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SUTHERS t DURAN. Proprietors
"; Cha. Suthürs, Editor
CnlMfd as Second Claaa Mattar October lta
I tb Peat Ortica at C la ton, N. M.. und
the Act ot March 3rd. 1879.
Saturday, May Id, 101.
We are informed that the local
school board has ordered an election
for the purpose of voting bonds for
the erection of a new high scliool
building, and to repair the old build
inwr. In the event that the bonds
tarry the present building will he
used for the grades. This it a move
in the right direction and one that
will bring credit to Clayton. A town
is known to a great extent,' by its
schools, and Clayton can and must
be. in the front rank in everything.
Vote for the bonds and for the ad
vancement and prosperity of your
town. Don't argue location w;í will
have plenty of time to settle that
after the expenditure h authorized.
Christ was born tl'ii years before
movable types were invented by Gu
tenburg and was crucilled lió 1 years
before the same event for trying to
learn lost humanity great and fun
damental truths. No doubt he rode
an ass, because Ford's had not been
invented at that time. Hut those
facts have nothing to do with the
point tinker discussion. We contend
that a compositor "sets" type, and
that he does not "sit," "sat" or "sol
ti'd" typ", as is contended by our
theological and professorisical (our
invention) friend. Presuming along
the same , lines of pn sumption as
those followed by the all-wise pro
fessor, we might ask the answers to
the following famous queries: "Who
struck Hilly 1'atter.son?," and "How
old is Ann?"
.Next thing we know some jumped
up failure at everything on earth
who has bad about 30 cents worth
of experience in the art preserva
tive, will be telling us that a print
r r'.s "devil" is a printer's "angel," and
that a printer's "angel" is a print
er's "devil;" or that an "alley" is a
ball of fame; or that a "stick" is a
club: or that a "quoin" is a silver
dollar; or that a "sit" means getting
tired; or that "thirty" means to com
mence. An old printer's hard-earned
knowledge of his trade is monu
mental ignorance when compared
with the youthful learning and wis
dom of a year-old novice. (or."
'book larnin'" is nothing to hvs
about, and our grammatical errors
should be accepted as a matter or
'I'h"re is a story floating around
the state to the eltect that after se
curing the aid and inlluenee of the
sheepmen politicians of the state to
pass a tax law which will protect
the corporations, the representa
tive of the corporations are now
willing to assist the assessors and
the tax commission to gel as much
other property on the tax rolls as
possible, and the first fruits is a lit-
tie increase of the number of sheep
to be returned by certain sheep men
of something more than six hundred
thousand. The information given to
the tax commission indicated that
this number, in six or seven coun
ties alone, have been taxless in the
past. This like the sheepmen poli
ticians had run into the double
cross. And the people are thoroughly
wise, professors and foreign profit
gatherers to tin contrary notwith
standing. The people of this coun
try know the difference between Vj
and I, or the difference between 13
and .'II, and all the high sounding
professorilotial dope ever written
cannot rob them of their knowledge.
They want to build homes and they
are going to build homes, and the
man or company who realizes that
fact is the man or company who will
reap the greatest profit in tito long
run. The people want a square deal
and you can bet your last shingle
that they get it. The fruit has al
ready budded, and wo could tell a
few more state secrets if we pleased.
Itoosevelt makes us tired. It Is
disgusting to read the jingo utter
ances made by bim and his tribe.
No, no, Mng'.'ie, it hasn't been for
gotten, you only thought it had. The
people of Union county have a pret
ty clear understanding of the "jim
my" and couldn't forget the durned
thing if they wanted to. They re
member the little instrument and its
still smaller manipulators ns tho
menus through which their regular
ly elected representatives were de
fied their rights in the last legisla
ture, and the majority of the voters
of the county practically disfran
chised. The "jimmy" and its wield-
ers and defenders are marked for
the disrtfrd. One cannot insidt an
electorate without accepting the
ennseipienc.es. "The people of l.'li-
: 1 1 county did not s'-nd me here "
"You're dea'd ritht they didn't."
J'.usiness i:t Clayton was never
better at this lime of year. Farmers
und ranchmen crowd the stores ev
i ry day buying and paying for Im
plements and supplies of áll kinds.
We say "buying and paying for" ad -vis'
dly, as the customers who ask
.-ret! it ere f ' r.r.d f ;r between. Tim
fact proves the enviable position of
the Union comity man. Union coun
ty people are prosperous, and a Ut
ile hustle and the natural advanta-
s of the country has made them
so. I)o yon not wish to join us?
There is a story in circulation in
Santa l-'e which reasonably explains
the trouble between the traveling
auditor and Secundino Homero,
while Sec. was sheriff of San Migue:
county. According to the story, the
traveling auditor found rich and
juicy payments to the , sheriff Tor
probate coin i costs at numerous
U ruis, but upon examination of the
records of the probate court there
were no such terms mentioned. Now
it transpires that the records of the
probate court in that county are by
no means complete, and are said to
be several years behind in the writ
ing up, and while . the terms ftXr
which Secundino drew his fees were
in all probability actually held, there
is no r. cord. It makes no difference
however, as the legislative system
can hi1 adopted, and any time in the
future when the necessities demand
it the records can be written up, and
written up right, too, just like that
senate journal was written up, after
the senate jptit.
It is likely that Lieutenant Gov
ernor le Haca will, at the geii r:li
ci nference of the lieutenant gover
nors of the United States to be ?ieM
in Tennessee sonr., take occasion to
give to the world his views on some
kinds of legislation and certain va
rieties of legislators. If he does pre
sent a paper to the conference it
will certainly be warm reading, as
he is one ollicial who says what he
thinks, and says it out loud.
