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Commissioners Proceedings
Snerial SfsMnn of the Board of
Count Commissioners, held Decem
ber 11th, 1014
The board met at 2 o'clock p. rn ,
there being present the Hon. Siitoiiie
Garcia, Chairman; T. S. Snyder,
Member; Juan J. Duran, Clerk.
J The object of this meeting in fur
Vhe purpose of UsuinK a proclamation
I'f Election fur Justice and ('onata
ble election.
F.i.rcTioN Proclamation '
The Hoard of Countv Commission
er of Union County, New Mexico,
in pursuance with the requirements
of Section One, Chapter 105 of the
Laws i f I POil, hereby trivet public
notice and proclaims, that there will
l)f an election held in the laid cndii
tv on the 2nd Monday in January,
1915, he same being the 11th day
of January, a' which election there
wi'l be elected in each precinct ol
Union countv one Justice of the
1'eace and one Constable to serve for
the eriod of two years from firt.1
day of F-brury, lfIS.
Notice is further given that the
places wlyre the election is to be
held in each precinct in said county,
and the ñames of the judgex for each
precinct oppcar in the following list,
Salome Garcia,
Attest Chairman
Juan J. Duran, Clerk.
IVt No. I. (In tun, court house
G G Granville, Hugh J Collins, II
II Krrett.
IVt No.. . C niarron, Fort I'itt
Copper Mines, J V Wiggir., Cale
Giles, II V Davis.
IVt No. .S. Folsom. Si'lioolliouse.
I F WiUnii, Andres Ci Garrí, Tomas
IVt No. 4, Gladstone, K Salts'
house, KalV.t-1 Salas, Kmillo Trujillo,
Francisco SiiiIhs.
IVt No, 5 Pasamonte, School
house. District No 5. Fructuoso Gar,
cia, J J Chavez, M N Chavez.
IVt No (i Miera, Francisco
Miera's house, Jose C. de Uaca, E F
Miera, Mxnuel Ciallcgus.
IVt No. 7. Clapham, school
house, Hicardo' Gonzales, J C Nealy,
J C Caldwell.
IVt No. 8. (.eon, II Harrison's
ho.tse, Francisco C de Baca, Mulilon
Lovato, Ignacio Solano.'
IVt No. 1). HueyeroK, De Haven
school house. Jose Manuel Gonzales,
Feliciano C de lt.ua, I'umilio tialle-gos.
IVt No. 10.
K W I'axton,
IVt No. II. School house in said
precinct, A tiran Casados, Ouisimo
Mmitnva, Francisco Vigil.
IVt No. 12. Gallegos. School
house, Zin. ni Tenorio, IVdro Mon
to), Kllido Gallegos. '
IVt No. IS. Alamosa, M. Cha
con'i house, Manuel Clmenn, Feli
ciano Molina, I,eocilio Vigd.
IVt No. 14. Gould, MciMjuero,
New Mexico, Mosiiirro sclloolliouse,
Encarnación Hernandez. Noberto
Vigil, Jose (iirri y Chavez.
IVt, No. 15. Harnev, xchool
house, Felix N'alde, C Franklin, A
F Sanchez.
Pet Nd. III. Atencio, E Ga Ik
s''' house, Jesus Trujillo, J. E
Skelton, It. Stubliletield
IVi No. 17, Veda, Schoolhouse,
Fernando Garcia. Patricio Koinero,
Benito Martpirz.
IVt No. 18. Lujan, Garcia school
house, Carlos K. Trujillo, J Ignacio
Vigil, Ciabinn Trujillo.
IVt No. lü. Amistad, School
house, Dr A E Brosier, VV K. Blake,
C A. Macy.
Pet No. 20. Dale School house,
M T Nix, J O Stetson, V J Stege.
IVt No. 81. Hayden, school
house, Bert lUrwood. J B Dixon,
Win. McClure.
IVt No. ii. )e Moines, School
house, J E Walker, B F üilson. W
Met No. 3. Mt.i.r, school
Albert school house,
A F Chavez. T F
house, J 11 Kilburn, J II Bury,
Grant Denny. '
IVt No ti. Cuates, schoolhouse,
C W B Bryan, Florencio Ilodriquex,
Chas. E Wood.
