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oFririAt, paper opfKiox county
Casa. P. Sataera, Editor
Kntrl a second claae matter Octo
ber 26, J 9(i. at the poatolllce at Clay
ton, New Mexico, under the Act of
March 1. 17.
Kntiirtlny, June 12th, 1915
Have you noticed the courthouse
grounds lately? If you have you
certainly feel pride in their appear
ance. The (trass is an almost perfect
Bland, and the trees, with one or two
exceptions, are growing nicely. He
Bides being a satisfaction to' the
home heople, the prounds are at
tracting the favorable attention of
many visitors and that alone is
worth all the cost and effort The
county commissioners are to becon
gialulated upon the success of this
As a successful politician it is evi
dent that Old Tom Catron has about
wound up bis little ball of yarn.
For years he has been a successful
misrepresentative of the people of
New Mexico, and especially of the
good people of Santa Fe.
An enthusiastic meeting of the
young mens Democratic club was
held at the courthouse Thursday
evening. Several good speeches, all
breathing a fervent spirit of demo
cracy and promising well for the
future success of the party in Mil',
county, and in the stale were made
Mans were outlined for the organ
ization of similar clubs throughout
the county and organization work
will be commenced in earnest at the
earliest possible bate. Chairman
Spring called a meeting of Demo
crats to meet in the courthouse
next Thursday evening, June 17, for
the purpose of furthering the coun
ty movement, and also to take action
regarding the recent organization
movement launched by State Chair
man I'axton and the State Central
Secretary Dunn of the Business
Mens Association, informs us that
the Catholic Sisters are contemplat
ing the erection of a modern hos
pital in Clayton. According to Mr.
Dunn the sisters have the necessary
funds and are ready to begin build
ing operations as soon as a suitable
Bite can be secured, and they have
asked the Business Mens Associa
tion to help them secure a proper
location. We understand that sever
al public spirited citizens have of
fered to donate the site, at least a
block in size, upon a sufficient guar
antee that the hospital will be
erected and maintained. This is a
good movement and one that should
receive the hearty support of all the
citizens. It emphasizes the need,
and the good results that can be ac
complished through tho recently or
ganized Business Mens Association.
Modesty forbids us from springing
the latest on the "jimmy." It is a
beautiful story, but we have decid
ed to put it in cold storage fon fu
ture use should occasion require.
However it has nothing to do with
votes, those little things possessed
by all American citizens, and espec
ially abhorred by tbe jimmy poli
ticians. It looks as though the
jimmy is to be in action again; so
remember the jimmy and the ex
ecution it did in disfranchising you
in the last legislature.
It needs to be known to the nation,
for the Republicans will soon be ap
pealing to the country for control of
the government. They will say they
are conservative. In New York they
have been destructive almost with
out shame. They will say they are
efficient.. In New York they have
muddled every important thing they
handled. They will say they are
economical. In New York they have
produced tho biggest budget in its
history, and have failed to increase
the service of the state. They will
say they are able. In New York they
have been led by mediocrities and
the big men of the party have utter
ed no word of protest. They will say
they understand the business of the,
country. In New York they have
ripped the business of the state.
They will say they are men of large
national vision. In New York they
have been the most parochial of
"By their own standards they are
damned. By any other standards
they do not exist. Not one word of
hope, not one action of any signific
ance to progress has come from
them. They have not even the vir
tues of conversation. They are as
shameless as they were in the days
before the insurgents broke loose.
With the problems before this coun
try today, with the world-wide in
terests which are at stake, their re
turn to power would be a disaster."
That is the view of that great
mass of independent voters that now
determines all national elections.
The hope of the aprly for rehabilita
tion was based on Whitman last
November. Whitman is now a na
tional impossibility, and the success
of the party of 1910 is equally hope
less. Farmington Times-Hustler.
During the last few days we have
heard many diverse opinions ex
pressed of William J. Bryan. Many
were strongly laudatory, and many
equally strong in condemnation. But
it is pleasing to a real American to
note the practical unanimity of opin
ion regarding President Wilson and
his patriotic efforts for the good of
his country. Men dilfer as to the
greatness of Bryan. We have known
the same person to condemn him in
the morning and glorify him in the
evening; and that is evidence that
Bryan, despite his great popularity,
failed to win the confidence of the
people. President Wilson is tho
exact opposite. His every utterance
and every art inspires confidence
and the people, of every race and
every parly, are content that the
nation is in his keeping.
Can the Republicans Come Dark.
Those to whom the wish is father
to the thot are loudly proclaiming
that the Republican candidate for
the presidency will win next year.
Their hopes are based largely on the
fact that the great war in Europe
has had the effect not only of par
alyzing political progress in Europe,
but of making even America more
conservative in thot and action along
those lines. The fact exists and no
careful observer, no matter how
radical he may be, will deny it. But
can the Republican party meet the
wants of even this conservative
frame of mind. If we are to judge
them by their acts in the state where
they have recently been entrusted
with power, the proof seems to be
positive that they cannot.
