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WoiiiIitíiiI Suiliiii (riivt
How Hip grass grown in far-away
Sudan, cierne -to the ilcst-rt of Sahara
ami its blistering breezes, serving as
a palatable diet for camels, zebus
ami oilier queer animals, is now lin
ing iii)Mirlant service in feeding the
borse and cow of New Mexico, was
described Saturday by Prof. J. S.
Ilofer, of Tucumi'uri.
Prof. Ilofer lias been conducting
a small experimental farm and last
May be decided to plant a quarter
if a pound of Sudan tern. 'I be s !
used to be worth . 1 . 10 a pound, but
it is now down to in cents.
"I planted this on May 2d, and on
.tune I I started on some education
al work which did not Id m g.-t
1 1 1 1 1 ' until August I," said Prof.
"When I arrived nt Tiicumcari
some of my friends asked me about
the wonderful grass growing on my
farm and to my intense surprise
found it up to my shoulder. This
grass is a wonder. It is imten ilied
by drouth, the bugaboo nf so many
farmers, especially in tin south
west. I planted the seed in eight
rows, HO feet long. I got 20 pounds
of seed from this crop and probably
"on pounds of forage for my horse.
It is estimad d that three pounds of
seed should be planted to the acre.
I'.omiiig from the region fanned by
the parched winds of the Sahara
desert, it is imt surprising th: t this
Sudan grass crop can wax strong
where some en ps would dry up
and blow away.
"I examined the roots of the grass
and found Imii'lrc's of th s n t any
thicker than a lady's sewing needle,
which strike down into the earth
and absorb every hit of moisture un
til there is not. a ch -mical trace left
to waste. It is simply marvelous."
Mr. Ilofer predicts a lik- business
in Sud;.:i grass among the d y farm
ers of this state. It grows six feet
or higher, and every bit of it can he
eaten by stock. Where alfalfa has
not enoiiL'h writer t make it a good
crop this grass will do well. San
ta IV New M xican.
"What kind of work could yon
possibly do around an ollice?" "I'm
a kind n'aU'round handy man, mis
ter. I kin hold a door op. mi, l'glit a
match for ye, look out and see if it
is rainig, call a taxi, drop a letter
in the box, and tell folks yer out
when ye ain't.
Chit airy Still Exists
Chivalry still persists in mod. rn
warfare, as is proved by the exper
ience of a iion-coininissioiied nllicer
in a Haden regiment, who was
wounded in the recent lighting at
I. a Has.se between the (ioniums and
the Hritish. In one of the repeated
charges by which tin- cclehraled
brickyards changed hands so often,
the Jio-coiMIil-sloi:ed officer led a
squad to within fifteen yards of the
Hritish trenches, where he fell
wounded by six bull-K His colo
rad, s. who were forced to fall hack
to their own trenches fifty yi.rds
away, tried to carry oil' the body of
their supposed dead leader but were
unable to do so owing to the heavy
tire. Twenty-four hours lul-r the
Hritish discovered that the wound
ed oilicer was still alive and called
him to i ie to their trenches,
proinisin- him good treatment. He
was unwilling to do -o and instead
raised liims..f on his elbow ami
called to his friends:
"Koine i,,,. I ,),, ( wa( (1
be a prisoner of the Knghsb."
The (iermans shouted to the Hrit
ish a request for permi-sion (,, j,,,
after the wounded man. The llrit-i-li
promised not to shoot, and two
(crinan soldiers ventured boldly
out of their trenches, crossed the
intervening space and carried the
wounded mini back, not a shot be
ing tired and both Hnlish and (ier
mans joining in cheers. The story
is printed with approving comment
in the Herman papers.
I i Hi
( Komurl.
Tukinu fare Í the Children.
No parent would consciously be
careless of the children. Joe A,
Itomarin, Clurkson, Nebraska, uses
Foley's Honey and Tar for his two
children for croup, coughs and
colds He says, "We are never with
I'oley's Honey and Tar in the
lead to a run down condition in
house." A distressing rough, sleep
less nights, and raw, inllamed throat
which the child is not able to resi.sl
contagious or infectious diseases.
