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Irs Vegas Daily Ga?ette.
Webb Talked With at Fort
Sumner When on the
Way to Texas.
Conflicting Stories
From M. Cosgrove, contractor of
the Tucos "Star'' mail route from Yu
gas to Fort Stanton arrived in the
city ye.-ierday from the latter place.
In conversation Willi a reporter ol
the Gazette he staled that he had
seen two ot the men who escaped
Irom the jail in this city.
"Did you sec Webb?" asked the
"Ves! I travelled with him from
Bell's ranche to Sumner."
Pressing him further he rehi cd
that when he took supper at Peli'o
ranche, he s:it down with a man who
followed alcng with them, taking
breakfast at John Gerlnu dt's the next
morning and they then going into
Sumner to-gethcr,
Mr. Cosgrove did not re ognizc the
man, until an acquaintance in &umner
informed him that the man who had
been travelling; on horse back witli
him was none other than Webb.
When he made this discovery, h"
talked with the man, and is satisfied
that it was indeed llim.
Webb related to him full particulars
of l he jai1 break and protested that he
effected his escape by mtaus of the
piece of wire as was lirsl related. Ac
cor .iug i o" Webb's story ho hung
around new town the day following
his escape aud in tho evening rode
out of towti and struck the Pecos
route, lie said that he was on his
way lo Texas, within the borders of
which state ho mu-t have arrived ere
this as he soon afiermards disappear
ed, Webb talked freely on the sub
ject of the break aud the story as re
lated to Mr. Cosgrove is substantially
the same as first ven aud afterwards
related by Mullen. He was clad in a
good suit ot clothes, warm overcoat,
wore two six shooters aud appeared
to be well supplied with money.
While in Sumner, Mr. Cosgrove
met a man, who told him that he saw
the escaped prisoners shot near Chap
trito, md finally, to make the story
appear more plausible he told him
that his name was George Davis.
Davis, it will be reme nbered, was
the mule thief, whom the Mexicans,
who pursued the party, declared that
they had fatally wounded. Davis'
story is that he was out iu the timber
"rustling" round fur wood, when he
he rd the pursuing party come up aud
when the filing commenced he -tarted
to run and never looked behind but
once and that to see Davidson aud
Allen full. Still ho was not fleet
enough to get out of harm's way and
received a shot, though not of a very
serious nature.
lie told a good, straight-forward
Mory and as his body was not found,
and the most diligent search failed to
disclose anything more than a trail,
marked with blood from his wound,
it may be considered pretty good evi
dence that he did make good his es
cape. A party came into town yesterday
with the skeleton and head of a man,
whom it is claimed i that of this
same Davis. The remains were in
terred yesterday, but it is more than
likely that they are those of some oth
er man, so we would respectfully sug
gest that it any epitaph be written,
no allusions be made to mule stealing
for it is hardly a "fair shake" to
bandy such terms indiscriminately.
It may be that if the case is inves
tigated another mystery may be solv-
o I, for the Davis who was seen at
Sumner seemed to have head enough
and was of too substantial a build to
mislead anyone into thinking that he
was boneless.
Vegas was full of soldiers yester
day, companies II aud 1 of tho 4th
cavalry coming in in the morning aud
unloading their horses to feed them.
The men are urder command of Capt.
Parker and Lieut. Mason and left
about 7 o'clock en route to Fort Hayes
Ks , their old post. They have been
fighting Victorio and for a long time
had headquarters at Fort Cummiugs.
The boys aro glad that they aro get
ting out of 'he country. Company A
of the samo cavalry will be up in a few
days. This is the company that did
the bulk of the fighting.
--Uev. II. S. Wcsgato, the agent ot
the Baptist Home Missionary Society
h 8 retuned from his trip to tho
southern country,
Whoe Fmill Is II?
"No mail to-day !" was the excla-
matioii of surprise that greeted one as '
he walked aloug the street in the iate ;
ishment deepened info something
bordering on abject indignation and
disgust as the time wore ou, the news
spreading an i comment being passed
upon it. It is bad enough to endure
the disadvantages of a railway block
ade, aud to have the trains from six
to sixteen hours late, if they come iu
at all. But fo have the traius come
in, one of them on time, and then not
carry the mail, it is time that t lie mat
ter was looked into. We have taken
considerable pains to inquire into the
matter, and have interviewed every
one iu town likely to throw any light
on the subject. As near as can be
learned the explanation of the affair
is about ; his.
the irregularities in the running
time of the trains has caused the few
railway postal clerks assigned to duly
on the line of the A. T. & t . F. It. I
to lose sleep and iu fact go without
sleep for several days at a time. The
past two weeks have been especially
trying to the agents, having been
suowed up for two days at a time
wiih barely enough food to subsist
it pou, and, if the legends afloat arc
true, were compelled to swear to keep
warm. If there had been a full corps
of postal clerks, as there should be,
then sonic arrangement could have
been made for providing for a relay,
giving some ol the force time to recu
pérale, aud not forcing men who had
been hard pressed and inc.mvcnicii"
ed, as we have staled, to keep on their
regular runs.
