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Attention, Homesteaders
All Irral advertlalng In this paper la read and
eorrerted accord ir to copy, Road your ad and if
an erro found, however alight, notify ua at
Department of tha Interior, United State Land
Office. Clayton. N. M-. February 19, 1915.
To Alphon. Nirlin C6506 of Clayton, N. M
Yoil are herohy notified that William E. Hohhe
who aiveeTimnath, Colorado, aa hia poEt-oft'.ce
addreaa. did on January 22nd, 1015. file in thia
office hia duly corroborated application to con
teat and aecttre tha cancellation of your li'.me
atead Entry. Serial No. 07:119 made May 4th,
I'lH for EH of NWV, Sec. 27, Tov. nahip 2, N.
Ranire 34 E. N. M. P. Meridian, and a irroiinda
for hia contest he allcirea that Alphona Sirlin hua
wholly abandoned aaid claim for a period of over
aix moiitha, and aaid defaulta continue down to
date of Ihia affidavit.
Ybu are, therefore, further mtl
fiod that tho said alii gntiong will be
tmken as! confessed, and your üd
entry will bJ cance'l id, without fun)
vr rifelit to be heard, either Vfore
this office or on app el. If you fail
to file In this office within twenty
days afcer the FOURTH publication
of tJrda .notice, as shown below, your
answer; undiT c-ath, specifically re
sponding to thege allegations of con
t'd, togither with du proof) tliiit
you liave served a copy cj your an
swer on tho s tid emit' Btia nt el .flier
In p;rscn or iby roistered m;,t!.
You phou'd state In your answer
thi name of the iost o'flc? t- which
you desire future notUeg to be 8 -nt
to you.
Date of firat Publication Feb 20. PUS
I; 2nd. " 7, "
Hid. " March, tí. "
" 4th. " 13.
Department of the Inter or. United State I. and
Oilice. Clayton, N. M. Feb. 19 I MS
To Kufracia liclaide C5Ü19 of Clavtoo. N. M..
You tire hereby notified that Nathan C. Hro
therton whi vea Th"liuia, New Mcxiei, aa hia
poat-office addreaa. lid on January tfutli, I91i".,
file in thia offic; h: d jiy c-.rroU,rate J api.l.eativii
t contest and secure the cancellation of your
homeatead entry. Serial No 012)1.1 n.mie Auit
2óth. 191). f..r N A' 1 í Sec 17. T .n-n-p
24 N. UanBeJ4 E. N. M P., Mendiml. and aa
KTmn!a for hia cmteet be tíllele tint Kuliiuia
llalaiüe baa wlc'tiy HuuiiJorted taiii b.iM'tea.l
entry for a period of mofe then mx. iTi-ptha i'ii.
meil Htelv precedinff th) date of tbi- aft.luvit.
You are, thuefore, fu ther nt,ti
fi :d tbt the nad nllegotioii wlli b
taken as einifssi-d, iinii yjur said
cutty will bo cinc lKi i boi.t iu"ii
er right to be heard, either b.-Tjie
tu.s ol'i'ic or on app ol. If you fail
t') füe in tJliis olXice within twenty
days afttr tho FOURTH pub'lcation
of -rlija noti. e as, sh wn b low, your
a tis' x, imdtr eath, spocifiically re
l:)iidiiig to these alb gallons of con
t st, t'ig'Hh'.r with due t,rtof tthat
you have served a copy o:' yjur j ir
B'er on tho sld contestant elthjr
In pi r8on op by reg'steied mail.
Vou ghou'd state in your anew r
the name of the potrt office to which
you desire future notices to be sent
tj you.
D lle of 1st pu'jl.caiiun, Feb 21, 19 .5.
" " 2 .d " " 27, "
" 3rd " March. 6,
" " 4th " 13, "
rippartoifnt i f the Intorit.r. 1'ritled Srete l and
OlFice. Clayton. N. il.. Ki ll. 111. ln'f..
To Fannie B. li.iyett ' .-4!t6 of Ilolür. Ilkh.h. ma.
