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SUTHERS k DURAN. Proprietor!
Chas. Suthcss, Editor
Knurad m SmuM CUm Matter Oetuber 1MB
at t Pnt Ofltc t CUrton. N. M.. andar
the Act of March 3rd. 1879.
.Saturday, April 3, 1915.
We no good reason why Clay
ton should not have a local option
election. If a majority favor a
dry town, then let us have a dry
town: and if a majority favor a wet
town, let's have a rehilar soaker.
A decision in this matter, whatever
the result, would be a good thing
for the town, business men would
know better how to figure, and could
decide how Ix-st to make invest
ments. We favor an election, the
sooner th better, because it will
settle business conditions for a torni
of years.
Here, Too
When we stated last week that
the. legislature would adjourn on
last Friday at noon, we acted on
the assumption that the legislature
would obey the constitution, Why
we assumed that the legislature
would obey we are at a loss now to
explain, because as a matter of fact
they had been constantly violating
the same. Wo failed to guess to
what limit the unlawfulness of that
body would f-ro Hut we hav- the
consolation that such republican
newspapers as the I leming (ra
piñe, the Western Liberal and other
papers made the same mistake. The
very organs of the republican par
ty could not comprehend thatt their
representatives would do the things
they did do. Sierra Tree Press.
The News made the same mistake
and for the same reason, (if
rourse, we knew better than to
suppose, that the caucus corkscrew
jimmy ouü't w;;;!; 'o ""ythi"'?
right or according to the law and
constitution. We were honest and
right and no npology is necessary.
If you admire Teddy, all right:
but don't forget to include in your
daily prayers thanks to the Lord
that he isn't president of our coun
try at this particular time.
t'nion county's persistent trou
ble maker, Mrs. Mary (ioodin, who
was sent to the penitentiary the
first of the week to serve a sus
pended sentence of two years, has
been featured by every daily in
the state. The truth of the matter
is. Mary is not nearly as dangerous
as sin; has been painted. She has
never ran any one out of the coun
ty, but it is true that she bas made
several "skidoo" off her own dung
hill. She has taken several healthy
shuts at people she soemed to con
sider trespassers, but has always
n; t to bit them. In
our opinion Mary is more rrazy
than mean, ami should bo in the as
ylum instead of in the penitentiary.
However, her absence for two years
is a relief to all, and no one cares
very much where she is. so long as
(die isn't here.
Safe Front Fmharrassment
The Silver City Independent sug
getds that we itll ."t busy and (ire
pare for t'.Uti and roll up the big
gct I lemocratie. victory in the
history of the country. We sug
gest that every paper in the state
com.' out in the open NOW and
announce its polities. To avoid
any embarrassment we did this in
February. Cloudcrofler.
Ye, md to avoid any embarrass
ment, we did it about thirty years
ago, and have never had cause to
change. Itereut converts should
cerve a term of probation.
Clayton implement dealers have
had to wire additional orders for
farming machinery in order to sat
isfy the demand. I nion county ag
riculturists ure "tearing the, earth
tip" for a purpose, as will be appar
ent next fall when the real bumper
crop is being marketed.
calional budget from 110,800 to
$2,0. This is the news received
by Mr. White today from V. D.
Hoss. the state superintendent of
public instruction at Topeka. Mr.
White is interested to note, howev
er, that his report and recommenda
tions, while helping Mr. Hoss, did
not bring the same result here, as
the legislature of New Mexico fail
ed to make provision for the as
sistants Mr. White asked. Albu
querque Herald.
The jimmy politicians tiad plen
ty of money for "peanut politics,"
but "not one cent" for educational
The Katon llange says that the
legislation enacted by the recent un
lameuted caucus majority jimmy
and corkscrew outfit, was "mark
edly conservative." Yes, so mark
edly conservative that the whole
mess is hard to locate.
We are certainly glad that Hill
Sunday is not (iod. Hill is so thor
oughly saturated with ego that he
opines that he would be an im
provement on the Almighty, the
(Jod whose gospel he claims to un
derstand and preach.
