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EdLson will Help Navy
Washington, July 13. Announce
ment by Tliomas A. Edison of his
acceptance of Secretary Daniel's of
fer to head an advisory board of
civilian inventors for the proposed
bureau of invention and develop
ment in the navy department was
received gratification today by naval
ofllcials. Secretary Daniels, who ap
pealed to Mr. Edison to undertake
the task on patriotic ground?., went
ahead today with the perfection of
his new plans. It is planned to have
men prominent in special lines of in
velion and research work associat
ed with the bureau, several names
already being under consideration.
One of the big problems to be
laid befor. ethe bureau will be that
of improving the navy's submarines
ant! airships. Heferfing in his let
ter to Mr. Edison to submarine war
fare, Mr. Daniels said that he felt
sure with Mr. Edison's wonderful
brain to help theni the officers of
lh" navy would be able "to meet
this new danger with new devices
that will assure peace to our coun
try by their effect iveness."
Another important task of the burn-u
will be o make a careful study
with a view to their possible adop
tion of all the numerous suggestions
and inventions which are received
nlmost daily by the navy department
from naval officers and civilins.
M. H. S. Hutchinson, persrml rep
resentative of Mr. Edison, called on
Secretary Daniels today and in
formed him of Mr. Edison's accept
ance of the invitation.
"Mr. Hutchinson told me," s;iid
Secretary Daniels, "that Mr. Edi
son regarded my invitation as a ell
to duty, nd that he would be glad
to render any possible service to
his country. Mr. Hutchinson fur
ther slated that Mr. Edison would
be very glad to send in a few days
his reply to my letter of invitation."
Secretary Daniels conferred with
Rear Admirals Griffin, Taylor and
Struss, the naval officers who lui
dle the problems of ordnance, con
struction, engineering and electri
city, as to the best way to get the
advance of citizen inventors. As to
the other advisory members, Secre
taire Daniels slid he was not ready
to mke any nnouncement, but he
felt sure tht other men would re
spond to the call of duty. He ex
pects to make announcement con
cerning them in a few days.
"What we want to do in this mai
ler," said the secretary, "is to ap
peal to the American inventive gen
ius to work for the navy and lo
study what we ought to do. We
want them lo give us the best they
can. Already since the war began
much has been done with our own
What has been done in the last
three months has not yet appeared
and work that is going on under
supervision of our own experts and
engineers will continue. Hut the
idea of the advisory board will be
to extend into realm of the unknown
in naval construction and the pos
sibilities of naval warfare. We de
sire the advice of genius as to new
tell what such advice, may bring
forth. We can not tell today what
kind of battleship we should have
three years from now.
"For the first time in twenty
years we have had an opportunity
to test the kind of ships and ammun
ition that we have in actual naval
warfare. Already we are putting
guns on submarines and Admiral
Taylor is at work on the subject of
protection against submarines. I
believe there will be as much revo
lution in naval construction in the
future an there has been since the
monitor. The proposed board is
one of those things that must grow
and work out its own development."
New .Mexico at Sun Diego
state convention. A majority of these
visited the building. On Friday
night every room in town was taken
and on Saturday, 5,700 people visit
ed this building. The information
bureau down town estimated that
there were 40,000 strangers in San
I liego, on July 3rd. To enumerate
all of the important persons who
visited us, is impossible in this brief
report. The daily papers and my
daily reports have covered this por
tion in detail.
Mr. Hurton Holmes, the world
famous traveller and lecturer, was
here Thursday. Mr. Holmes took
many phatographs of the building,
and says this display is wonderful,
and will do New Mexico a world
of good. He hopes that the build
ing may he reproduced in Santa
The national editors came Satur
day. They were still discussing
their burro ride in the ancient city,
and their visit to Santa Fe made
them want to see the stale build
ing. We entertained them all with
the Taos and Tesuque Indian reels,
for that was what they wanted.
They said all New Mexicans were
good Indians, and particularly those
in Santa Fe. !
We di.strihuted immense amounts
of literature, and now have over a
thousand cards to sort, classify and
niultigraph. We are now using our
last supply of literature. 22,1 KK)
pounds of books and pamphlets were
delivered at the building on Wed
nesday. This supply will last two
months. Requests for literature
and further information now aver
age forty a day. Six weeks ago we
were pleased to get that many in
a week.
A splendid week closed Saturday,
at six o'clock.
Annual Meeting of Colorado-to-Gu!f
To all parties interested in the
Colorado-to-Oulf Highway Associa
tion :
The regular annual meeting of
the Colorado to Gulf Highway Asso
ciation will be held at Amarillo,
Texas, on July 20th and 30th, 1915.
This being the annual meeting, of
llcers for the ensuing year will be
elected, and such other business as
may be brought up will receive con
sideration. It is therefore import
ant that a full attendance be had and
every county organization should be
sure to send full representation.
Present indications point to a very
heavy travel over this route during
the coming summer and there will
be much work for the association
to do, so let us have a full attend
ance and gel the work well organ
ized. Respectfully,
A. W. READ, Sec.
Christ Will Edit The Kadle
Cranks Follow Sume Trail
J. H. Christ, the well known dem
ocratic attorney, has leased the
printing and publishing plant of A.
J. Loomis, for many years editor
of fh" Santa Fe Eagle Mr. Christ
will conduct a democratic weekly,
and will personally take editorial
charge of the paper. Mr. Loomis is
internal revenue agent, and was re
cently transferred to Denver, mak
ing it necessary for him to dispose
of his newspaper and printing pro
;m rii- s. 'I he piant is heiiu moved
from the old cathedral block to the
Hampel building on lower San Fran
cisco sti t. Santa Fe New Mexican.