The train from the south came in
without any mail agent ou hoard, al
though one went down on Friday's
train. This man was a Mexican, wno
spent a year in the Santa Fe office
and has only been on a few mouths, but
no matter how competent he is, In
cannot he expected to stand every
thing. As we have said, no mail came
iu from the south aud as there was no
oueon bojrd to take charge of the
Vegas mail it remained behind. By
the accident at. Cimarron, Ks., men
lion of which was made in our des
patches ot vesterdav, ttie postal car
was badly smashed up and the agent
refused to come on if he could not
have his own car. He carried his in
dependence still farther and would
not even transfer the mail under hi
charge This is the explanation of
the non-arrival of the mai, and just
how far the agent was justified in his
course, we are unable to say, but at
any rae, the tault can be traced to
Clerical Tourists. .
Seven gentlemen, who have been in
attendance at the Congregational
Council, in St. Louis, were passengers
on the south bound train yesterday.
Thev will speud the Sabbath iu Santa
Fe, and then continue on to the end of
the track. Their trip is purely a pleas
ure trip and they will visit San Mar
cial, Albuquerque, Socorro, the old
I'ecos Church, and other points of in
tereston or near the line of the road
''he party consisted of Mr. Kineaid, a
prominent, business man of St. Louis ;
Uev. Dr. 1?. I?. Howard, ol Boston one
of t he editors of the Advance, the well
kuowu religious journal ; Uev. Iíob ri
West of St. Louis; Rev, C. It. Porter
of Massachusetts: and Kev. Mr. Bo
hr r Is.
Prof. Ashley met the parly by ap
pointment, and during the brief wait
had a conversation with them concern
ing the erection of an Academy build
ing. They all promised to assist him
so far .is they could and oficrcd consi
derable encouragement.
It is expected that the Pcv.Mr.Wesi
will spend at least a day in Las Vegas.
the early part of the week when the
plans for the erection of the building
will be talked up and some arrange
meat made for carrying out the pro
St. Nicholas Hotel.
S A Clark, Chicago; J M Whi-etock, An
ton Chico; II. WcetgiiU, Pnulilu; ocorgo K.
Hoti'p, Lcrlvill"; s, I'. YonnSt. Louis; F. C.
Li.ro un, i añada; J. J. .(ones, Arizona.
Sumner House.
M. It spiithul una wifu. La Cinta; W. P. Mer
edith. Cliicafi'). Ill; Chas .ko arfur, Sedgwick,
Kiinens; P. McClirdy i awrivee, Kansao; J. 1Í.
McAfee, Topeku. Kansas; II. W ullin, To ekti,
Kiuifas; .Mrs. A. Lny, Wnlseniuir,;; J. M.
Wil iBoa, Polr.t of Kuckbi T II, Drake, (.'. S.
IHittev, Topeka, KmiBi.-t.
National Hotel.
L. II. Howard, Chicago, 111; J. CerT, St.
Louis; T. P. McWilllanii. Colorado SprluKi;
Hubert Reynolds, Enipor a, Kansas; Klclmrd
Amortan & 8on, Wniflcld Kansim, Mlasis
Brown, Hut Springs; )oha Dongln-r, Socorro.
Grand View.
Professor E. N. ltor.quillo, Santa Ft; Ed P.njf
ers. John Q. Dornien, .1. S, Tornoy nud family,
TayloreTillo, M.
The New York Restaurant for.
me ly ou Center street,! doingagood
I buíineís now oh Itailroad uvenu.
Plenty of slush yesterday,
John Doughcrcame in yesterday.
Hovr do you like our mail facili
Hon. Juan Delgado, of Santa Fe,
is m town.
A few more days like yesterday
aud the snow will be gone.
A. C. Stockton's family aie get
ting settled in their new residence on
Ziou Hill.
Mr. Sulzbacher received the Optic
last night. Xo danger of his having
t he night-mare.
