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. Dr. L. G. Smith of Tulsa, Okla., Most folks consider freckles a dis- H
A1 fl i Vmniin ,s makiS an extended visit with his Unci liability, but Kiibtirn & Kd- Ü
- FOIl RENT Two room cottage, iNo. f H
Cedar St. Inqtiiru of L. X. L. P. James has just returned from o """"-- I
"M r. ' ' rt K. Selvy has recentJy purchased Tay,op- 2Uf Kmporin, Kans Mrs. James and J H
!v ' n Ford coupe ' clnldren. who had been vlailinp rel- 4
-"'íi.". . C.-p. Talbot has recently purrhas- ulives, accompanied him home. They 2 STJDT'P' J7T C 4 Mr V TDnrrD rrc ! H
" ed tho properly owned by E. K. Ham, drove overland in their Nash. f 0 1 SirLiEt iiyfj Vl2L. J K3tvJjttKlt!tO H
15. A. Paddock is Spending a few west side of town, and is having (ho i ' H
.. days in Donvor this week. house repaired. Had you nnlfrorl the pape ad of H
1 4i Hie Associated Tire Store, to be FRTJJTS WCZWT A RT FC í H
: Mrs. Haydon and children left F. 0. Reed, superintendent of the opened Saturday in the Thompson x AWIÍÜ " M3i- I SiíJL12O X H
1 T -' Sunday rór Illinois, for a K'isit with American Railway Express Co., of building on First street? It will pay H
f , , relatives. Denver, was a business Visitor in '0U to look il over and Consider the wmm&mmmmmmmmMmmmmmammmmmmmanm k 91
- Clayton this week. values offered. A guarantee goes , H
Irá,L. Penninglon returned this with each lire.. X ' 1
week from a business trip to Lib- -Mrs. Margaret, lleck is visiting at i ri r 7 I
'oral, Kans. the home of her daughter in Guy- Wier Wood and familv are visit- rhonp J I lavton N M fl
.. mon, Oklahoma. She will bo gone ing this week at the home of bis 1 V,iajriUH, n. m. M
'. ' "This Tanlac is really the first f'"' a month. father. C. K. Wood. $ 'I H
'medicine. I have ever taken that does ' ... ' , , . . ... ., . ,, Sí4í44t,4t H
what they say II will do" Said I F Mr- nn,J Mra J- M- 1 "f Mrs- c" Sfihwestka returned home wmwmg h
Holly, Lexington, Kv. Wanser Drug Moines, were Clayton visitors last bis week, after a visit with reía- H
-Co week, coming down to attend the lives in Oklahoma. yeíStí'Sí
. Legion play, "Springtime." - 4 H
ksss ":k,;ís i?ssss: Farmer I I
:fBstsBs il
L. A. Wikoff. W . r ion parlor tho eok. which, however, will be spent in f We need your Cream if we are to make a success of i f
. " " fishing é Creamery at Clayton. e are the rause of price for but- H
0. S. Dillsaver of Lima. Ohio, is Pinion Jlerslein and family will ' terfat being 2c higher. Then who should net your cream?
