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Las Ves Daily Gazette.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Personal and General, Gathered From
Ouartcrs of the City and Vicinity.
One year ago last Suuday Hcv.
Thos. Harwood. organized tho M. E
churchin this city. Thirteen mem
bers wero all that could be found in
the place.
llcv. 1). W. Calico was placed in
charge by Bishop Merrill, lie moved
to thia city on January 15th, 1880, in
to the parsonage built by the society.
Hey. Mr. Anniu generally opened
the doors of his church for their use
uuiil they could build.
Soeu alter the organization they be
gan the erection of the neat and com
fortable church in which they now
worship on Zion's Hill.
Citizens, regardless of faith or
creed or nationality gave liberally of
their meaHS to the good cause. On
Februrary 15th, 1880, Dr. Cranston of
Denver, Colorado, dedicated the new
church, since which time, however,
about $500 worth of improvements to
the church, parsonage and grounds
hayo been added.
Last Sunday there was four bap
tisms in the church, three taken into
full connection with the church, and
one accession by letter.
The membeuship of the church is
now forty.
Average congregation of morning,
75. Evening, 210.
The secret of tho success of th
chureh is the harmony and vim with
which the enterprises of the church
are entered into by the pastor and all
the members. They strive unselfish
ly to make the church homelike,
pleasant aud cheerlul,aua inviting ioi
everybody. The singing is most
cellent and improving all the time.
The sermons arc short and pointed.
As a result when a stranger or any
one else goes there once, they are
made to feel so welcome and at home
that they do not wait for a second invitation.
The Society Season.
Who's Postmaster ?
Thnrn is a ercat demand
Buildings are in demand in new
Fuvlong li3S begun to occupy
new building.
Chas. Blauchard went south
yesterday's train.
Collins Bros, did not have their
benefit any too soon.
The trains from the west was a
half hour late vesterday.
Hay is on sale at living rates;
horses can afford to eat now.
All the spare hands in Las Ve
gas have been engaged to made.ado-
Van SloOlcn is going to New Or
leans to buy a smelter and to see
his .
Mr. Glced spent several weeks in
Las Vcras and was well pleased with
our town.
Mr. Herbert has traded for a new
piece of equine meat, a gray and a
good animal.
Mr. Laduer has nearly completed
a house for temporary purposes,
the burnt district.
Mr. Whiteinan returned from the
Oaks yesterday to settle up and see
who's who after the lire. !
Wm. Whitelaw, Esq., left on yes
terday's train for a short business
trip to Hutchinson, Ks.
ex- Mr. Taylor, the printer, thinks of
returning to the Middle States in tho
spring with his family.
O. L. Houghton's Hardware store
passed through the intense heat of the
conflagration unscathed.
Gas stock i3 above par with those
who know just how the fire might
have been avoided or stopped.
-Small boys and homely ones
should bo seen and not heard at the
tables of public diniu;; ''alls.
-The fronts in the ITMty Block, ou
Center street are beu" painted aud
new glass put in tho v;,.iows.
Old town merchants arc feeling
the effects of a transfer of trade from
the other sido for ti c timo being.
The New York Bakery is now in
full blast in the blacksmith shop for-
The seasons round of gacty in Ve
gas is about to be initiated. We un
derstand that an elegant tea party
was given by Mrs. to a dozen
jrueits last evening, that Mr. and Mrs.
will entertain their friends to the
f about twenty at 4 o'clock
dinner to-day, after which tho party-
will go by their own private carriages
on a drive up the cañón. To-morrow
nvpiiintr Miss Pauline Wi'ifield,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham mcrly occupied by Andy Norte.
Scott, will entertain about 200 ot her Mr. J. B. Allen inserts a card in
friends at the lively suburban residen- another column. Call on him if you
cc at Garfield, Miss Pauline makes kpish a srood job of tailoring done
her entree into society and will re- Robbins. the younger, is hunting
ceive the congratulations. The for a ocatou to opcn 0nt a large stock
music will be furnished by llancocK s of stationcry timt he has on the way
orchestra, aud tho t'isiioii, ivcen,
Houghton outht ot midjnglit marau
ders in tho rendlnir of harmony and
discord. The holy Moses.
The Round Ups,
The merchants of the burnt block
are now busily rounding up the scat
tered goods aud cutting out their
several brands. A halt dozen or so
different brands aro often found in
one heap, Clothing from different
houses, and of all sizes, shapes and
qualities are found together. Anion
other things a keg of butter, a case of
A fine bunch ot tat cattle wero
brought into Las Vegas yesterday.
