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Las Vefs Daily Gazette
An Intfrsbl'.ng Litter The Hottest ;Part
of ul the World-No Good
Flace in tlc Summer Time.
A Tuwii of the Future.
lwlul Coi rpiiiltiite ef ihu tlaaette.
Fautor Gazette: Before leaviwg
Las V gas many promises were exac
ted from ma to write all about the
country when I got here, to see for
tiurselves, that the truth might be
known as near as .osible about the
termiinw of the new railroad. How
ever the only sure way to know "all
about" a place is to route and seo as
views on t'.ie prospect of a place disa
gree. We reached here the middle of
August when the heat was intense,
ninety-eight in the shade in the day
time and the same at night. It
seemed to tne as hot as Yuma is re
ported tobe. When you look at the
map you think, "why Guaymas can't
be so hot, it's not in the tropic?, right
on the gulf, aud they must get a sea
breeze." I said the same two months
ago bul I found Guaymas hotter than
the tropics for this reason :
The town is built on a sandy strip
lying along the bay, surrounded,
hemmed in, shut tip by cliffs are quite
barren, so the sun's rays ore reflected
upon the sandy streets and bare walls
with double force till the eyes are
pained o look out. The entire ab
sence of vegetation makes matters
worse, an evil easily corrected, but re
quiring years to remedy. The bay is
cut it) with inlands and peninsulas so
that our view of the water is a little
lake apparently and the sea breeze
don't reach the town.
There is an erroneous idea that peo
p'e don't sweat in Mexico, but where
do they weat. more? I have seen
men come in rom work, driving far
instance, with sweat dropping from
chin, nose and ears and clothes satu
rated. The natives don't work in
Milliliter, which i ti ; more, sensible way
than our., nuldng around. But they
tell us that nine mouths of the year it
is tiie loveliest climate in the world.
That remaius to be seen and if it ever
does cool off I will write to you again
i;i Xew Mexico.
There is little new ia customs,
hotues and people. The same flat
adobe houses, but the windows are
large iron grated openings reaching to
the floor for the double purpose of
keeping out thieves and letting iu air.
There re nu iire places or stoves as
the winters are warm, J&nuaryis the
season for oranges while now there is
nothing in the vegetable line and only
a lew very veet fruits which to me
are sickening.
i he road is progressing finely. It
bogins with a wharf on one of the
small isl.iiids, ruus along its side,
crossing a bridge to the main land,
turns norih-cast into the hills to
wards llerrnesillj, leaving the present
Guuvmas to the west a mile or
so. A new town is aoon to be
where the track r -aches the laud, but
the "boom" is not apparent yet, but
as before when it "cools oil"' this fall
they look for a rush. What is to
make a boom is not told us, but we
are nevertheless looking for a biy
one. Opinions' regarding the future
ot (iiiaymas differ greatly, some
claiming the mineral wealth of Sono
ra is boundless, others that the taxes,
duties and climate will forever debar
its being a large city. Duties are so
exci stive even from state to state,
taxes on Miver and gold heavy, the
climate is peculiarly oppressive, coup
led with the heat, there is a something
the thermometer don't record. Its
debilitating cflect on all people, the
fatal results to youiu children, aud
then that dUease, Prickly heat. It
first appears in small patches of white
watery pimples, soon turns very red,
spreading and causing such a burning
aud itelyng those having if almost go
wild at times, llera few weeks it
dries up and you scale off in white
scales, like scarlctina, and the Mexi
cans toll ir.c they have three courses
each summer of this annoying erup
tion, while tlic Americans now here
l.ave Buffered all summer, more or
less. A gentleman irom the East In
dies as they haye Prickly heat
there but Guaymas Prickly heat in
much worse, as all things here are
different from any place in the known
world. Please though, bear in mind
(uayinas is not all Sonora. I write
only what I know, inland the coun
try may be fertile, vo. elation, rank
breezes' may blow, water flow in
streams, there may be food, perhaps
the nights are cool, mosquitos may
have deserted plains and mountains
for Guaymas, and life may not heal
burden. Wc shall soon see, as the
road will he thirty miles north by
January next. Yaqui Indians are
the laborers, they are a very hard
working people who have a reserva
tion iouth of here that is well farmed
they are quiet and self supporting,
occasionally fighting the mexicana for
their rights, being bitter enemies and
always victorious. Once 'twas de
cided to bring Chinamen here, now
'lis thought unnecessary the Indians
work so well. In disposition and
(habits are much like the Pueblos of
New Mexico. When emigration
comes in, capital to make improve
ments, trees planted, ships arriving
and business lively, como to Guay
inas. Now 'twould bo hard to con
ceive of a more uncomfortable place.
