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Claytoh, New Mexico, December 15, 1922
life Wfinunl fire wasto totals,
VWi havo passed the five hundred
'miiIIIoU dollar mark, accompanied by
mm eon thousand fatalities and ovr
.venteen thousand injuries,
"''in to warrant Iho Adoption of
heroic moftuti8 lo tains about a
1 eduction f this criminal dosi.ntc-
t wt life and proporty, sevonly-
I m? percent of which Is acknowl-
isigftl In ho duo lo carelessness
Safety lo Christmas shopper and
I he conservation of, merchandise in
Mir city has prompted our Fire
liief to ask the cooperation of mer-
c hauls to assist him doing our par
t"vard reducing lilis enormous fire
le requests that the nierchnul nr-
i n-ge to have nil (lacking maleriu's
v.nMo paper, rubbish, etc, rmov-
1 1 from the store building da 'v
during Hie lo'May catón; Ilia! Jin
i ir of candles for decorative pur
..es and !h- li.slllialion of loin
norary oleclrlr ÜRhl wiring in a
haphazard manner be, absolutely
prohibited. Largo. "No Smoking'
signs should bo displayed ttiruuui
the stove and the rule enforced.
The hazard in connection with
the uso of tissue paper and other
inflammable derm-alive materials
ran be practically elinmated by the
use of crepe paper treated with a
fire retarding chemical during the
manufacturing process and other
' decorating materials of an influm-
loable nature may be fire proof lo
some extent by dipping them in
solution of sodium silica which can
be obtained at the drug stores. II
is also pointed out thai even small
fires at litis lime of the year make
shoppers timid and lend to curtail
buying. Our merchants will readily
seo the wisdom of not taking any
chances with experiments which in
crease fife dangers without In any
way promoting the sale of goods
The fire chief urges our citizens
also lo assist in safeguarding the
homos, churches and schools, against
the. introduction of dangerous ap
pliancos and to adopt electric lights
for Christmas trees in place of can
dles, being careful in dressing the
trees to keep tho linscl and collón
well away from lamps and wires,
In order to prevent tho spreail of
any fires lliat may start a fire ex
finguishcr should be kept ready a(
May we not have a No Fire Week
during the holidays?
Among Our Rural
Thursday evening the local l'ost
of tho American Legion staged its
third annual play lo a largo and
appreciative nudienoe.
The Legion play has become an
institution with the people of Clay
ton who love clean, wholesome
amusement. For the past two years
the play has been under the direc
tion of tho Staff of the John II. llog
ers Producing Co. Last year they
presented "Springtime."' anil this
week they are presenting All
lioard," a musical comedy.
Under the careful supervision of
trained directors (lie local talent is
creating a pleasant surprise by their
adaptability to the particular role
each play. moy gave two nours
of real enjoyment to their audience
last evening.
The local cominiltoe. of which .Mr.
Wcllesloy Hills. Mass.. Deccmher
I), 1922. There has been much dis
cussion of lalo as to whether the
building boom has spent itself, Itog
er W. Uabson evidently doesn't
think it ha. In commenting today
on the building oullook he called
attention to several bullish factors.
"New building," says Mr. Ilabson,
"is the outstanding feature of our
business recovery. II is what start
d us on Ihe road to better busi
ness. .ever no i ore m uie iiishmj
of the country have so many new
houses been built, as in the first
tell months of IU2á. For every home
that was built In Httl, two have
been built Ibis year. IJhsI year
in Iwimly-seven northeastern slates
of the country we spent $'.R8.000.-
000 for homes: lhi year we have
nlrea.lv snenl .UCW.OflO.OW. and
Frtihk O. lllui is general chairmun. i when Ihe con rinus on December
should be commended for their ef-lni. u. ta will very likely show
fort lo make the piny a suecos. i 0 per cent more Iban in 1021.
t'nion county people are appre
ciative, and well should be. bemuse
tho Legion is a homo institution anil
are building a fund for -homo de-
elonmenl in the form of a coin
uuinity center I hat will benefit all
the people.