If Governor McDonald and Lieu
tenant Governor De Haca keep up
their work of trying to make justice
in New .Mexico equal to all men, they
will be busy for some time to come.
De Haca, while acting governor, re
cently pardoned two men serving
time for robbery because the third
man engaged in the job was never
punished, although arresiec: and in
dicted. The president is right. His Phila
delphia speech will go down in his
tory us one of the greatest utteran
ces ever made by an American. As
long as it can be accomplished with
honor, it is the president's duty to
maintain peace with all nations. The
United States is the greatest nation
on earth not at war, and in view or
that fact she will be in a command
ing pollina when the belligerent
nations have exhausted themselves
and desire peace.
We suppose we are credited, as
usual, with the latest lop of $:.'0 per.
Not guilty.
Two Minute Title Talks
It is rather a heavy price one pays
by imprepiiredncss, the not being
ready when an opportunity to bet
ter ones self is within reach.
Why hot investigate the merits of
our pian of abstracting today? And
why not know in what way It will
'enable you to take advantage of any
opportunity to better yourself?
Come in and investigate, we al
ways have time to be civil.
Fidelity Abstract Company
CU'.yton, - New Mexico.
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request. AdJrcsn
It guau
A few (lays ago one of the most
intelligent ladies of the city slump
ed us with the followins: "Can you
tell me if Mr. Guyer ever 'sit,' 'set,'
'sat' or 'sotted' on anything long
enough to hatch an idea?" Vv'o
pleaded the statute of limitation and
refused to answer on advice of
The trees on the courthouse yard
are growing vigorously, and the
KiT.ss is coming up nicely. The trees
and grass will be a big improvement
to the county's property, and an im
provement that all good citizens will
be proud of.
How fine the attitude of the great
majority of the newspapers of the
United States has been in this crisis,
and in fact throughout the whole
trying period of the war; especially
as compared with the attitude of
men like Itoosevelt, who might rea
sonably be expected to be leaders ill
the exanijile of calmness and rea
son. Ainu st without exception the pow
erful newspapers of the country, in
their editorial utterances and in
their much more influential news
pages, .have counselled caution; that
we "wait a bit" before making up
our minds, and that we do not "rock
the boat." As the Lusitania went
down, with her freight of American
lives, it would have been possible
for the newspapers, following tho
example of Itoosevelt, to have arous
ed a sentiment throughout the coun
try which would have made war al
most unavoidable.
Instead, the newspapers of this
country, almost without exception,
have remained calm, judicious and
wise in counsel. They have given a
fine examplo of patriotism. A few
there have been who have given free
expression to the natural bitterness
all must feel over the sinking of the
mi mrn&m
delicate, rich, mellow -sweet fragrance of this leaf can
An UluatTnted Booklet, (iSowini corroet
way to "Roll Your Own" Ciirarcttco, and ,
mailed, free, to any uddrcca ia U. S, on
Dull" Durham, Durham, N. C
Lusitania.' The majority even have
1 foregone that privilege in behalf of
' national pood sense and judgment,
i W ith the powerful newspapers from
I coast to coast standing shoulder to
j shoulder for mature judgment; or,
I in other words, standing behind the
I'l I iin n. II t nil. lilting -'l ui.iiiaftirhin n
will do the niinimum of damage.
Albuquerque Herald. '
Consider the editor. He weareth
purple and fine linen. His abode is
amongst the mansions of the rich.
His wile hath her car that can bit it
up in two ought nothing.
Lo! All the people breaketh their
necks to hand him money. A child
is born unto the wife of a merchant
in the town. .The physician getteth
twenty-five golden plunks. The ed
itor writeth a stiek anu a iiairanu
telleth the multitude that the child
tippeth the brain at nine pounds.
Yea, he lieth even as a centurion.
Anil the proud father giveth him a
Heboid, the young one groweth up
and graduated!. And the editor
putleth into his paper a swell no
tice. Yea, a peach of a notice. Ho
telleth of the wisdom of the young
womu.n, and of her exceeding come
liness. Like unto the roses of Sha
ron is she, and her gown Is played
up to beat the band. And the dress
maker getteth two score and four
iron men. And the editor getteth a
noto of thanks from t lie S. G. G.
The daughter goetli a Journey.
And the editor throweth' himself on
the story of the farewell party. It
runneth a column, solid. And the
fair one rememberetb him from afar
with a picture card thai costetn six
for a nickel.
Heboid, she returiieth, and the
youth of the city fall down and wor
ship. She picketh one, and lo, she
pieki th a lemon. Hut the editor
calleth hint one of our most prom
t ' v. .
Ash For FREE pack
age of "papers"
with each Sc tack
inent young men, and getteth away
with it. And they send unto hint a
bid to the wedding feast, and be
hold, the bids are fashioned
.Muntgumniery Hawbuck, in a far
l Flowery and long is the wedding
. notice which the editor printeth.
The minister getteth ten bones. Toe
J groom standeth the editor oil for a
j twelvemonth subscription.
I All flesh is grass, and in time. tho
! wife is gathered into the silo. The
: minister getteth his bit. The editor
'printelh a death notice, two columns
of obituary, three lodgo notices, a
cubit of poetry' and a card of thanks,
i And he forgetteth to read proof, on
j the head, and tho darned thing coin-'
', eth out "Gone to her last roasting
j And all that are akin to the de
ceased jutnpeth onto the editor with
I exceeding great jumps. And they
, pulleth out their ads and cancelleth
their subscriptions, and they swim
the hammer unto the third and
fourth generations.
Canst thou beat it?
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Clayton, N. M. Also Fire, Wind
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