A. M. M.
They brought us civilization and
progress aud now we have it. The
bones of our fathsrs, mothers, sisters,
brothers and chi'dren were exhumed
to satisfy the wish of a person to
identify the remains of a relativo who
is reported to have worked his way
through from the east to this place
free of charge and without a regular
ticket in a box car. It is reported
that the man died of suffocation a day
after having been attended by one
Dr. Fields and was burried in the
cast cemetery without even the
knowledge of the clergy that has for
the past forty years had charjre of the
same, and now some unknown person
comes and disturbs the remains of our
dearest relations, in order to find a
corpse supposed to be the one above
mentioned. We will not submit to
these outrages, and the parties imme
diately concerned with the matter
arc herewith notified that we, who
have fathers, sisters, brothers and
mothers burried in the cemetary
above mentioned, will not let the act
rest as it is is but will take proper
steps to maintain our rights.
Many relatives of the disturbed re
mains. X.
The following Is a list of letters remaluing
uncalled i'r In the post office at Las Vegas for
the week ending October 19. All pei'ions call
ing for letteri will plcaa say "advertised."
Apodaco Beneealado Bomhericer Wm
Black Chas A Brown Jno W
Campos Guadalupe
Castman James
Campos tnieregildo
Crespin Alcana
Clayton Mrs Jnni
Daniels Mark
tsquibel Miguel
Gallegos hlizio
(arelo Juana
Hoops Chas '2
.Johnson .1 A
Leonord John II
Mansfield Wm H
M'intova Nasarlo
Mohr flenrich
Mori Is Frank
Xeolly Mrs Anea
Ortiz Juiin
I'artaln K II
Pilier WR
Parmenter Frank
Riggs W D
Sanchos Kamon t
Smith Mrs Uatti
Scully Daniel
nirliono W W
West Marcellus
Williams J S
Yeaktd C M
J. N.
Cowan Wbj
Ceavez Jo e
DamerwoodJ It 3
Doyle John
Escudor Felicita
Gousules Melitona
Hennessy D E
Johnson Jeese
LeFounlio Mark A
Martin (io
Mathews James
Mincx Juan
Morion Andrew
McDonald G O
ji orris II
Otibas Francisco
Peyón Clemente
l'owcrs E W
finan! Eliza
Sanclies Tomas S 2
Simon Chas
Smith Mrs Jennie
Smith E II
Trees .Stanley C 2
William Lee
Wright CO
Yeackley Wm.
Furlong, Postmaster.
The lellowing letter was addressed
to a East Vegas firm and certainly
calls loudly upon the sympathies ef
Las Vegas, October, 17. Gentle
men: You were very kind to me when
I was a free man, and that is the rea
son I write this letter asking you to
do au act of charity, and send me
something to protect me from the
cold, if it is Mothing but a pair of
socks. I have n friends or money,
aud have appealed to them in charge,
but have received uothing from them.
I may not have long to live but would
like to be protected from the cold
blast of winter while alive. To be
imprisoned and chained is hard but
with proper clo hiuglceuld bear it
very well; if you see fit to send me
anything, any of the hack drivers will
brink it to the jail. IIopiDg gentle
men, that you will help me, I remain
very truly, Yours,
James Allen.
The track of the ltio Grande, Mex
ico aud Pacific is naw laid seventeen
miles south of San Marcial. The track
layers are progressing at the rale of
one mile aud a half or two miles a
day, and it is now estimated that
communication will be made with the
Southern Pacific at El Pso by the
first of January. The track is laid
from Guaymas towards the border a
distance of eighteen miles and will
reach the border in time to meet the
track from this side. Chief Engineer
Robinson and Mr. Ilurd, of the law
department of the A. T. & S. F., hae
gone down to El Paso for the purpose
of selecting the two directors resiueut
in the state required by law, with the
proper stock books and articles of in
corporation already prepared. After
the selection of these two directors,
Mr. Kurd will proceed to Austin aud
place the articles of incorporation on
lile in order that the road may enter
the state as soon as it arrives at the
border, without any delay on account
of the non-fulfillment of any legal con
ditions. New Mexican.
The telegraph wire has seen down
for four consecutive days above
Cucharas along the D. & II. G. rail
road aud it doei look as though it
might be fi xed some time?
Local Items.
M. Ileise is back from San Mar
cial. L. Sulzbacher Esq., is back from
Santa Fe.