Aside from saying Unit all I lie casi
"This building revival is not con
fined to houses, either. House build
ing has been the most (.peotncular,
but wo have alo built many more
offices, factories, school"1, liopiluK
churches, amusement bulls, public
roads, bridge-, reservoir, memor
ial, in fact, all kind of roiitrur-
pleudid work, we believe spo-, ,, Whereas our normal build-
menlion should lio marte i i njt um . about soi.uio.oiH),orKl, the
llowtird Wood. Di". I'.bimeue and ,,,, llf ,.,, Vl.ai. VV(, m, i,llVo
Mrs. .lolin I.. Hill. I heir work wa .. i, ,,, .i,,. ,,V(,t ,,f ..(VHM'hm.H.'
lever indeed. I -Wi a,k,,(, lf ), lM tlt tnnc
The Legion al large is lo ne com- , . . , . lhU
ideil highly for putting on a fine l lmil,lllt! ,, , Ml, .,,,. replied:'
..ssocia nm .,. ' ' ,.iM. r0M.,(l by l.ltle fnirles.
" !"0WS m'" T'w m . I . Ipv ! "' M-rsonated by lillle Anna May
'-' ,rs scattered oer li e ' "! I-' I Ki,t,r nd Uev Hum
"I do mil think so yet. I look for
continued building activity, both in
residential and business building for
;ihe greater part or 102.1. Heyond
Under date of November Xllli, New I ii... - i.,,,,, ,..xneet a decline. A
York financial circles report thai L,,,.V(.y jmi mude by I In National
there vvns aved in Christmas Clubs j . llf nm jMiile Hoards
throughout tin country in Hie pas
year Hie vast suin of one hundred
iiul eighty million dollars.
Our city has joined this very pop
ular thrift plan and wo are pleaded
to recommend thi system for accu
mulating money. ,
For the benefit of those who du
not know what a Chri-tums Club
is. let us tell I hem it is a plan for
saving money; in fact, it is not only
a plan but a sytem by which Ihe
member save.- n specific sunt each
The member deleriniues the
amount he can spun- weekly and
Í brings in the first deposit and joins
Mrs. Richard Duakworth is visit
ing friends and relatives at her old
home in Collins Co. Texas.
Mrs. II. M. Parsons leaves this
week for an extended visit with rid
atives ut Falls of Huff. Ky and
vvil be Joined by her daughter, Mrs.
illugb Charlesworlh! and then go
to Cleveland. Ohio, lo visit al Ihe
home of Mrs. Charlesworlh, before
her return home.
The December meeting of Ihe Ot-
lerbeln Oulld was hftld at Ihe home
nf Mrs. A. D. Jenkins, the .mlron
(lie best yet by the girl, and was
tltoroiiKhly enjoyed. Christmas car
ols were snug during tin devotional
hour and game and refreshments
fini-hed the evening. The Mises
Yerna and Kvn I.ove will be the
next hostesses for the January meet
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Parsons, A. II
and Mrs. Seely and the Misses ll.iih
Smith, ora Jone and Fdilh Hol
land, were Sunday Kuets at Hie
C. A. Cole home.
I'he small son of 11. 11. McDonald
has been very sick with a relapse
liter an attack of measles. Dr.
Carrington in atlcndnnro.
Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Payne etiler
iMlned Mr and Mr. Duncan. Mr
John ICntnn ami Mr. and Mr. C. V..
Pipkin and children, Sunday, at din
ner. On Saturday alternoon a very
pleasant birthday party wos lu id at
the John Horn home, Honoring ,i.
V Burn-' thirteenth birthday an
niversary. Inleresiinc games were
played in which I'lo.vd Foster and
lvu May Hums were Mie winners
l'he Second Annual Fair given by
the Women's Auxiliary of Ihe Pres
byterian Church. Friday and Snt-
niilnv. at the Mothodisi uiuren. was
a great success siiclally and finan-
riallv. he Indies in charge oi inc
affair had worked untiringly, which
was manifested by Hie many beauti
ful and useful articles displayed in
Hie various artistically deconited
booths. The ladies of Ihe comnnin
ily also assisted materially al the
four birthday parties given during
the vear. which help was so tunen
appreciated by Ihe members of the
Auxl ar.v.
