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Las Vegs Eailv Gazette
SUNDAY. OCTOliKR 31, 180.
Watrous is ii growing lla, not
with a rush, hut sMudy and constant
ly. She has good hacking a rich
farming country surroundim: it, and
an txten-ive stock raising country
stretching a;.y to the east. The
time- will Minn nunc when tho La
Junta valley will ho cut up into small
farms and he peopled with an indus
trious and productive population.
Then will Watmus the depot for tin
mportanl valley, grow steadily with
the country and become a goodly
town. It ahendyha- a good school
house, and an excellent school under
the charge of Mr. Boyle, an experi
enced and proficient teacher. A mini
beroi fami'ies have already moved in
ior the school privileges and others
are contemplating doing so. B. M.
St. Vraiu who has the large general
store at this town, and likewise in
Mora, is building a dwelling house in
which he intends to live. Mr. S. S.
Longuevan, iu charge of St, V" rain's
store is likewise putting up a sub
stantial adobe for business purposes.
Mr Thomas Lester has moved to the
town in order to send his children to
school. Dr. Sparks is just finishing
up a good two-story adobe for office
and dwelling. His family is living
now in a small though comfortable
house in the rear of the new one. Sam
Wells appears to be doing a good bus
iness in his billiard hall He antici
pa a lively trade for the winter, on
account ,. jiK. number of men em
ployed on iaii..,.ui work in tho Mora
Canon-. Messrs. S. iv Watrous & Son
are doing ii mercantile ,,,iiess.
besides their oceupau.. r.innors.
The crops this year were a failure iu
so tar as wheat and corn is concerned
but they have made it up in hay, hav
ing in stacks over two hundred tons
of excellent hay, Carl iVildenstein
made a lucky bargain in purchasing
a piece of land there, almost, in town,
aud long before the railroad was
thought about, at a rale which would
now be considered cheap. lie is im
proving it for u nice and comfortable
home, lie is doii.g a great deal of
freighting for the government from
Watrous to Fort Union, lie has re
cently brought down from the Fort
500,000 pounds of ordnance to be
shipped to the Slates and sold. The
government is collecting considerable
quantities of grain and hay at the
Fort, anticipating that, alargo pro
portion of the cavalry now in the
South will make their winter quar
ters there. Watrous needs a larger
depot badly. The present one is en
tirely insufficient for tin- increasing
trade. It is always packed full of
goods and often large quantities lay
out. upon the plat form. The railroad
company are putting in iron bridges
in the Mora Cañón, and we under
stand that they propose to raise the
whole roadbed throughout the Canon
at least live feet. This will employ a
large number of men during the win
ter. .
A Hen on a Tramp.
Kcnil'eck & Strang's grading force
was encamped at the depot yesterday
afternoon and night. A si range story
was related by one of the men. who is
going to the front with them, how an
old hen had made her abode in one of
the stock cars and has steadily re
mained with it wherever if was
taken. The hen chose this ear as her
abiding place some mouths ago when
the car was in New Mexico. As the
car was moved eastward she went
with it. When the car stops (or any
length of time she will 11 y down from
her perch and stroll about oh the
ground, but always watches the caras
closely as some 'raveler eager to readi
his destina! ion. When the car starts
this feathered tourist will 11 y back to
her old position. She was taken as
far east as'lowa and has now got as
far as Las Vegas on her return trip.
She can hardly be called a tramp as
the car is her home. She is not prop
erly a dead beat, as she more that-'
pa j 8 her expenses by laying egfcs.
Yesterday she was walking about the
camp as much at home, as if shú had
been iu the poultry yard. This is a
singular instance of what strange at
tachments some of the feathered cre
ation will sometimes form.
Margarito Romero returned this
week from the State, having bought
an immense stock of goods in the east
whicl: will soon commence to arrive,
lie bought for cash and no humbug
and consequently got the best possi
ble rates on all classes of goods.
Mr. Koss Kendall, of Washington,
Iowa, arrived on yesterday's train.
