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the FAIttl HOME '
VJlic Farm nuilnd Makes Incomes
Go Further
you know how mucli it cost
U) mu your liouoeholil rorone year?
Iliw imii'li for food?
How much for clothing?
How much for rent or shelter?
How much for koi-ping up equip
tr.Mit? How mucli for higher lifo' This
1. Hooks, pniers. ningniines, mu
sic nnd good pirturrs:
2. Miíuoation, clnircli, charities,
entertainment nnd community en-
Nyne of ihpt cnu bo neglected
without impoverishing Uio life of
the family and nil can he. provided
if Uio family income Is proprely
Now is the lime to freshen those
winter dresses with new collars and
ruffs. Buy one of the pretty bor
dered lmvn liRndkochipfs for 25
cents; cut in two, sew ends together
by overhaiuling or lugotting, put on
Imnri or Jusl liem along raw edges
and you have (he collar. Another
handkerchief cut in. two and each
piece liemmed along' cut edges will
form the cuffs.
The housekeepers' club at Atrlsco,
near Albuquerque, is finishing tip
ifs community cannery. This is fully
equipped wil.li a large steam pres
sure canner and all Uioi necessary
apparatus for canning. The uan
ninir of meat for homo uso will bo
Hie first work undertaken.
Do you make your own dresses'?
JNIany, home dress makers aro busy
thesu winter months making paper
lross foijms, preparatory for spring
J'lant Only Trees With Well Devel
oped Hoot Systems
Hy Sec y, Chamber of Commercn.
It is not necessary for ono to bo
a rate man that he might be nblo
to understand thoroughly the situ
ation Mint confronts Clayton at tho
present time. The men who hamllu
your grain in Clayton aro not real
izing an abnormal profit as soma of
you may suppose; of course It may
seem to you that it is the snmo old
story buy low, sell high.
Wo believe that you will under
stand why wo are utiRblo to pny you
a belter priee for your grain In
Clayton when you .are conversant
wiin i ho inele concorning the pros
ent market, and tho prevailing rates
in effect.
Tho Kansas City market is always
open hut is regulated by the de
mand, that at the present time, be
ing very slight, prices are titmsually
low; the only mniket for this sec
tion of the country at tho present
time is export, liram for Uio ex
port market must be shipped to
Texas points for loading. From the
following letter having to do with
rntes you will understand why mar
ket prices aro so far below normal.
TJieso figures are taken from I he
tariff files of the C. A S.' railway at
I Jay ton, and are in effect at the
prosejit time:
For Export
Orain, to Texas ports for loading,
from Claylon 57Vjc per cwt; from
Texline to same ports, 50c per cwt
For consumption in Texas, Claylon
(o Texas points, 7Hc per cwt.; Tox
lino to same points, S2c per cwt.
This in itsfrlf tells the wholu sto
ry. The Chamber of Commerce is
taking the matter of adjustment of
those rates up with the Irafflo'inan
agur of tho C. & S. railway, and tho
Stale Corporation Coifunission; wo
hopo lo be able to socure soma ro
ller at once. Following are the lat
iera written lo each:
Do you
its toasted
To soal In tho
doliclous Burloy
tobaoco flavor.
Hefore transplanting your trees
lie sure Hint they have a well de
veloped root system, says Diiector
Garcia, of the Agricultural college.
Unless one year old trees are large
and strong, from four to six feet,
it is better to plant the two year
old trees. They may cost a little
mure than the younger ones, but it
is- poor economy to plant poor or
. All apple trees are cither fiudded
or grafted. If grafted, they are
oither whole root or piece root
jrrafts; if budded, they are whole
i-iml. frees. The budded or wlioite
root grafted trees will have much
larger root systems at the end of
the first year than the piece root
grafted tiees. If one year old trees
aro to be planted; only good sized
four or five feet whole root grafted
or budded trees should bo used. If
piece root grafted treesare to be
used, use trees whose tops as well
os roots are two years old.
fVvnis the F armor an Individualist?
Many believe that the man on the
laud, because of Ids isolation and
, tho fact Ilia t. the farm can proline'
a largo part of the family living, is
inolinod to "hoe his own row" and
. let tho other fellow do the same.
Thu fact bobs up willi increasing
froquonoy. however, that, the farm
er is acquiring a changed altiliule
respecting co-operative effort. The
proof is evident in such casos as
whero a group of lOloro counly
farmers recently made a co-opora-
, Uvo shipment of apples to Miami,
'.tizona, and shipped in u car or
earn and oalB from Kansas. Such
. evijlonco is becoming quito common
í .Í4U$0ugH"t tho atatu.
