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1 Cuates
Tlie farmer need iot worry about
fine crop the cominu1 year, at the
Ii2 mow will put the ground In fine
shape for plowing.
C. K. Wood and ions, Chester
and Kier, made a business trip to
CIvon Friday. They weie delayed
by the snow storm and did not get
borne until Sunday.
Despite the snow tor in a large
crowd attended Mr. and Mrs. Fisher's
dance Friday'night. Fine music was
furnished !y Mr. and Mrs. Fisher.
Cake and coffee was served at m id -niht.
Mr. N. Ilalctimb of Ft. Worth,
Texas, is visiting at the home of C
W. B. Bryan and Ira Wood
Mr. Diere made a business trip to
De Moines last week-
On account of the big snow storm
there wits no school at the Arizona
ranch Monday.
W F. H end rick made a business
trip to CU( too Friday. His daugh
ter, Miss Stella, accompanied him in
order to attend teachers' institute.
The Infant daughter ot Mr. and
Mrs. Lre died and was buried Sittur
day, tne '-.'Oth. lust., in the Cuates
Mrs. Hoqiieinore and son are visi
ting with l)r Oliver north of Cimt-s.
Mr. Stülman and son, l.inn, of
Oklahoma, Hie in this neighborhood
visiting M.-. and Mrs. C. M. Spra
Ainil I'olson is visiting his brother,
Chus i'wt.ii, this week.
Several farmers are plowing for
spring crops.
Real Estate Transfers
for liic cm eniiing Fell, Ü, 191 j
F.,-..lh( ! fh Fidlity AbstrMct
Company ,
Tlie following U. S- patents were
recorded :
U. S. to Onz Sanchez, lo'O acres.
I.) nian W. Simmons, ItiO. F.d O.
Morrow, 160. David I'. Maynard,
100. Robert L. Bowling, tiO. E.
F. Snyder 3-(). L. U. Hoftort, Kit).
W. O. Sergent 320. C, F. Swea
ringer, 320. Mary A Maine, lf0
L. J. F.hly, ItiO. J. M. Hudisill,
ItiO W. II. Den ma ii, 320. F
Portillos I CO- W. C. Brombelow.
320. S. (j. Harris, 320. U. R.
Clark 320.
The following warranty deeds were
recorded. Sa'lie J. Anderson and
others to J. B. George, 320 acres.
Robert 13. Stewart to Kthel C. Ste
wart, lots I and 3 Block 1348 Clay
ton. Sarah R. Farris to It. It.
McDonald, 100. Ren B. Barnes to
Saml. W. Lyon, 320. K. B. Clay
ton to H. E. George, ItiO. Mary
E Williams to H. E. George I GO
Winter Doubles Work
In summer the work of eliminating
poisons and acids from the blood is
helped by perspiration. In cold
weather, with little out door work
or exercise to cause sweating, the
kidneys have to do double work.
Foley Kidnev Pills help overworked,
weak and diseased kidneys to filter
and cast nut of the blood the waste
matter that causes pains in side or
back, rheumatism, lumbago, stiffness
of joints, sore muscles and other ills
resulting from improper elimination
Sold by Citv Drug Store.
Notice of Appointment of Administrator
Notice (or Pablicatiea-Isolatea' Tract
Public Lund Solo
Deportment o' the Interior. U. S. Lond Office
ot Clayton. N. II.
Dec. T. 191
Notice ii hereby given that, oo directed by the
Commissioner of the General Lond Office, under
provisions of Act of Congress approved June 27,
1906, (34 Stete.. 617). pursuant to the application of
Myrtle E. Stephenson of Mt. Doro,N M..Serial No.
0IK3R5. we will offer ot public sale, to the highest
bidder, but at not less than SI. 76 per acre, at 10
o'clock a. m.. on the 10th day of March, PUS, at
thia office, the following trai t of land:
oeV4 eV. Sec. ?. T. tin. R. -,.N.,M. P. M.
Any persons claiming adversely the above do
ocritied land ore advised to ñle their claims, or on
jeetioos on or befurs the time designated for sale.
1-4-3-Í Ke tc'ter.
PUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given that
I, J. W Blackburn, have ben appointed
administrator of the estate of Andres J.
Jones, deceased, and hereby notify all par
ties having claims against the estate to
file the same with me according to law.
J. W. Blackburn.
Notice for Publication
State of New Mexico )
County of Union 1
In the District Court cf I'nlon County,
Eighth Judicial District of New Mexico.
