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L-s"Vegas Daily GaTette.
sTAnrKini skmt.
tlow 'nplnin Jack ('rftMfonl Will Ciet
up n Slum pcrtc Tor Ihl 'niiilrj-
iiilorvirtv wild Ihc l'ot Brunt.
Aichibal l Forbes, ihe British war
correspondent, who is now being fet
ed hi this country, placed himself in
Ihe front rank of celebrated journal
ists by liis famous ride throiigli the
Zulu country, carrying dispatches to
his journal, derailing the terrible
liughlor of the I'.i itish at Islaudula.
So highly was tins deed, or stroke of
enterprise, rated 11 hi.? own country,
1 hat them wa a strong1 movement
made lo secure for him 0 at prize, so
highlly riveted by all who light un
der Britain's banner, the Victoria
cross '-loi- valor."
Within the past few days, we re
ceived a call from an unpretending,
manly fellow a typical irouticr scout
who, in addition to other notable
deeds of daring, has accomplished
nearly or quite as perilous and plucky
a feat as Forbes.
In the Indian campaign of 1877,
(.'a plain Jack Crawford, the poel
cout attached to Go 1. urook'r army,
after leading the charge with Lieut.
Sehwatka at Slim Unties, carried the
Xew York 1 lei-aid's special despatch
es to Fort Laramie, a distance of three
hundred and llfty miles, in less" thar
three days and a half. .lack rode three
horses to deuMi on the irip, and out
stripped aM olher couriers, the war
department first learning the intelli
gence of ihe bal lie in I he Herald.
James ( ioiilun I'.ennett appreciated
the daring of his courier and besides
paying him a handsome eoiuplimeul
in the Herald, rewarded him with a
present of $-r)00, and allowed him
$'222 75 expenses, incurred on the
This is only one of many brilliant
strikes in journalism, for the Captain,
entering the Clark Hills in '75, was
the first white guide I o miners, and
for more than eighteen moni lis was
the only paid correspondent in the
Hills. His letters lo the Omaha Bee,
whoe special correspondent he was,
were plain, straight-forward and
truthful and contributed more to
wards bringing hundreds and thous
and s of men and million of capital
into that region, than all 01 her agents.
This fact is appreciated by many of
the best people in Ihe Lilis and by the
Union Pacific railway corporation,
who thus had opened up for their 1
line a rich ami productive region.
Returning from a campaign against
Yicloi 0, in which he' rode oyer 2,600
miles in Old and New Mexico, be
ing for days at a time in the saddle,
he lound urgent let ters demanding his
presence in Denver on business con
nected wllh the Placer Prospecting
Mining and Milling Co. Accepting
the posilion of chief of scouts for
(ien. Duel!, he promised (ien. Hatch
that he would remain hi Ihe field until
Yiclorio was kill.'d or the camnaign
ended. When the news eime that
Terrassa had kiiled the renegado
chief, Captain .lack whost: business
engagements daily became more
pressing, vns relieved at his own re
quest. Gen. luc!l gave him, without
any solicitation, a very complimentary
let let' in w hich he said:
"l take pleasure in saying that du
ring your entire service with me, you
'nave performed jour duty in a faith
ful, efficient and thorotigh-goingmaii-ner.
It is with regret that I lor-o the
service of so good a k:ouI; of a man
who so cheerful y risks his life and
undergoes the most severe hardships
in the discharge of his duty.''
This from (jen, Uuell speaks vol
umes for the poet scout, and t hose !
wii-uayc reao ms uespaicnes 10 .cn.
. 1 1 1 ...... 1 . t .
l.uell can well see now that otltcer
.. 1 i .. .. 1 . ... I. r . ji 1. . x'
could not do otherwise than speak of
his trusted scout in Mich strong terms
of commendation. Wo have been
periurtlod to read extracts from the
Caplai i's private diarj mid can real
ize what d inger lie has endured.
During his scouting expedition,
Jack, although he has before stum
bled upon untold millions, found
prospects 1 hat fairly dazzled him. He
has located many claims and a party
of experienced miners have been
a .vaiiiug his arrival in Denver for
several weeks, all equipped for a
thorough developemenl of this com
paritively unknown egion. As soon
as he can perfect his arrangements, hn
will lead out this party and subse
quently additions will be made.
