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Las Ve?s Daily Gazette.
Whta the People are Doing Their Inten
tions, Places of Business etc.
Yesterday afternoon, jnst one week
after the fire swept over the fated
block seven, a Gazette reporter vis
ited the scene and talked with most of
the owners of property and those who
had boon doing business on that
Ward & Tamme have commenced
business in a temporary building iust
in the rear of their former place of
business. They are also crowding
work on the ndobe walls which had
been commenced previous to the fire,
and have also finished the cellar lor the
main buildiug, which will be hurried
forward as fast as possible.
Mr. Marble will open his restaurant
again to-morrow in the building for
merly occupied by II. G. McDonald's
wholesale liquor store, on Railroad
Avenue, opposite Browne & Manzan
ares commission house. They were
busy getting things in readiness yes
terday. Marcellino & Bolla have built a new
house between Houghton's hardware
store and Hilty Bros,, and are doing
a lively trade,
The Model Store is in business in
the rooms formerly occupied by How
ison & Fabian's wholesale establish
ment on Railroad Avenue.
Malboeufhas commenced business
again in the building formerly known
ae the -'Lone Star Saloon." This will
be his permanent place of business.
He gets $100 insurance money.
Rosenthal has not yet commenced
business, but is preparing to build
at the old stand. He will get the full
amount of his insurance, which is
Philip Jlolzman has secured the
building formerly occupied by Fra
ley's meat marki t, on Center street,
and will bo ready for business to
morrow. Herbert & Co. have moved to
the "Old Reliable" drug store to Col.
Steel's building near Jalla Bros, store.
R. C. Richard has opened his jewel
ry store in a small frame, iust in the
rear of where his former house was.
The Mackley House, under the effi
cient management of Hilty and Mack-
ley, has been opened in the building
formnrlv known as the Hamilton
Hopper Bros, arc doing a llourish-
niy business in the adobe building in
the rear of their former plae of busi
Rupc & tías tie have taken up their
position in a frame building just
soutli of their planing mill.
The Boston Clothing house will go
intobusines near the New York store
soon. This firm will rebuild on the
lot formerly occupied by Malboeuf's
harness shop.
Marcus & Clemm have opened up
on Douglass street, opposite Lowell
ing's livery st tblc.
The branch postoflicc, uuder the
charge of Mr. Soewald, is kept in the
store room of Marcus & Clenim's the
same as before. They will occupy
rooms in Ward & Tamme's when fin
Seward hits opened his jewclery
store in a room near his residence on
ZionHill, where he can always be
. found until a more suitable place can
be had in a more central position.
Hehas also secured a room iif Ward
& Tamme's block when finished.
Flynu is now working in the bar
ber shop in the Hilty block, epposito
his old stand.
Goodlctt & Roberts have not yet de
cided what they will do.
Curria' shoe shop has been moved
to the tailor shop near Brownings
real estate office.
Thd New York restaurant is doing
a srood business in the blacksmith
shop formerly occupied by Andy
North, near Rupe & Castle's planing
The Santa Fe bakery and lunch
counter aro feeding the public in a
tent near the old stand'. The owners
Messrs Huberty & Angelí have pur
chased the lot occupied by the Chica
go 6hoe store stand, aud will build a
substantial adobe forthwith.
Mr. Gcisler, the owner of the Cen
tral hotel is erecting a temporary
building on the old stand and wil
continue business the same as ever.
Dr. Bayly has secured rooms in
Brownings real estate office building
where he can always bo found.
The lot formerly occupied by the
meat market ofIIayward& Overbids
has been purchased by C. A. Rathbun
whd will at oncCjbuild n solid adobe
business house.
Mr. Rathbun, yesterday, moved his
- stock of goods into a tciit near where
his new store is soon to be.
OverhmV grain aud hay warehouse
near where it formerly was and is
well stocked with lorage of all kinds.
Pri chard. Browning ct. al. will ,.ct
$000 iusur.-.nce money the building
owned bv them.
