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Las Vegas morning gazette. (Las Vegas, N.M.) 18??-1881, November 04, 1880, Image 4

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I'ii vsiciaii A: Surgeon.
;V: c '-vi'i' 1 1 ri .-rt lnc" Stnr- on
the. Plaza.
&'M9íft Fe ttakeru
I phi re "t . , Kii-l l.n-4 Vi'L'iix
Evcv tiling in tin' baker s line coidantlv
.-ti 1i;iii.I
iII'ÍJKI'iTV .V ANGF.LL. I'p.),.-.
Iic;i!'-rs in
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
CM 1 1 IliNi i. ia Is A. sMOlirj.
I'l-oilinc a S.-enll . 10I.-11 lllle.t c.n li"l t i:f.
tie.-. 1 " r 1 . 1 í -". - 1 ol 1 ii'-
Mmonico Restaurant.
Kiist í.io' V vi , X. M .
Contractor and Builder
i.;i;-: Vegas. Santa I'Y. Al'imqui nUt'. : k I
ill Marcial
" '. I FI.1.1-.
We get up Siu'in (in I ho flmilofct notice tui'.l in
hf atf-l sivlc, lnt!i 1 1 1 :i in mnl lioi.-y.
LA'S la.A-. Ni W MKXK o.
U il üvi.il I .1!! no, tracts pi'nm 1 1 y Imlli M
i ov unit : nniry. Oivn lis u cull am!
I !' i 'V Will'k.
: . i-.i.A-. - - kv: '.irxieo.
IV. Ward.
Contractor ami Buildr.e
I. AS VEGA. . M .
a m'Z rr r ..sa. f; ' ra " j 's&r
(i.ipcr:itivo ütiil Mfirlianii'.il .)
1 i-trniuíí lo I!m- sol ieitiit alien ''' mun.v citi
zens f Ui Vosas. ir. V. li. I tcsrm has
.'.;i-iifil an oil'nv for the iir.-.ciiec of 1 entiati-y .
i ll' liuCl'oii'S Si'KI I M.TY S KINK
(.Di. I) WORK .
l eetli 1-Jxlriictcl, I'! u.rircil ini' I'cniiin-'l
lonliis eaniiiH''l ami auviee -"i en ii'ee r
. lein-e.
TI!HMI. sK'fs OI' TI'.KTll ! X t Kt.I.f
I.uH). ni t-!'. K Jtofli.s l l.'O'.l s A. M.,lii .iP.M.
i.eoil Jieierenee Oiven. All Work in':nteil.
(.Hire on X'ovtli SiMe of filla. Open July
;i . ! '-i
T N I i ; I ) A e imp cool; fov ulmiit "'i I'-U'ii
y C.mmI wiij."cs will be. pai'l if sul i.-l'i'.i lien is
even. A'iil.V Hi 'los olliee or aii'Uvs I'anileries
.V Dunn, Kiiieon, N "si
tir axí'Kí A situation t" l i-'enovnl
V liiHi.-evvml: l;y a. Uel. Iii-iucc al Un
UAMKli. -i 'ic-
V tor a laily. Km
or two fiii"ii..hel i 'iiiinm
piire at tliis ollici-
, iii;.vl K t;I!i; C---i -jooi! work lenses,
i" our- leiek iiml le'.ne Applv at I,. 1..
Ilow ison, Kant l.n.i '-j.;:-!. ii.
tM Ut !'KN"1 ron
V. Chn.i. Toft, Kar-t
ni jf;líi. üiepiirr- of
f Ol; I! I-'. N'T one front room werl nf M.
T l',ni!c:ielv's!ai..re try A. llel-!. sT-tf.
I Ml Ss A (.!'.- A lot of e.h.iirs, liiill'aln Vnl-es,
iwe 'l"'il'le r-i t ol luii'iuss. lrnUiru nl' A.
Kel.'l. l-7-tf.
J.irilí SAI.K. Torcci lirst-elass lots ill tin-new
V lowii, on the hill adjoining liie vesiilem-e of
.1. W . I.nvi-on the fioalh . Ji.isl I.-ien lion In the
eh.-. Apply In A. J. Houghton. i-üll'.