Hon. M. A, Otero is at Santa Fe
looking aftex his interests there.
Louis Paxsou, Mr. Chase, Santa
Fe; F. W. Crane Jr., aud J.K. Riant on
arc registered at the National hotel.
Mr. Blythe of Blythe k Ander
son, prominent stockraisers of Mora
county was among tho arrivals yes
terday. When will the W. U string a
No. 6 wire down through New Mexi
co and be prepared to do the business
of the territory.
A very good description of Guay
mas, its climate, location and possi
ble future is given in tLe interesting
correspondence in another column.
The following are registered at the
St. Nicholas; J. II. Babbott, Philcdel
phia; Mrs. S. B. Davis, Santa Fe; Jose
Gallegos, II. C. Blythe, Elmora; W. S.
Mason, Texas; J. Wilson, St. Joe,
The following are registered at the
Sumner house: Geo. E. Pillsburg,
Silver City; D. L. Vandives, Raton;
C. Keniedy, Pecos; II. J. Patter
sen, Whito Oaks; II. F. Iloyt, Berna
lillo. "-L. Sulzbachsr, Esq., received yes
terday one of the fiuest robes that it
has bcenour lot, to sec for some time,
It is made of Angora goat skin hand
somely tanned and lined. II is nice
for the carriage.
Col. T. B.Mills took $37,000 worth
of Iusurance,Mouday in Santa Fo. lie
says he will stay there so long as bus
iness is good. It looks as though Las
Vegas was reaching out lor the busi
ness of the territory.
The Gazette is prepared to' do
job work on the shortest possible no
tice and at the most reasonable
prices. We have new type, new pres
ses and the neatest and most tasty
workman of any office in the terri
tory. The telegraph wire has been down
since Saturday night. Occasionally
the boys cut through on the railroad
wire and get a little business tarnsnct
ed but as this is not exclusively fur the
use of the Western Union many im
portant mtissages are delayed.
Á man named Charles McCook
was arrested yesterday for having
committed a petit larceny in the
house of Mr. McGuire. The amount
of the steal was about o0 cents.
Judge Morrison sent him up for a
mouth in the county jail.
W. A. Givens has shown us some
handsome specimens from his mine in
the Cerrillos. It is down 71 feet aud
is pronounced by experts a veritable
bonanza. The pay streak is nine feet
wide and no humbug. The value of
the mine is fixed by computation
from the ore in sight at $55,000. That
is pretty good again.
Mr. Chas. Iloffmier, the able man
ager for M. Ileise at Socorro was
among the arrivals yesterday, lie
reports business steadily improving
in Soeorro. Messrs. Bartleson Bros,
have sold their mine there, the Tor
reuce, for the sum of $70,000. This
looks as though there was considera
ble mining property in New Mexico
and Socorro has her good share in the
immediate vicinity.
Prof, Robertson and Capt. Hutton
are back from their trip to the White
Oaks. They recojnmcnd that anotli
well be sunk on tho route as it will
be necessary in order to render this
place easily accessible aud conven
ient for travelers and freighters.
They wero most favorably impressed
with the prospects of the minea aud
are convinced that by spring il will
bo the most booming camps in Xew
The Republicans of Doña Ana
couuty have nominated the following
ticket: Probate Judge, Maximo Cas
tañeda; County clerk, Daniel Frietze;
Sheriff, J. W. Southwick; Treasurer,
Martin Amador; Coroner, O II.
Woodworth; County commissioners,
Nercs Trujillo, Jacinto Armijo, Eu
genio Moreno; School commissioners,
Jose Miguel Jaramillo, Rafael iiertnu
des, W, L. Rynerson; River commis
sioners, Ramon Salazar, Vicente Lo
pez, etc.; Representative, Gregorio
A large and new stock of Ihe very
latest designs in wall paper just re
ceived at Jaffa 'Biios.
New boots and shoes, a largo stoc k,
just received at Jaffa Bkos.
Flannels of all colors at
81tf Jaffa Bros.
Ladies cloth, Merinos, Cashmeres,
in every variety at Jaffa Bros.
m i
All kinds of fall and winter goods
Just received at Jaffa Bros,
Uefl..joys and childrens ready
made clothing at
J. Rosenwald & Co. 41-tf.
i .
Two good carpenters wanted im
mediately by
Frank Ogden. 41-tf
O. L. Houghton has ordered au en
tire outfit of tinners tool aud inschiu
ery and wiij open a tin shop in con
nection with his store on the plaza,
lie will be prepared ta .do all kind
of tin work, repairing, etc. ts
The old friends and customers of
Philip Ilolznian will be glad to Team
that be has opened out with a full as
sortment of general merchandise in
the rooms until recently occupied by
Fraley's meat market on tho corner
of Center sircct and Grand avenue tf.
