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Sedan Valley Notes
Some farmers in our part of the
county seem dissatisfied with returns
from their lust year's crop. Perhaps
they should, lut we are not of that
opinion. The more people jzet, the
more they want. Do you suppose
they could fuiil another farming
country where three to four acres-of
ground will glow a ton ol liroomrorn.
and where mair.e or feterita makesa'
ton per acre on inch a malí amount
of cultivation? And isn't it strange
why tome of them stand around and
"holler," a the hoys sav, about this
country and how sorry they are that
they ever came here, when perhaps
they starved out of the Missouri
Ozarkt or some dry section of Texis
where one croj in seven hits and
makes f 8 00 per acre on $75.00
land? Culd some one suggest a
remedy for this kind of people?
Mrs. Cenrge I. Vy le has just re
turned frnn an extended lisit with
relatives in Southern Texas.
School has been suspended for a
week at P le school house on account
of the illness of Mrs. B I. Cmuger,
wife of the teacher.
Sam B. Batchellor will leave in a
short time with his aged mother for
Memphis, Texas He has rented
his faun hi re and expects to return
in a year or so.
Miss Kthel Mcl'herson is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Cash Scroggins.
A "lirand new'' wind mill anrl
weM now adorns the tard of Mr.
Sefton who lives just across the Ca
nso, north.
If )ou wii.li to sign the petition to
the S'ale Legisla! lire to extend the
heril law into Union County, see J.
L. Hos-v or Otto Uii-Imii-i.
Henry I. Horn, another "Mis
sonrían" i'l mini ship into Clayton
anil slart improving his new claim,
the Myrtle IVile relinquishment.
Mrs. J V. Robertson has almost
recoiered from her recent s'rnke o'
paralysis. Her daugliteT, Mrs. ties-'
sie (iilison of Oklahoma City, has
heen with her during her entire ill
ness. illie Woods has returned from
Grcely Colorado, where lie has spent
the past year, He is now working on
Jim Hastings' ranch.
E. U. Weir, one of the prosper
ous farmers of near Dedman, was a
business i-itor in the county seat
Monday. While here he bought e
line isolated tract from Uncle Sam.
J. E. Busey and son, Kay, of near
Thomas, were trading and looking
after business in the city Monda).
W, I). Cochran of south of town,
attended to business in the city
Monday. While here "Bill" ad
vanced his subscript ion another year.
''Bill" is naturally a republican,
but says that in order to retain his
self respect he will have to "cut"
the party under its present leader
ship in New Mexico.
C. K. Wood of near Cuates, one
of the leading and best citizens of
the county, was a business visitor
and trader in Clayton Monday, and
John I.add of Dalhart. was in the
city Monday ami Tuesday, Mr. 1-add
has a fine place west of town and
will cultivate it extensively the com-
itig year. He has many friends in
Clayton who will be glad to see him
back in Union County.
Mrs. Charles Schleter of Denver,
arrived Monday noon to look after
business interests here.
Guy Wood of near Cuates, at
tended to business in the city the
first of the week.
T. - Mitchell of Albert, one of
j the wealthiest ranchmen of the
couotv, attended to business in town
the first of the week. He has many
friends in Clayton who are always
glad to see him.
The News, Un peso al ano
To The Public
The following patents have bétn
in the Clayton I.and Office a number
of years, and will be delivered to
anyone sending Final Certificate, or
sworn statement, that they are the
owners of the land in question:
Charles F. Allison, patent No.
913; Aztex I .and & Cattle (o. Nos
T.'itiO, 6445, 64 40, 6 444. 6510,
6508, 6550, 8825, SSid; Fred Aus
tin, No. 2704; Jose Nazartoarguello.
No. 2384; Benarbe Aragón,' No.)
...K-m, . II..: . r . A l
ifzuu.) i iieir oí itianaiio n. viarin,
v i i- i.) ti i v
No 2u95; Danial It. Baker, No.
02241; Claud N. Bradlei , No. I
2310; Jim Bramlet, No. 0331;
Elevandro Branch, No. 03178;
Vicente C. DeBaca, No 02800;
Cicilio Karelia, No. 2033; Burleigh
Collins. No. 1092; John T. Carten,
No. 5012; Guadalup M. de Cor
dova, 2633; llenrv Chase, No.
1093; John T. Davis,' No. 992;
Madison Emery, No. 155; A mol
Erii-kson, Timoteo Fresquea, Aug-
stin, John Grant, Marie Gonzales,
,)ocph K.Grmer, Heirs of Josefa
de De Gut ule, Ygnacio Gonzales,
Walter B Grrshar, Mídanla Gr
'Juna, John C. Hull. Hairy Hitch
cock, James E. Jones. Joseph B.