Foley's Honey and Tar is truly beul
mg and prompt in action. It re
lieves coughs colds, croup rti
whooping rough. For sule vr 2' y
Drug store.
t-nmurl t-ltlMarth 1.
lerael a Theocracy Humanly a Re
public A Kingdom Preferred Sam
uel Offended The Request Granted.
Saul, Son of Kieh Hie Anointing.
"Frar Mwl. Uonur the king" I Prlrr t:fl.
IK It A EL 8 government was a the
ocracy; i. e., Cod was their
Klutf, Ilia Law their govern
ment. The elders of each trilte
supervised Us affairs. Cod provided B
priestly tribe, which represented the
e.iile's religious Interests. Prophets
snd Judges were sent them from time
to t mt us special messenger of the
Lord, hut wli limit authority except ns
the people believed their counsels.
Vims Israel was. gi far us Its earthly
Intercuts were concerned, n republic. In
covenant relationship with Cod.
Our lesson shows that the Israelite
did not appreciate their Divhiqly ar
ranged republic. They beheld the
splendor of the natlous surrounding
them, muí thought that be mise they
were different. It was to their disud
vnntare. Samuel was growing old,
nml they feared that his eons wou'.4
succeed hlni ns Judges. Those sons
were nnreilaiiie
"walked not lu his
ways, Imt turned
Aside ufler lucre,
took lililíes, mil
perverted Judg
ment." Tlie elders of the
tribes conferred lu
petlier.iind be'leved
thai It would be
belter to choose
from amongst
themselves a king.
nml thus be.-. une more like the nati.nis
round about. They came to Samuel
and told li in their desires. Samuel
was disappointed, but gave them no
answer until he had oouferred with
Cod. The Iord bade him imt to be of
fended -that It was nol he who was
reji" ted, but Cod mid His government.
Cud was willing to let them have their
e.vpei ion es wlili kings, and instructed
Samuel to Inform them fully what
would be the i 'Uise.Uti. e-i.
Samuel explained that the kings
would exercise mure or less autocratic
power nml would conscr'pt their sous
for servants, for soldiers nml for pub
lic works; that their libcities would
be greatly abridged; that their wealth
would more or less flow into the king's
coffers, etc.
Divine Foreknowledge Illustrated.
At the appointed time Samuel, hav
ing received Instruí Hons from the
Lord, came In contact with the future
king Saul, sun of Klsli. A herd of
nsses having strayed from Kish'sfarm,
Saul was sent to seek them. After
searching in vain, lie called upon the
Prophet to ask where the asses were.
The answer was that the asses were
found, but Hint Saul was to dine with
the Prophet In mi app.iluted placo,
where other gnosis ,-,,1 Lien invite.
The place of honor was given Saul,
wlio was astounded to hear the Proph
et speak of him us Israel's choice for
leader. He modest y called attention
to the fa. t that he belonged to a small
tribe-Heiijamln-niid that his family
was the least in It. But the rropliet
The next morning he was directed
respecting tils Journey In such n man
ner that he would have corroborations
of things that the Prophet hail Intimat
ed. Moreover, he was to have experi
ences which would make him a chang
ed mail. As the two walked together,
the Prophet drew forth a vial of oil
nml poured It upon Soil's held, iinolnt
Ing him kinr.' nf Israel by Divine ap
pointment. However, matters were to
be kept so. -ret until a later time.
Saul's faith III the Prophet's declara
tion was strengthened by the fulfll
Dieut of the experiences foretold. Meet
ing a company of the n-hool of proph
ets, lie Jollied in their singing and
prophesying. We read, "Cod gave hliil
another heart, and the Spirit of Uod
in mi' upon Saul, nud lie prophesied."