The losses of C. E. Wcsche have
been adjusted at $1,000 which will be
forthcoming in a few days.
Milligan Bros, get $30 damage and
Jaffa Bros. $40.
Quito a number of others in the Hil
ty block will receive recompenso for
damages, but to wht extent we were
unable to learn.
Mr. Marble, who wa.s so severely
burned during the fire is getting along
nicely and will be able for business
again in a few days.
Of the two Saturday nights what a
contrast ! One full of excitement,
turmoil and distruction; the other,
full of calm forethought and la
bor and reconstruction. Saturday one
week ago, night settled down over a
sorrowing people 'and the hot ami
smouldering ruins of their homes and
business houses. Yestcrdcy evening
night settled down on the same peo
ple, but all were filled with brighter
prospects and firmer resolves. A
long and eventful week intervened
and done much in assuaging the sor-
rows, disappointments and heart-aches
caused by the ruin of one short hour
Sorrow and sunshine alternate, but
the darker the cloud, the brighter will
be its silver lining after it has swept
Down the Rio Grande.
riio first of the week, we made a
trip along the great railroad, as far as
constructed, down the Rio Bravo del
Norte. The road enters the valley
above Bernalillo and follows the val
ley down in a straight line as the
bird flies until it reaches the Jornada
del Muerto, crossing the northern
iri of this famous "journey" and
goes out through Grant comity and
Sonora to Guavmas and the Pacific
Ocean. From La Junta, Colorado,
where the road leaves the Arkansas
valley it crosses the broken and
mountainous portions ol northern
New Mexico to the Rio Grande, with
manv crooks and turns and doubling
back upon itself to find the easy
grades over mountains :;'id through
canons. But once in tu-j "valley, it
stretches out straight a .utow, for
miles ank miles, avoid; ., the short
bends and taking the gr:a'ul course
of the river. In a few days, the road
will be turned over by the construe
tiou company from Albuquerque
south, and regular passenger trains
run straight through to San Marcial
on the northern borders of the Jorua
da. The Rio Grande is an ugly, turb
id looking stream flowing shallow, at
this season of the year, over deep and
treacherous quick isauds. But its
murky waters are charged with agents
which in irrigation fertilize and en
rich the lands. One thing is promi
nently noticeable to the traveler for
this ynUey; thero is but a very small
proportion of he tillable lauds under
cultivation. Another fact is equally
as patent, thai wherever a 7spot of
ground is cultivated and watered it
nroduccs abundantly. This is true of
the most sandy portions of the valley
What it needs is men, farmers, culti
tors of the soil who make that their
sole business and source ot livelihood
Many persons who visit this section
and look at the sandy and barren as
pect of the uncultivated lands without
considering the fruitfulncss ' of the
cultivated portions arc apt to be. dis
appointed and form adverse opinion
of their great value But this is
reat mistake, for experiments, the
only true test of anything, prove their
nnbouuded and remarkable fertility;5,
Thus far, really, only partía
YTvfriments in farmiug garden
ing grape and fruit , growing
have been made in the valley. The
orchards, corn and-grain fields, vine
yards and gardens answer satisfactor
ily as to what these sandy barrens
will do when watered and tilled. The
land is rich and every inch of it can be
be cultivated from foot-hill to foot
hill on either hand aud throught it
entire length. The water can be
brough in canals from tho river, or
raised bv windmills from a few feet
beneath the surface. Let but a pop
illation of wine makers and fruit
growers from the farming districts oí
France ítud Germany go into this val
ley aud possess it, segregate the lands
into, ten twenty aud forty acre tracts
and plant it to vineyards and ouch-
ards and every foot of the valley wil
blossom as the vine clad fields o
France A perieclly pure climate
free from the moisture which in other
countries mildews the grape, thisv al
ley will be in the near future one of
the greatest-wealth producing regions
in tho United States. Its possibilities
cannot bo well estimated or even con
jectured. The boys at the depot, yesterday,
while waiting for the traius to come
in, amused themselves with a scries of
dog fighti,
Personal and General Gathered From All
Quarters of the City and Vicinity.
