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1 i.-iii-zxD
a n x r.yis L: :
pw rj k h h .i t i i-
L..ll ifiiil on tlir
til on the'iiiect in rear oaJNatlonal
O f",
do all kinds of work in his line promptly
and in a workmanlike manner at reason
able prices.' "' ' .''! ' ,i . ti !
KT. XiUCEliO, '
Manufacturer of
LAS VEGAS, - - - N.M.
(ii Uomero Bulldinf,-, East Side of the riazai .
Has constantly on hand Horses, Mules,
Harness Etc., and al-c'fluyk aW sells ón
fJomniiHsiqii.. ija!
e. oi troous uiauu iiuy.
P y . J ..4
imo.j m bfc
inú on ioruiHi"4is
'laza, Jr wrd may be left at
rrasígera and Express matter leaving l-at
Veiras Tui'sday nu)rnng,wúU VPtft)rV?W'
.on weekly buckboíird throuiJh'i y I'"1'
. u- i. iVt.wii,. nf 'ivvns. CharseB reasonable.
Corn, Hay and Forage.
IwcoIk,1 County , Non Mexico.
Of every kind and style, at Uev. 1). AV. Cal
fee's. KuKlish ttud Spanish, or in any other
lancriiaste. for sare cheap or iven away
langjiaxe. for sare cliear.
Mnt tti..T.S.Mr:.' New
Mexico anil Arizona.
Zacate, etc., por Fleteros
Grrj-A.pA.iiA-cr a.ba,
i ( onUiido do Iiineoln;,..; " Wow Mexico.
-'AND REWS ,; ' 1 " .rS
.$3.00. Samples by mail will receive
prompt aMfnUaafc. tz fa
t the house directly opposite the depo
K8t.l.ns Vet?a, N., 31. and. as she is an ol
resident of Yens, une is ready once move I
iriendji and new ones. HuthiliictlOn'fOiaraiitrcd
or no citarices,
Sealed bids wil 1 bo receired at the Snpciin
ftoedents otlice, up to.lo'clockp. m-, Tlmrsday,
i Ii Tiltil' I nut i'nmlkiilR Vn. for l.h const rnr.tiun
i'uénta Fe, for the const ruction
fit I'laiiftAiid speciflctlns can be fecit
t MicMnpevlntcMdtfnt'g olllco iu Santa l', hr at
the office of Chsis. Whoelock, architect, at Las
Veteas. The right Is reserved to reject any or
all bids. All bids will lie addressed to Henry
Iteed, superintendent of construction, cave of
',. Stanb & Co., Santa Fe. Hy order of Uie
committee, September Olh, 1S80.
Imporliint Notice.
if Fifr Hie luitelti of Bur cirffcenM wlitt'l'O'Pnsti the
lato conies oi tiiis naiier will lie kept on flic in thr
ticket ollice of the Chicago, P.urluiRton A Quln-.
cy rai road, at 5J ClarW street, imeatio, iti.
w here they aro privileged to cnlUpit veadurree
now ruiininz a hack line between the Hut
Snrinirs and town. Hacks will leave the Hot
Springs for town at, 7 a, m., and 1 p. in.. Will
leave town lor the Hot priniCH at 10 a. m., and
. i p. m Leave orders at any of the hotels
II I ,. , , i r ... I
. tVllt.you nay two prices to irresjionsiule ped-
lttírtir(t(eeíiiM iflart intsi I
raestlc, New American, tc. For price apply
to A T.'-lfarrlioh.-'ntf Hftmmond'B Hardware
llniiHi' 'rr Inlitau. tjoiorauo. ii-jiu
nmnanwilLiiot IJ
for KoKf kill
irlnü.áidklieíl alBiiei, ttf; run
at liiriW in
o tfepn yariM. MV y.mvliusiiivitiit
al au 'IU Iiiiasi! iíbo notice
leSnsllel c..19n(?ft'. W f
Noticwfi Jrfren thai ,11 i 0 f I'roiiatc
rnuri hMiTMrHlweouuty 4 imiHWirfuei, and
ivrritoi v of Now Moxico. has ttupolntud the un
,in,.-iri,..,i uilmlhlV.tinior iif the estuto of Frank
? i.scr ;i;ñiar i-.o copper,
Capí. Valles Bias Gone from
Sania Fe to meet
llie President.