Referring to the above, I beg leave
to inform my friends aud the public
generally that I .will continue the
wholesale and retail liquor business at
the old stand, southeast corner of the
Thankful for past patronage so lib
erally bestowed on the old firm, Ircs
pectfully ask a continuance of the
Francisco Baca y Sandoval.
Las Vegas, N. M. Sep-. 25.
Cloaks and dolmans superior to
anything in this country at
J. Roses wald & Cdf
All persons indebted to me either
by note or account are hereby notifi
ed that D. P. Shields Esq., is my only
authorized agent and attorney for
collection of the samé.
C, E. Wesciie. tf.
All persons indebted to me, either
on account or by note, are hereby
notified that D. Pi Shield. Eq., is my
only authorized agent and -attorney
for collection of tlicTnue1.
nGS-tf C. E. Wesciie.
Laces of all kinds at
J. Uosknwald & Co.
'- Zephyrs : all shades end color at
J. llOSFKVVALl) & Co.
Lucas wanuvic-iisre? of Koxicaa
Filigree Jlevelrv.
The mamihvelure of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen bckjg a special
ty in my busiui ss, and many persons
hiivimr ex-pressed a desire to witness
the p:'-- - . i hereby extend a coniiai
invit:;ii:i t- u..i who muy vi.-it this
city to eail (presenting tnis card) a-.d
give rao the pleasure of conducting
the in through mv Factory Santa . o
S. H. Lucas.
?dr Philip liulzman has reopened
his store on the east side in the cor
ner building torrr.eWy occupied by
FraieVa iv.i'V.t n.rke! where he will
be happy to see all his friend;; and
customers. tf.
Rubber over-hoos for ladies, gents
and children at
Rosknwali) & Co.
A car load of bar iron
ceived in a few days by O.
ton. -
will be re-
Wanted. A woman 1o do general
housework. Apply for information
to this office.
Miss L. R. Moore, late of Chicago
has recently brought from Eastern
cities a full stock of fashionable mil
linery aud has opened a store two
doors west of St. Nicholas Hotel, in
Las Vegas, where she is prepared to
suit ah customers who desire latest
styles in either goods or work. All
ladies who desire any thing in her
lire are cordially invited to give her a
call before purchasing elsewhere.
Those ladies hats and bonnets re
ceived yesterday are beauties indeed.
They arc perfectly lovely. On exhi
bition at J. Roskxwali) & Co.
One hundred dozen ran -h eggs just
received at A. J. Ckawfokd's.
The parents of tho children in pre
cinct No. 23 are hereby rentiiicd to
send their children to the public
school under the charge of Alberto do
Silva. Otherwise Ihey will be com
pelled to do so according to law.
AllTIIUIi Mohhisox,
61-1 w Justice of the Peace.
Los padres do los niños del precinto
No- 21) son requeridos de mandar a
sus niños á. hi escuela publica, bajo' el
cargo de Alberto de Silva. De otro
modo ellos serán cumplidos de hacer
lo en conformidad de la ley.
Aktiiuk Monnrsox,
.) uez do Paz.
The firm of Dougher & Daca, is this
day disswlv il by mutiTal consent, Mr.
John Dougher retiring from the same
Mr. Francisco P-uca y Sandoval will
continue tho wholesale and retail li
quor business at the old.stand, on his
own account;
Toux Dougher,
Fkaxcisco Raca y Sandoval,
Las V egas, X. M., Sept. 25.
Pickled pig.; feet at A.J. Crawford-;
Lockhart & (Jo. have received a
large stock .f oil and paints; also
"Holder;. r'.!r.,'l-'pim"wl-,;ch is wa
ter proof ;nd roadv for t:sc, is cor
fetnntly kept by them. 50-tf.
Foil Rent. The corral of the Ex
change Hotel on tho Plaza. tf
A gasoline tove with fixíare for
sale, Inquirí at tkis Saci. éfi-tf.
Fall and Winter Stock
New York C
Also Agents for Devlin $ Co.,
For S LiiteMacle to Order
Cottages to Rent.
Two neVtngcsto rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store, East Las Ve-
ü;ls- '? i '; 314-tf.
Indian Pottery.
The largest el ó 6k, in the United
Sudes, of Indian pottery, both anci
ent and modern, at M. A. Cold's lu
dían department, Santa Fe, X, M.41-U'
liOísíor Saje.