Mr. Kendall will go on south on to
day's train to oversee a number of
n.eu on the A. T . & S. F. railroad.
Mr. Kendall is an old acquaintance
ttnd we are heartily glad to meet him.
Sermon to-l:iy nt 11a. in. Subject :
"The Future of the Holy Catholic
Sunday School at 3 p. m. Sermon
at 7 p. m.,' fifth of the 'series' "on the
"Prodigal Son." Subject, Pluck."
The orchestra will be present an:l
give us some line music. The ventil
ation has been improved, 'awl extra
chairs provided.
Strangers invijed, and everybody
who comes will receive a cordial wel
come. D. AV. Calfke.
Services nt the Presbyterian
church to-dav at 11 a. m. 7 n. in.
Morning services at 11 a. m.
Evening services at 7 p. m.
Sabbath School at 10 a. m., Rev. D.
A. Sauford officiating.
All are invited to come and worship
Almighty God.
Ft. Union, Oct. 29th, 1880.
Mr. Editor:
1 send you the following Items from
Ft. Union:
Mr. Hloomfield came up from Santa
Fe, on the 2-1 tli, in company with the
Paymaster. Thev staved over night
and left next morning.
Last night the engineer at the Fort
while passing the quarters occupied
by Col Saunders, was attacked and
bitten ly a large dog, which he shot.
The affair created quite an excite-
The arrivals of the mail brings
quite a crowd to the post-office.
R. II. Iloagland, from Vegas, paid
Union a short visit.
The Gayette is a welcome visitor
especially during election times.
The Quartermaster Department has
-liiisv arraneiiur the shafting
meeting the pu.ls yith the engine,
whereby two pumps may v ,irivoa
instead of one, as formerly, with a
cotnbiucd capacity of 120 gallons per
minute. Said pumps raise water
about seventy feet from a well.
We have a engine capable of throwing
over six hundred gallons per minute,
and which will throw water twelve
minutes from the time the lire is
lighted under the boiler, which makes
us pretty safe iu case of lire.
Dempsey Tries to Die.
b riday night a man bv toe name of
8. M. Dempsey shot himself at Close's
dance hall, because he had been un
lucky at high ball. He had lost all
the money he had and the fact seemed
to depress him. He took advantage
of the temporary absence of the deal
er, to obtain the pistol usually left
near at hand by this class of men. lie
secreted himself behind one of the
screens and -shot himself iu the left
breast. The ball struck a rib and fol
lowed it, thereby saving the would-
be self-slayer's life. Dempsy hails
from Chicago, is about 30 years of
age, and is a bii.k-makcr by trade.
Dr. Mil ligan dressed the wound, and
the man is getting along all right.
This will be a .lear lesson to the
young man, but k may cause him to
lead a different life in tho future.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
church cordially invite all citizens of
East. West, and Upper Ve as and
Hot Springs to attend their enter
tainment to be given on the night of
Nov. 11. Omnibusscs and carriages
will be furnished free of charge, aiKÍ
will be found from 7 o'clock to 9
o'clock at the Simmer and St. Nichol
as hotels, and O. L. Houghton's store
and Col. T. Loc.khart's residence, east
side, Grand View and National hotels
M. Heise's residence, J. Rosen wald &
Bro.V store, on wes- side. After the
entertainment tin-saute conveyances
will be at the cltirch, in which to re
turn Lome.
- Hilly burton, in the Do Id. block,
is tixingip his saloon in the most
ta -ty luaiiuer. He has an unique dis
play f lire arms and several real
relics of the late war. Among others
y the pistol of Genera Terry, taken
Irom 1 1 i iii after he was killed at Green
River. A gun that Hilly had carried
through the war; a dueling pis'ol
wh.ch has been used in seven combats
on the field of honor, and a couple f
ugly looking bayonet knives taken
lrom the dead of an Arkansas
brigade on the battle field of Stone
.1. O. Connor, Trinidad: A Birk
liy, Omaha; E. It. Garland, Dodge
City; 1). L. Vandivier, liatón; W. A.