A vastiouut of teritory will bo
explored and au soon as good loca
tions are made, the compauy, under
whose instructions 1 is acting will
furnish the necessary machinery lor
developing the mines. Assays will bo
made on the ipot go that m time will
he. lost, and iu short, no compauy so
thoroughly organized has ever set to
work in this or any other cotiutry.
The compauy was organized June
last and has a capital of $10,000,000. j
Senator Rice f Arkansas, is the pres- i
ident, and lion. T. .1. O'Donuell ofj
Denver, scrctary. j
With such men as Ji.dgc Rico, I
Judge Mark Hanks of Chicago, and
other influential capitalists, with Cap
tain Jack as Chief in the field, we pre
dict great success for them, and un
told good for the territory. It is the
intent ion of the company, to issue a
monthly journal, which will contaiu
truthful accounts of the operations
of the company, being none other
than the official report made by Capt.
Crawford to his superiors. Jack's
unquestioned veracity, and the faith
fulness of his reports in other mining
prospecting toiirs,is sufficient guaran
tee of the value that will bo attached
to such a journal, which will
be looked for by thousands in the
east, anioug whom we predict a stam
pede rivaliug that to the Black Hills,
will bo started before mam mouths.
In short, we shall not be surprised nt
any exhibition of enterprise on the
part of the company, for Jack's name
has come to be regarded as synonym
ous with energy and enterprise find
he has never yet, had full sway.
In speaking of Capt. Jack Crawford
the writer knows whereof lie speaks,
for, from his connection with the
journal for whom the captain did
such excellent work in the Hills, he
is fully coiivcsmt wi'h the later life
of I he scout, (Hid has met many from
whom he has gathered much concern
ing his earlier years.
Crawford was eulisled in the 48th
Pa. regiment and was twice wounded
first at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864,
and before Petorhburg, Apri 2. 1805,
Six days after Jack received his first
wound, his father died after having
beMi several times wounded.
After the war was over, and his
mother had died, he came west mía in
and look up his home on the prairie
and in the mountains. He was captain
01 fifouts in the lilac!-: mils, aud we
remember the lime when he had two
companions, one wounded and the
other sick with pneumonia in his
cabin, at the same time, and know
how tenderly he nursed them, even as
a woman would He afterwards iu
perceded Cody, -'Bulído Bill," as Gen
Merrill's Chief of Scouts.
1 revious to ins late campaign
against Victorio, he roamed through
California. Oregon, Washington Tor
rilorv and British Columbia, fully ex
ploring that country and he now do.
cides to take up his residence in this
territory, in whose resources he has
unbounded faith.
His contribution to the poetical
literature of the west is large aud
some of his poems have been univer
sally admired, while all have been
marked by a spontaneous outburst of
hate for all things at iticial and base,
aud by a love for nature. All hav
1 -1 1 i 1
oeen wnieiv copied ami we mav es
pecially mention the lines written to
the memory of his mother, and on the
death of Cuslar. Ho was acr orded
the honor of welcoming Gen. Grant
on his return to this country, on be
half of the frouliersmen, reciting a
little poem of his own at Baldwin's
theatre on Ihe evening following the
ex-president's arrival at San Fran
cisco. He played for one season on the
stage with Búllalo Bill's" combina
tion, and last season was at the head
of a company of his own, but, al
though he is a better actor than
'Búllalo Bill his home is on the
prairies and there he is true to him
In con Insiwii, we mav state that
Captfdu Jack is strictly a temperance
man. never having allowed intoxi
cants to pass his lips. Perhaps there
is no man on the '.rontier who has had
more temptations held out to him
tlmu Lc.
When asked by us, during
J,U stay in the cilv.whv it was that
ne ,.ui U,e strength to so resist tempt-
. . . 1
ation, he replied : I do not deserve
half the credit I receive for my ab-
stineuce from drink. You see my
nature is such tl al if I had no reason
for being a Ictotalar, I might be a
hard drinker. My p.oor father robbed
himself of ii s nianliwod ; deprived Ins
children of even Ihe rudiments of a
good education, and sent my mother
to an early grave, all through his ex
excessive use of drink. When my
mother was dying, she called me to
her bedside, and asked mn in the
presence of my brothers and sisters
and the minister fo promise her that
I would never, while God gave me
trength to resist, touch that that had
been a curse lo our family. I need
not tell von thai I promised, aud
wheu I am asked to drink, that scene
comes up before 1110 "
Put 11 1 or Mint up.
