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ie Pullman Cafe
35c- - Meals - - 35c
' """ ou.iu.l I IJl.VM'.KS
The ClaytonMbstract Co., Inc.
D .MOXIiOE, Manager
PItone MS
LfDfllDT TBaC iin Tlir m hicnn irthelr .sirnnnM fmm nnhii.ii,. i u.. Imv,..i,. .i.f .n-.-i..
. nnn "fnn'hS UilSífJííL8 'Vclí"0.Fn.t.ribu.lcl. 'd this column
i " ii. uOTuii w .u in j-rouiemg or any subject ner.
con.rolled by nnf individual "but ta open Kno who desire
to air his views on agricultural subject. arUclos of nbuslvfe
o purely Millcal or religious natuio will not bé consldorcd
Nono of ihoso articlos have any bearing whatever on (ho i noli nf
Ibis paper. All articles must bear tho signature l oMhe Kerf
Till. TUtlK-f ll'ictli.-o . .. I
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Pioneer Auto Co.
You remember that delightful Ut
ile fairy glory, "The Thrco Wishos."
V fniry appeared lo a poor wood-
chopper as Jie was at work in tho
woods. "Mako Ihreo wishos." slin
sniil, "nml (hoy will be granted." Ho
hurried home lo loll his wife tho
wonderful news. As ho-ato his sup
per of dry bread and milk, Ihcy dis.
usstii iiu three wishos. "Wo can
wish for an empire, great riches, and
a largo family," they said. (Thev
wero disolplos of tho Into T. It.) Then
hey fell into an argument as lo
iow many boys and how" many girls
would he most desirable. The ar
gument waxed warm. Tho man bo
came irritated. His meaecr sunner
pxeu mm. I wish I had a iausaco
for supper," ho said. And there it
was. 1 hen (hero was great lamen
tation. One wish had been thrown
awuy. How should they use the two
remaining wishes? Tho discussion
again waxed warm. Tho man again
lost his temper. "I wish Hiis sau.
sage was hanging from the end of
your nose," he finally said to his
wife. And it was so. Two wishes
(tone! .More lamentations. Only one
wish left. The wife wai ed. "What
Happiness would there be in an cm
pire, ur great riches, or a large fam
ily, while a sausago was hanging
from one's nose?" There was no
peace for the poor man till ho wish
il (he sausage away. And he .was
oniy a poor woodchopner ever aflcr,
That was in the good old days of
me good old fairies. So far as
ban. been able lo observe, that race
of fairies has long been as extinct
as the dodo. It would seem that the
average farmer hasn't heard of that
tragedy. Most of us aro inipaticntlv
waiting for some old-lime fairy to
'to for us the things wo feel oughl
lo lie done.
Yes, the old race of fairies is dead,
hut a new race has taken its place
The new fairy appears lo the Amer
ican farmer, not wlih an offer o
three wishes, but with the offer o
an unlimited number. In substance
tho offer is, "Ask what you will and
it. shall bo done." Tho only condi
tion is, the asking must be up lo
Hie standard. ,
What can we ask? Do I remem
her, or am I only dreaming that
few years ago, without tho shedding
of a drop of blood, the American
people paid Ihe sugar pirates from
Ivenly to thirty ci'l pr pound for
-nar. while tho warehouses were
Ta' H bursting with sua ? And
une of these suear p'ni'es 'ire to
da-, still beseeching congress to pay
!iu"n the diffcencc between what
irceived fo- Hi j sogar they had
" : nd when tlx litiliiil- burst and
what they would have received bul
for (lie collapse! IXm'l you think
I lie American peonlo would just as
readily pay us thirty cents for our
hogs and calilo and sheep if we
would only ask? All wo need to do
i to master that wonderful art of
Other interests have secured some
u-ry satisfactory legislation in tho
past just for tho asking. Don't you
think wo could go and do likewise if
we would only ask? We have con
trol of tho commissary department
of llio modern industrial system.
We also control "a large block of
voles in our modern political sys
tem. Wo simply need to tune up
our asking apparatus to Ihe proper
wavo length. Our legislators aro
constantly "listening." They are
niuious lo know what is "in the
air.'' Hut unless we ak and ask in
tho proper wave length, bow are
they lo know that we are "m the
u'r" willi a request?
