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competition Clayton's Only Readyto-Weor Store CrL rosT Z0NE
U.: :..,:m.;:..J -L t ; ' WEEKLY STORE NEWS fVfí : N :: J
3313 off Ladies Dresses
The bipgest values ever offered on
ladies dresses is on sale at this store
$25 Brown Velvet Dress now
$20 Black double skirt effect
dress emb, $13.34
$16.50 Black and blue emb
dresses, $11.00
$ 1 5 Black Meslin dress $10
12.50 Serge and Tafetta silk
All guaranteed good style.
33 1-3 off ladies dresses
Only 36 more days until
Xmas day. We have a nice
present Jor you to give to your
friends. May I show you them
today. I have the present for
mother, father, sister, brother
niece, nephew, uncle and aunt.
Xmas Fur Sets and Muffs
All collars and pieces $3.95
set up to $22.50 set.
Odd muffs 6.50 to 7.50
Mens Clothing
We have the best for the
least money. Hart Schaffner
and Marx suits and overcoats
all colors $18.50 to $25.
Suits guaranteed all wool
12.50 to 16.50
Cotton and wool mixed suit,
6.50 to 10.00
Guarantee Satisfaction
Mail order competitors
and Childrens
Men, Women
Mail order competitor.
Mens heavy fleeced underwear
Heavy fleeced union suit, 1.00
Childrens heavy fleeced up to
14 years, 50c
Ladies ribbed fleece, 75c
Ladies heavy fleeced, 1.25
Mail Order Competiton
Mens Overcoats
Hart Schaffner and Marx
black and gray, 25.00
Overcoat Astrican collar, 12.50
Good all wool overcoat 10.00
Heavy gray and brown mixed
coat 7.50
Sweater Sale
Ladies sweaters, 1 .50, 2.00
sweaters, 98c.
Men and ladies sweaters, 3.50
and 4.50 now 2.95
Mens and ladies sweaters 3,
and 3.50 now 1 95
CupTrilht lUrt BcWfner Uia
Ladies Auto Hoods
New just received long
veils, black, blue cordu
roy, just the thing, 1.50
Ready To Wear Store
Odd Hits of News
Mt. Vernon, Ky. Ilev. F.zra Camp
bell is believed to be the oldest
minister of the gospel in the United
States. He is the pastor of three
Baptist churches, has been preach
ing for 79 years, and holds the, rec
ord in Kentucky as the marrying
tirand Itapids, Mich. On the 4tl.
of July seven years ago, Salvator
Ainali, then 1 year old, was shot ac
cidently by his older brother. Par
alysis followed, and the boy died
recently after lingering seven years.
Milford, Conn llalph von llacht,
23 years old, blind from birth in
one eye, had his sight restored when
surgeons successfully performed an
operation for appendicitis. The ap
pendix had heed resting against one
of the nerves which connects with
the optic nerves.
Shenandoah, Iowa Driving Ave,
dogs hitched to an Alaskan mail
sled, Miss Kstelle Mason of Nome,
Alaska, is completing a queer tour
of the world. She finished her trip
at Cincinnati, having traveled 32,000
miles. If she arrives at San Fran
cisco with two of her original dogs
and the mail sled, she will receive
New York, N. Y. Charles Fred
erick Fowles, wrote in his will that
if he and his wife died under cir
cumstances that made it dilllrult to
decide which died first, it was to
be presumed that lie preceded her.
They went down on the Lusitania.
New York, N. Jennie lleich, 22
years of age, has been treated in
hospitals more than 150 times in
two years. She has been taken to
three different hospitals and treated
for three d i tie rent attacks in one
day. Her malady s puzzling phy
sicians, who declare that every tircu
she rides in a car or in a vehicle
the motion causes her muscles to
tense so that she lapses into un
consciousness. Baltimore, Md. Stephen Brown
was rushed to a hospital here for
an operation on his eye, which had
been pierced by a piece of steel.
A powerful magnet was placed close
to the eye, the current turned on
and the steel sliver came out. It
was one sixteenth of an Inch thick
and three quarters of an inch long.
Philadelphia, Penn. Sixty-throe
years of married life and not one
cross word. Thus have Mr. and Mrs.
tlhurles K. Bodine made their home
Utopia. The couple recently cele
brated their sixty-third anniversary
by going to the movies, after which
they were given a surprise party
by four generations of their fam
ily. East Greenville, Pa. Four frac
tures in four years is the record
for bone breaking held by Mrs. H.
Mmnbauer. She is sixty-live years
old, hut the fractures in each case
have mended rapidly.
New York, N. Y. Thomas James
Nutty has grown tired of the sug
gestiveness Of his name and the con
sequent ridicule. The court, when
appealed to for relief, allowed him
to assume the new name of Thomas
Jumes' Nuttley.
Meridian, Miss. Mrs. James Bee
ves, who has five grandchildren, re
cently presented her husband with
triplets. Two are girls weighing
seven pounds each, and the other
a boy, eight pounds.
South Norwalk, Conm Giles Gre
gory has stepped from the, poor
house to a palace. When Henry G.
Green, un eccentric, said to be worth
$150,000 died, it was found that he
left no will. The money went to
Gregory, an almost forgotten uncle,
who has been an inmate of the poor
house for ninny years.
Home Economics Club
Following is the program for No
vember 20 tli.
Hostess: Mrs. J. J. Herringa.
Holl Call: My favorite perfume.
No. 1. The proper care of the
skin and reasons for such care
Mrs.' J. It. IUxey.
