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Jas. McArthur pf Texline, spent
M outlay in Clayton.
Hay Rebb of near Thomas, spent
Tuesday in Clayton.
H. K. Pace of near Seneca spent
Tuesday in Clayton trading.
All rubber goods, driifis and drug
sjiulries at the City Drug Store.
Mr. Denman of near (randview,
was trading in town Wednesday.'
W. H. Cook of Clarendon, Texas,
baa accepted a position with II. V.
Chas. Chaney of near Seneca, was
in Clayton Tuesday looking after
1J. C. Sargent, representativo of
the Kl Paso Herald, spent Tuesday
in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. 1!. M. Catlin of lia
tón, visited in Clayton the early part
of the week.
See G. C. Smith before you buy
that buggy. He is agent for the best
rig on the market If
John Adelman, who has been em
ployed at I lean's Ilakery, left Mon
day night for Denver.
H. II. Carson and wife returned
Tuesday from Kansas, .where they
have been visiting relatives.
Ilexall lleniedies and Preparations
are guaranteed best on the market.
For sale by City Drug Store.
Don Telesfor Casados of the I'eni
belis country, attended to business
in the city the first of the week.
A. L. (.i I Ham passed through Clay
ton Tuesday enroote from .May, Okr
luhoma, to his ranch near (lailstone.
J. J. ltruwn, one of the real Hest
ers of Sedan country, attended to
business in the city the first of the
Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Kasterwood and
son returned Tuesday evening from
a visit with relatives at McKinney,
Miss Kmina Maag, one of the pro
gressive lady farmers, of near Sen
era, attended to business in the city
Henry liruner of near Guy, one of
the. good friends of The .News in
that section, attended to business in
the city the lirsl of the week.
A. J. Payne, one of the real dem
ocrats of the Sedan country, was a
business visitor and trailer in tfie
city the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 15. Christerson of
Sedan, were traders and shoppers in
the city the lirst of the week. Mr.
Christerson is postmaster at Sedan.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. McClure
are the proud parents of twins a
boy and a girl born Sunday, May
Uli. Dennis figures that he is a real
Itobert French of Itoise City, Ok
lahoma, und Mrs. French, were in
Hie city the lirst of the week visiting
relatives. Mr. J-rench is a brother of
Mrs. K. A. Liggett.
O. T. Anderson, one of the real ag
riculturists of the Cuates country,
attended to business in the city the
lirst of the week. Mr. Anderson is
the kind of man who is a real help
to the country. Muy bis tribe grow
uint prosper.
Jloy Terrell and George Peetoom
of Calesliy, Oklahoma, two old time
friends of The News man, were in
town Wednesday, looking fur a lo
cation in a good country. They are
the kind of people Luton county is
in need of.
S. C. Thompson and Mrs. Thomp
son of the Guy country, were trad
ing and shopping in the city the lirst
of the week. Mr. Thompson was
one of the socialist candidates for
representative in the last election,
and bus some pronounced opinions
of the 'jimmy."
Chas. N. Peery of near Pasamonte,
a booster for The News, attended to
business in the city the lirst of the
week. Peery is the editor's middle
mime, and Chas, is undoubtedly a
cousin of some degree, but we are
afraid that be will not acknowledge
any relationship.
The nervous ayuui U the &Win system
of the human body.
Ia perfect health we hardly rnilize that
vre huve in.t-.verk of nerves, but when
liealtb U ebbiug, when strength i daclin
iug, the same nervous system fcives the
nl.irra ia headache, tirtdiieus, dreamful
leep, irritability and unless corrected,
teails straight to breakdown.
To correct nervousness, Scott's Emul
sion is exactly but you should take; its
rich nutriment gels into the blood and
rich blood feeds the tiny nerve-cell while
the whole system responds to its refresh
ing tonic force. It is free from alcohol,
bcolt tí Dowuc. Uluouificld. N. .
The newsy paper. The .Newe.
It. A. Clason of near Patterson, at
tended to business in the city Mon
day. K. II. Mills of near Sampson, was
a business visitor and trader in the
city Monday.