V ,10i s. AI.K. A jroo-l ta.hlle li-rse., by Mrs
j' leí)iarais.
f I '!! Kill;, SAI. l".. i!y Mo-re ,t Hull', ai 1 he
ií.'l Sjirini.---,. I .i-uve orilers at 1 !ei-l itrt &
(.' I'rutr sl-ii'i-, on the jilt,.!i
".OI! S A I.! ' . -h'li lie.-e I of e: 1 1
l-'or fni'liier
i-itoriieitioi- apply I o Jaii'-i ilros., l.tut ' e
,i, :oi. I - . Ni-lrinn & í'ii., Anion ;iiieii, S. M.
'X.T. )l,' s A!.0 --.V n-x sixteen loii'Mi .ie-ver
V -team eiiL'iae, a'l in running nnkr aiel
-,;ie itoiiali hi ran a llour mill. Any iiríuii
(le.t.Li-insr lo see it runiiln;; can ilo mi any dry al
aiv plaiiin.i; mill at i.a- Ve-.c. Applv ' for
:.-iiis u JOI I!. ' OOTKX.
--i ,
A ii O: i.-ein i s:-:a-k ra.neh a' 1 annui-i-,.). ) : u r
i!i'- táiiii-hoi', i.ooil wat,, r lariiitie.H, pio.l
lollMCWÜil ,-i rooms , stahie, j-ooil v,ell,eic.
V ooil t l le will ne oven, l-'-ir (lai-Ornlars
eiepiireof '.N.i-lm AiH.s. V KOH .
Adiiiíiiiíi-iilor 'ü 'Víti'' .
X.iti'.-e is heivhy Kiveu that lie; lion . l'i-ul.ali-
'our! in ami lor lla1 county ol San Mijfinl, ami
! errilory of Sv.w .MeNieo, has appointnl Ihn un-iler.-iA'neil
iii'iniiiiistra.lOr of (lie estalH ofl iauk
i;iiiipinan, dcr.ca.-.eil. All per-'ina iinlehtol to
jiiKi estate win nifko immuiiiuiL. sell leia'-nl ;
aii'l all peiv.oii' hrivinj; claims against saiil
file will pve-enl ihem within I w el m; uioiilhs.
A! i;iaTNSMCK,
p.,--ly A'imiii i-ti-iipir.
l.n iva-, N . V .. t-eli. 7th , l.SsO.
!A( AllAl.I. l'Oti IM-.XI .-The proprietor
wisliimr lo remove his resilience will rent
i'.aetlllnll for the comiii;: f-easun, or will sell It
for ii reifonahle priee . The hall i- the lie-t In
the Territory ami is provhleil wilh a sla-e ami
onipleie sn nerv. .vlflrfn-i,
lain Vi-.uas, N . M.
silOO It ii aril lr loiiillomi
in alen e rewanl wil ! lie paiil by (he Mora
i mail sto.-U ( iro-,ver As-iociatlnn i f Mora n.
New Mevii-o, Inr the ane,-t 111.-1I delivery tn till!
eroper mil horities at .Mora Cornitv .1 ail of
liiM Ii:.N aiias 1'oM ( l .M.M 1 NOS,
front Amienta, lied l.'iver, X. M., for üleulin
eiiHle. leaii -hen insl heard front wan at one
of the Vip-ow Uaatre liail 1,'oad canio-i at Kin
rrllni e . m 1 1 y , New AIoh'o.
1 VM'IXl.
ir:'.ii of -it:,.-, i.s ok.
i- í:í:i !
I- oi- 1,'ie io'ie.-t 11 ie I eon vie I ion of any T1HK F
e. !io 1. 'is titulen .-lock I com any niemiiei- of Dip
ohi ( ountv stock (irowr-ifl Assiieintimi, and
Uo lU'AVAli!
Will l,p iiaid lor information which will lend
to Ihe conviction of liuver of Stolen Mock,
- rn:i i HoWEl'.s ASSOCIATION"
Mnv! roiintv, V. f.
1:3 Veg-s Dailv Garotte'
ri iiri:-.i)AV, November 4, im.
"'hr Veto in San lligucl County,
i Tie re v; a heavy vote iolIot in
this county for delegate and county
Wo-t Lu Vega, or OKI I .us Vegas,
luis been divided into two iirecim: ts
finco last election, precincts Nos. 5,
Number 'J!) constitutes the now town.
