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Las -Ve o? s Dailv Gazette
TUESDAY. (MJTOKKlt 26, 1880.
A Drive Down the Pecos.
A week ago a Gazttte reporter
started on a tour down the Pecos riv
er and through Hie northern porlion
of Lincoln. Tins morning wai clear
and a ligh! Indian summer Mrioku veil -cd
the summits oil lie muintaiiis with
that peculiarly romantic appearance
common to this patón of the year.
From La Vegas to Autou Chico it is
mostly a downhill drive, hence the
distance is soon passed over. Mr.
Hays has a ranch about half way,
which is known a Apache Sprints.
Mr. Hays isx well-lr-dostockman nud
is beautifying ids yards and gardens
more aud more, as time and meaus
The groves and orchards along the
Tecos, just before reachiug Anton
Chico are beautiful in the extreme,
aud one of the best views of Hermits
peak anywhere to be had can be ob
tained from this point. There seems
to be one inrneuse canon the whole
way up and the lofty peak aud rug
ged cliffs staud out in bold relief from
the main range of the Rocky moun
tains, which run along tha northwest.
Th town is in a prosperous condition
being brought up by the general tide
of prosperity which is now sweeping
over this territory.
From Anton Chico to Puerto de
Luna there is but little tobe described
as there are but few settlements. The
valley of the Pecos between these t wo
points is not very wide as the river
has cut a deep channel i nits rapid de
cent from the mountains. The prai
ries howeveiyind the grass are good. It
has not been pastured off much since
its prolific growth this summer, much
ef the stock having been driven south
in the early part of the season on ac
count of the scarcity of water, and has
not yet been driven back.
Puerto de Luna is beautifully situ
ated in a beautiful place, surrounded
by hills aud as the name indicates, the
valley at this point is shaped like a
half moon. From this point I lie
stage roads cut asrobs a rough rolling
prairie intersected by the "Jose do
Dios," Canon Colorado and the Ala
mo Gordo creeks. There is but little
timber in this part of the country.
Mesquite wood, however, is very
pleutifu', the roots of which make
the best of fire wood. This peouliar
shrub is loaded down with beans this
season, and although, the late Victo
rio mar hare enjoyed them as.a means
of subsisiauce tin y have not a very
pleasant taste.
John Gerhardt keeps the next sta
tion and a finer garden than was
grown by Mr. Gerhardt during the
past summer cannot be lound any
where. Almost every imaginable
vegetable cau be found growing in
the garden, which is watered by a
large spring which flows out of the
hills above the station and runs
quietly over a gently sloping little
valley. And whether rain falls or not
this is a beautiful flowering little
Eden all the time. At Sunny Side,
the proprietor, Mr. M. Rudulph was
busily engaged ill shearing his sheep
and making arrangement a for his
winter school, which he intends to
teach, lie now has a large number of
names on his list and thinks the school
will be well attended during the com
ing term. Old Fort Sumner is pur--ly
a creation by the hand of man, and
a magnificent place it is too. Taken
from the hands of nal lire a broad
level plain, with nothing growing
thereon but Gamma grass, the Gov
ernment placed a large dam in the
Pecos river several miles above the
Fort and run a flood of water over it.
The Navajo Ind.aus were kept here
at that time. The) were put to work
and made to woik out. their denial
salvation by digging ditches, planting
trees and building drives. For a
distance of lour miles above the post,
there are two long lines of large cot
tonwoodc, the leaves of which tl'.e fall
Yrosts had just tinged with yellow.
On the right mid left of the road
were the old fields, which, at one time
were farmed, bu' at present are run
ning to wuBte and growing up with a
yonug growth of cottonwoods. Sev
eral orchards have been planted out,
oue of which is looking well. It
would be difficult to find a prettier,
site lor a town. There is but little
business being done at tins point, as
most of the inhabitants are engaged
in stock raising. From Sumner to
Bosque Grande, night covered the
lace of t)ie earth, therefore but little
can be snid a to its merits or denier
its, but from the number of mosqui
tos, that continually tried to form a
close acquaintance, it is undoubtedly
a mild climate. An occasional wolf
would also cuino along to tuke a sur
vey of the party, and then quietly
pass on. At Bosque Grande, tic
Pecos vallcv is about three miles
wide, ami richer fanniug lands can
not be found auyw hire. Ti e climate
is warm aud the seasons long, hence
almost all kinds of J he ccri.ils can be
produced- Gamma grass, in this fer
tile alley, grew to the height of three
feet and as thick as the domestic
graces commonly grown in the states.
