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LSS Veg?S EaílV GaTGttO roHiuir ami is quite frequently inwr
" sectcd ly deep r-aiioits.
Drive Dcwn the Pacos.
So much ground ha been passed
over and by this time we arc so far
from I lie Toco-' river, 1 hat. the amivo
heading is hardly suitable, but as the
whole trip is ronn.M-tcd it will make
no difference.
"White Oaks is jiboul 0,100 ltd
above the level of I he sen, end is so
splendidly .-.heliercd by mountains
ami forest lliat the climate is excel
lent. A good school lias boon arraiig
imI for tins winter and a good attend
ance is antic! iat-il. While we are on
tliis subject we can honestly say, that
a more beautiful school site cannot be
found than is affmled at While Oaks.
Any eastern man who desires a pleas
ant place to live and remunerative im
ployinent, for hi surplus capital can
not do better than to go to this voting
ami ilotiiishiug district.
Compare for example the positions
of Leadvillc and While Oaks. The
former is nearly eleven thousand leet
above the level or the sea with a rig
orous climate, unheal I liful, long wear-
ry winters with almost perpetual
snow, while the latter is at least
4,000 feet lower, with beautiful for
ests, magnificent plains and moun
tains. iSc.cnevy that cannot be sur
passed in Alpine regions or smiling
Italy. Flowers bloom almost the
vnnr round, in summer the rose, in
winter the fern. "Winter is one con
tinned round of sunny days and as
President -.laves said in his address
at the depot "The people never think
of robust health, for that is a matter
of course."
Desiring to sec the freight route
from White Oaks to Las Vegns, ar
rangeuients were made with a gen
tleman bv the name of Till is who was
coming through, and enrlv Tuesday
morning, October 17th the party con
sistinir of five gent lemen in all, pulled
out of White Oaks. The route taken
runs nearly east until the old Fort
Stanton freight road was readied,
which is about ten miles oul;froni the
junction ol the two roads the course
of the traveler is almost norih and
passes almost directly through the
center of the group of mountain
known as the Jiearrillas. These
mountains are known to be full ot
gold They were prospected and
manv rich finds made long before the
llomcstako was thought of. The on
ly drawback in this district is the
lack of water, b'it. for which dilligent
search is now being made, Doctor
Siitliu having spent considerable timt
t here, during several months past try
ing to obtain water by boaring. .1
llocradle lives on the north slope ol
these mountains and has secured suf
licicnt water for all ordinary purpo
ses by making artificial lakelet I
means of a succession of dams across
a large canon. From lucradles to A!
kali wells it is a distance of 41 miles
During this enure instance there is
not a dwelling to be seen. Nothing
bul one wild waste of plains cove ret'
with a heavy growth of gamma grass
piñón and cedar timber.
I The lii's t days travel brought us io
small lake just, cast of the Matizan
mountains where camp was strtic!
for the night. The next morning our
line of march was resumed, with
nothing more to relieve the monotony
than had occurred the previous day.
Just at sun ciown aikiui wens was
reached, There is a lit tie plazu here
and considerable slock is kept
Quite a large lake lies to the east,
which at present i full. The borders
of the lake are cuvercr1 with a deposit
of alkali which gives the shore
while appearance ami which semis u
a cloud like smoke with every gtis
of wind. This lit tie cam) is one o
the principal .(oponía' places on tin
roaJ to or from the White Oaks. The
well at this place always affords an
abundance of water, which is very
good though a little brack Uh to the
taste. For about three miles north) of
this place, the road is quite sandy.
Between alkali wells and the Peder
uals, several large herds of antelope
were seen. They however, sniffed
danger afar off and lit out at a lively
rate across the rolling prairies. Pe
dernal is a cluster of three or four
barren peaks composed entirely of
flint rock, as the name indicates. Wa
ter was found here but it partook of
the sheep, sheepy and was not relish
ed by either man or beast. It. was a
pool of water caught by a solid basin
of rock.
A large flock of several thousand
sheep were using it lor their head
drinking quarters.