Conteat e:
You are hert-lt notifiel that I-eonnrd M Lateen
bilt'h who rwe Mt. Pora. New Moico, aa hia
p tat-oil -a ad Iron., d-d on J inn ;ry ''th. 1'1'ft, file
in t'r cilice hiad.ily eorr.jb..i ated ap.lit-ati m to
eonteat and aocure tho cancellation of y.-ur
h tmeatead Entry. Serial Ku. 41 1 J;'. 1 til.ide Muy
SI. I'.'IO. for w , Sec "i. Towral ip 27 N. Itanire
il: R N. M I. Meridian :ind aa (rrouoda for hia
r iMti-at t'e alleK? ti'i.t 1-nnnie 11. li.-vctt hat.
whtlly itbaii'loiitd aa-d l.tn-i i .ra iten wi of "vi-r
ax month,, anil he alaive it.-faulla Continue down
tnthed tteof thia a'liouv.t,
Vou are, therefor", further u'i.1"
fled that fh j wild alltg:.t!oii8 ! 1 be
tukon as confeaai d, end your srtld
entry will ba cancll d 'wl'hr ut furtb
er rjght to bo heard, eith r bo.'o'e
SÜ8 tífico inr on appeal, if you ftll
to file lu tliJri office wlihin twenty
daj after th .. IXJL'RTU .ulill atl n
of ttíia notice, as ghoH-n below, your
auBwer, under o:ut.h, speclfically re
8jKndlng to tb, ge aU ayntlí.íig (4 con
tLBt, toajetiher wlih due prof that
yon have gfrvtid a cqiiy of ymir an
swer on th f aid cciit Ktimt eiihor
In person or by reUtTcd nutll.
You should stato In your ansarr
the name of the post friue to waiin h
you desire future notices to be s nt
to you. ,
PAZ VALVKHJ)!!:, Register.
Date of first publ'cation Feb. 20. 1915
" " second " " 27, "
" " third " March. 6, "
" " fourth " " 13, "
We have snnie money to loan on
improved farm, of actual resiilcnts.
Kiittiire at Texlinr, Hex 3, or Ward
Hotel. 7-t.
Notice for Publication
lepilinrni ot the Interior. I. S. Land
Office- Ht CIhvU.ii. N. M.
Fehrvinry , 1915
Notice la hereby g-iven that Arthur Hcarden of
Sedan. N M. who. on Auic'iat 24. lWW. made
homeatead entry. Serml No. 069. for ae1. Sec
tion 33, Townahip 23 north. Ranga 86 eaet,
N. M. P, Meridian, haa filed notice of intention to
make Five year proof, to eatahliah claim to tlx
land above Hoacribed before Rca-leter and Receiver
U. 8. Land oll.ee, at t layton. New Mexico, on the
IXth day of March. 19IS.
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
Jnmea Orr. Koaa R. McDonald. Ralph E. Fama
worth. Ceonre W. (Ifr, all of Sedan. N M.
1 I.VM3 Pai Valverde, KeK.ater
Notice Fob I'iiii.icatiOn.
Department of the Interior. V. S. Land OlTiee at
Clayton. New Mexico, Feb 9. 1115
Notice la hereby ven that Lucrecia Arellano
de Fernando, formerly Lucrecia Arellano, of
Rnrney. N. M . who. on Sept 21, W, and Pee 17,
1!'H. made homestead entriea, aerial Nna. ir-.t-JM-0H-)"!.
for a't aw'. Sec. . and e'i nwtl See. 17.
and the nS aw''i. v'; nw't, Seetlon H, Town
ahip 2tn., rarpe Hie. N M. P. Meridian haa filed
nntice of intention to make Three Year proof, to
eatahliah ctnim to the larid aliove deaeribed, before
l!eiriter and Receiver. U. H. Land Olfiee. at Cluy
t..n. N. M., on the 17th day of March, 1915.
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
Felipe II. Arellano, nnd l-'i.ftrlcn M. Areihtnoof
I'naanmnte. N. M.. Juan B Ferrandez. and Mar
celino Fernandez, tf Harney, N. M
2-1.1-1-13 I'az Vulvertie. Ktaiatur.
I i. -Pui I. - ... ..I the lt.leli.ir. I". l.atld
t'T'i. .. ,,t cinMoti. N. M. i
January 3'Mh, 1"! 6.
nfClnyt'm N M. who n Oct. 9, lull. nule
h'irrifs'f lid ti:try. nrrial No. 01S7. fí-rw ne,
w1- st1!, np'i ."p'-i, SfC. . Twp. '"n.. nintTt.t ,
j N. M. I. Mcrif.i.ii. han filed notire tf mUntion
j tn m.ikc Thn-e Year Prtwif, to eHtiir'Itfh ctu m tr
' tl.t liititi ubovf Hi'rirriU-tl. (f.ri lifj-intpr and Ke
j cciver. !'. S. I.ííitI Olí'fe, at Clayton. 4 M.. on the
U'thdny of Mnrrh. 1. 5.