Water is plenty and but little of the
land is taken up. Allot" it being yel
open for pre-emption and homestead.
Here ton, there is a large growth of
timber, which gives tone to the land
scape. (To be continued.)
Retributive Justice.
The Xew Mexican published sever
al months ago an account of the kill
ing of a prospector in Conejos county
Colorado, by two Mexicans, named
respectively Gallegos and Vaidoz,
and also mentioned the capturo of
the two men in Albuquerque, and
their subsequent removal to Conejo3
by Sheriff Carril!. It has now to an
nounce the death of the two men at
the hands of a lynching party. The
information was brought to the city
yesterday by a man who came direct
from Conejos. lie says that one
night less than a week ago. a body of
armod men entered the jail and tak
t he t wo men out swung them up to
the limbs of a neighboring tree. The
lynching was done quietly and clean
ly, the bodies of the dead men telling
the tr.le of the night'? doings to the
inhabitants of Coucjos next morning.
Mew Mexican.
Yesterday Fred Weston, the buck
board driver in the laic mad robbery
near Fort Sumner, and Mrs. Devla
vare the passenger, were arrested by
Mr. Morley, the IT. S. detective and
chief of police Becker. They are, we
believe, suspected of robbing the
mails themselves. The arrests were
made quietly and as there was little
stir,but a email amount of information
was elicited. The two were about to
take the train for Santa Fe when the
officers bounced them just as they
were ready to get aboard. The
groundr, for the arrest we suppose
will be made clear on the preliminary
hearing. Weston was taken to the
lockup for the night and the woman
was taken to the St. Nicholas and
kept under guard. We await devcl
opeiaems in the case.
The directors of the new hol"l met
yesterday evening. Present: Chas.
Blandían!, J. Roscuwald, Chas. II
f eld, Bcnigo Romero and Andres
Dold. Mr. Blauchard was authorized
to procure the necessary seal for (he
company, Louis Sulzbaeher was ap
pointed attorney for the company to
hold the office during the term of the
present directors and no legal docu
ments of any kind to be acted upon
until he has examined and givcu his
opinion thereon. The plan submitted
by Mr. Wheelock for the foundation
was adopted excepting to enlarge the
kitchen cellar. The first floor plans
were also adopted. It was agreed to
advertise in both the daily papers for
bids for the foundation.
-- -
From Wairotis,
Watrous,N. M., Oct. 23, 18S0.
Editor Gazette:
Coi. William McMulleu died here
this morning at 6 o'clock. He had
not been well since he came from 01
guiu Hill, lie will be hurried to
morrow from the residence of Mr.
James Johnson, at what hour in the
morning 1 have not. heard. I am
waiting to see Mr. Kroenig to (hid cut
where we shall hurry him. Will let
you know.
Yours truly,
S. 11. Wells.
Notice to Gdd Fellows in Las Vegas and
You are hereby invited to be pres
ent, at the Odd Fellows' Hall on Oct.
271 li, at 2 o'clock p. m. sharp, to assist
at the celebration of the lirst anniver
sary of Las Yegas L dge No 4 Al
so there will bo no invitation issued
to Odd Fellows, but they are all cor
dially invited to attend the Ball in
the evening.
Tiros. B. G aktkell, N. G.
lice. Sec'y.
Cor. E. Goldsmith, one of the old
time boys of New Mexico, returned
yesterday from Missouri where he has
been sojourning for the last year. He
thinks alter all that he likes New
Mexico best, lie and the editor of
f'tis paper made a journey down the
Rio Grande in 1874, when Pueblo and
Granada wero the nearest railroad
points. He has now returned to do
velope some valuable mines which he
obtained in the Shakcspcar district in
those early days, lie also represents
F. L. Sonicrs & Co., fine crackers and
confoclionary manufacturers of St.