The turkev dinner and chicken
snipper served on Saturday wore
well palrimied and greatly praised
The success of the affair was dur
largely lo the hearty cooperation
of the members, and much credit i
ilue those who ni.itiagi'd 11.
Nmetv vears r.po, m Harroilsburg.
the oldest town in Mercer county.
Kentucky, the mother of Hen Peacli,
prominent cili.en of Union county.
aw the light or bee first day.
She I raveled Ihe pathway of life
as a faithful member of the Hap-
list church, and a true mother to
three uirls and three boys, who re
side in Kentucky, except Hen. who
came west in I8H7. living In Colo
rado and New Mexico since Unit
Mrs. Peach lived in LoMiiglon,
Kv.. but at the lime of her death.
December útil, was visiting her son,
v. Peach, at Mllclielisbiirg. Ky.
Mr. Peacli was unable lo attend
i In, funeral, liettli: III poor neaiui
himself. His friend in New Mexico
join m tendering hint their sympa
the Chili, a special pass book being
. issued lo him showing the club
NOTICE TO l'ATHON'S OF T1IK inm,,, Und tho amount deposited.
The week preceding Christmas
day is the busiest in the. year in
ihe. Poslal service, because oí the
largo number of "packages handled,
Frequently packages are lost, dam
aged, or destroyed, because of the
excessive weight of mail at tins time.
All packages should be ecurel
wrnnned and plainly addressed with
the sender's name and address in
tho upper left hand corner. Parrels
that cun bo mullo prior to Decem
ber SUth. should be sent, and if nec
essary laboled, "Do not open until
The burden is in the afternoon,
becauso of the arrival of all trains
and country mail . If yon will mail
your packages in tho morning it
will insure butler service, lighten
llio load of clerks and carriers and
bo appreointod by all concerned
Your cooporatlon n soiicueu.
rhen he makes bis deposits weekly.
or in advance, for jO weeks, when
be has a nice .sum to his credit avail
able for next Christmas needs ot
to keen for future uo.
The "increasing Clubs are a novel
idea. The member starts with lc 2c,
5c or !( and increases ills deposit
the hamo amount each week. For
instance, in the ."ic club, first week,
"c: second week, 10c, third week.
15c, and so on increasing óc each
In Hie "Even Amount" Clubs the
member deposits the same amount
each week. Theo Club are 'Ate
)0r. St. 85. .tu or more. A Club
to suit everyone.
The Christmas Club has been in
use in many of Ihe large cities and
manv thousands of people have
joined. It lias proven tho inns
popul'ir plan for swing morn:., ever
devi.-d ".lo will mid ill,leill be
li-arlily welcomed in our city.
Tho Christmas Club is now ope
at the Farmers A Stockinens Hank
where full information can lie inn
for the asking
AT IlltinCE
cities still report a boii-inc short
age. of the remaining M cities. .YI
I'i'iiiirl no sbortau'e and only 10 a
moderate shortace. This study cor
robórales my opinion that Ibero i
lili much re-ideulial buildimi to
be done, altho Hie peak may have
been passed."
"What about renin?" Mr. Uab
son was asked.
High rents have probably passed
their peak. The long swing will lie
downward. Here ugam it is a ques
tion of supply and demand. 'I ho
oining decline in rents will not Lie
abrupt, at least, not until tins
building boom ha supplied mure of
the shortage. Ilental advances lor
the pro.rnl are slightly more num-
rous Iban dermics, but 111 lio ma
jority of cities thcie is no move
ment, either up or down. Oruilil-
ally, of course, the trend will turn
downward as the demand is moro
fully supplied. Industrial and busi
ness rents show surprising sun
ness due to nusiliess reemi-i, i""
Ihee do nut indicate any long con
tinued advance.
I am particularly oplitnislic with
regard to suburban building devel
opment. The boom in city build
ing will probably nut last, more
The little guest entered the din
ing room by couples, where a large
hirllnlav cake holding Ihirlrou
lighted uondlfS wn placed on the
table, wishes were made and Ihe
candles blown mil Itefreshinenls
of cake and cocoa were .served. The
following were Ihe guests". Maurtne
Miller. liessle. West. Phillip Cole.