, Fifty-Fifty
Sho. Doarost, now that wo arc
married, I I havo a confession to
Irmku to you.
' Ilo. What can it be, sweot heart'.'
, Sho. Can you ever forgive mo for
deceiving you'? My right eyo is
- lüaiii of glass.
He. ííover mind, love-bird, so are
the diamonds in your engagement
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
l-and tOfftoe at Clnyt n, New ' Mexico,
January 12, 1921
Xotlca lit hereby given that Euel'
Barton, at Mt. Dora, New Mexico, who,
on JalinalT 3, ID 1 fi, maile Homestead
Bntry. ferial No 021 HG for NWH, Sec
tion 1", Township 26 N., Rang IS H
New Mexloo Principal Meridian, lias
filed notice of Intention make Final
Three Yer Proof, to establish olaim to
the land above described before lleg
Inter and Receiver, United States Land
Office, at Clayton, New Mextoo, on the
21st clHy of Kehruary, 1921.
Calmnht names hh witnesses:
William ÍL Scarlott. it. A. Clark, Au
broy C I.elir. John K. Bewley, all of
Mt. Dora, New Mexico.
Jan. ilVh. It. Heglster.
tt A S a
i Typewriters Supplies:
Ribbons, Paper, Carbon
Paper, Brushes.
All kinds of Legal -Blanks
at News office
Í9 5
to N
Let Us Print
Your Sale Bills
eiaytnu, X. M., Jan. 28, 1021.
Mr. II. A. Johnson,
Traffic Manager, C. & S. Hy.,
Denver, Colo.
Dear Sir: ,
Tho town of Claylon is facing'a
situation that is deplorable to say
the least. The existing differences
in rales applying to Texas points
from Claylon and Texline make it
impossible for the grain men of
Clayton lo compete with the grain
men of rxlino, ami Union county's
crop is being moved there for ship
ment. For export shipment's,. Claylon to
Texas points, Claylon has a rate of
57 'Ac per cwt.; Texline to Texas
points, iOo per cwt. To Texas com
mon points from Clayton, for Texas
consumption, a rate of 7c pe'r cwt.
is charged, plus war lax; from Tex
line to same points in Texas, a rate
of only (2o is charged, including
war tax. " -
For shipments north. Clayton
Denver, S2e per cwl,; Clayton-Trinidad,
'q per cwt.; Textine-Don-ver,
isie per cwl.; Toxline-Trinidnd.
SGVfco per cwt.
Shipments from the East ronton
via Texline givo Texline benefit ol
Colorado common point rato, cur
rying I ho samo rate for tho two pil
cos. Texline is an inlorme-liatc
point on the southorn routd and we
feel that-1 1 'V hi .should hao the
samo role.
The Chamber of Commerce would
thank you to use your influence in
this matter so that wo shall bo able
lo so adjust our rates that wo shall
be able lo compelo with Texline
To do this wo feel that wo should
havo a ralo of He for Texas com
mon points on all grain sent to Tex
as for consumption within. Urn state
Thanking you in advanoo for your
interest in ftiis matter, wo aro,
Yours very truly,
Claylon Chamber of 'Commerce.
Clayton, N. M., Jan. 28th, 1921.
Mr. Hugh II. Wjllianis,
Sania Fo, N. M.
Dear Sir:
Enclosed you will find copy ol
lellor sent to Mr. H. A. Johnson,
Demer, Coloracto, relativo to ratos
applying to points in tho Stato of
Texas. ,
Vo would thank you lo uso your
inlliionce to, Hkiyo an adjustmont
made so that wo could compalo with
tho morábante of Toxlinc in the
handling of the graiil that is grown
in ynion county.
The hands' of the grain men are
tiert so lo apouk by tho rates Uml
are in offocl.
Thanking you in advance for your
interest in this mallei' and asfiuuitig
you that wo appreolule your former
uffnrU in behalf of 'Clayton and
Union counly, "we are,
Yours very Iruiy,
Claylon Chamber of Commerce.
Farmers Barbel' Shop
Xew management; good barbers;
serViue and satisfaction. Mauuges,
shampoos ami haircuU. Hatha in
obiinection. On Front street, across
from the depot.
The Farmers Shop. 5-.')t
Department of thu Interior, U. 3.
Land Office at Clayton, New Mexico,
Jdmiary 12, 19Í1.