As was naturally expected Mr. Ulero
n.ttí.l. r. 1 , . i ti 1 1 r.l ll,r ..lililí' Iw.tnl
in nil these precincts. 1 he. vole lor
tieiegate However was very proiiounc-
ml and favorable to the cause of Mr.
In jjiccinct ú, accoi dmg to the
ollicial count, Lima received '282 votes
.Hid Otero 59. . majority tor the for
mer of '22:?.
Number "2G, the court hou?e pre
cinct gave Luna 52 majority.
Kast Las Vegas gave Otero ICO ma
jority out of a total vote of 00:?.
Upper lilts Vegas gave Otero 17
majority against 171 majority for lie-
r.-lol'.aca two years ago.
La Cuesta gave Luna 47 majority,
a I'fpul.lican loss of six over two years
'"' i
San Miguel gives Otero a majority j
ot twenty-hve, n democratic loss.
Los M.ula.3 givef Luna 2.'i majority,
n republican gain of Ml. a
r.-is V'lllcs o-ices f. iiti:i 41 lid inri t v
, n . ' "'"store. Mr. Laehr hunted them up
o r,.mi i ifin irf-ii ct w.l 1
C.'iiaperito gives Luna .".0 ínajorit, a
republiean gain óf 01.
Sepelio gives Otero 37 majority.
Mauuelitas gives Olere 59 majoric
ly, a dcuiecrai ic loss of 27
S:iu Gerónimo gives Luna 150 ma
joriety. a jjaiu for the republicans of
Tecolote, Otero gets "2ó majority, n
deinoi.'ralic lo.-s of 88.
Bineou, Otero gets 37 majority, a
democratic majority gain of 15.
os Atamos jures oO minoniv to !
Lima, a republican gain of 38.
loya Larga gives Luna '22 major
ity. This makes 17 precincts hoard from
officially. Luna's majorities in lluse
amount to G67. Otcro"s majorities
amount to 306.
The fotlowing precincts are lo hear
from and they gave the following ma
jorities two years ago.
La Junta, II democratic; I'uerto !c
Luna and Saula liosa 155 democratic:
lied Kher. 200 republican; La Liendre
II democrat ic; JVnasco Biauco 33
deiiiocralic, tíabinosa 1 duuocratic;
Pecos. ;i r.piiblican.
Cther Piaccs.
The followino precincts in Berna-
lillo county have been heard from :
Algodones, Otero 1 ; Luna, 93.
Bernalillo, Luna, 210; Otero, 28,
Albuquerque gave Otero 7 majority,
a democratic los:s oí'2!.
Los ( riegos gives Otero 31 major
ity .t ii 1 Los Uanehos reported at 5-1
majority: LasPlaciins gives Luaa 37
A telegram was received at Santa
r'e stating that that county had given
Ottro 200 majority.
A. dispatch from Las Lunas report
cd Luna's majority in Valencia fit
A report from San Marcial was to
the effect that Jive prceincis "in
. , 1 ;
bocorro county had given Otero 300 j
majority. j
A di-'-pateli from Watrous staled '
that on i. of nine pt . c ncts heard from !
. , , ,. , '
in Mora county the republicans had;
the majority.
The Lidies' aid society wit, held el
.... , . . , . , ,,
ine .o. c. cintren him itigni. i tie
number -present was ii"! mi large as
usual on account of the excitement i
i i,
i tie elect iuii, but those pr
cut had an excellent tin:
Tac ladies of the M. K. church will
gie .a festival, thanksgiving evening.
FxUiiMvc arrungements are being
perfected to make this
most successful occasion:
one of the
of the sea
On account, of the nitcrtaiimicni to
he given on the 11th of this month by
the ladies of the Presbyterian church,
the literary entertainment that whs to
have been given at the M. K. church
thanksgiving evening will be put, oil
for a couple of weeks.
The post olliee will be closed at
four o'clock in., Friday the ft h, to
allow of its removal to lite new post
otlice building.
J. X. Fi;i)XG, P. M.
In mentioning the present to Mr.
and MrR. Delgado, Sunday night, in
Tuesday's paper, a beautiful and elc
giiiii toilette set and clock was ttcci
dently omitted from the list. This
wa the gilt of Miss Josel'Ua Desmaiais
one of the bridesmaids, and was most
tiifet'ul fltul apnronrifltp.
Local Items.
Hi'.h hall 'it ; hij mans Hall even
night. M M
John Pe!-1 jr. i- bnck i'runi the
llow did It o.)? , the question of
, his in i'it i it i.
