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The Clayton News
Hfflolal Paper ot U. S. Land Offltc,
atcrcd Va he roat'Offlee at Cluj-lon,
Ce Tf Mexico, a Second Claaa Mall mat
en October M. 1M)9, uc-.r the net of
March 3, 187
0. C. SMITH Publisher
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board or control kor sYvik
Ilivwilluators fioys Stutc Is Lnshin
Money; Itml Office' Over-Manned
hiiiI Too Many Chances for ÍJraft.
Placing llif management of the
state's lands id the hands of a board
of control made up of the governor,
auditor, superintendent of public
instruction, (president, of the univcr
( (ity and possibly others, is the chief
' recommendation of the Bureau of
Commercial Economics inthe report
of its investigation of the state land
office for the Special Hevenue Com
mission. The report, made public Satur
day by former Governor 11. S. Ha
german, head of I he special revenue
commission, says the board's prima
ry functions should be determining
the office's policy, approving appli
cations for purchase and leases and
finally, approving sales. The com
missioner shwild be retained, but
his responsibilty curtailed.
Nine Western Stales Have Cnimui.s
slon l'liin.
Wwoming, Idaho, Oklahoma, Col
orado, Minnesota, Oregon, Montana,
l iah and Washington have boards.
New Mexico is (he only one of ten
slates thnt lias "entrusted the ad
ministration nf it public lands to
one official.''
The office's greatest fault is de
clared to be the delegation of too
much responsibility to sut ordinales.
"' the various functions of
handling leases and sales are dis
i ributiHl 'among the more important
employes of the office."
State I. owes .Money.
Five states Colorado, Montana,
I Uih, Oklahoma, and Oregon have
higher minimum' charges for their
lease than New Mexico, the roporl
'ays, and sell their leaxes at public
lurlimtHo the highest bidder, lly
following their example the income
from iNcw Mexico's lauds could he
increased. The stater now loses big
Tn report comments that New
Mexico has more lax laws than any
other of the states administering
As to the of fire", policy, the report
says sales now are confined practi
cally to thoe areas fro wihich appli
cations were filed before they be
came state lands. As these funds are
dear listed the ofire sells thorn. Of
ficial in the ofice staled, according
o the report, that (ho only applica
tions now accepted were those for
agricultural lauds and lands which
i lie aplicanl.s wanted for "rounding
mt'' their holdings.
Classification Urued.
Early classification of the lands re
idvised,. It is felt, the report says,
'hat the classification would show
that the minimum prices $3 for
iurt of the stale ami 5 for the rest
-could be raised, for tracts sen tier
ed throughout the state.
Limit Aereaur, Says.
Another recommendation is that
the acreage covered by one upplira-
'loll lie limited. .No suggestion IS
made as to the acreage, hut ntten
tn; is called lo the recommendation
oV the taxpayers' asociation for re
stricting it to 2.5tH) arres for out
I ho report cloesn I make any
cahrge of grafting, but points out
that under the In Matutes for th
government of the offices, opportu -mlicg
are constantly knocking. Em
ployes could show favoritism ami
could profit personally from their
official knowledge, the report in
serts, if they desu rd. The report,
however, reromnivmla passage o.f nn
art. making it a inisclenianer for anv
employes to use knowledge gahi"d
in official capacity for private gain.
The assistant commissioner express
ed himself as favoring the art.
The report .says ofluiaN slated
that they had found evidence of al
tenipls on the part of bidders Si
suiprc (milling ami recommends
pusage of another act for tie' pun
ishment of fuither attempts along
Ihat line.
liarly Oil Leases Liberal.
Attarking the early oil leases is
sued by the office the report says
it could hardly be asserted that the
stale gained much financially. Of
ficials said the policy pursued in
issuing these was the development
of the state. The report concedes
agreement as to intentif not actual'
accomplishment. These leases were
sold at low rales. As (he result les
sees were enabled to assign their
holdings at greatly increased rentals
and this brought down severe crit
iesm on the office.