The fourth day's travel lay be
tween Pedernal) and the Pcos river.
One of (lie heaviest bodies of pi no n
timber covers this expanse of coun
try. The face of the conn try is quite
This is one of the finest p-'itious of
New Alf xico and it better ihecp coun
try could not be had. Abotight 18
miles before reaching the Pecos river
we came to Lewellings ranch. Here
a v ell has been dug and an abund
ance ot water obtained.
Mr. Leweüing, of east Las Vegas,
s Mocking this ranch and ere long
will have one of the most desirable
tieccs of property in the country, as
the well was dug during the terrible
drouth and will therefore always af
ford an abundance of water foralarge
amount of stock. Here we also came
across one of the manv I'.uckeve mow
ers sold by O. !.. Houghton during
t lie past season.
From Lewelling's ranch to Las Ve
as there is nothing special to attract
attention with the exception oí the
Pecos river, where a tole gate is
This road is good throughout its
entire length and is much nearer than
any other, being only about 1G5 miles
by it from this city to the White
Oaks. It is a long ways between
neighbors on this road, the ranches
being from 30 to 40 miles apart.
Water can undoubtedly be i'ouud
in many places along it. Several new
wells in addition to the old ones al
ready established greatly tend to con
centrate the the entire trade of White
Oaks at Las Vegas. This trade is
important and is worth looking after
It is growing and other elties will
strive to turn it in other directions. It
is ours now and will alvvavs remain
so, if a little effert is put forth.
The lower Pecos and the White
Uaiv? are rich and growing
countries. It will be but a lew
months or a few vears at least until
the freight carried to that countr
will be simply immense and tlrj iirst
railroad that runs into it will reap
rich reward.
It is a magnificent field, and the cit
izens of Las Vegas c-hould make an
unanimous effort to have the A. T. &
S. F. road or the narrow guage to
build a line of road into that country.
A line could easily be constructed as
the grades are easy and tie timber is
plenty. There would be large
amounts oí freight both ways, as it
would be much cheaper for the peo
ple of Las Vegas to ship the grain
and hay produced by the fertile agri
cultural lands of the lower Pecos,
from that country instead of from the
States. Then, too. the money produc
ed by the mines would be kept in the
country and not shipped away as at
present. This Is a matter that the
business men of Las Vegas and north
ern New Mexico should take in hand
at ouce and push .with energy. Everv
influence possible should bo brought
I o bear, to secure this desirable end,
for no o'lier enterprise would
so effect ua'l y settle the
future status of this city.
We have thus attempted to give a
description of the country passed
over during a three week's trip down
the Pecós and return. It has neces
sarily been very much condensed, as
there was so much seen and so much
worthy of note, that had it been given
in full, several articles the length of
the present would not have sufficed to
give the facts in the case.
We have simply this to s y in clos
ing, that the lower Pecos, Spring Riv
ers and Hondo valle y and the White
Oaks countries, in fací, the whole of
thn northern portion of Lincoln coun
ty and southern San Miguel is (he rich
est, finest and fairest portion of New
The Ame.rinar. Iritlrpenücnt Association.
This organization extends nn invi
tation to all men vhn wish to become
members to attend any of their meet
ings and inf rm theniselvs thorough
ly whether or not to become members
of the Association. No distinction is
made by the Association in regard to
nationaltiy. All meetings are held at
their hal. in West I, us Vegas, at the
rear end of the Catholic church, the
two-story building west of Odd Ed
lows' hall.
President, Secretary.
Mr. T. W. Garrard and his son
James Garrard came up on Thursday
evening from their sheep ranch at
Los Chupaines. They have finished
shearing and their this fall's clip
amounts io 2.1,000 pounds of first
class quality of wool. This amount
figured at 20 cents per pound makes a
sum total ol $4,600. Now when it is
remembered that another clip equally
as good as this one will be made
again in I he spring, some idea of the
profit of wool growing in thiscouu
try can be formed. Besides the two
crops of wool annually obtained, Mr.
Garrard reared about 4,000 lambs,
which at "weaning time are worth
$1,00 per head. The expenses arc al
so much less than in any other busi
ness considering the large returns.