They looked as if they had seen good
pasture. -
The only adornment, to the east
side, the music 6and, is gone. Sup
pose we lend 'em our pump to put in
its place.
The contract for building the
new hotel at the Hot Springs will be
let soon. Contractors are now pre
paring their bids.
Born. Sept. 21st, 1880. at East Las
cartridges, a box of soap or a sack of Veas' to the fe of Frederick I.
corn meal is not an uncommon find.
Mr. M. Whitemau arrived yester
day from the White Oaks. Ho says
that the yourg city of gold is flourish
ing. New houses arc being built ev
erv day. He says that Las Vegas
will necessarily bo the point of sup
ply for all that part of the country
He bases his opinion upon the fact
that this city is asnearas any other
point that is acccsbible at all and that
the road to this city is much better
than the routs to other places. Mr.
Whiteman spoke of three roads
Oaks region, viz: One from Ilocra
die's, called the upper road', ono thro'
the Malpais district called the middle
road and one through the Nogal Can
on culled the lower road. All three
of these roads arc almost impassable
on account of 'he lack of water as also
ou account of their roughness. Be
sides there is nothing gained as to
distance by goiu. to Socorro. A pc
tition for a mail lino to the White
Oaks, with coaches, was circulated a
few weeks since and received 720 sig
natures. This indicates a considera'
ble camp. The large Slocks of goods
taken to tho While Oaks a few weeks
since is being sold at good figures
Mr. Whitemau reports road agents
eomewcat troublesom on tho road
Mr. Walthall one of tho men who
was employed ou the depot, got his
shoulder broke yesterday by a, beam
falling on him. Dr. Bayly set the
bone and the patient was resting easy
A) last accounts.
Hooper, formerly of Worcestershire.
England, a daughter.
-Lias vegas is tne easiest place in
the world to get in tho way of taking
two much liquor. Bo careful boys,
and hold the reins close.
One or two of the sufferers have
no other expectations than to make a
margin on the lire especially those
who had some shaky buildings.
To stay or not to stay, that is the
question with Marwedo and several
other prospectors in our town. Stay
of course. We will treat you white.
Tho National Hotel on tho plaza
isa first class placo to get a square
meal. This hotel has not been h ope
ration but a few weeks, yet it is stead
ily growing in favor with hc public
The newly married; J. J. Kelly
and his bride arrived at Albuquerque
on last night's train from Las Vegas
Mr. Ivelly and his accomplished wife
met with an ovation from Ihcir many
friends hero.- Golden Gate.
A large leather trunk, weighing
about 150 pounds, no marks, was
taken from a thief on the night oí the
lire. The same can be had by calling
on the Chief of Police, proving con
tents and paying for this advertise
J. A. Lockhart c Co.. arc occupy
ing tho new sales room next to the
Sumner House to open out tho Chi
cago niado furniture that they have
Just received. Business is spreading
from the old time center and we ex
ncct Boou to see tho merchants taking
up both Douglas and Graud avenues.
There is no luolishuess in the
minds of the east side citizens except
that trace of it which permits thein
to put up a frame house hero nnd
The damaged fronts on Center
street were, some of them, repaired
yesterday at the expense of the insu
rance companies ou Mills and Had-
ley'8 list.
Chas. Rathbon has put up a
tent to protect his large stock of boots
and shoes until a store room can be
erected. He intends to build forth
Hopper Bros., ware house built
ent irely of adobes, with dirt roof pas
sed through tho flames safely and
saved a large amount of valuable pro
gerty uninjured.
Lots in the burnt district are com
manding big figures now. Western
people are full of energy and they
will soon close up the breach made
by the fire fiend.
A geutlemau on the west side
complains of having lost-two hats in
three days, both new. He wore them
to dinner and came away with worth
less ones instead. .
The insuruce agents are now busily
engaged preparing the reports of
their losses. It will be but ft few days
until á large amount of money will
bo paid out by them.
F.J. Weber, auctioneer inserts
his "ad." in another column. Mr.
Weber is a first class salesman and
will always get the last ccut, that any
piece of property is worth.
Attention is called, to the adver
tisement, in another column of the
large auction sale of building lots near
the A., T. & S. F. depot at Santa Fe.
This sale Is to take place Saturday.
Col. Lockhart has erected a tem
porary building on the diamond in
front of Brownings real estate office,
in which to store his furniture until
his new store rooms are completed.
Trading hats at dinner time is the
one sided benent some miserable
galoot at tho Exchange is perpetra
ting. If he gets caught ho may get a
black e e.
-S. S. Meudenhall started for Kan
sas City yesterday to purchase two
car loads of horses and mules. He
met with such good sales for the oth-
cr car load that it lias encouraged
him to try it again.