The Spirit of C.sl slgnilles simply un
Invisible Power from (ind. Those com
ing under this Power acted sometimes
ill one way mid sometimes in iiunthcr,
ns they were moved by the Power of
Jehovah. Since Pentecost, the Impor
tation of the Holy Spirit aiguilles that
Is'gettlng Influence
which God gives
to consecrated be
llevera lu our Lord
Jesus and which
brings them Into
Cod's family as
suns and enables
them more and
more to appreciate
the mind of Cod
ns expressed In the
Biul-üexl'e Chole H I h 1 e. But pre
fur King. vlously, the Spirit
alpuitled simply a holy energy by
which nuy person inlsbt bo used of the
Lord to write, to do or to say whatever
the Lord wished.
lerael'a Firat King Choean.
In due time, the people came togeth
er to Samuel to have the Lord's will
expressed lu the cholee of a kins
mnongst them. Again Samuel told
them the dangers of leaving the sim
plicity of Cud's r.rrangi'uient nud tak
ing up with the nionnnhhl nrrnnge
pient. nut, seeing that they still de
Irod a king, he n- ted for them and
drew lots. Flnnlly the lot fell upon
Said, ns Samuel nnd Saul knew that
It would: for they believed that (bid's
hand wns In the matter.
Ae the young men probably seven
frof tn'l. of Pth'ello build was brnnht
forth, he (Plod the piwiplo's Ideal. They
were pleased with Coil's choice.
Poor Eggl
"Hero's n Swiss named K'.'g who
lives li New York 'tlll"iiiiig to have
bis name li u ti i iil. "
"Soit of mi eug shake, ell! What's
the trouble'"
"He u nil his films'? have four chil
dren, and his family Is constantly re
ferreil bias 'Hie half dozen Cggs' lie
claims Ins ju!k is loo heavy to be
"Why doesn't he lay for his tormén
"It appears that he did mice mid got
lienti'ii. whipped to a froth Poor Cgg
could barely scramble Uoiiie." Rosten
Blamed the Planets.
In the liiiib lie of he fourteenth cen
tury in Paris a new ordinance enjoin
lug the cleansing of the streets and I In)
shutting up of swine ivas carefully
neglected, us usual, uml a terrible
plague was the ronseipiein-i' The lac
ult. of medicine, culled iipuu for n
remedy by the king, sent to Inform
him after long discussion Unit the
plague was the result of a liustile con
Junction of the planets .Mars mid Jupi
ter Carrier Pigeons.
ligisMis were employed In early
Kg.vplian days, navigators taking them
I on their galleys mid liberating them
when they arrived at their destination
j in order to announce their safe arrival
to their friends. The Romans utilized
: them In communicating with each otb
er In wartime
Where Truth deigns to come her sis
ter. Liberty, will not he far - Alcenslde
I Notice for Publication
Department oí tin Interior, U. S.
Land Ollice at Clayton, New Mexico,
March 20. 1915.
Notice is hereby given that John
T Lav, of Wanettle New Mexico,
who, 'on December (Hit. 1911, niadu
homestead entry, serial No. OH 227.
for S. 1-2 Nw. l-l. N. 1-2 Pw. 1-
Lot 2. and Sw. l-t of No. t-i. and
W 1-2 of Si'. I -I, Seel ion 5, Town
ship 27 N., Itange 35 lv. N. M. P.
.Meridian, has tiled notice of inten
tion to make three year proof, to
establish claim to the laud above
described, before Itegister and Ite
ci iver, l iiiteil Stab s Land Ollice at
Clavtoti. Now Mexico, on the 12th
dav of May. 11)15.
i Claimant iinenes as witnesses:
! CI, irk II. Mor lanil. of Wan-lie.
N. M., Charles II. Fisher, of Clay
ton. N. M.. Joseph M. Harder, of
Watii'lte. N. M, Simmy A. Price, of
Wunctto, N. M.
',.,( ,-,-K. Paz Yalverde, Register.
j Notice for Publication
' Department of the Interior. I'. S.
I. ami ollice at Clayton, N. M., March
25, lit 1 5.