Local Items.
The night operator ha? a good j
time waiting for a wire. I
Mr. Talbott returned iroia Al
buquerque yesterday.
There will not be much of th" old
Wagner house left by night.
Messrs. Clements & Fleilz are i
toTTH from the Half-Way saw win!.
The ladies of the M. E. church are
making arrangements for a thanks-
given entertainment.
-Some rich discoveries have been
made at the Holy Cross mine in the
Manzana mouutain-.
L B. Hampton, Uaughls Siding;
Geo. II. Laub, Tie Camp, are regis
tered at the Sumner House.
--The Gazette job office is now kept
running night and day, the same us
the rest of the establishment.
Don Francisco Gonzales of La
Ciénega, Santa Fe county, is in the
city, and called on the Gazette yes
t onlay.
The agency of the Hamburg,
Magdeburg Insurance Co. has been
transferred to C. It. Browning of
East, Vegas.
E. Gallegos, San Hilario; V.
Parker. Avery; A. Lallue, wife and
two children are registered at the St.
Nicholas hotel.
When General Shermtm made hi
appearance to address the assembled
people yesterday, some fellow famil
iarly called out: "Halloa, Tom."
Mr. verge 1'arker came up yes
terday from White Oaks. Mr. Park
er is engaged in mining at that point
and owns some very valuable inter
ests. It wou'd bo well lor parties liv
iug along Main street to employ
somebody to direct the unloading of
the dirt which is now being hauled,
and smothing it down.
No telegraph report last night
The old rotten, good-for-nothing wire
was down again. This thing of pay
ing a big price for a report and not
receiving a word of it is becoming au
intolerable bore.
Anyone having an account against
Las Vegas Lodge No. 4, I. O. O. F. on
account ofdhe anniversary ball, will
jilease present the same to-day, to
J. I). Wolf or Theo. Riitcnbeck.
A large assortment of flannels and
waterproofs at
.T. Ii0SjKXWAI.il & Go's.
Ladies tuits, silk, morino and flan
nel, perfect beauties, at
J. Kosexwai.1) & Co's.
Corsets of all descriptions at
J. ItOSEN tVALl) & Co'S.
-. . -- -
Blankets, a lull stock at
I. Rosen wald & Co's.
The Inst instalment of our fall and
winter goods have arrived. Daily
heavy additions will make it the most
perfect stock in ladies' and gents'
goods in this market both for whole
sale aud retail tra Ic.
High ball at Chapman's Hull every
night. 91 St
--. . -
Highball at Harry Bramm's to-night,
with free lunch.
The party who borrowed my Ollen
dorff 's grammar and key will. please
return the same without further not
ice or else his name will be published
in full. llv IIysixger.
A. J. Crawford has a large number
of live turkeys for sale. 21
- .
Two hundred boxes of boots and
shoes just opened at the store of
C. E. Wksche.
Come and inspect that beautiful
cloth for ladies' riding habits at
C. E, Wescue's.
A full stock of knitted jackets,
hoods, nubias, scarfs and other winter
wear for ladies and children just re
ceived at the store of C. E. Wesehe.
The following dispatch just receiv
ed by Mr. Ilysin er, from the East,
dated Oct. 25, 1880: "Please adver
tise our whole stock at cost to make
room for the enormous stock of goods
I have bought. 1SIDOH STERN.
According to the above advice I
hav.. the pleasure of informing the
citizeus f Las Vegas that in compli
ance with above advice all goods will
be sold at eastern prices with freight
added for the next ten days.
Those Indies hats and bonnets re
ceived yesterday are beauties indeed.
They are perfectly lovely. On exhi
bition at J. ItoSENWALl) & Co.
Quail, prairie chickens and turkeys
fresh lrom the plains of Kansas, at
A. J. Crawford's.
Another car loud of flour, the best
in town, received by
J. Gkaff & Co.
One hundred dozen ran h eggs just
recoived ut A. J. Cuawfokd's.