James Cuy Coocí
Lora Good
The said defendant, Lora Good is hereby
notified that a suit in divorce has been
commenced against her in" the District
Court for the County of Union. Eighth
judicial District of the Stole of New Mex
ico by said piaiiitm, J-mcs Guy Good, as
more fully set forth in the bill of com
plaint filed in said action and that unless
she enter or cause to be entered her ap
pearance fn said suit on or before the 6th
day of March, A. O. 1915, decree PRO
CONFESSO ano judgment by default
therein will be rendered against you.
In Witness whereof, 1 have hereunto set
mv band and (he s-al of said Court at Clay
ton, New Mexico, th's 4ih day of Febru
ary, A. D. 1915.
Juan J. Duran, Clerk
Collins it Collins
Clayton, N. M,
Attorneys, for Plaintiff 2-6-2-27
Nolire for Publication
Deportment of the Interior. U. 8. Lond Office
ot Cloyton, N. M , Janua-y 13. 1816.
Notice is hereby given that Loyd Bert on Horn,
man, of Clayton, N. M., who, on May 25, Ihjk,
mode Homestead Entry, Serial No 07128. for nw4
sec. 2. Twp. 27n. Ranee S6c. N. M. P. Meridian
has filed notice of intention to make Fire Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land above des
cribed, before Register nd Keceiver. U. 8. Land
office, at Clayton. N. M.. on the 12th day of
March. 1H15.
Claimant names oo witnesses:
Waller Williamson. Jame Whipple. Ray Mes.
sen ire r. Ben Murphy, oil of Clayton. N. M.
1 S3- Pai Valveide. Register.'
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. U. S. Lond Office
ot Cloyton. N. M. January 1.1. 1916.
Notice is hereby iven that Joseph H- llrill. of
Clayton. N. M., who, on April 16. 1810 and July 1.
1910. made Homestead Entries. Ferial Nos. 011111
ord 011671, for owtv t't, e't wV4. seH ,
ond s'i net ond n'.i oeM. section 21, Township
25n. range 30. N. M. P. Meridian, has filed Police
of intention u make Three Vtar Prom, to
establish claim to the land above described, be
fore Register ond Receiver. U. S land office, ot
C'ls ton. N. M on the 12th day of March 1915.
Claimant names os witnesses:
Lee Shire. A. B. Chilcote; B. Z. Eaton. T. J.
Clork. all of Clayton, N. M.
1-6-M . Pas Volverde. Register
Notice for Publication
Kepor ment of the Interior. U. S. Lond Office
ol Clayton. N. M.. January 12, 1915.
Notice is twreby given that Patricio Romero, of
Sampson. N. M.. who. on Oct. 18. 1910 ond June
lil. I'J:;. made HomwU-nd entries. P"-íhI Nu.
' 0122-S ond 0IK033. for neW ns'i. sec. 14. ond the
I e'i w'(. nwVi se1, see- II. ond the nwit
I c !.2 seV. see 11, and neVi tie', ser. 14, Twp 3Sn
Itnice 32e. N. M. P Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to moke Three vepr Proof, to 'establish
claim to the land above described before Register
r end Receiver. U. S. land oflice. ot Cloyton, N. M.,
on the uth duy of March, litio.
Claimarit names os t itr-cse:
Qiiiriiio Tiiijuiu, C. , i.. ImImu Itjim-ro.
of Taos, N. M Jesus Sedillo, of Sampson. N. M
' Marin Medina, of Sampson, N. M.
2 R-3-8 Phi Velverde. Reginter
Wish to announce that it is equiped for making
and all kinds of ground Feed
Custom work speciality solicited. No waiting or loss of
time Highesi market price paid for grain.
Empty Grain or Feed Sacks Wanted
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U, 8. Lond Office
at Cloyton. N. M., Feb. 23. 1915
Notice is hereby given thot Chorles L. Bushnell
of Clayton, N. M who on April 12, 19'0. mode
Homestead Entry, Serial No. 010967. for Lot 4,
ondSWW. NW's. Bee. 4. Lot 1. ond SK.H. NKV,.
Section S. Twp 26N. Range SSE-. N. M. P. Meri
dian, has filed notice of intention to make Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to the land above
described, before Register ond Receiver. U. S.
Lond Office, at Clayton. N. M.. on theitth. doy of
April i. 1915.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Horry Wilburg. J. L. Edgington. T. A. Gray.