Walter Lippman, writing in the
Metropolian of tho party record in
New York, has this to say: "This
record is well known in New Y'ork.
In passing the tax measure there
publicans deliberately inflicted a
great injury upon the whole people
in an effort to discredit the Demo
crat administration with those pay
ing the taxes of the state. Whilo
that measure is a law, without pro
per amendments, there will be no
material industrial progress in the
state. In addition, the bill was
drawn as to give unfair advantages
to the corporations, and it leaves the
great burden of the state govern
ment on the shoulders of the small
taxpayer. Men who will do uch
things while acting in their capaci
ties as the sworn representatives ot
the people are unworthy, and should
not be again' permitted to appear in
public life. Rio Grande Republic.
This thing of painting farmhouses
is mighty catching, said an obser
vant man to us the other day. "You
let Bill Jones paint his house and
have all the passers-by admiring it,
and the next thing you know Tom
Brown and Henry Sykes say, 'Well
Bill Jones ain't no belter than I am,
and I guess my folks are as much
entitled to a painted house as his
arc' So they paint, too." It's a
mighty good sort of contagion to bo
going round. Paint pays not only in
preserving lumber but in giving new
Two Minute Title Talks
Many a man of forty, or more, ap
parantly with no chance of improv
menl ahead, wonders if the future
years will still find him at the daily
grind and nothing accomplished.
A new method of handling their
incomes has helped many thousands
of these men to better conditions.
Our abstract plan will enable you
to handle your income systematic
ally and mass your small savings in
to a usable lump sum.
Come in and talk it over with us.
Fidelity Abstract Company
Clayton, - New Mexico.
III t T-vT.'. ,: :r v MyvTlfc , wl "
mmm ml ,vi
A National Custom
"Bull" Durham is more than a national form of enjoyment it is
an expression of American character. The millions of "Bull" Durham
smokers are the self-reliant, energetic Americans' who make the
United States the most progressive nation in the world.
These men make their own opportunities, make their own
success and they mae their own cigarettes, to their own liking, from
ripe, mellow
Bmi Pre
with aaca 5c Mack.
It is smart, fashionable, correct, upon all occasions, to "roll your
own" cigarettes with "Bull" Durham tobacco and shows an
expenenced smoke -taste.
The smooth, mellow flavor and rich fra
grance cf fresh-rolled "Bull" Durham cigarettes
afford healthful enjoyment and lasting satis
faction to more millions of men than all other
high-grade smoking tobaccos combined.
F71TIÜ IT1 T"8 An Illustrated Booklet, show-
r JXEjJCj ng correct way to "Roll Your
Own" Cigarettes, and a pack
age of cigarette papers, will Loth be mailed, free,
to any address in United States on postal request
Address "Bull" Durl iam, Durham, N. C
Sr 1 1
(g lÍli; i
pride and dignity to the family in
the painted house. A farmer in a
painted house seems to rather feel
that he has lined up with the pro
gressive folks, has advertised him
self as much, and that it's up to
him to make good.
The man who buys an auto car,
But first the price must borrow,
Will never travel very far
Before he meets with sorrow.
Birmingham Age-Herald
His punishment begins indeed,
When it is his desire
To show his friends a bit of speed,
And "Blooey!" goes a tire.
Youngstown Telegram.
And when he's got some friends 'way
To some far sylvan scene
His gladnesss is all put to rout
By lack of gasoline.
Houston. Post.
Yo umay be right in what you wrote,
Of troubles there's a horde;
But'boys, they'll never get my goat
I'm going to get a Ford!
Department of the Interior, U. 8. Land
Ollice at Clayton New Mexico,
June 7 1Í1Í
Notice la hereby given that John P.
Kay, of Clayton, New Mexico, who, on
January 11. 1911, made homeatead en
try, aerial no. 01267S, for Lota 1 and t,
e 1-1 nw 1-4, ne 1-4, aectloo IS, town
ship 2bn.. range 15e.. N. M. P. Meridian,
haa filed notice of Intention to make
three year proof, to eatabllah claim to
the land above deaclbed, before Edw.
W. Fox, U. 6. CoinmlBBloner. at hla of
fice, at Clayton, New Mexico, on the
16th day of July, 1115.
Claimant namea aa wltneaaea.
Jamea E. Dunn, Alfred ft Chllcote,
Jamea A. Chapín, Thoinaa J. Clark, all
of Clayton, N. M.
6-11-7-10 Phi Valverde, Reglatr.
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3 , $
o .
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opposite the Big Joe Lumber Company, across v
the street from the.Baptist church.
R. F. RALEIGH. Proprietor.
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The News Is the popular paper,
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Pachagm of "Papan"
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