Pickled pigs feet at A.J. Crawfords
Hour at
J. Ghaaf &C os.
L. L. llowison of the Model Store,
east side, has a full assortment of
boots and shoes which he sells at the
lowct cash figures. b'oif
For heavy shawls, jack"ts, cloaks,
scarfs, nubias, corsets," flannels, plaids,
repellents, waterproofs, merinos, vel
vetine, tickings, drillings, canton flan
nels, jeans, niching, white aud color
ed wadding, go to C E. Wfsche, on
the plaza.
A fresh lot of fancy groceries just
received at C. E. Wcsche's store on
the plaza.
- . .
Gents, boys and childrens ready
made clothing at
J. ltoSKXWAI.D & Cl). 41-tf.
Two good carpenters wanted im
mediately Dv
Frank Ooden. 41-tf
O. L. Houghton has ordered an en
tire outfit of tinners tools and machín
cry and will open a tin shop in con
nection witn his store on the plaza.
He will be prepared to do all kind
of tin work, repairing, etc. is
Something new ! new! new! Self
raising Buckwheat flour at
n83it J. Ghaaf & Co's.
Fresh Oysters, Fresh Oysters, at
83tf J. Ghaaf & Co's.
If you want something good and
cheap" in the boot and shoe line, go to
C. E. Wesche's store on the plaza.
.Flannels ofall colors at
81tf Jaffa Bnos.
All kinds of fall and winter goods
just received at Jaffa Bkos,
Mr. Philip Holzman has reopened
Ins store on the east, sute m t lie cor
ner building formerly occupied by
Fraley's meat market where he will
be haopv to see all his friends and
customers. tf
A car load of bar iron will be re
ceived in a few days by O. L. Hough
ton. ' 8
Wanted. -housework,
to this office.
-A woman to do general
Apply for information
New boots and shoes, a large stock,
j ust received at Jaffa Bkos.
Frank Ogileti has received a car
load ot sash, doors and blinds, which
be will sell cheaper than anybody, tf
A car load of glass at
BrjFE & Castle's.
-- A car load of nails at
Bi'i'E & Castle's.
A car load of pickets at
Bui'E it Castle's.
Lucas Manufacturer cf Mexican
Filigrea Jewelry.
The manufacture of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen being a special
ty in my business, and many persons
having expressed a desire to witness
the process, I hereby extend a cordia
invitation to all who may visit, this
city to call (presenting this card) am'
'ive me the pleasure of conducting
them through my Factory Santa i e
N. M.
S. II. Lucas.
All persons indebted to me eiiiei
by note or account, are hereby nohii
od that D. P. Shields Esq., is my only
authorized agent and attorney for
collection of the same.
C, E. WnscirE.-tf.
Al! persons indebted to me, either
on account or by note, are hereby
notified that D. P. Shield, Esq is my
only authorized agent, and attorney
for collection of the same.
nGH-tf C. E. Wescmie
Dal meat of de bear a1, de Centre
St. Bakery am de boss.
Remember we keep on hand a ful
supply of bread, buns, pies, cakes, al
so the verv choicest meats for the
unHi eou vter.
Miss L. It. Moore, late of Chicago
has recently brought from Eastern
citiew a full stock of fashionable mil
linery and ha op ncd a store two
doors west ofSt. Nicholas Hotel, in
Las Vegas, where she is prepared to
suit nil customers who desire latest
si vies in either goods or work. All
ladies who desire anything in her
lire are cordially invited to give her
call before purchasing elsewhere.
U. I;. nonunion has a regular ar
senal of lire-arms, the lvrgcst stock in
all the west. luis not ouly for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that bo
18 prepared. His advantages for buv
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they cau begot any
where. rM'ii IiarkN.
Now is your time to go to Isidor
Stern's. He must mark goods down
to make, room for the immense fitocl
of goods now in transit. Even
thing will be sold at cost until the
new stock arrives. Call early am
jjocKiiarr. n, uo. nave received a
large stock of oils and paints, also
"Holdens enamel pamfwhich is va
tor proof and ready for use, is con
stantly kept by them. 50-tf
A large and new stock of the very
latest designs in wan paper just re
ceived at Jaffa Bkos.