Pet No- 25. Sedan, schoolhouse,
A J l'a ne, .Manuel Mascareuas, A
O Donahue.
IVt No. 2(1. Dedman, achool
hnuse, Ferdinand Woodruff, Francis
co Lucero, V E McNnwn.
Pet. 27. Grenville, school house.
A J liobertson, Lawrence Lrton,
G W Scott.
IVt No 28. Centerville, School
house, F A Stubbius.E Einerick,Sam
Salome Garcia,
Attest: Chairman.
Juan J. Duran, Clerk.
Arrocre Autos Frovided For
In Anliiojy's Bill.
Congressman Insists That This Country
Cannot Afford to Overlook Value of
New Engines of Warfare Would
Be Big Protection to Our Forces and
Destructive to Enemy.
U asliliit'lon -The gi-nernl use of ar
uiorcd iiiolnrcnrM for-v.-ur purpose In
Klimpe mill I lie- viilunhlc prvlren Unit
thej un rendering have Kilppcil the
liii;ilii;iion of hoiiip coiiki-cmkiiicii. Hep
rcseiitiitlve i K. Anthony of KnnsH
of the coiiinilrtcp on 'military affair
wild that lie Hon id Introduce n hill for
ttit" I n in -hasp of armored iiuloniohlloa
for tin I'liltert Stale nriny Sentiment
In favor of Mr. Anthony' proposal I
mill to linrp developed ninong other
"" V; '
F , '
sTs ' "" V '
- f '
FhutU b AlllUI IC.lli Clc.- i BMfLIUllOII
memlitTM of the inlllturv coinruittce.
muí iii'oiuiil the capítol there Is n consid
era Mi' Id ling t tin t this .government
ciiiinot iill'onl lo he without I Ills unit
of war ciuluif nt '
"To my mind." auul Ueiircniitiitive
Anthony, "there situ lie no douht tliut
any up to (lute ur;ny must he equipped
tvtih nrniorcd iiiitoinoliilcK The thliiSM
that have hocn iircoiupllshi-d lluoiiuli
their u--e In lOiirope have th-uionstiiited
that ns euuincs of nioilein vrfare
they lire ImlispeiiMihle This Ik Htrlk
Imtly ho In foiuiei iloii with ull nvnlry
niorcmcnta NoImkIv can tpiest" in the
Hilvmila'e if hnvhni fast niovimr vehi
cles which i'ii ii curry tliihtint: men and
keep theiii liupreuniihle to rifle lire.
"I understand tti.it one of the nrnu '
meiits tu'iilnst tlie use of these inra In
tlie rutted Stntea Is thnt our terrain,
the lay of the land. Is not suitable 'or
their use. This, It seems to inc. U au
Uiiteiintile otijectlon. Tim country over
the ternln of the l'nlted Stiitca does
orTer more tdistuclcs than that of 10 u
roK lai-num the present hnttleñelda of
Kt.roia are n network of Improved
hUh ii ya. Hut there are Diauy areas
where host Hit lea uiinht take place In
tlila country that are exactly suited tu
the use of the autoiuublla.
"It must lie remembered tbnt an
armored car la not the ordinary tnurluif
car. It la not built, for Instaure, with
pneumatic tires, mid it can traverse
open and rotinh country with facility
It can even go through the panel of a
fence without behiK stopied. and It can
dg awaj-wltb theelllclenry of barbed
win fences, olislriirtiona whl.il our
Ameri'itn troopa piii'onntcred with
audi fatality In the Spanish war
"Properly tspilpiHl with a milflclent
ly low s-el. the cars ciiuitl cllnilt atecp
hills. otTrrlmr absolute protection to
their occupants front rifle fire and ordl
nary mnililiw run shots, fhim ncenin
pllshln. n movement which would be
liniMwslhle to cavalry mid nf the mime
time t!irowlmr n deadly fusillade Into
the enemy.
