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V oíame VIII
Clayton, New Mexico, Saturday, Jarnary 30. 1915
N.. 5
c-L a ir r
The People Be Damned
The rote of the majority of the
house of representatives last night to
et Antonio T. Chave as member
irom Sierra county was a fitting cul
mination for the whole cheap, sordid
xnd ugly exhibition of lawlessness
uiven by the majority under the
whip of the coal dictators and other
little bosses. Anti.nio T. Chaves
lias aboit as much right to the seat
irom Sierra county as Emiliano Zapata
up Inhnnv ffinwiiv. Kv hi own '
.howing he was defeated for the
position by a large majority and the
caucus doesn't even claim he was
fleeted This is certainly, the final
crowning canstone of political hood
lumism. Efery thing is now lovely. Four
representatives chosen by the voters
have been sandbagged and if all of
the majority don't stand hitched it
wi II be easy to knock out a few more.
The majority is awfully tough. It
wears Its hat low over its eyes, car
ries its jaw undershot and swaggers
terribly. It would just as lief go
tight up to the governor and paste
him in the eye as not.
"To hell with the State," it says.
"What the caucus says goes with us.
We are going to take this governor
and back him up into a corner and
jam him in the optic. If any guy
ceti funny we'll put him to sleep,
ate?" . ' s
The new state of New Mexico
ought to be proud and happy over
this pretty spectacle as a boy with a
new pair of boots The county of
Bernalillo, with its beautiful new
High School, its University, its
molern country schools, its culture
and it' bustling commercial life, its
progress and its amVitinn ought to
be proud and happy. It has the
Honorable Modeto Ortia to represent
its ideals and to look after its vital
interests in the law-niHkiiig- body.
The county of Sierra, a pushing,
developing, rich county ot mint s
unA Vm ""d ranche should be
continue with the other uncollared
and unafraid newspapers of the state
to expose to the fullest light of the
day every successive step taken by
this little aggregation in taking re
venge upon the governor and brow
beating and insulting the minority
and the great rich counties, con
stituting half the state which they re
present. We beleive they are going
the limit: and we intend to see that
nothing is missing from the luííd
record which is going to emblazon
the destruction of the Republican
party in New Mexico. Santa Fe
New Mexican, Jan. 23.
Hugh J. Collins and C. L. Col
linr wish to announce that they have,
associated themselves together in a
partnership styled "Collins & Collins,
I.ayers," with offices over the First
Natonial Dank of Clayton, at, the
head f tlit stairway leadiug to the
l.and Office; that hereafter this firm
will attend to matter coming up in
the United States Land Office in ad
dition to regular Court pr let ice.
Ferguson Bill Passed
A stock raising homestead hill, in
troduced in congress by Representa
tive II. B. Fergusson. passed the
lower house of congress last week
and is now before a committee of the
senate for consideration- Its ul
timate passage there is said to be
assured and this mentis its early
enactment into law.
The bill is designed to lease the
33,000,000 acres of remaining public
domain of the semi-arid states by
a system of grants to each settler of
a home on the land with sufficient
acreage to support his family by
combining forage farming with stock
The bill requires entrjmen to
make permanent tmprovments of not
less than $125 an acre in value and
allows entry of up to 640 acres.
Card of. Thanks
Baptist Services
for Sunday, January 31, 191.1.
9:1-5 a. in Sunday School.
1 I :00 a.m. Morning worship.
Sermon by the pastor, "Lessons
from the Judges. "
6:45 p.m. Young People's Meet
ing. 7:45 pin. Sermon, 'The Un
conscious I 6S of Pcwer."
Prayer meeting on Wednesday
evening at :.'0 o'clock.
J. Q. Merrill, Pastor.
Lists of Jurors
Judge I .
pirated with its choice for law-maker
'popular and respected by all, retsr.id
less of politics, elected liv an over
whelming majority, kicked insulting
ly nut by a ring of schemers headed
by corrupt bosses. The bailiw lek of
Union, populated with hustling,
progressive farmers and ranchers and
buiness men, should be enthusiastic
because a political "jimmy V has
been used to steal its representativer
from it. One of tbeae was elected by
over 200" majority and it was only
Limtd that some 50 fraudulent
vt'tes were
The whole sony spectacle must
be a source of pride to such men as
Judge Mann, of Bernalillo county.
Republican floor leeder, when he
reflects to what end he has used his
undoubted ability and talents ; abÜify
which could render service to his
rountyaud state of inestimable value.
The speaker, Mr. Romero, must
be gratified at the manner in which
he has carried out the bland pledges
he made at the tea.intiing f the
session Néstor Montoya, who earnest
ly asked for the elimination of ' po
litical horseplay," appealed for har
mony and patriotism aud then voted
for ruffanism, must point with pride.
This newspaper .gave the majority
every show in the world. We took
th-ir buncombe at its ' fice value,
praised tl.em for the;.- spacious
pledges and suspended judgment.
We trust that none of t h e m
thinks for a minute that we swallowed
anr of their Drofuises. We shall
The Stewards of the M. K.