Max Rosenthal and his bride, nee
Fannie Rosenthal arc making a few
day's stay in the city.
There was an exodus of "soiled
doves" yesterday Five of them went
down to San Martial.
The Center Street Bakery is doing
a good business, supplying both the
house and outside trade
Mr. Taj lor, who runs the board
ingcarat, Baughl's sitling was in town
yesterday laying in supplies.
Juan Delgado, territorial treas
ury, is in the city, the guest of Serap
io Romero. He remains a week.
-L. C. Roberts, the tinner, is anx
iously awaiting the arrival of his fam
ily, who will spend the winter in New
Five monte games have been run
ninJii one house on the west side for
four oays, and they have all been well
pat ronized.
Mr. J. S. Torrey and family of
TnvlorviHe, Illinois, were among the
rrivals yesterday. They came to re
main permanently.
R. Snuh'baker, the wool pur
chaser, went, to Kansas City yester
day, lift may extend his visit to Troy.
Ohio, his old home, aud remain away
a mouth.
Constable Perry made more ar
rests yesterday I hail h had made be
fore for t wo weeks. Two drunks and
one theft made up the criminal
The partv who borrowed "Les
Miserables," by Victor Hugo. from
the library of Louis Sulzbacher, will
contera favor by reiurning the vol
ume to its owner.
A brakeman on conductor Rogers'
train was arrested yesterday tor break
ing into a freight car and stealing
pair of phoes. lie was taken before
Judge Sleele and fined $10, and costs
which he paid.
The snow between La Junta and
Trinidad is over a foot deep on the
level, and lies ui drifts four or five feet
high, while the cuts are "chnek up"
with snow. The weather throughout
Colorado is intensely cold.
Charles Ilfeld will ooinmenc to
tear down the front of his store to-day
aud will put in a new t ne, in a few
days to show his friends and custom
ers the finest stock of goods ever
brought to Las Vegas.
Prof. Ashley has received a telc
r in roin Prof Biis. secretary of
the Educational Commission, of Bos
ton K'ating that a lady teacher, lo act
as assistant to Prof, Ashley 'n the
Academy is on her way to Las Ve
gas. It was found that the proposer1
incorporation meeting, called tor last
evening, would conflict with the re
publican g'orilicaiion meet ing and on
that account it was t.ioughi best lo
postpone till it next Monday evening.
We are gratified to learn that the
citizens generally are interesting
themselves in the movement and there
wi'l snrelv be a good turn out.
Cho;ce patterns and newest styles of
carpets at Ihe lowest prices.
Isinon Ptktix.
Only a few ot those ni -e Dolmans,
Ladies, Misses and children", left at
Jaffa Pros.
Dont Forget
tha' L'dor Slern ha-" ait inimii-e
elofk of ti:ce, new and roed jrods
which he sc'ls at lower figures than
any other house in the city.
t!ce ti II -rue Men,
Tho ti"d ril irti d, l ,T. Weber.
wi-he to inforni he public in trnuvr
al that he stands reoly to atisfV anv
one who ha" a oetui'tie case of cpl
z'xnie on hand thai he can cure it : if
he does not he eharire? noihino- fur
fítni nr exoenoe. lie has one of the
I'nest corrals in the old town, and
provides for eali and nil, with hav,
oats, corn nnd R'ibliii!'. dive me a
call and be 1 rented rentletnanlv.
F. J. Wrnr-R.
O'd Town ('orral,
Quihs, blankets and comforts, lap
robes, Ilonrycotrb ond Marseilles
spreads in a very large variety at low
priccF at
Local Items.
New and haudsome sty 1 cs of ladies'
and children's suits, cloaks aud ulsters
IsiDon Stern's
To Our Mnny Friends mid Pntroiia.
In view of the approaching Holi
days we have received from .lie Mld
dleiown Silver Plate Company for
whom we have been appointed Spec
ial Agls tor New Mexico two large
shipments ot their goods, which we
shall ofler at the lowest possible pjic
cs. Our assortment consists of tea
se's, water-sets, breakfast, dinner and
individual castor, cake baskets, pick
le castors, syrup cups, napkin rings,
sardine esse, toil t seis, card receiv
ers, vasi s, kuives, forks, spoons,
child's school seis, cup, goblets, soup
and oyster ladles, cake and pie knives
mid everything requisite to make up
a complete stock. In addition we
have secured the services of a fine en
graver and will be able t engrave all
goods the same day selected, which
wi'l be done without ex ra cost to
purchasers. Soliciiing your early
We are Respectfully,
S II. Lucas & Co.,
Sun ti Fe, N. M.