Floyd Foster and ,L 11. Alvin and
FMi'tli Morgan. Alva May and Yerna
and J. W. Hum.
rh me suiiner held al f-edan
school Friday nigh! for Ihe library
fund, was n success, both socially
and financially, as over twenty
three dollars were msdo on Ihe
plea. John Huey served as auc
Mrs. Margare.! Dodd of Oil City.
Pa., is visiting al Ihe home of Mr.
and Mrs. L. It. Ilicliey, enrnule to
California, where she will sprnd Ihe
winter with her daughter.
The basketball punes with Mon
iker played Friday with Ihe Sedan
boys winning and the Mansker girls
Mr. C. A. Cole.
i ..u,ul ,1 tntter from A vvUKou losd of Christmas ire"s
the director of tho Gtrt ernmtmt Hov- v.cnt up the ilrcel the oUic- day
mgs Organization al Kansai City. - Mr. McFaddcn. ocal agnt o Iho
calling nitration to the efforts Ilfrlford Fire Insurance Co-.any.
crooked "bluo sky" merchants to M) -.aining wuu a rarnTO v.
get hold of tho Savings Stamps Cisyhn News Uff.
which mature the first of the year. -J suppose," said Mr. K Men,
We print the letter in ils entirety nodding toward the cens,
as received by us: "that al least ono of lhe trees
will be indirectly responsiw0 lor a
To All Publishers. fre in somebody's house bofore tho
Dear Friends: lejüdar season is over."
It is widely rumored that many ..iinw ,,) naked tho News man.
unscrupulous efforts aro being made -Well, there arc still some pcoplo
lo induce holders or iui war wno decóralo their trncs with tinsel
savings (') Stamp i Certificates, lo nn, fo(on anj (hen uso candios
part with them for unstable invest- t0 ijglt them. The combination U a
ments or for considerably less cash )3l onP aiuj nas caused the loss of
than these Certificates are actually ,,,.. iiv,s and much valuable prop-
worth. Vigorous effort is according- crV.
y necessary lo conserve the pun- You maJ. rmpmber that Mr.
!ic interest. Harding was going to adorn tho
You would therefore- render a white House windows wilh lighted
distinct service lo your community cutidles lat Chrislmas ovc. A rop-
tiy warning and strongly advising rtw.ntaUvo of the Underwriter
all owners of filled or partly tilled laboratories, an organization which
ISMH "War" Savings vi Stamp) Cor- ,i,.Voles ils energies lo preventing
tificales. which mature January 1. fr0Si telegraphed to tho Proaidont
ll. lo accept, not less for them an( a3ked him not lo do to becauso
than their face value of S't per nis (,xamplo would bo widely fol-
slamp. This t'rlificalc is in form 0W(Mj nnd would turn Chrislmas
of Hie lillle ivory-colored folder to rny Into a day of mourning in many
which the HUH series of green 5 i,omM.
War Savings Stamp mut be af- fandlcs did not appear. I
fixed for redemption. sincerely hope that tho pcoplo of
iitsi. iinnvess iitinn the owners cisvton will light, their trees by
the fact that, commencing Novom- electricity (his year. A troe lighted
her 15, they can exchange the ny bulbs of different colors is Just
War Savings i$i Stamp' Certificates Ur pretty as one lighted wuu can-
fur the IPX! issue of i per cent die and ti isn i dangerous.
"Treasury Savings Certificates" und
extend for five years longer the in
vestment of their money in this
other government security, which
likewise cannot possibly depreciate
:.V for Hl'TTEHFAT and we pay
Hie exnress. Are you losing money
by selling cream too cheap? Shi
PANY and you will notice the dif-
ferenee Hi vour cream check. Write
us for shipping lags.
Collón crop at Portales lo run
("WIS!" l.llllioi- jvrssini in iiin.i- , ( rjvl Kolnn
value; or, if preferred, the sold clow to oOO bales.
Newly formed New Mexico Agri
cultural Federation complete or-
Sania Fe. Dec. 12.- -Stephen H.