Local Items.
-Dr. Pcttijohn, went east yester
uay. Mr. B-.nckc ot Simons Hardware
Co., is in town.
Uro. Coukliu of th ! Socorro Sun,
has the following:
Trinidad Homero leít 1 r San a
Fc on yesterday's train.
Bonx Oct. 23th, to lac wile of
A. M. Blackwcll, a daughter.
Mr. A. Oakly ot east Las Vegas,
went cast on yesterday's train.
Jlev, Callee advertises for his
stolen horse in another column.
There will bo a teacher's meeting
at the M. E. church this evening.
Mr, Studcbaker arrived yesterday
from the South, lie has take.i an ex
tended trip.
li. C. Richmond aud his niece,
Miss Richmond, left for New York on
Sunday's train.
Mr. A. W. Koojiler left ou Sun
day's train for a few months visit to
his home in Iowa.
A goodly number of eastern
drummers ave spreading 1 licit samp
les at the St. Nicholas.
-A temperance lecture was deliv
ered at the M. E. church Sunday
night, to a crowded house.
Sec advertisements for proposals
in another column for bids for the
cellar and foundation of the hotel.
lie v. Cal fee oilers .$30 reward for
the return of his pony recently stolen
from him. We hope that he may be
Don Jose D. Sena, eamo up fn in
Santa Fo on Sunday's train. His sous
are attending the Jesuit college at
this place.
- Baca Hail is for rent, aud as it is
the best hidl in the Territory and this
the chief town it will afford a bargain
to somebody.
Frank Ogden proposes to sen
what can be done in the sash, door
and blind business and has just got
a full car-load.
Thomas Stoneroad came up from
Cabiti Springs yesterday, lie reports
the flocks looking well and in ood
condition for winter.
Mrs. Kelso left for Georgetown,
Colorado, on Sunday's train. She
has been visiting her brother, Mr. S
S. (endcrhall for several months.
Kistler evidently labors under
the impression (hat W. G.Kooglcr is
a candidate for Congress fiom the
amount of thunder lie devotes to him.
Mr. L. II. Ellis painted a sign on
the Gazette front yesterday morn
ing. He is a rapid and skillful paint
er. His ad. will appear to-morrow..
''Tiie 'oos paper of the Territory is
the Las Yogas Daily Gazette, and
the only paper having the Associated
Press dispatches. Always reliable
and up to the times.
The voting place for precinct
No. 3 will be at Ihe new building of
Francisco Lopez, on South second
street. It is a central locality and af
fords plenty of room.
There arc 886 voters registered
in precinct No 26. There will be suf
ficient yet to run it up to 400 and
this with those in precinct No. 5,
make 800 voters on the west, side
The arrivals at the Grand View
are: Geo. il Carpenter, V. 11. Parris
and W. 11. Dickenson, N. M. & S. P.
R. R.; T. H. Fitzsterofi, Denver; J. L.
Neff, liatón; J. L. Taylor, Pedernal;
J. Waddinhani, Fort Baeom.
Mr. W. G. Franklin, who is now
engaged in mining at Socorro, came
up Sunday. He has sold several val
uable mines and got a good supply of
the needful. Mr. Franklin will re
turn toward the last, of the week.
Capt. llutton has taken the con
tract to haul Ihe smelter, which is
now on the road, to the White Oaks
miuing camp. As soon as this piece
of machinery is put. in place, a lively
boom will be seen at the gold fields.
Any gentleman in Las Vegas or
vicinity who has not received an in
vitation to the Anniversary Bull of
the Odd Fellows will please not feel
offended, but will come and enjoy
themselves. We had 500 invitations
printed and distributed and any omis
sions Mere unintentional.
Committee on Invitation.
Frank Ogden has received a car
load ot sash, doors and 1linds, which
he will sell cheaper than anybo ly. tf
Dat meat of de bear at do Centro
St. Bakery am de bo-s.
Remember we keep on hand a full
supply of bread, buns, pies, cakes, al
so the very choicest meats for the
lunch counter.