Io-.i fiives M.'5,000 reimblieau major
ity amibas free schools.
Hon. Mariano S. Oter , the present
delesrate to Congress i.s up from Ber
nalillo on mutters of business.
Cillie líurton has up a new and
handsome mirror behind his bar, lie
. .. . ,. . , ,
14 lmtllllo 111 .1 lino li.t ill rl i ss wm eo
II. 15. Soiile, (ircat, Uend, Kaunas;
J. C. Winslow and wile, Wichita,
Kansas, arc registered at the Sumner
The Jrish republican movement has
I figured quite extensively in the pres
ent contest. Its influence, was even
felt. here.
The republicans found it necessary
to elect a president this time, because
they did not have the congress to
count him in,
J A. Blake, White Oaks; C. II.
Gnm.s Chicago; R. II. Ooodwin.
K.m(sas city . Wm, liatcrton, Wagon
Mound, are res'istored at, the St. NicU-
! Two genteel looking Americans
I succeeded in stealing a. pistol from
i Mr. J. F. Baehr of the Central drug
and on searching them found his
The Optic is crowding in all the
spread eagle cuts, purchased when
anticipations were high, before the re
turns came in. It looks as though
they might be useless after the re
sult is known.
Capt. J. (L Clancey, who makes a
specialty of line sheep, has just re
ceived a number of choice rams from
Vermont, which he will take to hi-
raneti. j.ney uro nigi pnecci ami ittjc
wooled fellows.
Sash, doors, blinds, stoves and
hardware, glass, paints, oils, ele, is
the conspicuous sign over Jiupe &
Ciisllo's planing mill.
. . e
I Two íirsí-cias- tinsmiths wauled
j immediately. Addiess Wm. Borden'
Alliiiquenjiie, N'.M.
1 l... X' -T n -i
For fresh butter, blooded chickens,
sweet cider, and fresh eggs goto Hop
per Bros. oi
One hundrerl of the latest styles ol
ladies and chil'.irens cloaks, dolmans
circulars, received at
93tf Chas. I lfki.d',-;.
A full stock of ladies and childrens
woolen hoods, cloaks, and circulars,
and shawls, received at
('HAS. I C.FKL';'..
A lull assort uietit of Homeopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drug Store. 313-tf.
Buckwheat Flour at.
nSolf Guaak t C o';s.
L. L. Ilowison of the Model Store,
east, side, has a full assortment, of
boots and shoes which he sells at the
lowest cash figures. 83tf
Two good carpen tei
wanted im-
mediately by
FuAXic 0ai-::.
, ,, ,, , , ,
O. L. Houghton has ordered tin eu-
tireoutfit of'tinners tool ami mychin
cry and will open a tin shop in coti-
i':ction witt, his store on tíie plaza.
!.wil1 b, Peparml to do all kind
ottiii work, repairing, etc. is
Lockhart & Co. have roe-jived a
lwk ot ls !UH), V :iUo
"lloldetis enamel ij!iinl"which is wa-
lt- .,.t -, i,. c.,
nt u mm novi uno t iyj i
stanily kejit by them
Clean towels and shur razors at
.Iiidd's Barber Shop, Fxchange
Hole!. if.'
Brick for sale in large or smell
quantities, at Lock hakt & Co'.s.
Ho to M. Iieisc.on (he .south side
of the phia for line wines, liquors and
gars. 253-tf
(io to Judd's Ihirhe'r Shop and get
scraped, Fxchange Hotel. tf.
Pickets for sale at Lockhart & (Vs
planing mill. 2!t-tf.
NoTtci-; is bitchy given that I
have at present no agent or agents
whatsoever ami I hat all my business
albtirs will be niatngeil bv mvself
Piiuui' IIolzmax,
Las Vegas, Siq l. 22. 1880.
re. are i)repared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockiiakt i' Co.
21 -tf.
Wines and liciuors of the best qual
ity, and ot Ihe best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Heise's, south side
of the plaza. Las Vegas, N. M. 353-tf
Ilolbrook' tobacco is the best.
! ma Lior-3.
.1. W". Hanson ACo.. hereby inform
the public, that th'-y are novv prepar
ed lo do all kind-i of work in.lheir
line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
on itorihwest eornpr of plaza. lO-J-rn
The American InrJepenticnt cciation.