The official returns show that Rio
Arriba and Taos counties hare both
gone Republican. This settles the
delegate question beyond doubt. Mr.
Kistler will now eecure the band und
a wheelbarrow and fulfill his contract.
iv it r. 1 ti 1 x y r.yu c k.
II011 mid Iat frison. The Jail Hrrnh
or Killed by their runners.
Another Jngsler Wounded, :nl .Mul
len (ilveM Himself ('.
w Kherlir Horn ro Redeemed Illtn
KClffroiii I'njiiM t'rlliriMin,
Vague rumors were current on the
streets last night that two of the
prisoners who escaped from the
early Monday morning had bem kill
ed, but be- oud this nothing could be
learned, a though cverv one was on
the qui vive for details of the affair.
Sherili Romero has not boon inact
ive since the jail break became known
lo him,l hough ho has worked with
great caution and sccresy. He des
patched six Mexicans with orders to
scour the country and bring back the
fugitives dead or alive. Thursday
uighl, two of the party came upon
four of the meu while lying beside a
camp fire. j iisi. outside of Chapirilo
where they had baited for the night.
One of the Mexicans snapped his
revolver at Mullen who was lying
nearest him but it misled fire, aud the
latter snatched at it but missed it.
The Mexican quickly wheeled about
firing into the crowd and this was
secouded by his companions, ihe fir
ing being kept, up till Allen and
Davidson were killed aud ouo of the
others wounded. Mulhn m ule good
his escape and hidn g till morning
started out on foot, for Las Vegas,
braving the raw winds in his shirt
sleeves. He reached town last, even
ing and gave himself up and is now
safely locked up in jail and well
i-uarded. lie was about faiuUhcd,
and beniimlicd by the cold, but raid
that he thought the safest plaeo for
him is in his old quarters, as he did
not relish the thought of being mur
dered by the men sent out on his track
He declares that he has nothing lo
tear by standing trial on the chai go
for which he is accused, and only
look advantage of his liberty when it
was offered him without slopping to
consider what n.ks he was running,
lie does not know whether the man
who was wounded made his escape
or not, bul i positive that both Allen
and Davidson were killed.
Late in the afternoon one of the
Mexicans rode to town and related to
Sheriff Romero the particulars of the
encounter of Thursoay night, which
are substantially the same as related
by Mullen.
The sheriff' immediately sent out. a
party lo bring in the bodies of Aden
and Davidson, but. at last accounts
nothing had been heard from them.
The w hereabouts id' Webb and the
sixth man are not known but il is pre
sumed that by this time they are
iHiles away and will never be heard
from again.
I.iinii Viijoriiy
Otero' last hope has gone back on
him. Taos and Rio Arriba, the last
counties to be heard from have run
up the majority for Luna to fully 1.
5(J0. From ihe official returns now in
Secretary Riich's office, we gain the
following :
Rio Arriba, the alleged h;,ntier
county tor Otero, turned out the fol
lowing vote . Luna i)!M), Otero 988;
Luna's majority 11. In this county
the son of Diego Archuleta was de
feated as candidate for probate clerk
by F. Salazar the latter receiving a
m-ijorily of 144.
Mora county's vote stood : Otero
1,065, Ltiii.'i 5S0; Otero's Majority 485.
Amistado Trujillo is elected Senator.
Xoverto Sálvenla and Maeirio Ga
llegos are elected Representatives.
Taos county gave Luna 007, Otero
746; Luna's niajoriie 161. Anthony
Joseph and Juan P. Romero are elec
ted Senators, and Pedro Sanche-8,
Juan Santisteran and Jose Pablo
Sunches are elected Representatives.
(runt 111 .eiv ."Mexico.
It is expected that U. S. ( rani Jr.
will pay Xew .Mexico a visit during
(he coming ten days, lie comes part
ly on business and partly on pleasure,
in short the cx-president's son will
visit Santa Fe on his wedding trip,
having recently married the daughter
ot ex-Sena I or Chall'ee of Colorado.