A car load of glass at
Runo & Castle's.
A cur load of nails at
Rui'E & Castle's;.
A car load of pickets at
Rim; & Castle's.
Buckwheat Hour at
n3tr J. (HAAF & b'o's.
- L. L. Howlson of the Model Store,
east sijle, has a full assortment of
boolK and shoes which he sells at the
lowest cash figures. H3f
For heavy shawls, jackets, cloaks,
scarfs, nubias, corsets, flannels, plaids,
repellents, waterproofs, merinos, vcl
vetines, tickings, drillings, canton flan
nels, jeans, niching, white aud cole-red
wadding, go to C. E. Wksche, on
the plaza.
A fresh lot of fancy groceries just
received at O. E. Wesche'.s store on
the plaza.
Gents, boys and childrcns ready
made clothing at
J. ROSEXWALU & Co. -il-tf.
'fwo good carpenters wanted im
mediately Uv
O. L. Houghton has ordered an en
tire outfit of tinners tools and tup.chiii
cry and will open a tin shop in con
nection with Ids store on the plaza.
He will be prepared to do all kind
of tin work, repairing, etc. ts
All persons indebted to me cMicr
by note or accouut are hereby notifi
ed that. I). P. Shields Esq., is "my only
authorized agent aud attorney for
collection of the same.
C, E. We sci in. If.
All persons indebted to me, cither
on account or by note, are hereby
notified that. I). P. Shield, Esq., is my
only authorized agent and attorney
for collection of the same.
nC8-tf C. E. Wksche.
3. H. Lucas Manufacturer of Mexican
Filigree Jewelry.
The manufacture of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen being a special
ty in. my business, and many persons
having expressed a desire to witness
the process, I hereby extend a cordial
invitation to all who may visit this
city to call (presenting this card) and
give mo the pleasure of conducting
them through niv Factory Santa l e
N. M .
S. II. Lucas.
Mr. Philip Holzman has reopened
his store ou the east sido m the cor
ner building tormerly occupied by
Fralcy's meat market where ho Avill
be happy to sec all his friends and
customers. tf.
A car load of bar iron will be re
ceived in a few days by O. L. Hough
ton. Wanted. A woman to do general
housework. Apply for information
to this office.
Miss L. It. Moore, late of Chicago
has recently brought from Eastern
cities a full stock of lashionable mil
linery and has opined a store two
doors west of St. Nicholas Hotel, in
Las Vegas, where she is prepared to
suit all customers who desire latest,
styles in either goods or work. All
ladies who desire anything in her
lire are cordially invited to give her a
call before purchasing elsew here.
Those ladies hats and bonnets re
ceived yesterday are beauties indeed.
Tl.ey are perfectly lovely. On exhi
bition at J. liOSENWALl) & Co.
Oue hundred dozen ran di eggs just
received at A. J. Crawford's.
Pickled pigs feet at A.J. Crawfords
Lockhart & Co. have received a
largo stock of oils aud paints; also
"Holdens enamel aiii!"which is wa
ter proof aud ready for use, is con
stantly kept ly them. 50-tf.
Cccn Rucks.
Now is your time to go to lidor
Stern's, lie must mark goods down
to mako room for the immense stock
of goods now in transit. Every
thing will be sold at cost until the
new stock arrives. Call early and
A largo and new stock of the very
latest designs in wall paper just re
ceived at' Jaffa 'linos.
.New boots and shoes, a large slock,
just received at Jaffa linos.
Flannels ofall colors at
81tf Jaffa linos.
All kinds of fall and winter goods
just received at Jaffa linos,
O. L. Houghton has a regular ar
señal ot lire-arms, the l. rgest stock in
all the west. Il is not only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can begot any
where. Boiled cider, a good article, at
I Jell & Car tan's.
Quail, prairie chickens and turkeys
fresh trom the plains of Kansas, at '
A. J. Crawford's.
Another car load of flour, '.ho best
in town, received by
J. G RAFF & Co.
Something new ! new! new! Self
raising Buckwheat flour at
"83lt J. GKAAF& CV.
