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VOL. 2.
LAS VEGAS X M., Ml Ml) AY, OCTOUIÍR 15, 1880.
:nto. (i8.
Located on the Ktrcet in rear of National
Hotel, No. 17, where he is prepared to
do all kinds of work in his line promptly
and in a workmanlike manner at reason
able prices.
Frank J. Webbnr,
lias constantly on hand Horses, Mules,
Harness Etc., and also buys and sells on
Commission. Sale of goods made at any
time. Will bo found on North-Eas
corner of Plaza, or word may be left at
this office.
Gallery in the Hear of tho Exchange
Hotel, West Las Vegan.
CuttiBig & Repairing
Shop in Dolds' Block, Northwest
Corner of the Plaza.
Tas vegasand vinita
Passengers and Express matter leaving Lae
Vexas on Tuesday morning will be forwarded
on weekly bneklioard through to any point íh
the Pan Haudlti of Texas. Charts reasonable.
C. H. AUSTIN, Proprietor.
Commission Merchant,
Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Handled in Car Lots.
Butter, Eggs and Poultry always on
kaad. Cash paid on consignments
W. Steele,
JUSTICE OFTHK PliAOE lor Precinct Mo.
2!), East Lin VepiH.
Real Eatate, Collecting Agent anil Convey
ancer. Deeds, Mortgages unj Justices' Blanks lor
Ollice on. the liill between the old and iuw
John . Carrie,
THE nos
Bool 4V Shoemaker
Opposite Jaffa' Bros., guarantees natistartios
and a perfect lit or no pay.
Attorney at Law,
Will attend to all legal business promptly,
Center Street, East Las Veja, New Mtxiee.
Office at Exchange Hotel IUiiUinj.
Las Vegas, N. M.
ÑT. J. pettijohnTm7d
Hot Springs and Las Vega.
Chronie Diseases and Diseases of Females a
HOT SPRINGS - - - 8 to 12 A.M.
LAS VEGAS-Central Vrmg Store, 2 to ti P M
atorsky-j t-lj h,
Las Vegas - New Mexico
Attorney sit Law
ALBERT & HERBER, Proprietors.
Opposite Jaffa Bros., East Side.
Freeh Beer always ou Draught. Al
so Fine Cigara and Whukey.
Lunch Counter in Can.
1 V
Fluid, oj Ohio, to be Heard no
More in the National
Legislative Hulls.
rite A. Y. Herald's Opinion:
'There is no IOxtuse for
A Solid South.''
Stage Robbery and Heavy Snow
Storm at Del A'orte,
Hallroad VFar 111 St. Louis.
Wendell Philliiis Nomi
nated for Congress.
Washington, D. V..,p-'ci. H At the
democratic- headquarters in Washing
ton (ho leaders and roomMf the
congressional commlftc'Vty0 ar0
here, maintain that the defeju-docs
not defeat Hancock, and say that the
democrats will fight for ewry inch of
ground in November. It is hinted
that t lie chairmen of the democratic
state committees, in cióse states, will
be called to meet tho national, con
gressional and local committees,
either in New York or Washington,
aud some plan of campaign be agreed
on. All the money possible to get
will be used and u hard light made to
elect Hancock. The states the demo
crats will contest in the north are
Maine, New Hampshire, New York,
New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Cal
ifornia. Oregon, Nevada and even
Indiana. It is contended that Han
cock is much stronger in Indiana
than the democratic state ticket, and
the democrats of lhat state will be
urged to do their best, but no outside
aid. will be given them. It is said
ti at the effect of Hendricks on the
party by using the Supreme Court of
Indiana to "eiider an improper deci
sion, together with ti c weakness and
unpopularity of Landers, have beaten
the parly, but it is contended that
these reasons will not weight, against
Il iucock. Tho democrats inteud to
meet the republicans on the tariff
question iu New York, Virginia, aud
other states, Where there are dis
scntious in the parly all the influence
and authority of the managers will be
used to heal them. The word will be
issued that everything must unite to
pull Hancock through. Democratic
business men will be urged to the
front with their influence and money.
Tho leading democrats at the head
quarters arc congressmen Hunton, of
Virginia; Blackburn, of Kentucky.;
and Bathwell, of Iba congressional
committee. lhey ridicule tlie idea
that the presidency is lost, aud tro
bracing up for a stubborn light from
now until the election. At the repub
lican headquarters, to-day, congress
man Jargeiison and several other
prominent, republicans had a long in
terview with chairman Hubbel. They
think that Virginia is a good field
ground for the republicans, aud the
prestage of the election of Tuesday,
added to the alleged irreparable
breach in the democratic party in the
state. It is an open secret that it is
the intention of the republican man
agers to make good use of the time
left to November 2nd in Virgina.