Dennett, Trinidad; C. A. Weed, Albu
querque; A.M. Hamilton and II, Ly
ons, Silver Cliil"; David Wilson and
wife, Nen, la; J. L. Sininis, I'oiut of
Rocks, are registered at the Sumner
Las Vegas Jias not weakened a par
ticle since tho first boom. There is
moro improvements going forward
now than ever before.
Local Items.
Page Oloro is homo from Colora-
High hall at Chapman's Hall every
lilgUt. Ji
Highball at Harry Bramm's to-night
with free lunch. ' '
The Optic is still interviewing
Hayes and party.
Mr. Márquez arrived on yester
day's train from Socorro.
Miguel A. Otero came up yester
day from the New Placers.
--Mr. Lynch of Coloradois lookUig
after business matters iu town.
Mr. A. Straus of Chaperito is
looking after business in town.
Mrs. F, I. Hooper will preside at
the organ atM. E. church to-day.
Both trains arrived at the depot
yesterday at almost the same time.
Mr. Duncan, au enterprising bus
iness man of Chicago, is in the city.
Mr. J. T. Simms, of Point of
Rocks, arrived on yesterday's train.
A good time is anticipated at the
M. E. Church, Thanksgiving eve
ning. C. A. Weed, a prominent con
tractor on the A. & P. railroad is in
A dozen new chairs have been
nure.hased for the M. E Church
Everybody everywhere look upon
Las Vegas as the future Denver of
New Mexico.
Col. Lockhart will stat ensl to-1
day or to-morrow to lay in a huge
supply of furniture.
The marriago ot Mr. Delgado and
Miss Sena will take place this evening
as per invitations issued.
Lockhart received five car loads
of building material, sash, doors, etc.
n also shipped south about the same
--Billy Burton's oyster supper, last
night, was patronized by a large aud
orderly crowd. Billy knows how to
please the boys.
O. L. Houghton yesterday re
ceived and filled an order for thirty
live stoves for some point on the
Rio Grande.
Mr. Louis Le Testu 'after several
month visit in Kansas has returned
and will take up his residence in
Puerto de Luna.
E. P. Taylor, Bnughl's Siding,
John St. John, Canada; B. B. Monday
and J. V. Boswell, arc registered at
tho National hotel.
East Las Vegas has three candi
dates for justice of the peace. Justice
should be well administered ii no more
than one-third of them should be elec
ted. O. L. Houghton has received a
number of car loads of hardware
within the last iew days. One of
stoves, one of bar iron, and one of
Messrs Kenitcck aud Strang are
now on their way to the front with
a large number of men and horses.
Their trrading contract is north of
El. Paso.
--Messrs Henry & Ditnlap, cattle
men from Los Ojitos come up yester
day evening to lay in supplies. They
both look well as if stock and business
were thriving.
Messrs. Clements & Fleh who
are running two saw mills and doing
a big limber business were both in
town yesterday and got job work at
the Gazette office,
Messrs. T. T. Smith aud Lock
wood completed yesterday putting in
splendid shelving iu tin; new postof
lice building. The house is now
ready to be occupied.
Mr. J. Costillo and two sous were
among the arrivals lrom Bernalillo
yesterday. Mr. Costillo designs
placing his sons in the Las Vegas
college for the ensuing year.
The people of the lower country
have au abiding laith iu the future of
Las Vegas. They believe in the fut
ure of their rich lands and they know
it is tributary to this point.
Las Vegas is prospering iu u man
ner that surprises those who passed
through last spring. They all say
thai they could-not believe it it they
were not eye witnesses to the fact.
The following are the arrivals at
the Grand View : W. A. Burnett,
Trinidad; R. B. Dickison, ILL. Griui
shaw; Jutiniano Costillo and two
sons, Bernalillo ; John Dorem ; Geo.