Hoop skirts are.comiug in fashion.
Dr. Tipton went over to Tiptou-
ville yesterday.
Mrs Sam Wright started for Col
orado on yesterday's train.
Mr. Holm the artist from St.
Louis, is in ihc city, the guest of Col.
The weather turned suddenly
cool last night, owing to snow in the
I he lire proof vault is being con-
sliucieuin ihe new building of the
First National Bank.
-Mr. SceWiild has established his
jewelry establishment at his house lor
me present tune.
-Mrs. T. W. Garrard is expected
to arrive home ironi her extended vis
it to Missouri, every day.
Maj. Sevier, formerly with Mills,
goes to socorro to-day. lie will en
gage in business at that point.
Maj. liiinan kit on yesterday's
train fr Kansas. He will visit. Kan
sas City bofore returning here.
-J. Bloch, Ocati,; D. L. Gal'up, Al-
buquerbuc, and J. O. Bird, St. Louis,
are registered at ihe Sumner house.
-Scott Moore bought one of the
new carriages of Tom Steyens which
arrived yesterday from Albuquerque.
C. R. Browning sold between $2,-
.000 and $3,000 worth of lots in the
new town during the week just past.
-Yesterday the snow on the main
range of the Rocky mountains had a
frigid appearance about it. The fall
of snow must hayc been heavy, as it
showcdpl aiuly.
-A large number of buggies, the
property of Tom Stevens ot Trinidad
wero brought up from Albuquerque
yesterday. They will be kept here
for sale for a few days.
John P. My res, Pecos; W. H.
Brickly, Glorieta, J. W. Boswell,
Trinidad; A. E. Fleitz; and Dave
Ticmp, Halfway Mills, are registered
at tho National Hotel.
M. Ueise received yesterday a
very a ycry large invoice of liquors
Ilis ware rooms are completely full
But he proposes to keep peace with
the wholesale trade and not be found
wanting when orders come in.
The bridge" across the arroyo on
the Springs road north of the plaza is
in a vcryjdilapidated and dangerous
condition. It needs repairs badly and
the attention of the authorities is call
ed to it.'
We commence to-dav to remove
of our printing office to our new build
ing on Main street near the bridge
In moving a daily it is our only op
portunity to take advantage of this
day olí to take down aud put up th,
Mr. Strasburger, of Boulder, of
the firm of Levy, Cohu & Strasburger
the Boston Clothing House, is in the
city, aiding to adjust the insurance
and straighten out and arrange the
goods saved from the fire. lie is
very pleasant gentleman to meet.
Messrs. Dougher & Baca have dis
solved partnership as appears by
notice in another column. Mr. Baca
frill take charge of the entire business
Our telegraphic report was serioul
ly iutcrfcrred with this morning by a
snow storm in Colordo.
-.Mr. II. W. Í3urt left for, the cast
yesterday. Ho has been traveling in
New Mexico for the last seven weeks
looking out the best location to put
ui) reduction works. He has left his
business in the hands of Prof. Robert
son, who will investigate the matter
further and. report.
E. C. Bennett and J. C. Lamcl
Topeka; P. II. Saulpaugh, Emporia,
Kansas; W. W. Menuier, Sterling,
Ks.; U. Bradley, E. J. Bradley aud J
1. Nullcr, Pueblo; W. Codman am'
A. Mycr, Santa Fe; Harry Sheldon,
Kansas City, are aegistered at the St
N'cholas Hotel.
The qualifications of a legal voter
aro as follows :
He shall be a citizen of the United
States, of the age of twenty-one years
shall have resided in the Territory six
months, in the county where he oilers
to vole three months, andia the pre
cinct thirty days immediately preccd
ingthe election.
Divine service to-day at Baptist
chapel Last Las V c"gas, at 10:45 n. m
Sunday school 2 p. in.
High service, 7:30 p. m.
Subject at night. How they dance?
All aro invited. Strangers will
meet with a cordial welcome.