The report further questions the
advisability of withholding from
distribution rentals from leases at
tacked in the courts some on the
;round that, they wero sold at pri
vate sale and others on the ground
that the commissioner could not re
serve mineral rights in lands under
contract for salo, yp lo October 21,
the amount withheld totaled 1271.
HIO. '
The report admits that n with
luddmg the rentls the office had the
verbal approval of the attorney gen
eral, but adds ii seems in want of n
Office Dm Chauffeur.
The office carries on the payroll
Jone employe styled as "chauffeur,"
vl ki it, r ,rr.,. u.. i;m.. r..r
in, i, in, , ii no bm iniiij nn- i,m
an automobile maintained for the
use of the commissioner, the report
says, that, the "chaof icor" performs
clerical work in the office. Tins
official, the report remarks, couh
easily he abolished.
Auto Not Needed.
I lie adv isiihilit v of maintaining
the automobile for the commissioner
is questioned. It appears that it
cannot be justified nn the amount
of official use it could he put to.
the report says.
The report made public by Mr.
Hagerninn yesterday completes the
liudmgs of the Bureau of Commer
cial Kcoiiomics. The bureau some
lime a:o submitted one section of
the report in advance. The first,
however, was fragmentary and dealt
only with' the accounting system
followed in the office. The remain
der, made public loda.v, deals chief
ly with "the administration and or
ganization Santa l'e .New Mexican.
January lit.
Will They Keep The Faith ?
Governor Mechem in his recom
mendation to the legislature nines
that ail of the, g. o. p. platform pled
ges be enacted into law. He gors-f
runner, and urges that Uie strictest
economy be practiced in fho expend
iture of state funds. He would
change our election laws, and would
abolish that political organization
known as the ninunled police. Fur
thermore, the governor would ge be
yond the recommendations of .his
party and invade the archive; ot
the sacred land office by creating
a special commission to guard the
future destinies nf that inslltullon.
Th'e message is short, hut is full of
good suggestions for the Lawmakers
now in session nt Santa 1-e. If they
will only heed the advice given by
the chief executive, and dare lo of
fend the members of the" third
more eonpliihivn" iinittiun l.lm nffien
house by expelling the Honorable
could well have assumed that the Hursum with a swift Urk, and ig
reutals belonged lo the stale and '""''J the counsel of Charl and oth
turned over receipts lo the benefi-1 ors' tnft ,,er PwP'e of the slate my
uopu tu gwi sumo reuei iroiu uiu
present burden of heavy taxes.
In wondering whether the bum
At least the report continues, steps
could be taken forcing the office
to demand interest 1mm the banks
for tho state on the rentals with
held from distribution. The lax pry.
ers' association, it, siys. should in
terest ilsi'lf and see that proniot
aslion is taken.
Didn't Itelnlii Offsets.
Untii recently, the report says, oil
leases for thousands, of acres wefe
issued without regaining offsets in
lliom. , "Continued publicity has
brought this fort forcibly to tho at
tention of the land office, aud it now
argues that it has retained offsets,
unwillingly perhaps, through its re
tention of non-clear listed lands. It
is a weak ai-gumenl. It is interest.
"ir to note thai in its more recent
leases the stale has taken very dras
tic steps to retain desirable offsets."
The rcnorf. rerommeiulR limit inir
í!íe acreage under one lease to 5,120
acres. This would curb the securing
of large acreages for speculation.
It is evident that the office is
overstaffed, the report says. The
aesisslant commissioner said, ac
cording to tho report, the office not
only liad more employes than it
really needed, bul some of them
were not competent. He said, the
reiMirl adds, if he had a free hand
he would -dispose of four clerks ut
once and hire two new ones.
Patronage is rampant, the report
comments, and the land office in'(
ny exception to the rule.
will permit the program outlined by
(Jovernor Mechem, we cannot help
bul remember what happened eo e
Oovernors Lindsay ami Larrado
when they do fled the bosses.