Hut while in I'.ie territory he will in
vos'igate the mineral deposits of t he
Ortiz grant and other districts, his,
rumored that Chall'ee and Ceiioral
Grant are interested in a gigantic
scheme tor the dercloptneni of he
Orli.f,rant and numerous other ex
tensive interests in the territory,
The ex-president will hen-nficr inter
est himself in speculative enterprise s
and will be one of the prominent fac
tors in a mining eonipauy now form
ing in Xew York. The work will be
pushed vigorously aud both young
Grunt and his father are snid lobe
backed by ChatiVe.
Miss Ida F. Cavatiatteh who has.
becu visiting her brother in Albu
querque will leave for Yogas to-!
day. j
r.otn .;r.T Troit.vrr.,
Cai;uaSitixi. X. M.Xov. ll.'co.
IMit'.rtiazt'lU'. )
To-day while Mr. Frank Stewart
was riding near the hc.i I of the Alamo
Gordo, he was ailacked by a n-ugh
looking man, who had di-mound d on
t' e side of ihe road lor that purpose,
and wanted Mr. Stewart's horse and
saddle. Mr. S. not b in disposed to
loot it home, a fra' iis comniene.-d ami
three shots were li rod on each side,
one pasM'ng t hrotigh the rim of Mr
S's hat and one through the stock of
his Winchester rifle. It is safe to say
that the r ad egi in will not round-up
another parly. It j pears tna! he had
stolen a hors " somewhere be! iw, and
his liorse was marly placed ::nd he
wanted another lo make his ecape as
he was elo-ely pursued by two Mexi
cans, who came up soon after the
fracas and claimed their horse.
Last evening one of the most pleas
ant surprise parties ol the season met
atC. R. Browning's. lluberly& An
gell's was the designated meehug
from where the party started to see
whom they could surprise. On his
return Mr. Browning found that a
happy family of girls aud boys fiad
taken poscssion of his apartments.
The following are the names of the
ladies prese 11: Mcsda ins Gregory
and Hopper. Misses Nellie Nevile.
Angel!, Talbot, Hall,' Foster, Birch
and Harris.
A large number of young gentle
men were prescut and a royal time
h'id. Mr. Browning was surprised
ami hardly knew whether to -talk
about real (slate or insurance
Columbus Moise has!.;oue tuJv an
sas City We regret this for the
reason tnat he might have iloated on
that false repoN, thai was current in
new town yesi onlay,1 that Otero's
majority iu Rio Arriba eotiuly was
ri.-ing 1,500. Xo mat ter if it was only
1,511 out of the way, iJHvus too bad
that, he missed the lilllora y of sun
shine that this 111 o rn i Qazicttb
difpeils. ':
The ladies of ihe Presbyterian
church aid net about $130 I rom their
recent (.ntcrttiiiiiuent. Thi;is a good
Cabbages, beets, turnips, parsnips,
radidies, le. luce, etc , etc., at.
105-3 A. J. Ckawfohd'is.
Choice rol
bul lor at
Bkll & Carta n'
Only a few day s more and my stock
will be the largest, most at 1 raet tve
and best assorted in I he city. 1 have
great bargains in all deparlmeiiis,
which I then f-.hall lake pleasure to
i fnuinerate. Ismou Stick v.
Pickled pig feet and tripe at
Belt, & Caktan'?;.
Boneless cdli4i ftesh and sweet al
Brea, & Ca titan's.
Whether Republican or Democrat I
will be glad to seTl to you.
Isidok Stick .
. t
ACW cliee-e,
just received at
UicTr & Caktan's,
C . .
F red
eggs and sweet roll but or at
IhcT.r. & Caktan's.
Purr, apple cider 60 cts per gallon at
Btct.L & Caktan's.
Drovsod poultry, cheaper than beef
al Bi i.i, & ( 'aktan's.
Bel! & Carian will sell you a good
cigar for live cents. Trvihem.
Choice variety of w iule. f.pples
$5.50 to $6.00 a barrel -
lhci.ij & Caktan's,
Ju.t opened a veiy larir-i stock of
Ihe Sel celebrated hand-made boots
and shoe, tor which I have the ex
clusive sale in Lu.i Yogas,
Isinoit Stkkx.