Davis, jr.. areording lo an appar
ently well founded report has been
offered Ihe snlle ilorship of the de
partment of ronfmeree al Washing
Ion. D. C, by secretary of commerce
As Mr. Dnvi was not here Tues
day, the report could not be con
The fact that Mr. Davis declined
lo accept the appointment to the
siiiueiiifl court, however, was ue
lieved lo lend color to llie sinry in
addition lo the fact Ibal Hoover was
known to have a high regard ror
Ihe Las Vegan on account of his
worl; on Ihe Colorado river com
and help reduce Hie cost of con
struction. Over a half billion dol
lars" loss occurs from lake, oi em-
tIUI, HUI MCI' ii.w.. ..
, i ... ii... .i.iii ciinvimw strikes
ii. I.., I nli,i.liiii ni i 111" IV I' ll III llirijim i'-- t
Illilll il jrai, .......... n . .
AlltO traffic ÍS SO COII- poor lUOOl- naiiaF i
ad lo see nial vviuo hwíimj hu h
Having hen appointed by Mr. Irn
Scfton. dtilricl manager or the l)io
logical Survey lo poison coyoles, you
are liwreby notified lliat I have the
poUon at my place and all parlies
who signed the petition can got their
iwrtloii with instruelions how to
' use IL All partios who dosiro lo
use tills aro Invited to call and get
It, as 11 is fra. Pluaso call and gat
It ae I lave lo make my report lo
the gnvarnmonu
Mrs. C. M. Hurley entertained at
Bridge and Forty-Two at her home
Thursday aflerunon, Mesdame. Ilay-
motid Huff. M. C. Johnoii. Simon
Her.slein, IL M. Olboter, A. A. Hen-
neman, "Wholstone, Talbot, Torrill,
Cnriiin. Eubank Munii, James, Hul-
ledge, Plunkolt, Iilaok. Janney, Hay-
ilon. Craig, and Misses Wiley and
A pleasant afternoon was p(nit
at the cloe of which a dainly Ivvo-
coiirse luncheon was served.
For the benefit of tho public Hie
Post Offlee will be opon evening
until 7:30 1'. M. from Deoember 18
to Deeamher 23rd, Inclusivo. Tho
narasl post window will be open
utwtoj December 2Uh for one hour
nfter distribution of mail from noon
train and also ono hour after the
r,:.lO train, to deliver packages to all
who may oall. The post offico will
tin nnnll In deliver nackagos on
Christmas Day after each train.
M. P. Harvoy, Postmaster.
The M. R- Indies' Aid met at the
homo oí Mrs. Hurley. December om
fim nn..iintr wn esnecially enjoy
able Mis Kubanks. Mrs Huff and
Mrs Paddock were guests.
is different
gesled in tho big cities that shop
pers had rather trade in suimriian
stores than drive into the heart of
our great cities. City dwellers are
looking for homes m (lie country.
I cannot emphasiie too strongly
the importance or this tendency to
ward suburban expansion."
The statistician was asked what
erred building material prices and
labor would be likely to have on
the building cullnoK.
"Thiil's where Ihe danger lios, icr
he replied. "Unless prices of build
ing materials are kept down at least
near present levels. Hie people will
slop building, just as they did in
ll20. In fact, I do not iiiiiik wo
will see quite so inucti building next
year unloss there is some reduction
in costs. During Iho next tow
months material prices should show
some seasonal weaknoss. But ns
sure as the material doulers start
1018 War Savings Certificates can
i. . . r ii.- r.,i (,a v!il.
ut ri"iii"i"iin"o ioi men inn i i At
ue. payable in cash on January I, gamzauon ano e..".-. -
nog liuquerques.
Tliese exchanges and redemptions Ornnl county taxes for 1922 aro
can be readily effected now at any lowest in stato.
monev-order Post. Ofrico or by ap- Albuquerque Pash and door plant
plicaíion to Ihe Federal lleserv;e here to expend $35,000 om improve-
llattk of Kansas City and its branch- ments.
es. either direct or through local Carls 173 bales cotton ecll for
banking institutions. The M-cre- pa.ooo nere.
larv of the Treasury has written Albuquerque Material tor new
full particulars lo all the banks and kiln at Santa Fe shops.
he postmaster general has issued Tularosa sums worit un jww
detailed instructions to tho post of-wnler system.
rices covering the conditions and rtoswell cotton gin installs new
necessary procedure. machinery- .