Parties desiring locations on which
!o build houses tor business purposes
or residences, would do well to cull
on the undersigued, who. will sell lots
at reasonable r.-ite. All t!!il nm
- . ... ui. vi ...Id ll ,
siiualeU'On tho cast sido of the rail- I
way opposite ihe depot. For terms
etc, apply to
M. Salazar.
Office north-east corner of the
pUza. . 246-tf.
' JLoibrook's tobacco is the best.
Fgil and Wirier Goods.
I beg to inform my customers, that
I am in receipt or' part of my fall and
winter stock. I shall make as belore
a specialty of everything in the Root
and Shoo iine. I am also offering this
year a nice line of Ladies Underwear
and Hosiery, which J. will sell at the
lowest possible prices.
I have completed my stock in gents'
furnishing goods, so " as to offer the
finest' selection in town,
A choice line of Fall aud Winter
clothing is expected daily.
I invito tho public, to "inspect my
goods before buying elsewhere. 1
hold out as inducements low prices, a
good selection and prompt, attention.
Chas. E, Wesciie.
Wrest Side of Plaza.
Fine Beets.
J. W. Hanson i&Co., hereby inform
the public, that they are now prepar
ed to do all kinds of work in their'
line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
on northwest corner of plaza. lG-4m
1 would respecti'ullv call the atten
tion of all persons going to and from
the White Oak mines, aud the pub
lic in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep a com
pleta assortment of general merchandise,-
and make a specialty of miners
supplies, provisions cct. " Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and I sell goods at the lowest rates.
David Winteknitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
Wc are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockiiakt & Co.
Go to M. Ileise, on the south side
of the plaza for line wines, liquors and
gars. 253-tf
(o to Judd's Rarber Shop aud get
scraped, Exchango Hotel. tf.
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill. 29-tf.
Notice is hereby iven that I
have at present no agent or ageuts
whatsoever and t hat all my business
allairs will be man gi'd by myself
Phi i.i i' Holzman,
' Las Vegas, Sept. 22. 1880; 49-tf.
Clean towels md sharp razors at
Judd's Rarber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. - tfl
Rrick for sale in large or small
quantities, at LockHakt & Co's.
Afresh assoriiuent of gent's furn
ishing goods j us i ' received at the
stare oí C. E. Y'csehe.
All kinds ot wohen goods just re.
ceived and for s:u e at low figures, nt
J; Rosen wald &'Co. 41-tf
Ribbons for Ihe millions at
Ladies suit.', silk, satin, cashmere the
lues! bcautiiul goods you. can wish
for at J. lioSENWALD & Co.
Gents, ready made clothing, n large
stock at J. Rosexwald & Co.
Roots and shoes n complete stock at
lothing Store !
Philip Holzman,
Corner of Centre Street and Grand
Avenue, East Las Vegas.
As complete an assortment of Mer
chandise as can be found anywhere
which will be sold at the lowest pos
sible rates.
Reliable Insurance
HOME, of New York.
and Marine, Mass.
O fee in the new town.
acCoffins, Caskets and
Vndertaldng Goods of
all hinds hept constant
ly on hand by
Las Vegas, N. M.
Orders promptly filled.
A. Desmonte,
Frescoc, graining, calsominiiig,
paper hanging, etc. Leave orders
with M. Ileise on the plaza.
An Interest in the Evans Coal Mines fo
This coal mine is' situated within
six miles of Las Vegas. Four seams
of coal have been exposed, in thick
ness from one to four feet. Shaft is
45 feet down and drift 30 feet in.
This is tho only coal mine within fifty
miles or more of Las Vegas. Coal is
in great demand here, prices ranging
from seven 10 eight dollars per ton.
There are two lime kilns within three
hundred feet of the coal shaft. For
further particulars address
J. G. & F. E. Evans.
u81-tf Las Vegas, N. M.
Mr. P. M. Joues desires to an
nounce to the public that he is now
able to accommodate a lew boarders
at reasonable rates, at tho Las Vegas
Bakery, South Second 6treet near the
plaza. f6-2t.
Wanted. Ten stone masons. Good
wages paid. Apply to D. C. McGuire
Las Vega, N. M. 67-tf.
O. L. Housihton has a regular ar
señal ot fire-arms, the largest stock in
all the west. It is not only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, and ot the best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Hcise'i, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 553-tf
A full assortment of Ilomeopathie
remedies constantly kept on hand at
lb Central Drug étore. íll-tf.

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