Two carloads of staple and fancy
groceries just received at
Isidor Stekx's.
All shales of kid gloves, at
J. Rosen wald & Co's.
Cabbages, beets, turnips, parsnips,
radishes, Ictuee, etc , etc., at
105-3 A. J. Crawford's.
Choice roll butter at
Hem. & Carta n's.
Pickled pig feel and tripe at
Belt,, & Cahtan's.
Please examine Stern's new stock of
Torchon and i iretonne laces, fichus
aud embroideries.
A full assorinieti' of Homeopathic
: . .
remedies constantly kept, on hand at.
the Central Drug Store. 318-tf. V
1 call the 'it'eniioii of the ladies to
the fuel that L sell embroideries lower
than any house in the city. Come
and assure ourselves.
isinoit Stern.
Selz celebrated
and shoes only at
IkukI made boots
1st dor Stern's.
Stern is reccing new goods daily.
All kinds of ful. and winter goods
just received at Jafka BkoS, ,
We have been receiving of late a
very iare fciocK ot g 0 is ai.u are
daily receiving addiiious which make
our htocK not only ihe largest but ilie'
Oest assorted iu thU portion ot the
coun;ry. We aie prepared lo fill or
ders, bo'h wholesale and retail.
., .... . 7T , .
the gents furnishing goods depart-;
men L at Lidor Siern's aud exaininu
his goods and prices. Clothing hous
es take a back seat.
Ladies' nubias, hoods aud
the latest styles, at
J. Kosenwald k, Co's
Ladies hat and bonnets, ai
J. Kosenwald & Co's.
(rents' ready-made clothing, ;s full
a stock as you can find in the city, at
J. IioSKNWALl) & Co'S.
Flannels ofall colors at
HI if ' Jaffa Pros.
Perfect beauties in ladies' suiis, at
J. IioSENVU,n & Co's.
The little dai.-y excursion hat
he New York Ciolhiuo; House,
cry bod y wears t hem. " tt.
Overshoes ol all kinds al.
J. lloSESWALI) Co'S.
(ients' hats we carry a be-mtifid
lock. J. liOSKNWALD CO.
White oods. ail V'irielies, at
J. Ii(lSI!NWALW & CVt;
.lust opened a very larrn stork of
the elz celebrated hand-tnado boots
and shoe0, lor which I have the ex
clusive sale in Llis Veras.
Pell & Carian Avill sell you :t pood
cigar for five cents. Try them.
Iol caries.
Luxuries of nil kind" have been re
ceived at .T. Graaf & t o.'s bv the
thousand: Pickled cherries, ptefcled
salmon, olives, Dutch delicious
nickles, prunes nnd jelly, preserved
jinirer. powdered chocolate. Neitfchn
tel cream cheese, Ientilc9 and all kinds
of írtiet,.
riio'tee variety of winte- Kpjilcs
$5 50 to $G 00a barrel -t
Brock "loves ;II( aiintlels a very
heavy and full asor'ment at
.1. HoSMNWALD & rO'H.
I have the largest stock of "gents'
furnishing goods in l as Venn.
(io to M. Ileise. on tho south ido
of the plaza for fine wines, liquors nnd
gars. 253-tr
I call especial attention lo my stock
of c'otii8 of all descriptions for ladies'
Boots & Shoes
WE NOW II AVE Our Stores
filled of all kinds of Good for
;t t' e Winter fraile and
'typle of Las Vegas aud
amine our stock before purchasing
cl-ewhero.-We have a largo stock of
everything appertaining to General
Merchandise. As the varieties arc
too numerous to mcntiou,we. prefer
showing our customers our stock in
the store rather than in the newspaper.
No trouble to show goods. Call and
1see us. -JAFFA BROS.,.,.... t
East find wWfLás Vf rfasV
1 otnina TOPmefr'mW'BOVS.
Should be Insured in
fllc4jxpenso i o small that you will
fíS?. date you with any of the
iou should
' ulft the Travelers Insurance Company,
Pledging yon any lura (roNr .' -'; . " "'
1,000 to 10,000 in case ol death Hcrfrom
5 to 50 a week in case of bodily injuries.
Combined Capital over $30,000,000. Losses Paid over .$100,000,000.
Cottages to Rent.