H. J. Hilgera. all of Clayton. N. M.
I-27-4-S. Po Volverde. Register.
Notice for Publication
Deportment of the Interior. U. 8. I .end Office
ol Clayton. N. M.. Feb. 23. PIS.
Notice is hereby given that Wm. C, Olney of
Cuntes. N, M , who on Dec. 10, IU09, made Home
stead Entry Serial No. 09-1M. for NK Sec. 28
Twp. 2ttN. Range 84 E, N. M. P. Meridian, has filed
notice of Intention tom-ike Five Year Proof, to
establish claim to the land above described, be
fore Register and Receiver, U. S. Land Office at
Cloyton. N. M. on the 8th. doy of April 116.
Claimont nomtooo witnesses:
T. G Begley. of Cuates. N. M Wm. P. Moore.
' of Clnvton. N. M.. V. C. H ihbs. of Cuetes. N. M..
G. S. Yotes. ol Cloyton. N. M.
2-27-1-3 PAZ VALVERDE Register.
Railroad & Commercial
Telegraph School
Gooil Posit'ons On tiran teed to
C. F. WATKINS, Inst., Clayton, N.M.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. V. S Lond Office
ot Cloyton. N. M . February 26. 1915.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph H. Nelson,
of Ft. Komehameho. Howiion Islands, who on
December 24. 1910. made Homestead Entry, fiel lot
No 01W93. for S'4. Section 5. Township 27 N.
Range S2 E.N. M. P. Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make Final Three year Proof. 1e
eotoblish claim to the land above described, before
Chas D. Winn. Capt. C. A. U.S. Army, at Firt
Komehameho. Hawiian Islands, ond testimony of
witnesses to be submitted before Register ond
Receiver ot U. Lond Office. Clayton. N. M.
on the 27th day of April. 1915
Climant names 40 witnesses:
William Nelson. A. E. Mills. N. C. Light.
James Duffy, oil of Grenville, New Mexico.
2-274-1 Poo Volverde. Register.
Notice Por Publication
Derartment uf the Interior, U S. Land Office
ot Clayton, N M.. Feb- 24. 1915.
Notice is hereby given thot Caleb F. Klutts. of
Thomas, N. M., who on Jan. 10, 19U8 and Sept.
27, 1912, made Homestead Entries Serial, Nos.
0til'0 and (J I fx .6 1, for NE'i. Sec. 9. old NW'i, Sec.
In, l'wp. l.i". Range asE N. M. P. Meridian, hoi
flted notice of intention to make Five Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land above described, be
fore Register and Receiver U- S. Land Otnce. at
Cl iyton. N. M.. on the lath, day of April, 1916.
Claimant names os witnesses:
C. E. Anderton, A. L. Entrland, R. D. Bo-xeu.
M. F. Brotherton. all of Thomas. N. M.
2-27-4-3 Pa Volverde. Register.
HOURS:- 9 TO 11 A. M. 2 TO 4 P. M.
&. . . x
iLILlJ' 11 Miij v
Pointer Fop Youth.
Don't Ret yemr idens of tnnrriod life
ltoKftlior from the comic weeklie.
jounit lll.TD
Moth'jm-ln-ln w are ofte'i :iffuble.
F'liiit'tlmi'M thr-jr leave ynti i.ini.ey.
A brlilc frqeuently .ten .vs bow to
make blxmlL
And If hIip diiesn't. It m not dIiho-luti-ly
ImpoKullile to owiire a cook
Duu't liellfve all you read lu the fun
ny tuiiKnziuca. Louisrille Courier-lourual.
The fUM uf buuor ts of no One
cud delicate a nature that It ta
outy to b met with to mluda
whlc-b are naturally noble or In
aucn aa bave beeo culUrated by
great examples or refined edu
cation. Addison.
Glory la aweet when our beart
aya to ua that tbe wreath uf
bouor out tit to grace our beodo. a
That chastity of honor which
felt aula like wound
donor and fame eilt for blm
who- always recoguue the
DetKbtxirbood of the freat. al
ways feela hlmaelf In the pres
ence of bleb caune.-taieraoB.
Because, it is the paper that gives the news without color
or apology; because you know where to find it and find no
hypocracy in its columns; because even if you do not agree
with its editorial policy you recognize it as honest and sin
cere; because it is the official paper of Union County and of
the United States land office in this district, and every citizen
should keep in touch with official business; because it is the
popular county paper and enjoys the confidence of its readers.

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