Two of tho conditions necessar
effective asking are, organization
i ml ballots. The way to get some
Hung is to organizo and go after
i hem. The way lo get other wishes
granted is lo voto right.
We are on tho ovo of an eloclion
V 'ill conditions bo unchanged by
Ihe election? If they aro changed
will it bo for tho belter or for the
worse? That all deponds upon the
oters. Tho way to get good laws
enaeled and enforced is to begin
now and keep at it. Attend Ihe
precinct caucus and seo (hat good
men and women are selected as del
egHles to the county convention.
These delégales will then see thai
the right kind of candidates are
M-terled. And then all of yqu go to
their .support, from oublieitor to ih
bottom of the list. We aró grateful
lo tho Ilolarians for tholr patronage
and entertainment. They gavb us
several aadroasos on different sub
Jeoti, and some helpful demonstra
lions on organization and co-orierft-
When wo got everything rounded
in wo perfected an. organization lo
ho known as tho New Homo Pro
gressive Club. Wo aro well cdulp
ped wilh the exception of an hcc
trie? prod.
llio polls and seo that the host of
mese candidates aro elected .and
then back up these officers in per
forming the duties they aro eluoled
lo norfnrm
I havo heard from reliable sources LnMr;.and CliaS,' Shalia,of Wi
thal there aro some good Republic- ?'a' KT", ha "'"".'V2'1. hom9 af"
ans. rorhaps eduallv rolinhlo nW " " u" v,s" w,,n n,s romor, ü
CS Claim thorn nro snmn r,,l TnmJ h".6,naka' and n'
ocrats. It is also rumored that there
are some bad Republicans. I pneo
muiu n iiiumaieu mat I lore nrn
Mrs. I. K. Taylor, who has been
visiting this summer with . her
daughter. Mrs. Tom Uushnell of
! UIL'IC UiC ll.-.i f. .i. ...
some bad Democrats. I have also '? lün, '? v,B"mF T mcn noar
seen some newspaper reports lo the T ' 7 V, ,
effect that some members of tho So- f,Ulc,r' hav,ns come lo 'his v!cinr
uj wiiuii mucus were noi 10 Do seen
Very enjoyable evenins was
cialist parly wore not anirols. Noith
or Ilcpublican, nor Democratic, nor
Hocinlisl. nlnffnrrtia nin ún on I. ...... 11
. ...J Ilk 1 1 l ou iJ IH1 U I I . . . . . , , r.
fully written that a rascal in office 1 u m.Tu.u' "-. summers
wmiM ho i in .1 k....n...i ra luesoay, sepi. 12. ny ihe'fol-
administration. The recall i n verv ow,.n.?.famiIl": W- Po Jr w-
useful club in limo of need. h.,t ti. Ic.h orm- - a. Lote, James ,Orr,
nroner nlneo for n. mnii t,nr- tosler a Miss Ilulh Srhilh
.Mrs. P. K. Taylor and A. I). Chriltor.
son. Ice cream was served and (ho
proper placo for the recall is before
Hie eloclion. To judge .'rom the wav
somo people vote, you, would imag
ine umy Douovcd a bad Republican
is holier than a good Democrat, and
vice vorsa. Thoro are also some
who seem to think that any kind of
1 socialist is belter than any kind
nf a Ilcpublican or Democrat. Tho
Socialists would put so many re
strictions about tho officer that he
couldn t go far wrong. I do not be.
heve it is possible lo put strings
enough on a crook in keep him
traight. . How can we expect an
Incompetent man to make a compct-
tlberly' sehool district, which was
known for years as tho Gibbons sot-
tlcmont, since Bho was seven years
of ago, when sho camo lo this vicin
ity wilh her parents, from Indiana,
This young couple had only met two
weeks ago, but had corresponded for
several yoars, having been Intro
duced by loiter by Sedan's former
pastor, Ilcv. D. I. Hammónd, whoso
homo was in Indiana prior lo comi
ing to Sedan.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Shaha, sister
and brolher-dn-law of tho bride, ac
companied them lo Dalhart, tho
bridal couple leaving Thursday night
for their fuluro homo inTndiana
The best of wishes for success and
happiness 'and tho worth-while
things of life go with Jhis couple
from the many friends of the bride,
and Ihoso w'tw.bad tho pleasure of
an acquaintance wilh tho groom
during his short slay at Sedan.
guests dispersed wishing for more
such social occasions.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Canon and four
children of Kingsley, Kans were ov
ernight visitors at tho C. H. Lewis
home, Tuesday, Mrs. Tianon, being a
sister of Mr. Lewis, and aro on their
way overland by auto lo make their
future homo in California.