The One Hundredth Anniver
sary of the Capture off
Ander Celebrated.
The Artie Expedition in Search
' of bir John TFranklin
Indian Territory
Indians A
Fire m -5-
New York, September . 23. At a
Democratic meeting held hera to-dáy
Senator Eavard was received with
great cheering aud made a long speech
discussing many questions which re-
late to the Presidential contest. He
said that time has changed the popu-
liition of the south as well as north,
New generations of. mcni and Sroirten
who could have had but little to sKy
or do in relation to the war of 1861
now occupy and control thevcotin-
try. Of the charge mat meveuc oia
Democratic success the war debts of
the south, loss of slaves and claims of
other loeses growing, out of the war, e
pensions for their wounded, etc.,
would be paid ont ot the umteci
States treasury, Bayard said tliit-tjie
est reply to all meso wiui, mancious
1 - ' - . IT . . 1' ' ..I
and foolish assertions, is, that such jfed forlhe cjtpcdilioi is unaccunt
payments would be impossible. The and -needs éxplan'nion i as tic ab
good sense of that man is seriously to gUece of JAto6e.finppliepirthir return
be impugned who does not read iu came ligar proving !hUl ; to .VWtf.
the plain mandate of the 14th admcud- gchawatki's party, The expedí
ment the absolute seal of illegality tj011 jia9 g10Wn thatit is feasible fur
set upon all such claims. From a num- wili(().áien tHdapjUmselAteftio the
her of years residence in Washington eiimato and life ofe.. qiínax in
I have learned who were the j-pal pros'eculing' jouruls'iii fhc 'pohr rc-
bencficiaries by congress in the past
ten years of the class styTed "South-
crn claims," and iu almost every
instance the great part ot money llow-
ed into the pockets of very loyal as-
giguees who had bought up these
claims for a song from their impecun-
southem owners. At a great
gathering of liepubhean ladies and
gentlemen lust week there were law
yers, bankers aud statesmen, who
had more money in their pockets from
1 K Pnnnlili.
8ÜU,"nu m 11,8 W
can comnussmncrs and courts than
tlio poor south ever reccncu8iUceu.o.dfraud8 Qf variou c,iaractel.8 amli
war or ever will receive. airom
now until uie uay oi jimgiiienr.. xuy-
ard said the south is not soud lor
anything the north uppreheifd, aud
its solidity is no feature to the pros-
of; the cntircl Nations f.Iu
relation to" the conditioj of business
and society in the So.utficni States,
ho quoted from a paper by Jid. At
kinson, ot JIassachusetts aud publish
ed in the Fortnightly Ilcview,in which
appears these passages: The total
production " of gold and silver by
mines, mountains and ravines of the
l,lo xvnrhl for twi.niv.tinvei. voara
has been $4,400,787,000; and the Amer-
ican cotton crop for the last ten years,
to ho from two" Milfoil five hundred
million, to three billion in'gold value.
Since '6óaiHndi.strial rcvoluliou .Las
1 :.. W-.iÁ-yrfwf-ü.,
mili 1 1 i'ii in 1 1 it- niii un .iiiiiiiij' 11 . i . i 1
1110 w.'tr siif'ii is iii!vir iin
. 1 , .. ,
fore occurred. There has aipearcd to
be niisgovernmcut, fraud, political
disturbance, aud sometimes vio
lence; but underlying all , this
surface apparently agitated forces his
i i.r., ,i c .i
l.nmi nn ot v nrwl sure v work no- to
the end indicated by great crops of
colfon,fen last crops marketed ex,
cec.Mn ten anti-war crops by nearly
six millions five hundred thousand
bales while the crop new marketed
will be the largest ever grown. Viol-
1 ,.,,
the rule in a section that lias produ.