Cl.'iiniant nnmci un witnt'fiiiri: (
S.-lnniim I l,ikc!.in. Snrah K. H.irHy F.'lwiird '
I ( oTnyfoid l)w itrhi Shehnn all nf ClayUn. N M.
j 2 Pax Valverde. K'tritter.
I Votice for !nhIit ation
I hepartrmT.t of the Interior U. S. Land OtTire at
Clayt. n. N. M . I.. j
Nittice is herrhy (rien that Diivid F. I ittitf. of
D.iytim, N. M., win, on Auir'iHt 'SAt Wirt, rr.ode
htiint-'r-tt-'ad entrv. .-riitl t)v-7t. f..r itfi-i, -tion
ft, Tfiwni-htn L'fm., Cnnire 3le.,
N. M IV M. r:tiir!n. Khh filed notice of intt?n
tiiin t't tii.ike five eur pnxif. to ental'I'th Hmtti
rnthphtnd hNiví d'rnhd, rtt'fore I.t jn-ter snd
RíTí'iwr. U. S. Land Offic., at Claytuii
Ni. M.. on the lth day f March. l'.US.
Claimant naujeii an v. itieH.
George E Alvey, .lac b Trovnch. 'hritian Otto
Floyd G. Akins. all of Clin ton, N. M.
2-13-M:i I'az VulvtTde. Rt'citer
I)'lartnioi,t of tho Interior. U.S. I.nd Office at
Cla .n. N. M.. .Jan. 6,
Notice is hi-ri'iiy vriven that the State of New
M'xico has nppliel to wlt'ct uiutcr tho proviMont
j of tlv Acta of J ine l't. 110. nnd Juno 21. 1HHM,
and the at tu tiipplt-vnentury and aniendatury
i ti ereto th f'.ll"W Ít;;' puhlir tandh, to wi:
Sorinl Oi.-Jtt Lift ;V.!.
N I 2 i'1 1 Sf. M Nl-iiwS. Pec a-, T. iT'n.,
! Ft :!;U'.. N M. IV M.
1 The pun..-. - f rln-t n tiri' X- a'low alt or
' worn cl.ii mi riff the land adversely or tlinirinf to
I hnv it to hf ininerul in charncter an opportunity
i to ri V hji ftmn to uch M-U-cti'in with thw liKaI
' oifirera tor th- land district in which th land ia
J b Mated, t-'-vit- at the Irnd office fon-unid and
t ctali irih t heir iiitertut thorvin, or the nunerul
character tht-rtif.
;m::-3 ii I'ai Valverde Hentr.
NtlTICi for IYiii.ication
Departnieiit of the lutunor. V. S. Land Ofi.-e at I
Clayton. N. M February 8. 115.
Notice ia hereby iriven that Frederick W. Iluah
ncr. of 'am'e. N. M.. who. on September 19,
lilll, made homeatead entry, aerial No. 01:10 7, for
Lota 1-2, and a'-í nal ae1-! Sec 3, Townahip 2:in ,
Itana-e 3Ae., N. M. P. Meridian, haa filed r.o-
! tice of intention to make three year proof, to ee
! tabliah claim to the land aliove deaeribed, leftre
; Kt-rTtet.-rand R.-ceiver. I. S. Land Office, at Clay
! ton. N. M , on the 2ird day of March. I HI 6. i
j Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
I Robert J. P.xtle, John E. Lonjr. Georne P Jurk,
Jamca Haatinaa, all of Vance. N. M,
2-2 -3-20 Pax Valverde, Reiriater '
Notice for I'lhi.ication
Department of the Interior. 17. S. Land Office
at Clayton. N. M.. February 8, lUlfi.
Notice la hereby eiven that Thomaa J. Gaatian,
of Clapham, ti. M., who. on June 2. IfOn. and
February It, 1U14. made homeatead entriea. aerial
Noa. 071 and 0IT4s. for neVi, Sec. 15, and ae1-..
See. 10. Townahip 2n.. range 83e.. N. M. P.
Meridian, haa Aled notice of intention to make
Three ear proaf, to eatabliah claim to the land
above deaeribed. before Reg-iater and Receiver,
U.S. laind Otllce. at Clayton, N. M., on the 24l
day ot March, lili b
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
Guy G. Nefr.k-er. Albert Yake. Cheater Yake,
all of Clapham, N. M John II. Knox, of Holland.