Johnson, Josenh W. Keller, Joseph
W. Keller, James M. Lyon, Oligio
F. Latíalo, Albert Lojik, Trinidad
Lucero, Nicholas Lujan, Leon Mes
tas. Samuel McMailiu. Ileiis of
Marcela V. Martille?.. Man- K
., ,, i, v ,i .
M units, Walter Y. Muiius. Manuel
Montóla, Tranqui'iuo M.irlinez,
Martin Muscarenas, Demecia Maes
'as, Liiciiinn Mirtintz, Maximiliano
Martinez, Donaciann Maeslas, Juan
Martinez, Deciderio Mnntoya, Gcog'ei
Miller. Cha-les Mc.-n-, M-i-by
McCartv, Serpio Nieto, Tailor
l'resley. Charles H. Pruden, Jessie
Pate, Edward D Prrriii, Edward B. i
l'errin, Kdwnrd B. l'errin, Gregorio
Quintana, Silbanio Rovbal, John
Hiifferlshoefrer, LnretU Archuleta
de Rael, Pablo Hibbal, ' Jose Leon
Homero, Antonio RivalJ, Augustine
A. Hivard, Moses R. Stevens
Francisco Sandoval, Francisco Sanch
ez, .lo-e M. Masalaz, Juan Andres
Sai chez, Heirs of Isabelita Sanchez,
tai .nano .ena, Manuel j. sinilü,
Leandro Salazar. Bilon Trujillo.
Moses S. Toon, Grover B. Toon,
Jose M. Tapia. Clinton Traister.
Daniel C. Traist-r. Joe Thomas,
Telesfor Trnjillo, Nolurto Vigil.
fore I. Valdez, Rioh-rd F. Wilson,
Wheeler, U m.. Wright, An-
neline W'ilUrd. I.tila Warinner
Weil, Gilford E. Youst.
I'az X'alverda,
Register, U. S. Ijtnd Ollice Clay
ton, New Mexico.
Five Cents Proves It
this ad. enclose with 5 cents to Fol
ey & Co., Chicago, III., writing your
name and address plainly, and re
ceive a free trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound,
for coughs, culds and croup; Foley
Kidney I'iils, for kidney and bladder
complaints, backache, pains in joints
rheumatism; and Foley Cathartic
Tablets, a wholesome and thorough
ly cleansing cathartic try all three
for five cents, the of mailing.
Sold by City Drug Store.
Odd Namii In China.
Chinese children are endowed with
atninue ('lirlxtlun minies. Their glrla.
fur Insta me, are not culled Muían, Jen
ay or MmiIIiIu. but Cloudy Moon. Celen
tlit I H.il'iii.'i-l Spring IVaeli or Cuakct
of Perfumea lliclr iM.ys get lea at
tnnlhe nan lea, la-iiiij mude for work
nud wisdom rutlier tliiin pleasure and
dancing. I'hiia we tliul a little tw-o-yenrold
I 'nut I ia I Induatry. tliree-year
old Aii-iNti-iil Know I. Ul'i'. four yi'iir olil
Comi'letc Virtue. Uve-cur-uld Ll-rcel
Valor To llielr slaves tuey give atlll
anotlier act of uuiiiea. Not For Me,
Joy to Serve. Vour llappiuvsa and
Uuintile LH-votlou may be taken aa
typical example.
No. 57 IS
Report of the Condition tf
The First National Bank
of Clayton
at Clayton, In the State of New
Mexico, at the close of business,
Dec. SI, 191.
Loans and Discounts ?aH,Sli7 4
Overdrafts, secured
Í254 37;unsecured
$257.2.1 1.
511 60
U. S. Bonds deposited
j to secure circulation
! (par value)
! Subscription to stock
j of Federal " Reserve
$.piO,000 00
Hank f.5,400.00, Less
amount unpaid $4,
Furniture and Fixlrs.
?!)00 00
$4,500 00
8,177 00
2,474 01
Other real estate own
ed , Due from Federal Re-
serve bank ...
j Due from approved
! Reserve Agents in
Central Rccr e C"i' ies
: $21,013 73; due from
' approved reserve
agents in other re
serve cities 14,551.63
' Due fr.nn banks and
bankers (other than
Í1..lt.l ..l,o,.L. .....i
35,565 SC.
35,638 77
1,388 25
1 , 1 36 80
2,560 00
15,260 45
2,500 00
i -w win. v m.vm nmi
other cash items $1,
261 .25 ; fractional cur
i rency 127 00
' Checks on bunks in
, the same city or tow n
as icp::r!ii!g bank..