ced greater crops for saIc and at the
same time bceli'njoro 'self sustaining
than ever before in its history. Speak
ing of the prosperity of tho- nation
aud of the production of
yét our
sugar or rico he said; , "And vet
domestic production of the íasí, two r
article two-fifths is retained and inan-
ofacturcd in .tho-... U. S. ' -ttut: of
$38,000,000 revenue which1 has been
received during the last. , fiscal , yea,
with executive power of the i govctiu
erunieut iu the hands of the adminis
tration lust and friendly to ever sec
tion so trifling will at: present bc i;to
the . great future of prosperity tfiat
awaits us. He referred to his visit to
South Carolina and said if any man
who was uot wiIJiff to
been at mv side dTÍnr
truth ;h:i(jj
South Carolina hirwouTTl Have fióme
away assured that industry was u rule
among the people, aud that thd re
RuniDtionof snecic navnicnts was the
wortoaft flue RetAbl i caa t
New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 23 The
members of the expedition headed by
from NéloíktfVKC lili 1878,
forBaflius Lay and King u Williams
land ioraLuqWvofUs, for
further 'data upon The fate of
Sir John Frankrfiíü'átrlVCí1 "fó-diíy
Tliough the special) bject of thpseyclbJ
the recovery-3 Of The "record's jf
Franklin's expedition which accord
imr ; to' Esq'íiimaíii ts't&nBtiyi
knwou to exist at specified points has
not been attained the explorers
have never theless oktained. many rel.
have nevertheless ttbiauicd. many..
fcVbf Fraíiklttí's
1)art v" Tuciaa i iTg i neT
remains of Lieut. Irvin-. They have
moreover carried out to the letter the
instructions of promotora of the ex-
sedition to make the geographical
party the longest sledgiei ride on
;0th in regárd o'"tiihc Juk;t(
6pacei The success has been achieved
in the l'ace'of tlienlieuonicnonal! v co'd
aái fo ' CIWvAioOl&O
customary food. Important rivers
and coasts havcjlreeniiisco:Yfpd.,pjtJ
serious errois on oxir" f1olher cl'urts
have been corrected. TcAtires
'0fthú Schavvátki'eínedrti'orj iS'dd'plges
of 4ntere9HK-he-roimtHW -n-'lrtie
gr John Franklin. The conduct of
Capt. Barry, of EañianSu reícreme to
. . m
sulji cd eoofla-iflfeimao
Uious .and-thTM-'iWt necessarilv
restricted to any prticular season of
the year for that purpose but can
(na.Vel at stay 4inuid...iüiUh6ttamc
wav M,t-c-uativcB:avel;.-
Chicago.ilih íscftw 2?t6i.dhe two
i special agents to inl'stigate the alleg
ed census frauds, tcviiow preparing
nature ot .fhe reporfwas unpossiuiu
to learn bfeei; nU-bids any
intimation of it to bLiyn--e-H4 -until
(30,niled,r Jt is t'rall-y .-believl,
LfeMtÜeslicnuO l.coA-
... Smitll nnPfli:,m r.nW nt i
as spies aud informcL and iiif short,!
manifested such unfipuuiy unjss
to arouse suspicion ;and from facts
aud hints droped at he census ollice,
is regarded that evitin t frauuds have:
been found in tin census, óf? iat!
State BufBcient to urrant the retak
ing by another set ( supervisors audi
enumerators. ; Jotipecretary .t'hur.zí
and Gen. Walker artery emphatic hi!
their 'Statements, t lid.i t" fraud is found;
the work will be doe over. j
T t..,,, X! MUnnl O'l
í lil 'V l'
s great interest hé m the celebra ,
f'Oi.ofthe 100th Mvcrsarv. of thci
caP,urc fMaJ- APC- xluc wcr
fired thlsíttlWtófturtl.i factoricsj
fWlWá flílll'1!! f1!
nclls. A stíií of pairionsin was,
i placed rtHi1ílí,ÍWV?llVf,it "'fvoilotl
1 ' . ' -,:i-iit
aucr wnicu trcmonv mere was ai
1 1 at ieloMc.au tf Mock iMind
fifty t, housüíMlUolo nwitaicHifodi it.
Tho 'exercises tik : :jflnoo 1 itii.'tt. ;teut
with Hsoating h,acity of 5,000. On1
the phttforiVsaiiíiíH .S'lilfe,
I'"" - " ca .-aiivM,i
lr38Í'Jcnt,PÍ i1!?1! ,T.hct fjt
Gov. Cornell w.iunabled to be prcs-
eti"lif Noei,igi1wb)io1Ki.:
tc hWMuM iV29 j1!11"."'1 Il
f-lispl ,o,, rey orUa iyen from:
IIMUIIIH lll'il l
' 9autsvl, N.f' Scat. 2s8.-Caiit.