N. M.
-20 -3-20 Pai Valverde. ReitiBter
For sixteen years Key later of
the U. S. Land Office
at Clayton, . M.
Entries, Content, and F'lial
l'roofa. I'lats and Abstracts
ptoinptly attended to. State
land selections a specialty
Office: National Bunk Building
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land Office
at Clayton, N. M., March . I HI 5.
Notice la hereby friven that Paulina Taachuer,
widow of Gott. of Lleb Ta.chcur. dereaaed, of
Clayton, N. M . who on May 81, 1912. made Home,
atead Entry, Serial No. 0141.79, for SeH Sic.
I, and N ', Net,. and f.'i NwH. Sec. 12 Twp. 26N.
Ranire.TiE. N M P. Meridian, haa filed notice of
intention to nAtke There Year Proof, to eatahliah
claim to the land above deaerilted. before ReRiater
and Receiver. U. 8. I.and Ollire, at Clayton, N.
M on the 20th. day of April 115.
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
John W. Nunn' lailliam Heaa McCook, Jamca
H. Parkhill. Farneat M Hott. all of Clayton. N.
3-13-4 17 Paz Valverde. Reirieter.
A'olice for Publication'
Department of the Interior. lT. S. Land Office
at Clayton. N. M. March 8. I'll 5.
Notice ia hereby e-i ven that Laforeat Tower, heir
for the heira of Mary E Tower. Perraard. Clayton,
N. M., who on Feb. 14th, l'.U2. made Homestead
Entry Serial No. 014414. forSe'. of Na'i, E' of
Swi Sec. 6. and Ne'i of Nw1, See. 7, Twp. 2N
Kanarfli K , N. M P. Meridian, haa filed notice
of intention lo mnke Three Year eroof to eata
hliah claim to the land ftbote deaeribed. before
land Office at
Reiriater and Receiver U
Clayton. New Mexico on the 21,t. day of April
Claimant namet as witneFpen:
Itohert C. HufTman. Elmer Iti'hinon Jntnea
Taylor. Jatnes E. Knolef, all cf Cltcn. N. M.
3-1U-4-1 7 Taz Valverde. Register.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior. U. S, Land Office at
Clayton. N. M. March S, UH.V
Notice i herebv fr i v -n thut Fred Schiffner of
rafnmnnte. N. M., who on Oct. 3, 1911, made
Hn-rputead Entry, ferial No. oi:5, forSS Se'.
Sec I.Nw' Si'i. N't Net,, Swi', NeW. Se.
Nw't, and No' i Sw't. Sec. VI. Twp. 2ln . Han tro
'Vo.N.M. I Meridian. h Cihd notice of inten
tion to nuike Thn e Year I r of to entahlifh claim
t'.ihe tnnd a'-we deicrihei, he fore Edw. W. Fox,
tT. S. Co'Tmi:ninner, at hi otT'-ce at Clayton. N.
M.. on the J0t h. day of April IMTi
("h'fmant name ht witnenvet:
Jos. KVcvp. John Sehlet. Lot h of Clayton, N.
M.. Iteht McClure, Conrad SchiiTncr. Uth of Pa-
imonle. N. M.
3-13-4-17 Fax Valverde. Ken-inter.
Notice for lhb! i cation
Department of the Interior. U. S. Iand Otfice
at Cay ton. N. M. March lítlf.
Notice it herhy niven that Mm. Helle Clement!
wMuw for 1 he heir of (Jo rev Clemen tn. deceased,
of Claytrn. N. M.. who n Nnvemlvr 1. lylO,
niHile Home trad Entry Serial No. 012.'ti9, for
Loi 2, 3. 4. su'i nw'-i. eS w l. Sec. 1M, and Lot
1. n '-. nw'. Sec :tu, Twp. ?."n. Ranire 3e. N. M.
IV Meiid-nn has fild retire of intention to make
Thrve e..r ' r i if. to entahhr-h claim to the land
ahove donei ' eJ. before iNttit-ter and Iteceiver.
IT. S Land ( .Tice at Claj ton. N. M.. on the 16th.
day of April 19!5.
C.Himen nan en an witnetoci:
Philip Fux. Carrie Hixhy, both of Clnyton. N.
M.. John J. Whitten, Clinton W. Whitten. both
of Set.eca. N. M-
3-13-4-1D Paz Valverde, Keirivtvr
Xolice Publication
Ie;iartiner.t tif the Interior, II. S. Ijtnd Oilice
at Ciuyton. N. M . V. .mil 8. 1!U5.