Notes of other na
tional banks
!.&-.-. fül M..;::j- Re
serve in bank :
Specie $ I 1 ,766 45
Legal tender notes
$3.50(7 00
Redemption , Fu n d
with U. S. Treasurer
(not more than 5 per
; cent on circulation)
$401,98.5 79
Capital stock paid in
Surnliis Fund
hc,cl ktrj fo( Uxei
."5,000 00
15,000 00
1040 41
50,000 00
2,092 65
4,500 00
Circulating notes---
; l)ae , 1(1Ilks ,nd
)iviJentls u,,aid--
,)rm ,lld Deposit. .
Individual , I)i ponijs
subject to check
110,220.87; Certifi-
cates of deMisit due
in less than .30 days
f7.S88.49; Slate and
municipal deposits
$61,599.13; deposits
with notice of less
thou :;0 days ?I0,-
000.00 v 195,214 49
,'I'ime deposits :
Certificates of desit
due on or after 30
l'.v 40,133 24
Bills payable, includ
ing ohligaaions repre
senting money bor
rowed 13,000 00
Total $401,985 79
State of New Mexico, County of
Union, at :
I, D. W. Priestley, cashier of the
above named bank, do solemnly sw ear
that the above statement is true to
the best of inv knowledge and be
lief. D. VV. I'kikstlkv, Cashier
Correct Attest:
II. J. Hammond )
Nkstor C. de Baca Directors
Hkhukrt J. Hammond, Jr. )
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this llth day of January. 1915.
Chester R. Kisrt
Notary Public.
The News, tl.OO per year.
Hunter Pursues Woundt
Water Body Fouiie-
Anlinn. Wia 1 lit v Id tJiliKotiV.
ter. met dentil while buttling wllrv
wounded deer lu Sawyer luk, nei'
here. ,
This wua nvcnlcd when ilaon's
luxly wusi n-coren-d. Illa henil waa
Imdly cut, bis arms nuil the upper pnrt
of Ilia body lirulHcil and Ilia clothing
torn The Ixxly wna Ira-utisJ In deep
UiliMoi), while liuiitiug with hia
brother, pursued a wouihIimI deer to
the hike The iiiilnnil plunged In nnd.
although It hud grown durk. tiibson
followeil. His brother heard Irm call
for help, but the lurkiiey prevented
him from aeelng whnt wiik Inking plnce
out In I lie lake, lie obtnlned n lnit
but could find neither lila brother noi
the deer
Hearehlng pnrt lea apent two dn.va In
the hunt for the body.
Old Saw FEStiiOiied Into Turko
Blade Draws Police.
tJury, Ind. Kriuik Skelly leaped iuto
fnine on u miw ns the lending humorist
of the city It wna nn old saw, rusty
nml most of Its teeth gone, nnd this
mude the leup uioie ditlieult. Skclly
piekel up the anw mid
Five polleeinen rushed down the
muin xtivet of (Jury with drawn clubs.
They were answering u riot call. In
front, of Fred J Freydlund's otore a
gntlierlng crowd wns shouting nnd
Htrngglliig. The crow d prcased uguinst
the ture window. The men cried out:
"Ureuk the w indow! Wreck the atore!"
After liulf nn hour the police dispers
ed the mob Several heads were whack
ed; il great deal of ill feeling whs ex
hibited Then II nighl the police
Ktood in front of Mr. Freydlund's Htore.
They were protecting it, for In the
wjmluw hung u bloodstained auber
marked ua il relic from u Mclglun lint
tletield. It iiild belonged to a terrible
Turko. the sign said. The terrible
Turko had fought valiantly with It.
He had hIiiIii tit leust five of the enemy
before he lost It There was blood on
the curved uud wicked looking blade.
It wuh for thia reason that the mob
hnd endeavored to break the window.
Freydlund. however, hnd given a good
hut to Its owner for permission to ex
hibit It lu hia store
By morning Freydlund decided he
bud had enough of the blade. He sum
moned Frank Skelly to the store.
"You cmi have your relic back nnd
for goodness' sake sink It In the lake!"
Frank Skelly laughed.
' What happened to the old saw Skel
ly fouud? Oh. he sunk It In the lake,
as Mr. Freydlund had suggesled. only
it was no longer n suw, but u curved
snhcr with goose blood smeared all
over the hlnde.
It Told Minnesota Man of Legacy Left
( Him.