Morning service with sermon at
11 a. m. Subject, Education.
Sunday school at 10 a. m,
No evening service.
I ii thofamous Emma mine, of
Utah, licvf machinery has been put in
motion a nd the mnlu shaft cleared of
water. .Ingersoll drills arc to be set
at work immediately to extend the
shaft, wild it is once more asserted
that tiye mine will prove a true fissure
vein matead of a pocket. The Flag
staff, (supposed to be on the same vein
has yielded $5.000,000 during the past
ten yekirs.
Dissolution otlc.
T'i r firm of Dnmrlini Sr, Baca i.; this
ilav iiMssolvi d bv mutual consent. Mr.
John Lloughcr retiring from the same
Mr. Francisco Baca y Sandoval will
continúe the wholesale and retail 'li
quor business at the old stand, on his
own account.
John .Douohek,
Francisco Baca y Sandoval,
Las ' cgas N. M., Sept. 25.
Referring to the above, I ber leave
t inform mv'frieuds and the public
gcnerallv that I will continue the
wholesale ana retail liquor business at
the old staud, southeast corner of the
plaza. j
Thankful for past patronage so lib
erally bestowed on the old firm, Ires-
pectlully nsK a continuance- oi mo
same. '
Francisco Baca y Sandoval.
Las Vegas, N. M. Sep . 25.
A suitable ri ward is offered for the
return or whereabouts of a full grown
pet deer, with a red band on its neck.
Information may be leu at tuc resi
dence of Mr. II. Konicro. 51-tf
Cents, boys and diiidrcns ready
made clothing at
J. Rosexwald & Co. 41-tf.
To Trade, Fop Cattle or Slacop!
A stock of dry goods, notions and
groceries, with fine store room 24x00
ware room in rear. Good location.
For particular-, address.
J. W. K L E T X F lí LT IC It ,
31. Kinsley, Kan.
Lockhart & Co. have received a
large stock of oils and paints; also
"Iloldens enamel paint"which is wa
ter proof and ready for use, is con
stantly kept by them. 50-tf.
. H. Lucas Manufacturer of Mexican
Filigree Jewelry.
The manufacture of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen being a special
ty iii my business, and many persons
having expressed a desire to witness
the process, I hereby extend a cordial
invitation to all wiio may visit this
city to call (presenting this card) and
give me tho pleasure of conducting
them through niv Factory Santa 1 c
S. H. Lucas.
Good Opportunity.
A young man doing business many
years in this territory, and has a large
trade, wholesale and retail, will make
arrangements with any person who
wishes to start business general mer
chandise in a No. 1 town in this ter
ritory. Address, A. D.,
lw. . Albuquerque,
In our genis furnishing goods de
ai tmcnt which is a new feature, we
keep as complete a stock as can be
found in anv city.
J. Rosen w .: i.d & Co. 41-tf.
All kinds of wollen goods just re
ceived and for sa'c at low figures, at
J. Rosenwald & Co. 41-tf.
--A large invoice of choice candies
just received bv
J. Crawford. 41. tf.
Two good carpenters
wanted im-
mediately by
Frank Ogden.
Between the residence of Mr. Ileise
aud Herbert's drug store, a solataire
diamond ring. The finder will be
suitably rewarded by leaving the
same at the store of M. Heise. lw
I have 800 choice No. 1 chickens on
hand yet. Call and get your pick of
them. At the nuihaudle Corral.
Also good No. 1 creamery butter at
McKay's Restaurant.
J. W. Love.
Fall clothing at C. E. Wesche's, old
and new town. Tho latest styles, a
fine selection at astonishing low
figures. Before you purchase look'at
niv stock in tho old and new town
I sell summer clothing at cost.
8')-tf , C. E. Wesciie.
In the iCome building, opposite to
Otero, Sellars & Co's warehouse, you
will find the finest stock in town of
dry goods, notions, Gents furnishing
goods, boots and shocs,frcsh groceries,
aud quceusware. New stock! New
goods. 85-tf.