Notice ia l-.ert.Uy jmen that Harvey L. Fletcher,
of Clayton, N. M.. who on Jiln. 6. 1'ilU. and April
3. lull, made Iloint-ttt-nd entriea. Serial N'm. 01U. IS
and Oia'l'.s for NK't. Sec. 15. and NW', Sec.
II. Twp. -ins. ItHt ft IK. N. M. P. Mer dian. haa
lit. d notice oí ilt..tlto.l to mukt'Tltie, car I'rot.f
to eatahliah chtini to the land abtive di-t.crit.ed,
bt fore HewiattT and Iteceiver. U. S. I ai d Otlice.
at Clayton. N. M.. on the 16th. day of Apt I, l'l.S.
Claimant namea aa witnerae.:
K. R. MeQueeri. Knrneat I'l 'l atcorn. both of
Grandview. N. M . J. E. Skelton uf Wanette. N.
M., Jite. A. GreKory. of Clayton. N. M.
3 13-1-10 Pai Vulverde. Kegiater.
A'olice 'or Publication
Department of the Interior. U. S. I. and Office
at ('layton. N. M , March 8. VAb.
Notice ia hereby iriven that Clementine Ivle. ef
Paaamonte, New Mexico, ho on Auir. 2d. lull,
made Homeatead application. Serial No. ul ti.on.
for NS. Sec. 2á. Twp. 2IN. Itanire 211 E N. M P.
Mendiun. haa filed notice of intention t.i make
Final Three Year Proof, toeetnhliah claim to the
land above det-i-r.l id, before Lucile E Ataater,
U. S Commiaaioner, at her oilice, at Pea Voinea.
New Mexico, on the 20th, day of April, 1U16.
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
John P. Evie. Robert Martin. Charlea It.T.d,
Henry Philipaen, ail of Paaamonte. New Mexico.
H-13-4.17 Pai Valverde. Keitiater.
Notice for I'll 1 ti i -H t
ftepartment of the Interior, U.S. Land Office at
Clayton. V M , March, 8. lUlft.
Notice ia hereby ir. ven that Alvin D. Pattcraon,
of Pittteraon, New Mexico, w ho on Auff. 2 lili I,
made Homeatead entry. No. 013Ü16. for Lota I,
and 2. and K l NW'i See. IH, Twp. 25 S, Itanire
31 K. N. M. P. Meridian, haa filed notice of inten
tion to make Final Three Year Proof, to eatabliah
claim tn the land above deaeribed. before Reiriater
and receiver. U. S. Land Office, at Clayton, New
Mexico, on the 21at. day of April. IÜ15.
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
Albert T. Atenle?. John B. Willey. Howard M.
Coulter. John E Scott, all of Patteraon, N. M.
3-13-4-17 Pai Valverde. Reitiater.
A'olice for Publication
Department ol the Interior. U. 8. Land Office
at Clayton. N. M.. February 13. 1'16.
Notice ia hereby iriven that Harry G. Blunt.
Guardian uf Amelia V. Nefxirer. lnaane. of Weat
Union. Iowa, who, on March 25. liXld. made home
atead entry, aerial No- 06 2. for aeV, Section 4.
Twp. 22n. Raniie lie. N. M P. Meridian, haa filed
notice of intention to make Five Year proof, to
tttabliah claim to the land above deaeribed. be
fore John T. Kiley. Clerk, Fayette County. Weat
Union, Iowa, and teetimony of witneaaea before
Keg-later and Receiver. U. 8. I-and Office at Clay
tun. N M . on the 2th day of March. ID15.
Claimant namea aa witneaaee:
John H. Knox and Lewie Baker, of Holland.
N M.: Albert Yake and Cheater Yake of Clap
ham. N. M.
-20-S-2O Pas Valverde, Restate!
Noliee for Publication I
Department of the Interior. U. 8 Land Office
at Clayton. N. M . Fohruary 28, 1915.
Notice la hereby ariven that Joeeph II, Nelaon, I
of Ft, Kamehameho, Hawfian lalanda, who on
December 24. 1910. made llomeatead Entry. Serial
No fli?93. fnrS'i. Section 5. Townahip-27 N.
Ranee S2 E. N. M. P. Meridian, haa filed notice
of intention to make Final Three year Proof, to
eatahliah claim to the land above deaeribed. before
Chaa D Winn.Cipt. C. A. . U.S. Army, at Fort
Kamehameho, Ilawilan lalanda, and tcatimnny of
witneaaea to be aubmittrd before Rra-iater and
Receiver of U. s. Land Office. Clayton, N. M.
on the 27th day of April. 1','lf.