Two new cottages to rent at the
'Hot Springs. Apply to the New
York Clothing Store. East Los Ye-
Indian Pottery.
The largest stock, in the United
States, of Indian pottei v, both auoi-
! 'iit and modem, ai XI. A. Gold's Li
!, dian department, Santa Fe, N, M.41-tf
I.otKffor t.alf.
Parties dc.-iriii'f locations on which
So build houses for business purposes
or residences, would do well to call
on the umleisiuud, who will sell loi
;it reasonable rates. All said lots are
-diualcd on the cist side of the rail
way opposito the depot. For terms
etc., apply to
Oliicf! uorlh-east corner of the
!.,za. 246-tf.
- I would resnecl lullv call theatten-
Kv- lion of all persons lioiug to and from
! the W'hi'e Oak ni'nies, and the pub
lic iu general lo tho fact l hat I have
removed our store irom lecoioie to
Anlor Chico, where I keep a com
plete assortment ol'oeneral merchan
dise; and make a rpccialty of miner
supplies, provisions eel. Anton Chi--o
is on the direct route to the mines
and I sell goods at the lowest rates.
David Wintkknitz,
Anton Chico, N. M
Kdwin C. Purl's French kid shoes
;it Ciias. Ilfkld's.
Frank Ogdeu has received a car
load of sash, doors and blinds, which
I he will sell cheaper than anybody, tf
Lockhart & Co. have received a
large stock ot oils and paints; also
"llohlen.s enamei ,iaint"whieh is wa
ter proof ntid ready for use, is con
stantly kept oy them. 50-tf.
Clean towels end sharp razors al
Judd's Barber Shop, Exchange
Hotel. tf.
Two good carpenters wanted Im
mediately ny
FkankOodkn. 41-tf
A fu 1 stock of knitted jackets,
hoods, nubias, scarf's and other winter
wear lor ladii s and children just re
ceived at (he store oft'. K. Weschc.
Another ear load of flour, tho best
! n town, received by
J. Graff & Co.
Something new I new I new !
raising Uuckvvheai floi.r at
n83.t J. Graaf & Co's.
A full nssori nent of gents' furnish
ing goods, such as uudergarnicnts,
liueu shirts, etc., at
or -
the Best Makes
invite the peo-
vicinity to ex
a Reliable Company !
not feel 'the tax. ,We can accommo
most approyedJaps.
insure against:.
O. L. loii2"hton has a regular ar
senal ot fire-arms, the largest stock io
all the west. It is not onjy for a re
tail, but for a wholesale trade that he
is prepared. His advantages for buy
ing enables him to sell this class of
goods as low as they can be got any
where. A large invoice of choice apples,
butter, cheese, etc. just, received at
Go to Judd's Parber Shop and get
scraped, Exchango Hotel. tf.
Pickets for salo at Lockhart & Co's
planiug mill. 29-tf.
We are prepared to furnish all
kinds of building materials for con
tractors. Lockhart & Co.
Wines and liquors of the best qual
ity, aud of t lie best brand at whole
sale or retail at M. Ileise's, south side
of the plaza, Las Vegas, N. M. 353-tf
Ilolbrook'i tobacco is the best.
Call and see Old Walker, Ziou's
Hill, for good whiskey and cigars.
Fino candies a specially. nlOOtf.
Fresh bread, pies and cakes ou hand
at the Las Vegas Bakery.
Blankets, a full stock at
J. Kosenwald & Co'a.
Xew styles of ladies' cloaks from
Ihe factory of A. T. Stewart & Co.
Isidor Stern.
Fine Boots.
J. AV. Hanson &(Jo., hereby inform
tho public, that they are now prepar
ed lo do all kinds of work iu their
line. Fine work a specialty. Shop
ou northwest corner of plaza. 16-4m
Brick for sale in large or small
quantities, at Lockhart & Co's.
One hundred of the latest styles of
ladies and chihtrens cloaks, dolmans
circulars, received at
93tf Ciias. Ilfeld'i.
Hour at
J. Graaf AC o's.
L. L. Ilowison of the Model Store,
oast side, has a full assortment of
boots anil shoes which ho sells at the
lowot cash figures. 83tf
Ladies' cloaks, dollmaus and ula
ttrs, at J KtSKNWALB k GV.
Boots and simes, large assortment,
at J. Kosenwald & Co's.
Fresh Oykters, Fresh Oysters, at
niiif .L GraaV & CVi.
Domestic and fancy dry goods at
J. Bosswwaxj) is Co'.

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