Boiled cider, a good article, at
licll & Oartntrsi.
Should be Insured in a
The expense m so small that you will
date you with any of the most approved plans.
You should insure against
In the Travelers Insurance Company,
Pleilging you any sum from
1,000 to $10,000 in case of death and from
$5 to 50 a week in case of bodily injuries.
Combined Capital over $30,000,000. Losses Paid over $100,000,000.
all and Winter Stock
New Y
Also Agents for Devlin Co.,
For Suits Made to Order
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store. East Las Ve
gn. 31-1-tf.
Indian Pottery.
The largest stock, in the United
Slates, of Indian nottcrv. both anci
ent and modern, at M. A. Gold's In
dian department, Santa Fe, N, M.41-U'
I.otMFor Snle.
Parties desiring locations on which
to build houses for business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the undersigned, who will sell lots
at reasonable rates. All said lots are
situated on the cast side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
M. Salaz Ait.
Ollice north-east corner of the
pl.tza. 246-tf.
Ilolbrook's tobacco is the best.
Fine Boots.
J. W. Hanson &Co., hereby inform
the public, that they are now prepar
ed to do all kinds of work in their
line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
on northwest corner of plaza. 16-4m
I would respectfully call the atten
tion ofall persons going to and from
the While Oak mines, ami the pub
lie in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecoloto to
Autor Chico, where I keep a com
plete assortment of general merchan
dise; and make a (pecialty of miners
supplies, provisions ect. " Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to tbo mines
and I sell goods at the lowest rates.
David Wintkrmtz,
Anton Chico, N. M
W'e are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, and oí the best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ilcise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 353-1 f
An Interest in
the Evans Coal
Mines fo
This coal mine is situated within
six miles of Las Vegas. Four seams
of coal have been exposed, in thick
ness from one to four feet. Shaft is
15 feet down and drift 30 feet in.
This is the only coal mine within fifty
miles or more of Las Vegas. Coal is
in great demand here, prices ranging
from seven io eight dollars per ton.
There are two lime kilns withiu three
hundred feet of the coal shaft. For
further particulars address
J. G. & F. E. Evans.
n81-tf Las Vegas, N. M.
AVanted. Ten stone masons. Good
wages paid. Apply to D. C. McGuire
Las Vegas, N. M. 7-tf.
Reliable Company !
uot feel the tax. We cau accommo
E 3NT T S .
- AJSrilES.
i 9 WXamW K3E229K3CCZ!'
ork Clothing Store !
Reliable Insurance
HOME, of New York.
and Marine, Mass.
Offce in the new town.
Coffins, Caskets and
Undertaking Goods of
all kinds kept constant
ly on hand by
Las Vegas, N. M.
Orders promptly filled.
Clean towels und sharp razors at
Judd's Uarber Shop, Exchango
Hotel. tf.
Brick for sale in large or small
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
Afresh assortment of gent's furu
ishiug goods just received at the
store oí C. E. Wcsche.
All kinds of wollcn goods just re.
ceived and for su c at low figures, at
J. It0SF.NWALD & CO. 41-tf
Ribbons for the millions at
J. Rosen wald &Co.
Ladies suiu, silk, satin, cashmere the
most beautiful goods you can wish
for at J. Ros en wald & Co.
Gents, ready made clothing, a large
stock at J. Rosenwald & Co.
Boots and shoes a complete stock at
Go to M. Heise,on the south side
of the plaza for line wines, liquors and
gars. 253-tf
Go to Judd's Barber Shop and get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tf.
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill. 29-tf.
Notice is herehv fvon thnf.
have at present no ugeut or agenta
-t.i. i . ü. . O
whatsoever ana that all my business
aflairs will be manigcd by myself
Phii.ii Holzman,
Las Vegas, Sept. 22. 1880. 49-tf.
Ladies cloth, Merinos, Cashmeres,
in every variety at Jaffa Bkos.
A full assortment of Homeopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drug gtor. 818-tf.

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