Prof. H. W. Lile, our best repre
s ntative of the good old-fashioned
school iiiaster who believes 111 teuuli
ittti the "yo,ii:ó" itíra" valuable tarts
ii.-l-ad of so many modern iYiiic,
came in the first of the week from
Hueveros where he taught a very
successlul school the past wint' r.
Hutu the ollicials and patrons of
tin1 district were moie than pleased
with the school and are inistent
that l'rof. Lile serve them during
the next term. !! !. !: T!:::i s !::y
for Nevada, Missouri, where he will
visit relative.-, and friends during
the spring ami summer months.
The News wiil keep him posted du
mg his absence.
Adopted by the State
Much attention has been attracted
I.y the song, "Fair New Mexico,"
b..t! t!i v .1:1. ::-.:rU- of which
were composed by Miss I'.li.aheth
vi.oi' ít, lili, ni uaughii r of the late
"1'at" (iarrett. The song, which
was recently adopted by the legis
lature as the state song, was first
rendered in Santa Fe on Fcbrmry
I'lith. The words aiv as follows.
I uder the sky of azure
Where the balmy breezes blow,
Kissed by the golden sunshine
Is Nuevo Mexico:
Home of the Montezuma
With fiery hearts ttglow;
State of the deeds historic,
Is Nuevo Mexico.
() fair New Mexico,
We love, we love you so:
Our hearts with pride o'erllow,
No matter where we go.
( fair New Mexico,
We love, w lo" you so,
The grandest state we know,
New Mexico.
Hugged and high Sierras
With deep canons below,
I lotted with fertile valleys
Is Nuevo Mexico.
Fields full of sweet alfalfa,
Richest perfumes bestow;
State of the apple blossom,
Is Nuevo Mexico.
Hays that are filled with heart
Nights when the moon hangs low,
Hrenlhing its benediction
O'er New Mexico.
Land with its bright mañana,
Coming through weal and woe;
State of our Esperanza
Is Nuevo Mexico.
IVhitr A.vslsln Kansas
The nevds of the ofllce of the
state superintendent of public in
struction of New Mexico were bo
eloquently set forth by Ktatu Su
perintendent Alvan N. White in
his report to the governor that the
elate of Kansas increased its edu-
Two Minute Title Talks
Something Turning I'p
Turning Something I'p
There are two certain classes of
young men; one of them is contin
ually standing around waiting for
something to turn tip; the other is
continually turning something up.
This applies to abstracts as well
as to men. One you take with the
feeling that something is likely to
turn up at any time; the other you
i take with the- feeling that some
thing has already turned up; ie.,
the title to the land.
We furnish the kind of abstracts
that give you the feeling that some
thing has been turned up; ie., the
title to the land.
Fidelity Abstract Company
We Guarantee Titles
Clayton, ... New Mexico.
... , i . ..... , . r'''"'"'!! i .ei.a aggaassaig
A National Custom
"Bull" Durham is more than a national form of enjoyment it 13
an expression of American character. The millions of "Bull" Durham
smokers are the self-reliant, energetic Americans who make the
United States the most progressive nation in the world.
These men make their own opportunities, make their own
success and they mafs their own cigarettes, to their own liking, from
ripe, mellow
99 rrv
i.. rm mm
I vv luí
It is smart, fashionable, correct, upon all occasions, to "roll your
own" cigarettes with "Bull" Durham tobacco and shows an
experienced smoke -taste.
MM Hit M
l i r
and not rra-
The smooth, mellow flavor
granee of fresh-rolled "Roll" Durham cicartts
afford healthful enjoyment and lasting satis
faction to more 'millions of men than all ether
high-grade smoking tobaccos combined.
Ah for FREE
Package of 'Tapen"
with each Sc Mack.
FIO n 'ustratec Booklet, s'iow.
fX gPj n? correct way to "Roll Your
Own" Cigarettes, and a pack
age of cigarette papers, will Loth be mailed, free,
to any address in United States on postal request.
Address "Bull" Durham, Dur ham, N. C.
(fifi ifeffife&l
Mountain of Salt.