Ask the Department
San Diego, July 5, IÍM5.
Following is a brief summary of
the daily reports for the week end
ing Saturday, July 3, 1915.
The high-water mark in attend
ance was reached this week. 14,055
people entered the building during
that period. 2,000 of these register
ed on the books. Ill New Mexicans
visited the stale building during the
six days.
This increase in attendance for
the week shows that the summe
rush lias commenced in earnest
The local hotels, and a majority of
the apartment houses and rooms are
filled up. The leading hotels are
now booked solid through July and
7,000 members of the Christian
Endeavor Society attended their
It is singular that the American
crank who turns into an assassin
always believes himself to be the
avenger of some great wrong, and
entitled to the reward of heroism
for their bloody achievements. They
are ready to pay the price of their
nefarious action without murmur,
and are doubtless sincere in their
that history will chronicle those
deeds as among the heroic.
In the assassination of Lincoln,
Wilkes Month thought he was per
forming an act of genuine patriot
ism. "He if, ever thus with ty
rants," he shouted, as he sprang
upon the stage after shooting the
president. In his blind insanity he
thought the world would accept
dim as a martyr and the blame be
pli.ced upon Lincoln.
When (uitau shot President Gar
Held he was laboring under the men
tal hallucination that he was a per
son of supreme importance, whose
claims had unjustly been ignored
by the president. He undertook to
right his own fancied wrongs, and
believed that history would justify
his action. His insans egoism was
just about on a par with that of
When Czolgosz shot President Mc
Kinley he believed he was discharg
ing a great public duty. Intlamed
by classic appeals, he was afflicted
with the same insane egoism that
characterized Month and Guitau,
and was conlldent history would
award him a crown of glory. He
was (he instrument chosen for this
work, just like every other crank
is a divinely inspired assassin. They
all ascribe the inspiration to God
nstead of to the dev il.
And when Frank Holt attempted
to assassinate J. I'. Morgan in the
presence of his family as a means of '
stopping the European war, it was j
the same blind egoism the same
form of insanity that inspired Hoolh, i
(uitau and Czolgosz. "1 am a Christ- !
ian gentleman," he asserted before (
he committed suicide, "and for what
I did the inspiration came from '
God never inspires any individ
ual to kill, and when the assassin
declares his inspirfaion comes from
God it is but irrefutable evidence
of his egotistical insanity.
It is the same with these people
all the way down the corridors of
time. The assassin in his insane
egotism always claims a heaven
sent inspiration, and believes him
self tit be a Christian gentleman
and a patriot of noble purpose.--El
I'aso Times.
"My stock has worm- What can
I do for them?" This question is
often asked by farmers of the bu
reau of animal industry's zoologi
cal division, which investigates live
stock diseases caused by worms and
other parasites. The farmer does
not always realize that there are
many different parasites affecting
animals and what might help them
in one instance might not in another,
and so the division can only write
back to the farmer, "Send in speci
mens of the worms." The moral
is I hat owners of livestock affected
vv ith a parasitic disease should, if
possible, send in a sample when
writing to the zoological division for
assistance in getting rid of it. The
symptoms of the disease should also
be described in some detail.
I There are thousands of specimens
of parasites belonging to the animal
kingdom already known to man,
and new ones are continually being
'discovered Some of them appear
to be quite harmless; others are
' most injurious, and some produce
conditions for which no cures have
been discovered. The loss to the
livestock industry in the United
States from animal parsites amounts
i lo hundreds of millions of dollars
' every year, and in addition to this
damage certain of these parasites
can be transmitted to man, either
in meat or otherwise. It was for
the purpose of investigating such
parasitic organisms with the view
of developing methods of preven
tion, control and treatment that
ty zoological division of the bu
reau of animal industry was estab
lished The division now possesses
' one of the largest collections of
j specimens of parasites in the world,
Turnip Seed
Now is the time to plant. We
have all kinds in bulk. Price 50c
per pound, llerz.steln's.
which is most useful for purposes
of reference in identifying specimen
parasites sent in by the farmers,
and others.
In conducting its investigations,
the zoological division endeavors to
have in view direct practical ob
jects, as the control and eradication
of a certain parasite infesting a
certain kind of animal. The com
parative efficacy of stock dips as
remedies for external parasites, as
scab mites, lice, and ticks, have been
determined, including the arsenical
dip. This is an efficient means of
destroying cattle ticks and has been
an important factor in the progress
made in tick eradication in our
southern states.
Among other parasites which
have been investigated with a view
to eradicating them are gid para
sites in sheep, roundworms of cat
tle, sheep and other ruminants, tape
worms of chickens, lice and mange
of hogs, fringed tapeworm of sheep,
a trypanosome of American cattle,
sarcosporidia, tapeworm cysts in
the muscles of sheep or sheep mea
sles, beef measles, trichinae, and
roundworms of hogs.
on Garage
Open for Business
Our building has been completed
and our machinery installed. We
have a force of expert machinists
and can give prompt and effici
ent service at all times. Our
Garage building is the largest and
best in Northern New Mexico
the garage where your machine
is safe. We carry a complete line
of tires for all machines.
The Clayton Garage
On corner opposite postoffice
4 T 4. 1 1 i. í J i. TT J
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we do claim to be the best. Our product is worth
money, the same as yours.
The Linotype type was made to read
I The News is a readable newspaper I
i $
Send us your difficult composition. Have it done "THE
LINOTYPE WAY" the only way. Ordinarily we can
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