No. 2. Toilet Soaps with cosU
Mrs. Law.
No. 3. The ideal bathroom Mrs.
No. 4. Homemade preparations
for the toilet Mrs. Campbell.
No. 5. Advisability of using facial
creams except for medicinal pur
posesMrs. Savage.
Discussion: What shall I buy for
the bathroom in the way of toilet
supplies? Leader Mrs. Talbot.
Lesson. Toilet and bath. Pages
Program Committee.
1 Ren
his c
member Who Did It!
This county is not the only one
that is complaining of the resulta
of the tax legislation of the last
legislature. In fact, to judge from
the press, the chorus ia being joined
in all parts of the state. It is well
just now to remember that it was
necessary for the old gang to steal
several democratic seats in the leg
islature in order thai they might
enact the taxation and salary law
wholly independent of the wishes
of the democratic members and the
governor. We feel sure that the
men who did this are willing now
to share some of the criticism with
the above mentioned parties and
shall not be surprised to see them
trying to lay the fault in some way
to the wrong parties. Farmington
W. W. Bailey of near Grenville,
was a trader and business visitor
in the city the first of the week.
Don Jose Manuel Gonzales of Bu
eyeros, one of the county's oldest
and best citizens, spent the week in
the city looking after large business
interests and visiting frineds and
Jacobo Pacheco of Alencio, was a
business visitor in the city Wednes
The Old, Ola Sabeerlber
How dear to my heart aro the old
thing! In general,
When fond recollection presenta them
to view;
Old pewter, old linen, old frlenda and
old china.
Old booka and old song-a are far bet
ter than new.
And old ahoea for comfort (We need
new onea badly)
The old corncob pipe I ahall alwaya
hold dear
But the old, old aubacrlber, I men
tion him gladly.
Ever faithful and true, he renewa
by the year.
The old, old aubacrlber, the dear old
The faithful old friend who renewa
every year.
Old wine and old sweethearts, the old
er the better;
The old folks at home what Is home
without themT
The old swimming hole It must not
be forgotten
The Jewel of memory's wlseJu Aladea
Old times and old customs, and e'en
the old dances
(We'll have to admit we cannot turkey
But of all Institutions, if one must
take chances.
The old. old subscriber's the best of
the lot.
The old, old subscriber, the dear old
The paid up subscriber's the best of
the lot.
News Items from ttie Business .Mens'
A party from Missouri is in com
munication with the Business Mens'
Association relative to the erection
of an ice and cold storage plant
in Clayton.
It Isn't Your Town It's YOU
If you want to live in the kind of
a town
1 hat's the kind of a town you like
ou needn't slip your clothes in a
And start on a long, long bike.
You'll find elsewhere what you left
For there's nothing that's really
It's a knock at yourself when you
knock your town
It is't your town It's Y'ou.
Heal towns ere not made by men
lest some body else gets ahead;.
When everyone works and no one
You can raise a town from the dead.
And if while you make your per
sonal stake
Your neighbor can make one, too,
our town will be what you want
to see
It ln't your town It's YOU.
State Baak Report
.. Report of the Condition of
of Clayton, New Mexico, at the close
of business November 10, 1916.
re go incus
Loans and Discounts $ 160,123.58
Secured by real estate (In
cluding mortgages owned
Secured by Col't'l other
than Real Estnte 110,762.86
All other Loans 100.60
Overdrafts None
Other Real Estate Owned ' 6.603.70
Due from Banks 81,627.42
Checks & other Cash Items None
Actual Cash on Hund 6,610.00
Cold Certificates 12,000.00
Silver Coin 800.00
Legal tender notes 600.00
Nat'l Bank Notes.. 3,600.00
Cash Not Classified 10.00
Total Resources 8 193,864.70
Capital Stock Paid in t
Undivided profits (Including
accrued interest and any
other amounts set aside for
special purposes, less cur
rent expenses, interest and
taxes paid
Due to Banks
Savings Deposits or deposita
In Interest or Savings De
partment -
Certificates of Deposit
Bills Payable, Incl. Cert, of
Deposit Representing Mo
ney Borrowed .
If you want to help put your town
on the map throw in with the Busi
ness Mens' Association.
The Business, Mens' Association is
having a beautiful twelve page illus
trated pamphlet printed in two col
ors, to advertise Union county and
Clayton and attract the new comer
and Iho investor.
Total Liabilities f 193.8(4.70
President, H. J. Hammond; Cashier,
Herbert J. Hammond, Jr.; Directors,
Fulgencio C. de Haca. H. J. Hammond,
Terbert J. Hammond, Jr.
State of New Mexico, County of Un
ion, ss:
Herbert J. Hammond, Jr., Cashier,
and H. J. Hammond, President, and
Fulgencio C. de Baca. Director, and
H. J. Hammond, Director, and Herbert
J. Hammond, Jr., Director of the Un
ion County Trust and Savings Asso
ciation, of Clayton. New Mexico, a
bank organised under the lawa of the
Territory, now State of New Mexico,
upon oath duly sworn, each for hlm
and foregoing statementa of the K
sources and Liabilities. Depositors, In
terest paid on Deposits and Dividends
paid on Capital Stock, of the above
named bank at the close of business
November 10, 1115, are correct and
H. J. HAMMOND, President
FULGENCIO C. de BACA, Dlr't'r.
H. J. HAMMOND, Dlr't'r.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 10th day of November, A. D. 1916.
Notary Publlo.
My commission expires September IT

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