Tho report, is current in Vir
ginia that an alliance . be
ween Gen. McMahon and the re
publicans is being negotiated is not
known at the republican headquarters
to be a fact. Tho republican con
gressional committee are confident
that several republican congressional
congressmen will be gained in the
south. The anticipated gain togeth
er with those made in Oregon, Ohio,
and Indiana will be more than suffi
cient to give the republicans control
of both houses. In the United States
senate as now constituted the demo
crats have 43 members and the repub
licans 33. The senators whose terms
expire in '81 where there is to be a
political change in succession ore
Bounce, Eatou, McDonald, Randolph,
aud Thurman. Should these be re
alized, the senate after March 4th
will consist of thirty-eight demo
crats and thirty-eight republicans.
Viewed in this light the election oí a
Republican legislature iu Indiana
which will send a republican succes
sor to McDonald seriously threatens
the Democratic ascendency iu the
Senate. Iu this calculation Davis is
credited to the Democrats. Should
he act with the Republicans that party
would ngain be in the field iu lull
possession politically of both houses
of congress. It is not at all probable
however, that Davis will identify
himself with the Republieau side of
the chamber, The entrance of Fair
with his "barrel" to contest for the
Scnatorship in Nevada to succeed Mr.
Sharon is regarded by many as cast
ing doubt on the political outcome iu
that state. Should Mr. Fair win it is
calculated that his vote would main
tain '.he democratic control ot the
New York, October 14. -- The way
in which the majorites figure in the
senate of the United States are dem
ocrats 43; republicans 33. On the
fourth of March, next the terms of
twenty five senators expire and the
republicans expect to g.iia six sena
tors at least in the coming election, as
follows: Ohio, New York, Penusyl
rania, New Jersey and Indiana. They
will lose one ia Mississippi, and the
democrats will lose oue .11 Virginia
The senator avowdly independent
Davis of Illiuois,.is classed asa dem
ocrat, so the score then stands repub
icaus 38Í democrats 37 ; independent
one. The command opposition woulfl
make the seKaie a tie and vice-prc-i-deut
Arthur would have the casting
vote, and it is pretty certain thai
without McMahone , tho republicans
may control all the committees and
gain ascendency in the senate. The
present-house has 15G Uemorra s and
135 republicans, and two straight out-and-ort
national, all other votes be
ing classed with (he party most favor
able showing which makes the demo
cratic majority only twenty-one, and
over the republicans, and nationals,
only five. The election of the repub
lican ticket will make the three
branches of the government republi
can. New York. October 14 The Ilcr
arld say3: One thins: that struck the
Deinocrate Tuesday last was the solid
South; there is no excuse for a solid
South. It is a 1 absurd and offensive
auomoly. It '7G the Southern men
had grievances, and a sensible public
made no comnlaint of their solidity,
and as they now have 110 grievance
whatever, the Northern public which
has not much patience with mere stu
pidity concludes that, the people who
act as the Southern men are acting in
politics, may as well remain in the
minority. Northern voters dislikes
mere mulishne.'-s, aud diepiso shams;
they believe, and justly too, that the
solid South is a shame without the
leat excuse. What is n solid south ?
Do they ask for a tariff reform? No.
For economy in public expemlit uresV
Not at all; but contrary; it is solid for
the democrats, that's all. The demo
crats can now see the results in the
October elections losses of cotiirrcss-
mcn in two States aud the next House
is almost certaiu to be republican; tos
ses of legislators, invoivi ng losses o!
Senators, and general defeat unless
the Republicans make some conspi
cuous blunder, will turn the floating
and independent vote in all the States
three weeks hence bodily over to the
republican side.
Del Norte, Col., October 14. Par
ties arriving from the west last even
ing report one of the most terrific
snowstorms known in this State, and
it is reported to be four feet deep on
a level; the wind blew 1 tornado in
cessauily for two days, drilling the
snow badly ou the road leading to
Silvorlon is blocked. Passengers for
points over the range, after wailing
several days, were obliged to return.
No mail has been received from Silver
ton 'since last Saturday. Freighters,
on that road have bem obliged l o
leave their teams r.nd return with the
cattle to prevent them iroin starving.
The route by tho way of Conejos is
tut off, and is alio reported block by
snow this morning.
Indianapolis, Indiana, October 14.
Additional reiurlis this morning do
not change Ihe estimule giver, jester
day ou the state ticket. Peel, t,he Re
publieau candidate for Congress in
the seventh district of the state is
elected. The delegation now stands:
republicans 8 ; democrats 5.
Del Norte, Col., Oct. 11. About 2
o'clock this morning the stage of Bar
low & Saundersou. hound west, was
stopped aud robbed by two men about
15 miles cast of heie. The mail aud
sreasuro box were taken by the rob
ben. No passengers were aboard.