Climant namea aa witneaaea:
William Nelaon. A. E. Milla, N. C. Llitht.
Jamea Duffy, all of (irenville. New Mexico.
2-27-4-J Paz Valverde, Reitiater.
Conteat 5191
Department of the Interior. U. S. Land Office
at Clayton. N M February 15. 1915.
To Jacob Uruln of Mt. Dora. N. M., Cot totee:
You are hereby notified that Georire Dick, who
irivea St. Catherine, Mo., aa hia poet-olliro ad
dreaa, did on January 7, lsift. file in thia office hia
duly rorrolHirated application to conteat and
' ecure t,ie cancellation of your homeatead entry.
1 T Z -r L o- L. , S
lira., o... i"wniiiiu asín. p iiniff a-e., . m- I .
M-ridian, and a irrounds for hi content he aN
tetro that Jeeoh Hruin ha wholly aliandoned
the Haid tract uf land fr "tore than aix years
lunt pant and next prior to thia aflid mt of con
tent and that the entryrnan ha faihnl to cultivate
and improve the aaid land an required by law and
that naid defaults still exist und title to the land
has not leen earned. j
You are. therefore, further notified
thai li t M.iti n.i'MUnjiiH will he liik n
i li.i.- tic it .s ;hiii Iiim-h i-mif.i d
by Juii, at u hi i iti enliy will be
cum . Lied llit ii iiian i witiinut Vlir fui tb-
I I HKl therein. Mil e .e-
tli' ..i- .,n u'1hI. If vou fall
to flip In thin offire within twentv ünva
alter tho KtH'KTH imbllrathm f tlii
hutli e, hh ihiw ti below. our annuel,
under, niith. m eellh hHv tne tiim nnd le
Nixuoliui: to tin-he a ilegal inn t of c-niitest.
or If vou fui I within tl til tltno to lile
in tlifw otitic di e proof that ou have
netxeil a ri i ol ni.r atiswtr on the
ahl roi'tehtiiiit either In person or by
i -I'L-tti'i ed n ni II. If 1 1 1 In se i li w h rntuli.
bv the iieln ei ni u vv y of our nn
Hwer tn t h' eon ten nr,t in tei son. primf
of Hueh MTVhe must he either the Mild
eontehtnut ' w rii ten nek now ledununt of
his receipt ol I he copy. hIiow tn the
date of its teieirt,
lh. i.i i..-i, l. ul.nni 1 1 1 c d. IIit- wiis
inn.li ftiilit.i: w ht-ii nri.l wIii-ip llirt.ciiiiy
whs di'lh -i-imI ; If nunle In1 roixisi tm.I
mull. I'liM.f if Mlir.il MT irv mnr.t K . . I 1
f Un' M 1 1 I I it it ff tl.i- l-l's..i l. wll.illl
tlit- f.i. wan tnnilt'd i--liitit.tr -,li'li ami
tilt- ttf-.-K.IIKf t II. Il It NVUS mil lift).
fiml till Htll.lnvtt itnwt I f Mt,-iiiti.a!.l...l
l,- the iittstniiistfr's rt-t t-ipt lur tlif U'l-tt-r.
Vttti MniliM ptnte Iti V'H r nni-wrr lh?
ttfstt.ffke tn wlil'-li vim ili-Nlir future
notlt-et-- '.o t.f ---flit In ymi.
Date of lirst publication Feb. 20, 19,5
" " lecond " " 27, "
" third
Mar. 6,
" 13.
IVpartment of The Interior. United Statea
Land Oilice at Clayton, New Moxieo,
l.:-4'. Knl.rto.rt ll tl.S
To Anderaon N. Whitehead of Paaamonte, N M. '
Oonteatee: 1
You are hereby notified that F.mil Gilir who
irivea Pitaamonte, N. M., a-, hia pot-t-olTice addrca. I
did nn Fib. Uth, !!lc. file in th a ff.ee hia duly
t-orrolKirated application to mn'eat and aecure
the ran. ell iti-.n of your homeatead Kntry. Serial
No. Ill In Hi made Aiur. ifth. I'M:!, for N. of NW !
'.,.fi of nw ! i. w' i of rie'i, no', of ne' t. ilei
t f tw't and nw1. of afi i Section 2l, Tuv. liHhip 24
N It .nt'l' 'Mic . N. M. P. Men. I j in. and na triounda j
for hia conteat he aileKi-a that Aii-leia.. n M. '
Whitehead haa wholly ahund'.lied raid claim for a
period i f unr a':t n..-r..! - r. ! :..J tlíalta
toi.tintie dovt n to the tinte. .f thia affidavit.
