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The Clayton News
Published Every Saturday '
J. B. PROCTOR, Editor and Manager
Official Paper of Union County and
U. S. Land Office
Qe Year $2.00
Six Months 1.00
Throe Months .50
Advertising Rates made on request
Porelun Advertising Kfprfenttiv
Tlio significance of tliu election of
Senator Uursuni is mora far-reaching
limn the people of the stale
of New Mexico realize. The cam
paign in this slale has hecn watühed
willi interest hy the people of prom
inonco in Hie east. Had tliis slatc
ment hoen mado prior to the elec
tion it would havo been considered
pure politicul hunuombo, hut now
that tlio poople have spuken by tiicir
ballot and declared in favor of Sen
ator Jlursum, wo are giving below
Editorial Commonl," in the Balti--inoro,
(Md.) News, which shows what
significance was placed on the re
turn of Holm O. Hursuin to the
(J'roni the New York Herald)
Democratic disappointment over
the election of Dursum, the Itc
puMiean candidate for United States
Senator from Now Mexico, is more
biltcr than it was over the loss of
the state o Harding lasl year. In
the election of 1920, partisanship
was swept away everywhere ex
cept in the solidost part of Uic south;
by the transcondent Issue of saving'
tho country from perilous advon
tiiros abroad and ruinous misman
agement at home.
In that national election thcro
seemed to bo little thought and oven
less talk of Republicanism and dem
ocracy when tho vast majority of
the nation was bent upoii getting
the country out of the national and
international mess into which it had
been thrust, not as tho democratic
party's policy sbut as the imperious
will and infloxiblo program of a
singlo man.
But tho veterans of public lifo
have taken it for granted that with
tho great restoration of American
principles by that election of 1920
democratic slates would again grav
itate toward the democratic party as
naturally as water seeks its level.
New Mexico, in its brief period of
statehood had shown itsolf to ho a
democratic state until Mr. Wilson's
administration threw it over to the
Harding column by a plurality of
11,000. That tho state is still turned
away from the democratic party af
ter the Wilson issuo lias been dis
posed of for good and all, is the
staggering blow lo those democrat
ic leaders who are now trying lo ex
plain that tlio ote was very light.
Hring your wheat to Otto-Johnso:
Merc. Co. Market price on day of
delivery, or will contract for future
dolivery. Clayton or Toxline.
FOR RENT 7-room house on West
side. Modern throughout. In
quire for Mrs. Hayes, at Watkins
Rooming House. 40
Public notice is hereby given that
sealed bids will bo received by the
Hoard of Directors of School Dis
trict No. i, of Union County, New
Mexico, at the office of said Hoard
in Clayton, Union County, New Mex
ico, until 8 o'clock 1. M on October
tho Third, 1921,, for the sale of One
Hundred Tons of coal lo be used in
the school buildings in Clayton, New
Rids must bo submitted on the
Mr. Edsol It. Ford, President of the Ford Motor Company,
makes the following announcement:
"We are making another reduction in the prices of Ford ears
and the Ford truck, effective today. The new prices average $70.00
under former prices, and are the lowest at which Ford cars and
trucks have over been sold. List prices, F. O. 11. Detroit are now
as follows:
Amount of
New Price Oll Price lleduction
Chassis . $295 $345 jtfO '
Runabout i r 325 370 ( Í5
Touring Car .'55 415 00
Truck . 445 495 50.
Coupe 595 695 100
Sedan coo 700 100
"This is tlio third pricocul during the past twclvo months.
On September 22, 1920, tho prico of tho Ford Touring Car was in
duced from $575 to $140; Juno 7th to $415, nad now to $355, making
total reductions in this typo of $220, or 38 per cent. Tho samo pro
, PiMpatc reduclionMrtiay.c been made in all other types. Onp 5
yar!,ago...Hie pricaJKjhe Ford SodSffwas $975; today it lists at'''
$000 wjlh tho samcfqujamonU v'jy
"We are laking' -advantage of cvWffilJVvrf cc'onomytfñ tlio '
manufacture of our products in order that wo may give them lo
the public at the lowest possible price, and by doing that, wo feel
that wo are doing the one big thing that will holp this country into
more prosperous times. Peoplo arc interested in prices, and aro
buying when prices are right.
"The production of Ford cars and trucks for August again
broke all previous high records wth tho total reaching 117,090. This
is the fourth consecutivo month in which our output has gono over
the hundred thousand mark, the total for tho four months being
503,074, which has gono a long way in making possible tho present
reductions. Juno (his year, with an output of 117,247, was tho pre
vious, record month.