. Notice is her-bv given that Sa
' rah K. Hardv, of Clayton, N. M.. who,
' on I S, HMD, & Aug. 12, I'.M i, made
billiesleail entries, seriel Nos. (112520
and nlRt'id. for So. I-Í and K. 1-2
Sw. I-Í. Nw. I-i Sw. I-Í. Section IS,
Township 25 N Mange ;i.d K.. N. M.
i P. Mi'i iiiian. has lil-d notice of in-
b illion to make tin y iir proof,
' to establish claim to the land above
described, lu lore Hemsler and
reiver, I'. S. I. ami Ollice, at Clayton,
N. M., on the l.ith day of May, 1ÍM5.
CI:. iinaiil nanus as witnesses:
Dwight .1. Sheban. W ild S nith,
I'.dw. Conivfoi'il. Soloti'ori D. I.ngs
d all of'ciavlou. N. ,M.
l-.'f 5-H. Yalverde, Itegister.
Notice for Publication
Donartment of the Interior, U. S.
I Land Ollice at Clayton, N. M, March
25, 1915.
; Notice is hereby given that Klijali
iN. Miller, of Seneca, N. M., who, on
'June i. 1010, made H. K., Serial No.
011120, for Ne. 1-4 and So. l-l, Sec
tion 2d, iownship 2fi iinng- a,,
i;., N. M. P. Meridian, lias filed no
tice of iut-iiMon to make three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
above described, before Itegister and
lb reiver, U. S. Land Office, at Clay
ton. N. M., on the 1 Hh day of May,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Chas. Chancy, Chas. N'eíT. O. A.
ItinkiT, all of Seneca, N. M., nnd
earnest Talbot, of Wanetto, N. M.
l; ,-,-H. Paz Yalverde, Register.
No Aonde'
"Mi wires n-'"' siiitsn-o vitn woat
I giro n-r sinn it i oriuiiK-r
-fina sue alWHV tveen tnsl HyT
"Yes It -iHrteO when i kiiv tier oaf
uaoie."-Hlrujiiigluim Age-lieruld.
Her Style.
"That singer hss a emBrltably thin
voice '
"Yes; migge'ts she ougnt to slug ID
skeleton Key"- Baltimore A merlin o,
A Veritable K nt.
He Is there n -1 Iiiim more tiorlnc
than tlatter. V Mie -'l ire lack 'of It
Philadelphia l.cdr-r
Notice Tor Publication
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land office at Clayton, N. M., Mar.
25, P.M5.
Notice is hereby given that Dun
ran S. Thomas, of S-neca, N. M .
w ho, on February 2, 1911, made II.
K. Serial No. nl2bi. tor S. -z No.
l-i, and N. 1-2 S-. l-l. Section 7.
Township 27 X., Itange 35 E, N. M.
P. Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to make tlhceo year proof to
establish claim to the land above
described, before Register and Re
ceiver. I . S. Land Ollice at Clayton,
N. M the 12th day of May, 1915.
Claimant names as wiln. ssos:
Joint A. lieckor, Joseph M. Har
der. W. A. Roach. Sammie A. Price,
all of Wanetto, X. M.
',-,'( 5-H l'az Yalverde, Register.
N'oil.-p for Publication
Department of the Interior, lT.S.
Laud Oilice at Clayton, New Mexico,
March 25, l'Mó.
Notice is hereby given that Clar
ence j;. Warner, of Pasamonto, New
Momco, w ho, on Sept. 9th, 1911, made
homestead entrv. serial No. OPtSi.,
for I', 1-2 Nw. 1-Í. K. 1-2 Sw. l-l. W.
No. ',. W. 1-2 So. l-i, S 'C. 8, T.2Í
N.. Rango LH.l K.. Xew Mexico Princi
pal Meridian, has tiled notice of Pi
li nlio. i tu make final three year
proof, to establish claim to the land
i'hnve described, before Edward W.
I'ox. 1 nit.'il States Lr.nd Coniinis-sioni-r.
at his ollice at, Clayton, Xe--v
Mevico, on the 15th day of May, 1915
Chriiuatit names as witnesses:
Richard F. 'il ir. Jerry W. l'o
) s. H-nry II. Pbilipsen, Samuel J.
Hull, till of Pasnmonte, .n. M.
I-ü 5-S Pi. Ynlverde, Regist'f.
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