Villcs qjf tio NJAUaalrv jcftjSajta
Fe to-day in comiiiud of the escort
ancltransporlatioiwliich is to meet
President Hayes ail'pnrty at Shakes
Lpcare tiic Pfcsciit
fíoütjitrtt riciOc
eninn us
of tho
... I.
4 OII1
hfjiigh fti
two days to San Ma;ial,the terminus
of tho A.f T..- fcS. J'. ho,n)iU jpecial
win oring mem mnc capítol, xnc
President ivilh; jpmsü UrtíiiJrq.Vdags,
thence going to Colonlo. Gov. Wal
lace has
gone to Juaiaii to particinajp
in the political cainpaiii
j i í
good houcáe w.WIíib?sl'.éií i on Iu
diana will not disappoit the rcpub
llcausand Uiteuds.to,d,h.Mshar,e,,(1s(veml wtl0k8aua nbout a ,miu
Loudon, Sept. 8?.r0 c of the cabin
iassengCS wjiojaiuied at Qucenstowu
línrhíjCitVrx) Chester says : As
o appfoachtrd Gaily Head 'endnes-
day, there was a thick haze, and a
h'shin'rug, Mount Atne, blow a warn
ing whistle, and iu two minutes more
on the rocks but
iptain iinmeuiatciy omereu tnc
steamer Brazilian to east oil' towing
,howsr)r cdndJ having i. all sails im-
,metíi1lte,lí'stí:6n, tjóard 1 the' 'City of
Ohe'str aiijcl i p't'jVef e'fo'ré ( tli wind
and ruad a, good )fliug to south-west.
lhusvrijiding1a',greaf disaster. When
the'Bratftíiíiri SriokctheCity of (hester
at two o'clock Monday afternoon the
ll;Jte'r Vs. drifting in a rough sea
and two howser9 and a chain cable
UvQreJ.rolyeu jm endeavoring to turn
i(?r head around.
Chicago, Sept, 23. The Times says
r.cl-4'mv. uvui om jjurues in inuiana are
il.-i I. - il. .11 A i 1.-3!
t rou uicct
over the Green
back vote of that state. It is supposed
that it will no be less thau 40,000.
But whet' cr Porter or Landers will
suffer the most by it can only be told
. I when the columns arc footed up on
ghtof jhé 12th of October. The
Democrats have just discovered that
there are 30,000 voting C-impbellites
Garfield's councctio
oy are afraid that
connections with that sect
will prove beneficial to him in a polit
eai'se'ií(lóH'!'A.1 riimor iu circulatiou
tna'. the ' Democratic managers have
another scarmal afl'ecting Judge Porter
which ihey will make- public in a few
days. If 110 more ..damaging than the
oue already unreartcd;by them it will
not hurt him any. ... w-v ,
Deuison, Texas, September 23. The
Chgvcnno Indians in the Indian Ter
ritorjj' are manifesting great discon
tentiiid becoming' disorderly. A few
days ago a band pí.,three hundred
wit.h;war paint 011, ;iud well mounted,
visited (he 'AgenejV' near Fort -Reno,
aiid.were very demonstrative, and
threatened and slapped the agent in
ifejgfacc. .Anothét party is reported
ttefcj&vc been throvigli the commisary
fiiorcs at the Wichita agency recently,
lause of the trouble is said to be
tffe rnsufficTencv of fo pd, ... .
uver, Sept. 23.-7Durbhi & Co's
(Wügjstore burned ihis niorniug. The
fi?fM2aughtjn the cellar- and gutted
t rv hoi e 1 b u i 1 d i n g án d d e s t r o y c d
tfpffny the whole stoek of goods. Their
ld$Sg& estimated at from thirty to forty
thouiaud dollar ',fVi1.1y covered by
insurance. II. G.(JIatters liquor store,
a pawn shop, Lartiu & Co' fruit store
and a small fruit stan'd were damaged
by water &c. Total damage, includ
ing Durbiu & Go's., is estimated at
from fifty to sixty thousand dollars.
aris, S?ptc:nber 23 A dispatch
wiys.. the -.known partiality of Bartlicl-
V'T' Sr. rliliard, for u recce, is proba
bly the cause of his appointment to
the ministry of foreign affairs. Auoth-
er dispatch says that the prudence,
sagacity aud energy of St. lliliard
will determine whether or not the
demostraron in favor of the new
Greek frontier will be brought about,
as Franco took the miauve in the
Greek question.