Fresh Oysters, Fresh Oysters, at
831 f J. GllAAF & Co's.
. If you want something goodañTl
cbap In the boot and hoe line, go I o
C. E. WeBchc's tlorc on the plaza.
Should bo Insured in íi Reliable Company !
The expense ii so small that you will not feel the tax. We can accommo
date you with any of the mot approved plaus.
You should insure against
In the Travelers Insurance Company,
. Pledging you any gum from
81,000 to $10,000 in ease of death and from
$5 to $50 a week in ease of bodily injuries.
Combined Capital over $30,000.000. Losses Paid over $100,000,000.
3 &
Also Agents for Devlin $ Co.,
For Su ite Made to Order
Cottages íg tai.
Two new cottages to rent, at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store. East Las Ve-g-
' 314-tf.
Indiíi Fcttery.
The largest stock, in the United
States, of ludían pottery, both anci
ent and modern, at M. A. Gold's In
dian department, Santa Fe, N. M.dl-tf
Lets for kale.
Parties desiring locations on which"
to build houses lor busiuess purposes
or residences, would do well to call
ou the undersigned, who will sell lots
at reasonable rales. All said lots are
.situated on the east sido of the rail
way opposite the depot, For terms
etc., apply to
M. Salazau.
Oiiiec north-east corner of the
plaza. 2-lG-tf.
Holbrooke tobacco is the best.
Fine Boots.
J. W. Hanson & (jo., hereby inform
the public, that they are now prepar
ed lo do all kinds of work in their
line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
on northwest corner of plaza. lG-4m
I would respectfully calfthe atten
tion ofall persons going to and from
the While Oak initios, and the pub
lic in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep a com
plete assortment if general merchan
dise,1 and make a specialty of miners
supplies, provisions cct. " Antón Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and 1 s;ell goods at the lowest rates.
David Wintkrnitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
We are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, and of Ihe best brand at. whole
sale or retail at M. Heine's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vega?, N. M. 353-tf
An Interest in t!i3 Evan Coal Mines fo
This coal mine is situated within
six miles of Las Vegas. Four seams
of coal have been exposed, in thick
ness from one to four feet. Shaft is
15 feet down and drift 30 feet in.
This is the only coal mine within fifty
miles or more of Las Vegas. Coal is
in great demand here, prices ranging
from seven lo eight dollars per tori.
There are two lime kilns within three
hundred feet of the coal shaft. For
further particulars address
J. G. & F. E. Evans.
uSl-tf Las Vegas, N. M.
mm -
Wanted. Ten stone ir.-ismis r:
wages paid. Apply to D. C. McGuire
Las Vega, N. M. 57-11.
mtr Stock
ore !
Reliable insurance
HOME, of New York.
and liarme, Mass.
Offce in the new town.
Coffi ns, Cashets and
Undertaking Goods of
all kinds kept constant
ly on hand by
Las Vegas, N. M.
Orders promptly filled.
Clean towels and sharp razors at
Judd's Darber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tr.
Brick for sale in large or small
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
Afresh assortment of gent's furn
isldng goods just received at the
store oí C. E. Wesche.
All kinds of wolleu goods just re.
ceived and for sa c at low figures, at
J. ROSKNWALI) & CO. 41-tf
Ribbons for the millions at
Ladies suit.i,silk, satin, cashmere the
most beautiful goods you can wish
for it J. Rosenwald & Co.
Gents, ready made clothing, a large
slock at J. Rosenwalp & Co.
Roots aud shoes a complete stock at
(Jo to M. Heisc, on the south side
of the plaza for line wines, liquors and
gnrs. 253-tf
(ío to Judd's Rarber Shop and get
scraped, Exchango Hotel. tf.
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill. 29-tf.
Notice is hereby given that I
have at present no agent or agents
whatsoever and lliat all my business
all.iirs will be managed by myself
Pm Mi Holzman,
Las Vegas, Sept. 22. 1880. 49-tf.
Ladies cloth, Merinos, Cashmeres,
in every variety at Jaffa Duos.
A full assortment of llomeopathit
remedies constantly kept oh hrud at
the Central Drug Store. Sl8-tf.

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