We will wail, and seo.
It's all right to clean up the : Into
land office, but let's not maifc an
other machine of the corporation
This Is rapt. I. M. Onodacre, the
sevcnty-elght-yeor-ohl court crier of
Washington. He 1ms taken part In
every Inaugural procession slnre Ihot
of President Kllltnore, except the sec
ond parp.de of President Lincoln, ot
which time ho was In thq navy, anil
ho IntemtH to bo In the Harding
Isishop Leonnnl nf Cleveland s1d nt
n dinner the other evening:
"I am so sorry to sot) that Cnnon
Harnea, the Knglish divine, "has recent
ly declared In a sermon that the bibli
cal account of the ctvfttlnn and fnll N
fo be credited no longer." '
Bishop Leonard pursed hl. lips
"Canon Hi.mes," bo ended, "Is tok
lug a good Oenl on Idiraelf ytUm lie
niinotiiices so contldently that Qeuesls
Isn't," '
.WANTED A competent girl for
general hnnsnwork. Mrs. X. IS,
Charllon, Clayton, N. M. 4- II.
An Aiprieialive Letter.
Albuquerque, N. M Jan. 13. 1021.
Mr. . 0. Smith, Editor,
Clayton News,
Clayton, N. M.
Dear Mr. Smith:
I find in the Clayton News the a
ti le which I requested yiu to pub
lish for I he Childrens' Home nod
Hospital, and I' nrito that you very
promptly and kindly responden to
:fie childrens' plea.
It is a very eycrturaging and hlp
ful thing to inem this work for the
children, to havo your friendship.
and to know that I eon always get
the childrens' story, when rightfully
told, before tho people, so far as
you are concerned.
I consider the publication of these
good stories, frinn time to time, one'
of the lal-gest gifts to the Childrens
Home ami l!oi-ital.
With kind regards, I remain,
Lady or Gentleman Agent wanted
in the city of' Clayton lo sell the
genuine .1. It, Walking Medicines.
Spices, Kxtracts; Toilet repara
tions, etc. All or paie lime. A won
derful opportunity fo gel into bus
iness for yourself. Wriio today foe
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Watkins Co., 00 Winonn .Mian. 2-5'
Clayton. N. M December 89. ipja
We, the undersigned, in ordei ffl
protect our fields against field ml-,
wibbils, and ground-squirrels, or
id tier rodents, hereby give notice to
whomsoever it nlay concern, that we
am putting out poison on our re--pective
premises for the 'puj'tviso
iiven above.
I'red Halton. Wm. L. Ramsel.
. II. Clark. H. A. Clark.
A. C. Lehr. Ü. J, Shchan.
Curl Clark. Mrs. J. ft. Nunn.
N. H Caiew. "'!
"drown at Plainviewt on the
Plains.'' established 1907.
Propagators of the famous "Com
paro cherry ' which will bear second
oar prom planting: a cross between
plum and cherry never fails in the
coldest season. We know the varie
ties of truil, 'hade and ornamental
trees best soiled to the rugged cli
mate of West Te.tas and New Mexico
and we grow them tiy the thousands.
Send for catalogue or .send us join
oriler. Plamvievv Xurscry, Plainvievv
Texas. 1 lt
The regular annual meeting of
the loekhoiler. id' I he .'armera and
Stockmens Hank of Clayton, New
Mexico, for the election of a boa til
of dii'ector lor (lie I'lisuing year ami
for the transaction of such oilier
husiii(S as may legally come before
it. will be held in the hank building.
Monday, January t, H2I. All stork
holders are urged to be present.
. D. W. PIUKSTLY, . .
3-2t. Cashier.
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Next Morninti."
Itobert Wod ruff says: 'My prem
ises were infested with rats. I tried
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tion. Next morning found seven dead
rats in bin, two near feed box, three
in stall. Found large number since.
No smell from dead rats. RAT
SNAP drys them up. Best tilling t
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