A meeting of the
ministers was held
yesterday under
lliliard. The admirals were too late
to be presjoni. r .
New York, September 23. The sel
ling race, thrccTfourths mile, was won
by Charles Gurli.'ini; King Templar,
the nviíBfHd Marchioness runnin
a de ublieatir'for second place. Tune
1:15; Handicap sweep stakes. 1 3-4
miles by Unetts. Mary Anderson scc-
ji(j;iiniicl!iuaté,! the favorito third.
iji4 3-4.j üirc'c; handicap sweep
stakes, mile and one-eighth, was won
by Gabriel in two straight heats,
Dun. K. second. Time l:.rr2. The
Handicap steeple! chaso over the short
coirrec was won by Disturbance, Capt.
Franklin second. Time 3:35 1-2.
Oíimh.a,,JsTeb., :Sept. 23. Between
twelve an'd' fifteen thousand people
attended tho Jsíbraska State fair to
day j'jf;c(fair, is a grand success and
pronounced by the State officials from
other western States to be the best
that has taken place iu the west this
:f6!a-f.'"lt cxcclls all "previous efforts
ot iMeoraskíi iriu win couunue tne
rest of the week. The races of to day
were a ffc$ f'QiJ'ial whicli was won by
Lofer in 2:25; 2:27; 2:31. To-morrow
rllWcuKtHpliilng, racé pi:'híel)
Hody hof tn'r-Matti'd II. are ' entered.
Washington, D.C., Sept. 23. It has
retíllyfen disjcVjvcrod by tho trcas
ffrnlépaNmentvtlíat after tho brea"k
in out. of tlio Jai e war the New
I". .... i I ;
OHéáill mint ontinued coinage for
lion and quarter of dollars in gold and
silver of different denominations !
wcrc.coined from bullion on hand at
that time. It is supposed that the
money fell into the hands of the Con
federates and has all been put in cir
dilation increasing the amount in cir
culation so much.
Chicago, 111., Sept. 23. The Inter
Ocean's Washington special says Post
master Gcueral Mayuard returned
irom Tennessee to-day and says the
Republicans are very confident of the
election of Pettibone in the First Ten
ucssec congressional district, which
will be a Republican gain, lie says
the Republican party in Tennessee is
in excellent condition and will prob
ably give Garfield the largest vote ev
er cast in tho State. . : ; ' i ; j i ' j
Indianapolis. Ind., Sept. 23. The
Supreme Court to-day overruled the.
petition for rehearsing the case involv
ing the validity of the; constitutional
amendment the vote standing the
same as in the original cases, Judges
Niblock and Scott in favor, of a re
hearsing and Judges Biddle, j Warren;
and Jlowk against.
Vienna, September 23. There are
rumors that the occupation of Dulcig-
no by the Abauians and the retreat of
the Turkish garrison, are entirely un
fouuded. The Turks still hold the
town castle with two batallious, and
their main force is north of Dulciguo
where they occny the flanking posi
tion. San Francisco, Sept. 23. The fon
dón and San Francisco bank' lias re
solved to reduce its capital from 600
000 to 420,000 pounds sterling.
New York, Sept. 23. Gov. Cornell
is seriously ill with malarial fever
though his condition this fornoon is
somewhat improved. ,J )
Worcester, Mass., Sept., 23.--The
Democrats nominated M. J. McCafTer
ty for congress. ' i. q "
Jamestown, N. Y. Sept,! 23.--The
Democrats of the 83d district nomina
ted II. A. Balcom for congress.
Newark, N. J. Sept. The Dem
ocrats of the sixth district nominated
Elder Balback for Congress. ,
Cleveland, O., Sept. 23. Cleyelands
10, Buffalos 1; exhibition gained.
Worces'.er, September 23. Bostons
4; Worcestcrs 7.