We arc requesting all Hankers Hillsboro ooropiCHvs new nigu
mil postmaster in the Tenth Fed- school.
ral lleserve District to cooperate Carlsbad tiopiti io do unisuni m
in Ibis important movement, and December.
earneslly hope that you will join Seven-mile slrotoh of con-Tolo
us. Thanking you in anticipation, mad out of Alüuqucrquo u iw
I remain traffic.
Yours very truly, Carlsbad project gins Kv jams
John T. Wayland, cotton since season 9 run v,a '.ari-
Director. Ud
Alliiiniiernue'8 building pcrroits
.'( lor in ! i i i.ivr i i . iiu.iri for r rst part or vovomoer iuu
in tlm coutracliiig business are ex
perimenting Willi methods (o facil
ítalo building m Ihe winter lime.
The use of canvas protection for
bricklaying, salamanders and steam
jets lo prevent freezing of concrete.
Mid oilier methods of combatting
baJ weather are being more gen
erally ndopled.
"Hut isn't winter building more
oxnons'vo".'" queried the interview
. fllVAMI . t in
Kiivu.r., worn you snii i,iu..i.'i i Southwest corner iew muicu i
rich in minoráis.
Sania Fe Division of water
in to boost prices next summer, i added .cost.
r2c for B I "ITER FAT ami wo pay
the Exnres. Are you gelling all
your cream Is wnlrlt. If not. ship to
II will nav vou well. BSW
Morning thema: "The Distin
guishing Mark of a Disciple."
Evening theme: "Jion w no iiiio
Missed Hie Trail." The evening
sermon is the conclusion of a series
on the general tuple of "Men Who
Have MMed Hip Trail. Earn ser
mon is eiVnplPle in itself.
D C Sertise of Gladstone, was
i laylon Msaor this wek.
"Ye, but even ii tho cost is in
or 12 per cent greater, tho coutra-"-
tcr ;.is has been osuuiau-ui ruum
ulioii" to lake a smaller profit, and
Iho y.orkm.T less wages, rather lli.in
dr. nothing ill winter,'' Mr. Habsiin
rephoil. "Moreoverr the man who
biiiid& in Hie winter timo hag the
pick ot the labor market. Olien
the rreoter cfiiciency of winter in-
linr compliiteiy orfsols tno u-ier
'Other thing thai make kuibP'M
so expensive are high labor lurn
ov,". iMMir.and inadequalo equip
leenl, careless handling or maiei r.u.
raih.re lo plan in detail. On the
lalúins and restrictions, requiring
skilled men lo do tho work of uti-
kllled, prohlbiVng labor saving Jo
ices, limiting the number o. ap-
r.renllces. and o forth-
".Ml these things coniDine to mawe-
he 1 iRh oosl of building. When Ihe
men who are conducting tlm iiidu
lev hf.rn to cut thise wastes out
then we shall have more bnlldmz al
lower cost to the people, and moro
profit to the industry.
.. eral bus'ness is still imurov
ii The mile . t III" Babso'i -h .
they will choke off their business
The same warning applies to lanor.
Wages are already as high as they
onn be alid still allow muoh build
ing. Holh labor and material mon
should realizo that il is heller for
them lo have steady building at
madúralo profits than it is lo have
a short spurt of building at high
profits, followed by a long porioo
of idloness.
"However, what inleresis mo as
much as anything is the necessity
of eliminating Iho wogle in time,
labor, and malerials In tho build
ins business. I firmly believe that
a saving of 15 por cent to 96 per
oenl in the cost of building could
he made by cutting out this waste
The country is literally throwing
i nin non non nnnuallv which
might b" saved Mi the industry Ug. The index of (he Babsoncharl
Emma L. Evan", wife of Leffler
II. Evan and daughter or Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Passmore, was born on
November IH. 1808. and died Nov,
Í.H. 1022. at the age or 'S years and
15 days. She was united in mar
riage to L. I. Evans, on Sept. IS,
Mrs. Evans professed religion
about three years ago in tier home
in Texline. while her minister, Ilov.
Hill, and his wife were wilh her.
iifier which she joined tho M. E.