"A life sarins devices the armored
automobile aeetn to me to be the crent
est war Invention we havp had for
aonip time In nn tirrrored car four
men can be transported nf n hlirh ratr
of .peed to the point from which the
attnek seeiiis to bp mndp and enn han
rile their rapid Arc machine pun with
prnetleiilly no dtitiser from hostile fire
It does not require much imagination
to realize with what deadly plflelcney
100 or 200 of these cars could operate
npnlnst the enemy. They would lie ol
prime Importance In prntivtlnsr a re
treat. Iie' nnsp they can bp constructed
o that their fire ran be directed from
either front or roiir. nnd. heine armor
ed. they would form n sort of moving
fortltVntlnn a screen laddnd irhlHi the
rptreatlni: troops could oerntc
"The time may soon come whpn
much o' the military work done by the
horp wl!! be iiecomp'lshisl thrmnrh the
Instetimenrallfy of the armored car. for
nrmiwed errs can pull prentor welirht
than' can hts-ve and enn hold positions
Whhh would he lmpoilp for cavalry
When this time does arrlvp It would
bp n creat mlstnlce to havp this conn
try fiehlnd all other In such valunbtf
f?ld ,si,tllfl prH,,T';pnt "
í W"V B 1 B LE- ST ü D Y O t ' ír
Luke 24:36-49.
M.Uhew 23:1 :0:
"o. I ron trite WW ulirnii. rrrn unto tne end
0 IV mi hi " Uallhra- Ot.tO.
jXBft)nAV'S Study relates to the
imuiissiou. ot uuthnrtzatlon
service, which .lesna up
polnteil to His Church during
the forty days subsequent to Hi res
unís tioii I' lrst. we have flia words
Id the upper dhiiii at Jerusalem, and
then a part of the general commission
(tlven Just lafire Mis nsceiislon.
The Kvnnu'ellst sums up in a few
words a Scriptural eNsltiou which
prolaibly oeciqiliil at least an hour.
Probably our Lord explained to them
the HiKiiinVnncc of the Passover that
He was the Antllyi-e of the lamb kill,
ed ut that time: and that the first
bonis, subsequently represented In the
tribe of I.evl. ypllii'd the Church of
the Klist-bot us. win ap names are writ
ten In Heaven. All the saintly fol
lower of Jesus will eventually bp el
ther of the Itoyal Priesthisid or of the
niitltypl'iil Invites, their servants. In
the work of the world's blessltm dtirinu
Messiah's Kltuidom
Ioiih!less the Master also cave suit
Restituís respectiiiK the mititypleill
Atonement Il.iv nnd the better nacri
flees -that lie Himself betian these
saeriliees. which would be continued In
His disciples; and that after these
Knorlflres were Mulshed, the Atonement
hlessliiK would to forth from the
Hlirh Priest to nil n kind.
Whatever features of the liv!ne
Plan the Master unfolded, we have the
assiirini'-p that Ills auditor were deep
ly Interested. They saw helphia.
depths, lengths nnd breadths of whli I
they had never ilreanusl. They saw
that Jesus' death waa necessary for
the carrylm: out of the hopea Inspired
by Coil's promises; mid that they them
selves were piivlleped. not only to suf
fer with Him. but also to be glorified.
The Holy Spirit Promised.
'The Muster's coneludliiK words on
that occasion were "Heboid. I send the
promise of My Puttier upou you." In
various types the
Father h oi prom
sed that Un
church would re '
cep tlie Holy
Spirit from Je
mis. their Head.
This was typllied
In the holy oil
which. Hiuril
upon A a r o n's
head, flow e d
diivt ti . upon his
body. This ev.
deuce of the 1I.
vine acceptance was all important
Without It the disciples would have
bad no commission and could uot l
ambassadors for !od
Jesus Indeed had aput out The
Twelve mid afterward the Seventy;
but they were HU repi'cHentatlvea. and
He bud Kiven thorn of Illa own spirit,
or power, by which they had worked
mirueicN. etc. P.tit they never had Ikcii
recoKhbscd of the Pather. Tliey must
wait for the beeltlrft and auolntiiiK
of the Spirit, which alone could qualify
theiu tu lie IIimI'h representative.
"Lo, I Am With You Aiway."
St. Matthew's account of our Lord'a
commissioning of HU disclplea to de
cline ilia Message la full of Interest.
l!y apS)liitiiient k p Eleven met Him
lu a mountain n I ' lllee. Por a few
Jmu' .4 u ff s lit
the -.'rt'ra.
inoiuents only did
They uorshlpiai
vliiced. ol Itera w
convince a'j.-h .