Providence, September 23. Troys
0: Providence 12. " 1 ' ' " ' "
----The Montezuma Social Club was
organized last evening with Mr, A,
W. Fenn as president and Mr. Louie
Marcus, as Secretary. The club will
give a series of sclcst hops duriug the
coming fall snd winter. The opening
dance is on tho f spis for the 30th ius'tj
A jovial time may be anticipated at
these social gatherings,
A little boy by the name of Sam y
Wright was badly bitten by a dog
yesterday evening. The littlo . boy
had been to the Doctor s office after
medicine and was returning when at
tucked. There are more loafer dogs
about this town than there is any
need f'ir, and if their owners don't
herd them a little better some of them
may stray to the next world via tire
bullet route. :; rJi fri ;.l
rANlED. --Immediately, at tlio Imtol oi
V Mr. V. M. CuniiiiliiKS, tt S:in..Utc!at,
one gotid íii'ít cok and one goon t-ccoml rfwik ;
also i.e good waiter nfi(M!w
WANTED. A buyer for tho best mnle
train in New Mexico. My train of tlilrty
bix large American mules, laur inch wugonB
with tiails will be iu i as VtgiiB alio :t October
1st. BindingchtnH, Rheet mid bow complete
for timber work .or freighting. The iiiu'esurc
ing.iod order and ucclimaled. The wagons
nave been in ubc six months and were niado to
order for timber work. I.ibcrl terms to the
rUhtman. W. A. SMITH, í t ! ,' j
n50 National Ilotel.
WNTKI) A good blacksmith to lo gen
eral work. Apply tochas. Ulauchard,
Las Vegas, or address John I'enduricg Hincón,
N.M. 48-2w
13 All VKNDEIl. Una casa situada en e
camino do los Ojos, cerca de la casa de
Dona Luisa rinard. Dos cuartos, sesenta pira
al frente de la calle, y ciento cincuenta pura ell
lado de atrás. 8e vendo por dinero al contado .
I'ara información diríjanse a esta OUclha.i '' A .
1 ,,.,,,. p
"i ,1011 SALE. A houBo situated onthollo'
1J Springs road, near the house of Louise Pin
ard. Two rooms, sixty feet froijt on the road
and one hundred and llfty back. To bp sold
cheap for money. For information tnqulre at
this office. 4t2-)t."
ITOlt SALE. 100 head of catt'e. For further
V. intormiitior. apiny to Jiiffu Bros,, Las Vc-
fas it ml A. NoIboh it Co , Anton Chico, X. M.
T!OIl SALEA good sixteen horse power
V stouni engine, all in rtt'ininjr order and
lararo fiiojjuli to runa flour nil! I.
Any person
desiring rn see it running fin do to nuy dav at
my pinning mill at
terms t
Las Vegas.
Apply for
fjOK KENT. A flnclnrgu store room on the
P plaza, excellently situitcd for business
tand at low iigurt's. For varllculurs apply at
his olliuc. j f
I IMF. FOU SALE.-Uy Moons & Haff, at fe
tj Hot Springs. Leavé orders otllerbort &
Uo'sunig si-Jfe, on pia?a.
Contractor 1 ánd 1 iBitHder.
Alfred igmüic
(1111 ' 1 I ' l
N. SI.
Vv jrtrsr baIiOon
ALBERT' & rlERBtn-.-' PrtpHofi:1
Fresh Btfier 1 always 1 on ' Dr An Tit.' " 'AT-'
so Fine Cigars and Whiskey.-'
Lunch Counter in Can
mi, I in ,1 inection,"' 1 .,mi"
i. ' i; il 1111,1- : ' i-'iiiili'in
,, Las Vegas,. New Me
!!(! I'-l I
j 1 " HOWISON A FABlAWt,""',
Generál Comin'í).: MfcWáVítéi,
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Office East side B. ft. Are. , pppotijrpM A
Manzanares.' " ' ' ' "
Ii," I, I ii i luí, I' I il u in ni I'll llll
W. Steele,
ii J loni
for Vre ' ict No.