Dick Itichardson of Des Moines,
attended to business in the county
seat Wednesday.
; Capt. T. S. Snyder and II. Q. Pal
mer made a business trip to Tex
line Monday.
Duncan S. Thomas of near Sene
ca, w as a business visitor and trader
in town Wednesday. 1
Mr. Miller, postmaster at Vance,
was a business visitor and trader in
the city Monday.
M. Hester of the Mosesi country,
was a business visitor and trader in
the city Monday.
Theodore Thomas of nearGrand
iew. was in town Monday after a
loud of supplies.
II. A. Murray of near Kenton, at
tended to business in the city the
early part of the week.
Our stock of toilet preparations
is complete, prices exactly right. We
hae it. City Drug Store.
I J. .1. llerringa the Pasamonte nier
ciiaut and stockman attended to
business in the city this week.
W. A. Steele of Heenham, was a
business visitor and trader in the
city Wednesday and Thursday.
The Misses Scott of Grenville,
were business visitors and shoppers
in the, 'city the first of the week.
O. II. Fversole of Tulsa, Oklaho
ma, spent the early part of the week
lu re visiting his brother, Gar Kv
ersole. Floyd C. Field, prosperous ranch
man of the Clapham country, attend
ed to business in the city the first
of the week.
, Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Kennan of thrt
Seneca country, were shopping and
attending to business in Clayton the
forepart of the week.
Ollie H. Cox bus purchased. the- W.
O. Herring tailor shop, and will con
tinue the business. Clothes cleaned
and pressed like new. 19.
W.T. MrCrory, who rame from
Carlton, Texas, to settle in t'nion
county, moved with his family Mon
day to his ranch near Pasamonte.
C. W. Housh, manager of tfio Ohio
Itanch Co. in the Tramperos coun
try, was a business visitor and trad
er in the city the first of the week.
Cows for Sale
Ten bead of cows for sale, both
range and milk .stock. See J. H. Hen
der, Clayton, New Mexico. 19-1 1
John T. Ley of near Wanette, was
in town Wednesday trading and at
tending to business. He made final
proof on his homestead while here,
j Walter Giles came in from the
ranch Monday. He brought bis
daughter, Miss Mary, who will re
main in Clayton for the summer to
study music.
John A. Iker of Southwest of the
city, was a business visitor and tra
der in town Tuesday. While L.ere
John had his name added to our list.
The .News is the popular paper.
F.. It. Mediae of near Vance, was
here the lirst of the week trading
and looking after business. While
here he had bis name added to our
big subscription list. The News is
the popular paper.
O. P. Stead of the Sedan country,
was a business visitor and trader in
the city Thursday. A new postotllce
has been established at bis place to
be known as Stead, N. M, and" Mr.
Stead has been appointed postmas
ter. Still Union county grows.
Hon. Scrapio Miera, elected rep
resentative of I'nion county to the
last state legislature, and a victim
of the ''jimmy," attended to business
in the city the- first of the week.
Serapio says that lie would like to
have one more chance, just in order
to show the "jimmy" bow far be can
skin it in a race decided by the peo
ple. J. J. Kelly, Grand Lecturer "for the
Masonic Grand Lodge of New Mexi
co, left Monday evening with Mrs.
Kelly for Albuquerque, after having
spent about a week instructing the
local brethren in the esoteric work
of the grand and noble art. . Wro are
always very particular to save our
Silver City exchanges for the beue
of Hro. Kelly and Mrs. Kelly when
they are in the city. They arb anx
ious to receive them.
Takinfi f.nrr of the Children
No parent would consciously be
careless of the children. Joe A.
Uozmnrin, Clarkson, Nebraska, uses
Foley's Honey and Tar for bis two
children for croup, coughs . and
colds He suys, "We are never with
I'oley's Honey and Tar in the
lead to a run down condition in
house." A distressing cough, sleep
less nights, and raw, inflamed thror.t
which the child is not able to resist
contagious or infectious diseases.