Diulned durlii'
ipM-ar to theui
He fully con-
It waa to
, that Jesus re-
l y Uaya. e
are aurp that" lip fully accomplished
Hi work f convite lio thp rleveu:
for they were ail of one heart and
niluil when they waited In the upper
room for the Pentecostal blesslntt.
.TcRim thslared that full authority
had been irlven I Tim In respect to both
Heavenly and earthly thine, pules
they read 7i s this. It would lie Impossi
ble for them properly to represent Illm
before tlie world. Uurlui! Ills earthly
ministry Hp did not havp this author
ity lip was then on trial to demon
Ktrnte His loyalty. Havlnc been faith
ful even nnlo the death of the eros.
ITe waa raised from tlie dead by the
Piitl.er. lie now wished III disciple
to know that lie
wa no lonrer
under h u in a n
I I in I I it t ! o o
or those of the
ft-i'' fc' Oeuth Covenant
Lh lie hud flnlsled
t HI work ami
liad entered into
the reward. He
had cTporlonccd
Ills chauue mid
nail nil Hiwer.
Clima tlly Ilia
commission that
the dlsclp.es nit and teach beloniced
only to the Kleveu. but subsequently
It Included St. Paul, who took the
place of Judas The Apostles alone
are authorized ua inoullipiiH-es of the
Iord .Ipsua Christ mid Ills Church To
them bbs nivcn the ureal work of
lniiui:tiratiiiK the Church
Thp I .ord has uiriinp'd. however,
that each member of the Church
should be His representative, mid have
a sharp lu proi-laimiiiK the !ossd Mes
sage lu proportion to his opportunity
mid ubiiiiy. Whoever receives the be
ireillnif mid auoiuiiim of the Holy Spir
it Is Included in the statement of Isai
ah til:i :t. as a member of the Hotly
of Christ.
Thus we ace our commission a re
smi ts all who lut ve an t ar to hear our
Mcsstiiic We are to make them flls
triple, to lmiuprp them in the name
of tli rather, the Son and the Holy
Spirit, mid lo teach them to observe
s'i tjunirs whulsoevpr Jesus com mends.
This is thp extent of our authority,
(iod will do the rest.
i h Him Jinn in Urn
inn I'mm
The buba of Iokm from the set
tler's el I ii in.
The lust of Its timber they
couldn't sell 'em.
Never un ax lias seen their chipa.
Aud the wedKea flew from be
ween their Hps.
Their blunt ends frizzled like
celery tlia.
"If that fuir elm." he cried.
"alone should stand.
No Kras would plow with sold
olid tempt the hand
Or if thnt vine without hpr elm
should prow
Twould creep, a poor ueKlectcd
shrub ImjIoW."
1 -Ovid.
Ruled by an Old Witch, They Are the
Queerest People Known.
Huled by a ivat em huntress and
huvlnii no form of money, the Pauff
giiniis. a tribe In a niouutaiuoua'JqiiKle
In the northern part of the Malay
peninsula. Is one of the queerest
known to white men. The triis-stupii
are of a ueirrold type, whose social or
pinixaMnu Is that of a simple form of
common wealth and who are nomadic,
wandering about from place to place
In Uiclr dense Junirles and forests.
Among them dwells a woman whose
straiire churacteriütica are atroniflj
reminiscent of Haccjird's famous
"She." Tlie woman Is siiiMsed lo be
great encbmitresH. She la held in
dread by the PiinKciiiif:. She lives
alone In n bamboo hut. shaded by the
leave of the sacred ubanu tree pood
la brought her dully by the oldest man
or woimiu of the tribe.
The Paiiv.'Hii'.'s lire said to be a
ieaceable and honest people, and do
not. u.'uom: themselves, either fljiht or
steal. They literally have uo use for
money for trading iurises, but if by
chance they get money they bury It. ho
that they may use It In trading after
death. After getting a supply of food,
they do no work whatever until the
aupply la ended. They eat any wild
creature. .
I .
Dayton effllS OIOOn-OIWltMUSOM-OlSOJl-OllHi-.i
Notice for Puhlitation
Dopartment of Ttie Interior. United PtfW
Lend Otllr et (Inyton. New Mexico.
Decen-bertT. 1914.