-Mrs. Coltoa and little son left for
tho north yesterday. She will first go
to Colorado Springs, but will finally
settle at Animas Citv. She left
orders for the Gazette to be sent to
her address.
Rev. II. Forrester went east yes
terday. He will be gone three months
Ho will visit Chicago and Boston be
fore proceeding to attend the general
conference of his church at New
The sun stepped across the line
into the southern hemi-sphere yester
day. Soon the storm king ot the
north will gather his forces and send
the migratory wild birds to the sunny
south, there to bask in tho warm rays
scut from beyond the Equator.
The five cent lunch counter and
bakery, carried on by Messrs. Huber-
ty & Angelí is in full blast again.
The owners have put up a tent and are
taking in as many nickles as if they
were in the finest kind of a house.
They will change the name of their
While the cast Las
j. H. Lucas uf Mananturer of Mexican
Filigree Jewelry.
The manufacture of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen being a special
ty ill my business, aud many persons
having expressed a desire to witness
the process, I hereby extend a cordial
invitation to all who may visit this
city to call (presenting this card) aud
give me the pleasure of conducting
them through my Factory Santa i e
N. M.
S. H. Lucas.
I have on baud 150 barrtU of apples
which I will sell ai bottom prices.
These apples aro all picked over. Call
and get a barrel, at McKay's Restaur
ant. J. W. Love.
Also will have a car load of potatoes
in to-day ; hold your orders, for I
will sell cheaper than any one. 441t
Hopper Bros, have just received
a large supply of fresh butter. Call
and see their apples aud other fresh
fruits and learn their prices. They
will sell cheaper for the next ten days
than any other house iu the city ' ou
all kinds of goods. They desire to
build is the reason of this reduction In
prices. 42-4t.
Mo o ni,
Good Opportunity.
A young man doing business many
years in this territory, aud has a large
trade, wholesale and retail, will iriako
arrangements with any person who
wishes to start business general mer
chandise iu a No. 1 town iu this ter
ritory. Address, A. D.,
lw. Albuquerque,
Brick for sale in large or small
quantities, tit . Lockhart & Co's.
Fresh oysters at -
"IIilty Bros.
Swiss cheese at
Hilt y Bros.
In our gents furnishing goods de
artment which is a new feature, we
keep as complete a stock as can be
found in any city. .
J. IlOSENWALD & Co- 41-tf.
Gents, boys aud childrcns ready
made clothing at
J. ROTENWALD & Co. 41-tf.
All kinds of wollen goods just re
ceived and for sale at low figures, at
J. Rosenwald & Co. 41-tf.
A large invoice of choice candies
just received by
A.J.Crawford. 41. tí.
Two good carpenters wanted im
mediately by
Frank Ogden. 41-tf.-
Between tho residence of Mr. Hcise
and Herbert's drug store, a solataire
diamond ring. The fiuder will be
suitably rewarded by leaving the
same at the store of M. Ilelse. lw
Feed, and Sale
Dealers in Horses and Mules, also Fine Buggies and
Rigs for the Hot Springs and other Points of Interest. The
Outfits in the Territory.
for Sale
Finest Live'v
Sonih side of the Plaza,
Las Vegat, N. M.
This Ilouye has been Newly Refitted and Refurnished and Affords the Rest
Accommodations to the Traveling Public.
I have 800 choice No.tfiickeus on
hand yet. Call and get your pick of
them. At the Panhandle Corral
Also good No. 1 creamery butter at
McKay's Restaurant. '"
J. W. Love.
Any person desiring claims in the
San Carlos District would do well
to get Dan Morrow to locate them as
he has located sev-ral tor different
parties which ga u perfect satisfac
tion, .He is perfectly familiar with
the country aud rocks. 36-tf.
A car load of apples just received at
Hopper Bros.
yet in its infancy the Garette
Mr. R. G. McDonald, while east,
bought a large stock of fino whiskies
and wines ot first hands and is now
prepared to offer splendid bargains,
aud to sell at a lower rate than any
body. ... 86-1 w
Situation Wanted. In a dry
goods, grocery, hardware or general
store. Applicant has had fourteen
years experience, speaks epanisli,
English and French. Tho best of
retereuces. Address, A. C. Postoflice,
Las Vegas. 37-lw
ed attention to the necessity
fire company and pointed out the
danger of not providing against such
a calamity. How sadly has the truth
of t he predictions then made been
Mrs. Aienueiinaii, motner or our
esteemed townsmau, S. S. Meuden
hall, left for Georgetown, Colora-
do, yesterday. She took with her a
little daughter of Mrs. Kelso, who has
been visiting in Las Vegas for
several months, and likes' the
climate so well that she will stay an
other month.