"One notcworlhy fenturo of our sulos is tlio increased demand
for Ford trucks and oars for salesmen. Thig'blass of commercial
lmelnese has been gradually increasing tho past sixty days and wo
interpret it as a vory good sign of Improvement in gonoral busi
ness. "No reduction has boon made in the prico of the Fordson trac
tor, and none is contemplated."
Co over those new prices. Seo how littles it costs to become (ho
mvnur of n Ford our or n Ford truck. Con you really afford to da ,
without ono any loiifjur?
Let us tell you moro about It, and ail vise you rennrdiuj.tlu deliv
ery or tlio particular typo of car in which you uro luterotsed.
. i- v
Pioneer Auto Company
three following grades of coal, lc
Mino run.
Nut and
Also, bids must be accompanied
by specimens of the coal proposed
to bo sold or a statement of (ho an
alysis of said threo grades of coal.
The right is roserved to rejcot any
and all bids.
By ordor of the Board of Directors
of School District No. 1, of Union
County, New Mexico.
Attest: President
H. II. ERRETT, Secretary. 39-2
The Board of County Commlsnlnner
met mis zom aav 01 Nememner. iuzi.
at 0:00 o'olook A. M., there eing pres.
ent lion. K. M. Rutleiltrc Chairmnfi.
ü uiK lurictt ana urani uenny, mem
hers, and C. C. Caldwell. Clark.
tup ooject ot thl8 meeting Is for
the' purpose of canvasslnsr the returVin
oi election nem in me various pre
olnctB of the County of Wnlon, In the
State of New Mexico, and the Board,
after canvassing the said returns, does
hereby d coin re tho said election as cer
tified to. to the State Canvassing Board,
as follows:
In the County Commlsslenrrn Court
Kitting Within and for Union County
New Mexico.
To the State Board of Canvassers 'of
New Mexico:
lion. Manuel Martinez, Clerk,
Santa Ke, N. M.
We the Board of County Commission
ers of Union County, New Mexico, sit
ting as a board of canvassers to can
vas tire returns of the election held
In said county and state on the 20th
day of September, 1921. and having
canvassed fho total number of votes
cast tor United States Senator and for
the Constitutional Amendments num.
hern 1 tn 11 Inn;
Wo tiereby certify that tho names of
me janaiaatea lor unucu oiaicB acir
ator and the Constitutional Amend
monts voted for and .ho total number
of votes for each at the above men
tioned' election In Union County. New
juexico on the zutn aay or aepiemDer,
1921, rtro as follows:
U. 8. Mrnafor
Holm O. Bursum 1103
Richard II. HAnna 1240
Apolonlo A. 8ena 12
Thps. S. SmH.h 32
Conntllutlonnl Amendments
No. For Against
1 1293 537
Dated this 26th day of September, AT
jj 1921. "
Board of County Commissioners
as Board of Canvassers,
BSTm. Rutlcdgr,
Jack Zurlck,
Grant Denny.
C.''c!"cldwel!, Clerk.
The Board sow adjourns until 9:6l
A. M.. Sopt 27 1921. .
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment of yesterday, same members be
ing present.
The object of the meeting Is to ar
range anfl adopt a budget, covering
county roads for fiscal year beglnnlmr
December' 1st, 1921, as required by law.
The day was given over to matters per
taining to- this budget.
There bklng no further business the
Board does now adjourn.
Board Af County Commissioners of
Unldn County, New Mexico.
By 13. M. Kutledge, Chairman.
C. C. Caldwell, Clerk.
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I One Size Packet-
All our skill, facilities, and lifelong knowledge of the
finest tobaccos are concentrated on this one cigarette
Jnto this ONE BRAND, we put the utmost quality.
Nothing is too good for Camels. They are as good as it's
possible to make a cigarette.
Camel QUALITY is always maintained at the same high,
exclusive standard. You can always depend on the same
mellow-mild refreshing smoothnessthrtaste andKh
"flavor of choicest tobaccos and entire freedom fotmi
cigaretty aftertaste. '
And remember this! Camels come in one size package
only 20 cigarettes just the right size to make the greatest
saving in production and packing. This saving goes
straight into Camel Quality. That's one reason why you
can get Camel Quality at so moderate a price.
Here's another. We put no useless
frills on the Camel package. No "extra
wrappers!" Nothing just for show!
Such things do not improve the smoke
any more than premiums or coupons. And
their added cost must go onto the price
or come out of the quality.
One thing, and only one, is responsible
for Camels great and growing popularity

tatemé I PMtOCfle at arte.
Ktm MolMi M gcn4-Cl aaall mat
Mt, Ovtebrr H ta r the Art mt
Mar 8, 1ST.

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