Mr. Wiley, of Joplin, Mo., nephew
or John I-. Wiley, after a pleasant
visit at Sddan left Saturday with
1110 pariy oi men wiui whom ho bad
ent officer? Tim Eniit. l-i i. "aY.e"!U 10 i,cw "Cxico, 111c resi
supposed to bo' robbed of all dan- "aV,n,s gone on to C,ovis durine his
gerous royal prerogatives so that
no matter how bad ho is ho can do
no particular harm, but I once heard
an eminent historian make the re
mark that a real strong-minded king
could slill find enough royal pre
rogatives lying around loose to en
able him to make things interest
ing for a whib
Wouldn't there be a howl if half
the people wero disfranchised? Ycl
sometimes half of them disfranchise
themselves by staying at home on
election day. Wo are born rulers
of the grealesL nation, of the world
slay here.
Miss Ora E. Jones of Warrens.
burg, Mo, after a week's pleasant
visit at Tyrone, Okla.. with Mr. and
Mrs. Karl Holland, arrived in Sedan
lo have charge of primary work
again at Sedan. Mr. and .Mrs. Hol
land accompanied her.
Mr. N. W. Oliver, principal of Se
dan school, motored lo Dcs Moines
this week-end to bring Miss Doris
Harris lo Sedan, where she will
again teach th and 8th grados,
school beginning Sept. 18th.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom JJushnell and
'T. r . ' .1 n . ,rj .
and wo relinquish all claim lo the , V""' "u"u u"u urr' "
throne nd nr. nnnlnnl m l. J Ua?ton' wcrc Sunday-guests at the
throno and arc conlent lo ho polil- V " n .
icnl blanks. When, wo mako blank, f,,0"11"'" ,
of ourselves it is no wonder that ;,?'l3- ,M
Wall SI reel lakes us at our word and
handles us as mere pawns in the
great game of Dig Business.
Did you ever stand around the
streets for awhilo and "listen in" to
see how many different kinds of
fool the farmer is, in the minds of
business men and professional men
and street loafers and politicians?
II ought not to lake long to convince
ourselves Hint wo are fools and lo
know' that we aro fools is tho frist
step toward wisdom.
Most of us feel wise enough' lo
criticise any officer from tho pres
ident down to tho dog catcher. The
man who isn't wise enough to vole
isn t wiso enough to criticise the
government. Moro than that, the
man who doesn't vote has no moral
right lo criticise llio result of oilier
people's voting.
Did you ever notice any particu-
ar difference between a Democrat
panic and a flepuhliean panic? Did
you over nolico any particular dif
ference between Ilcpublican pros
perity and Democratic prosperity?
(Of course, I understand how Henry
Lrrelt would answer, "Thero is so
much more Republican prosperity."
Lei ihe soap box orators soldo that
point.' Did you over notice any par.
ticular difference between a Repub
lican grafter and a Democratic
grafter? Can you see any 'particular
difference betwceAt a Democratic
administration that allowed the
treasury to be looted of millions ol
lollars and a Republican adminis-
alion that neglects lo recover the
loot from the loofers?
Good people are in tho majority
Good offico seekers aro in tho ma
jority. If all tho good farmers would
do their duty at the primaries; if al
me goou larmer fieiegaios would at
lend and do their duty at the conn
ty conventions; if all tho good fann
ers would do their duly at llio polls
we would have good officers and
good govornmont, regardless of Ihe
name of the parly in power
Tho fairy appears today and grants
you thrco wishes. Y'ou will have the
kind nf officers, tho kind of law's
and tho kind of law enforcement yon
ask for at the coming eleotion.
All correpondents please have their copy In this offico by Wednesday,
insure publication.
Dean threiihing U well advonoad.
with yield running around zero.
Bveryooa as busy gathering their
crop as if it were a bumper.