High Ball and Faro Bank.
IIolbrook'3 tobacco is the best-
Fall clothing at C. E. Wescho's, old
and new town, ine latest styles, a
fine selection at astonishing low
figures. Before you purchase look at
my stock in tho old and new town.
I sell summer clothing at cost.
35-tf C. E. Wesciie.
In the rtome building, opposite to
Otero, Sellars & Co's warehouse, you
will find the finest 6tock in town of
dry goods, notions, Gents furnishing
goods, boots and shoes,fresh groceries.
and qucensware. rsew stociu JNew
goods, 85-tf,
Ladies work boxes, beautiful de
signs, just received by
Charles Ilfeld
There has been just fitted up iu the
back room at the Exchange Saloon, a !
splendid Club room, where you "can
play high ball or faro.
Slopping Over.
Reliable Insurance
HOME, of New York.
and Marine, Mass.
The Western Meat Market is full
and running over with all kinds of
good things to eat, Pork, Veal, Mut- . Q. R. BROW IN G,
l 71 1 T ) , - . T Tl 1 1 1 - I -
luu, jjuci ami j-cui uicui, uuu jjcu me
clerk wears a broad grin. 48-2t.
Herbert & Co., are showing a
commendable energy in re-locating
and prosecuting their business in East
Las Vegas. 48-2t.
For Sale.
A Weber upright plono, nearly now.
It will bo sold for $500, aud is to bo
seen at Browne & Mantazanarcs.
Offce in the new town.
Coffins, Casliets and
Underiahing Goods of
aU tunas fiept constant
ly on nana by
Las. Vegas, N. M.
Orders promptly jitled
At Santa Fe, N". M.
On Saturday September 25, 1880, atlo'olock
r in., on tlie Premises.
This valuable property situated immcdiatly adjoining the railroad depot
on the Main avenues and streets intersecting, is the most desirable property
ever offered for sale iu tUe Territory and will iu a few mouths double in val
ue. Now is the time to secuic a business plot or sites lor residences, 'the
laud is high and healthy and commands a splendid view of the surrounding
country. I he terms upon whien tins property win oe onerea aro so noerai
that every one cau purcliase one or more oí meso lois. iu oruer 10 give an
an equal opportunity to buy, no lots will be sold at prívalo sale. But the en
tire number will bo offered at public sale as rbovc. Head the terms. 10 per
cent, of the purchase money on dry of sale. 25 per cent in 30 days 65 per
cent, balance, may remain ou bond aud mortgage for two years at 12 per cent
iuterest. Title perfect, (jome one, uomo aiu aau uou i mis tnis goiaen op
nnrtnnitv. Don't let a few capitalists monopolize the entire profits, but ev
ery man and woman should buy ouc, it will pay better than a silver mine.
For maps and other information apply at the oincc ot
WM. M. BERG Ell, on the Plaza, Santa Fe, N. M.
A full assortment of Homeopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drug Store. dlá-ti.
Lockhart & Co. have the boss lum
ber vard in the territory. 249ti
By Blaz Ortega, of Plaza de Vijiles,
near the Dot Springs, a large pocket
book containing a large amount of pa
pers. The o, nor will call at this ot
fice for further information.
Religious Literature.
I would respectfully announce to
the reading public, that I will soon
have on hand some fine Bibles aud
other religious works for 6alo very
E'egant Family Bibles illustrated,
at the lowest possible rates. Your
patronage is solicited.
Homer Newberuy,
Missionary Colportem. 21-tf.
, .
To Kent. A good dwelling house
with four rooms. Inquire at, this
Graham's cocoanut
Central Drug Store.
oil soaps
at the
I have just received a fino assort
ment of Gents underwear of all grades
which I will poll at tho lowest possible
puces, i;, j;, VesCIIE.
In the Home building opposite to
Otero, Sellars & Co's warehouse you
will find the best stock of
Boots and Shoes, Ladies Shoes
and Slippers,
Glass aud Qucensware, Stationery
and tho best selection of Staple and
Fancy Groceries in Town.
35-tf C. E. Wasciie.
Loskhart & Co., have just received
a car load of sash, doors, etc. 21-tf
O. L. Houghton has a regular ar
senal ot fire-arms, tho largest stock in
all the west. It is not only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that ho
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can bo got anywhere.
Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, and oí tho best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 853-tf
The cluiccst invoice of tea ever
brought to New Mexico, just received
by A. J, ClUWFORD,
lGtf. "

leadinirto Socorro from the Whiíe

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