Notice Is hereby Riven that Albert B
Hunt, of Moses, New léxico, who, on
January 3, 1910, made Homustcad En
try, Serial íío. 02B4SS, for SV4 SWVi,
NHH SWH, Section If.. Township 29
N., nane 36 E., N. M. 1'. Meridian, has
filed notice of Intention make Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before Charles
1'. Talbot, U. S. Commissioner nt his
office In CluytOn, New Mexico, on the
23rd day of Fqbiuary, 1921.
Calmant nnmésLfls witnesses: ,
Herbert W." rfaTlBj Herbert f.awsoii
Henry T. Clallowny, George A. Italstun,
ull of Moses, New Mexico.
PAH VAlA'KItnii,
Jan. 22 Kcb. 19. Reglstor.
.otici: rou I'Uiu.ic.vTio.v
Department of th Interior, U. .S.
Land Office at Clayton, N. M., January
10, 1321.
Notice Is hereby given tbut Alfredo
Martinez, of Kephart, N. M., who, on
January' ! 1917, made Homestead lin-
try. Serial No. 021172. for Hk SV't,
Section 3; SU U NE14, NBW SKH, SÍ4
HKVl, Seatlnji ; ai)d S SKU, Section
3, Township IÍ -N.. TtatiRe S9 K., N. M.
1'. Meridian, 1ms filed notice of Inten
to make Three Year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
fore Register and Recelvei, U. S. Unul
Office at Clayton, X.. M., on the 21st
day of February, 19S1.
Calmaut names as witnesses:
Hplfnuln Gonzalez, of Clayton, N. M.
Seferlno Homero, Juan Homero, Juan
KodrlRUM, nil of Kqphart, N. M.
Jan. 22 Feb. 19. Hoirlster.
wn'ck rou lMiiii.io.vTio.v
Department of the Interior, IT. S.
Land Office at Clayton, N. M., January
12, 11)21.
Notloe is hereby glvuti that Placido
C, Uaroln, of Mler, N. M;, who, on
Sept. 17, 191S, mude HonteMend Appll
cation, Surlal No. 01826, for WVd SK
tt, section 1, lowusnip 2- iíuiik
32 15., N. M. P. Meridian, Ihih filed no.
tico of Intention to make Three Year
Proof, to establish claim to the land
above deoribed, before Charles P. Tal
bot, V. S. Commissioner, at his office
In Clayton, N. M., on the tlst day of
February, 1921.
Calmaut names as wltntNwea:
Isadnro Carola, Mnntln Carola, Kn-
fraelu Garcia, Frank a. Cnnados, all
of Clayton, N. M.
Jan. S2 Feb.. 19. Itenlster.
xtriuii ron PuniOATDiv
Deimrtnient of the Interior, IT. 8.
Laud Offla at I'Ujton, N. M., January
12, 1921.
Notice Is hereby Iven that Mrs. Mary
II. Ilollon, widow and lialr, for the
halm of Geo. M. Hollon, deceased, of
Miera, N. M.. who, on Sept. 13, 1816,
made Homestead Application, Serial No.
0Í3QTI. for Ktt NWV, HVVK, H 8BV4,
Seetlen 8, Township 21 K IlaiiKe 12
V., K. M- P. Meridian, baa filed notice
of Intention to make Three Year rroor,
to establish claim to the land above
described, Mary II Hollon, befóre Cliff
Myers. Clerk of District Court, Ok'.a
homa County, kl. City, Okla., aad
witnesses before Charles P. Talbot, U.
H. Commissioner, at his office In Clay.
ton. N. M, on the 21t day of February,
Calmant names us witnesses:
Transito Homero. William Wolford.
Bliner Klklns, William Jeffery, all of
Miara, N. M.
Jan. 22 Feb. 19. Beglsler.
Sandwich Corn Shelters
are making the money
We have just received very liberal terms on
. J. I. CASE .
Tractors and Separators
Swastika Coa! '
give more heat for the money
Clayton Produce Co.
SEE : l'S : HEFOllE : YOL : SELL t t ! ! ! :
UOOKOO SYHUP, !l5c Per Gnllon, or 00c Per Gallon by lliu Case.
5 pounds of Coffee for $ 1 .00
We bolieve in eervico and that is one big feature of our
We will be glad to help you in the planning of your home,
furnish you complete plans if neoosaary, give you an estimate on
the cost of the m&terial, frankly tell you the best kinds to use,
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will help you In seouring workmon and advise you honestly as
to the various materials reduced. Service and price are essential.
Big Jo Lumber Co

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