday, January 3, 1915. '
9:45 a. m Sunday School.'
I I :00 a in. Morning worship
In Memory of Me."
m Young People's Union
tl -AH v
Devotional meeting With Jesus
in the Wilderness. r
7:45 p. m. Evening worship, ser
mon' by the pastor.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at 7 :30 o'clock.
All are cordially welcome.
J. Q Herrín, Pastor.
The Mohammedan World
The present European war found
the Mohammedan world with a po
pulation estiii.ti.d at 201,000,000,
of whom 90,500,000 were nndei
British, .35,000,000 under Russian
and French rule, and 4 1, 500,000 un
der other western governments chief
ly the Dutch. Of the . remaining
34,000,000,811001 18,000 000 were
subjects of the Ottoman empire. A
recent writer saves: . Great Britain
and her allies ule over a preponder
ant majority of the world'a Moslems
(126,000,000 out of 201,000,000)
The leaders of the great mass have
loyally espoused Ihe cause of their
weatrii -rulers) hundreds of thou
sands of Moslems are fighting in the
ranks of the allied armies, and so far
it seems likely that the mass of these
populations will follow, actively or
passively, the lead that has been
. On the whole they have been well
treated. They experience greater
justice and better . protection than
under former governors ;their material
prosperity has Increased; they enjoy
full religious freedom ; and they stand
to lose rather than to gain by a
change of wesf rn rulers.
Give the Boy a Chance
The world's record for corn raising
belons to Walter, L. Deenson, an
AUbama boy, y
in his early teens.
Ijbl year th ' J0y rained Ml bu-
shels of corn
single acre of Uud,
which is the j
yleioj per acre
Xmas With
Lsh (
I it
ever record
cord was ma
remark&lile re
ordinary boy
and nn ordinary land. He became
interested in corn laising and studied
into the matter of the kind and proper
use of fertilizer and good cultivation.
As a result of putting his know-
tedge to pratical use. he has raised '
23 bushels of corn on one acre of
land, thereby winning the champion
ship of the world. What Walter L.
Deenson has done serves to show
what a common everyday out-and-out
Ik y can do if he it given the
chance. There are thousands of am- ' be federal reserve act shall be
bilious hos on the rich farms oí this ; limited to an amount not in excess
state who never know what it is to f one-third its time deposits at the
be encouraged to take an interest in iimr of niaing the loan, and not in
agriculture or stockraising. If these excess of one-third of its average
boys were given a small plot of '"e deposits during the preceding
ground and some seed corn for ex-' calendar year, provided however,
ample to plant and cultivate, a cir-!'""1 if one-third of such time depos
cus would not be able to turn their MS o( t,,e d"e o( making the
thoughts very far awy from the l. "r one third of tbe'v average
"enchanted spot" where a wonder- deposits for the preceding ca
ful harvest will be theirs to reap. A . Ienlr year, shall have amuunt.-d to
boy may not be able to raise 832 I'4 han one-fourth of the capital
bushels of corn on an acre of his and surplus of the bank as of tur
father's land, but he can do well d'' of he '"", hpn. '' event
enough to make his tflorts wrth ll,e bank shall have authority to
while. What bov is this county is n,,,ke ,0"n uuon 'eal estate under
going after that world'a champion- he terms of the act to the extent
ship record next year?
Fifty-Second Wedding Anni
versary Chriitmat day, the fifty-second
anniversary of their wedding, Mr
and Mrs. S P. Edmondsnn enterta-
ined twenty eight of their decend- j lion with President Wilson today and
ants constituting the "Edmodsoii lid turn he expected the administra
Tribe" of Union couty. If all the tion program would be finished with
children and grand-children of the out an extra session of congress,
fine old couple hail been present tlie The speaker told the President the
total would have been fifty -three, one rufe'scoinmittee' pta'm'iedV bring in
more than one a year for the period , a special rule for consideration ol the
of their married life. Many felici- proposed amendment for woman suf
tations were receive upon the happy I f rage on January 12 and he expected
event, and The Newt adds its wish
that they will live to enjoy many
more anniversaries, and io see the
"Tribe ' still further increase'.
Coroner's Verdict
Monday, December 28th, a coro
ner's jury composed of the follow,
ing gentlemen: W, A. Henderson,
G. S. Yates, Toirt Wolfnrd, J. B.
Kerlin, Antonio S Garcia, W. C.
Barnhart,. wat empaneled and afer '
listening to the evidence rendered
the following verdicts In the Wilson
and Brown murder and suicide cases
In the case of the death of George
Wilson : Verdict that George Wilson
came to his death at, the result, of
pistol thot wounds inflicted by Rov
W' Brown, '
In the case of the death of Roy
W. Brown: Verdict that Roy W.
Brown came to bis death as the re-
su't of gun shot wounds inflicted by
Mr. aiid Mrs. Hugo Lowenstein
of Nara Visa, spent several dayt In
the ciy this ' week visiting relatives,
Tbey left for borne Friday accom
panied by Messrs. Morris and Simon
T. J. Brooks and Mrs. Brooks re
turned Friday from Shattuck, Okla
homa, where they spent the holi
days with friends and relativen.
New Mill
Dr. Charlton and S. O. . Penick
have been busy this week erecting
a building near tbe light plant in
which they will install grain milling
nmcbincry. The machinery is already
on the ground, and the mill soon be
ready for business. This is a needed
improvement and will prove of un
told benefit to farmers and ranchmen
in thi section.
Real Estate Loans
Washington, Dec. 30. Comptroll
er of the Currency Williams tonight
notified national banks that the fed-
eral reserve board had drawn a rrg.
"'ation interpreting the provision in
the act governing loans by them on
real estate. The regulation follows:
The maximum amount of loans
which a national bank may make on
real estate under the terms of Section
of one fourth of the banks capital and
surplus as of the date of making the
Speaker's Program
W'mhington, Dec. 30. Speaker
:CUrk discussed the legislative situa-
a vote the same day.
Speaker Clark said he had not dis
cussed with the President the recent
published reports that lie wopld be .
a candidate for the presidency ' in
1 9 1 6. He declared he was not a
Methodist Notes
For Sunday, December 27lb.
10 a. m. Sunday school. II a.
m . Mrtrjnr Worship and sermon by
ihe p,,8Iort subject: "God in
Christ." Mr. Hosfeld will play at
thu iervice. 3:00 p. iu. Preaching
Service at- Apache Valley School
House by the Pastor. 7 :00 p. m.
Young People's Meeting. Subject;
"A Christian Attitude Toward the
New Year." Leader, Chas. Tanner.
7:45 p. m. Evening Worship. Sub
ject of Sermou: "Selah.'' Child
ren's Choir at this service.
Ray Spottt Dum, Minister.
lnst One plain gold band ring.i.
Wat lost December 20tb at corner of
Hilgers tc Barnhart store. Has "H
to D" engraved inside. Finder please
return to this office and receive re
ward. Announcement
I announce myself as a candidate,
for Justice of the Peace in Precinct
No. I, and will appreciate tbe tup
port of the voters.
(Adv.) L. W. King loiu
I announce myself as a candidate
for Constable of Precinct Ku, , and
will appreciate the voi port of all
(Adv.) T. J. Crumley
A. fVuiley-of tbe Ciumrrc''
I ' in the city Wci'ue' "
' looking af'.er b '
I country,
and Thu"
( )
'l-t T I I

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