One hundred of the latest styles of
ladies and childrens cloaks, dolmans
circulars, received at
93tf Chas. Ilfeld's.
Edwin C. Burt's French kid shoes
at Chas. Ilfeld's.
Brocade silks and ribbons latest
style received at.
94tf Chas. Ilfeld.
i I will give the above reward fori
the return of my pony, which was
lost Wednesday night October 20th,
15 miles beyond Canon Blanco, on
Albm "que road.
Said pony is Iron (J rey, 1 years old,
saddle aud harness marks on his back;
nice looking. Yv hen lost had on a
stripped horse-blanket and new white
girlie. eturn the poney, get your
money ami no questions will be asked.
D. W. Cam ee,
Faster M. E. Church.
Las Vegas, Oct. 25.
A large assortment of flannels and
waterproofs at
Ladies suits, silk, moriuo aud flan
nel, perfect beauties, at
Corsets of all descriptions at
Blankets, a lull stock at
The fu st instalment of our tall and
winter goods have arrived. Daily
heavy additions will make it the most
perfect stock in ladies' and gents'
goods in this market both for whole
sale and retail trade.
Two hundred boxes of boots and
shoes just opened at the store of
C. E. Wksche.
Come and inspect that beautiful
cloth tor ladies' riding habits at
C. E. Wescue's.
A full stock of knitted jackets,
hoods, nubias, scarfs and other winter
wear for ladies and children just re
ceived at the store of C. E. AVeschc.
The following dispatch just receiv
ed bv Mr. Ilvsin er, from the East,
dateii Oct. 25," 1880: "Please adver
tise our whole stock at cost to make
room for the enormous stock of goods
I have bought. ISIDOlt STERN.
According to' the above advice I
hav.-the pleasure of informing the
citizens of Las Vegas that in cornpli
ance with above advice all goods will
be sold at eastern prices with freight
added ior the next ten days.
1 hose ladies hats and bonnets re
ceived yesterday are beauties indeed.
They are perfectly lovely. On cxhi
bition at J. Rosenwald & Co.
Another car load of flour, the best
in town, received by
J. Graff & Co.
Something new ! new! new!
raising Buckwheat flour at
n83it J. G raaf fc Co's
Fresh Ovsters, Fresh Oysters, at
n83tf " J. Gkaaf & Co's.
If you want something good and
cheap in the boot and shoe line, go 1o
C. L. nesche's store on the plaza.
Flannels of all colors at
81tf Jaffa Bros.
All kinds of fall and winter goods
just received at Jaffa Bhos,
Mr Philip Holzinan has reopened
his store ou the east side in. the cor
ner building formerly occupied by
Fraley's meat market where he will
be happy to see all his friends and
customers. tf.
A ear load of bar iron will be re
ceived in a few days by O. L. Hough
ton. ' 3
A cue load of glass at
Hui'K & Castle's.
-A ear load of nails at
ltui'K Castle's.
A car load of pickets at
RiM'K & Castle's.
is. H. Lucas Manufacturer of Mexican
Filigree Jewelry.
The manufacture of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen being a special
ty in my business, and many persons
haying expressed a desire to witness
the process, I hereby extend a'cordial
invitation to all who may visit this
city to call (presenting this card) and
give me tin; pleasure of conducting
them through my Factory Santa i e
N. M.
S. H. Lucas.
Miss L. R. Moore, late of Chicago
has recently brought from Eastern
cities a full stock of fashionable mil
linery and lias oponed a store two
doors west of St. Nicholas Hotel, in
Las Vegas, where she is prepared to
suit all customers who desire latest,
styles in either goods or work. All
ladies who desire anything in her
lire are cordially invited to give her a
call before purchasing elsewhere.
O. L. Houiihton has a regular ar
señal oí fire-arms, the lvrgest stock in
all the west. It is not only for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class "of
goods as loflf as they can begot any
where. rcrn ItaciiM.