Reliable Insurance
HOME, of New York.
and Marine, Mass.
Offce in the new town.
Coffins, Caskets and
Undertaking Goods of
all kinds kept constant
ly on hand by
Las Vegas, N. JI
Orders promptly filled,
t 1
Fall and Winter Stock
New York Clothin
Also Agents for Devlin $ Co.,
For Suits Made to Order
Sample JRooni,
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store, East Las Ve
gas. 314-tf.
Jntlian Pottery.
The largest stock, in the United Native Vegetables.
States, of Indian pottery, both anci- j Hilty Bros., have made ar range
eat aud modern, at M. A. Gold's In-' mcuts with Messrs. Webber & Miller,
diau department, Santa Fe, N. M.4l-tf of Mora county, to furnish them from
l'íií'ties desiring locations on which
to build houses for business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the undersigned, who will sell lots
at reasonable rates. All said lots are
situated on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
M. Salaz a k.
Office north-east corner of the
A car load of apples just, received at
v Hopper, Bros,
Holbrook's tobacco is the best,
Second baud doors and windows
for sale cheap at T. Romero & Son's.
The doors are, either double or single
as may be desired, and all are in a
goor1 state of preservation. 28-tf;
Herbert & Co., arc showing a
commendable energy in re-locating
and prosecuting their business in East
raas Vegas. 48-2t.
jO. L. 1 1 might on has a regular ar
senal of fire-arms, the ly.rgcst stock in
all the west. It is not' only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables hirn to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. Wines aud liquors of the best quaU
ity, and of the best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 353-tf
The clijicest invoice of tea ever
brought to New Mexico, just received
by A. J. Crawford.
A full assortment of Homeopathic,
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drug Store. 313-tf.
Lockhart & Co. have the boss' lum
ber yard in the territory. 249tf
I have just received a fine assort
ment of Gents underwear of all grades
which I will sell at tho lowest possible
prices. C. E. Wesciie.
Lockhart & Co., have just received
a car load of sash, doors, etc. 21-tf
For Sale.
A Weber upright piouo, nearly new.
It will be sold for $500, aud is 'to be
seen at Browne St Mantazniinres.
n46 l-W
Store !
ff. T. HOOVE El
Fine Boots.
.T w II
! the public, that they are now prepar
en to do ail kinds ot work in their
i line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
on northwest corner of plaza. 16-4m
i now on, with all kinds of native
etablcs; such as cabage, peas, beans.
carrots, turnips and al! other kinds of
garden products common to this
couutry. Native vegetables are much
fresher, sweeter, aud in the long run
cheaper than those shipped here, so it
will pay to patronize Hilty Bros. tt.
I would-respectfully call the atten
tion of all persons going to and fronu -the
While Oak mines, and the pubtó'
lie in geueral to the fact that I iiivve
removed our store from TecolotfcS
Autor Chico, where I keep a coirÍJ-ij?
píete assortment of general merchan- "
disc; aud make a specialty of miners
supplies, provieions ect. Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to tho mines
aud I sell goods at the lowcét rates.
David Winternitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
We are prepared to furnish' all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
Co to M. Heise, on the south side
of tho plaza for fine wines, liquors and
gars. 253-tf
.Go to Judd'8 Barber Shop and get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tf.
For Rent.
The office formerly occupied by
Mills & Hadlcy in the Exchange Ho
tel building. " Apply at
Bell & Cartan.--49-tf.
In order to reduce stock as much
as possible, I will sell for the next two
weeks, dress goods,ginghams,cheviots
and all summer goods, such as sun
downs, gloves, etc., etc.. at cost.
34-tf. . C E. Wesciie.
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill. 29-tf.
Notice is hereby givcu that J
have at present no agent or agents
whatsoever and that all my business
aftairs will bn managed by myself
Philip Holzman,
Las Vegas, Sept. 22. 1880. 49-tf.
Clean towels aud sharp razors at
Judd's Barber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tf.
Brick for sale in large or sniilr
quantities, at Lockhart Sr
--What in thcworH

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