Ui -.
The little dai-y cxuit'Mon hat al
the New York Clothing House. Fy-
crybody wears them.
Ovei shoes o! a!! kinds at
J. Hosicxwam) ili Co's.
Domestic and fancy dry goods at
J. HoSICNWAM) & Co's.
hals we carry a be-nilifu!
J. Rosen WAit) & Co.
White good, all vu-ielies, at
J. Rosen wa ld .t Co's.
A full asor -nenl of gents' lurnish
iiiif goods, such as undergarments,
linen shirts, e'e , at
J Ros EN U' ALT) & Co's.
Vv'e have been receiving of late a
very large stock of g 0 Is aid are
daily receiving additions which make
our stock not only I lie lar est. but the
best assorted in'thi- portion of (lie
couniry. "Ye aie prepared lo till or
ders, bo'h wholesale and retail.
J. lit S EN V A Til) & Co.
La;lies' nubias, hood
the latest, st vlc.-i, at
I adies' and children's underwear,
at J. Rosenwald & Co's
Laces of nil kinds and qualities, at
J. Rosenwald &; Co's.
Should be Insured in ti Reliable Company !
The xpeine is so small iat you will uot feel the tax. We can accommo
date you with any of the most approved plans.
You should insure against
Jji the Travelers Insurance Company,
Pledging yon any gum from
81,000 to $10,000 in case of death and from
$5') 50 a week in case of bodily injuries.
820,010 pjD IX LAtE FTlíE. 613,0110 IX HOT SPRINGS FIRE.
V fkmbjüed Capital over $30,000.000. Losses Paid over $100,000,000.
Cottages to Rent.
Two new coltages.do rent at the
Hot Springs. Apply to the Xew
York Clofhi'ng Storey. Tiast, Las Ye-
Vntfító Pottery.
The largest "wr-k-, in the United
Ataiesof IfriltiiCfiotoei y, both aucj
Skit and modero?!! H.-Af (iold's fti-
hau deiiartuietíLiSaglF,. M.4MÍ
Pari iei desiring locations on which
o build huiisj's tor business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
011 the undersigued, who will sell lots
at reasonable rates. All said lots are
diualed on the east side of the rail
way opposite the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
north-east corner
of the
I would respecllullv call the atten
tion ol" all persons going to and from
the Whi'e Oak mines, and the pub
lie in general to the fact that I have
removed our store from Tecolote lo
Autor Chico, where 1 keep a eoni
plele assortment of general merchan
dise; and make a specialty of miners
supplies, jM'ovicii'ii3 cct. Anton Chi
co is on the direct route to the mines
and I sell goods at the lowest rates.
David Winteknitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
Edwin C. Hurt's Frenchtid shoes
at Chas. Iífeld's.
Frank Ogdeti has received a car
load ot sash, doors and blinds, which
he will sell cheaper than anybody, tf
Lockhart & Co. have received a
large stock of oils and paints; also
"lioldens enamel .iiihiCwhieli is wa
ter proof and ready for use, is con
stantly kept ny them. 30-tf.
Clean towels Mid sharp razors at
Jodd's Jiarber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tf.
Two good carpenters wanted im
uiodiatelv tv
Frank Ocsnr.x. 41-tf
A full slock of knitted jackets,
hoods, nubias, scarfs and other winter
wear lor ladies and children just re
ceived at the store of C. K Wesche.
Those ladies hals and bonnets re
ceived yesterday are beauties indeed.
They are perfectly lovely. On exhi
bition at J. Rosen wald & Co.
Another car load of Hour, tlu best
in town, received by
J. Graff & Co.
Something new ! new 1 new! Self
raUing r.uckwheat lloi.r at
n8:3 it ,T. (j 11 a A F & Co's.
Go to M. lleise.on the south side
ot the plaza for line wines, liquors and
gars. '203-tf.
Go lo Jndd's Harbor Shop aud get
scraped, Exchange Hotel. tf.
Rickets for sale at Lockhart & Co's
planing mill, '29-1 f.
Vv'e are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. LoCKIIAKT SC Co.