Church, South, together with the
pastor, Rev. W. L. Self, wish to
thank the people of the First
Christian Church and th First Bap
tist Church of Clayton for the use of
their Churches in which to hold conference.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to the Clayton Telephone
hxchange for sevice will have same
discontinued on or before Feb 5th
1015. - .v.
F. II. Clark
l'Uncle Charlie" Bond of near
Pasamonte, spent several days in the
city this week.
-Frank Casados of the Tramperos
couiitry, attended to business in the
city this week.
Frank Parsons of Trinidad, Colo
rado, was a business visitor in Clay
ton Thursday and Friday.
U-John King, popular stockman of
the Folsotn country, attended to
business in the city Thursday.
spent several days in the "itv this
week attending to business and
J. Riley Hughes, the Cimarron
stockman, was in the city Thursday
and Friday trading and looking after
J. H. Crane, one of the prominent
resident of the Mayden country,
was a business visitor in the city
Attorney O. P. Easterwood re-'
turned Tuesday from Denver where
he spent several days looking after
legal business.
w'l)elfin Espinosa of Moses, was a
business visitor and trader in the city
Thursday. Del fin is a wonderful re
publican, you should hear him orate.
'Tifer Caudle of Amarillo, Texas,
an old friend of The News man, has
been in the city this week. He is
figuring on entering business here.
J. O. Stetson, formerly of Dale,
this county, wrote us from Carlbad
this week ordering The News sent to
that address. J. (). also enclosed
Union County At San Diego
D. I.ieb of Raton, was
in Clayton Wednesday for the pur
pose of drawing the grand and petit
jurors for the spring term of district
court which convenes the first Mon
day in March. Following is the lists
of jurors drawn : -
v Pedro Pjdillo, pet. 6; Gus Brandt.
pet. 13; Eineterio Flores, pet. 3;
luán B. Arellano, pet. 2; Wm. Mc
Fodden, pet. 19; Lewis Booth, pet
7; J. C. Ryan. pet. 3; Justo Pacheco,
net. 16; D. A. Adams, pet. I; Fred
Taylor, pet. 7; Patricio Romero, put
Amelio Gomales, pet. 9; M. J
Hammond, Jr., pet. I: Jacobo
Casados, pet. 11; J. M . Alexander,
net. l:Geo. Burnside, pet. I; Jim
Duran, pet 1 J l,ouis Lucero, pet
Wm. Woolford. pet 19; Lou Cash,
Jose G . Casados, pet I; Vicention
Romero, pet. 3; J- C. Collins, pet.
16; Falamon Ortiz, pet. I ; Antonio
S.. Garcia, pet. I .
. Juan Duran, pet. 2; H. J. Farr,
pet. 3 ; Guv Slack, pet. 2 ; Nicomedo
Garcia, pel. 1 ; James Walker, pet.
19; Lewis' Medina, pet. 3; F. A.
Sanders, pet. 5; Lejandro Vigil, pet.
18; Procopio Martinea, pet. 6: W.
H Lynch, pet. I ; Pedro Duran, pet.
22 ; John King, pet. 3 ; J. S. Daniels,
pet. 10; Jno. Burns, pet'. 21; Ed
Aldersnn. pet. 1; Maclorio Cassdos,
pet. 7; J. VV, Coulson, pet. 1; J. A
Jacobs, pet. 2; Manuel Chacon, pet
13; loe Rice, pet. 3; Felipe Lovato,
pet. 7 ; Juan del Valle, pct.5; Nicolas
Onla, pet. 9; J. T. Brown, pet. 3:
Adolpho Romero, pet. 1 8 ; Alajandro
Garcia, pet, I; M. B Donald, pet.
4; J. M. Abeyta, pet. 19: J. B.
Alexander, pet. 16; C. VV. Griffin,
pet. 4; Elias Sanche, pet. 16:
Mai Chaves. .
V'j. A. Becker of near Wanette,
attended to business in the city Fri
day. While here he had his sub
scription to The News run up another
year, It's plain.
fH. A. Ley , one of the prosperous
farmers of the Grandview country
and a News regular, was a trader in
tr.e city Friday.
Dr Slack reports the arrival of a
line girl batty at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. A. Law Mondax, the
25th inst. - This is the first daughter
in the family and the parent are
very proud. We congratulate the
young Miss on her choice of parents.
C. C. Moorhead of near Amistad,
was in the city Friday and Saturday.
J. J. Brophy, manager of the Otto
ranch in Cimarron countv, attended
to business in the city '' Wednesday
and Tb ursday.
The advertising done by the
Territory of New Mexico at the St.
Louis exposition ten years ago. re
sulted . directly and indirectly, in
bringing 100,000 n-w settlers to the
state, turned the easternen livestock
ranges into agricultural country,
founded villages and towns, created
new counties, and inaugurated a
new era of growth and prosperity.