2!), Ejutt I,.(s Vepjna
ileal Estute, Collícttnir Acrént nnii ConTer-
ancor ii ijvil --. .!-' nl li Ii.mI
Decila. Mortffiiires ami JuRticei' lilimkn far.
ssle. '.' 1 1 " "' 'i'ii i. : 1 1 -1 1 1 1 v in
. OOicc on the hill ltiyeen tle pliatii.nfy
;i.;i . i .,,,. j neBlera.in.'. i, . .,, ,, y
Staple and Fancy 1 Grocerfenj1
Produce a.fiiPcia.Lty.! lOrdorg niletlon $hortoti
I. in ,i J'P6' ,r?rolirIelo,rUÍ,e Imr I..T,.
-Delmonico Restaurants
.. i ... .EastLM YflB,F.,M. -,i (,,,,,,,1
: John C. CrWs;
THE noss , . ,,
Hoot & Shoemaker
! in i J
i.i ! , '.ni I im -i .1 i I -ill 11 ii !
Opposite Jiffti lfroB,,
Tu llros,, irnarantees satiifsrtio
1 ii perfect'fit or no "pny ' ' 1 "
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Attorney at law;
Will attend to bu leftnl Diisinfs
Center Street', East 1ai4 .Vi(fa,! Newi'lexto
. ,.179-(l.,i ... : , i ,;; n ,
... . . . Hi-;.
1 ' ' I I I. ! : ' III I "
Office at Exchanire Hotel Buil'.iu'.
Hotel Buil
IjAS Vecus.X. M.
ii- ; n M i..r I i ' . ..
Hill I
Santa Fe BaUerp
i; ; i t , i ! i j , , I : i i : i r M- ! I ,',! K-' ' 'i 1 ''
Centre St., East Laa Vegae, , .
I. - ; :!l ...i.i .f ' . i, .. ; ..I I. r C ..',l
Everything in, t.lio - bakers lm cuifítntlyi
" i 'i.i -' -.on hand :!" kimIi
TÍXIIÍB11ÍY' ANGKLLTÍo'ji'rs.''' 1
', 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' i ! ' I :i 1 1: i wi-h!
; 3 f ) H N" CA VI p B Lit l .
t luí I'i
mi Ic.l
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. -1 1 1 1 ii .-. i-
Las Vcgas j
.'lllll il I) i
.1 . ! . ' 'l. ;l I - i'i.-
Gallery in the Hear of the Exchange
"-iii '-".''-' ' i i 'i-ti.. i i,.i .t .,i-
Shop in Dalds'.;,.riloki Northw.nt
' Cornérf the'I'lazs: --i
-I :,;...i.i ' I, I., i! .il , .,i I
J. FHA NVO"'JN. .piAVty
i i iluni in i.i ilu.iil li'iill I. lili 1 1 a .J.'
Attorney,,1 nt " Law
. : ' ... , . . . , . , rT' rill ,- . .-,.r lit ,i ,ii, hi. I
W.llUQWHiUQTjiK,., ,
mili -nil i. Ii.
S A LAZAIS. - i! I j".i li A ,'i tiiil'l'
PHflTnaR & PHP R
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MTnnniTn ii
mm nn
I. I .,..1 ..) "null.,
Ato it His - 'a r-tAfi"" ,u'
1 1 linn, i .,i .mi . ii.i i,, i.,, i,,.,,'
Las Vwvk ,,l"4-" '""""Nrw"?!'
i. i !
' Hot 'Springs 'fthd Lhs VtHK:'"
Clirontc'Misbnsés'WV'tVts'ealiés Ur KenlaTek a
Specialty.,.! ,,.i ..,, ,, , , ,,, ,,. ,.
HOTSrUIXÜSt. ;. . ii,.1(tltií1ilAwM.,
LAS VEüASCnlral J)rHJSiom,ia,ti1ll,R.I.l1
, ''r2QQjr:r,iivr,i',, i '1
offsck'ucíüiis U' tv's Vtó1ts';",,,'f
lo o'clock a. M.' tlií 'lo' h,'!ioét,'T.",íí'.';,"i;;j
From 7 Oclocfc, A."mVIU 'd'ob 'W.W.
All ardM! lofti at tlsrbvxlliKl.iroi i .
ceivepronijit attontloo.
" " . V T" V, " niiTiiir'N,.MK .,.i,,
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i:. "i .uiil Ak'

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