; visiting bis sister. Mrs. C. W. Roush. ,0!,vp l,1,ont 10"' "f Jno for -r i wimHn im mmwi ,.r I . , , , , ... $ H
,., 5,., . r -a jí-,; -üS I .v;';;:,í;;,f;,? - 1 I
Carlos Lujan has accepted n pnsi- I'''1 flern markets. J. MMJoiuld. I
tion in the vulennizing department The Memorial window of the H. 1 llninn Pniltll-V rrDDtnfiVV nn H
,, of tho Klectric Garage. ROOMS FOR UF.NT-Husiness, light W. Jsancs' Hdsv. Co. wíIS arllstic UI1IÜI1 VOUfliy ViCClIIlcry aUU S
- housekeeping and single.-. See rally trimmed and attracted much i i f H
i'W George L. Tessey. a well-known Azar. attention. Twas a fine tributo to lP I filTlHatlV S H
. 'sv-'. Buffalo mechanic, said he had gain- .the fallen dead of America. t -V.V. VVUlailjr X H
1 ed twenty-six pounds and his daugh- Mi Wilnm MeGee. who has been A ,5, errnvii cntrifT yfvt niinii m mnvr'c cmnr $ H
ter was gaming every day. by taking spending the last year with rola- Tom Slate of the HeWrand com- t sihm.i, ihiuk n Hll VM.S S1UKL. H
11 f vi Taijlnc. Waner Drug Co. Jives and attending school in Clay- munilv.' was a bu-mie-s miinr iñ Z&S4&t&&&tei44& H
v lt --TT returned to her home in Kan- Clayln'u this woek. "
Hon. H. H. Krrell i again in his sis, tins week. t H
home on Court, street, that was dam- John Zuriek .Ir was in from the Fred Owens Jeft on the noon train 1 FHIvl) OWICNS (!()1ÍS TO WORK
k aB(l f,rn recenlly. The original 1. O. O. F. band lias ranch at Slead, 'several davs at lo,la' r'1r ,'iU'i vi"a'- w!"'ro ? Wl" H
" Paul, son of GTparlmm. of Ag- S55 "1- 1 " 0Wtimul T' Kfc Cl,'S KsS"X CiU'- K,";" l"" PptmIvo -sales.
nilar Coin., is visiting relatives in gai-dless ,.r Ifieir afriliaf ion with the W. K. Cone orWilkiiH. Okla., wn MNs Lr.lla Holler of Pasadena. !"an f"' 11,0 (:,a',(m Graee, band- H
Clayton during vacation. Odd Fellow lodge. , transacting business in Clayton, this Cali'., is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. mK ,",BÜ ""'olhers cars, reports UT
, " , . week. , n. Clark. tliat he has gone to work.
Geo. Hcckner of the Otto com- C. P. Talbot, and wfe lefl yesler- - As a result of his activities five
, , rnunity. wa transacting luminous day morning for Los Angeles Calif.. The First M. K. Ladies' Aid will M. A. Otero. Jr., Department Com- olir. Hrolbers tonrini: cirs"l.ivft I
In the city. Saturday. to attend the international conven- meet Wednesday. June 7, at 8:30 minutar of the American Legion, was , ""' touniife cais hao H
-.Pcmv,,.,. lion of Rotary Clubs. Mr. Talbol is P. M at the houui of Mrs. J. Clyde in Clayton yesterday, and while here f""ni1 (wn01's '" PJon- B
I iiir.nl Ahril.Mi ,U I lt.lv Hie representative oí thn Clayton Keegan. Ladies of Hie church are delered an address to the members ages of P. Jv. Mitchell. F,. F. Galle- H
No cutting wood hunting, or Ires- Club; welcome. r u. ,.,i p0.s. Luncheon was gos, D. E. Davis. Alex McKnizie and
k, passing oi any kind. ,,,, . " . . , . . , - wmM hi Hie Legion Hall of the Mr. Allen, salesman for the Good-
23-Í Hehidera Hoswell. Owner. ROOMS of all kinds See A.ars ROOMS FOR RENT. ;SEE AAR. niliary. in liis honor. earliivT W
I They arc worth Dollars 1 1
f I 6 ,non ounty UP t0 years f a8e we w give a Dandy Suit of Clothes, not over size 1 7 yrs, on IS
, II the above date. The only requirement being that he must have FRECKLES, Bushels of Them, and for a Second V
i! Prize, we will give One Suit up to Size 1 7 yr. to the Boy that wins Second Place. If '
j Remember 1
II You must be in our Store, June 1 0th, at 1 1 :00 o'clock, A. M., and that ybu must have more FRECKLES than any f I
If other Boy in Our Store for First Prize and for the Second Prize you must have next to most Freckles. If
ff 11 The Model Clothiers :-: Clayton, New Mex. If

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