You are, thtr fore, further noti-
fled tHint the Biiid allffiutlotiB will bo
taken aa coufcsnd, t,nd yjiir nuM
entry will be cancelled without furtb
er riiiht to be bearJ, ,lthr before
ílil office or on appeal!, If you f:iil
to file In this office wltTil.i twenty
days aft'T the FOI HTII pub'i. ollou
of this notice, U9 glioun beljW, yiylir
anHWer, Under Oll'h, (l clfica;ly re-
gpondlng to thoan alii ntlons of cion.
, 'ten1', t .jjeUier wjth due .jin of tb t
I you 'have S'-rved a copy of your tin-
ewor on the said cant' slant either
in person or by reglsti reii mull,
j You should state lu jour an it
the name of ibe post office to WhL-.h
'you desire future uotlc f to be snt
- to you.
PAZ VAJ.VI2HDK, Kegister
Date of firat publication February 27. l'15
" " aeeond " Marth 6. "
" " third " " 13, 1U15
" " fourth 20. "
A'olice Por Publication
Deparujieiit of tlu- Interior, 11 S. Land Offit.-e
at l lavtttii. X M., Feb 24. 1015.
Notice ia hereby ir. ven that Caleb F Kluttx, of
Thomaa. N. M.. who on Jan. 10. 1H08 and Sept.
27. I'Jl 2. made llomeatead Entriea Serial, Noe.
OtiU'O and 0I5UM. for NK'j. See, . and NWV.. Kec.
1. Twp. 2.1 N. Kanire i'-K. N. M. P. Meridian, haa
j filed notice of Intention to make three Year Troof,
I to e.tabli.h claim to the land altove deaeribed. he-
fore Reiriater and Receiver If. S. Land Office, at
Clayton. N. M , on the lath, day of April, l'JIS.
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
C. E. Anderaon. A. L. Lmland. K. I). Uowen.
M. F. Urotherton. all of Thomaa, N. M.
2-27-4-3 Pai Valverde. Kesiater.
Frank O. Blue
New York Life Insurance
Notice for Publication
Department nf tha Interina, O.K. Laud Otllce
at Clayton, N. M . Jan. SO, I 'lri
Notice ia hereby iriven that Sam O. Ilouaton, of
Thomaa, N. M , who. on Sept. 2ft. IV 0. made
homeatead entry, aerial No. 0121 IV., foroS Sec. 22.
Twp. 23n., Ranire 34 , New Mexico Principal
Meridian, haa filed notice of intention to make
, Three Year Proof to eatahliah claim to the Inno)
above detcrilied. lie fore Reiriater and Receiver,
, U. 8. Land Office, at Cla ton N. M on the 17th
. day of March. 1915,
Claimant namea aa witneaaea:
Wm. Itentley. Jake Speidel, R.-irer Arnhart. A
J. Arnhart. all of Thomaa. N. M.
2-13-3-13 Par Valverde. Remeter.
Notice (or Publication
IVpartm-jnt of the Interior, U. 8. Land Offire
at Clayton. N. M.. Feb. 23. V.'li
Notice ia hfrehy eiven that Charlea I.. Uuahnell
of Clayton. N. M., who on April 12. 1!H0. mail
llomeatearl Kntry, Serial No. OIOlir.7. for Itt 4.
anrlSW1'!. NW'i. See. 4. Lot 1. and Sh.1. NKV..
Section fi, Twp 2f.N. Kantre .'15K N. M. P. Meri
dian, haa filed notice of Intention to make Three
Year lro tf. to eatahliah claim to the land above
deacriltetl. before Itetriater and Iteceiver. U. S.
Land Office, at Clayton. N. M., on the 9th. day of
April 6. I'.'IS.
Claimant ramea aa witneaaea:
Harry Wilburir. J. I.. Edvinirton, T. A. Gray
II. J. Ililirera. all of Clayton. N. M.
2-27-4-Í. Patt Valverde. Keiriater.
A'oticc for Publication
Department of the Interior, U. R. Ind Office
at Clavton. N. M.. Feb. 1. l'lR.