Hibblnir. Minn. -Through nn Item
which npiM'iired in a local (Niper giving
n list of deceased persons whose rela
tives cannot l found and for whom
the amount of lertnln life Insurance
policies Is being held by a life Insur
ance company. Robert Iorteoi!, living
Bear Warren. Minn., will receive it Oimi
the full amount of the policy curried
by his wife. Mrs. Mnry Porteous.
The article wns noticed bv W. I.
Onllowny of the (Jullowny Dry (oox
eompniiy. One of his clerks Is Miss
S'ndle Porteous. uud inunlrv dcveloned
the fact that Mrs. Mnry Porteous was
her Minit. The exact whereabouts of
Itobert Porteous Is not known. Imt h
Is living In the country In the vicinity
of Wnrren.
Gaekwar Buys Empress of India.
Seattle. Wush.-Tlie liner Empress of
tndla of the ('niiadinn-Pm tfic Railway
company, which has been plying be
tween north Piicltie ports nnd the fnr
enst for twenty-three years, tins been
sold to the gaekwar of Hnnxla. snld to
be the richest prince of the Indian em
pire. The Empresa of India Is to serve
aa a hospital ship for Indian troops.
LADIES We invite you to in
spect our line of Harmony Toilet
Articles. None better. The Rrxall
Store, City Drug Store.
Largist Stock in the Southwest. VVe Pay Ihe Freight and Guarantee
every job we sell. Write for designs and estimates.
BOWERS MONUMENT CO. 21s E..t cti, Albuquerque, n. m.
andviA '
quii-kly to Fotej 's
man ro anv inner urnuiiriu. ,
years' record of successes prove thi.
For coughs, colds, cioup and other
distressing ailments of throat, chest,
lungs, lar nx and bronchial lubes,
can find nothing that will rompare
iih this reliable remedy. City
Drug oioie.
Llection Proclamation
Whereas, on the 4th day of Jan
uary, 19 1 5. during the regular
January, 1 0 1 5 Term of the Board of
County ( ominlssiont rs of Union
County, N. M., !he said Board enter
ed their certain order declaring the
so-called town of Des Moines, New
Mexico, as situated upon Section
Ten in Township Tweulv Nine North
of Kange Twenty Nine in Union
County, N-w Mexico, an incor
porated village under and in accord
ance with t'ie provisions of Chapter
117 of the Session Laws of 190'J i f
the IVrriloiy (now State) of New
Mexico, all in accordance with the
description asset out in the Petition
for locoi poiation lie. clofui e during
the lllon'liol' Septembur. 1P-I4, tiled
wnh the clerk ol'said board, and -
Whiiea.-, t lie- date of i lection was
fixed tor the tith day of February,
A. D. .1915.---
No, thi rel'nre, this Proclamation
of Klcction is to give public notice
that mi the ti ll day if F-' ; ,
1915. at the Si hool House situated
iiion .St ct ion 1 ' tt in Township 21) .
North of kange 29 Ivist in Union
County, New Mexico, in the -liltge
ot Des Moines, an electi'm will be
held lor the purpoie of electing a
Ms)or for one year, two trustees
term of one jear, two trustees for a
term ot I wo years and a clerk lora
term ol one vear, alt for the said in
corporated vill ige situated upon and
within the trrntiuj alune described
and known as the village of Des -Moines.
That the judges of nnd election
are and sli.ill be the following named
residents of said territory, to wit:
S. S. liollog
A. W Fair
J. W. B'Hdburv
That the clerks of si id elecü.m
shall be and hereby are the following :
K. Cry
R. M . Saavedra
Witness the Honorable Board of
County Commissioners of Union
County, New Mexico and the Seal ot
said Board this the 4th day of
January, A. I). 191 5.
Salome (ian ia
Juan J, Duran
JU-rk '
Over 350 people succumb to con
sumption every day in the United States.
Science proves that the germs only
thrive when the system is weakened from
colds or sickness, overwork, confining
üulies or w lieu general weakness exists.
The beat physicians point out that
during changing seasons the blood should
hu inaile rich and pure and active by tak
ing Scott's Kmulsion afternieals. Thecod
liver oil in Scott's Kmulsion warms the
body bye- inching the blood; it peculiarly
strength is the luugsand throat, while, it
iipbuib's t! resistive foro-s oí tlie body
to ovoid céjlds and prevent consumption.
If you work indoors, tire easily, feel
languid or nervous, SooH's llnuilsioii ij the
most stroll i.theningiooi'. j'.; lii iue know n.
It is totdly free from alcohol or Hr.y
stupefying dru. Avoid substitutes.
J4-4J Sn.tt & f.wiie. Hloomf.clJ. N. J.

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