Mrs. Paris wa some better Sal-
Ira Sefton was at home the lalUr
part of the week. f ..
Tli so Wl Ida ted school at Mqrw
sker begin Monday. The truek earfe
on the route with Leo Bull aclitw
as pilot, engineer, brakje and coki
auoior. fbi.
urdsy. She ha been at the hospital I The chicken supper the lith wat
fui several days. a grand Suciess from every 8ngjé.
as were Sunday
'arsons and Miss
llulh Smith and Elizabeth Cole, Jr.
Dr. J. S. Carrington attended the
funeral of Cy Miller, who was laid to
rest in Thomas cemetery by the
side of his mother.
The study of the book of Phillip
ians is in progress at Sedan U. H.
Church at the SunJay night services
conducted by Ruth Smith, pastor in
C. E. elections wero held Sunday
night Sept. 17. The following of
ficers wero elected: Miss Ora'E.
Jones, vice president; Miss Verna
Love, Secretary; Miss Allio Lewis,
Remember the classes in hygiene
and homo sick care, by Miss Wills,
government nurse, lo begin Sep.t. 25,
nl Sedan. 1
Miss Emma Louise Gibbons, the
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Allen Gibbons of Sedan and Mr.
Ralph Hancock of Paoli, Ind., at tho
Baptist parsonage at Dalb'arl, Texas,
on Thursday, Sept. 14, 1022, Rnv.
Hicks of Iho Baptist church offi
Mrs. .Hancock was well and favor-
Tho new arrival at tho homo of
Mr. and Mrs. H; T. Steele, Thursday
night, proved to be another daugh
Guy Shcpard left tho 9th for
Lockncy, Texas, where ho will at
tend school again this year.
Mrs. Shepard's mother has been
visiting her, the past week.
Wo certainly were glad the Rodeo
brought a little rain with it, both
days, (he i'lth and lülh.
The school teachers from Las Vc.
gas have como up to bo ready for
school, Monday.
Dr. Brosicr took Howard lo Mos
quero, tho lith, whero ho would
lake the train for Albuquerque, to
attend college.
Thero was a good crowd present
at llio Rodeó both days.
The Redecrefided without any ser
ious accíuáhla "happening, but thore
might have been as Florlen Duko
was knocked down by a steer, and
D. C. Reynolds' brother had tho mis
forluno of having his horse fall over
his roped calf and onto him. He
had his loft fool hurl, but not ser
iously. Even the young men an(L tho big
girls with tho bobbed hair iikod tho,
"upfo Qúeená" of tho IÍod?ó.
Tho Drairlo firo which was south
of Chris Conncl's place", gaye a num
ber of people quite a lot of anxiety
until several cars pf people went lo
locate it.
John Gill and wife transacted
business at Romero, tho 13th.
Earl Jackard was down from Glay.
ton lo attend the Rodeo.
Mr. Barrel and his cowboys camp
ed at Drams, during the. Rodeo.
The Weeks brothers wero up from
Logan (o take pari in the sports.
A number of the young ladles
wero sympathliing wltbyJohn Zur
ich becausfe ho lost the 1 clay .race
Thursday, on account of his uh
cinchcfl saddle leaving 'him silting
on the race track Just 0, second.
It wag noticed that saVeral of tho
Junior high school girls' hadoscorls
at the Rodeo.
Men and women aV(Jrafto$!.00 per
hour selling hosiery; Toup .pairs
guaranteed -wear 'four months or now
hosiery free. We pay jo per cent
commission. Free samples to work
ing agents. Complete line of wool
and heather mixtures. ' Thisr 1 tho
big hosiery season. Experitnco un
necessary. Eagio Hosiery worjes. 1
Darby Pa. 40tf
After a man 'gets to own. a homo
ho wants a car to get 'away- from it.
prescription filled from our i
of drugs, is positively the
I BEST that money and skill will
f DavisDrug Company
j 1
The Star Lumber Co.
Phone 158 e. montieth, mot. ClAton, N. M.
i .i . a m 1 nyi-m-Jl
I t . i . mt . A.
4-v4j.., - - - . -i. . - - - - - f '
Hi W'MM Él m m iJ i Jm BIB U MMmíffmEftm ÁViaaaal


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