Notice la hereby iriven that Wm. C, OIney of
Cu nea. N. M , who on Dec. 10. I!., made Home
ateitd Kntry Serial NV V., f,tr Ni.' Sec. 28
Twp, 8-iN. Rnnue aiE. N. M. P. Meridian, haa filed
notlceof intention to make Five Year Proof, to
eatnhli-h cluim to the land altovo deacribel, be
fore Hck-iatcraid :tceiver. U.S. Land Office at
Clayton. N. M . i. the 13th. day of April 1Ü15.
Clitin--u.t namea aa witneaaea:
T. 0. ltf,rlet. ..f t'ualo,., N. M Wm. P. Moore,
of Clayton. N M.. V. C. H bba. of Cuatea. N. M..
tí. S. Yatea. ol Clayton. N. M.
2-27-1-3 Y7. VALVEROR. l(eKiater.
Iiopartmtmt of tl'i" Interior, U. 8.
Utnd Office at Clajtom, N. M.
M.iilI' 1, I'll?
TnKarlS.Prel.il of Amarillo. Te.(a, Cott
teslee: You arc ht-rcby ii.ttili.-tl that Harry G. Gar-
j rii t , li. eiven CI iv'-Mt, ? M . ra ra. post
Mill' ct- .-t.ltlrcss. did on J.tn. 0t It, 1'I5, file in thia
olfiro liistluly itu rohm-.ttt-.l application to Ctul
: tet ami aeenr.' the ctnceilat on 'f your l:ome
I alead 1 nlrv. Serial o li7a M niaile May JtllU.
J l'M4. tur SK i,:.'i SW'a.SWi, SWI, Secti, n
; 14. Towiitli p '.5 N. ;iK., N.M.P. Verl-
diau. aiul as erKti.i.ts for hi- cotile-tt he allt-ifea
that l-. trl s Pr.-t.il h ts never established or
maintained resitlence.
You tire, thtrofore, further notl
flwl Unit til ; said alleg.itl jtjs will be
tali ii ns conft.sae'!, ruid your Slid
entry will be cancell d without furtb
i r rltibt to be h vtpd, tlUiier before
thia offlte or on arp'nl, ft you flail
to file In thi office within twenty
Iny FOURTH publication
Of tilla drotlce, RB sllOWn below, VOUf
unBiwer, und r oath sP'e'fl'atily re
sponding to theso llog'itlons of con
test, lofiPthor with due p'ojf t'iti
you have sm t d a copy of your un
Bwer on th ald conti stMit either
In persni or by ri'irlnfn d Timll.
You shotiid Btato in your ansvo
the inline of tho pott office to which
you d'-Bir" future jio'lces to bj scat
to you.
DaIe 0j ut publicaiion March, C, UU5
4 th
13, "
20, "
1'7, 1!U5
Pepartnient of the Interior. II. H.
Office at ClHVtun. N M
February 26. 1918.
To Thomaa L. Dunlap, C66ti2 of Mt. Dora,
Mexico Conteetee:
You are hereby notified that Charley H. Thana
cbeidt who irivea Clayton. N. M. aa hia poat-oflice
addn aa. did on February 22. 116. Ele in thia of flee
hia duly corroborated application to conteat and
aecure the cancellation of your llomeatead Entry
No. Il'.ml. Serinl No. made for 8'iNH Vi
NVtFWi N':fEVi. Sec. 23 Twp. 27N.
Ra ii . 31 F. X. M. P. nleriuiaii, ai daa a uiounda fur
hia conteat he alletrea that aaid, Thin.aa L. lOun
lap. haa failed to comply with the Homeatead
law aa to reaidenee and cultivation, havins failed
to eatabliah and maintain a reaidence on the aaid
lurid and that he haa failed to cultivate the aame.
and that hia home ia aomewhere elae than on the
above land and that hia whereubouta ia unknown.
You are, therefore, further noti
fied that the saJd all ligations ill b
taken aa conferred, and your said
entry will be cancelled without furtb.
ifr right to be (heard, either before
this office or on appeal, if vou faJl
to Mo Jn this office within twenty
days alter the FOURTH publication
of this notice, as shown Vk)". your
siiiv.tr, under oath, fpoiifieally re
sponding to the aJlt'g.irU-ina of con
text, together with due .proof that
you have served a copy of your en
swiir on the said contestant either
in person or by registered mail.
You Biould state In your answer
the name of the post office to which
i yoil desire futuro not teta to be sent
to you.
Pal Vahar le. iVeg at. r.
Date of firat putiliratloa February 6. I'.HS
" -. 2nd " " 13, "
.. 3rd " 20.
w 1th 17,

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