Notin is hereby Ten that thetixte of Ne
Mexico hai applied to Kleet under the proviiiona
of the Acta of June 20. 1911). and June 21, V.
end tlie arta aupplomentary and amendatory
thereto, the following- publie tanda, to-wit:
Perial OWlft I. let I'igS.
8'4 neVj Sec 20. T. .11 n., R. sfie.
Serial O'UOlT. Liat 4inl.
All of Section 14 I . Z'n.. B. Urn.
Serial 019018. Lift 4191.
NeH neU. awV, neVk, ar'i neV,, tw' nw4, ae'i
nwVt. awVi. n'-i aes, eeV, aeH, See. 16 T, 25n. K.
Serial 01P020. Lift 41H4.
NJ4 Sec. IB. T. 2.1n.. R. 27e.
Serial 01021. l.l.t 4?39.
All of Section 27 T. 22n. R. Uk.
Serial 0190. Liat 4240.
NH ne, aeW ne1. n't nw1,, awM nwS. nw
inU, a't iwV,. Mi.,, Sec. 28 T. 22n. R. S4e.
Serial 01 Vm. Llet 4241.
All of Section 29. T. 22n. R. 34e.
Serial 019KM. List 42ii.
txt2. tiH ne. noW, aeM nwH, Sec. ad T.
20n. R. 8'to.
All of above inN. M. P. M.
The purpose nf thia not ire ia to allow all pernor
claiming the land adve'racly or desiring- to ahow
it to be mineral in "harncter, an opportunity to
file objection to a . selection with the local of
ficer for the land district in which the land t
situated, towit: at the land c-ffice aforesaid, et.d
to establish their interests therein, or the mineral
character thereof,
12-26-1-23 Paa Valverde. li.-pi.ter.
JDTZ. J. c. slac i-r:
HOURS:-9 TO 11 A. M. 2 TO 4 P. M.
Tltis Mhbh Cough r..sdcn3
Tnt conch ii natnro'í cry for help. It's
varninK a eympwoi. maybe of bronchitis.
1 iKripT-A., ovt n of tmuniunitt. It rnu-t tj
choc led otobre. Han y to lUo drug store for
Foley's Koney and Tar Compound
Tont tnlt a chtnr with a ahstitnte. TJnm
LuTtxl Aughj liuickly get worsa. ebpuciahy h
ni 1711 nenie rui.Ki u
Pocno iV souih n (
heal the irrituii' 1
tbroat, take awny thy
tickle aiiü leheva th
tii;ht feclinff in thy
rlieU It has no eqnul
fur any kind of couh.
Far over forty year 4
Foley's Hone, anj
T.U t'OMPuUND bits
been the ftaimhy vtih
thoi.BMUda ol laiui...
fftnembor ti e naroo Kolly h Honky akd
a. a CoMforsD uni look lur the bouhive oa
UiO yll'w wrapner.
it -kit EVEkY USER 13 A FRIEND, '
Why? Hecause it
Prints Today's News
Today and lots of it.
And Wcanse it is in
dependent in politics
and wears the collar
of no political party
50 Cents A Month
hv until
Morning Journal
Chicago Youngater Named Ariel While
1,000 Feet Up.
Clih-ano. Miss AiU'l V'.lita. who haa
ttnliu-d th riiirnlt.v of four wci-ka. rn
Joya the distinction of llii tlie tirxl
"ncropliim li'itiy."
Plic wn christciKHl nt a distance of
aiiproxlniitft'lv tlioiifuind fH-t frum
rhp pnrtli and miruled Itli (lcllcht
ver tlii K'iis:iton of hiivlim nnine
bestowcf llion her wlilln sonrlnif llkn
a lilrd. with lnr fatlior at the wlnvl.
Ariel In the 1nií.'litcr of Mr mill Mr
Jack VII.-ih They nmcelvtHl the orlirl
gal lilcii of rhrlsteniiiK their first boro
and the arltction nf Lumber for ll.r
pui(Me is n milter of jjret íiiiimkI
ance. There is
on tlie nnirket, Imtli gooij and la '
Only the nod kind Im fouml i
way into our yard.. It will pav '
let uk furniah an estimate on ti".r
lie t bill, liemeinlier, we carry
Cement, Lime, Briik & BIJg. Mate rt I
' BOB BROWN, M.u(er
Fhons 3

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