Columbus, ()., October 14. The
republican state committee have re
turns from eighty-four out of the
eighty-eight counties which show a
republican gain of 8,9"5 ; democratic,
6,781 ; net republican gain for Town
send for secretary of state, 1818. At
the Democratic headquarters tho re
turns have been gathered from va
rious sources so that now all the
counties have been heard lrom. Ac
cording to these figures the demo
cratic gains for Long for secretary of
state are 9G30 ; gains for Townsend
New York, October 14. In the
Rock Riyer Methodist conference th's
forenoon adispatchwas read announc
ing the great republican victory in
Indiana, and the conference became
wild with excitement aud sung tht
doxology. Dr Luke Hitchcock said
they would be criticised for this dem
onstration but he believed it was an
escape from civil war and he felt thai
this religous assembly should lift its
heart in praise to God in that glo
rious doxology, amen.
New York, October 14. The Times
says the democrats are evidently much
annoyed by the overwhelming defeat
ll.ey have suffered aud much talk has
been indulged iu regarding the prop
osition that English, the candidate for
vice-president be forced to retire and
allow a democrat of greater populari
ty to enjoy the doubtful honor. The
Sun says of the result in Indiana:
This is a great surprise to the demo
crats and as great a blow a.s the Maine
election was to the republicans.
New York, October 14. Work has
commenced on the New Family Hotel
to face Eighth avenue and extending
from 72d to 73 i street. It is designed
to be not only the largest but the most
complete hotel of the kind in the
country. Edward Clark, piesideut of
the Singer Manufacturing Co., is the
proprietor and he proposes to expend
over oue million dollars in the build
ing alone.
New York, October 14. The In
diana supreme court oilcd its ermine
for the sake of partisan advantage and
has seeu that every action offered the
republicans chance, lor giving its
friends the soundest drubbing they
have had iu the last half century. It
upset the constitution to gain a trick
and lhu that they have lost the whole
game for State and Nation too.
New York, October 14. The fun
eral of Father Treauor took plane this
morning at the St. Lawrence church.
The notices say that Yorkville, the
scene of his labors is like a house of
mourning. From ten to fifteen
thousand people personally his great
loss. Solem requiem aud mass were
said at his obsequies.
Denver, Col., Oct. 14. A. B. Miller,
secretary, aud W. Y. Sedam, treasur
er, of the Colorado State Lottery,
were arrested hereto-day by a deputy
U. fi. Marshal 011 the charge of send
ing circulars pretainiug to the lottery
through the UuPed Slate mail. This
will not interfere with next Tuesday,,
St. Louis, Mo., October 14. The
railroad fight continues sharply. The
Chicago & Alton dropped limited
tickets to $2.70 this morning and tho
Wabash immediately went to $1.70,
having advertised to sell at a dollar
less than any other road, unlimited.
New York, October 14.- -In the
Episcopal convention Rev. Dr.
Knight presented a memorial to ab
solutely forbid by canonical amend
meut the sale or rental of pews "in
chu relies.
Now Y'ork, October 14. Tho World
alter claiming Indiana as long as pos
sible, confesses that the result is un
satisfactory, but declares the State
will vote tor Hancock in November.
Ne.v York, October 14. - The Trib
une Bays the experiment of putting
the meauest men iu the United States
on the presidential ticket has proved to
be a brilliant succes.
ludiaiuipolis, Indiana, October 14.
Four hundred precincts show a Dem
ocratic gain of 2494; republican gain,
5878 ; net republican gain 8384.
Boston, October 14. The green
backers have nominated Wendell
Phillips for Congress.
Miracles in England.
Catholic Ireland, it would appear,
is not to be allowed to monopolize the
n.iraculous apparitious which of late
have attracted so much attention to
various localities of the Green Isle,
and of which frequent accounts have
been given in the Sun. Their "sep
e rated brethern" of the English Ritu
alistic Church now come forward
with an apparition in Wales. Con
cerning the latter event we learn from
the Irish Times of September 13. that
the celebrated Father Ignatius, the
protestant Monastery, has written in
a Hereford paper respecting certain
alleged aspirations at Liauthouy,
Wales. He says :
"This monastery was founded ten
years ago, aud on Monday, August
30, the events to be recorded took
place. During the time of tho adora
tion before the Blessed Sacrament one
person kneels iu silent devotiou for
an hour before the shrine,
alter which another person takes
his place. On August 30, .while the
senior brother was before the shrine,
all at once, on looking up, he saw
distinctly t he silver monstrance ap
pear outside the thick doors of the
tabernacle. This monstrance is the
vessel in which the Host is held a
benediction. A school mistress from
Hay saiv the same apparition, neither
person being of an imaginative turn
ol mind. The same evening four
boys were placed in the reception
grounds after vespers, when on-
cfune running up to me saying:
' Dear father we have just seen such a
beautiful spirit in Abbot's meadow '
I replied, 'Oh nonsense,' aad resumed
what I was about when other boys
came and confirmed the statement,
saying that th y had seen a figure ol
a woman dressed in white witn both
bunds raised. From head to feet
there was a dazzling white light, oval
shaped, shiuingrouud the body. The
ipparitiou moved through the
meadow. A boy named Foord, who
was frightened, caught up a stick and
said he would strike it if it came
near him. The figure and the light
however, entered the hedge aud re
mained standing in it. The boys af
terward, on a strict cross-examina .
tion, stuck to the same details, one
saying that he believed he saw the
Blessed Virgin Mary. These are ex-?
traoruiuary but absolute facts, and
the two apparations which occured
on the same day seemed most marvel
ous, as though God intended one to
corroborate the other.