Church to be in Ihe ohiirch '.villi
her husband.
Se lived a fa hful Christian nie,
and was visiling her falhor and
other when Jesus called her Home,
she is survived by her husbind
orrier It.; son John Clement, age
: daughter, Juanita Carol, age 3:
father and mother, four brothers
rud four sisters.
WANTED 150 farmers from Ibis
neighborhood lo ship cream io
,,! mt. ftfo for their HUTTEHFAT,
1011 KENT OK LEASE 1'nrm of Oo'lorndo iveP lg advantage lo
100 acres, located north at Clay- iannon,
ton. See Pennington & Talbot. Aihnueraiie to start ooncrole
J. L. Means, who has been work- ., -imn irln tnrnimr out
,t.g as a barber in the T ignor bar- ayengc Qf bales dally.
her shop, has moved to tho Eklund CoUon wing in chavos counly
shop and will have a chair there nQw nccPpted M Ruro monoy maker.
now- iaíwi neres will bo planted next
II. P. Hulls or Iho New Home com- v mlsor ships soc-
niunlly, was In Clayton Iho first of ond cBr of cbickons California in
lite weeK, selling iiii-neys nir Liu ial- paal 30 dav9
mas iiiiiiu-iü. ikiv ne Cotton seea CBttO nuu
hulls to bo means of saving many
Un il.ia n'lnlnr
L. A. Wikofr is roporlcd confined . . bftnkors' puposo planting
to his home tins ween by nines. riiV, ., ,ollon in various sec
tions of counly to lost ciimauo
Mrs. Al Means, of Agnilar, Colo.,
visiling friends in Claylon this
Simon Herzstoln returned Monday
of this weok from Botildor, where
he had gone lo visit his son, Sig.
Mrs. Ilalnh Wilt, of Baton, has
heen vi siting her mother and father
this week, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. boivy.
Ship now.
II l! Garrett of Sedan, was a
nlensant visitor ot tho Nows offioo
Hi u week. Mr. tiarreti is u pi".
porous farmer and a progressive
l H. Tinker of Now Homo com
inunity, was a buslnee visitor in
Claylon this week.
Large nogistorcd Jack for Salo,
Sw L. W. Ware, PB Moines, n. n
shown srenoral activity but 2 per cent
below normal, an Improvement oi
1 per oenl durng tho last weoic.i
Tho u Ihe inchest lioinl reached in
Air Iviii eni'S
The M. K. Ladios Aid will meet at
the church parlors Wednosdar, De
cember 20lh, al 2:30.
Monday, tho 12th. in Justice Sny
der's court. G. W. SlonohrltiK oi ro
fia. was fined $10.00 and cosls, to
tal 833.30. for refusing lo have ins
children vaooinated. Tins is a law
(hat must be enforced and II is hop
ed that parents will take heed, so
lliat no oilier prosecution will no
Jack Poller of the Kenton com
munily is a visitor in Clayton this
Mrs. rtaymond Buff has returned
home from a short visit to irtonu'
in Amarillo.
Silver Cily Work lo resumo on
Boston Hill proporty.
Harding county high scnooi to ue
located ot Hoy.
Alamogordo Southwest Lor, t-o.
now omploying 103 men.
Tucumcarrs postoinco receipt
show gain of 10 pnr cent.
Portales volloy peanut crop yield
ed splendidly this yoar.
Broom corn in uooscveiv couuiy
brings 350,000.
Two rival towns are etanou near
Midwest oil well in San Juan coun
Thn hulldimr of tho Banla Fo
s'nrihwMtnrn railroad is about to
opon a new empire in the South-
wost. , . , ,
Clovis starts movement w gei ren
mail delivery.
Mrs. C. F. Watkins, who has been
in Kansas for several week at the
home of her parents, returned Uiift
J. W. Keys of Toxllne, wis a busi
ness visitor in Clayton the flrsj f
this week.
II. II. BdinoVidson Is confined to
I his home by severe cold.
t -

ess. Hie llltioiing was consideren
a . . . . ..r-. . . i , ' . IT ll l-l;t - . . i J.ll
lalvr sido. Hiero are waslerui -eg-

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