Foley's Honey and Tar is truly heal
ing and prompt in action. It re
lieves coughs colds, croup in-i
whooping cough. For sale Z: y
Drug Store.
t Dr.C. E. Keller t
Over Dean's Haki-iiy
ycu r.!AY ce sonny
This Rdiabla Cough f.TsdicsRd
That eonffh I Dfttnre's cry for help. It'i
rurnioff a rymptom, irmyb of hmwhiti,
l.ifrriptS too of pneumonia II in net b
chocked at once. Hurry to the drag llora for
Tcley's Honey end Tar Compound
JVtti't Inks a rhancs with s mhstltnte. Tnre.
liarod vuughs quickly get worse, especial ly a(
DlffnilSll. fULEI
Monet and Tab Con
pm no will sooth I
he I the irritate!
throat, takeaway the
tinkle and relieve the
litfht feeling ia the
chest. It has no equal
for any kind of cotuth.
ForoTer forty years
Tab Cowpomn bs
been the standby with
thousands of families,
Íememhor the name Fulki's IIonbt and
ib Compound ami look fur the beutuve ou
the yIlow wrapnnr.
The City Ding Store, Chyton, N. M.
Ailvertiseil Letters
The following letters remain un
called for in the Clayton, N. Mexi
co, post-oflire:
John A. Fuller.
Tom Tune.
Sain Stagg.
John It. Craig.
Floyd Morrisetl.
Grace Gobble.
Italph Albin.
Lula Webb.
James Jenkins.
Joe Hancock.
Gladys Tutor.
Marie Kanan.
W. K. F.asterling.
Willie Darnos.
I. J. Hlankenship.
Leo Chill.
Henry Chill.
It. H. Wolf.
If not called for they will be sent
to the Division of Dead Leters on I
May L'Oth 1HI5.
Susie S. Pace, Postmaster. !
Siwel Potato Slips for Sale
700 bushel bedded. $1.75 and $2.00
per 1000. Also cabbage, tomato, pep
per, collard, sage, and egg plants for
sale. Write for circular of prices
and kinds. T. Jones & Co., Claren
don, Texas.
For sixteen years Hrtister of
the L. S. Land Olliee
at Clayton, N". M.
Entries, Contes.s, and F'nal
Proofs. Pints and Abstracts
promptly attended to. State
land selections a specialty
Office: National Hank Building
J. c. sncis:
HOUR3:- TO 11 A. M. 2 TO i P. M.
This6:inch Pan
ctella Shaped Cigar
(exact size) is
every thingitsname
, implies and we are
just as sure as we
are alive that if you
smoke one box of
them we will have
you as a steady cus
tomer, and that is
why we feel that we
can afford to make
the price to you
$1.50 for 50 Cigars
instead of $2.50 for
WHY should yon pay
6e each for Ciirar
when you can iret the
best 6c' Pane telle
Shaped Ciirar that -you
ever smoked for
3 Cents Each T t
' Our success depende
entirely upon what x
YOU think of thie ui
Cigar. w
Send oa $l.Bn. Money
Order or Certifled
Check, and we will
eend to you prepaid
one box of 60 of theee
Emnke 5 of then and
If you are not fully
aatiiHed that we have
told you the whole
truth, return the re
maining 46 unimnked
cigare in the original
box and we will re
fund you the $1.00
p'ua your postage.
Wa want agenta in
your locality and will
be pleased to quote
on this Cigar in lot
of 1000.
Order a box of 50
right now and en
joy an HONEST
826 Liberty Ave., PitUbure.li, Pa.
I.adks We, invite you to inspect
our line of Harinor.y Toilet articles.
None better. Tho-Rexall Store,
City Drug Plore.
o itjj n f rr, rc: mp
rx mi . t ... wmk
. Should have season advertisirg printed at The News Office
We have the cuts, the type and the stock. Prices are exactly,
right. Absolute care taken to prevent "accidents" and thor
oughly responsible should any occur

N:-'f ' v..; v , ,. v vm ?2 7

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