The territory and the several coun
ties contributed heavily toward the
expense of the New Mexico exhibits
at that exposition, and no one can
say that it was not a good investment1
and has not yielded a wonderful re
turn. At the Panama-California ex.
position being held at San Diego
this year New Mexico and the sever
al counties are again heavy adverti
sers, and it is reasonable to expect
that the returns in desirable
immigration, capital, and resulting
growth and prosperity, will equal if
not surpass the results following the
St. Louis exposition.- The state,
through practically unanimous action
os its first legislature, appropriated
$30,000, and every county in the
state has appropriated from S500 to
(2,000, and many towns and cities
have made additional appropriations.
Union county gave $500; the
Town of Clayton gave $300; De
Moines gave 144; certainly small
sums when compared to the result!
reasonably sure to be realised. The
uionev appropriated by the ounty is
accrued interest on county deposits.
Ihinn iinh.u r-.l if in I Tnirin itrtlint
the; ntTessafy ' 1t'-p!aii.- - .4-,- ,i .'-j r ;..,-
' until the Hilvem t the-presein cow-'
missioners. There is really no law
providing for the expenditure of such
money, but under a ruling by the
attorney general the use to which it
was put is a thoroughly legitimate
At Home
Hon. O C. Smith, elected repre
sentative of Union county to the
New Mexico legislature, return home
Tuesday, following his expulsion
from that body by the all-powerful
republican caucus - which seems to
care nothing for the wishes and
yotes of the people, Mr. Smith
tod us bow it was done, and the
recital was a lurid story of shame.
His. posit ion is thoroughly honor
able and he wishes the ptole to
know that it is through no fault of
his that he is not occuping his right
ful place in the legislature and rep
resenting Union county in accord
ance with the expressed will of the
W. T. Stone, Dead
W. T. Stone of near Cuates, father
of J. W. Stone and Mrs. S. R.
Haves, died at his home Thursday,
January 28th. Several other children
were at the bedside at the end. An
uliituarv wa sent The News for
publication this week but was rf;
pviveil too late for this issue. It
will appear in the next issue-
brother of Mon. Serapio Miera, one
of Union county's elected representa
tives, spent several days in the city
the forepart of the week.
Leon P. Casados has accepted the
p'issitioii of depjty assessor to county
assessor Abran Garcia. Mr. Casados
in thoroughly competent to properly
discharge the duties of the position.
C. K. Tatuin of I'laiuview. Texas,
i ,
ruii-J la me city lins ween nir
Tatum is agent for the Plainview
nurseries and has an ad in this issue.
Plains grown treei are the stuff for
this county.
vThe buildings and sheds for the
Gray it Lammon Lumber Co., are
rapidly nearing completion. Several
car loads of lumber and other building
materials were unloaded this week,
and when their outstanding orders
are all in the new company will have
one ot the most complete stocks of
building materials in this country,
For Sale
use. I he commissioners used tneir
own discretion in this matter and
believe their action will be of great
benefit to the county, and that it
will, as it should, receive the hearty
endorsement of reasonable citisens.
Your attention is directed to thsk
part of the published proceed
ings of the commissioners cour
that has reference to the way thist
money is to be expended, and the
advertising guaranteed by the board
of exposition mancgers.
1 hos. S. Snyder
Commissioner Dist. One.
Sixteen thoroughbred shorthorn
bulls 3 to 5 years old. Eklund
Hotel Ranch & Irrigation Co.
Methods Notes
for Sunday January 31st.
10:00 a. m. Sunday School, ll :
a. m. Morning Worship, Subject of
Sermon, "A True Test." 3:00 p.m.
Preaching at Apache Valley School
House. 7:00 p. ni Young Peoples
Meeting, Leader H. B. Woodward.
7:45 p. m. Evening Worship,
Subject of Sermon, "I was a Wander
ing Sheep." Concert by soloists
and chorus on Monday evening at
8:45 o'clock.-. Mid-week service for
bible study on Wednesday evening
at 7:30 o'clock.
Ray Spotta Dum, Minister.
Stores Burglarized
Some time Friday night burglars
entered the Simon Herxsteiii .store
and Hilgers & Barnhart'a atore.
The proprietors say that no goods
were taken. At the Herxstein store
he thieves tapped the cash register
to the tune of $10.00, and at the
other place secured about .30.
Entrance to the Herzstein store was
made by removing1 a lower panel in a
side door; and at Higlers & Barn
hart's by smashing a side window.
Officers are working on what appears
to be a true clue, and the early ap
prehension of the thieves is expected.
Corn Going Out
Last week the Otto-Johnson Mercantil-
Co., shipped two cars loads
of Union county grown cor j to Ft.
Collins, Colorado. This is the first
time in the history of Clayton that
this cereal has been shipped out. and
it helps to show the wonderful
development that bss taken place In
this country during the past stveral
years. Clayton dealers are paying a
high price foi all grains. .

Toribio Martines of near Pasamonte
17; Nicanor Arguello, pet. 16;
pet. I; Iombio Martines, pet. 5;
Fermi n Miera of near Beenham,

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