Now is your time to go to Iidor
Stern's. He must mark goods down
to make room for the immense slock
of goods now in transit. Every
thing will be sold at cost until the
new stock arrives. Call early and
A full stock ol ladies and childrens
woolen hoods, cloaks, and ciiculars,
and shawls, received ut
Chas. Ilfbld's.
Should be Insured in a Reliable Company !
The expense is so small that you will not feel the tax. Wo cau accommo
date you with any of the most approved plans.
You should insure against
In the Travelers Insurance Company,
Pledging you any sum from
1,000 to 10,000 in case of death and from
$5 to 50 a week in case of bodily injuries.
Combined Capital over $30,000,000. Losses Paid over $100,000,000.
I asid Winter Stock
New York C
Also Agents for Devlin Co.,
For S aits Made to Order
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
j York Clothing Store, East Las Ve
gas. óíi-U.
Indian Pottery.
The largest stock, in the United
Slates, of Indian pottery, both auci
eut and modern, ai AI. A. Gold's In
dian department, Santa Fe, N, M.41-tf
Parties desiring locations on which
to build houses tor business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the undersigned, who will sell lots
at reasonable rates. All said lots are
situated on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
M. Sala zar.
Oílice north-east corner of the
pkiza. 246-tf.
Ilolbrook's tobacco is the best.
Fine Boots.
J. W. Hanson &Oo., hereby Inform
the public, that they are now' prepar
ed to do all kinds of work in their
line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
on northwest corner of plaza. 16-4ni
1 would respectfully call the addi
tion of all persons going to and from
the While Oak mines, and the pub
lic in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote to
Autor Chico, where I keep a com
plete assortment of general merchan
dise,' aud make a specialty of miners
supplies, provisions cct. Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and 1 sell goods at the lowest rates.
David Winternitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
We arc , prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, and oí the best brand at whole
sale or retail at AI. Heise's, south side
of t lie plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 353-tf
An Interest hi the Evans Coal Mines fo
This coal mine is situated within
six miles of Las Vegas. Four seams
of coal have been exposed, in thick
ness from one to four feet. Shaft is
45 feet down and drift 30 feet in.
This is tho only coal mine within fifty
miles or more of Las Vegas. Coal is
in great demand here, prices ranging
from seven io eight dollars per ton.
There are two lime kilns within three
hundred feet of the coal shaft. For
further particulars address
J. G. & F. E. Evans.
u81-tf Las Vegas, N. M.
Frank Ogden has received a. car
load ot eash, doors and blinds, which
he will sell cheaper than anybody, tf
zwmw TWWLjmSZ
othing Store !
Reliable Insurance
HOME, of New York.
and Marine, Mass.
Offce in the new town.
Coffins, Caskets and
Undertaking Gdods of
all kinds kept constant
ly on hand by
Las Vegas, N. M.
Orders promptly filled.
Clean towels mid sharp razors at
Judd's Barber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tf.
Brick for sale in large or small
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
Go to M. Heise,on the south 3ide
oí the plaza for tine wines, liquors and
Go to Judd's Barber Shop and et
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tÜ
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill. 29-tf.
Notice is hereby given that I
have at present, no agent or agents
whatsoever and that all my bushiess
allairs will be managed by myself
Philip Holzman,
Las Vegas, Sept. 22. 1880. 49-tf.
A full assortment, of Homeopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drug Store. 313-tf.
Flour at
J. Gkaaf &C o's.
L. L, Howison of the Model Store,
cast side, has a full assortment of
boots and shoes which he sells at tho
lowest cash figures. 83tf
Two good carpenters wanted im
mediately by
Frank Ooden. 41-tf
O.L. Houghton has ordered an en
tire outfit of liuners tools and nmchin
cry and will open a tin shop in con
nection witii his store on tho plaza.
He will be prepared to do all kind
of tin work, repairing, etc. ts
Lockhart & Co. have received a
large stock of oils aud paints; also
"Iloldens enamel painf'which is wa
ter proof and ready for use, is con
stantly kept by them. 50-tf.

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