21-1 f.
tYities and Ihpmr ot Ihe best epial
ity, and ol Ihe best brand at whole
sale or rclail at Al. lleise's, south side
of the plaza. Las Yoaf, X. M. 3ó3 tl
llolbrook'j tobacco is the best.
Fine Boots.
J. W. Ilatisou &(;)., hereby Inform
the public, that they are now" prepar
ed lodo all kinds of work in their
line. Fine work a speci. lty. Shop
011 northwest corner of plaza. 16-hn
Brick for sale in large or simdl
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
One hundred of the latest styles of
ladies and chihirens cloaks, dolmans
circulars, received at
93if Chas. Ilfeld's.
Buckwheat Hour at
n8:3tf J. Graaf &U o'r.
L. L. Ilowison of the Model Store,
east side, has a full assortment of
boots and shoes which he sells at the
lowet. cash figures. 83lf
Ladies' cloaks, dollmans aud uls
ters, at J. Rosenwald & Co's.
Siu-cial Class iu
FJIOM j:30tO6vp. M.
s ' tU$lVEYrOIt,
SlK'cial attention wlng Rlve-i to the survcy-l-ngaiul
loe. 'tinji of Government I.hiiub. A'll
I)hines8 with the U S. Laml oillce will 1)0
liromptly atiumtud to. Ket'urences W. 11 II.
I.'oadus T. s. Deputy Survevor. Yankton, i).
I ., li. V. Pettijo-ew, U. S. Deputy Survevor,
Sioux Falls, I). T.
LlXt;oLS, - - . NEW MEXICO.
A large assortment of ilauucls and
waterproofs at
Ladies suits, silk, merino and flan
nel, perfect beauties, at
Corsets of all descriptions at
J. Iio.SF.N V ALT) & CO'S.
Blankets, a lull stock at
. i. RoSENWALD & Co'S.
The fit st instalment of our tall aud
winter goods have arrived. Daily
heavy additions will make it the most ,
perfect stock iu ladies' and gents'
goods in this market both for whole
sale and rptail Ira le.
J. Rosenwald & Co.
Two hundred boxes of boots and
shoes just opened at the store of
C. E. Wescjie.
Come and inspect that beautiful
cloth lor ladies' riding habits at
C. E. Wesche's.
O. L. Houghton has a regular ar
señal ot tire-arms, the largest stock iu
all the west. Itisnotouly for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. BrocncV silks and ribbons latest '.
style received at
9-Rf Citas. Ilfeld
On account of making repairs in
my store, 1 will for the next 15 days,
sell goods for cost and carriage.
St. Charles Ilfeld.
Music Mrs. J. H. Taylor will in
struct a class iu vocal and instrumen
tal music, cither at her residence, op
posite Jone's restaurant, "West Las
Vegas, or at the homes of the uupils.
Terms: Twelve dollars for twenty
four lessons. tf.
A large iuvoice of choice apples,,
butter, cheese, etc. just received at
A. J. Crawford.-tí.
A full assortment of Ilomcopathic
remedies constantly kept on hand at
the Central Drug Store. 313-tf.
Call aud see Old Walker, Zion's
Hill, for good whiskey and cigars.
Fine candies a specialty. ulOOlf.
Fresh Oysters, Fresh Oysters, at
83i f J. Graaf & Co's.
If you want something good and
cheap in the boot and shoe line, go to
C. E. VVesche's store 011 the plaza.
Flannels of all colors at
81 tf Jaffa Bros.
Perfect beauties in ladies' suits, at
J. RosenwÍld & Co's.
All shades of kid gloves, at
Ladies hats and bonnets, at
Gents' ready-made clothing, í s full
a stock as you can find in the citv, at
Brock gloves and gauntlets a verv
heavy and full assortment, at
J. RoSENWALD & To's.
Duck clothing of all kinds, at
Boots and shoes, a largo assortment,
at J. Rosenwald & Co's.
Luxuries of all kinds have baca re
ceived at J. Graaf & I o.'s bv the
thousand : Pickled cherries, pi'cklcd
salmon, olives, Dutch delicious
pickles, prunes and jelly, preserved
jinirer, powdered chocolate, Ncuf'cha
tcl cream cheese, leutiles and ull kinds
All kinls of fall and winter goods
just received at Jaffa Bros,
' 1

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