If is futhcr stated that oue of the
"Brothers" in the monastery was
cured of a violent face'ache by the ap
plication of a dock leaf which grew
in the meadow where the boys state
they saw the apparition. This is oue
of the rare occasions 111 which Protes
tants are found laying claim to any
supernatural occurrences; and it is
said that the publication of such
claims has created quite a flutter of
excitement in English Protestant cir
cles. N. Y. Sun.
ANTED. A pood inmlencr. Apply to
Mrs, Desmarais, Las Vegas.
WAN1KD. Immediately, at the liotel of
Mrs. V. M. Cuinmintis, at San M.rcial,
oi.egood llrstcook and one good second cook ;
a 1 s o m e pood waiter 1 1 50-2 t
tI C A T V.' A ,.,.,1 1. 1... -r
' I h'unmviii n
I)ACAHALL FOR KKXT. The proprietor
wishinjr to removn his residence will rent
haca Hall for the coming season, or will sell it
for a reasonable price. The hall is the best In
the Territory and is provided with a itage and
complete scenery. Addivss,
Las Vegas, ' . M.
TilOlv RKNT-. My private rtsidence, with or
!" without 'urnitiire. Apply for inl'orma
ti'in at tho Ga.etlu otlio.H or on the premises.
I I M h KOlt SALE. By Moore & Huff, at the
( . Hot Springs. Leave orders atllerbert A
IVsdrmr 6lre, on the plaza
ITVJtt SALK: My house and land situated t
J West Las Vegas, near the Grand View
Hotel For terms apply to the underpinned,
Lü-i VegiisJfN. M. D. 1'KKEZ.
.Sept. 23th, ISSU. n5l-1m.
710 It SALK. PHI head of catt'e. Forfurther
inlorinatlor. apply to Jaffa Bros. Las Ve
an and A. Nelson & Co., Anton Chico, N. M.
liOR SALEA good sixteen horse power
V steam engine, all in ruoning order and
lurge enough, to run flour mill. Any person
U.- i'ingto see it running can do so any day at
rny pinning mill at La Vegas. Applv lor
terms tt JOHN B. W OOTEN.
General Comm'n. Merchants
OlV.ee Easl side R. U. Av
, opposite Brown A
Prices for Assaying Gold, $2.50;
Silver, $1.50; Lead. $l..r0; Copper,
$3.00. Samples by mail will receive
prompt attention.
' W. G. Ward,
Contractor and Builder.
LAS VKGAS. - - Jí. M
Oí every kind and style, at Kev. D. W. Cal
I'ee's. English and Spanish . or in any other
language, for sale cheap or given away.
District Superintendent R. Ti. S. ir iw
Mexico mid Arizona.
arujsr int. XiTjceho,
Manufacturer ol
LAS VEGAS, - - - N. M
In Romero Tiuildiiii', Kast Sldeofth Plaza.
Sania Fe EStzkery
Centre St., East Las Vegas.
Everything in the 'bakers line constaiilj
on hand
A.. T. IToover, I.rop.
In fjrmer Exchange Hotel Hiiildinj, on th
Vlaza, Las Vegas, N. il.
.Now open for Transient
Guests mid Regular
Dealers in
Staple and Fancy Groceries,
Produce a Specialty. Orders filled on short
lice. Proprietors ot the
Mmonico Restaurant.
East Lns Vpsji?, V. M.
Dr. Tipton
Office in Exchange Hotel, La Vee.
Physiclaa and Surgeon
Eaat Las Vejáis, New Mexico. Yt
mlo Disi ases a Specialty.
Contractor and Builder
Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and
Sjii Marcial.
Fe an o Tinier ami Repairer.
The ISest Place
Is from a Man Hint un
der stands the wants of
the Country.-
The Only Carriage Shop in New Mexi
co. Tho only Pull Stock of Carriage
Material in the West in kept by
W. IL mUPl Las Vfffas, Ar. M.
Wra, Gillerman,
Has opened a stock of
at Fori Mascom.
icw Mexico.
A Full Assortment iu every line
which will be sold at Las Vcgiu
Prices, Freight Added.

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