This organization extends mi iuvi-
lution to ail men ;h; wih to become .
member to alien 1 any of their iimm i- j
ings and inf im fiieiii-'-V s il.oroiih- ,
ly whether or not t- bceonie iti' iubcrs
o the Associatioii. No distinction is
made by the Association in rerard to :
nationally. All meetings are held i t
their hah in Wot Las Vegas, at the j
rear end of the Catholic church, the!
two-story building we-:t of Odd Lc!- ,
lows' hall. j
M. KS TIvS, J. K. RAWi.IXCS, j
President, Sccrcnry. j
The next meet in;,' w iil take place.
Monday night, tle t í i i:ist.
A large assortment of Jlaunels and i
waterproofs at
J. WosriNWALi) it Co's.
- - i
Ladies suits, silk, muriuo and flan- !
ncl, j. effect beauties, at,
.J. ItoSK.NWAI.l) & (.'()';-.
- - i
Corsets of all dese notions al
Blanket:-, a full stock at
f. lio.si;xwAi.u it Co'w.
The In si 'iisialment of our fall and !
winter goods have arrived. Daily
heavy additions will make it the most
perfect stock in ladies' and gents'
goods in this market both for whole
sale and retail Ira le.
J. KosKNWAM) it Co. j
Two bun '.red boxe of boots and '
shoes just opened at the store of
C. E. Wksciik. I
Come and inspect that beautiful j
cloth lor holies.' ruling habits at
O." L. Vvi:sr:no's. j
A tail stoelc ol küitted jackets.!
hoos. iMibiu-, scarfs muI oiík - wlnier '
wear for ladies and chihli-en just re-
ceived at the store of C. K. Wenche. i
The following dispatch just reeaiv- !
ed by Mr. Ilysin cr, from Ihe Last, j
dated Oct. 25. 1880: "Please adver
tise our whole sleek at oust to male
room for (he enormous stock of goods
I have bought. IS1DOU STL UN.
According to the above advice I ;
hav-the pleasure of informing the
citizens of Las Vegas that in compli
ance '.villi above advice all goods will
be sold at eastern prices with freight
added for the nexi ten davs.
Those ladies hats and bounds re
ceived yesterday are beauties indeed.
They are perfectly lovely. On exhi- I
hi lion at J. Uoskxwaí.d it Co. !
Another car load of llour, the best j
h town, received bv
L GllAl-'K it Co.
Something new ! new! new ! Self
raising P.uckw boat llot.r at
mS.'hl J. (;i;,AKit Co"s.
l-'resh Ovs.lers, 1'resh Oysters, nf
n83tf ' ,1. (i;,a.V & Cos.
If you want something good and
e'u.'-ap in Ihe boo! and sime line, go to
O. E. Wc-che's store on the plaza.
Flannels ;;fa'l colors at
81tf Jaffa Bu os.
All kinds of f), and winter goods i
ju-i received at Jaffa J.i;o-.
?Jr Philip Holzuian has reo)e:rel
his store nu ihe east side in the cor
ner building formerly occupied bv
Fra'.ey's meat market where ho will
be happy to see all his irieuds and
customers. t f .
A ear load of bar iron w be re
ceived in si few days by O. L. Hough
ton. ' 3 "
---A. ear load of gla.-s at,
l'l t't; it CastJjK'.s.
-A ear load of nails at.
Uui'i: it C'A.'-Ti.ir
A ear load of pickets at
Pu.'fi: & Casti.k's.
u. Lucas Kaemfaeiurer cf Mexican
Filigree ioweiry.
The ni:i;iii!;!el tire of Filigree Jewel
ry by native workmen being a special
ty in mybiisiiiiss, and many pcr.-o;:.-having
expressed a delire to witness
the process, I hereby extend a cordial j
invitation lo all who may visit this
city to call (presenting this card) and j
give mi' ihe pleasure of conducting j
thent through mv Facioi",- Sania . e I
N. M .
S. Ii. Lri'AS.
Miss L. . Moore, late of Chicago
has recent ly brought front Eastern
cities a full stock of ta--hionable mil
liner y and has op nod a. store two
doors west, of SI . Nicholas Hotel, in
Las Vegas, where she is prepared to
stilt all customers who delire hiles!
sly les in either goods or work. All
ladies who desire anviliing in her
liee are cordially invited to give her a
call before purchasing el-ewhetc.