Several hills of ruck milt exist In Al
geria One of these, oenr Jelfu, In 300
feet high nnd ucarly n mile ueroH In
apltc of the soluble chani tcr of the
mutiTliil of which it ta coniiioxt'd. It
atHiulH up In IiIkd relief from the sur
miiiiiliutc ilny, without any U.-ua of
eniHlmi. There are la It. bowever.
tunny wink lioli-a. luto which the torreo
tin I winter rain aoaku. UIiik at ouee
absorbed mid ptveu out hkiiId at the
baxe of the lumiiilulu In the form of
alt aprtUKa.
The ore from which quicksilver la
obtained la a lu'lllliint red rook known
os clminbnr When of high purity It
la aotnully vermilion In color. Cinna
bar 1m the original source of the pig
ment knowu r-ommerclulty us vermil
ion It la a compound of sulphur and
quicksilver, and In order to separate
the hitter from the sulphur tlio rock in
roasted. Passing off. In the form of a
gas, the mercury Is afterward con
densed and Hows out In a fine stream.
like a continuous pencil of molten all-,
ver. i.ike gold and silver, mercury la
occasionally found In a native or pure
atute. Boiuetlmea the miner's pick
penetrates a rovity that contains a
cupful or more of tbe elusive und beau
tiful fluid. Minera suffer much from i
the poisonous effects of the quicksilver
fumes. Kxtretne- cleanliness Is tbe best
safeguard for worker In this danger
ous occupation.
As u simple uaturulism takes
the plnce of the old pessimistic
Bupet'imturulisiu, the fiillu of the
world - thut In every mnu which
lielpi hi in to realize his aspira
tloiis -has au optimistic glow
K K. Newbert
It is a Kruud thiiiK to find Joy
In one's work If you bave
found that, you have found tbe
heart of life. (J lad service Is
belter than great service unless
that be glad too James Buck
Of rourse we have a duty to
distinguish between the good
and the bad, but we have a duty
to discriminate also among the
things that are good We are
made not for the good only, but
for the liest Hubert Kpeer
Moving Picture Tricks.
Some of the most thrilling scenes tn
the moving picture dramas are taken
wltb tbe aid of small modela, wblcb
are considerably less than life alze.
It Is much cheaper, of course, to burn
op toy building or to sink a minia
ture ship than to destroy an original
to make a moving picture holiday. The
modela used for this work are carried
out with great attention to detail, and
the pictures are taken with the cam
era very close to the ground to get
the proer perspective. Tbe moving
picture audiences, even when paying
tbe closest attention, are completely
deceived. Boston Herald.
Moral euergy grows wltb the
obstacles against which It la
measured, and tbe putting forth
of moral euergy as the purRse
of our lives Is tbe highest exein
pllfh-ation of humanity When
we put fortb the highest moral
energy, then we touch tbe stars
of life.-Kelli Adler.
Itegin your web. and God will
supply you wltb thread. Italian
This church of all tbe saints
Is a great power In the world.
Every true servant of Cod must
beloug wltb tkls mighty service
of Ood. must get bis strength
through It and contribute bis
strength to it-I'hllllps Brooks.
lAft not tby peace depend on
the tongue of men. Tbomaa
Shir.gics, Flooring, Framing tnnlier
snd I.ath. Wc sre in n osilioii to
handle all bills whether small or
large. If you h re going In do any
huilding or repairing, o not fail to
see us before ou do rour buying ,
W. H. Windward, Muugw
Phon 3
Russian Tipple.
A popular drink among the peasant
Of Hussla la called quass. It Is mnde
by pouring warm water over rye or
barley meal. It ta fermented liquor
od la very sour, but baa been used for
year by these poverty stricken people
LlverpnnJ Mercury.
Dray and Transfer
Ws HhuI Anything, Any
where, at Anv lime.
Telephone Ni miikh 58
Office Phone 101-B Over Dean's Bakery
Railroad & Commercial
Telegraph School
Good Positions G uaranteed to
C. F. WATKINS, lost.. Clayton, N.M
A 1

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