Gii-e-o-d..')! .
O. L. !lotio)itoti h.is a regular ar
-enal ol lire-arms, the largest stock in
all the west. His not only for a re
tail, but for. a wholesale trade ihat he
is prepared. Hh advantages for buy
ing enables him io sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. Jrorii I; ne it-..
Now is your lime to goto Isblor
Stern's, lie must mark goods down
to make room for the immense slock
of goods now- in transit. Every
thing will be sold at cost until the
new stock arrives. Call early and
Brocade dlks mid ribbons latest
st lcretei ed at,
J4tf Chas. iLFELr,
Should be Insured in a Reliable Company !
The expense U o stn Ul that you will not feel the tax. We cuii accommo
date you with any of the most approved plans.
You should insure against
In the Travelers Insurance Company,
f Piedin; you unv a tun from
81,000 to $10,000 in ease of death and from
85 to 850 a week in ease of bodily injuries.
Combined Capital over 30,000,000. Losses Paid over 100,000,000.
ii H
I Ul ii U
OF COl'li-L,
.Iho jjeiits for Devlin S Co.,
For Suits Made to Order
Coüag3ío ÜQñl
Two new cottages to rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store-, Kast, Las Ve-
iaclfiiii Petterv.
Tito large.-t flock, in lite United
Slates, of Indian pottery, both anci
ent and modern, ai M. A. Gobi's In
dian clepailinenL Santa Fe. N. M.ll-tf
( i--p Kale.
Pui iie- desiring locations on which
lo build houses (or business purposes I
or residences would do well to call I
on the under-igncd, who will sell lolsj
at reasonable rates. All said lots are
útuated on the east side of the rail- !
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply t-')
M. Sat, ají a ft.
Oihce north-east corner of
I p:.ia.
I v.-ou hi respectfully call the atteu- j
lion of ali'persons going to and from
the Vhi'eOak miñes. ''and the. pub- j
lie in genera! to the fact that I have!
remo ved our st ore from Tecolote to
Aul or Chico, where 1 keep a com
plete aseoriment of general merchan-
di-o; and make a specially of miners i
supping, provi-iotis eel, Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and I sell goods at Ihe lowest rales.
David Wintfuxitz,
Anton Chica:), N. M
Low in C. Deri's French kid shoes
i. Cuas. Ií.ffiiD's.
An inisrest in tit? Ev.tns Coa! Mines fo
This coal mine is situated within
six miles of Las Vegas. Four seams
of coal have been exposed, in thick
ness í lorn one to tour feel. Shaft is
15 led down and drift 30 feet in.
I'his is the only coal mine w ithin fifty
ni des or more of Las Vega:-. Coal i
in great demand lu re, nrico rnngiti.'
ft'oiii seven io eivh: dollars per ton.
Theiv ere two lime kilns within three
h II I'd red feet of the coal shaft. 'For
further particulars aildros
J. G. V I'VE. Evaxs.
n8I-tf Las Vegas, N. M.
Fruok Ogihii w- re.- iwd a car
load ol sash, door.s and bbtiiU, wliich
he wil! sell cheaper I ha a ;ei vbod v. If
In Dold's Block.
Northwest (r. of the Plaza.
The most elegant appointed saloon in
the Southwest. The finest liquor in
ihe country. Mixed drinks a spec
ialty. Open day and night.
TVHra - m.w ov:jiíX32k:3-.3
Reliable Insurance
. 11, BilOWIVIiG,
Coffirs, Caskets,
Ami Uiuiei-taking Goods of all Kinds Kept
CotiBtiuitly on Hand.
12 1FL.Gk.lSr 12: OGDEKT,
All Onleis Promptly Pilled.
Philip Holzman,
Corner of Centre Street and Grand
Avenue, East Las Vegas.
As complete an. assort merit of Mer
chandise as can be found anywhere
which will be sold at Ihe lowest pos
iib si i a es
I KK r.oss
HSool tV N 2a oem taker
1lZ'5. flA
HH.(i-ite lli.lii til'.., loair-intcc SfltiKfiu-ti.-.i;
nail h iiM-tet ill or no piiv .
A. Desmonte,
Frescoe, graining, ';"'.'calsonii!)ing,
paper hanging, etc. Leave orders
with M. lleiüm on thephirn.

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